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The Quill • December 2019

December Issue 2019



knock Knock

ChristmAs is


in this issue

Disney+ vs. Netflix

Are you still binging the night with your favorite Net-
flix shows, or are you reuniting with your childhood
on Disney+? Which one do you prefer?

And That’s a Wrap

The 2010s are coming to a sad end. These 10
years hold a lot of our childhood memories, so
let’s remember the good ol’ times.

Hallway Talk: Dream Gifts

If you could have any gift you want, what would it be?

Head OF context writers designers
Jamoni Crenshaw Legend Andoh
Ella Reither Morgan Davis Jacqueline Barber
Devon Kerwin Serena Coco
Head of Design Laurenda Lamboni Mackenzie Cooper
editor Ivana Laurol Jade Forte
Catharina Le Kaylee Greene
Ayannah Mabry Kaylyn Malinowski Ian Kirby
Maura Mascarin Joey Melaragno
Assisnt design Audrey Nave Alex Wang
editor Erik Nguyen
Katie Potts
Abigail Waldren Shelby Rice
Kendall Robinson
social media Sonia Vargas
Rosy Zarcone
Jacqueline Barber
Legend Andoh

Written By: Morgan Davis


Designed By: Ayannah Mabry

“These two
apps have




Disney Plus is of course ney plus is a lot cheap- “If you are
er than Netflix for multiple looking to
what we are all adding to reasons. Disney plus has spend less
our Christmas wish lists. It no screen limit and you money and
offers a variety of shows, don’t have to purchase HD reminisce
movies, and its own original (high definition) quality. about your
series. If you want to see You can buy Disney plus childhood
all your childhood favorites, for a month with the cost days, Disney
get Disney Plus. However, of $6.99 or purchase it for Plus is defi-
there’s the elephant in the an entire year for $69.99, nitely the
room— Netflix. Which is which comes down to choice for
better? $5.83 per month.
Disney plus dropped on Netflix’s cheapest plan

the app store November 12 is $7.99 per month which
and by the first week they includes only 1 screen and
already had over 10 million is not HD quality. Their
subscribers. The app is do- most expensive plan is
ing even better than any- $11.99 per month which
includes 4 screens and ul-
one thought. When Disney tra HD quality.
announced in October that
d they were making an orig-
inal series for Marvel ex-
clusively on Disney Plus,
they gained even more
support. They have man-
aged to attract viewers of
all ages to return to their
childhood and relive the
best time of their televi-
sion watching lives.

Disney Plus offers you a

free trial for 1 week while
Netflix offers a free trial
for 1 month.However, Dis-

There are also down-
sides to Disney Plus.
Navigating the home
screen is not as easy.For
example they do not have
a “Continue Watching”
section like Netflix does.
If you want to resume
watching something you
have to type the title in
the search bar. This only
happens during your
free trial. When you ac-
tually buy it, you receive
the “Continue Watching”
section. They also only
feature Disney, Pixar,
Marvel, and kid friendly
shows/movies. They do
not have the same wide
range as Netflix. If you are looking to
spend less money and
Netflix has thousands reminisce about your have the best of both,
childhood days, Dis- worlds get both, or at
of movies and shows, not ney Plus is definitely the least do some free trials!
to mention their award choice for you. If you These two apps have just
winning original series. don’t mind paying the ex- revolutionized television,
Netflix has produced nu- tra money to watch more which leads us to the
merous shows that have movies and shows than newest question, which is
become insanely popular you can imagine, Netflix better, streaming apps or
such as, Stranger Things, is for you. cable? But we’ll save that
On My Block, Orange is debate for another story.
the New Black, Black Mir- If you really want to
ror, and much more.



“If you don’t mind paying the extra money to
watch more movies and shows than you can

imagine, Netflix is for you.”

White Elephant
Written by: Kaylyn Malinowski
Designed by: Kaylee Greene

The legend of white elephant exchange can The other type of white elephant
be traced all the way back to the kingdom of exchange takes place when all of the gifts
Siam, or modern-day Thailand. The king of Siam are on a table. Each person will pick a
would give a white elephant as a gift to anyone number, and then go in the order of the
who displeased him. To those elephant lovers numbers to pick a gift. When you pick a
out there, that might not seem bad. However, gift, you either pick one from the table or
white elephants were extremely expensive to take steal one from another participant. White
care of. Whomever received one, had a financial elephant gifts can be one of three things:
burden. White elephants were extremely sacred good, bad, or funny. In asking various
as well, so you could not put them to work. This Stallions about their white elephant
isn’t the type of white elephant exchange we do experiences, it looks like
Christmas parties you go to will often have they hit upon all three. Mrs. Kate
you bring a cheap $5 gift. Usually people find Reither: “ I received these cute white ear
something to re-gift in their house or go buy a gag
gift. Once everyone has brought their gift, there muffins that had gold cat ears, which Eve
are two types of white elephant exchanges that
could occur. The first one is passing the gift along later stole.” Kat Jolley: “My grandma put
with a story and the other is drawing numbers.
When you pass the gift along to the story, the this gum in with curse words all over the
story will consist of the words “right” and “left.” So
you know what direction to pass the gift. The story, sticks and wrappers.” Gemma Sciarroni:
“I once got a bazooka.” Ava Kreuzer:
has sentences such as “R IGHT as she LEFT,
she realized that she LEFT her phone R IGHT “I got these really cheap fuzzy socks.”

by her bag.” Passing the gift either left or right, Luke Bailey: “Someone put a live fish
in a bag.” Devon Kerwin: “I got rotten
depending on whether you hear “left” or “right”. milk. I love my cousins.” Katie Potts: “I
got gross socks.” Jaqueline Barber:

“Someone gave me toilet paper.”
All of these gifts were below the $5
maximum. Some gifts being decent
while others were weird. If anyone has
struggled with finding a gift for a white
elephant exchange than here are some
ideas. If you want to get someone a cute
cheap gift, you could simply get them
fuzzy socks, a cute journal, or even candy.
If you want to get someone a funny gift,
you could get a bazooka, roll of toilet
paper, or even gum like Kat’s grandma. If
you are looking for a bad gift idea, a fish,
rotten milk or even an empty box works.
You can get most of these things at a
dollar store, Meijer, or even Target.


DREAM GIFT S “While visions of
sugar-plums danced in their
Written by heads.” As is stated in this
Sonia Vargas well loved Christmas
Designed by poem, we have all had
Alex Wang Christmas dreams since we
were very young. The Quill
reached out to a
few Stallions to see what
their Christmas wishes
were this year.

Dominic Verne “A puppy” Gemma Sciarroni “A trip to a Matty Letzelter “A 2019 Hon-
tropical island with my family” da CR-V”

Ava Richards “iPhone 8” Kat Gunther “ A trip to Norway Caitlyn Perito “An Apple
for Christmas” Watch”

Gemma Sciarroni “A trip to a John Nguyen “A cuter puppy
tropical island with my family” than Dominic’s”

Liana Osei Tutu “ Blue iPhone

Andrea Melean “Money” Yetong Gu “Hotpot” Grace Vance “An empire”

John Dreska “ New car” Dominique Poe “Camera” Jenna Williams “A camera”

Ava Robey “A horse” Stefanie Karras “4 door Jeep Alison Garcia “Lifetime supply
Wrangler white” of hot Cheetos and Takis”

Daniel Arciniega “One day with Ashley Anderson “A trip Brianna Stokes “Having my
my entire family” overseas” car be good as new”

Andre Long “Success/money” Layla Jones “ AirPods” Celina Davis “Nonstop

For a long time, the Gaming Club has been
considered an ‘elusive’ group here at Desales,
with not many students knowing about how
they operate or who is in it. We are here to
break the silence, and to show off this amaz-
ing club to all students.
The Gaming Club is actually a club with two
sides! There is the tabletop, which according
to gaming club president, Hannah Messerly,
“Works on imagination, creativity, and creating
your own fun with games like DND (Dungeons
and Dragons)”. DND is a role-playing game
where you create a character and a Dungeon
Master takes a group of characters through a
story. They meet every Tuesday in Mrs. Gattis’
room to play.

The other side of the club is virtual gaming.
This part of the club focuses on console and
handheld gaming, with things like the PS4 and
Nintendo Switch. They also host gaming tour-
naments in the gym and in the theatre during
Spirit Day. Some of the games that they host
tournaments for are Mario Kart, Super Smash
Brothers Ultimate, and Overcooked. If these
games are not up to your speed, you can
always contact the event organizer, Gabbi
Gualiteri ([email protected]) with your sug-
gestions for games to host tournaments.
Now that you’ve learned all about the gam-
ing club, you’re probably wondering “How do I
get involved?” To get started in Gaming Club,
whether that be for the virtual or tabletop side
of the club, you can email the club supervisor,
the younger and much nerdier, Mr. Weisen-
berger ([email protected]), or you
can email the club president Hannah Messer-
ly ([email protected]). They will be able
to add you to the Gaming Club classroom
and keep you up to date on all gaming club

Written by: Desigend by:
Maura Mascarin Abigail Waldren

Designed by Jacqueline Barber

Winter Break

bucket list

Chop down a Christmas tree
Decorate for Christmas
Go ugly sweater shopping
Watch Christmas movies
Bake cookies
Visit the Columbus Zoo Wildlights
Exchange Secret Santa gifts with friends and family
Make a snowman
Drink warm milk with sugar
Watch Disney movies
Go on an adventure
Make homemade chocolate
Watch Netflix and drink hot cocoa
Buy lots of cabin socks
Have a movie night with friends and family
Visit the Columbus Chinese Lantern Festival
Watch the New Year ball drop

Happy Holidays from The Quill



Written by Shelby Rice Designed by Jade Forte
and Rosy Zarcone

The holidays are always so full of emotions such as stress and chaos,
along with happiness, joy, and cheer. For those born in December, this
month is full of so much more. Here’s a look at some Christmas babies
here at DeSales, and their thoughts on their birthday celebrations being so
close to Christmas.

Alex Hatcher was born on December

13th making him a December baby. Alex
enjoys having his birthday in December
because he likes having a lot of
celebration in a short amount of time. He
feels that people are pretty good about
remembering his birthday and spending
time with him on his birthday. Although he
strongly dislikes having to take Mid-Term
exams on his birthday, he feels that the
festiveness of Christmas is infectious and
makes him more excited for his birthday.

Alex Hatcher

Erin Cooper was born on
December 17th. Erin definitely feels
that all the chaos from the holidays
can make it more difficult to enjoy her
birthday. She finds it annoying when
her family wraps her birthday presents
in Christmas wrapping paper. Despite
the negative things about being born
so close to Christmas, Erin appreciates
that half of her friends are older than
her and half are younger, due to being
born in the middle of the school year.

Erin Cooper

Aiden Cannon Aiden Cannon was born on December
27th. Aiden thoroughly enjoys having his
birthday so close to Christmas because
it is his favorite holiday, and he feels that
there is plenty of time to celebrate both
holidays. He never feels like people for-
get about his birthday because Snapchat
notifies his friends. Aiden definitely has
received plenty of two in one Christmas
and birthday gifts, but he doesn’t mind it.
It warms his heart to see people giving,
even though it may mean he doesn’t re-
ceive as much.

Caroline Reither Caroline Reither was born just three

days after Christmas, December 28th.
She enjoys having her birthday so close
to the holidays because sometimes she
receives a bigger and better gift from her
loved ones as a combined Christmas
and birthday gift. When she was younger,
Caroline felt a bit frustrated with having
her birthday so close to Christmas
because most of her friends were unable
to attend her parties due to holiday
celebrations with their familes.

Putting the Christ back

into Christmas

Christmas is a magical time of year no Christmas is known as a time to give
matter where you live or how you celebrate. and receive. Presents are a symbol of the
Just the word Christmas evokes thoughts gifts given to Jesus by the 3 Wise Men,
of presents, family, food, Hallmark movies, which were gold, frankincense, and myrrh.
Christmas countdown, the pretty houses lit Gold is associated with kings, and Jesus
up with lights, and decorating the Christmas is the King of Kings. It’s okay to embrace
tree. In 2018, the average parent would your Christmas gifts as long as you take
spend around $422 dollars per child, and time to remember why you are receiving
in total America spent around 1 billion them. There are many ways to bring the
dollars on Christmas in 2018. Where does true meaning of Christmas back into your
the true meaning of Christmas come into holiday. For example, setting up a nativity in
play? The CHRIST part is Jesus’ birthday, a prominent place can help to be reminded
and it seems to be taken out of the modern of Jesus’ birth.
celebration of the holiday.
Las Posadas, a tradition started
In 2018, the average parent in Mexico used to commemorate
would spend around $422 the difficult journey that Mary
dollars per child, and in total
America spent around 1 billion and Joseph made.

dollars on Christmas. Here at DeSales, we are starting a new
tradition to reinforce the reason for the
Do you ever see a little girl say “Lets season. Las Posadas, a tradition started in
go to church before we open presents?” Mexico used to commemorate the difficult
Campus Ministry Director Rebecca Metzger journey that Mary and Joseph made from
explained her daughter said this to her Nazarerth to Bethlehem in search of an
when she was in second grade. Sometimes inn where Mary could give birth to baby
it’s the youngest amongst us that reminds Jesus. In Mexico, people travel door to
us to stop and reflect. door asking “do you have a room at the
No doubt tradition is what holds together inn?”. The owner of the house says “no”
every holiday. A very common tradition for and turns them away.This shows how Mary
many Stallions and people in today’s world and Joseph were unable to have a place to
consist of Christmas Eve or Christmas stay. On the last day they are welcomed in
morning mass. Mass on Christmas has a and all have a dinner feast together. This
70% increase in attendance compared to an tradition takes place from December 16 to
average Sunday morning mass. December 24.

Written by: Katie Potts
Designed by: Kaylee Greene

StoryTime with Devon:

Why I HATE Christmas

an editorial on America’s favorite holiday
by Devon Kerwin

Designed By: “Two Christmases,
Mackenzie Cooper two houses, four sets
of grandparents. It
sounds great until
you have to live it.”

Bah Humbug?

Two Christmases, two houses, four sets of grandparents, it “I started to l
sounds great until you have to live it. The Grinch had it right, celebrate Chr
Christmas sucks. If we are really being honest with ourselves, the I found kind of
biggest reason most people even like Christmas is the commercial the commercia
aspect of it. Everyone forgets that Christmas isn’t supposed to be
about how big the tree is or how many presents Mommy and Daddy
buy you. Christmas is about the little baby who was born in a man-
ger who would go on to give the world the gift of salvation.

At first this may seem like me coming off as entitled, and sure
having two Christmases is great if it’s the gifts you care about.
However, what most people don’t realize is this is the stereotypical
way to almost make up for parents being divorced. When you sit
down and watch a Christmas movie you see the “traditional Amer-
ican family” - married parents and their 2-3 kids. When I was two,
my parents got divorced. The memory cortex in my brain had just
started developing, so I have no memories of being that big happy
family, especially during the holiday season. As a little kid sitting
in front of the tv watching Christmas movies, it just made me real-
ize what I didn’t have. I may have had twice the gifts, but I lacked
that traditional Christmas family. Then there was always the letter
to Santa, and every year (until I found out Santa wasn’t real) the
number one thing on my list was always for my mom and dad to
get back together. This would usually follow with the uncomfort-
able conversation about how mom and dad will never get back
together or live in the same house again. However, there is more
wrong with Christmas than just divorced parents.

Iam not a bah humbug person all year. I just have a very strong ad-
versity to Christmas. I wasn’t always like this either. When I was
really little I used to love Christmas. Then I realized the only reason
I liked Christmas was because of the presents. I began to see that
while the presents are great, it’s not what Christmas is really about.
I had a lot of friends who didn’t go to church, maybe didn’t even
believe in God, yet they still celebrated Christmas. Then, I started
to look into why we celebrate Christmas, and what I found kind of
made me hate the commercialized Christmas as we know it.

look into why we My first problem with Christmas is the date. December
ristmas, and what 25th is not Jesus’ real birthday, it’s about 6 months
f made me hate after when he was born. Historians speculate Jesus was
alized Christmas.” born sometime between May and the beginning of July.
We only celebrate Christmas on December 25th because
it is close to the Winter Solstice, which is actually a pagan

Not only is the date inaccurate, but the Christmas tree
is also a pagan symbol. Most early cultures, including
the ancient Egyptians, Romans, Celts, and Vikings, used
either full evergreen trees or boughs to decorate for their
Winter Solstice holiday. It was believed that if you hung
boughs above you door and windows it would keep out
evil spirits, witches, ghosts, and illness. The evergreens
also represented everlasting life, much like modern day
Christmas trees. The rest of the world made these chang-
es to Christmas, but America forever changed the simple
Christ-loving holiday as the world knew it.

As a capitalist society, commercialism and consumerism
feed the economy, and many large businesses now
look to the holidays to expand their wealth. It is estimat-
ed that the average American will spend $700 on Christ-
mas gifts this year totaling to $465 billion in sales. With
that $465 billion we could build around 1,560,596 houses
for the homeless. Instead people decide to spend $700 on
gifts that will most likely collect dust or be regifted.

Commercialism is a major problem when it comes to
Christmas. For instance Santa Claus was created by
Coca-Cola in 1931. Previous to the redrawn image of San-
ta, Saint Nick was rather scary looking and wore colors
of blue instead of red. Coca-Cola completely rejuvenated
this image giving Santa human features, fattening him up,
adding a red coat his image, and giving him a jolly smile.
So old Saint Nick wasn’t really all that fat and in real life
looked kinda scary, but hey this Santa makes me want to
buy red cans of Coke during the holidays.

On top of all this, the shopping season shouldn’t even
begin until AFTER THANKSGIVING, the only rea-
son this happens is because big name brands just want to
make more than ever. Once again, Christmas went from
a celebration of our Lord and Savior to who has the best
shoes or the newest iPhone. With all of my reasons for not
liking Christmas anymore, I present a challenge to all of
you for this Christmas. Enjoy the gifts and tree traditions
that make your Christmas special, but don’t forget the true
meaning. Take time to attend Christmas mass, thank God,
and remember the less fortunate who live all around us.




Written by Ivana Laurol Designed by Serena Coco

Smartphones & Tech How is this epidemic affecting
young children today?

According to Kids & Tech: The Many people would agree that being
Evolution of Today’s Digital Natives, online can lower your attention span.
the average age for a child getting For example, we have an electronic
their first smartphone is now 10.3 calculator, in our phones, right at
years. our fingertips. Instead of doing
Tablets have surged from 26% to mental math for most everyday
55% usage as kids’ device of choice problems, our first instinct is to go
during car rides. on our phones to do the work so
Smartphones trail at 45% (up from that we don’t have to. This affects
39% in 2012). 64% of kids have our generation, and the ones after
access to the Internet via their own us because we are the leaders of
laptop or tablet, compared to just tomorrow, yet we have to use our
42% in 2012. 39% of kids get a social brains in order to progress. If we
media account at 11.4 years. 11% got could find a balance between online
a social media account when they time, and a time without our phones
were younger than 10. as well, we could be progressing, and
not declining. However, phones are
also making lives better.

Positives of Technology How to know if you are spending
too much time online?

A lot of times, being online isn’t actually 1. If you find yourself not able to
the worst thing in the world. touch your phone for a day. Also,
1. Medical- a lot of medical advances going on your phone to check
have been made, simply because of notifications, even though you did so
technological advances. only a few minutes prior. According
2. When we have questions, we can to Dscout research, Americans,
look onto the internet for answers. on average, touch their phones an
3. We can communicate with others astounding 2,617 times a day.
and create friendships. 2. If you rely on it to solve everyday
4. We’re able to create an outlet for tasks. Apps like Social Fever, and
things like businesses, and pursue our My Addictiometer, help you track
passions. how much screen time you use.
5. New things are discovered every Apps like these will give you weekly
day. reports on how many hours you
6. Mechanically-made create less work spend on your phone. A challenge
for us, which isn’t always a bad thing. you could do is to get one of the
7. We learn about the latest news. apps and limit your screen time.

Sometimes, what we think is Can technology give
healthy, is actually not. Just like how us an outlet?
most of us think that we don’t spend
Technology gives us an outlet to do
too much time online. many things. We can discover new
things and even meet new people.
We can express ourselves and
show our passion as well. In the
medical realm, technology has
opened many doors, and has helped
scientists make new discoveries
and inferences on a daily basis.
The online world is active, and used
every day. It plays a part in our daily

Negatives of Technology

According to Bailey Parnell, who is an expert for this reason, there are four
stressors affecting young kids and teenagers on social media.

1. Highlight Reel- 3. Fear of Missing Out

“We struggle with insecurity • We fear missing a social event, or
because we compare our behind- even not being invited. When we FOMO,
the-scenes with everyone else’s we often compare our self worth, or
highlight reel.” personality, or even develop social
• We post our best moments on social • 7 out of 10 students would get rid of
media. It’s very predictable, when their social networking accounts were it
something big happens, most of us are not for fear of being left “out of the loop”.
more quick to announce it on social -Algonquin College, University of Ottawa
media, than to tell someone in person. & Carleton University, 2013.
Also, people only post pictures when • If you think about it, it is the same
they’re out, but never when they are social media posts that make people feel
chilling at home. This causes people to like they’re missing out, and it makes
feel like they’re the only ones staying them feel worse.
home, while everyone else is having fun.

2. Social currency- 4. Online Harassment-

• We give value to someone based on • Many kids who are on social media,
what they post, and how many followers see online harassment, but don’t do or
they have. We associate followers say anything about it. Online harassment
with popularity, and the more followers is bullying, and when people are
someone has, or depending on their targeted, especially on social media,
most recent posts likes, the cooler they it can cause illnesses like depression,
are. loneliness, and anxiety. Sometimes
• If someone looks like they have less people that are bullied have suicidal
money, then they are either more or thoughts because the impact of bullying
less significant. Almost everytime we go is so strong.
on social media, which most teens do • Between 2009 and 2017, suicide rates
quite often, we see this. This leads us to went up by 60% in kids ranging from
compare ourselves. ages 14-17, a study showed.


written by:

shelby rice
rusy zarcone

designed by:
abigail waldren

Members of the Saint Francis DeSales Environmental
Club are working to make our school more environmen-
tally friendly. The primary goal of the Environmental Club
is to educate DeSales’ students and staff on the impor-

tance of our environment and God’s creation.

Recently, a group of members from Many of our students at DeSales
the club participated in Ecosummit, have been loving the new water foun-
a 2 day event sponsored by The Co- tains around the school. Most of you
lumbus Zoo. Teams of environmen- may not know that these water foun-
tally conscious students from differ- tains were provided using grant mon-
ent schools compete for money that ey from previous years. Ecosummit
would go towards environmentally has also inspired the club to make
friendly plans. Ecosummit attendee, many more positive changes around
Akeyla Stewart, said, “At Ecosummit the school. Danielle Polemeni, head
we developed an environmental con- of the Environmental Club, said, “Last
servation action plan and presented it year we went to the Ecosummit and
to a grant committee. We actually won came up with a plan to replace the
the most grant money out of all the styrofoam in the cafeteria with paper
schools which is really exciting!” plates. That did not require any grant

This year, the club won “This garden will create a
quiet space for prayer that all
$2000 in grant money. students can enjoy in
harmony with nature. We also
This is very exciting news for the De- hope that eventually teachers
Sales community. The club has big plans will be able to conduct some
on how to spend the money, and bigger of their classes in the garden
plans for our future. They have commit- as well.”
ted to plant a native pollinator garden.
This will be available for students to enjoy
by next year. A native pollinator garden is
planted and designed with specific nectar
and pollen producing plants in a way that
attracts pollinating insects known as polli-

This garden is a huge addition for our school. Stewart believes, “This garden will
create a quiet space for prayer that all students can enjoy in harmony with nature.
We also hope that eventually teachers will be able to conduct some of their class-
es in the garden as well.” Winning the grant money and using it for the garden is a
proud moment for the St. Francis DeSales community because it shows how dedi-
cated our students are to making our school a more environmentally friendly place.

Members of this Ecosummit team include Mary Polemeni-McGovern, Tania Li-
nares-Escobar, Stephanie Arthur, Natalie Allton, Akeyla Stewart, Marco Tapia, and
Ben Konicki; with advisory from English teacher Danielle Polemeni and Construc-
tion Tech teacher Kim Gattis.

The Environmental Club has hope-
ful plans for the future that are definitely
worth keeping up with! It’s never too late
to get involved and help make our school
the best it can be for the students, staff
members, and environment. The club is
always open for new members, and Mrs.
Polemeni will be sending announcements
out throughout the year if you are look-
ing for involvement. With all this in mind,
make sure to stay aware of all the up-
dates to come on the Environmental Club,
and maybe even get in on all the action.

written by
c a th a r i na


designed by
wa l d r en

2010 Swoosh! That’s how fast a deca
ing what happened in the last 10
happened more than a decade ag

member. So prepare your min

first Guess who’s 10 years old!
ipad The first ever iPad is! Yep, can
you even believe the first iPad
was made only 10 years ago?
April 3rd, 2010 the first ever
iPad came out at about $499.


Can you imagine your life without so-
cial media? I would imagine the answer
being no. There was Facebook, but for
the younger generation there was Ins-
tagram. It’s been 10 years since Insta-
gram’s launch, and since then they now
have over 1 billion active users.

ade went. While research- 2011
0 years; some I thought
go some I still recently re-
nd for some nostalgia.

s na pc h a t

“Hey, do you want to start a Snapchat
streak with me?” A phrase that many peo-
ple have said ever since 2011. Snapchat
launched in June and blew up ever since with
210 millions of users.

hlaasrtry Please don’t be mad, but even
pmootvtieer though I’ve never read or watched
Harry Potter; it’s still a huge thing
that millions and millions of people
know and love. The Harry Potter
presence or fame has never dete-
riorated, even when the last movie
of the series, Harry Potter and the
Deathly Hallows Part 2, hit the the-
aters in 2011.

Have you ever heard or danced to a
song in a different language? If the answer end
is “no” I’m pretty you’re wrong. Everyone
was listening to Gangnam style, and if
you weren’t, what were you even doing in

gangnam2012? style
the world will

Do have a bomb shelter in your
house? How about stacks of canned
food or maybe a gas mask? No? Well
you’re going to need one when the
world ends on September 23, 2012.

Animals have always made a distinctive

f oxsound. The pig goes oink, the cow goes moo

and the fish goes gloob, but what does the
fox say? Even with over 890 millions views

t h ethe question remains a mystery.
wh a t d o e s We’re all excited about Frozen 2,

but did you know the first one came out
back in 2014! I was so surprised to re-
alize that Frozen came out 6 years ago!
Frozen was so popular and had such a
strong presence for 6 years that I didn’t
the even realize that I was in 6th grade

h a r l em s h a k efroz enwhenitfirstcameout.

Think of rave music, music
that you would go crazy over.
Music that you could maybe
shake to. Like The Harlem

AiLcSbceuhcakleltenge The ice bucket chal-
lenge that went viral
while raising awareness
for ALS. In the process
it raised 115 million dol-
lars for the ALS Associ-


woliynmteprics The 2014 Winter
Olympics started on Feb-
ruary 7. Taking place in
Russia, over 2,000 ath-
letics and 88 countries
competed with one an-
other. The country that
took the most gold was

thder e s s Now really I don’t want
to start a war like back in
2014, but of course we need
to talk about what colors we
see. Is it black and blue or
white and gold? As we know
the real dress is indeed
black and blue.


s a smmeexa rlreigaaglei z ed The United States
has always been about
equality, and in 2015 we
really embraced that. On
June 26th 2015, same
sex marriage became le-
gal in all states. A step
forward into progression.

, leo, s

We all know and love Leonardo DiCaprio. His tal-
ents weren’t truly recognized until the 2016 Oscar’s.
Then, he finally got an award after 36 movies.


pokemon Go

Virtual reality has always been seen
as something in the distant future and
wanting to be the very best is just a fan-
tasy. What if I told you those things aren’t
a fantasy with Pokémon Go? You can be
the very best!

#me too

2017 was a pretty big year for women.
Not only did millions of people attend the
Women’s March, but millions online used
the #MeToo movement to bring attention to
sexual assault. Never stop moving ladies!


fidget What’s your favorite toy when you
were a kid? In 2017, the only thought
on kids’ minds was wanting to spin and
s p i n n er s spin with a fidget spinner in hand.

m2ak0ing18fNroirenthdsKo- Everyonewassurprised
w i t h that President Trump and Kim
Jong Un met for the first time
in Singapore.

thewerdodyianlg There are TWO royal wed-
dings this decade. One all the
way back in 2011 with Prince
Williams and Catherine Middle-
ton, and another in 2018 with
Prince Harry and Meghan Mar-

area 5r1aid It’s not unbelievable that there is still discrimination, but act
Californa is the first to not follow the discrimnatory path
for the U.S. Establishing the CROWN Act allowed people
to wear cornrows, lots, or an Afro to work or school. Let’s
hope this sparks inspiration across the rest of the states!

the crown

A storm’s a brewin What film do you think
people; a storm of peo- broke the entire world? If
ple running with their your answer is the Avengers:
arms behind their backs Endgame then you’re right.
and raiding Area 51.
With 1.5 million people en d g a m eEveryone cried, luaghed,
RSVP’d on Facebook,
who wouldn’t want to and obsessed over this 3
a veng er s2019hour movie.


2019, the conclusion of a decade. This decade began with blissful childhood memories
progressed to awkward middle school years, and will end with the confusing high school
years. To look back on all of these stages that are coming to a close would take days.
2019 alone gave all of us both amazing and bad memories, and the world around us has
changed incredibly as well. As the ball drops, not only will it mark the end of 2019, but the
end of a decade... As we complete the final magazine of 2019, The Quill decided to take
a look back at 2019. In the eyes of our classmates and teachers, here are our moments
of note:

Juliana Green: Mary Gehrlich:

(Junior) (Freshman)

What is your What is your
favorite memory? favorite memory?

My favorite memory is getting closer My favorite memory is the 8th grade talent
with my best friend Kennedy Coplen at the show. It was all of my favorite people together
start of this school year. She is someone I just celebrating our St. Paul years. One of the
never expected to be so close with. My best parts was putting a pad on a poster be-
favorite memories with her are crackhead cause we were remembering the period talk
hours while working at Antonio’s. from 4th grade. My favorite act was
singing the farewell song dedicated to Mrs Kuhn
What are you most She was retiring so we said, “We love you Mrs.
looking forward to? Kuhn” instead of “We love you St. Paul” at the
end of the song. It was just a fun and
I am looking forward to this summer funny day.
because it is my last normal summer as a
highschool student. Next summer, 2021, What are you most
everything changes. looking forward to?

I am looking forward to this summer because
I’m going to North Carolina, plus I just don’t
have to be in school.

Reginald Amonor: David Tecante:

(Freshman) (Junior)

What is your What is your
favorite memory? favorite memory?

My favorite memory is summer prep. I made I became best friends with Señora Lessells.
most of my good friends there. I didn’t know Her class is really fun and we mess around a
anybody going to school because I went to a lot. I bring her apples, and she hits me in the
public school, so I met everyone through football head with a foam hammer. She is the best
and summer prep. Also, I liked Mrs. Swisher and Spanish teacher I’ve had since freshman
Ms. Shockling because they were really nice year. She knows a lot about her culture, so
and funny. My favorite story from summer prep she can relate more to me.
was when we were in a class and there were
no more seats, so Ben had to stand and walk What are you most
around the whole class period. looking forward to?

What are you most I’m looking forward to getting a job over
looking forward to? the summer. I don’t know what job I want
to get, but I will probably just work with
I’m looking forward to doing well in my dad who works on cars.
track. I like track and I know some
people who are going to run. I also
hope that next semester is better than
this semester. This semester I had
health. It was really hard and hurt my

Isabella Gagliardi:


What is your
favorite memory?

My favorite memory is my trip to Columbia Laurenda Lamboni:
over the summer. Not that many people go to
Columbia because it’s not a really popular (Sophomore)
vacation spot yet. That’s kind of one of the
reasons we decided to look into it because we What is your
are the kind of people who like to go explore the favorite memory?
unbeaten path. One of the reasons I liked this
trip so much was because of the people there My favorite memory is not being a
when we went into the old city, Cartagena. There freshman anymore because I get to stop
were Europeans, Columbian natives, and people being bullied by upperclassmen. When
from other countries, just no one from America. you’re not a freshman you get to do more
Since it wasn’t an area made for tourists nobody stuff. I got better and more used to the
spoke any English, and I spoke very little Span- routine, and my classes just seem easier.
ish. In order to get the full experience of culture My favorite class this year is journalism. I
and food we really had to be brave and try to am more relaxed in this class than others.

What are you most
looking forward to?

For 2020... I actually did a lot more service then What is something you
ever before in 2019. In 2020, I want to do a lot wished you had done
more service and participate in more clubs. I want differently in 2019?
to learn more about the world, travel, and spend
time with my family. I wish I had joined the tennis team. I
didn’t go to the tryouts because my par-
ents weren’t okay with it. Now they are,
and I’m taking lessons. I really like the
sport. Instead of joining the tennis team
I joined the track team. Some of my
friends quit, but I stuck with it because I
liked it and don’t like quitting.

Des Watson: Mario Lopez

(Junior) (Senior)

What is your What is your
favorite memory? favorite memory?

My favorite memory is winning the CCL Joining the hockey team. It was a
for basketball last year. It was the first super different environment and nothing I
time winning it while I was here. We was used to, in a good way. I made a lot
laughed and screamed when we won, of friends in just one season. My favorite
and our coach was just happy, saying story from the season was one day after
“We earned it”. practice when we all were having a huge
snowball fight. There were big chunks of
What are you most ice, and it hit someone on the team’s car.
looking forward to?
What are you most
I’m looking forward to going far in the looking forward to?
playoff rounds because we should go far.
I’m looking forward to graduation
and the rest of the season for
hockey. I’m kind of in between
excited and nervous for
graduation because it’s a new
beginning. You don’t know what
to expect which makes it more

Kennedy Coplen: Taylor Neubert:

(Senior) (Senior)

What is your What is your
favorite memory? favorite memory?

My favorite memory is when I went My favorite memory is the volleyball
snorkeling in the Bahamas over spring state championship game when all the
break. I had never experienced or seen seniors started singing the Alma Mater.
anything like it. The water is so different, Everyone sang, but the seniors were the
more clear and blue, and there are so only ones who knew the words to it. It is
many little fish and animals. I saw a something we will always remember
barracuda which is what killed Nemo’s because of how often the seniors sang it
mom in the beginning of the movie. It in the end. It’s even funnier because we
was fun because I got to experience it should have learned it freshman year.
with my dad and sister.
What is something
What are you most you learned
looking forward to? from 2019?

I want to go to nursing school, and I am hoping One thing I would say
to get an opportunity to shadow for that. I want looking back on 2019 is invite
to see what I will do if I’m a nurse. your grandparents to
Grandparents Day because at
some point it becomes too late.

2019 Historical Moments
of Note according to the

History Department


Mr. Sheumaker - “It is hard to ignore”
Mr. McGoldrick - “It is the second one in history so it’s kind of a big deal.”
Mrs. Mascarin - “It is still yet to be decided, but it is a significant historical political event with

whichever way it is decided.”
Mr. Ulry - “It is the biggest thing domestically because it doesn’t happen that often.”

Public Shootings

Mr. Sheumaker - “Especially the shooting in Dayton because when it is so close to home
you feel the effects.”

Mr. McGoldrick - “The shooting in Dayton especially a day after the shooting in El Paso,
Texas. It fits the narrative of it is never going to happen to me or in my
neighborhood. When it hits close to home it kind of changes your percep-
tion of the issue.”

Mr. Ulry - “School shootings because we have not done a single freaking thing. We have
not done anything. We seem to think the lives of children are less important than
the lives of guns. I don’t understand how we can have the total lack of care for

Hong Kong Protests

Mr. Sheumaker - “There are a lot of violent protests going on in Hong Kong, and it seems to
be dominating the news quite a bit.”

Mrs. Mascarin - “The biggest thing they are arguing about is extradition. You could be ex-
tradited from Hong Kong to China which is why the protestors are con-
cerned that if you are a political opponent, your fate is China. People for
China believe Hong Kong will become a place of refuge. The fact that they
are willing to stand up for their democracy is pretty amazing.”

2019 Current Events in
Two Pages

Read this, discuss with your family
over Christmas dinner, and look like
you have read more than just social

media posts this year

School/Public Shootings in the United States

- As of Dec. 1, there have been 385 mass shootings
- There has been 45 school shootings so far in 2019
- From Jan.-Nov. 2019, there have been 408 mass shootings deaths and 1,477 injuries

Hong Kong Protests

- People in Hong Kong are scared of the increasing Chinese control when they are
used to more democratic freedoms

- The biggest fear is having to face Chinese punishment if speaking against the

Possible Impeachment of President Donald Trump

- An impeachment is like a criminal trial whereas for the President to be
removed of the senate must find the accused guilty

- The impeachment inquiry is based on the grounds that President Trump’s

ISIS Leader Dies and ISIS Loses Control of Syria

- On Oct. 26th, the leader of ISIS died during a raid
- In March, the last ISIS held territory in Syria was liberated

Relationship between the United States and North Korea

- President Trump and Kim Jong Un have not always had a good relationship,
having used phrases like “little rocket man” and “fire and fury”

- The insults have since mostly stopped, and the two have had negotiations of
nuclear weapons

- The major turning point of their relationship was in June with the two leaders
meeting in Singapore

South/Latin American Government Protests and Upheaval

- Violent protests against numerous problems have left thousands dead and injured
across many South American countries

- In Chile the fight is against government support of the elite
- In Peru, the people are worried with a corrupt government through their president
- In Bolivia, protests forced the president out of office after believing the election was

- In Venezuela, protests are against the government that has left the country starving

and poor


- Brexit is the UK leaving the European Union
- In 2016 leaving the EU won 52% to 48%
- Previous Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit left office after struggling to ever get her
deal passed
- Current Prime Minister Boris Johnson is trying to pass his deal, but the deadline is continu-
ously extended

Religious Attacks

- On March 15th, 51 people were killed when two mosques in New Zealand were attacked
by a gunman who broadcasted the shooting on Facebook

- Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand was quick to make gun reforms in the
country, such as a national gun buyback that has already collected over 37,000 guns

- On April 21st, Easter Sunday, 3 churches and 3 hotels were bombed in Sri Lanka
- The attack, carried out by 7 suicide bombers for a local Islamist terrorist group, took the

lives of 259 people

Abortion Changes

- 6 states (Ohio, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, and Mississipi) have banned abortion after 6

- 6 states only have one abortion clinic available in the state, and Alabama has effectively
banned abortion all together

- ¾ of Americans want abortion to stay legal, but a large majority wants to see abortion re-

Environmental Changes

- Over 6,000 fires have already occurred this year in California
- This fall 47% of Venice was flooded with as much as 74 inches of water
- Teens are some of climate’s biggest call-to-action supporters such as Greta Thunberg, a

16 year old Swedish climate activist traveling around the world to raise awareness
Wrapping up the interviews, the most interesting part to me was people struggling to think of their
favorite memory. I like to assume that it is because of how many good memories we all have, and
because the question itself can catch an unprepared person off guard. Make sure you wrap up this
decade on a good note. End 2019 learning from mistakes, letting go of grudges and regrets, and
thanking God for all of the good days. Start 2020 with positive thoughts and embracing every gift
and challenge that might come your way. Happy New Year!


from the




Written by: Laurenda Lamboni
Designed by: Legend Andoh

Christmas on a budget

Iamtb’soongueitvyi$nc2go0msieneasmsfoyrnow,maalnmldyetIa’mtlloobwsrhoaaknerc.eeAwwsihtaihcshatubisdoesupntet1nw5thfooanmdtohileiynsgmns’etmIwdbooernrk’s,t mn(heooespdte.oItfhhmaeyvyelike
cards from the dollar store). Christmas season with a large family can be a

struggle, but if you’re good with your hands you can always make gifts.

Funny Socks

Funny Socks are exactly as they sound like; these
are great gifts for your friends who love corny jokes.
Many of those jokes are puns, such as “If you can read this, I’ll
take a foot rub” or “If you can read this, bring me a Diet Coke”.

To create these, you’ll need affordable new socks, Inkjet
transfer paper/Iron-on Transfer Paper, an inkjet printer, an
iron, parchment paper and scissors. If you don’t have access
to an inkjet printer, you can always cut out letters, or instead
of words make a picture. The estimated cost of this could
range from $8-$12 excluding the iron and scissors.


Step 1- gather your supplies: Iron-on Transfer Sheet ($

4.99 @Michael’s), scissors, socks ($1 for every 2-pairs
@Dollar Tree), parchment paper ($1 for a 25-sq ft.
Rolls @Dollar Tree) and an iron

Step 2- cut out the letter/design
Step 3- iron the socks so that they’re flat and warm
Step 4- arrange the letters/ design to where you want

them on the socks.

Step 5- using a decent sized parchment paper (one that

covers your design) as a barrier, press firmly the iron
for 60 seconds

Step 6- gloat because, you just made custom socks

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