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The Quill • January 2020

january 2020 issue


15Hidden Hollywood PG

behind the secrets on some of
our favorite films

Writing team 37PG The Wall Behind
Freshman Hall
Juliana Green an insight to the “be the
Devon Kerwin
Catharina Le light” campus master plan
Kaylyn Malinowski
Maura Mascarin
Audrey Nave
Shelby Rice

Kendell Robinson 39World War III ? PG
Ella Reither
clarifying speculations
Rosy Zarcone

Design team about WW3 and the draft

Abigail Waldren

Jade Forte

Jacqueline Barber

Ian Kirby Head content editor
Joey melaragno

Ayanna Mabry Ella Reither
Legend Andoh Head design Editor
Mackenzie Cooper Ayannah Mabry
Alex Wang
Kaylee Green Assistant design editor
Sammie Marchio
Ethan Dvorak

Abigail Waldren

Social Media Managers

Jacqueline Barber

Legend Andoh

4 2 1 2 Scout

Cookie W esigned
Time ritten Abigail
Sonia Waldren
Vargas by

The distribution of Girl Scout cook-
ies has become a monumental part of
our society, I for one am always ready
for the sale of Thin Mints to begin
and, according to a recent survey
by The Quill, 40% of the school
shares this sentiment.

sotlWhde:hyy’re Whtehmreegooneesy:

The distribution of Girl Scout
cookies has always been to

fund troop activities, “The
distribution of Girl Scout
cookies began in 1917, five

years after Juliette Gordon Low
started Girl Scouts in the Unit-
ed States, when the Mistletoe
Troop in Muskogee, Oklahoma,
baked cookies and sold them
in its high school cafeteria as
a service project.”(girlscouts.
org). Later in 1936 the nation
Girl Scout organization began
licensing the first commercial
bakers so that cookies would
be sold nationwide by girls in
Girl Scout councils.

The Girl Scout compa- Wthhsyeeyas’roenal: Although about 49%
of our school would
ny brings in about $700 like Girl Scout cookies
million in revenue from all year long, this is not
cookie sales every year, possible
because, according to the Girl
this has been the case since Scout cookie program, the cook-
1999. The Girl Scout com- ie program is only one part of the
pany unloads nearly 200 Girl Scout Leadership Experience.
million boxes a year. Out of Another reason being that only
these profits about 65-75% registered Girl Scouts can sell
of the cost of each box stays these cookies they are only on
sale during the six- to eight- week
y in your local community. So period when girls are engaged in
by helping out your local the program.
Girl Scout troop and buying
these delicious cookies, you’re
also helping your community
: prosper. Being in the Girl Scout
cookie program helps these lit-
tle girls learn essential life skills
like money management, ev-
ery time you buy cookies you’re
helping a little girl discover their
leader within. Now you have
a reason to buy as much Girl
Scout cookies as you want
judgement free!

DiYdoKunow When Thin Mints were
originally created in 1939
they were called Cooky
Mints, which was changed

in 1951 when they became
known as Chocolate Mints.
1959 when they became th
Mints we all know and love.
Mints are the most popular
of the Girl Scout cookies,
not just here at desales, bu

To make Tagalongs lit- There is now a samoa
tle brownie bakers (one of pretzel! The soft pretzel is
the companies that makes brushed with homemade car-
amel sauce, then is covered
Girl Scout cookies), uses with a mix of coconut and car-
about 230,000 pounds amel, then drizzled in melt-
of peanut butter a week. ed chocolate. Yum! Samoas
are also the second most
Tagalongs are also veg- preferred Girl Scout cookies
an. Tagalongs are the third worldwide, as well as here
most preferred Girl Scout at desales. Samoas are
cookies in the world cooked the old fashioned
way, in copper kettles.
According to “During
peak baking periods, Little Brownie
Bakers goes through 21 truckloads or
1.050 million pounds of flour per week;
7 truckloads or 300,000 pounds of
shortening; 50,000 pounds of cocoa;
500,000 pounds of chocolate coating;
14.5 truckloads or 650,000 pounds of
sugar; 230,000 pounds of peanut but-
ter; and 75,000 pounds of toasted co-

Thin Mints
$176 Million

he Thin

Samoas. Thin
ut $133 Million

Who Brings Tagalongs

The $M9i3llion


&Do-Ssai-vaDnonsah Trefoils
Smiles $63 Million

$71 Million

Healt hy


Written by: Maura Mascarin
Designed by: Legend Andoh

Healthy 2020


Imagine this: It’s February and you have two essays due, math and science worksheets are

piling up and a presentation you have to do the next week. And then you feel it. That small little
tickle in the back of your throat.
You try to ignore it, say it’s just a frog in your throat but it progressively gets worse over the
week. Next thing you know, you’re croaking out your presentation because you’ve lost your
We’ve all been there but today, we’re putting a stop to it. Here are some ways to stay healthy
and bounce back from sickness in these coming months.

Drinking Lots of Water

Nothing will help you get better faster than drinking water! The average human is supposed to

drink 8 cups of water every day and that’s supposed to increase when you’re sick.

According to Dr. Lesley Childs, water helps your throat create a thinner
mucus to lubricate your vocal chords.Your body is using up water to clear the bacteria,

making you more prone to dehydration when winter season comes around. Not to mention
indoor heating drying out your nose and throat. So make sure to carry around a water bottle as
these months drag on.

Avoid These

There are 2 things that you are going to want to avoid during this season. The first is

smoke, as it dries out your nose and throat which makes it harder to stay healthy.
The next thing you’re going to want to avoid is caffeine because it dehydrates you and

keeps you from absorbing water. Dr. Childs says “if you drink 64 ounces of water,
and then you have a 16-ounce coffee, you need to drink 16 more ounces of

Tools to use

While avoiding damaging sodas and after running. Dr. Stacy Sampson says
that it helps relieve inflamed nasal
smoke is important, sometimes your passages as well.
body needs an extra push to feel better.

Look to increase your vitamin C intake! If you don’t want to invest in a steamer,
Vitamin C is a natural vitamin that helps then you can diy it at home with a pot of
boost your immune system. Emergen-C, boiling water and holding your head over
vitamin C tablets and even just plain it with a towel.
oranges can give you that increase. A
study by Harri Hemilä shows that it is During the winter, the heat kicks up
helpful in reducing symptoms. inside the house and while that’s helpful
Have you ever noticed that when you’re when you come in from the cold, it can
sick, you feel better after taking a hot be very damaging. Consider investing
shower? Well, if that’s the case, see in a humidifier to keep by your bed at
if you can get a steamer! For $30 at
CVS, you can get a steamer that last night. Dr. Jay Hoecker states that
for years. The steam goes through having a humidifier can help
your nose and throat and relaxes the replenish that moisture back into
muscles, very similar to how you would the air. Go for a cold mist humidifier
take a hot bath if you have sore muscles
instead of a hot one and make sure it’s
kept clean. This prevents bacteria from


Getting enough sleep is one of the more. Try to avoid all nighters if you can.
most important things to do when

you’re sick. Dr. Julie Williams, lay down your
in her study at University of
Pennsylvania, shows that
getting healthier is directly linked

head and getwith your health. Resting your body
gives it enough energy to fight your
infection. Although it’s hard as a high some Z’s!
schooler, make sure you’re getting
eight hours of sleep a night, if not


Every once in a while I go on a journey, and on this journey there
are many things that I discover, laughter, sadness, achievement,
disappointment, regret, sympathy, and outright outrage. On this journey
that I can only describe as a swarm of emotions, most people simply
call it “Anime”. This simple word, Anime, that is defined as “Japanese
animation” has more to its name than it shows. Anime is an entire
world of its own. You can travel from superhero shows to ones about
villains, and shows about highschool romance, to a show about being
reincarnated as a slime, the list is endless!

Deisgned by Jade Forte Deisgned by Laurenda

First things first, when we’re Anime is what its fans
talking about anime, you make it to be.
must know that there is a wide
variety of genres. You can get
anything from drama to comedy
and from fantasy to slice of life,
abling people of all ages, from
young kids to adults, to find it
relatable. This wide diversity
makes anime different than the
regular cartoons we’re used to.
Regular cartoons include those for
kids, then those for adults, there’s
never quite an in between. Anime
on the other hand has a broad
spectrum, including shows for
kids, teens, and adults. Due to the
wide variety, picking just one is a
challenge, and even after finishing
it, you find yourself going back to
rewatch it.

The wide variety of anime
is only one part of what
anime truly is. Anime is what its
fans make it to be. Believe it or
not there is also a wide variety
of anime fans, the two main
categories are split into otakus
and fans. Otakus are categorized
as hardcore fans, they watch a
lot of anime and are obsessed
with it, they create fanart, cosplay,
buy merch, or devote themselves
to watching anime. Fans are the
basic anime lovers, they’re not
obsessed with it, they just like to
watch it in general. Within this split
there is a mix of people who like
LGBTQ romance shows, they’re
known as fudanshi (for a boy fan)
or fujoshi (for a girl fan).

Anime conventions are
a big part of the anime
world. During these conventions
fans gather to focus on anime,
manga, and the Japanese
culture. Those who attend anime
conventions vary from anime
enthusiasts to key speakers,
from varying cosplayers to
special guests such as singers.
The conventions also holds
stalls where anime merch is
available, along with fan merch.
Cosplayers make up a big part
of the convention, cosplaying,
especially as a group, is an
opportunity for fans to get
together and express their love
for anime without putting it in
words. Cosplayers also reel
in a lot of photographers who
take pictures of all the varying
cosplays of anime characters.
Some famous conventions in
the USA is AnimeFest held
yearly in TX, there are also other

f I had one word to describe Some Anime
Ianime, I’d say that it’s a culture,
Apps For anime:
though some people may deny 1. Crunchyroll
it. Anime is a bunch of small little 2. Funimation
things, to classify it as just a type
of entertainment is unfair. The art, 3. Bilibili (Chinese Anime)
music, food and fans takes anime
apart from types of entertainment. 4.
Art is an obvious part of anime and
it comes in different style, more Anime conventions are a big
depending on the type of anime part of the anime world.
rather than the artist’s style. Music
is also unique part of anime, it’s
also very varied. Most anime songs
are parts of extended songs, these
songs don’t really describe what
the anime is about, like other theme
songs, it more of an explanation of
the anime’s tone is. Anime food is
food made popular by characters
and is widely popular among anime
fans. Anime fans play a big part of
the “anime culture,’’ they made it
what it is today, and their continued
support helped it grow.

Anime has reached a huge
breakthrough over the years,
it’s popularity show a continuous
growth world wide. When the Area 51
Raid was held a guy did the Naruto
run on TV, and if you don’t know
what a naruto run is, its a run that’s
seen in the anime, Naruto. Anime is
no longer bound to Asia and small
groups of fans elsewhere, it reached
a massive break through. It’s also
becoming for fervent in social media
apps such as Tik tok, were some
anime songs are used and promote
the anime. Community Apps such as
Amino also bring fans together across
the world. China even started making
their own type of anime, apps such as
Bilibili offers a wide variety of chinese
anime. Anime also made its marks in
American entertainment apps, Netflix
started making amine originals, and
other apps such as Hulu also hold
their own collection of anime.

Written by: Rosy Zarcone and Shelby Rice
Designed by: Kaylee Greene



Did you know that pet rats sold big after the release of Ratatouille? Or that the snow from

the Wizard of Oz was made out of asbestos-a potential harmful material? Hollywood is not as
glamorous as it may seem, and holds so many hidden secrets. Here are some classic films
that featured behind-the-scenes moments and facts you just can’t make up.

The Titanic
There was a real J
Someone drugged Dawson aboard the
the cast with PCP
80 members of the cast came down with
what seemed to be a mysterious illness. They
began to hallucinate and act violently until Although Jack Dawson, played by
they were rushed to the hospital. There it
was confirmed the affected cast members all Leonardo DiCaprio, a fictional character,
consumes doses of PCP. However, the culprit aboard the real ship there was a J. Dawson.
was never discovered. Cameron spoke out saying how this was just
a coincidence, and was not discovered until
Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will after the film was finished. Since the film,
Go On” was not apart of the J. Dawson’s grave site has become a very
popular tourist site.

original soundtrack Could Jack fit on
Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” was
the door with Rose?
not apart of the original soundtrack
“My Heart Will Go On” became the theme
song for the Titanic when originally James As we all suspected, yes- the door could
Cameron, the director of the Titanic, did not
want any music with lyrics in the film. But, he have supported both Jack and Rose. In a 2012
made an exception for this one because the episode of “Mythbusters”, they confirmed the
two are meant for each other. theory that the board from the film would be able
to hold both characters. Although this may be
true, there is a thematic need for Jack to stay in
the frigid water.


Miss Trunchbull The Wormwoods were
is truly evil married in real life

Miss Trunchbull is without a doubt the Danny Devito was the director of the film

scariest character in the film. Although and played the character Mr.Wormwood. The
Pam Ferris, the actress who plays Miss Wormwoods completely neglected their
Trunchbull, is nothing like her evil character. daughter Matilda which made all of us truly
Miss Trunchbull herself was based off of the dislike the awful couple. However, in the film,
real headmistress of Roald Dahl’s daughter Devito and his wife Rhea Perlman share a
Lucy which is truly terrifying. unique chemistry playing the Wormwoods
which makes it so we never forget the terrible
Matilda’s couple.
special “whammy”

On set, Matilda’s supernatural power was

considered “the whammy” which gave her
a sense of strength to express through her
acting. Today, these powers could look much
more magical using the more advanced
technology available. Instead, the crew relied
mostly on strings, wires, magnets, and levers
to create the magic.

The Grinch Who
Stole Christmas

Jim Carrey’s makeup Just like the
was torture “Whos”, the set was

Jim Carrey plays the iconic role of the over the top

Grinch where he has to wear extremely While watching the film, Whoville looks
heavy make up to achieve a realistic
look. Carrey had to wear this makeup elaborate and passionately Christmas.
for a total of 92 hours at a time- two Achieving this over the top look was not easy
and a half hours to apply, and an and certainly not cheap. There was a total
hour to take off. His makeup was so of 8,200 ornaments on the trees, 152,2000
unbearable he needed pounds of fake snow, 6 miles of styrofoam,
counseling from a Navy SEAL on 1,938 candy canes, and 52,000 christmas
tourture-resistance techniques. lights. All these elements added to the
production cost of around $115 million.
Actors had to attend
“Who” Classes

When creating the film, the producers

decided that the actors need to be
educated on the nature of a “who” to
try and create an accurate, unique
atmosphere. The actors took classes on
how to behave, move, speak, and think
like a “who”.

Willy Wonka and the

Chocolate Factory

Many scenes were
complete surprises
for the actors
Violet gave up
Mel Staurt, direct of the film, kept a few details gum for real

from the actors in order to get genuine reactions
from the children. He claimed this helped
create pure amazement and magic in the air. Denise Nickerson, the actor who played
Examples of these surprises include: entering
the Chocolate Room, and the tunnel scene Violet Beauregarde, said she “was having a
filled with Gene Wilder’s, actor who plays Willy ball” constantly chewing her character’s ever-
Wonka, crazed monologue. present bubble gum. After the film, Nickerson
had a total of 13 cavities, so she decided to
give up gum for good.

Roald Dahl was appalled
by the movie, refusing to
watch it

Ronald Dahl, author of the original book “Charlie

and the Chocolate Factory” was appalled by
the movie and refused to watch more than 15
minutes of the film. According to Dahl, there were
too many changes made from the book to the
movie, and he did not approve of a sequel or


Written by Ella Reither
Designed by Jacqueline Barber

2o15 7

Openly gay
men are
allowed to

lead groups



Openly gay
boys are al-
lowed to join
the scouts

The Boy Scouts of and Brownie Scout
America have expe- myself, I found it very
rienced a lot of neg- interesting that had I
ative media attention been a first grader to-
for recent sex abuse day, I would have had
scandals, but at the the option to be either
same time they have a Boy Scout or Girl
also established new Scout. Even with that
inclusivity rules. I opportunity, it makes
chose to look at Boy me wonder if I would
Scouts new rules al- want to be one when I
lowing for girls to join can just as easily be a
Boy Scouts. Having girl scout.
been both a Daisy

9 Late 2o17

The welcoming
of girls to the



early 2o17

It was announced
that anyone who
self-identified as
a male could join


In October of 2017, men and women.” With
the Boy Scouts of this belief in mind, the
America stated that over 100 year old chief
they were in the pro- program, Boy Scouts
cess of allowing girls of America, kept their
to join the scouts. Ac- name. However, the
cording to Chief Scout Boy Scouts, meant for
Executive Michael Sur- older children, now
baugh, “The values of goes by Scouts BSA.
loyal, helpful, kind,
brave and reverent, for By 2018 the Boy
example—are import- Scouts allowed for
ant for both young packs in which there
were separate girl and

chose to start a brand scouts, has remained
new pack for girls, or the same, more than
packs could choose to 77,000 girls have
remain for just boys. joined the cub scouts.
Then, by 2019, the Although girls who
Boy Scouts allowed join the scouts explain
for boys and girls to be the joy and pride they
together. Scouts BSA get for accomplish-
will experience the first ing scout projects, the
graduating class of Ea- welcoming of girls has
gle Scouts to include brought a lot of nega-
girls this year, 2020. tive feedback as well.
Although the name for
younger children, cub
boy dens, packs could

Girl Scouts of the USA have been strong
opponents of girls joining boy scouts since
it was first announced. The Girl Scouts re-
leased a statement amongst the 2017
changes stating, “The need for female lead-
ership has never been clearer or more ur-
gent than it is today—and only Girl Scouts
has the expertise to give girls and young
women the tools they need for success.”

Current St. Paul and back riding, canoeing,
DeSales parent, Mrs. archery lessons etc. Ad-
Jennifer Nalli, has been ditionally Girl Scouts
a girl scout troop leader have been participating
for many years. Due to in the Pinewood Derby
her experience, I want- (Powderpuff) for several
ed to know what she years. Yes we sell cook-
thought of girls being ies but we do so much
able to join certain Boy more.”
Scout groups. Mrs. Nal-
li shared that, “I respect Ithen asked her if she
that Boy Scouts have believes it is justified to
made the decision to say that boys should be
allow girls to join, and able to join Girl Scouts
I like the idea of rein- considering girls can
forcing the fact that girls join the Boy Scouts.
can do anything, but I’m She shared that, “I
not sure I understand don’t see many posi-
the need. Some might tives to allowing boys
argue that Boy Scouts to join Girl Scouts. I feel
focuses more on sur- it is a safe space for
vival skills and outdoor girls to learn, grow, and
life while Girl Scouts is lead in a same sex en-
more crafts and cookies vironment. At St. Paul
but I disagree. My old- we have a vibrant Boy
er troop (now disband- Scout and Girl Scout
ed) has been camping presence and support
overnight several times. each other, we are not
We’ve also been horse in competition.”

By the 192Os, Boy Scouts of the Unit-
ed States was suing the Girl Scouts.

Upon researching the However, the scouts in
changes made to Boy the United States
Scouts USA, the most have always felt a bit of
shocking piece of infor- tension and competi-
mation was how much tion, according to Tam-
more hostile the scouts my Proctor who is the
of the USA are in com- author of Scouting for
parison to other coun- Girls: A Century of Girl
tries. Boy Scouts was Guides and Girl Scouts.
started in the United While the Boy and Girl
States in 1907 under the Scouts developed in the
original title and publica- 1900’s across Britain
tion, Scouting for Boys. peacefully and equal-
However, many young ly, by the 1920’s, Boy
girls desired to be part Scouts of the United
of the program, so in States was suing the
1909 the Girls Guide Girl Scouts. The Boy
was started in the Unit- Scouts felt the word
ed States. Since the “scout” was a male term
early 1900’s there have and therefore not meant
obviously been an abun- for Girl Scouts. Even
dant amount of changes now, while the groups
to both programs. Each still do not see eye to
group does not focus eye in the United States,
on stereotypical gender in other countries such
specific activities, and as Scandanvia have
they both work to instill merged to form one
leadership skills in their group for girls and boys.

By the end of all of her, then she should
my research, per- be allowed to have
sonally I still do not that opportunity. The
know if it is fair for girls same belief should be
to join Boy Scouts and held true to boys who
vice versa. The girl want to join girl scouts.
scouts I knew of as a If the Girl Scouts feel
first grader is nothing that boys joining would
like what it appears to change the dynam-
be now. From what I ic, then they need to
have always experi- hold Boy Scouts ac-
enced, both girl and countable to providing
boy scouts instill life all of the opportunities
and leadership skills Girl Scouts does. Also,
in their members, but if Girl Scouts does
they seem to do so in not want to lose girls,
different ways. The de- then they must do the
bate ultimately comes same. Ultimately, it ap-
down to whether or pears that if the Girl
not both groups offer and Boy Scouts of the
the same opportuni- United States simply
ties for their members. worked together, many
If a girl wants to join of these debates could
boy scouts because be avoided.
she believes she will
be presented with new
skills or simply hobbies
that appeal more to

Hopes for 2020

Kylie Hoying (Freshman) Jamie Macauley (Junior)

“2019 surely was not my best year. A lot of bad “My hopes for the year: To get accepted into
things happened, and there were a lot of changes a medical internship taking place in the sum-
made to my life; but with these brought a lot of hope mer, to have a successful volleyball season, to
for 2020. Within these hopes were to attend col- leave DeSales this school in the spring better
lege summer programs to get a head start on some than I found it, and to excite everybody with
classes for the next school year, as well as make a my groups talent show performance”
lot of amazing friendships with my peers at DeSales.
I also hope for the track season to go well and to Jenna Williams (Sophomore)
maybe even place ir win ccl’s for high jump. I plan to
keep these hopes by directing my free time to prac-
ticing and preparing for these. I hope for 2020 to be
a great year and for the next to be even better!”

Gavin Hawk (Senior)

“For 2020 I am hoping to com- “I would say in 2020, my hopes are to be-
mit for baseball because I am come a better student, make new friends,
currently undecided and am nar- focus on my schoolwork, and continue to
rowing down my options. I want grow in my faith as I’m getting baptized as
to play in college because it has Catholic this year. I think God has a lot of
always been something I wanted good things in 2020.”
since I was a little kid. I want to
have a good senior season and
hope to lead the baseball team
to a district championship to fin-
ish my high school career. I want
to have a great last summer be-
fore college because it will never
really be the same. Lastly, I want
to have a good start to College in
the fall.”

Written By Kaylyn Malinowksi
Designed By Ethan Dvorak

Kids cartoons
for adults

Written By: Designed By:
Catharina Le Joey Melaragno

Kid Cartoons
for Adults

C onfession time! Sometimes I like to watch kids’ shows. I’m not ashamed to say

that I still watch the old Barbie movies or that I get excited when watching a battle scene
when the animation didn’t cost a billion dollars, or chill with an old SpongeBob episode
sometimes. There are times where I would watch a show that is intended for kids, but
ended up as one of my favorites. Here’s some shows I recommend if you’re interested.

S tarting off with the big one boys! I don’t even know

how many times I rewatch this series. If you ever wondered
where the meme “Then everything changed when the fire
nation attacked” came from, then you just found out. Avatar
the Last Airbender or ATLA is a fantasy, action and coming
of age story. With excellent writing, characters and themes,
this show won the hearts of anyone who watched it.
The creativity in the show is very noteworthy, using the 4 elements: water, earth, air and
fire. People are able to bend one of these elements, but the Avatar is the only one who
can bend all 4, they are the protector of peace. So it’s the Avatar’s density to defeat the
fire lord and restore peace and balance to the world. That’s a lot to ask of a 12 year old
boy who has been frozen in an iceberg for nearly a 100 years.
Though I admit it had a little of a slow start, but with the excellent world building, charac-
ter development and plot pacing, you’ll be cheering on our heros in no time.

Ashley Allton (Sophomore)

Avatar i​s a kids’ show, it was an extremely mature and intelligent kids’ show - especially
when compared to other kids’ cartoons. As far as I can remember, kids’ shows at the time
of A​ vatar w​ eren’t like this as much as more recent cartoons, but it seems to me that a lot
of kids’ shows don’t have very much to them.

Avatar i​sn’t like that. It has a substantial plot with an intriguing premise; the writing of this
plot is well-paced and makes sense as it unfolds. The show has funny moments, sad
moments, touching moments, and everything in between. Whether you’re a child or an
adult, you’ll find the world of ​Avatar e​ ngaging and you’ll enjoy watching the show. It’s stood
the test of time as one of Nickelodeon’s best shows and it still worth watching all these
years later.

G ravity Falls, probably has one of the best title names being a

funny little oxymoron. Don’t let the cute and simplicity of the animation
fool you. Gravity Falls is also a coming of age show while also having
a mystery element to it. They have some mature themes and lessons
that anyone can abide by.
Two siblings are forced to stay with their great uncle in a small town
called Gravity Falls for the summer. He manages his own tourist at-
traction, filled to the brim with schemes and lies that can easily tricks
any tourist that comes by. On a normal day, one of the siblings, Dip-
per, finds a secret hachent containing a journal with a 6 fingered hand
design on it with the number 3. Reading the journal, Dipper realizes
that Gravity Falls isn’t all what it may seem. With every episode getting
more strange and mysterious, one question remains, who is the author

Audrey Nave (Senior)

Gravity Falls is my favorite cartoon. The elements of mystery and family fun
make this show enjoyable for everyone. It’s not only a show for kid; my family
would always enjoy watching it with me and be as invested as I was. It’s a
timeless show that never gets old.

A dventure Time! Everyday filled with adventure T hough most people may think that

who wouldn’t want to hang with Finn the human boy kids’ shows are just for kids. You can’t
and Jake the magic dog. Living in the land of Ooo, deny that a well developed story with
these 2 boys made it their job to battle evil baddies great character development, in an
and save the innocent. Since it’s in the title of course awesome fantasy world, is a turn off. So
it’s an adventure show, exploring the land of Ooo what’s wrong with watching something
and there are some awesome action scenes. Living different once in a while? If it’s good it’s
in a world of magic, almost anything is possble, prin- good. Go give them a watch!
cesseswho live up to 1000 years, meeting the
Vampire Queen, battle an evil Ice King or maybe en-
ter a creepy and dangerous dungeon for some awe-
some loot. The battles isn’t the only thing that makes
this show amazing it’s also the lovable characters. The
cast is huge and there’s A LOT of characters but, you
still remember them because they all stand out from
the normal kind of person. They all have their own
uniqueness and most have explored backstories
making them even more great of a character.

Mrs. Aumiller (Art Teacher)

Adventure Time is such an amazing creative cartoon. I
call it a complete right brain show. Left brain thinking is very
logical, emphasizing order and pattern. Right brain thinking
is intuitive, free-flowing and open-ended. Adventure Time
loves to head down unusual paths. It will take stories in
completely illogical directions. Personally I love the ride. It’s
like a roller coaster, just enjoy wherever it takes you.



Have you ever wondered what’s going on behind that wall in freshman hall? As many already
know, St. Francis DeSales has finally begun the renovations in the Be the Light Campus Master Plan.
For the past few years, students have been told of plans and even made up rumors about the former
one, but what’s really being added? The answers have come!

Approximately 10,000 We haven’t even gotten to We have all experienced is-
square feet of space will be re- some of the most exciting parts sues with the DeSales’ bath-
purposed in the renovations, yet. As many know, DeSales’ rooms- not enough stalls, the
most of which are taking place founding order lived in the con- awkward eye contact with teach-
in the Franciscan Center. Alas, vent attached to the Franciscan ers, and the mess left due to the
the time has come to say good- Center. Up until now, the space high volume of traffic. The new
bye to the beloved Franciscan was utilized for storage for the additions will include not only a
Center and hello to the new school. Now, it will become The new bathroom for teachers but
“Sisters of St. Francis Student Stella Niagara Living Room, a also a new bathroom for students
Service Center”. This new area collaborative space for both stu- located on the north side of the
will include designated areas dents and teachers. A new stu- building. So long awkward run-
where students can work with dent entry will be added, lead- ins! On your way to or from the
the guidance team along with ing into guidance from the north new bathrooms during your mid-
members of Campus Ministry. It and a future access point for class break, you might want to
will also include multiple confer- student pick-up and dropoff that pray and reflect in the brand new
ence rooms, a learning space will alleviate traffic issues. Prayer and Reflection Garden
designated for students in the (Fitting name, right?). This new
Aquinas Program, and a new area will be located in the court-
workplace for faculty. There will yard within the convent (formerly
also be a new student entry a hidden gem). The most exciting
corridor new offices our School part? It’s open to everyone, not
Psychologist,the Director of just seniors! All of these new ad-
Service, and Advancement, ditions will allow future projects
to move forward, such as the ex-
pansion of the cafeteria into the
current Media Center, and the
addition of the new STEM and
Media Center. The Student Ser-
vice Center is projected to be fin-
ished by next school year. What
an exciting time to be a Stallion!

Written by: Devon Kerwin

Designed By: Ian Kirby

Waking up on Sunday

January 3 and scrolling
through Twitter and TikTok
was interesting to say the
least. It seems as if over-
night the world decided
to go to war with itself. All
of the sudden #WW3 was
trending on both social
media platforms with com-
ments and videos from
people across America
talking about World War
III and the draft. So for
those of you who haven’t
kept up on this, this article
is here to answer all your
questions about WWIII
and what’s going on in the
world right now.

Has War Been Declared?

As of right now neither the

U.S. or Iran have declared war,
however many believe it could
happen. Trump now has an
$80 million bounty on his head
(yes Iran wants to behead him)
causing Twitter to blow up even
more. Though tensions be-
tween the Trump Administra-
tion and Supreme Leader Ali
Khamenei were high they seem
to be loosening now.

TimeLine Of Events

Dec. 2019

December 29, 2019: December 27, 2019:

President Trump orders airstrikes in the Militia group attacks K1 military base near
sections of Iraq and Syria where the militia Kirkuk, Iraq with rockets killing Americans
group supposedly were. and Iraqis. The militia group has ties to Iran.

December 31, 2019:

U.S. Embassy was attacked in Baghdad,

Iraq by Iranians.December 31, 2019:

Jan. 2020

January 2, 2020:
Qasem Soleimani was killed and reports
were sent to the Pentagon. Trump tweets
picture of the American flag later that night
after learning of Soleimani’s death.

January 3, 2020:

Trump defends actions taken to kill Soleimani.
The world reacts and #WW3 is trending on Twit-

January 5-6, 2020: January 7-8, 2020:

Iran offers $80 million for Trump’s head. Iran launched at least 12 ballistic missiles at an
Soleimani’s funeral where millions of Iraqi military base. No personal reported dead. A
mourners were said to be in attendance. Ukraine International Airline plane crashes in Teh-
Iran pledges harsh revenge on the U.S. ran, Iran killing all 176 passengers aboard.
Iran declares Soleimani a martyr.

January 11, 2020:

Iran admits to shooting down the
passenger plane.

Can You be Drafted? Third, the draft has only

With all the memes and ever been used 4 times.
It’s been used in World
TikToks about the draft, it War 1, World War 2, the
is clear that many people Korean War, and the Viet-
don’t understand the draft nam War. So the chances
and how it works. First of of it being reinstated even
all, if we are in a war that if we do end up going to
is bad enough to where war, the chances of the
we need a draft to be re- government using the draft
instated, Congress needs would be very slim, espe-
to pass certain legislation. cially since we have a vol-
Based on the current state unteer based military.
of Congress many politi-
cal analysts do not believe Commanders believe this
Congress would be able to
agree to pass this legisla- is one of the reasons our
tion. military is the strongest
in the world. When asked
Second, if you are a 18-25 about a draft being rein-
stated Mrs. Mascarin re-
year old MALE you are le- plied, “If you are forcing
gally obligated to register people through conscrip-
with the S.S.S. (Selective tion, through the draft you
Service System) within 30 are weakening the core of
days of eligibility. When in- that military.” Meaning this
terviewed about the draft, could cause more harm
A.P. Government teacher than good which would be
Mrs. Mascarin mentioned, one of the major reasons
“ order to apply for fed- this isn’t very likely to hap-
eral loans to go to college pen.
they have to register for the
selective service.” So, what
this means is if you want to
get a loan to go to college
you have to register and
there are no loopholes un-
less you are ineligible.



A Look Into Split Personality and
Disorder with Mr. Sheumaker We.

Written By:Audrey Nave
Designed By: Mackenzie Cooper

Dissociative Identity Disorder, also known as
Split Personality Disorder took over TikTok late
last year. D.I.D. is a severe identity disorder that
causes a disconnection in a person’s thoughts,
memories, actions, feelings, or sense of identity.
The first recorded case of this disorder was
of Mary Reynolds, who awoke from a prolonged
sleep with a new personality. Earlier cases have
been lectured and written about by Benjamin
Rush, also known as the “father of American psy-
chiatry”. He was the first to believe that mental ill-
ness is a disease of the mind, and not the posses-
sion of demons.

This disorder can be very difficult to un-
derstand. “It could be a defense mech-
anism in which someone attempts to es-
cape the issues of their everyday life by
“morphing” into a new personality to cope
with struggles in their main personality” (Mr.
Sheumaker). D.I.D. has always sounded
fake to me in a way. Switching personali-
ties to become completely different people
seems too complex to be true. This shows
the human mind is incredibly complicated.

This is a serious psychological issue that
only affects up to 1% of the general popu-
lation. Though this doesn’t sound like a lot, 1%
of the world population is roughly 75,270,000,
people who suffer from this disease. Though
this is a very serious issue for many around
the globe, it became a “trend” on the popu-
lar app, TikTok. There have been many us-
ers who have sat in front of a camera and
“changed personalities” to the beat of a song.
“I am not familiar with TikTok, but my guess is
people who switch their personalities on this
social media app do it to create entertainment
(whether for others or themselves) and it is
probably a character they have created and
are consciously aware of this change” (Mr.
Sheumaker). TikTok has been home to many
weird trends, but why split personality? Who
and/or what started this?

This personality disorder is often started at
a young age, usually before the age of 6.
This may disturb the growth of a child’s brain
development and can make it harder to grow
as a person. A person with this disorder can
recognize their overpowering trauma, caus-
ing their disorder to kick in to high gear. But
what in the brain causes someone to switch?
“There’s no drastic change in brain chemistry
when one changes personalities. It may in-
crease or decrease the amount of neuron’s fir-
ing a certain neurotransmitters such as dopa-
mine, norepinephrine (adrenaline) or serotonin
depending on that particular personality’s char-
acteristics. If it’s an addictive personality - do-
pamine, an excitable personality - norepineph-
rine, etc. It could also affect different areas of
the brain that may be more active or inactive
such as the prefrontal cortex or the amygdala,
again depending on the characteristics of that
particular personality” (Mr. Sheumaker).

I’ve always found it interesting to learn
about the human brain and how it works.
There are always new things to learn
about, such as how environment or brain
functionality can affect certain aspects of
an individual’s personality. If you’re inter-
ested in human psychology, I would rec-
ommend taking psychology class if you
get the chance. The class touches on
the basics of psychology and the differ-
ent parts of the brain and also discuss-
es fun topics such as rare disorders and




See you next issue

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