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2019 February Royalty Rewards Newsletter

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2019 February Royalty Rewards Newsletter

2019 February Royalty Rewards Newsletter

the February 2020 Issue

EZ Profit Report®

North America’s Most Comprehensive & Professionally Delivered Marketing Program That Automatically Delivers a Flood of Customers To Your Door Every Day!

This publication is brought to you by Royalty Rewards® | | 1-888-353-5012 |

Start Taking More Time For Yourself

Hi, I’m Iona, a member of your Royalty Rewards® coaching team. I started with Royalty
Rewards in 2016, and just recently returned back to work in August of this year after nish-
ing my 18-month maternity leave where I was home with my precious baby girl.

Part of my job here, in addition to supporting you and your marketing needs, is to help
bring new merchants on board to the Royalty Rewards program. It’s exciting to be able to
help new merchants get started with our program and be involved in helping to make
decisions about artwork, signage, campaigns and everything that Royalty Rewards entails
and put it all into action for you!

The one thing that I remind my merchants of is – take a break! We’re
here to help you take that well-deserved vacation and put your
marketing on auto-pilot so you can rest and relax and know that your
business is taken care of while you’re gone. How I help my merchants
with this is to plan their marketing in advance, to make sure that their
sta are engaged and fully understand the program and to optimize
and utilize features of the Royalty Rewards® program that will make
sure they have a steady stream of customers coming into their business
while they are away. The Online Review Accelerator, Email On Demand,
Monthly Draws and Sales Boost Campaigns, to mention a few, are all
great features to put into action to keep your business booming.

My favorite tool to use is the Campaign and Redemption report. This is a great way to keep track of the success of a
speci c campaign so that we learn from it and apply that knowledge to future campaigns. I also like the Cash
Creator Calendar™ to plan my merchant’s marketing well in advance. Once everything is all planned out, then I can
take it and run with it!

The more people you sign up, and the more diligent you are about tracking all those Royalty Rewards® sales, the
better the results you’ll see. And before you know it, the program will just run itself and people will just keep
coming back for more!

Iona Matiowsky
Royalty Rewards® Coach

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Love Me Or I’ll Leave You Page 4
Skyrocket Sign Ups and Visits With One Simple Thing!
Spilling the Numbers On Auto Repair

Love Me Or I’ll Leave You

One of my favorite things to notice is what we like to call the “Customer Prevention”
Department. You find it everywhere, in every type of business, in online and offline
models, in any type of geographic location.

Sometimes it’s staff that just couldn’t be bothered to look up when I enter a store,
sometimes it’s a policy that’s in place that doesn’t provide the staff any autonomy to
solve a problem in the moment, sometimes it’s an expiry date, special offer or coupon
code that can’t be used because it’s “too late”.

You Can’t Use That, It’s Expired.
That’s Against Our Policy.
I’m Not Allowed.

Now before I start receiving hate mail, I realize that there has to be SOME checks and
balances, some things are non-negotiable, and the customer isn’t always right.

But consider these two recent, but different, experiences my husband and I had. He
ordered a product online and two days later noticed that it had gone on sale. The
package was already on the way, so he reached out to the company and asked them to
match the price. They wouldn’t do it. He argued that he was a frequent customer, his
account would show that he was a frequent customer, and that if they were willing to
sell it at the sale price today, why not 48 hours ago? They refused and he had himself
removed off their mail list as the products they sell could be purchased at several
other locations. They’ve lost a good customer, in Royalty Rewards® language, he’s gone
from ACTIVE to LOST without the chance of recovering him. There are too many options
out there to shop at, to many solutions for the problems we are trying to solve.

Conversely, I was shopping online and as a repeat customer my account showed that I had
a special offer available, but when I picked my products the offer didn’t show up in my
shopping cart. Thanks to an easy online chat option, I was able to ask about it, the
team member quickly noted the discrepancy and gave me a code for a slightly larger
discount (it amounted to about $3 difference). There wasn’t any fine print, she didn’t
even suggest figuring out WHY, she just solved the problem for me.

I loved that she was given the ability to solve the problem herself. She didn’t have to
put me on hold, she didn’t need to talk to a manager, she didn’t tell me it was because
I wasn’t standing on one foot and jumping up and down when I place my order. She just
solved it.

We often hear Merchants tell us that customers try and use expired marketing campaigns.
Your reaction shouldn’t just be NO. What if you have an amnesty period when people can
bring in any of their expired campaigns to use. Your response could be... “I’m sorry,
that’s expired, but you’ll have amnesty on the last Tuesday of every month...” (or
every May and November or whatever you decide) “...and you can bring in any expired
campaigns you’d like to use, so keep that handy.” Or what if you just accepted it
because it only expired a week ago. Find a solution that you can live with AND make

Page 2 Join Us In Orlando, FL!

your customer happy. Expiry dates are arbitrary dates in time meant to make people act
sooner than later. But if they’ve acted “later”, and they have arrived in your business
prepared to spend money, don’t prevent them from giving it to you.

If you don’t make your active customers feel valued, or trusted
that they have honest intentions, they’ll leave. Yes, there are
those that take advantage, but you can fire them (we can talk
about that some other time).

There are other places to shop, other places to eat, other places
to get your car fixed. Take care of your customers, eliminate
your customer prevention department. This is the month of romance
and love, spend some time with your team thinking about the ways
you can show the love, or ways you can improve their experience.

Skyrocket Sign Ups and Visits With One Simple Thing!

Did you know you can increase Member Sign Ups, alleviate Data Entry, capture NEW And EXISTING Member
Visits all with one Simple Sticker?

Membership stickers are put on tables or cash counters and reminds a member to
earn their rewards by presenting their card or app, OR if they’re not a member,
suggests that they sign up for your rewards program. This is one of the several
resources we can provide to you to help facilitate processing transactions &
signing up new members.

The stickers have recently been completely redesigned with the goal of promoting
your regards program in house.

Since the program is managed so easily now by the membership App, it encourages
your customers to download the app. From there they can either add their existing
membership number or sign up for your program without needing a card.

Many companies are using similar stickers - Starbucks and Fred Meyer were one’s we recently spo ed. It’s an
innovative way to grab people’s a ention and they are cost-effective.

They offer the exact marketing message that is needed when your customer is making a purchase.

Show your business some And since the customer signs themselves up there is no data entry
love by meeting us in on your part, freeing up time. It also means less “preferred guests” in
your database, since there is no lag time between the initial
Orlando in March and find transaction and being added to the database.
new ways to super-charge
In a recent member test when table stickers were used, they saw a
your program! 45% increase in signups in one month.

If you struggle with ge ing your staff to ask if the customer is part of
your rewards program, this provides a backup method for reminding
customers that they should be earning points for every purchase.

Join Us In Orlando, FL! Page 3

Event Spilling the Numbers On Auto Repair

Calendar The average total customer visits of an auto repair customer (assuming they have 2 vehicles per household) is four visits a year.
Any time you can get them back sooner and more frequently is a win.
Spring 2020 In April, Advance Auto’s Coach suggested turning on the‘Thank-You’campaign.

Up and Coming This o ers Double Points to customers who have had service done in the last two months totaling more than $450.
Events: This is a key point. These are people who have just been in for service, and now they were being invited to return within two
months with only the enticement of double points, which costs the shop owner NOTHING. Despite having only 58 Active members to make the o er to, he has an ROI of $160 to 1 with the customers who received the
campaign spending $10,502.25 over 6 months.
Mar 2020 The second component of the campaign is a referral campaign o ering $20 o to a friend your existing customer refers. This
part of the campaign has provided a new customer referral already.
Where: Orlando, FL Since these customers get the membership survey after each visit, their online reviews
Quantum Leap LIVE! Event jumped from 25 to 60 on Google and from 9 to 12 on Yelp, maintaining them at 5 Stars.
Mar 2, 2020 This will also lead to more new customers; the key will be making them rewards members on their rst visit. Getting a new
Platinum Elite Meeting customer is great, but if you don’t set up a process to RETAIN them, who will stop them from going to your competitor next
Mar 3-4, 2020 time?

Space fills up fast.

To avoid disappointment, Mohr’s Service Center had a larger active membership of 389 to send their Thank You Campaign to, which they started in
reserve Your FREE Seat(s) June 2019. In the 4 months that this campaign has been active it has generated 2 new customers, which has a potential
lifetime value over the next ve years of $37,256.44
online at This accounts for 7% of their sign ups during this time and took little e ort. This is also a much stronger customer since they were referred from a trusted friend. They had an additional 19 new members during this period, which is likely from the
increase in positive reviews on Yelp and Google – going from 2.5 stars with 5 reviews to 3 stars with 16 reviews on Yelp and
or call 1-888-353-5012 now. going from 4 stars with 17 reviews to 4.5 stars with 75 reviews on Google. Nineteen new members translates to a potential
lifetime revenue of $353,936.18 over the next 5 years.

Mohr’s existing customers love this campaign and he has an ROI of $220 to 1, spending $33,072.60 in just 4 months.

Contact Address: 1124 Fir Ave, #161, Rancho Auto Service turned on the Thank You Campaign upon activation. But although this campaign has been active for 20
Blaine, WA 98230 months, it is di cult to gauge the results as the previous service writer was not engaged or participating in the program at all
and he is no longer there. This is why having your team understand the program and it e ects on your sales and their jobs is so
vital. If you are having trouble, or your team needs training, your Coach can help.

Phone: 1-888-353-5012 Mon–Fri, The new service writer understands the value that Royalty Rewards® brings to the business and is much more engaged and
9:30 am - 6:30 pm EST, or leave a willing to participate. Since his arrival 4 months ago, they have signed up 2 new members from the Thank You referral
message 24 hours a day 7 days a campaign. These referrals account for 22% of all new customers for this time period.
week and your call will be returned. ROI is $157 to $1 and the 2 new customers could potentially increase the revenue by $37,948.04 over the next 5 years.
In auto repair, small numbers mean big results since transaction size is large with fewer visits. The more active members you
Fax: 1-800-253-1633 have, the more e ective your marketing is as they ow through the sequence of campaigns.
Talk to your Coach if you think you need help capturing new signups, processing transactions, or reporting your results.
Email: [email protected]
Make a Date For

Orlando, FL– March 2020!

North America’s Most Comprehensive & Reserve Your FREE Seat(s) online at
Professionally Delivered Marketing Program to avoid disappointment or call 1-888-353-5012.
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That Automatically Delivers a Flood of
Customers To Your Door Every Day...

February 2020 Issue


North America’s Most Comprehensive & Professionally Delivered Marketing Program That Automatically Delivers a Flood of Customers To Your Door Every Day!

This publication is brought to you by Royalty Rewards® | | 1-888-353-5012 |

March’s Sales Boost Marketing Campaign
Ideas For Your Business!

By: Director Of Member Services Michael Thibault

March is one of my favorite times of the year. Spring is right around the corner and everyone
who lives in a cold climate is ready to get outside, dust o the winter blues and start having fun
again. I live in Michigan, so I am more than ready!

And can you smell it? No, not dandelions or ragweed in the air. Nope, the smell of some great marketing campaigns
for your business, done for you, ready to go to drive customers back into your business in March. I call it the sweet
smell of marketing success.

Please don’t let a great marketing opportunity pass you by this Spring. Check out some of these hugely successful
campaigns with proven track records for driving sales in March!
The Tax Break Marketing Campaign

We have been doing this promotion now for several years and it simply works. For all types of businesses because it
looks like an actual refund check sent from the IRS. Inside the o cial brown envelope, your customers will see their
name printed on a Tax Break Check showing through the clear window in the lower left corner of the envelope.

When your customers rip the envelope open, they will nd a letter from your business with a certi cate to redeem. If
you are thinking about a single promotion to do this time of year this should be it. Last year several Royalty Rewards®
merchants used this campaign and made a ton of money.
Overall each industry brought in the following sales as a result of
this campaign:

• Restaurants: $1,343,171.26 in actual sales
• Automotive: $1,385,643.28 in actual sales
• Retail: $348,626.76 in actual sales

On average, restaurants tracked $14,899.39 in sales and an ROI of
$23 for every $1 dollar they invested in this Sale Boost Marketing

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Join Us On March 2, 2020! Features: Page 1 - 2 Page 1 Page 2 - 3
Tax Break Promotion Page 3 - 4
St. Patrick’s Day

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Campaign. One restaurant merchant even saw $68,148.11 in
actual sales and a $32 to $1 ROI. Other merchants saw ROIs as
high as $81 to $1, and one even hit a whopping $223 to $1 ROI.

Auto Repair shops on average tracked $29,848.25 in sales and
an ROI of $61 for every dollar they invested. One auto repair
merchant saw $95,255.10 in actual sales and a $103 to $1 ROI.
Others saw ROIs as high as $159 to $1.

Retail on average tracked $18,348.78 in sales and a sales ROI of
$23 for every dollar they invested. One retail merchant saw
$57,064.72 in actual sales and a $53 to $1 ROI. Other merchants
saw ROIs as high as $73 to $1.

As you can see, the promotion is crafted to look like a real tax
refund check and this is slipstream marketing at its best. We
have had stories of customers taking their checks to the bank
to cash them because it looks so real. Don’t worry they got a
good laugh and told everyone about this special promotion.
That’s how things go viral!

Call your coach today so they can walk you through this highly
successful promotion.

St Patrick’s Day

March 17th is Saint Patrick's Day- St Patrick’s Day in March is one of the bigger holidays for your customers. Tie into
what’s already on their minds and what is being publicized in the media to supercharge your marketing. And celebrate
this money-making day all month long just for one day. Don’t waste a marketing opportunity for your business.

And everyone likes to be Irish in March. Help them celebrate with you all month long.

Results: Results:
Restaurant $22,186.07 in sales and a $19 to $1 ROI. Automotive $68,482.06 and a strong $92 to $1 ROI.

Green Beer

Give your customers an Irish Blessing and a picture of a green
beer. This will de nitely stand out in their mailbox and grab their
Restaurants $13,038.70 and a $33 to $1 ROI.

Page 2 Continued on Page 3

Join Us In Orlando, FL!

Continued from Page 2

St Patty’s Gold

Results: Restaurant $21,430.48 and a $19 to $1 RO1. And one Auto
Repair shop had a $46 to $1 ROI.

St Patrick’s Day Scratch

The scratch and win promotion works well for any type of business.
Royalty Rewards® will print this postcard and mail it to your
customers with a special prize printed under the scratch o circle
on the front of the card.

You pick whatever prizes and quantities you want. They can’t scratch o the circle until they bring the card into your
business to see what they have won.

This promotion works well because of the curiosity factor for your customers, and the chance for them to win a prize.

I would suggest picking one big prize such as a large screen TV, iPad, BBQ grill, a trip, or something from your business
that makes sense for you. Another tip is to not include any of the smallest prize when choosing how many of each prize
to print. Nobody likes to win the smallest prize.

There are a multitude of eye-catching designs that have proven to work for each industry for this promotion. Find your
speci c one and call your coach for help to make this done for you marketing campaign turn into a pot of gold for your
Restaurant $38,919.25 in actual sales and a $27 to $1 ROI.
Retail $9,975.83 in actual sales and a $19 to $1 ROI.

Both retail and restaurant merchants used this campaign and
saw between a $20 to $23 return for every $1 they spent.

Automotive $37,474.23 in actual sales and a $42 to
$1 ROI.

Restaurant $15,219.39 in actual sales and a $28 to $1 ROI.

Join Us In Orlando, FL! CCoonntitninuueeddoonnPPaaggee44

Page 3

Continued from Page 3

There are also alternative Scratch and Win and other designs, that are popular for this time of year, such as the “No
Peeking” and “Balloon Girl”. So many choices. Pick one and start driving sales to your business this March.

Restaurants: $24,433.36 in sales and a $13 to $1 ROI.
Retail: $15,362.88 in sales and a $18 to $1 ROI.

Retail $62,019.25 in actual sales and a $41 to $1 ROI.
Restaurant: $27,909.40 in actual sales and a $25 to $1 ROI.

March Madness

Automotive $24,107.10 in sales and a $57 to $1 ROI. One
Restaurant sent this out and received a $30 to $1 ROI.

Spring Fever

Restaurants $15,092.12 and a $30 to $1 ROI.

Restaurant $22,175.18 in sales and a $10 to $1 ROI.

Restaurant $13,044.72 in sales and a $26 to $1 ROI.

Call your coach at 1-888-353-5012 to order your marketing campaign now! Page 4

Join Us In Orlando, FL!

Make a Date For

This publication is brought to you by Royalty Rewards® | | 1-888-353-5012 |

Ready For A Magical Holiday in March?

It’s a perfect time of the year for a getaway, maybe you can even tie it to Spring Break
if you have kids to bring along. Our next Quantum Leap Event is in Orlando, FL at the
Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld® on Monday, March 2, 2020 - Quantum Leap Live.

In Orlando, Florida - March 2020!

It’s a great way to turn a work trip into a vacation and soak up some sun after a cold winter. Plus, at EVERY event no exception, we
hear the same phrase... “I had no idea you could do that”... “that’s the problem I wanted to solve”... “why haven’t I done this before...”

And once we get home, the Coaches are busy taking action on all the items the attendees have asked them to implement. It’s like
Santa’s workshop every quarter. Note that we said the COACHES are implementing. All you need to do is tell them what you want
done, and they’ll do it, they’ll track it, they’ll report back to you. It’s one of the most under utilized parts of the program.

Signup at, come to Orlando and hear all the latest and greatest tips and tricks to run the program
smoothly and seamlessly in your business. Get your questions answered in person, get a live demo from a Coach, solve challenges
that are faced with your sta . We promise you, you’ll walk away happy.

Attending the event is FREE for Quantum Leap Live! Members and even includes free hotel nights. Talk to your Coach if you aren’t
sure if you qualify.

As a bonus, Orlando is one of the world’s most visited family destinations, and while there is no end to the theme parks you can
enjoy, there is a surprising number of other things to experience there.

Our hotel is on the doorstep of SeaWorld but it also o ers transportation to Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and the Premium
Outlets (Vineland Ave. location). The Kennedy Space Center is only an hour away, as are many other exciting adventures.

‘The City Beautiful’ is full of family-friendly attractions like waterparks, giant aquariums and zoos, exciting shows, airboat tours
around the swamps and plenty of gol ng, shopping and dining opportunities.

You’ll easily be able to ll up a couple of days before or after the event, and a trip to the warm sunshine is never amiss in March!
See you in Orlando.

Reserve Your FREE Seat(s) online at
to avoid disappointment or call 1-888-353-5012

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6 Benefits You Can
ONLY Experience at March 2, 2020 Orlando, Florida

#1 - The BEST Ways To Get NEW Customers such as …

How to Magnetically Attract a MASSIVE amount of NEW CUSTOMERS to your business with genuine, POSITIVE, online
reviews. With everyone’s hands poised on their smart phones almost 24/7, the need for positive reviews is not a trend, it is
an ongoing marketing staple that needs your consistent e ort. We’ll show you how to systematize getting and maintaining
great reviews so they happen automatically.

Reactivate lost customers and turn them into GOLD! – When you do this it’s like having a whole bunch of new customers
flood your business. The great news is that these customers are even cheaper to attract!

#2 - The Best Ways to maximize your Royalty Rewards Members.

We’ll show you how to get all of those Members you sign up to come back more often and spend even more with you each
time they visit!

#3 - Get your questions and challenges answered one on one.

This small group format that includes some of our Coaches allows for plenty of personalized interaction. All your questions
are answered, we can solve any challenges you face with the program, and there’s plenty of time for discussion. It’s a casual
environment designed for your success.

#4 - The BEST Strategies to enroll MORE New Royalty Rewards Members.

Growing your list of Royalty Rewards® Members is one of the single most lucrative activities you can engage in for your
business. We’ll show you the best strategies for increasing your sign-ups, so you can grow this important asset!

#5 - Examples of what many of our best PLATINUM Elite Royalty Rewards® Members are doing (and you can do too!!!)

This showcase from our PLATINUM Elite Members is often the highlight for many of the
Royalty Rewards® merchants who attend our live events. Learning from their experiences
shortcuts your success and quite literally hands you the exact how-to’s you need to implement
and then experience the growth you want.

#6 - Plus, enjoy perhaps the most important lunch you’ll have all year!

Since attendees of our previous live events rave about the networking being as valuable if not
even more valuable than the content shared by the Royalty Rewards® team, we’ve arranged for
a special lunch for all attendees, designed to facilitate networking between you and the other
successful Royalty Rewards® merchants.

This lunch is your BIG opportunity to dig into conversations with other in-the-trenches
merchants who have overcome the hurdles you face in your business. You can rub elbows with
the ones who have achieved the growth and success you aspire to. There’s literally a fortune
waiting for you in those conversations. And what’s more is that the conversations become
life-long friendships with like-minded entrepreneurs who really understand what you’re going
through and can o er advice, guidance, and camaraderie. These are also people will appreciate
and benefit greatly from the wisdom you share. There is great power in the collective wisdom
of this group and this lunch is where you’ll benefit from in the most.

Reserve Your FREE Seat(s) online at
to avoid disappointment or call 1-888-353-5012

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February 2020 Issue

Featured Articles

This publication is brought to you by Royalty Rewards® | | 1-888-353-5012 |

By Bent Hansen, Platinum Elite Member

Make A Big Change For Big Results In 2020

I’ve known for a while that I need assistance with all the things I need AND want to do get done with my
business. Earlier in my career, it seemed I could get it all done. Now, either I want to spend my time doing the
things I want to do at this point in my life or my capacity has diminished. I think I’ll tell myself I want to spend my
time elsewhere. My friend Tom would, without question, have a joke about this subject – about this transition in
a businessman’s life.

I’m not afraid of ge ing an assistant or delegating work to these people. I have had assistants for years. They’re
just never what I hope them to be. The problem? I choose the wrong people to be my assistants. As I look back, I
seem to always choose the easy going, friendly, over-promising and under-delivering types. I avoid the question
asking (read: annoying,) detail oriented, nail-me-down, ask critical and hard question people.

Guess what, that’s EXACTLY the type of assistant I need.

When I took the Kolbe personality test years ago, that’s exactly what it told me. I’m good at ge ing 80% of the
task done and then I get bored and never finish it. I’m amazing at doing and creating, but terrible at planning
and finishing. I need a detail-oriented planner and finisher.

These people scare me.

But it’s what I need to make 2020 the best year ever. And that’s what I did. I just interviewed and hired a staff
member who has been with me for 8 years to fill this position. I’ve always known she would be very good at a
position such as this, but I never wanted to work closely with her. But her skills and dedication are going to be a
perfect fit.

It will be uncomfortable for me.

Her exact job description will be worked out between us over the first few months as we work together. I am
compiling a list of all the tasks to be completed. Under her direction, our systems will be the best they have ever
been – THIS is the type of person she is and the type of person I’ve always needed.

THAT is one thing I am going to do/change for 2020.

When I know I want to have an amazing year, a year like no other, I must break the mold of what I have been
doing. I must do something drastically different than what I have been doing. If I don’t, I’ll just get the same
results. This is KEY.

Another KEY to a year like no other is to take MASSIVE action.

This does not mean YOU have to be the one to take all the action, it can
be delegated. It SHOULD be delegated. It doesn’t have to all be on your
plate. You should provide the vision and lead the massive action by your

Here’s to an amazing 2020!! Make it be a year like no other.

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How To Show Love

By: Gary Leech, Platinum Elite Member

February is the month of love some say. Make sure to get some chocolate for your honey on that special day.
“Love should be celebrated all year round” others say. What is love?

Love is about many things to me. It means to give. Give
unselfishly. Give your time; your money. Give your talents.
Give yourself. It’s about understanding and
communicating. Everyone wants to be understood, to be
known. It’s about appreciation. It’s about respect. If you
were to give all those things, perfectly gi wrapped with
a bow on top, I think that makes a great way to show love.

The best way I can show my love to my business is to give. I recently shared the book “The Go- Giver” by Bob Burg
and John David Mann, which we received at one of the Platinum meetings, with one of my managers. She didn’t
understand why I gave so much of my business for free to others. She understood some of the reasons why but not
all. “What is in it for the business?” She asked me one day. Later that day, I le the book on her desk with a note that
said “Read me ”.

A couple of weeks later (it shouldn’t have taken that long to read) she came to me and said “Hey Gar, I read that
book. I understand you be er now.”

For those who haven’t read the book (I think you should read it) it’s about a man who learns
that changing his focus from ge ing to giving, pu ing others’ interests first and
continually adding value to their lives, ultimately leads to unexpected returns. She has
since added a part of the book to our new hire orientation as an overview of how we run a
guest centered business and what effects that will have on our employees and our guests.

Running a business is all about love. Doing something you love.

It’s about understanding, appreciating and giving back to your employees. Make a day once a month or even be er,
once a week dedicated to showing your employees your appreciation. Le ing them know you value their commitment
to your business, goals and mission. Communicating to them not only that appreciation, but also clear and reasonable
expectations. Understanding what they need and want while working in your business.

Then there’s “The Guest”.

Understanding and even appreciating your guests and using your talents to
help get their needs met. Showing appreciation with promotions that give.
Not only making them feel that love but keep them coming back to your
business for more! Understanding what they are looking for and being open
to understanding why and how their needs can be met with your business.

I challenge you to take a look at your business. Take a look at your customers,
your employees and ask yourself if you are looking at your business with the
googly eyes of love.

Until next time…

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Select from our featured Sales Boost
Marketing Campaigns or visit to view more.

The Tax Break Marketing Campaign

A proven way to get more of your
customers back into your business
and more money in your pocket.
To find out how, read more about
this promotion in this month's
Marketing Toolbox or call your
Royalty Rewards® Coach at
1-888-353-5012 .

512 Tax Break

To place your order call your coach at 1-888-353-5012

ORDER DEADLINE: Monday, Feb 10th, 2020

St. Patrick's Themed Campaigns ...

March is all about the green with St. Patrick's Day Marketing Campaigns. Most themes come in regular and scratch versions.

112 Leprechaun 739 St. Patty's Gold (Reg. & 738 Scratch) 511 Retail St. Patrick's (Reg. & 636 Scratch)

634 Green Beer 510 Auto St. Patrick's (Reg. & 635 Scratch) 637 Green Beer (Scratch)

Other Marketing Campaign Themes ...

For more information on other themes including Scratch and Premium Marketing Campaigns talk to your Royalty Rewards® Coach.

119 March Madness 121 Baseball 122 Golf

111 Kite Flying 123 Snowman 642 Yellow Tullips

124 Oil Change 433 Macaw 434 Frog

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