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OCI June

OCI June

Or lan doCon cier ge .info

M agazi n e Ju n e 2018

In Th is M on t h's Issu e

Have a Gr ou p t o Book ...

... st ar t h er e t o en su r e you get cr edit f or book in g it !

Even t s Calen dar In side

See t h e u pcom in g even t s f or you an d you r gu est s!

Gr eat Places f or Dad on
Fat h er 's Day

Dr ive Sh ack , Taver n a Opa, Falcon's Fir e, Kin gs, Tapa Tor o,
Wild Flor ida, Sh in gle Cr eek Golf Clu b & Caf e Tu Tu Tan go

Com in g t o Or lan do Su m m er '18

Wat ch us Live!!! o rlan d o co n cierg f o



Tur n t o page 31 t o ch eck out t h i s m on t h ' s t r i v i a con t est .
Si m pl y cl i ck on t h e l i n k t o t h e t r i v i a con t est an d st ar t
l ook i n g t h r ough out t h i s i ssue of t h e Or l an doCon ci er ge.i n f o
M agazi n e f or t h e cor r ect an sw er s. Th ose t h at an sw er al l
t h e quest i on s cor r ect l y w i l l be en t er ed t o w i n a pr i ze.

27 38 6 32


Our June calendar When you need t o book Falcon's Fire Golf Course Do you have guest s
det ails event s for bot h a group, how do you and Shingle Creek Golf looking for an
you ( t he concierge) know w hat , w here, Course are t w o of t he advent ure on t he high
and your guest s. Click w hen & w ho t o t op courses in t he area seas... t hen Vict ory
Here t o review our cont act ... st art here w here you can refer you Casino Cruise is w here
calendar for and learn about our guest s! Looking for you'll w ant t o send
opport unit ies t o have part ners' capabilit ies t o alt ernat ive golf see t hem - a short drive
fun and refer your host your group. Dr i v e Sh ack p. 30 from Orlando!
guest s.

29 24 11 30 26 28

Excellen ce

WhenyoujoinFlorida Thereweremany Father'sDaySunday Lookingforaunique ServiceExcellence
HIA,youget to significant eventsduring June17,2018.Dads golf &dining goesliveonFB!If you leadstohappy
experienceall that themonthof June.Click eat freeat Taverna experience,unlikeany missedourliveeventsat customers,whoreturn
Floridahastoofferat heretolearnabout some Opa.Checkout all otherinthearea- KINGS,TapaToro, againandagain,which
agreat discount,and important daysin thegreat offers DriveShackisminutes OrlandoTreeTrek & leadtomoresalesand
insomecasesyou historythismonth. fromouradvertising awayandthey I-DriveNASCARyoucan morereferralsand
get toenjoyit for partners. appreciateyour checkthemout here! commissions.Takea
FREE! referrals!!! minutetoreview.

Dir ect or y of Adver t iser s

Click on Adver t iser 's Nam e t o Go To Th eir Ad/ Page

Rest au r an t s Seaf ood Wo n d er Wo r ks
Big Fin Seafood Out door
Am er ican
Copper Canyon St eak h ou se Clearwater Marine Aq
King's Dining Black Angus - I-Drive Congo River Golf
Marlow's Tavern Black Angus 1-92 Hollywood Golf
Sea Dog Black Angus LBV Magical Midway
Tin Roof Old Town
Ta p a s Sling Shot
Gr eek Tapa Toro Wild Florida
Taverna Opa
Th ai Sh oppin g
It alian Thai-Thani
BiCE Tu r k ish Florida Mall
Carrabba's - Airport Old Town
Carrabba's - I-Drive Turquaz Turkish Cuisine Pointe Orlando
Carrabba's - Kirkman Premium - I-Drive
Carrbba's - Vineland Nigh t lif e/ Live M u sic Premium - Vineland
Carrabba's - 1-92 Whole Foods
How l-at -t h e-M o o n
Japan ese Tin Roof Golf Cou r ses
Dragonfly Robata Grill
Oishi Japanese Din n er Sh ow s Drive Shack
Falcon's Fire
Lat in The Rock Show Shingle Creek
Cuba Libre
So f r it o At t ract ions Ser vices
K&M Rentals
M ex i can Indoor
El Patron iFly IRide Trolley
Kings Bowl
Nascar I-Drive
Victory Casino

Wh ile t h e list in gs above ar e live lin k s (click an d go dir ect ly t o
t h e bu sin ess' page), you can also sear ch f or in f or m at ion by
sim ply t ypin g it in t h e sear ch box cir cled t o t h e r igh t . Th is
sear ch box allow s t h e r eader t o qu ick ly f in d w h at t h ey ar e
look ing f or - our goal is t o help get you t he inf or m at ion you
n eed, t o h elp you r gu est an d h elp you , t h e con cier ge t o gr ow

you r com m ission s an d r ef er r als.

Wh y You r Gu est s Need t o Ren t Fr om
K&M Ren t als

K & M n ever ch ar ges a deposit w it h an y r en t al.

K & M pr ovides FREE DELIVERY & PICK UP w it h ever y
rent al.

K & M of f er s on e day r en t als.

K & M m ak es it easy on you r gu est s as t h ey ar e
allow ed t o t ak e t h eir K & M st r oller f r om par k t o
par k .

K & M r en t s a var iet y of baby equ ipm en t su ch as
st r oller s, cr ibs, h igh -ch air s, pack -n -plays, baby
gat es and m uch m ore.

High Ch air

Fu ll Size M et al Cr ib STORE HOURS: M on -Sat 8 am - 8 pm | Su n 8 am - 6 pm


Em ail Pam @ K & M


6127 W Ir lo Br on son M em or ial Hw y
Kissim m ee, FL 34747

Sin gle St r oller Sit -n -St an d St r oller Dou ble St r oller

For Descr ipt ion , Feat u r es an d Rat es, please click on t h e bu t t on s above!

Email K & M Rentals | Ref er r al Com pan y: In -Hou se - Pam ela Clar k | Pr ogr am s: AGS | DU | Expedia | West gat e

Wh y You Sh ou ld Recom m en d Th at You r Em ail Pam @ K & M
Gu est s Ren t Fr om K&M Ren t als
K & M pr ides it self on pr ovidin g EXCELLENT cu st om er
ser vice an d qu alit y r en t al equ ipm en t . Reclin er Lif t Ch air

K & M pr ovides FREE DELIVERY & PICK UP w it h ever y
r en t al m ak in g it easy on you r gu est .

K & M of f er s con cier ge a gr eat com m ission pr ogr am
and t hey are ver y appreciat ive of your
recom m endat ion.

K & M is you r best opt ion f or r en t al equ ipm en t
in clu din g m obilit y scoot er s an d accessor ies,
w h eelch air s, t r an spor t ch air s, w alk er s, k n ee w alk er s,
r eclin er ch air s, r eclin er lif t ch air s, sh ow er ch air s,
r ollaw ay beds an d m or e. If you r gu est h as an
equipm ent need, you need t o call K & M.

To Sign Up For K & M 's Ref er r al Pr ogr am Please Click
on t he But t on Below :


Please fill out all information.

In order to receive credit for your referral, please call
407-363-7388 Press #1 to speak to our reservation agents.

Give your full name and company you work for to the
reservation agent at the time the reservation is being made.

Call Pam Clar k at 407-236-6918 w it h qu est ion s.

Go Go Spor t 3-Wh eel Rollat or Vict or y 4-Wh eel

For Descr ipt ion , Feat u r es an d Rat es, please click on t h e bu t t on s above!

Email K & M Rentals | Ref er r al Com pan y: In -Hou se - Pam ela Clar k | Pr ogr am s: AGS | DU | Expedia | West gat e

You r gu est s w ill en joy t h e con ven ien ce of over 100 con ven ien t Tr olley St ops
ser vicin g t h e I-Dr ive Resor t Ar ea. Th e I-Ride Tr olley r u n s f r om Ou t let M all t o Ou t let

M all, Un iver sal Blvd. an d M ajor Blvd.

NextTrolley is a state-of-the-art automated vehicle location system (AVLS) provided by
NextBus. With Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking, NextBus technology provides
predicted vehicle arrival times for each stop and live maps to visitors. NextTrolley is

available via the Internet, smartphones and text messaging.

Please Click on ?Next Tr olley ?
below t o f in d you r gu est s?
t rolley ar r ival t im e:

Click t h e M ap Icon Below Click t h e M ap Icon Below IRideTr
t o Pr in t t h e I-Ride Tr olley t o Pr in t t h e I-Ride Tr olley Need M aps & Collat er al

Ser vice M ap Marker Map 407-248-9590

Th e FUN Way t o Get Ar ou n d I-Dr ive

up to


Sh in gleCr eek Golf .com Book Tee Tim es Her e

At Shingle Creek Golf Club, a new world-class golf or call 407.996.9933
course is awaiting your guests. The Arnold Palmer How m ay we help you?
Design Company recently renovated the golf course
with three new holes, a group of redesigned holes, and All Car t s Equ ipped
the overall balance of the course recalibrated to w it h GPS & FREE Ran ge
accommodate new design features including more
forgiveness and recovery options along extra-long Balls included w it h
par-4s and par-5s. Th e n ew Sh in gle Cr eek Golf Clu b is ever y round

def in it ely a m u st play f or you r gu est s!

Taylor Made rental clubs are available for men and
ladies, with both left and right handed available. With
over 80 sets available, you don't need to reserve rental
clubs. Shoes are also available for rent for your guests.

Concierge earn $15 pp for full rate rounds and $10 pp
for discounted and twilight rounds. Click Her e for
reservations or call Shingle Creek at 407.996.9933.

9939 Un iver sal Blvd. Or lan do, 32819

Ref er r al Com pan y: DP M ar ket in g | Need Referral Cards? | Expedia | DU | AGS | CFI | M ar r iot | Sh er at on



Falcon?s Fire Golf Club, a Rees Jones designed championship golf 407.239.5445
course, is recognized both regionally and nationally as one of the
finest public golf courses in Central Florida. f al consf i
Book Tee Times
When you refer Falcon's Fire Golf Club, rest assured that your Groups of 10+
guests will enjoy their round on one of the most playable (player
friendly) courses in the Greater Orlando area.

Falcon's Fire offers a full service restaurant onsite, offering
breakfast and lunch daily - a great stop for your guests after their

Each golf cart at Falcon's Fire is equipped with a GPS yardage
system to help new players enjoy this must play golf course!

Callaway rental clubs are available in Right & Left Hand, Ladies &
Jrs. Men?s sets available with either Regular or Stiff flex shafts

Falcon's Fir e is con ven ien t ly locat ed n ear Walt Disn ey
Wor ld Resor t , Or lan do In t er n at ion al Air por t , an d t h e
Or an ge Cou n t y Con ven t ion Cen t er .

3200 Seralago Blvd. Kissimmee, FL 34746

Email Falcon's Fire Golf Club | Ref er r al Com pan y: DP M ar ket in g | Need Cards? | Pr ogr am s: Expedia | M ar r iot t

Father 's Day is a celebration honoring fathers and killed 361 men, 250 of them fathers, leaving
celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the around a thousand fatherless children. Clayton
influence of fathers in society. In Catholic Europe, suggested that her pastor Robert Thomas Webb
it has been celebrated on March 19 (St. Joseph's honor all those fathers.
Day) since the Middle Ages. This celebration was
brought by the Spanish and Portuguese to Latin Clayton's event did not have repercussions outside
America, where March 19 is often still used for it, Fairmont for several reasons, among them: the city
though many countries in Europe and the was overwhelmed by other events, the celebration
Americas have adopted the U.S. date, which is the was never promoted outside the town itself and
third Sunday of June (falling June 17 in 2018). no proclamation of it was made by the city council.

Father 's Day was not celebrated in the US, outside On June 19, 1910, a Father 's Day celebration was
Catholic traditions, until the 20th century. As a civic held at the YMCA in Spokane, Washington by
celebration in the US, it was inaugurated in the Sonora Smart Dodd. Her father, the civil war
early 20th century to complement Mother 's Day by veteran William Jackson Smart, was a single parent
celebrating fathers and male parenting. who raised his six children there. She was also a
member of Old Centenary Presbyterian Church
The first observance of a "Father 's Day" was held (now Knox Presbyterian Church), where she first
on July 5, 1908, in Fairmont, West Virginia, in the proposed the idea. After hearing a sermon about
Williams Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church Jarvis' Mother 's Day in 1909 at Central Methodist
South, now known as Central United Methodist Episcopal Church, she told her pastor that fathers
Church. Grace Golden Clayton was mourning the should have a similar holiday to honor them.
loss of her father, when in December 1907, the Although she initially suggested June 5, her
Monongah Mining Disaster in nearby Monongah father 's birthday, the pastors did not have enough

time to prepare their sermons, and the celebration resilient and even incorporated these attacks into
was deferred to the third Sunday in June. Several their advertisements.
local clergymen accepted the idea, and on June 19,
1910, the first Father 's Day, "sermons honoring A bill to accord national recognition of the holiday
fathers were presented throughout the city". was introduced in Congress in 1913.

However, in the 1920s, Dodd stopped promoting In 1916, President Woodrow Wilson went to
the celebration because she was studying at the Spokane to speak at a Father 's Day celebration
Art Institute of Chicago, and it faded into relative and he wanted to make it an officially recognized
obscurity, even in Spokane. In the 1930s, Dodd federal holiday, but Congress resisted, fearing that
returned to Spokane and started promoting the it would become commercialized.
celebration again, raising awareness at a national
level. US President Calvin Coolidge recommended in
1924 that the day be observed throughout the
By 1938, she had the help of the Father 's Day entire nation, but he stopped short at issuing a
Council, founded by the New York Associated national proclamation.
Men's Wear Retailers to consolidate and
systematize the holiday's commercial promotion. In 1966, President Lyndon B. Johnson issued the
Americans resisted the holiday for its first few first presidential proclamation honoring fathers,
decades, viewing it as nothing more than an designating the third Sunday in June as Father 's
attempt by merchants to replicate the commercial Day.
success of Mother 's Day, and newspapers
frequently featured cynical and sarcastic attacks Six years later, the day was made a permanent
and jokes. However, the said merchants remained national holiday when President Richard Nixon
signed it into law in 1972.



Local ar tists paint thr oughout the r estaur ant and display
their ar t while patr ons dine. The wor ks of these and other
ar tists ar e also available for sale thr ough the r estaur ant.

Cafe Tu Tu Tango is a unique dining exper ience with an open 40 7.248.2222
kitchen, exposed wood beam ceilings, vibr antly color ed walls, and
an abundance of ar t on display, the tr eat that your guests ar e in caf et u t u t an
for when they exper ience CAFÉ TU TU TANGO is evident as soon Make Reser vations
as they walk in. Gr oup Reser vations

The all small plates menu is extensive, eclectic and diver se with
ever ything being pr epar ed fr om scr atch by our team of
exceptional chefs.

Don?t be sur pr ised to see spontaneous enter tainment er upt 8625 Inter national Dr ive
dur ing your meal, as oper a singer s, tango dancer s, inter pr etive Or lando, FL 32819
dancer s, puppeteer s and magicians ar e r egular s at Café Tu Tu
Tango and often simply can?t r esist adding their ar t to the par ty!

Email Cafe Tu Tu Tango | Ref er r al Com pan y: DP M ar ket in g | Need Cards? | Pr ogr am s: Expedia | M ar r iot t

Fa t h e r 's Da y Sp e c ia l s &
Ex c l u s iv e Of f e r s

Tr eat DAD lik e a KING t h is Fat h er 's Day!

(an d t h at 's ju st t h e B's....)
Su n day, Ju n e 17t h | ALL DAY
Fr ee Pin Pain t in g f or t h e KIDS (w h ile su pplies last )
Din e Th en Bow l Reser vat ion s & Lan e Pack ages

Fam ily-St yle " Su pper " available f or gr ou ps of 10+

(& k ids u n der 3 eat f r ee w it h Su pper )
Gr eat Food & Dr in k Feat u r es All Week en d


Man Brunch on Father 's Day
featuring brunch favorites together
with waffle, taco & carving stations.

$25/ per son *

BOTTOMLESS Bloody Mary &
Mimosa Bar including house-made

mixes, seasonal fresh berries.

$15/ per son *

... plu s, HAPPY HOUR dr in k pr ices

* excludes t ax & grat uit y


Make Father ?s Day unforgettable with a feast fit for a king! Enjoy a hearty
three-course meal and flamenco entertainment.
Su n day, Ju n e 17 f r om 3 ? 11 p.m .

$28 per per son , plu s t ax & gr at u it y

Beverage: 20oz Beer | Appetizer: Empanadas | Entree: Roasted Suckling
Pig, Panzella Salad, Tomato Rice & Potato Roll | Dessert: Chef ?s Choice

Complimentary cigar lounge & bourbon tasting starting at 5 pm while supplies last.

Fa t h e r 's Da y Sp e c ia l s &
Ex c l u s iv e Of f e r s

M AKE RESERVATIONS HERE Celebr at e Fat h er 's Day
407.351.8660 at OPA Su n day Ju n e 17t h

Dads Eat FREE w it h
Fam ily St yle M en u f or 4

Show dad just how much he means with authentic Greek food,
drinks & entertainment this Father ?s Day!Dad eats free with
family-style dinner for four or more. One offer per party.
Happy Hour from 3 pm - 6 pm. Nightly Belly Dancing Starts at 7 pm


1. Whether it?s dad?s first airboat ride or his 100th, the one he takes with you will be the most memorable. No
airboat ride is the same as the last, and you and dad will be sure to experience something you haven?t

2. Speaking of the Gator and Wildlife Park, taking dad to an animal show is an experience he'll never forget.
3. No need to leave the park early when dad?s stomach starts growling... just walk over to our BBQ restaurant

located at the park. The Chomp House Grill will definitely win dad over this Father ?s Day!
4. Standing in long, overcrowded lines is not something we worry about here at Wild Florida. Our 15-acre Gator

Park has so much to see that there?s never too many people waiting to experience just one animal or
ad ven t u r e.
5. You?ll have pictures to "bring home to mom" that last a lifetime when you and dad book an animal

Give dad the gift of a good time
together on Father 's Day! Sign up for

90 minutes of swings and tips with
our PGA Pro and receive free
membership for all guests.

Fat h er 's Day Golf Sw in g Clin ics
Dad + You = $75 | Dad + Tw o = $95
Fr i 6/ 15: 4:30p & 6:30p
Sat 6/ 16: 9:30a, 12:30p, 2:30p, 4:30p
Su n 6/ 17: 9:30a, 12:30p, 2:30p, 4:30p


1. M ake a r eser vat ion by f ollow in g t h e lin k below Reservat ions
OR call ah ead t o m ake you r 'Din e Th en Bow l'
r eser vat ion . Group
Reservations (8+)
2. 'Din e Th en Bow l?Reser vat ion s m u st be
con f ir m ed by a Kin gs r eser vat ion associat e in Direct ions
advance of your ar r ival.
8255 Int er nat ional Dr .
3. On ce you r par t y is f in ish ed w it h you r din in g Su it e 120 Or lan do, Fl
exper ience, you w ill be m oved t o t he t op of t he
bow lin g w ait in g list * 32819

Please Not e: 'Dine Then Bowl' Reservations made through 407-363-0200
OpenTable must be confirmed by a Kings Reservation
Associate in advance of arrival. OpenTable reservations M on - Th u r 3pm -2am
secure a table in our restaurant only, bowling is based on Fr i - Su n : 12pm -2am
availability and must be confirmed by a Kings Reservation PARKING: Complimentary Kings?
Associate prior to your arrival. For immediate Dine Then
Bowl inquiries, please call your Kings location for Dine Then parking lot enter by Ripley?s Believe
Bowl availability. it or Not on International Dr. or

Dine then Bowl Reservations from Universal Blvd. Free parking is
also available for Kings guests in
* Priority waiting list only for those reservations that are confirmed in advance by a Kings the adjacent parking deck.
Reservation Associate. Alimited number of Dine Then Bowl reservations are available each night.

Email Kings | Ref er r al Com pan y: DP M ar ket in g | Pr ogr am s: Expedia | Need Cards?


ExecutiveChef Josedescribes
someof thegreat menuoptions

at CubaLibre

CubaLibreRestaurant &RumBarinPointeOrlando

Cuba Libre opened its first location in Old City, Philadelphia in 407.226.1600
2000, giving guests a passport to Cuba's intriguing flavors and
culture. The restaurant's name, which translates to "a free Cuba," MakeaReservationHere
signifies a hope for the future of the treasured island nation.The
cuisines of different ethnicities have been gently simmered in the GroupReservations

cultural cauldron of Cuba to create what is now the Criollo 9101International Dr.,Suite1004
(home-style) cuisine of the island. Blending native ingredients Orlando,Florida32819
and cooking traditions with those of South America, Spain, Africa,

Asia and several others, Cuban cuisine is a savory mix that
reflects its colorful culture.

Chef Guillermo Pernot, Chef-Partner of Cuba Libre Restaurant &
Rum Bar and two-time James Beard Award Winner for Best Chef,

Mid-Atlantic Region; and Best Single Subject Cookbook.

Email Cuba Libre | Ref er r al Com pan y: DP M ar ket in g | Need Cards? | Pr ogr am s: Expedia | M ar r iot t


Fri - 6 p - 2 a
Sat - Thu - 7 p - 2 a

For M or e In f o Click Her e

Ladi es Ni gh t The Show

Tuesdays have become your Howl at the Moon is the total How lat t heM
favorite night of the week! Howl at entertainment experience! Our Reser ve a Table Her e
high energy live music show is Book A Par t y On lin e
the Moon is ready to get things centered around dance hits and Welcom e t o t h e Sh ow
louder each week at Ladies party anthems that will get you
8815 International Dr.,
Night? featuring drink specials for dancing in no time. Orlando, FL 32819
all of our wonderful women 407-354-5999

throughout the night! With the band Th e Dri nk s

playing, tons of space to dance and Howl at the Moon has a variety of

party & our bartenders?most
exciting mixes & brews, we are specialty drinks and cocktails to
ready to make each Tuesday more quench your thirst. From Buckets
to beers, Howl at the Moon has
unforgettable than the last.
something to wet your whistle.

Let's Get How l i n'

Email Howl at the Moon | Ref er r al Com pan y: DP M ar k et in g | Need Cards? | Pr ogr am s: Expedia

Up t o


M ar low 's Taver n at Poin t e Or lan do M ar low 'sTaver n .com

Marlow?s Tavern features the ?Best of the Best?in American tavern M ak e a Reser vat ion
fare served in a modern atmosphere. The menu offers a diverse
combination of classic dishes that are updated and elevated to a 407-351-3627
higher level. Several flat screen plasma TVs are discreetly
incorporated, ?in-the-round?, allowing guests to enjoy a variety of Gr ou p Reser vat ion s
shows while they dine. Your guests won?t find a better place in 9101 Int er nat ional Dr .
town to hang out with friends or network with clients.
Or lan do, FL 32819
Marlow?s Tavern is proud to have a team of experienced chefs that
whip up culinary delights that tease the taste buds and heighten
the senses. Marlow's offers made from scratch food from chefs
who take pride in using the freshest ingredients in unique ways.

The spirits menu at Marlow's Tavern is a collection of exquisite
offerings made to order by their talented bar staff. When your
guests are looking for something other than "the usual", you'll want

to recommend Marlow?s Tavern.

Email Marlow's Tavern | Referral Company: DP Marketing | Need Cards? | Programs: Expedia | Marriott


@t in r oof or lan do @t in r oof or lan doFL
Exper ien ce Tin Roof @t in r oof or lan do

Tin Roof is about giving musicians a place to Click Her e f or Upcom in g
play and a place to hang when they aren?t Live M u sic @Tin Roof
on stage. The tasty food, fun, eclectic
environment, community of regulars and Group Reservation (8 or more)?
friendly crew have established the Roof as Contact our Group Sales Here
the place to be for musicians and
non-musicians alike. Over the years, our Click Here to Check out Tin Roof 's
stages have hosted the famous, the should Great Food and Bar Menus
have been famous, and everyone in
bet ween. Visit

8371 Int er nat ional Dr
Or lan do, FL 32819
Hou r s: 11am ?2am

Ph on e: 407-270-7926
inf oorlando@t inroof

Ref er r al Com pan y: DP M ar k et in g | Pr ogr am s: Expedia | M ar r iot t | Need Cards?




"FIN"- TASTIC WEEKENDS @ Big Fin BigFin Seaf

- Ever y FRIDAY & SATURDAY Your Guest Can Enjoy Click Her e For Reser vat ion s

- 3 Entr ees for $28 - Sur f n Tur f | Blue Cr ab Stuffed Flounder | For Lar ger Gr ou ps (10+)
Reser vat ion s Click Her e
Chicken Saltimbocca Click Her e f or Big Fin's

- $3 Dr i nk Speci al s - Domestic Bottle Beer | Mimosas | Sangr ia M en u s

| Mar gar itas For Big Fin's Calen dar of Even t s

- Buy One Get One Half Off Bottles of Wine

Tr anspor tation

Fir st Flight Tr anspor tation has shuttle tr anspor tation to
Big Fin. Please call Montez at 407.917.5220 to r eser ve
tr anspor tation. Please allow 15- 30 min. for pick- up.


HappyHourMon-Sat 5pm-7pm|Sun5pm-9pm

8046 Vi a Del l agi o W ay
Or l an do, FL 32819
40 7.615.8888

w w w .bi gf i n seaf

Email Big Fin | Ref er r al Com pan y: DP M ar k et in g | Need Cards? | Pr ogr am s: Expedia


Lu n ch Di n n er Glu t en -Fr ee Win e List M ak e a Reser vat ion
M en u M en u For You r Gu est Today
M en u

Copper Can yon Gr ill pr ovides f u ll f lavor ed, f r esh Gr ou p Reser vat ion s 20+
Am er ican cu isin e ser ved in a casu al, en er get ic
at m osph er e. * ear n $4pp for groups over 20

Copper Can yon is a " Scr at ch Kit ch en" , m ean in g Click Her e t o Get
t h at t h eir m eat s an d veget ables ar e n ever f r ozen . Direct ions

Copper Can yon's gr aciou s an d k n ow ledgeable Visit ccgr
st af f w ill en su r e t h at you r gu est s " eat w ell"
w here t hey w ill enjoy a " chef prepared" m eal t hat Locat ed at Poin t e Or lan do
is " alw ays f r esh" . 9101 In t er n at ion al Dr . St 1220

Gr ou p din in g is w elcom ed an d can be Or lan do, FL 32819
accom m odat ed in t h eir pr ivat e din in g r oom s. 407.363.3933
Please em ail Joe Colbeth t o sch edu le you r gr ou p.

Ref er r al Com pan y: DP M ar ket in g | Pr ogr am s: DU | West gat e | Expedia| Sh er at on | Need Car ds?

Bi CE at Por t of i n o Bay H ot el 5701 Vin elan d Rd Or lan do 32819 KI N GS DI N I N G &
407-355-7277 EN TERTAI N M EN T
5601 Un iver sal Blvd., Or lan do, FL
32819 | 407.503.1415 8702 Vin elan d Ave Or lan do 32821 8255 In t er n at ion al Dr ive, St e 120
407-938-0015 Or lan do, FL 32819 | 407-363-0200
At BiCE we strive to make each dining
experience an exceptional one for our 7890 W Ir lo Br on son Hw y Kings Orlando is a 30,000 sq ft
guests. Our Executive Chef pays special Kissim m ee, 34747 | 407-390-9600 entertainment facility featuring: 22 Ten
attention to every last culinary detail, Pin Bowling Lanes, 4 Full-Size billiards
beginning with only the freshest market WM tables, regulation size, outdoor Bocce
ingredients, combined with the culinary Ball Court, Dynamo Foosball tables, Full
techniques needed to produce an COPPER CAN YON Size Shuffleboard Table, Killerspin Ping
extravagant meal. Every meal brings Pong Table, Full-Service, Executive Chef
you on an adventure of different flavor 9101 Int ernat ional Dr. # 2230 driven restaurant serving award
combinations that indulge the palette Orlando, FL 40 7.370 .4550 winning food, 2 Premium bars serving
and spark the soul. For Groups (8+) fun and innovative cocktails.
please call 407.503.1416 Copper Canyon Grill provides full
flavored, fresh American cuisine served WM RG
WM R in a casual, energetic atmosphere. Chef
Prepared. Always Fresh. Eat Well. OI SH I JAPAN ESE
BI G FI N SEAFOOD KI TCH EN Scratch kitchen. Never frozen meats RESTAURAN T
and veggies. Friendly knowledgeable
8046 Via Dellagio Way Or lan do, FL staff. Upscale casual environment. 11025 Int er nat ional Dr , Or lando,
32819 | 407.615.8888 Group dining available. FL 32821 | 407.465.0088

Big Fin? is conveniently located just 3 WM RG Oishi Japanese Hibachi & Sushi
miles from the Orlando Orange County Restaurant offers delicious dining,
Convention Center and minutes from DRAGON FLY ROBATA GRI LL takeout and delivery to Orlando, FL.
the theme parks. The upscale casual & SUSH I
restaurant has two full service bars and Our Sushi restaurant is known for its
an outdoor patio open every day at 7972 Via Dellagio Way, Or lan do, modern interpretation of classic dishes
5pm. Big Fin serves Global Fresh FL 32819 | 407.370.3359 and its insistence on only using high
Seafood, Steaks and Pasta along with quality fresh ingredients.
Sushi and a Raw Bar featuring items Japanese robatayaki. Made new. Friends
such as fresh raw oysters, served around an open hearth. Fresh WM
chilled, steamed or grilled & our famous selections from farm and sea. Grilled
Stone Crab Claws (in season Oct May). slowly. Authentic. Contemporary. SOFRI TO LATI N CAFE
Always enjoyed. Kaizen? to always be
WM R G improving. The spirit that drives us. Fish 8607 Palm Pk w y Or lan do, FL
flown in from Japan to our Sand Lake 32836 | 407.778.4205
BLACK AN GUS Road kitchen. Produce from the farm.
Everything fresh. Our reputation rests At Sofrito we believe that the most
6231 Int er nat ional Dr on the creativity of every dish and drink. important thing is YOU. You are family!
Or lando, 32819 | 407.354.3333 We find joy in every meaningful And as family you are here to relax and
connection. And purpose in every enjoy your TIME with us. One of the
7516 W. Ir lo Br on son M em or ial d et ail. best ways to enjoy your time with
Hw y Kissim m ee 34747 | family is through food and drink. The
407.390.4548 WM RG Cuban Sandwich tastes just like home,
the COFFEE is freshly brewed, and the
12399 CR 535 Or lan do 32835 | H OW L AT TH E M OON GAMES are here to be played. As mom
407.239.4414 always said you are always welcome
8815 Int er nat ional Dr ive Or lando back at home and, this is why we say
WM 32819 | 407-354-5999 "hasta la pròxima vez."

CARRABBA' S Howl at the Moon is the total WM G
entertainment experience! Our
5475 Gat ew ay Village Cir cle S high-energy live music show is centered TAPA TORO
Or lan do 32812 | 407-251-8479 around dance hits and party anthems
that will get you dancing in no time. 8441 Int er nat ional Dr ive Or lando
8355 Int er nat ional Dr . Or lando, 32819 | 407.226.2929
32819 | 407-351-5494 WM RG
Inspired by the culture and tradition of

authentic Spanish cuisine, Tapa Toro is relaxing and romantic atmosphere for your SEA DOG BREW I N G CO.
a dining experience unlike any other in dining pleasure.
Orlando.Located at I-Drive 360, Tapa 8496 Palm Par k w ay Or lan do, FL
Toro features tapas-style dining, a At the heart of Thai Cuisine are the diverse 32836 | 321.329.5306
full-service bar and Flamenco dancing. herbs, spices and flavoring which provide the
The restaurant leads with a 12-seat dazzling array of delicious and exotic tastes At the Sea Dog Brewing Company in
paella pit serving up family-style paella, which make Thai cuisine so unique. Thai Orlando, you'll enjoy delicious food
a traditional Spanish dish made of rice, cuisine is meant to stimulate and excite the in a relaxing atmosphere. We offer
five taste senses: sweet, sour, hot, salty and something for everyone in your
vegetables, and meat or seafood. Our n eu t r al. whole family. Featuring fresh
cultured atmosphere and flavorful seafood, an oyster bar, creative pub
menu will transport you to an evening WM fare, a kid's menu, our own
in Spain. award-winning handcrafted beer,
TI N ROOF | A Li v e M usi c Joi n t outside seating and lots of games.
WM R G Full bar. Reservations accepted.
8371 In t er n at ion al Dr Or lan do, FL
TAVERN A OPA 32819 | 407.270.7926 WM R G

9101 In t er n at ion al Dr ive St e 2240 Tin Roof is about giving musicians a EL PATRON
2n d Level of Poin t e Or lan do place to play and a place to hang when
Or lan do, Flor ida 32819 they aren?t on stage. The tasty food, fun, 12167 S. Apopk a Vin elan d Rd.
eclectic environment, community of Or lan do, FL 32836 |
407.351.8660 Regulars and friendly Crew have 407.238.5300
established the Roof as the place to be
Taverna Opa Orlando welcomes you to for musicians and non-musicians alike. Meet Mexican with a twist. Fresh
loosen your ties and have an Over the years, our stages have hosted ingredients and bright color
unforgettable lunch and dinner the famous, the should have been made to inspire. Signatue lunch
experience with authentic Greek cuisine famous, and everyone in between. buffet weekdays from 11:30 a -
and entertainment. Bringing a touch of 2:30 p for only $9.99. Along with
the Mediterranean to Orlando, Taverna So whether you're coming for the tunes, the lunch buffet, El Patron offers
Opa imports cheeses, olives, and oil the food, a drink or just a good time, an authentic Mexican menu.
directly from Greece. We are known for enjoy the Roof, ?Where Everybody is
our abundant selection of fresh Somebody?! Support live music and the WM RG
seafood delivered daily as well as our musicians who bring it to us, and we
Lamb Chops, the restaurant?s best hope we?ll see ya enough to call you a
seller. Signature selections such as Regular
Tzatziki, Hummus, Greek Yogurt and
Dolmades are made daily on premises WM RG
and from scratch.

THAI THANI 5648 Int er nat ional Dr , Or lando
32819 | 407.309.5942
11025 Int er nat ional Dr .
Or lan do, FL 32821 | 407.239.9733 Turquaz Turkish Cuisine & Hookah Bar
offers all enticing flavors of Turkish
Thai Food at its best! Come and savor cuisine at our Turkish restaurant. You'll
the taste and aroma of authentic Thai be able to select from a wide array of
cuisine while dining in an atmosphere authentic food with the finest
and decor that will transport you to the ingredients and authentic recipes, and
rich and wonderful culture that is we'll bring you the best dishes you
Thailand! could hope for. Whatever your tastes or
preferences may be, you can find them
Thai Thani invites you to experience the at Turquaz Turkish Cuisine & Hookah
bold flavors of Thailand while dining in Bar. Contact us at Turquaz Turkish
our warm and relaxing environment. Cuisine & Hookah Bar today and we'll
show you all the fine food we offer for
The peaceful surroundings of imported enjoying the hearty flavors of authentic
antiques and statues, hand-carved Turkish food.

tables and tropical plants, create a most W

$1-3p p

P ull up a chair and watch our F lamenco Dancers enchant and delight. Thefirst show starts at 7 p.m. and the
last show starts at 10 p.m. with an extra performanceat 11 p.m. on F riday and Saturday nights.

At Tapa Toro, we combine contemporary, Spanish cuisine with a vibrant, energetic atmosphere ? bringing a fresh
dining experience to International Drive. Our unique paella pit, vibrant tapas menu, and extensive selection of
imported wines will guide you through a culinary journey of Spanish flavors and culture in the heart of Orlando. .

A flavorful selection of libations, including an expansive list of imported wines, full collection of spirits and
variety of signature cocktails complement the fare. Focusing on the culture?s dedication to food and wine, our
chefs use indigenous ingredients with imported signatures like jamón, chorizo, olives, rice and cheeses to fuse

the cuisine with entertainment that celebrates the Spanish way of life

Websit e

M en u

Deliver y

Reser vat ion s

Book You r 8441 In t er n at ion al Dr . Or lan do, 32819 | 407-226-2929
Gr ou p Res

Su n ?Th u r : 11 am - 11 pm | Fr i-Sat : 11 am ? 12 am

Direct ions

Ref er r al Com pan y: DP M ar ket in g | Pr ogr am s: DU | AGS | West gat e | Expedia| Need Car ds?


Belly Dan cin g St ar t s SUN ? THUR: 12 P ? 11 P
Night ly at 7 pm FRI ? SAT: 12 P ? 2 A

We take pride in serving traditional Greek and Mediterranean cuisine
made with only the freshest ingredients. Our savory menu is
authentically crafted and includes hand picked seafood, steak, Make Reservations

chicken, and vegetable dishes. Sit back and enjoy a taste of Greece! Group Reservations (8+)

9101 International Drive
Suite 2240 Orlando, Fl 32819


At Taverna Opa, the Greek experience is not limited to the food. Our
nightly Zorba and belly dancers will arouse your senses as authentic

Greek and Mediterranean music transcends the night.

Email Taverna Opa | Ref er r al Com pan y: DP M ar ket in g | Pr ogr am s: Expedia | Need Cards?

Ju n e 1, 1926 - Birthday - Marilyn Monroe (1926-1962)
was born in Los Angeles (as Norma Jean Mortensen).
She died in Los Angeles from an overdose of sleeping
pills on August 5, 1962. Best known for Gentlemen
Prefer Blondes (1953), The Seven Year Itch (1955), Bus
Stop (1956), Some Like It Hot (1959), and The Misfits

Ju n e 3, 1937 - The Duke of Windsor married Wallis
Warfield Simpson in Monts, France. As King Edward
VIII, he had abdicated the British throne in December
of 1936 amid tremendous controversy to marry

Ju n e 4, 1989 - The Chinese government ordered its Ju n e
troops to open fire on unarmed protesters in
Tiananmen Square in Beijing. The protest had started
on April 16 as about 1,000 students marched to
mourn the death of Hu Yaobang, a pro-reform leader
within the Chinese government.

Ju n e 5, 1968 - Robert F. Kennedy was shot and
mortally wounded while leaving the Hotel
Ambassador in Los Angeles. The shooting occurred

after a celebration of Kennedy's victory in the of China. Hong Kong, consisting of an area
California presidential primary. He died at 1:44 measuring 400 square miles, was administered as
a.m., June 6, at age 42, leaving behind his wife a British Crown Colony until July 1, 1997, when its
Ethel and eleven children, the last one born after sovereignty reverted to the People's Republic of
his death. China.

Ju n e 6, 1872 - Pioneering feminist Susan B. Ju n e 10, 1652 - In Massachusetts, silversmith John
Anthony was fined for voting in a presidential Hull opened the first mint in America, in defiance
election at Rochester, New York. After voting rights of English colonial law. The first coin issued was
had been granted to African American males by the Pine Tree Shilling, designed by Hull.
the 15th Amendment, she attempted to extend
the same rights to women. Ju n e 11, 1913 - American football coach Vince
Lombardi was born in Brooklyn, New York. In 1959,
Ju n e 7, 1965 - The U.S. Supreme Court struck he became head coach of the Green Bay Packers,
down a Connecticut law banning contraception. In winning five NFL titles and two Super Bowls in nine
Griswold v. Connecticut, the Supreme Court seasons. He is generally regarded as the greatest
guaranteed the right to privacy, including freedom coach and the finest motivator in football history.
from government intrusion into matters of birth
co n t r o l. Ju n e 12, 1898 - The Philippines declared their
independence from Spain. The islands were
Ju n e 8, 1874 - Apache leader Cochise died on the named after King Philip II. Once freed from Spain,
Chiricahua Reservation in southeastern Arizona. the islands were then invaded and occupied by
After a peace treaty had been broken by the U.S. U.S. forces. They became an American colony and
Army in 1861, he waged war against settlers and remained so until after World War II.
soldiers, forcing them to withdraw from southern
Ar izo n a. Ju n e 13, 1966 - The U.S. Supreme Court ruled (5-4)
in the case of Miranda v. Arizona that an accused
Ju n e 9, 1898 - The British signed a 99-year lease person must be apprised of certain rights before
for Hong Kong, located on the southeastern coast police questioning including the right to remain

On Th is Day in Ju n e (con't .)

silent, the right to know that anything said can be entered the conflict, which lasted until July 27,
used against the individual in court, and the right 1953, when an armistice was signed at
to have a defense attorney present during Panmunjom, formally dividing the country at the
in t er r o gat io n . 38th parallel into North and South Korea.

Ju n e 14, 1775 - The first U.S. Military service, the Ju n e 26, 1914 - Champion athlete Mildred "Babe"
Continental Army consisting of six companies of Didrikson, nicknamed after baseball legend Babe
riflemen, was established by the Second Ruth, she won two gold medals at the 1932
Continental Congress. The next day, George Olympics, setting world records in the javelin
Washington was appointed by a unanimous vote throw and high hurdle. She then took up golf,
to command the army. winning the 1946 U.S. Women's Amateur
Tournament. In 1947, she won 17 straight golf
Ju n e 17, 1972 - Following a seemingly routine championships and became the first American
burglary, five men were arrested at the National winner of the British Ladies' Amateur Tournament.
Democratic Headquarters in the Watergate As a pro golfer, she won the U.S. Women's Open in
complex in Washington, D.C. However, subsequent 1950 and 1954. She was named 'woman athlete of
investigations revealed the burglars were actually the first half of the 20th century' by the Associated
agents hired by the Committee for the Re-election Press. She died of cancer at age 42.
of President Richard Nixon.
Ju n e 28, 1919 - The signing of the Treaty of
Ju n e 18, 1983 - Dr. Sally Ride, a 32-year-old Versailles formally ended World War I. According
physicist and pilot, became the first American to the terms, Germany was assessed sole blame
woman in space, beginning a six-day mission for the war, forced give up Alsace-Lorraine and
aboard the space shuttle Challenger, launched overseas colonies, and pay reparations of $15
from Cape Canaveral, Florida. Billion. The treaty also prohibited German
r ear m am en t .
Ju n e 20, 1782 - The U.S. Congress officially
adopted the Great Seal of the United States of Ju n e 29, 1972 - The U.S. Supreme Court ruled (5-4)
Am er ica. that capital punishment was a violation of the
Eighth Amendment prohibiting "cruel and unusual
Ju n e 23, 1865 - The last formal surrender of punishment." The decision spared the lives of 600
Confederate troops occurred as Cherokee leader individuals then sitting on death row. Four years
and Confederate Brigadier General Watie later, in another ruling, the Court reversed itself
surrendered his battalion comprised of American and determined the death penalty was not cruel
Indians in the Oklahoma Territory. and unusual punishment. On October 4, 1976, the
ban was lifted on the death penalty in cases
Ju n e 25, 1876 - General George A. Custer, leading involving murder.
250 men, attacked an encampment of Sioux
Indians near Little Bighorn River in Montana. Ju n e 30, 1971 - The 26th Amendment to the U.S.
Custer and his men were then attacked by Constitution was enacted, granting the right to
2000-4000 Indian braves. Only one scout and a vote in all federal, state and local elections to
single horse survived 'Custer 's Last Stand' on the American citizens 18 years or older. The U.S. thus
Little Bighorn Battlefield. News of the humiliating gained an additional 11 million voters. The
defeat infuriated Americans and led to all out war. minimum voting age in most states had been 21.
Within a year, the Sioux Indians were a broken and
defeated nation. Ju n e 30, 1997 - In Hong Kong, the flag of the
British Crown Colony was officially lowered at
Ju n e 25, 1950 - The Korean War began as North midnight and replaced by a new flag representing
Korean troops, led by Russian-built tanks, crossed China's sovereignty and the official transfer of
the 38th parallel and launched a full scale invasion p ow er .
of South Korea. Five days later, U.S. ground forces

Did you m iss ou r lat est FB Live even t at IDr ive Nascar ? You can see it h er e, alon g w it h ou r
m ost r ecen t br oadcast s t o see if you 'r e a w in n er !

I-Dr ive Nascar

Kin gs Din in g & Tapa Tor o Or lan do Tr ee Tr ek
En t er t ain m en t .

Sh ow t im es an d det ails on h ow you can 'lear n & w in' r igh t f r om you r
desk w ill be post ed on ou r Facebook page so m ak e su r e you 'click '
on t h e bu t t on below t o LIKE u s t oday!

f b/ or landoconcier ge.inf o

Upcom in g Even t s
For You an d You r Gu est s

Click Her e t o View t h e Live Calen dar f or Even t
Det ails an d t o Regist er f or Upcom in g Gu est
Ser vices Even t s Th at Ar e High ligh t ed in Blu e.

Th e calen dar is u pdat ed t h r ou gh ou t t h e m on t h .

S.E.R.V.I.C.E. Excellen ce

Sm ile in Ever y Int eract ion

1. Pr epar e t o Deliver Ser vice - First impressions count. Once on property, you are

on the job!

2. Be A St ar - You are Always on "Stage" and in "Costume".
3. Sm ile, Ack n ow ledge an d Gr eet Ever yon e - A smile is understood by

everyone. Courtesy begins with a smile. Don't forget the 10/5 rule.

The 10/5 rule suggests that anytime a guest is within 10 feet of a staff member, the staff member should
make eye contact and warmly smile to acknowledge the oncoming guests.

When a staff member is within 5 feet of the guest, a sincere greeting or friendly gesture of
acknowledgeent should accompany the eye contact and smile.

4. An sw er Ph on es w it h in 3 Rin gs, Ut ilize a Sm ile in You r Voice - Every

call is a potential sale.

5. Alw ays Display a Posit ive At t it u de - Our actions speak louder than words.

Send the right signals.

Ent husiast ically Greet Your Guest s

6. Be Upbeat , Pr of ession al & En t h u siast ic - Create a great 1st impression.
7. Tak e Hospit alit y t o t h e Gu est - Take the first step to serve.
8. List en ; Don 't Assu m e - Ask questions to clarify and learn what the guest really


9. Use N am es Wh en ever Possible - The sweetest sound to anyone is his or her

own name.

Respect Ot her s

10. Say Please and Thank You - Thank your guests for their patronage.
11. Pr om pt ly Recogn ize an d Appr eciat e Ot h er s - Reward othes for their

co n t r ib u t io n s.

12. St r ive t o Say Yes - Offer Alternatives or Make Suggestions; the word 'No' is not

an option.

13. Keep You r Pr om ises - Walk you Talk.
14. Escor t Rat h er Th an Poin t - Take the time for each guest.
15. Per son alize t h e Exper ien ce Wh en Possible - Look for opportunities to

make a connection.

S.E.R.V.I.C.E. Excellen ce

16. Be Th or ou gh - If you don't know an answer to a question, research and

communicate to the guest.

Vict or y On ly Occu r s Wh en t h e Com pan y, Em ployee &

Gu est s Win

17. On ly Team Player s Look f or Oppor t u n it ies t o M ak e Team m at es
Look Good - Teamwork is not negotiable.

18. Use Best Ju dgem en t - Efforts and decisions that benefit the company, our

guests, and employees are always on target.

19. En su r e Sat isf act ion - Never Lose a Customer.
20. Un der st an d an d Fu lf ill You r Role in t h e Ser vice Ch ain - You make

a difference.

Inspire Ot her s t o Be t he Best

21. Never Lose Sigh t of You r Ser vice Goals - Working together, you can

provide service beyondexpectations.

22. Tak e Pr ide an d Ow n er sh ip in Ever yt h in g You Do - Give your best, do

your best, be your best.

23. Alw ays Over -Com m u n icat e - Repetition gets the message across.

Creat e Cust om er Delight

24. Give t h e Cu st om er Wh at Th ey Wan t - Not What You Think They Want.

(Follow the Platinum Rule).

Plat in u m Ru le - ?Tr eat ot h er s t h e w ay THEY w an t t o be t r eat ed?. Alt h ou gh it sou n ds lik e com m on sen se,
it ?s n ot as com m on as you m igh t t h in k . Th is r u le m ean s t h at you r ecogn ize t h at ser vice is n ot abou t w h at

you w an t t o give; it ?s abou t w h at ot h er s w an t t o r eceive.

25. Be an Am bassador Ever y Ch an ce You Get - In and outside of the

workplace, always speak positively about your company and your team.

26. Clean lin ess is Ever yon e's Respon sibilit y - 1 person can make the


27. Tu r n Com plain t s in t o Com plim en t s - Listen. Empathize. take

Responsibility. Make them Happy.

28. Look f or Oppor t u n it ies t o Wow t h e Cu st om er - Look for

opportunities to exceed expectations. Stop, Drop & Rule.

S.E.R.V.I.C.E. Excellen ce

Execut e Flaw lessly

29. Dem on st r at e a Sen se of Ur gen cy - Do not hesitate. Own each request and

follow through quickly to completion.

30. Pr ovide Con sist en t Ser vice Excellen ce - Every Interaction deserves the

same commitment to service as the First Interaction.

31. Execu t e all 4 st eps of t h e Cycle of Ser vice - Where service ends, it begins


32. En er gize t h e Ser vice St an dar ds Daily - Employees should know, own and

embrace these standards.

33. Plan For Su ccess - Leave nothing to chance.
34. Pay At t en t ion t o Det ail - The little things add up to big things.

Flor ida HIA w as cr eat ed by h ospit alit y people f or h ospit alit y people. We ar e t h e on ly
discou n t pr ogr am available t o ever yon e w or k in g in t h e Flor ida h ospit alit y in du st r y. We

pr ovide exclu sive FREE at t r act ion adm ission s ar ou n d t h e st at e.
Ou r goal is t o m ak e it af f or dable f or ou r in du st r y w or k er s t o exper ien ce m an y t h in gs

Flor ida h as t o of f er .
Ou r t ou r ism par t n er s ar ou n d t h e st at e give m em ber s f r ee adm ission s an d exclu sive

discou n t s t o at t r act ion s, h ot els, r est au r an t s, golf an d ser vices t o exper ien ce t h eir
ser vices. Th ey k n ow w or d of m ou t h is best f or m of r ef er r als t o t h eir bu sin ess.

We ar e t h e on ly t ou r ism ben ef it s pr ovider f or Visit Flor ida, an d w e ar e also m em ber s of
t h e Flor ida At t r act ion s Associat ion alon g w it h m an y ot h er t ou r ism associat ion s ar ou n d
t h e st at e. As an act ive m em ber of t h e Flor ida t ou r ism com m u n it y you can be assu r ed w e

ar e h er e t o give back t o t h e "Am bassador s" of ou r in du st r y.
Ready t o Join an d St ar t En joyin g All Flor ida h as t o Of f er , t h en click t h e bu t t on below :

Join Flor ida HIA Today

[email protected] | 321-276-3977 or 407-925-5066 | P.O. Box 622573 | Or lan do, Fl. 32862-2573



Fr om scr at ch golf er s t o h ack er s w h o
couldn't hit t he fair w ay w it h a put t er ,

Dr ive Sh ack h as som et h in g f or
ever yon e. Th e t h r ee-st or y,
in door / ou t door all-w eat h er

golf -en t er t ain m en t com plex f eat u r es
90 h it t in g bays, a Fr ee Play Gam e
Lou n ge w it h classic gam es lik e

sh u f f leboar d, sk eeball an d Pac-M an , a
f u ll-ser vice r est au r an t an d bar , an
out door lounge and t hree f ully
equ ipped m eet in g an d even t r oom s.
Clu bs ar e available or gu est s m ay
br in g t h eir ow n golf clu bs.

Dr iveSh ack .com


7285 Cor n er Dr . Or lan do, FL 32827
Su n - Th u r 9 am - 11 pm | Fr i & Sat 9 am - 1 am

At Dr ive Sh ack , you can alw ays scor e you r f avor it es f r om ou r in -h ou se bar & gr ill. We?r e alw ays

ser vin g u p n ew t w ist s on all of t h e classics! Wh et h er it ?s a r ou n d of dr in k s or a ju icy bu r ger ?
you ?ll be ?h ook ed? f r om f ir st sip t o last bit e.

Email Drive Shack | Ref er r al Com pan y: DP M ar ket in g | Need Cards?
Pr ogr am s: AGS | CFI | DU | Expedia | M ar r iot t | Sh er at aon

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Tr an spor t at ion 180 Ch r ist oph er Colu m bu s Dr .
Cape Can aver al, FL 32920
Cr u ise Tim e AM - 11 am - 4 pm Ter m in al B

Bu s Sh u t t le TIm e 9:15 am - Ter r aces @ Flor ida M all

Bu s Sh u t t le Kissim m ee Hw y 192 (Wed, Fr i & Sat on ly) - Walm ar t 8:15
am Sedan os 8:30 am

Cr u ise Tim e PM - 7 pm - M idn igh t

Bu s Sh u t t le Tim e - 5:15 pm - Ter r aces @ Flor ida M all
Email Victory Casino Cruise | Ref er r al Com pan y: DP M ar ket in g | Need Cards?

Pr ogr am s: AGS | CFI | DU | Expedia | M ar r iot t | Sh er at aon

WildFlor idaAir boat Up t o

Ph on e: 407-957-3135 $8pp
Toll Fr ee: 866-532-7167

Air Boat Tou r s - Book Now !

Ex peri ence th e Sl oth
En cou n t er ...

When it comes to airboat eco tours, there is no comparison to Wild ...See th e Ri ng Tai l Lemur...
Florida. Just 45 mins from the Greater Orlando area, Wild Florida
offers day tours, relaxing sunset tours and exciting night tours! ... and of course
th ere are GA TORS!
Travel deep into the protected swamps, marshes and rivers that make
up the Central Florida Everglades. Get a close look at the gators, birds,
eagles, trees and plants that can be found in our beautiful wetlands.

After the tour explore our amazing wildlife park full of zebras, watusi,
deer, sloths, lemurs and monster alligators. Visit the tropical bird
aviary, hands-on alligator demonstrations, gift shop, 500 ft.
sightseeing dock and nature trails.

Enjoy our delicious barbeque from the Chomp House Grill including
smoked pork, chicken, fried alligator and even frog legs! Wild Florida is

properly insured with a fleet of US Coast Guard approved boats and
captains. Day or night, we are prepared to offer an experience you will

never forget. Wild fun for guests of all ages!

3301 Lak e Cypr ess Rd Have a qu est ion , please
Ken an sville, FL 34739 em ail us by click ing t he
Click Her e f or Dir ect ion s
but t on below

Direct ions Em ail Wild Flor ida

Ref er r al Com pan y: DP M ar ket in g | Need Referral Cards? | Expedia | DU | AGS | CFI | Sh er at on


A visit to Clearwater Marine Aquarium is a must-do for the
whole family. This is not your typical aquarium! Our marine
life rescue center is home to Winter the Dolphin, star of the UpcomingEvents

popular Dolphin Tale movies, filmed on location in 727.441.1790
Clearwater, Florida ? 90 minutes from Orlando!
249 Windward Passage,
Come be inspired and learn about our ongoing work of Clearwater, FL 33767
rescue, rehabilitation and release.

Email Clearwater Aquarium | Ref er r al Com pan y: DP M ar ket in g | Need Cards?
Pr ogr am s: AGS | CFI | DU | Expedia | M ar r iot t | Sh er at aon



Hour s of Operat ion
Sun - Thur: 12 pm - 10 pm

Fri - Sat 11 am - 12 am

If you are looking for a place that has everything you need to get your IDRIVENASCAR.COM
heart racing, adrenaline pumping, excitement flowing, I-Drive NASCAR is
just what you are looking for!
At I-Drive NASCAR, rain or shine, the excitement is always guaranteed!
Here you will find an indoor, adrenaline-fueled and fun environment with: 5228 VANGUARD ST.
- state of the art electric go-karts that can reach up to 45MPH.
- an arcade area with over 60 games 407.354.3939
- 3 pool tables
- a 4-lane bowling alley
- full-service restaurant and bar overlooking the race track.
- ice cream shop with mouthwatering Hershey?s Ice Cream.

I-Drive NASCAR has over 5,000 sq. feet of event space with everything you
need to host any type of event from birthday parties, team building
functions or corporate events.

Referral Company: DP Marketing | Need Cards? | Programs: AGS | CFI | DU | Expedia | Marriott | Sheraton

Cl ear W at er Aquar i um

249 Win dw ar d Passage, Clear w at er , FL 33767

727-441-1790 Website Reser vat io n s Em ail

A visit to Clearwater Marine Aquarium is a must-do for the whole
family. This is not your typical aquarium! Our marine life rescue
center is home to Winter the Dolphin, star of the popularDolphin
Talemovies, filmed on location in Clearwater, Florida ? 90
minutes from Orlando! Come be inspired and learn about our
ongoing work of rescue, rehabilitation and release.

Con go Ri v er Gol f ( I - Dr i v e)

5901 In t er n at ion al Dr , Or lan do, FL 32819

407.248.9181 Website Em ail

Experience tranquil waterfalls, mysterious caves, tropical Air boat Tou r s
rainforests, challenging golf holes and more as you follow in the Gat or an d Wildlif e Par k
footsteps of Stanley and Livingstone on an unforgettable African
adventure. Adventure-themed mini-golf course with waterfalls, An im al En cou n t er s
gator feedings, scavenger hunts & arcade games. Sun - Thur 10 Ch om p Hou se Gr ill
am - 11pm Fri & Sat 10 am - 12 am.
Con go Ri v er Gol f ( 1- 92)
3301 Lake Cypr ess Rd
5901 In t er n at ion al Dr , Or lan do, FL 32819 Ken an sville, FL 34739 | 407.957.3135

407.396.9600 Website Em ail https:/ /

Experience tranquil waterfalls, mysterious caves, tropical - Sails 7 days a w eek , t w ice daily, in c. Su n days
rainforests, challenging golf holes and more as you follow in the - 4 Deck s an d 40,000 sq. f t . of Casin o Fu n
footsteps of Stanley and Livingstone on an unforgettable African - 600+ of t h e lat est & gr eat est slot s m ach in es
adventure. Adventure-themed mini-golf course with waterfalls, - 27 LIVE casin o gam in g t ables
gator feedings, scavenger hunts & arcade games. Sun - Thur 10 - 5 Bar s an d 2 Din in g Room s on boar d
am - 11pm Fri & Sat 10 am - 12 am. - A Tr u e Spor t sbook Lou n ge
- Big Nor m 's Clu b V En t er t ain m en t Lou n ge
H ol l yw ood Dr i v e I n ( Ci t y W al k ) M ake Reser vat ions by Calling: 855.468.4286

6000 Un iver sal Blvd #774, Or lan do, FL 32819 For M or e In f o Con t act :
Sydn ey Or don ez, Sales M an ager
407.802.4848 Website Em ail

We welcome flyers from 3 to 103. If you have reasonable health
and fitness you can fly. But do check the criteria below before
you book. We?ll do everything we can to help you fly because our
goal is to deliver the dream of flight to everyone!

i FLy

8969 In t er n at ion al Dr . Or lan do,FL | 32819

407.337.4359 Website Reser vat io n s Em ail

We welcome flyers from 3 to 103. If you have reasonable health
and fitness you can fly. But do check the criteria below before
you book. We?ll do everything we can to help you fly because our
goal is to deliver the dream of flight to everyone!

Ki n g' s Di n i n g & En t er t ai n m en t Sl i n g Sh ot

8255 In t er n at ion al Dr Su it e 120 Or lan do, FL 32819 7001 In t er n at ion al Dr ive Or lan do, FL 32819

407.363.0200 Website Reser vat io n s Em ail 407.370.5353 Website

Kings Orlando is a 30,000-square-foot entertainment facility Slingshot delivers one of the most heart pounding, adrenaline
featuring - 22 Ten Pin Bowling Lanes, 4 full size billiards tables, pumping, exhilarating thrill ride experiences in Central Florida.
regulation, outdoor Bocce Ball Court, Dynamo Foosball Take your seat, buckle up, and hold on as the platform tilts you
Tables, Full Size Shuffleboard Table, Killerspin Ping Pong Table, back into a reclined position and lowers you into the heart of
Full-Service, executive chef driven restaurant, two premium the volcano. As the volcano starts to erupt you are catapulted
bars, over 60 giant HD tv's and HD projector screens, industry out at a force of 3-5 G?s. You will experience total
best sound, lighting and music environment. weightlessness as you are rocketing over 390 feet above the
ground, surrounded by the scenic view of Orlando- The City
M agi cal M i dw ay Beautiful. Quite a sight to see if you dare to open your eyes
while on the ?Worlds Largest Slingshot." Open 12 am - 12 pm
7001 In t er n at ion al Dr ive Or lan do, FL 32819
Vi ct or y Casi n o Cr ui se
407.370.5353 Website
180 Ch r ist oph er Colu m bu s Dr ive, Cape Can aver al, FL
Ready Set Fun! Magical Midway Thrill Park is located in
Orlando, Florida on the famous International Drive featuring 32920 | 407.248.9181 Website Em ail
two wooden elevated go-kart tracks, a fast track, bumper
cars, bumper boats, carousel, Space Blast tower, and home Victory Casino Cruises is the most authentic Las Vegas-style
to one of the largest arcades in Orlando. In addition to these
fabulous attractions we host the world?s largest Sling Shot casino experience in Florida, featuring five and six-hour cruises
and Starflyer. Open daily 12 pm - 12 am
along the Space Coast and departing from Port Canaveral,
Nascar I- Dr i ve
Florida. Our cruise ship showcases over 600 slot machines and
5228 Van gu ar d St r eet , Or lan do, FL 32819
the best selection of 27 casino games, including Florida?s only
407.581.9644 Website
?LIVE?roulette and ?LIVE?craps tables. Our Sportsbook Lounge,

the only sportsbook in the state, will take bets on basketball,

football, baseball, soccer, boxing, MMA, hockey, and more.

Enjoy superb food, buffet dining and drinks on all four decks.

For spectacular entertainment, Big Norm?s Club V offers free

shows and a beat-filled dance floor for parties of all sizes.

I-Drive NASCAR Indoor Kart racing puts you in driver 's seat W i l d Fl or i da
with champions of the industry, SODIKART. The SODIKART RTX
is the newest innovation from the global leader of the kart 3301 Lake Cypr ess Rd Ken an sville, FL 34739
manufacturing industry. The RTX is the new generation of
electric karts offering the very best racing experience for all 866-532-7167 Website Reser vat io n s Em ail
drivers. Sun - Thur 12 pm - 10 pm Fri & Sat 11 am - 12 am
Our experienced captains have a knack for being able to pick
Ol d Tow n out alligators, eagles, and other wildlife that build their homes
in the waterways near Wild Florida. Each time you head out
5770 W 1-92 Hw y, Kissim m ee, FL 34746 onto the water, you?ll see and experience something different.
For variety, you can choose from a half-hour, hour, private, or
407.396.4888 Website Em ail night-time adventure. Sometimes of the year are busier than
others, so it?s best to call ahead to check for availability before
An unforgettable family experience featuring a unique coming out to the Middle of Nowhere. Mon - Sat 9 am - 6 pm
collection of shops, dining options, rides and family friendly Closed Sundays.
attractions. Old Town is the recreation of a classic Florida
town featuring historical architecture and distinctive W on der W or k s
storefronts. We are a step back when times were a little
simpler, the pace more realistic and the memories just as 9067 In t er n at ion al Dr ive | Or lan do, FL 32819
magical as any other Orlando attraction.
407.351.8800 Website Em ail

Located on 192 in Kissimmee and just minutes from Disney, WonderWorksis an amusement park for the mind with 35,000
Universal, Sea World and International Drive, Old Town is a square feet of?edu-tainment?. The attraction combines
unique 18-acre walking featuring over 70 unique and education and entertainment with more than 100 hands on
affordable shops, restaurants, bars, rides and family friendly exhibits that challenge the mind and spark the imagination.
attractions. Open 10 am - 11 pm daily. Open 365 days a year. Open from 9:00AM-Midnight

Have a Gr oup to Plan

Complete Our Quick Online For m and Receive
Quotes From any or all of our Adver tising Par tner s

To get quotes back quickly all you have to do is answer a few
quick questions and we'll get your request for proposal (RFP)

out to any or all of our adver tiser s - based on your groups
needs and requirements.

Requested Date & Time Indoor or Outdoor

Group Size Enter tainment Preference

Pr ivate Room Required Per Per son Budget

Food Type/Preference Billing Preferences

Click Her e to Submit Your Request for Pr oposal

Big Fin t h e PERFECT spot f or you r n ext even t !

- Bu sin ess M eet in gs - Bir t h day Par t ies

- An n iver sar ies - Cor por at e Even t s
We of f er :

- Set cou r sed din in g m en u s
- Com plim en t ar y valet par k in g
- St at e of t h e ar t au dio/ visu al equ ipm en t
- Pr ivat e & Sem i-Pr ivat e Din in g Room s
- In door & Ou t door spaces

Cont act Phil Palum bo at [email protected]

* * * Ear n up to $5 per per son for gr oups r efer r ed to Big Fin Seafood K itchen * * *

Copper Canyon Gr ill at Pointe Or lando
9101 I nter national Dr ive # 1220, Or lando, FL 32819 | Phone (407) 363-3933 - Fax (407) 363-3932
Joe Colbeth ? Sales Manager - jcolbeth@ccgr




* Columbia Ar ea & Cypr ess Room may be combined to
seat up to 94 guests comfor tably * Guests may r eser ve only one side of the patio/ bar or
the entir e L -shaped patio pr ivately.

* * * Ear n up to $3 per per son for gr oups r efer r ed to Copper Canyon Gr ill * * *

Group Event I nfor mation

HI L ARY HAL L , Group Sales M anager

8625 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819

O. 407.248.2222 | C. 407.902.9311

[email protected]

At Cafe Tu Tu Tango, your guests will find an open kitchen, exposed wood beam
ceilings, vibrantly colored walls, and an abundance of art on display - an

experience your guests will enjoy as soon as they arrive at Cafe Tu Tu Tango.
Local artists paint throughout the restaurant and display their art while patrons

dine. The works of these and other artists are available for sale through the
restaurant. The all small plates menu is extensive, eclectic and diverse with
everything being prepared from scratch by out team of exceptional chefs.

Pat io Exclusive Venue Patio Van Gogh's
Van Gogh's Gar den Buyout Gar den (Indoors)
(Bar, Lounge & Patio can be
275 Seated combined for parties up to 115) 30 Seated
450 Reception
50 Seated (Not ideal for reception)
Wonder l and
50 Reception
50 Seated
70 Reception Bar & L ounge

(Bar Lounge & Patio can be
combined for parties up to 115)

50 Reception

Wonder land

Wonder land

* * * Ear n up to $2 per per son for groups r efer r ed to Cafe Tu Tu Tango * * *

Group Event I nformation

TAYLOR NI CHOLSON, Sales& Marketing Manager
8441 International Dr. #260 Orlando, FL 32819
O: 407.351.8660 ext 2 | C: 407.474.8622
[email protected]


Elevate your event experience by hosting your
celebration at Tapa Toro!

Our spacious dining room can be transformed to
create the perfect setting for all of your private

event needs.

Whether you are looking to host a large party or
celebrate with a group of friends, our

5,000-square-foot space, outdoor patio, and four
private dining rooms can give up to 270 guests an

experience they?ll never forget.

Tapa Toro boasts a unique menu and lively
flamenco entertainment, which are sure to dazzle

your guests.

Nestled in the shadow of the Orlando Eye?s
twinkling lights, Tapa Toro is a picturesque setting

for your event


Delight your guests with impeccable table service
and family-style dishes, meant to be shared and
cherished. Seated dining allows everyone in your

party to eat, drink and enjoy themselves ? without
lifting a finger. Our family style packages feature a
variety of cold tapas, hot tapas and entrees that are

sure to impress everyone on your guest list.


Reception style dining is perfect for guests who
like to mix and mingle. Our servers will pass
savory tapas as our mixologists keep the drinks

flowing. Your guests can visit carving stations as
they please, and end the evening with a stop at a

specialty dessert station.

* * * Ear n up to $2 per per son for groups r efer r ed to Tapa Toro * * *

Group Event I nformation

TAYLOR NI CHOLSON, Sales& Marketing Manager

9101 International Dr. #2240 Orlando, FL 32819

O: 407.351.8660 ext 2 | C: 407.474.8622

[email protected]

Group Dining at Taverna Opa

Our well experienced and hospitable staff along
with our award winning exquisite cuisine will
create an event your guests will long remember.
When the party begins, we will take care of every
detail so that you are left to concentrate on having

an enjoyable time with your guests.

Our Cuisine

We take pride in serving traditional Greek and
Mediterranean cuisine made with only the freshest

ingredients. Our savory menu is authentically
crafted and includes hand picked seafood, steak,
chicken, and vegetable dishes. Sit back and enjoy a

taste of Greece!

Live Entertainment

At Taverna Opa, the Greek experience is not
limited to the food. Our nightly Zorba and belly
dancers will arouse your senses as authentic Greek
and Mediterranean music transcends the night.

Learn more at

Group Dining Menu Options

Cr et a Pr ivat e
Dining Room

* * * Ear n up to $2 per per son for groups r efer r ed to Taver na Opa * * *

Corporate & Group Events at Wild Florida

Er ic Bonesteel, M anager Special Events

3301 Lake Cypress Rd Kenansville, FL 34739

407.860.9637 | [email protected]

If you?re looking to make your next event unforgettable, consider what your guests will say after visiting a
venue that showcases the Wild side of Florida. Now that?s a meeting we wouldn?t want to miss!

Host your meeting in our 2,500 square foot Cypress Ballroom, and then take a break with an airboat ride,
interacting with more than 200 animals from all over the world, or riding the range of one of the oldest
ranching operations in Florida! Not your typical bathroom break if you ask us!
Whether it?s an intimate gathering of folks or a crowd of 250, we can accommodate any group and work

within any budget. Our Cypress Ballroom can seat up to 220 people in air-conditioned comfort, or you can
book our covered deck area on the shore of Lake Cypress.

If you?re looking for a venue to entertain your best clients, showcase a new product, celebrate a milestone, or
reward members of your team, Wild Florida can deliver an experience your guests won?t easily forget.
For more information, please visit

* * * Ear n up to $2 per per son for groups r efer r ed to Wild Flor ida * * *

Kin gs Was Bu ilt Wit h Par t ies In M in d.
Th er e Is No Bet t er Place To Celebr at e!

Exclusive private rooms, unmatched A/V capabilities and incredibly versatile space meet
best-in-industry service and custom gourmet event menus... you?re in for a memorable party.

Zach Har r ison , Region al Sales M an ager
407.363.0200 | 8255 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819

[email protected]

Click Her e f or M or e In f o on Book in g You r Gr ou p at

* * * Ear n up to $4 per per son for groups r efer r ed to K I NGS Dining & Enter tainment * * *

I-Drive NASCAR Indoor Kart Team is pleased to customize Ext r a At t r act ion s:
Racing features an exiting, any of your events with us.
adrenaline fueled and fun - 4 bowling lanes, 60 arcade
experience with state-of-the-art - Cor por at e Even t s games, and 3 pool games
electric race karts that will get - Team Bu ildin g
everyone's heart racing. - M eet in gs/ Aw ar d Cer em on ies Rest au r an t :
Multiple private rooms with - Bach elor / Bach elor et t e Par t ies
complete sound and lighting for - Su m m m er Cam p/ Sch ool - Open for lunch and dinner,
up to 900 of your guests is full liquor bar
available. Gr ou ps
- Tr ade Sh ow s M eet in g Room s & Pr ivat e
Team Building at I-Drive NASCAR - Reh ear sal Din n er s Even t Space:
can stimulate the innovation of - Bir t hdays
your engineering team, stir the - Holiday Par t ies - Over 4,500 sq ft of flexible
ambition of your sales team, meeting space with
sharpen the minds of your I-Drive NASCAR's full service complete audio & visual
finance team and discover the kitchen can accommodate st r u ct u r e
connection of your whole team! breakfast, lunch, or dinner for
any group outing or event. Even t Cat er in g Ser vices:
Whether your a group is 8 or Multiple event packages are
800 guests, our Event Sales available and can be customized - Exclusive buffet service from
to meet any demand. boxed lunches to carving
station & full liquor bar

M eet in g Space Seat in g Capacit y Sq
Feet Recept ion Ban qu et Th eat er Classr oom

Th e Dar lin gt on Room 1900 200 160 225 85 5228 Van gu ar d St .
125 175
Th e Talladega Room 1500 150 85 125 Or lan do, FL 32819 | 407.581.9644
300 400 65
Th e Dayt on a Room 1000 100
Dar lin gt on & Talladega Room 3400 350 45

Even t Requ est


Talladega & Dayt on a 2500 250 200 300 100

All Th r ee Room s 4400 450 365 500 200

It 's Sh o p O'Cl o c k So me w h e r e

The Florida Mall - The Florida Mall is Central Florida?s largest shopping center. Spanning 1.7 million square

feet and welcoming more than 20 million visitors annually, this dynamic shopping destination offers an
experiential environment featuring more than 250 retail, dining and entertainment options enjoyed by domestic
and international guests, local residents and families alike.

Exclu sive t o Flor ida M all Pr om in en t Depar t m en t & An ch or St or es

Am er ican Gir l M acy 's A/ X Ar m an i Exch an ge
Cr ayola Exper ien ce At t r act ion Di l l ar d 's Apple

M &M 's Wor ld St or e JC Pen n ey Ban an a Repu blic

Car lo's Baker y Dick 's Spor t in g Goods Coach
Th e Disn ey St or e H&M M AC Cosm et ics

M ayor 's f eat u r in g ROLEX M ich ael Kor s
Vict or ia's Secr et ZARA

The Florida Mall also offers outstanding guest amenities and services, including valet parking, free WiFi, currency
exchange, package and baggage check and two children?s play areas. Additionally, the acclaimed 511-room, on-site
hotel, The Florida Hotel & Conference Center, offers a convenient home away from home for visitors and business
travelers to the center. The Florida Mall is open Mon - Fri, 10 AM to 9 PM, Sat, 10 AM to 10 PM, and Sun, 12 PM to 8
PM. For additional information, contact the mall shopping line at 407.851.6255 or visit

Old Town - A walking district containing a unique collection of shops, dining options, rides, attractions and

weekly events. Old Town is more than your average shopping experience. We are host to weekly events including
America?s longest running weekly car show and cruise every Saturday. Step back in time and experience a car show
like no other with hundreds of classic cars followed by our Saturday Nite Classic Car Cruise starting at 8:30 pm. We
invite you to enjoy the simple pleasures of classic American fun. For additional information, contact Old Town at
407.396.4888 or visit https:/ /

Pointe Orlando - Among the

towering palm trees that dot our
landscaped walkways, among the
fountains sitting in sun-dappled
squares, you?'ll discover an eclectic
mix of extraordinary shops. From
iconic brands? like Victoria's Secret
and Tommy Bahama? to chic
boutiques, you'll find it at the
Pointe. For more information
please call 407.903.7944 or visit
http:/ /

Orlando International
Premium Outlets - Florida's

largest and most unique outlet
shopping destination, is

conveniently located less than five minutes from Universal Studios and only 10 miles from Walt Disney World
Resort. A shoppers dream, the center is home to more than 180 designer and name-brand outlet stores, including
Saks OFF Fifth, Neiman Marcus Last Call, Victoria's Secret, Kate Spade New York, Nike, Adidas, Polo Ralph Lauren,
Tommy Hilfiger, Under Armour, Steve Madden and Salvatore Ferragamo. With savings of 25%-65% every day and
the mix of designer and exclusive-to-market retail makes for a must see shopping experience for both international
and local shoppers. Open daily from 10 am - 11pm. For more information please call 407.352.9600 or visit
http:/ / outlet/ orlando-international/ about

Orlando Vineland Premium Outlets - Orlando Vineland Premium Outlets®, a Mediterranean inspired

outdoor village, is one of the country's most upscale outlet centers. A true shopping destination, the center is a
must do for tourists and locals. Shop more than 160 outlet designer and name-brand outlet stores including
Armani Outlet, Bottega Veneta, Burberry, DVF, Nike, Prada, Saks Fifth Avenue OFF 5TH, Tory Burch and Tommy
Hilfiger. Enjoy exceptional brands at extraordinary savings of 25-65% every day for shopping that's always worth the
trip. Open daily from 10 am - 11 pm. For more information please call 407.238.7787 or
http:/ / outlet/ orlando-vineland

Whole Foods - Whole Foods Market Orlando is more than just a

grocery store, it's an experience! Located on the corner of Sand Lake
Road and Turkey Lake Road, just west of Interstate 4. We are minutes
from all of your favorite Orlando attractions.

This store features everything from fresh produce, meat and seafood,
to a large grocery section of staple items including an expansive bulk
grains and nuts section.

We have a variety of prepared foods and bakery products for your
convenience, as well as full service coffee, juice and wine bar. Speaking
of wine, we offer a large selection of wine and beer which pair
perfectly with the amazing cheeses we feature from all over the world.

Our Whole Body department has knowledgeable team members
ready to assist you with vitamins, supplements, sports nutrition and
body care with the highest quality standards. We are passionate about
knowledge and food and sharing with others.

For more information please call 407.355.7100 or visit
https:/ / stores/ orlando

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