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2019 December Royalty Rewards Newsletter

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Published by workplace, 2019-11-12 15:48:30

2019 December Royalty Rewards Newsletter

2019 December Royalty Rewards Newsletter

the December 2019 Issue

EZ Profit Report®

North America’s Most Comprehensive & Professionally Delivered Marketing Program That Automatically Delivers a Flood of Customers To Your Door Every Day!

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Providing Value

Hi, I’m Denise, Marketing Project Specialist for Royalty Rewards®. I started with
Royalty Rewards® in May of 2013, and I’ve been with the team 6 and 1/2 years.

A big part of my role here is supporting your Royalty Rewards Coaches. This is
everything from pu ing together New Customer Acquisition Campaigns, to
custom graphics to support an email or mailing campaign, to creating the
Cash Creator Calendar™ that I hope you are all enjoying! If your Coach has an
idea or needs something for a marketing campaign, I help it come to life.

One of the biggest and most rewarding parts of my role is
pu ing together the Royalty Rewards EZ Profit Report.
Graphic design is one of my passions, so I like the
challenge of taking all of the pieces of the puzzle and
assembling them into the newsle er that you receive in
the mail. But the best part for me is that I’m able to put
together something that provides value to you, and that
provides you stories that will help you to grow your
business and increase your profits.

Over the years as I’ve been working on the newsle er, it’s
changed and evolved. In 2020, you can expect to see this
trend continue. We’re going to endeavor to provide you
with some great success stories that you can take away
and use in your own business, various industry insights,
and some fun and interesting articles that will hopefully
provide you with some new ideas to use in your business.

We’re always open to feedback! If there is something you’d like to see more of in our newsle er,
please let your Royalty Rewards® Coach know.

On behalf of the whole team, I hope you have an awesome holiday and Merry Christmas!

Denise Neil
Marketing Project Specialist

Features: Page 2 Join Us on Mar 2/20
Page 3
Turning Your Business From Ordinary To Extraordinary Page 4
How To Make It Work In Your Business
Tips To Increase Email Open Rates

Turning Your Business From Ordinary To Extraordinary

My favorite band came to a winery about two hours away from my home. I had never heard of the winery, and had never been
to the town it was in. Thank goodness for the internet.
I mapped out my driving route and booked a hotel room for my sister and I at a local hotel, totally based on reviews and
location. It is the only way I could make decisions about the businesses I needed to utilize since it was a completely new place
for me. That is one reason why you need to be sure your online reviews are constantly being updated. Another is your ranking
stays near the top of your community’s listing for your business type. New customers are only a click away.
The concert was held in an outdoor amphitheater. We could take our own concert chairs, a
picnic and wine would be sold on-site. How idyllic. They provided all sorts of planning
information online. Unfortunately, the concert series website link has been removed since
the season is over or I would share it with you. But I was suitably impressed. Every answer
to every question was there. How tall can my chair be? Where can I park? Can I bring kids?
A dog? What about food? A map of the site? Where do I enter the amphitheater? What’s
security like? What will make security faster and easier? Not a stone was left unturned.
Which probably cuts WAY down on the email and phone calls they get.
If there are questions your business is getting regularly, put them on your website. More and more people are reticent to use
the phone when answers to their questions can be at their ngertips day and night.
I had gone to the hotel website too, since the hotel was only 15 minutes from the winery I gured they’d be in the know, to see
about shuttles or concert access, but there was nothing available. When we checked in, I asked how far the winery was as I was
planning on driving there and parking. She informed us that they had a shuttle to take us and bring us home, that parking
there would be crazy due to the crowds, and this would be easier. They would transport our chairs and picnic along too. She
mentioned that for some of the bigger events over the summer they had been sold out with concert goers and the shuttles
made numerous trips each night. The shuttle driver was more than helpful, he clearly had done this many times, dropped us at
the least busy entrance, then gave us clear and speci c directions on how to walk out of the winery after the concert and
where we would nd him. He would wait until we got to him, no need to rush and fear missing his departure.
The hotel solved ALL our problems. They made the entire experience extremely easy, and fun. They have honed the process I
am sure over a few summers to ensure everyone has a similar experience. In our case it was the end of the season and there
were only four concert goers in the shuttle that night, but I can imagine on bigger nights, the process must be a little more
It was such a wonderful evening, I’ve told countless friends, and next year, I’ll be going back for at least one or two events.
There’s no question where I’ll be staying, I am sure other hotels in the area do similar things, but I am now a loyal customer
after such a fantastic rst visit, and the way in which they anticipated all my needs.

How To Make IT Work In YOUR Business

Mac’s Service Center wanted to do a Scratch Campaign because he’d heard about how
successful they can be. But he doesn’t have a waiting area, so there was a challenge
getting customers to scratch the postcard at the shop. After explaining his situation
to his Coach, they came up with the solution to make a minor tweak to wording on the
postcard so that rewards members scratch it at home and then make an appointment to
claim their prize.

They came up with a list of offers that would entice their rewards members to book an

Here’s the changed postcard copy (it usually says “to reveal your prize, bring in this
UNSCRATCHED postcard to before it expires”)

Page 2 Join Us In Orlando, FL!

The offers and the quantities of each were:

The Results? A SUCCESS!

An 8.4% redemption rate, over $24,000 in sales and an ROI of $125 to $1. It really
does pay to call your Coach. We can work with you to find a way to make campaigns and
offers work with your business and increase your sales. Call you Coach today.

The Right Offer Can Make All The Difference

In December of 2018, the
Merchant and their Royalty
Rewards® Coach worked
together on updating offers
for two of their core
campaigns, the Birthday
and Member Signup

The new offers hit homes in
February 2019 and they
positively affected the
redemption rates and ROI.

Every offer is worth testing as different segments of your list may respond to different offers. Your Coach
can segment your list and test offers for you with just a phone call.

Tips To Increase Email Open Rates.

Email is a valuable tool in your tool belt. You can send on-demand emails to any part or all of your database quickly if
the power goes out, if the weather is extreme, if there’s construction in front of your business - it will instantly keep
your customers informed of what’s happening. It can also send fun o ers for special events and highlight special
o ers or deals.

But that’s ONLY if they read them.

You know how many emails you get in a day, we all seem to be inundated with them, so the medium can get a little
unreliable. In fact, research shows only 1-18% of emails get opened. That means at least 82% of email communication
never even gets opened! And it’s getting worse!

You need to make sure you come up with ways to increase the chances of your emails being opened.

Join Us In Orlando, FL! Page 3

Event The rst secret is paying attention to the subject line.
Consider it the headline if you will. A good headline test is to imagine your headline
Calendar running in the yellow pages back in the day, or in your local community newspaper.
If all that was printed was the headline and you phone number, would people call? If
Spring 2020 the answer is yes, it a great headline and improves the chances of your email being

Up and Coming We also like to read the headlines of the magazines as we wait in the grocery line up.
Events: What catches you eye, what makes you think, what’s that all about? Those too can
make great inspiration for your subject lines. Once the subject line is written, then your email copy needs to address the subject
line, it needs to relate to the reason why you used that headline. And it could be as
Mar 2020 simple as...”well that got your attention didn’t it!...”
What about prize?
Where: Orlando, FL If your account has the automated weekly jokes and trivia emails activated, these are
Quantum Leap LIVE! Event the kind of repeat emails that some people may not open. To tackle this problem,
Mar 2, 2020 one of our Coach’s suggested turning on the Monthly Draw option in your account
Platinum Elite Meeting and announcing the winners via email each month. An example of a monthly
Mar 3-4, 2020 prize might be a FREE Pie, or an oil change, or a product or gift. This will train your
rewards members to open the emails to nd out if they were a winner.
Space fills up fast.

To avoid disappointment, This button can be added to all your weekly emails and the copy can tell them that
reserve Your FREE Seat(s) winners will be announced via email each month.

online at

or call 1-888-353-5012 now.

The results from a merchant recently showed that their before open rate was 4.81%,
but AFTER turning on the monthly draw campaign open rate increased to 14.83%.
That means if you sent 1,000 emails you are reaching 148 of your rewards members
instead of 48. Well worth the e ort and the cost of a monthly prize.

Contact Address: 1124 Fir Ave, #161, Use Multimedia to Your Advantage
Blaine, WA 98230 A Coach started adding to a merchant’s Text On Demand disclaimers:

Phone: 1-888-353-5012 Mon–Fri, Not Valid With Any Other O er. (Don’t Forget To Check Your Emails For More O ers.)
9:30 am - 6:30 pm EST, or leave a She sent a Text On Demand with the disclaimer around the same time as the Birthday
message 24 hours a day 7 days a Email and Email On Demand. The email open rates jumped from 6% to 40%!
week and your call will be returned.
Make a Date For
Fax: 1-800-253-1633

Email: [email protected]


North America’s Most Comprehensive & Orlando, FL– March 2020!
Professionally Delivered Marketing Program
Reserve Your FREE Seat(s) online at
That Automatically Delivers a Flood of to avoid disappointment or call 1-888-353-5012.
Customers To Your Door Every Day...
Page 4

December 2019 Issue

Marketing Toolbox

North America’s Most Comprehensive & Professionally Delivered Marketing Program That Automatically Delivers a Flood of Customers To Your Door Every Day!

This publication is brought to you by Royalty Rewards® | | 1-888-353-5012 |

January’s Sales Boost Marketing Campaign
Ideas For Your Business!

By: Director Of Member Services Michael Thibault

Break out the horns and party hats it’s time to celebrate! The New Year is almost upon us.
And you know what that means? Time to plan out your marketing for 2020. Don’t wait
until the last minute and be stuck throwing together something to increase business when you are in panic mode.
I have your solution…grab your marketing calendar that we sent you and CALL YOUR COACH! They will help you
analyze your busy and slow times for the entire year and help you plan out your marketing to even out any dips in
sales you might have throughout the new year. Dig the well before you thirst.

Now let’s check out some of the done-for-you marketing campaigns, with results, ready to go that you can activate
now to ensure that January is going to be a super pro table month for your business.

Let’s Celebrate The New Year Campaigns
Celebrating the New Year is what’s on everyone’s mind in January. And after the celebrating is over with, all the
credit card bills start rolling in. Your customers are strapped for cash come mid-January. So why not help them out
with something special.
Give them a gift to start o the New Year right with a done-for-you
campaign from your business. This type of promotion works like
magic because it uses slipstream marketing and what your
customers are already thinking about. Enter the conversation going
on in their minds and you’ve got their attention.

This campaign works for any type, size or style of business including
restaurant, retail, service and auto repair.

Restaurant: $19,493.87 in actual sales and $34 to $1 ROI
Automotive: $28,971.21 in actual sales and $60 to $1 ROI
Retail: $8,812.02 in actual sales and $30 to $1 ROI

Continued on Page 2

Join Us On March 2, 2020! Features: Page 1 - 2 Page 1 Page 3
New Year’s Celebration Page 4
New Year’s Scratch
Auto Repair Campaigns

Continued from Page 1

How about some reworks to start the year o right with your customers. Oversized, full color, glossy postcards will
stand out in your customer’s mailbox.

Restaurant: $18,804.50 in actual sales and $62 to $1 ROI
Retail: $7,047.62 in actual sales and $15 to $1 ROI

Cheers! Toast the New Year with your customers with this
celebratory campaign. Great for restaurants.

Restaurant: $22.005.54 in actual sales and $19 to $1 ROI

Restaurant: $15,468.08 in actual sales and $13 to $1 ROI

And if you own a sewing shop this one is just for you!
Ring in the New Year and boost your January sales with
this done for you campaign.
Retail: $23,326.30 in actual sales and $20 to $1 ROI

This is our number one campaign for January for Auto
Repair. So, all you Auto Repair shops out there make sure to
check this out!
Automotive: $60,539.26 in actual sales and $81 to $1 ROI.

Page 2 Continued on Page 3

Join Us In Orlando, FL!

Continued from Page 2

Scratch and Win
Got an itch to make more sales in January for your Auto Repair shop? Scratch it with this ready to go scratch o
campaign. Call your coach to get some ideas that have worked for other Auto Repair shops that have done this
promotion. This works as it gets your customers excited and engaged with your marketing. Don’t be boring. And
give them a big grand prize - it will help redemptions.

Scratch campaigns typically see an ROI as high as $41 to $1. In January 2019, one auto repair merchant saw a
$29,168.82 in actual sales and a $53 to $1 ROI.
Red Envelope Reminder Campaign
If you did the No Peeking/Red Envelope campaign this is a very e ective way to make even more sales from it. And
remind your customers to bring back those magic little red envelopes that they have been staring at all month. They
can’t wait to see what they won from your business so give them a little reminder and say Time To Peek!
This works amazing getting
your customers back in to your
business spending money in
January. It’s a multi-step
bounce back that keeps
making sales. Love that!

Restaurant: $11,580.35 in actual
sales and $21 to $1 ROI

Join Us In Orlando, FL! CCoonntitninuueeddoonnPPaaggee44

Page 3

Continued from Page 3

Auto Repair Campaigns
Everyone needs to have their car checked in January. Especially if you live in a state with snow.
Like I do in Michigan. We get lots of the white stu . January is a perfect time to send your customers a reminder to
have their cars checked to make it through the brutal, cold, snowy mess. (Ouch, I think I should move back to Florida!)
Be the good person and show your customers that you care with this ready to send campaign.

Automotive: $47,637.00 in actual sales
and $120 to $1 ROI

Results: On average Auto merchants
saw $29 to $1 ROI.

Football Campaigns

Football, Football and yes, more Football! Who
doesn’t love January football? The playo s and who
will make it to the biggest game of the year…The
Superbowl. Have some fun with your customers and
get their attention with this football themed
campaign. Score your own touchdown at your
business in January. (Sorry had to say it.)

Results: And if you have a restaurant with TV’s and/or a Sports
Bar this is a no brainer. Get them excited and coming
back into your place. Because that’s where you want
them watching the Big Game on February 2, 2020.

Restaurant: Merchants who sent out the above marketing
campaign saw a ROI as high as $58 to $1.

Call your coach at 1-888-353-5012 to order your marketing campaign now! Page 4

Join Us In Orlando, FL!

December 2019 Issue

Featured Articles

This publication is brought to you by Royalty Rewards® | | 1-888-353-5012 |

By Bent Hansen, Platinum Elite Member

What’s Your Success Plan For 2020?

Page 1 of 2

Make a Date For

This publication is brought to you by Royalty Rewards® | | 1-888-353-5012 |

Ready For A Magical Holiday in March?

It’s a perfect time of the year for a getaway, maybe you can even tie it to
Spring Break if you have kids to bring along. Our next Quantum Leap Event

is in Orlando, FL at the Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld® on
Monday, March 2, 2020 - Quantum Leap Live.

In Orlando, Florida - March 2020!

It’s a great way to turn a work trip into a vacation trip and soak up
some sun after a cold winter.

And at EVERY event, no exception, we hear the same phrase...
“I had no idea you could do that”... “that’s the problem I wanted to solve”...

“why haven’t I done this before...”

Reserve Your FREE Seat(s) online at
to avoid disappointment or call 1-888-353-5012

Page 1 of 2

Make a Date For

And once we get home, the Coaches are busy taking action on all the items the attendees
have asked them to implement for them. It’s like Santa’s Workshop every quarter. Note that
we said the COACHES are implementing. All you need to do is tell them what you want done,
and they’ll do it, they’ll track it, they’ll report back to you. It’s one of the most under utilized
parts of the program.
Signup at, come to Orlando and hear all the latest and greatest
tips and tricks to run the program smoothly and seamlessly in your business. Get your
questions answered in person, get a live demo from a Coach, solve challenges that are faced
with your sta . We promise you, you’ll walk away happy.
Attending the event is FREE for Quantum Leap Live! Members and even includes free hotel
nights. Talk to your Coach if you aren’t sure if you qualify.
As a bonus, Orlando is one of the world’s most visited family destinations, and while there is
no end to the theme parks you can enjoy, there is a surprising number of other things to
experience there.
Our hotel is on the doorstep of SeaWorld but it also o ers transportation to Walt Disney
World, Universal Studios and the Premium Outlets (Vineland Ave. location). The Kennedy
Space Center is only an hour away, as are many other exciting adventures.
‘The City Beautiful’ is full of family-friendly attractions like waterparks, giant aquariums and
zoos, exciting shows, airboat tours around the swamps and plenty of gol ng, shopping and
dining opportunities.
You’ll easily be able to ll up a couple of days before or after the event, and a trip to the warm
sunshine is never amiss in March. See you in Orlando!

Vancouver BC - June 2019!

Reserve Your FREE Seat(s) online at
to avoid disappointment or call 1-888-353-5012

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Select from our featured Sales Boost Marketing Campaigns or visit to view more.


1230 New Years Fireworks

90 Champagne 91 Confetti

733 Auto New Year Celebration 500 Party

To place your order call your coach at 1-888-353-5012

ORDER DEADLINE: Monday, Dec 9th, 2019

More New Years Themed Campaigns ...

499 Sewing 501 Auto New Year 92 Celebrate

89 Fireworks 497 Red Envelope 1232 Fireworks Celebration (Scratch)

Other Marketing Campaign Themes ...

For more information on other themes including
Scratch and Premium Marketing Campaigns talk to

your Royalty Rewards® Coach.

730 Anytime Amnesty

719 Anytime Football 184 Auto Winter 495 Auto Tire

1158 Movie Time 1163 Wiper Blades (Premium) 1164 Safety Flashlight (Premium)

ORDER DEADLINE: Monday, Dec 9th, 2019

To place your order call your coach at 1-888-353-5012

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