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a man who wants to leave behind the mistakes of his past, and change his life.

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a man who wants to leave behind the mistakes of his past, and change his life.

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2 Corinthians 5:17


a man who wants to leave behind the
mistakes of his past and change his



Greatest Growth

T he greatest growth in my life happened when I become a

Christian, when I accepted Jesus Christ as my saviour, my king,

my redeemer, and my God.
Since that day, I felt my

self growing up day by

day. I have learned how to

discipline myself, how to

be a good influence to

others, and how to live my

life with purpose. I avoid

everything that will not

help me grow as an

individual, I avoided all my

bad habits in my past life.

Besides, I choose to get to

know God, deeply, I let God

to control my life, and He

guides me along the right.

Bible helps me to grow "But grow in grace, and in the
mentally and spiritually, knowledge of our Lord and
its also help me to grow my Saviour Jesus Christ."
relationship with God as I II Peter 3:18
live in the power of Holy

Spirit. God communicate with me through bible, revealing His

character and His will. I communicate with God through

prayer, sharing my need and desire to do His will.

Major blocks in my growth

T he major blocks in my growth is my insecurities.

I've felt insecure about my looks, my intelligence, certain skills

that I wish I am better at, or the direction of my life going.
No one is a stranger to insecu-

rities, some are just better at

dealing with them, or perhaps

hiding them. Insecurities develop

when we compare ourselves

to others and feel less than.

They occur when we experience

a consequences for being

different from others in a

perceived negative way or when

we feel we do not measure up

to where we should be. But as

I grow and encounter different

kind of people. I've learned how

to overcome my insecurities,

I've learned how to build my

self-esteem, and I've learned

how to be contented of what God

gave to me. Just seek God out His

" Not that I speak from want, word, and in prayer, and you'll
for I have learned to be content in be much more likely to find
whatever circumstances I am in." contenment in Him.

Philippians 4:11

Greatest Gift

T here are so many amazing gifts I received from God.

But the greatest gift I've received from God is my salvation.

Bible teaches me that salvation is an undeserved gift that is

received when you place your faith and truth in Jesus Christ,
The moment I genuinely

trust God to save me, I

justified. Many people

claim you can go to heaven

when you believe and do

good deeds or good works

to help in the process. This

is not the message Jesus

offers. While those who

follow Jesus will seek to

live according to His ways,

salvation is not based on

anything we do , but it is

accepted by faith alone

based on God's grace.

Based on the bible, the "For by Grace you have been
result of salvation is saved through Faith and that not
eternal life in heaven with of yourselves; it is the gift God not

God. of works that no one would boast."

Ephesians 2:8-9

Source of Strength

M y strong relationship with God gives me enough

strength that I can use to face every challenges in life with
hope and determination. By engaging in spiritual exercises like
praying, reading the Bible, and living in God presence helps me

strikes into special power
that only God can provide.
When I believe and trust
what I read in the Bible
and in how God works,
my hope strengthened.
My life verse is also
talking about strength, it
said "The Lord is my strength
and my shield; my heart
trusted Him, and I am
helped." this verse can be
find in the book of psalms
chapter 28, verse 7. This
verse expressing his
helpless condition; his
bitterness of heart and the
pain that seems to be
"It is God that girdeth me with strength searing his soul.

and maketh my way perfect."
Psalms 18:32

Source of Inspiration

E veryone of us have a source of inspiration in our life.

The famous artist, singers, vloggers and influencers giving

inspiration to many. If everyone has a source of inspiration for

their idols, but not for me. " As a mother comforts her child,
As for me, my source of so will I comfort you."
Isaiah 66;13
inspiration is none other than

my mother. She has inspired

me since I was a little boy.

She taught me to always

treat others as I would want

to be treated, to help for

those who need it, and to stay

strong in the face of

adversity. I carry these

lessons everywhere I go and

remember them when I am

faced with a new challenge

and opportunity. I would like

to thank God for giving her in

my life. No amount of money

I can repay for all the

kindness and love that she

had given me. My mother is

truly a source of

encouragement and


What keeps me going in life?

I have a lot of motivations that keep me going in life. But the

main reason why I keeps on going in life is because I have so many
dreams and goal in life that I want to achieve. I want to finish my
study and get a job, in that way I can able to payback my mother's
hardships. In addition, also want prove to those people who judged
and under estimate me, that I can reach my dream. I trust God
plans for my life, I know that His plans for my life are way better
than mind. Trusting God plans is a must.

" You can make many plans, but the Lord's
purpose will prevail."
Proverbs 19:21

Seek his will

in all you do, and he will
show to you which path to take.


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