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Published by Goodwill Industries of San Diego County, 2019-11-29 15:37:22

Goodwill and Me - 2019 Issue I

Goodwill and Me - 2019 Issue I

A publication of Goodwill Industries® of San Diego County • Issue I, 2019

Paid Mickey’s Grand Quality
Training Career Pathway Re-Openings DIoSnSaUtEioIn, s2019 1

“Having a job through Goodwill has been the ground and momentum
I needed in life to move forward. I am thankful for the opportunity to
make a living and have stability in my life.”



Mickey was born in Sacramento but spent much of his childhood in Riverside with his father and older
brother, Alex. When he graduated from high school, Mickey joined his brother and their mother’s new
family in the city of Vista. At the time, six people were squished into a one-bedroom apartment. “Alex
and I come from a broken home and we’ve pretty much been on our own since we were 16 and 17. We
never had financial stability, no chance to go to college; no one bought us a car. It was just us. One
of the things I am most grateful for is that Alex has always been there, he’s always looked out for me.”
Alex got a job at Goodwill, which provided us with some money for food and other personal expenses.
Once Mickey turned 18, Alex encouraged him to apply for a job at Goodwill. Their mom and stepdad
were pushing Mickey to get a job or join the military. Without friends in the area, money in his pocket, or
even a Social Security card, Mickey didn’t know how to move forward. He mustered up the confidence
and submitted a job application to Goodwill.

“I got on the computer and applied even though all I had was a little résumé I did in
high school. Alex put in a good word for me, and I got an interview. I guess they could tell

I had drive because I was hired as a donation processor. This was in December of 2011.
One year later, I was promoted to Senior Processor.”

Today, Mickey is the Manager of the North Oceanside Retail Store! Mickey shared, “On my first day at
work I was incredibly nervous. I’ve had anxiety attacks since I was 13; the attacks were so bad I had
to be home-schooled. I pretty much stayed in the house and played video games. Coming to work
got me out of the house and gave me the confidence to have my own life and be confortable with my
co-workers. I still have my ups and downs but now I know I’m capable of learning lots of things. I am
able to work with other departments and talk to people.”

Once Mickey and Alex both had stable jobs at Goodwill, they decided it was time to move into their own
space. Within a few weeks, they found a one-beroom apartment near a bus stop in Vista, giving them
convenient access to public transportation. “We so appreciate everything my mom and family have
done for us. It was time for us to move on,” said Mickey.

The brothers are both musicians, Mickey admits that although he took up music first, Alex is the talent-
ed one. “He’s a natural and can also write music.” Mickey has a passion for writing as well. “I don’t
really have any interest in sports, but I love to write. Over the years it has helped me to express myself
and work on my creativity,” Mickey shared.

“Having a job through Goodwill has been the ground and momentum I needed in life to move forward.
I am thankful for the opportunity to make a living and have stability in my life. I aspire to find new ways
to better myself and continue my personal and professional growth. Especially, when working alongside
the people that inspire me everyday.”

ISSUE I, 2019 3


Goodwill San Diego has had a very busy year! We started in January by reopening our Imperial Beach
Retail Store after a large renovation. The store gained 2,200 square feet of retail space, a new pro-
duction room, offices and break room too. A new loading dock was added to keep trucks safely off the
street. The Grand Reopening was a huge success, creating revenue to support our mission. In Febru-
ary, our Hillcrest Retail Store was New Again. The store’s new shopping experience includes 1,600 ad-
ditional square feet with a furniture and housewares area, a new cash wrap and production room. Our
flagship Retail Store in Point Loma shared its renovation with the community in April. A giant furniture
showroom was added, a sleek, modern cash wrap, flooring, fixtures, window art and point-of-sale slat
wall to better showcase product. Included in the 1,520 square feet of additional space is the production
area used to create greater product flow and efficiencies. Our Santee Retail Store became new again
in May. Although only 552 square feet was added to this location, the remodel was dramatic. The store
received polished concrete flooring, branded window art, a beautiful cash wrap and 1,458 square feet
of open production space.

Our Hillcrest Ambassadors were ready to greet Goodwill Ambassadors celebrate the Imperial
shoppers on Re-Opening Day Beach Re-Opening

Santee Grand Re-Opening Ribbon Cutting Fresh and Full at the Point Loma Retail Store


If you haven’t received a Friday appreciation visit from our
President and CEO, Toni Giffin, she’s coming your way! Ev-
ery Friday, Toni visits a Goodwill San Diego workplace to spend
time with our ambassadors and recognize a team super star.
During her visit, be sure and share your story with her. She is
visiting your workplace to get to know you better. She wants to
know how you are Making Good Happen, what is important to
you and how you spend your time when you are not at Goodwill.
This is also a great time to ask Toni questions. If you are won-
dering what she is most passionate about, ask her. If you want
to know whether she is a cat lover or a dog lover, find out. Enjoy
your visit with Toni!

Toni Giffin, President and CEO

Clairemont Ambassadors City Heights Ambassadors

Lemon Grove Ambassadors Point Loma Ambassadors

ISSUE I, 2019 5

Paid Training Program

The Paid Training Program is a three-month, structured, hands-on
training experience within the world of Retail and Donations.

Goodwill San Diego’s mission to provide employ- On August 28, we held our first Paid Training
ment and training to people with disabilities and Graduation ceremony, during which we celebrat-
other barriers to employment is implemented in ed 17 graduates among friends, family and co-
many ways throughout our community. For ex- workers. Every single graduate secured a job af-
ample, this year, we introduced a unique Paid ter graduation, both within Goodwill and at other
Training Program to serve community members organizations in the San Diego community. Par-
who need support finding a job and adapting to ticipants shared personal stories explaining the
the workplace. The Paid Training Program is a impact the program had on their lives and their
three-month, structured, hands-on training expe- gratitude for the support they received from man-
rience within the world of Retail and Donations. agement, family, friends and coworkers who en-
Participants are given the opportunity to practice couraged them to persevere. They all agreed that
work ethics and learn the skills necessary to earn having others believe in them was instrumental to
and retain a job, all while being employed in a their success.
part-time position with Goodwill. Specifically, they
learn retail skills, communication, conflict resolu- To be eligible for Goodwill’s Paid Training Pro-
tion, and exceptional customer service. gram, job seekers must be at least 18 years of
age, legally able to work in the United States, will-
Andrea recently completed the Program after be- ing to work 20 hours per week, and have a desire
ing out of the workforce for six years. When asked to obtain long term employment after completion
about her main takeaways from the program, An- of the training. Community members that are in-
drea emphasized, “Commitment. Showing up, terested in this program can stop by any of our
being present and following through with what San Diego Community Employment Centers.
you say you’re going to do.” Her training gave her
the confidence boost she needed to succeed at Our Paid Training Program exists in every com-
Goodwill and beyond. After graduating, she was munity where there is a Goodwill Retail Store.
hired into a full-time position with Goodwill. We are very excited about this program and want
to encourage community members to apply. This
Goodwill Director of Workforce Development, is a great way to enter a wonderful organization
Melissa Esten, shares, “If you graduate from the that cares about your success.
program, like Andrea, you can apply for a job with
us or a community employer and have a better For more information or locations, please visit
chance of getting hired.” our website at under the Jobs
section, call 619-225-2200 or send an email to
6 GOODWILL & ME Barbara Abeyta at [email protected]

“If you graduate from the program, like Andrea, you can apply for a job
with us or a community employer and have a better chance of getting hired.”

ISSUE I, 2019 7


Seek and you shall find. Like detectives trying to
find clues, San Diego bloggers combed through
every aisle at our Retail Store in La Mesa on Avo-
cado Boulevard looking for big brand names and
quality items. They happily pushed carts full of
well-known brands like Zara, Adidas, Aldo, Kate
Spade, Lululemon, Seven for All Mankind, Ugg,
Levis, Nike, and many other favorites. Finding
yoga pants by Lululemon, Zella, Fabletics, and
Under Amour for $12.00 sounds unreal, but these thrifty shoppers were able to find items that retail
for more than $100. How? Our savvy shoppers took their time and inspected every piece of clothing,
purses, shoes, and even housewares looking for recognizable brands.

Goodwill’s deals are not the only thing these ladies were excited about. Supporting Goodwill’s
mission and reducing their carbon footprint made this a guiltless shopping spree.

Monthly "Round Up!" Salesperson Winners!

Rebecca - El Cajon Susie - Point Loma Elizabeth - Point Loma

Karina - Point Loma Larry - Escondido Olga - Imperial Beach


Quality Donations

What happens to the donations Goodwill San Di- pare the job seeker for the workplace including:
ego receives from the community? Goodwill am- Ace the Interview, Workplace Communication,
bassadors (employees) strive to maximize each Online Job Application, Résumé Workshop and
and every donation. From the moment we re- Computer Basics.
ceive the donation the goal is to get it to the right
location: Retail Store, eCommerce, or After Mar- We also use the revenue from our social enter-
ket (Otay Outlet, San Ysidro Outlet or Escondido prise to employ people. We currently employ
Clearance Center). Once it arrives, it is priced nearly 1,400 ambassadors and more than 49
to sell and placed on the sales floor or photo- percent are a person with a disability or oth-
graphed and put online at er barrier to employment. For job seekers who
need support finding a job and adapting to the
The donations we receive from our supportive workplace, we offer a Paid Training program that
and generous community allow us to generate eases them into the workplace while providing
revenue to fulfill our mission. We take this rev- the skills needed to get a job in retail or dona-
enue and use it to provide employment services tions. The higher the quality of the donation, the
and programs for job seekers in our community. more revenue we can generate and use for our
We have four Community Employment Centers in community members. We work hard to put your
San Diego (Escondido, Oceanside, Point Loma donations to GOOD use!
and San Ysidro) that provide free job search
assistance. We provide free workshops to pre- ISSUE I, 2019 9


In May, Processing Worker, Rebecca found $6,690
inside of a men’s tan jacket. We are incredibly
grateful for the honesty and integrity employees
like Rebecca display in situations such as this one!
Rebecca has been with us since 2001, her com-
mitment to our core values of Credibility, Collab-
oration and Creativity are evident in all she does.
We strive to return found money to our donors.
When donors purposely give monetary donations,
the contributions are reinvested into the communi-
ty in accordance with our mission.


We want to recognize our Amabassadors who are helping do thier part to
conserve resources. We recently added Sustainability to our Big 12 Values.
Ambassadors can now earn a Sustainability Pin for reducing waste, reusing
and repurposing, recyling and using items made from recycled materials.

In 2018, Goodwill Industires of San Diego County saved:

• 2,573 trees from being cut down
• 41,669 gallons of oil from being used
• 8,476,638 gallons of water consumption
• 56,532,544 hours of electricity


Every year during the first full week of May, Good-
will organizations across the United States and
Canada celebrate Goodwill Industries Week to
highlight our mission. This year, we hosted sever-
al job fairs and an employer panel at our Commu-
nity Employment Centers in Escondido, Oceans-
ide, Point Loma and San Ysidro. Accent Care,
Allied Universal, Amazon, County of San Diego,
Goodwill San Diego, Jiffy Lube, Mission Federal
Credit Union, Shell, Wendy’s and other employ-
ers, all participated and made it a great week for
our community job seekers.



January - June 2019


Abarca, Talia C Bookseller II Maryniewski, David M DC Storefront Attendant II
Adad, Anthony V DC Supervisor II Matory, Kamia Bookstore Manager
Anzaldua, Suzanna R Store Manager - Tier 1 Maturin Peimbert, Jorge Warehouse Processor III
Aponte, Sandra Enriqueta Case Manager II Medina, Miguel A Truck Driver II
Banuelos, Jose Trinindad Truck Driver II Menjivar Castro, Mercy I Store Supervisor
Braun, Theresa M Bookstore Assistant Manager Miller, Robin Lenora Processing Worker II
Carter, Bernadette Romobio Bookseller II Monroy, Liliana Salesperson III
Casseres, Barbara Arlene Processing Worker II Moran Juarez, Rene Job Coach I
Chuh, Edward T Store Manager - Tier 1 Morgan, Alexandra Kim Processing Worker II
Clayborne, Matthew Truck Helper Mosqueda Lopez Jr, Rigoberto DC Coordinator
Colton, Shayla HR Administrative Assistant Muhammad, Malik Security Officer II
Covarrubias, Jovana Job Developer II Naranjo Madrigal, Rosa Job Coach I
De Haro, Gustavo E Bookseller II Navarro, Josefina Denise Assistant Manager
Delgado, Druscilla Processing Worker I Navarro, Saira Bookstore Assistant Manager
Demby, Darrin Barry DC Supervisor I Nguyen, Alice Cam Job Developer I
Diaz, Mari Del Carmen Salesperson I Niemeyer, Derrick Calib Job Coach I
Duffy, Michael W Donations Center Attendant II Nunez, Martha Salesperson III
Elliot, Charles J DC Supervisor I Ofomi, Endurance  Programs Recruiter II
Fehlings, Suzanne Jean Salesperson III Olvera, Rosana Salesperson III
Fitzgerald, David Lawrence Truck Driver I Oxford, Justin Michael Processing Worker II
Flores Perez, Josefa Store Assistant Manager Palomera, Irma Assistant Manager - Interim
Flores, Marissa P L&D Instructor Parks, Marquetta Michelle Processing Worker I
Gonzalez, Stephanie Processing Worker III Parra Saines, Karina Processing Worker I
Gore-Franz, Helen Processing Worker III Perko, Patricia Ann Store Supervisor
Groenendyk, Arie C Processing Worker I Pless, Casiana Elizabeth Processing Worker I
Haddad, Rula Processing Worker II Quijada-Santana, Sharissa D Salesperson II
Hederer, James John Salesperson III Quileza, John Ray E Processing Worker II
Hendrix, Robin Adair Salesperson II Reed, Randa J Processing Worker III
Hengesbaugh, Greg Bookstore Support Manager Riggins, Corban A DC Supervisor I
Hernandes, Vanessa Salesperson I Rios Santiago, Norma Alicia Store Assistant Manager
Ibarra, Brenda L Retail Operations Coordinator Rivera-Richardson, Nicholas Processing Worker I
Johnson, Andrea Louise Processing Worker I Ruiz, Nicole Salesperson III
Kennedy, Kiimon Tyree DC Attendant II Sanchez, Alisa Fixed Crew Processing Worker I
Kuss, Robert Paul Processing Worker I Sandoval, Alicia Store Manager
Labue Jr., Francis Processing Worker I Sayles, Ryan Lucas Warehouse Processor III
Larue, Jennifer Lee Salesperson III Selbe, Thomas Scott Salesperson I
Lazareno Camacho, Luis Truck Driver I Smith, Sonia Latog Salesperson II
Licea Vargas, Hector Store Supervisor Sotelo Solorzano, Julio C Truck Driver III
Lieu, John Anthony Administrative Assistant Swinson, Michael Gerard Salesperson III
Lilland, Darlene Nixon DC Storefront Attendant Thorne, Victor Hugo Order Fulfillment Clerk
Lopez, Areli Bookstore Manager Tingle, Tyler O Processing Worker II
Lopez, Bertha Salesperson II Torres, Jacqueline Store Supervisor
Lorenzana, Kevin Truck Driver I Vazquez, Cesar Processing Worker III
Loya, Karla Azucena Janitor Velazquez, Omaira Daniela Customer Service Representative
Luster, Liza Salesperson II Viloudaki, Briagh Rae Processing Worker II
Macias, Alma Melissa Supervisor West, Ryan Security Officer III
Macias, Amador Gabriel Warehouse Processor II Yafuso, Larry Jiro EVS Tech II
Madsen, Mickey T Store Manager - Tier 2 Young, Elizabeth R Donation Center Supervisor II
Mangok, David Deng Donations Center Attendant II

ISSUE I, 2019 11

Students from the University of California San Diego and their professor, Jo Dee Jacob,
got to learn more about how Goodwill San Diego is Making Good Happen during a tour of

our Aftermarket Facilities.
Goodwill & Me, is a bi-annual publication, providing readers with stories of the events,
activities, and people who support the mission of Goodwill Industries of San Diego County.

We are pleased to provide this information and hope you share it with others.

3663 Rosecrans Street • San Diego, California 92110
(619) 225-2200 • [email protected]


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