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Prelisting Marketing Proposal BB

Prelisting Marketing Proposal BB



Bob Badiian Selling a home in today’s market can be challenging and we understand that.
While the market can be challenging, over a thousand homes are sold each week
949.294.3311 in the L.A.County. What’s the difference between selling your home or failing to
do so? The Details! Whether it’s our proven sales approach, effective marketing
DRE# 01993555 campaigns, or utilizing our extensive network, at Nationwide Real Estate
Executives no detail is overlooked.
2 We pride ourselves in the use of technology and innovation to maximize the
exposure of your home. We created this guide to help educate you as a Seller,
and empower you to make the right decision when selecting the best agent to
market and sell your home.
Now more than ever, who you work with matters!

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We highly recommend!

Nationwide Real Estate Executives was excellent in helping us sell our house. Everything moved quickly and smoothly. They is very nice,
personable, and responsive to our concerns and questions. Highly recommended!

Barb M

They did an excellent job selling our home!

If you want top dollar for your home list with the real real estate firm Nationwide Real Estate Executives. They did an excellent job selling our LA
home, they went above and beyond to get us the best possible price, and they got us a buyer within a week. They know the real estate market,
and you won't be disappointed.

Thomas C

Amazing Experience

Our experience with Nationwide Real Estate Executives has been amazing. From Day 1, we knew we were in good hands. The knowledge of the
neighborhood we were looking at is impressive and their positive attitude made every step an enjoyable experience. We found our home within a
month and our agent was able to negotiate the best deal possible. We're fortunate and we highly recommend them!

Auriel L

©2018 NRE Executives - Marketing Proposal


The place to go for real estate services!

My wife and I recently purchased our first home thanks to Nationwide Real Estate Executives. They were very considerate of our preferences and
never steered us in a direction they knew we were not comfortable with. We completed trusted our agent to find a place that met our expectations
(we have two little girls), and they were very knowledgeable. They were always patient with us and if you're looking to move you can rest assured
they will take the very best care of you.

Adrian H

Sold for way over asking!

Nationwide Real Estate Executives did a great job of helping us sell our home in Long Beach. We sold for way over our asking price in less than a
week. 100% professional. If you want a great agent that works for YOU choose Nationwide Real Estate Executives.

John W

A pleasure to work with!

Nationwide Real Estate Executives was a pleasure to work with! Very fast response time, they helped me with my home sale and will be there for
my future transactions. Highly recommended!

Halrey J

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We’ve Got Buyers

Nationwide real estate executives finds
more buyers than any other brokerage in
Southern California. We can guarantee
800+ executives, each with 3-4 serious
buyers, who will know about your home

©2018 NRE Executives - Marketing Proposal


$650+ Million in Recent Sales

©2018 NRE Executives - Marketing Proposal


Internet 43%

Real Estate Agent 15%

Online Home Buying Research 12%

Friend | Relative | Neighbor 7%

Contacted Lender 6%

For Sale Sign 6%

Open Houses 3%

Print Advertisement 1%

Home Book or Magazine 1%

Other 6%

7 ©2018 NRE Executives - Marketing Proposal


This list of items are the minimum standard marketing tools a brokerage should offer every one of their clients. These tools and services are the
framework to get your home priced competitively and cover the initial bases of advertising.

• CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) Collecting property data to see what comparable homes to yours have
sold for. We also use this data to identify competition.

• Standard Pricing Strategy: After reviewing the CMA we determine a price that will spark interest as soon
as your home hits the market.

• Multiple Listing Service: Your home is listed in the MLS which syndicates it to all of the local and national
real estate websites.

• Broker & Public Open House: This is an opportunity where we have the brokerage community view your
home so they can inform their buyers. Afterwards we hold it open to the public.

• For Sale Signs: Even with all of the technology our industry has to offer, 15% of all homes are sold because
a buyer drove through a desirable neighborhood and made a sign call.

• The Buyer & Seller Guide: A break down of all your action items, whether you’re a buyer or a seller.
• Company Website: All roads lead home and home is the brokerage website.
• Property Preparation Guidelines: A brief overview of how to prepare your home for a successful sale.
• Print Advertising: Print advertising is become less of a determining factor in the marketing of properties.

Today’s consumer wants to get dynamic information not provided by an advertisement.
• Social Media: Homes broadcast via social media catch the eye of consumer and agent alike, resulting in

brushfire responses.
• Just Listed Cards: A postcard campaign letting neighbors know about your home.
• Direct Mail: Mailed to a specific list or EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) letting local residents know about

your listing.

©2018 NRE Executives - Marketing Proposal

THE NRE DIFFERENCE Industry standard service should be expected, but the marketing
suite listed below is why you are going to list your home with
NRE. We market the way other brokerages don’t.

Global Marketing System The “Unforgettable” Open Pro-Photo Program Co-op Showing
House Suggestions Program
The NRE Global Net- Over 93% of homes
work allows us to reach We structure our Open purchased are viewed We create a script for
over 60 million buyers Houses to be an event, first on the Internet so every room that is pre-
and investors across a not just one stop among making sure your prop- sented to the showing
vast network of over 85 publish- many on a Sunday erty shines above the competition agent so he can do an
ers in more than 50 countries, afternoon. When a potential buyer has never been more important. intelligent walk through with the
with key coverage in Asia, Eu- remembers your Open House, prospective buyer.
rope, North and South America. they will remember your house.

Neighborhood Insider Property Websites Highlight Sheet & Featured The NRE Team
Program Card Program
Your individual property Your listing won’t be
This program will allow site will be broadcast We like to create some handled by just one
us to get a broader per- to the industry’s lead- un-branded highlight agent, it will be handled
spective as to why this ing websites including: and feedback cards by over 800+. Our vast
is a great area. Your Google,, REAL- that the showing agent internal network of NRE agents
neighbors associate themselves, MLS Listings (Califor- hands out to prospective buyers. will actively be showing your
with like-minded individuals, peo- nia),, HomeFinder. This may seem counter intuitive, property hunting for your perfect
ple who have similar interests and com, HotPads, DuPont REGIS- but a showing agent is more likely buyer.
appreciate the same neighbor- TRY to hand out materials that don’t
hoods. advertise another brokerage.

©2018 NRE Executives - Marketing Proposal


Mobile Marketing Program Concierge Services Email Marketing

We have a full suite of We provide sellers with Your home will be
mobile apps that pro- real estate related ser- broadcast to over
vide home buyers with vices by connecting 20,000 Southern Cal-
the ability to find homes them with vetted ven- ifornia REALTORS®.
by just driving around. The upside dors to ease the process of mov- This type of reach ensures that
is when they come by your home ing into or out of a home. your property will be seen by an
using our app, your property is agent that has client looking for a
highlighted above the rest. home just like yours.

Property Videos Staging Program Home Seller’s Perspective

In the digital world it is Presenting your home Once your home is en-
essential for your home in a way so that poten- tered into the MLS, it will
to be seen in it’s envi- tial buyers will be able be broadcast on EVERY
ronment. Aerial video to envision themselves local and national real
gives the buyer the ability to not living there. Defining spaces by estate website. Our Home Sell-
only see the home but the neigh- placement, sizes, and amounts er’s Perspective program allows
borhood. of furniture pieces can overcome buyers to see why you LOVE your
awkward layouts and floor plan home and why they’ll LOVE it too.

When you put your home on the market the outcome can vary dramatically
based on the REALTOR® you choose.

10 ©2018 NRE Executives - Marketing Proposal


No other company alone sells more than 4% of California real estate which is why you need our Global Marketing System. Below are a few key
contributors to our system from which these fine companies enable our Global Marketing System Coordinators to deliver optimum results for our
many clients throughout America

11 ©2018 NRE Executives - Marketing Proposal


If an agent doesn’t hire a professional photographer, then they are failing their client, period. In the Internet age you have a fraction of a second to
impress a potential buyer. Your photos are the bedrock of all other marketing en devours.


Once you have your graphic portfolio, you need to 4K aerial video is vital to telling your home’s story. Buyers want as much information as
show it off. NRE sites are the perfect vehicle for your possible before deciding whether or not to to schedule an appointment.
property to be seen, shared and talked about.

12 ©2018 NRE Executives - Marketing Proposal

THE ©2018 NRE Executives - Marketing Proposal

We’ve all been to them, an open
house where the agent makes you feel
like you’re intruding. The upside is we
completely forget about it as soon as
we walk out the door. We forget the
experience AND the HOME.

The Unforgettable Open House is that
party you went to on Saturday after-
noon. The one at this great house with
the amazing food, music, and cool



NRE Concierge Services are a vital element to making your home
selling process a pleasant one. We understand that there a lot things
that need to happen BEFORE you list your home. You may need to
hire painters, general repair people, lawn service professionals and
an inspector (you want to know if something is wrong, before a
buyer’s inspector does).

NRE Concierge Services has a full list of vetted professionals that
we will provide to you, so you can go about the business of moving
out, not worrying about contractors.


Never has a mobile based presence been such a vital
marketing component as it is today. When a consumer passes
the yard sign in front of your house, they want details. The
most valuable asset of today’s consumer is their attention.

With the average American spending more than 5 hours a
day* on their mobile device, mobile presence isn’t an option,
it’s a requirement.

The NRE Mobile App gets your listing in front of today’s home

*According to data released by analytics firm Flurry

14 ©2018 NRE Executives - Marketing Proposal


We believe that pricing is the most crucial aspect of the selling process. You can see from the charts below that there are
catastrophic ramifications if your home isn’t priced properly.

Price vs. Preview 10% Above 10%

Your home is a product. Consumers 5% Above 30%
today are savvy, looking for a
good value and armed with more Market Value 60%
information than ever before.
5% Below 75%
If your home is priced over other
comparable homes, buyers won’t 10% Below 90%
even preview your property.

As the price goes above market value, the showings decrease significantly

Property Interest Time-line

In the mind of the consumer, if a 1 day 30 days 60 days 90 days
house has been on the market too
long, there must be something Interest in a home dramatically drops off after the 60 day mark
wrong with it.
©2018 NRE Executives - Marketing Proposal
Your home may the be the highest
quality product at the perfect price
point, but by overpricing, it will
become “shop worn”.



As your REALTOR®, you are entrusting me with the sale of potentially your most valuable asset. I take that responsibility very
seriously and from the second I list your home, you can rest assured that I will use every resource at my disposal to get the most
money for your home and sell it in the shortest time possible.

• Understand Your Needs
• Know Your Competition
• Assist You With Competitive Pricing
• Assist With Disclosures And Legally

Required Documents
• Market Your Property
• Ensure Maximum Exposure To Other Agents
• Order A Termite Inspection
• See That Potential Buyers Are Pre-qualified
• Represent You In Negotiations Handle

Inspections And Appraisal
• Follow Up On Buyer’s Financing

• Follow Up Through The Escrow Process

16 ©2018 NRE Executives - Marketing Proposal

“Our focus isn’t on selling more homes, but selling your home for more.”

When you put us to work we’ll get all of the basics out of the way so we can implement
our comprehensive marketing program through our Customized Home Marketing System
that involves active interaction
• We’ll maximize opportunities within your local market.
• Nationally marketed to 90,000+ brokers and agents.
• Globally marketed across our network of over 80 publishers, including leading real

estate websites in the U.K., China, and Russia.
• We market California real estate at the highest level through our Customized Home

Marketing System.

©2018 NRE Executives - Marketing Proposal

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