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2019 September Royalty Rewards Newsletter

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2019 September Royalty Rewards Newsletter

2019 September Royalty Rewards Newsletter

September 2019 Issue


North America’s Most Comprehensive & EZ Profit Report®
Professionally Delivered Marketing Program

That Automatically Delivers a Flood of
Customers To Your Door Every Day!

This publication is brought to you by Royalty Rewards® | | 1-888-353-5012 |

More Eyes Than A Potato

Hi! I’m Kathleen (yes, there’s two of us!), Production Manager
for Royalty Rewards. A couple of years ago, I was looking for an
opportunity to be a part of a great team that shares my values,
was well established and was also close to home. Tall order! But
then I found Royalty Rewards® and I can’t imagine a better fit.

Taking on the role of Production Manager has allowed me to bring
various skill sets from my previous jobs into a comprehensive and
challenging role. Primarily it is my job to ensure that all postcards, cards,
enrollments and signage get produced without a hitch. My mother always said I
have “more eyes than a potato”, so a role that requires me to find and correct
any discrepancies is a challenge that I enjoy.

While keeping track of all the moving pieces involved with
our various postcard campaigns, not to mention signage
orders and everything else that we do, it’s important to
keep an eye on the details and make sure all the “i’s” are
dotted and the “t’s” are crossed. Literally! It’s critical
that I ensure everything gets out on time and accurately
so that we can keep customers coming through your doors.

One of the projects that I was a part of was updating and refreshing the look
of the artwork, and it’s great to see the new designs going to print. We’re
now working on some new designs and will continue to look for ways to make
this program even better. And as a bonus to me, it’s always nice to look at
something new once and a while – I’m looking at our artwork almost every day!

For those of you who attended the last event we held in Vancouver, it was
great to meet you and “put a face to a logo”! It was a wonderful opportunity
for me to see just how the programs are being used to improve your businesses
and I went away with many ideas on how we can continue to improve our

All the best to your continued success, Kathleen


A Bold $1000 Move! Page 2

Communicate Cost Effectively Page 3 Join Us on Oct 21/19

A Bold $1,000 Move!

Long-time merchant, Marblehead Chowderhouse, has been doing their Thanksgiving gi certificate marketing
campaign through Royalty Rewards® for years, but in 2016 they decided to try selling $1,000 Gi Cards.

They offered incentives for members to buy a $1,000 gi card, which they promote using in-store signage. When
you buy $1,000 get $200 in FREE Bonus Certificates and 1,000 FREE Captains Club Points!!! (Bonus Certificates and
FREE points to be distributed quarterly).

Sounds BOLD doesn’t it? Using a Royalty Rewards® Thanksgiving-themed Sales
Boost marketing campaign, Marblehead continues to
get great results:

- in 2016 they made an additional $15,000
- in 2017 they made an additional $23,000

And in 2018: “We had 26 - $1000 GC Club purchases this year and are up over 2017 by $13,965 in GC sales from Nov 1
to Dec 19” – Marblehead Chowder House

Your business has customers that frequent your business enough who will easily see the value in this, they earn 20%
on the money they would have spent anyways AND get the bonus points & certificates. There is also the “elite” factor
to this, people love having something to brag about and feeling like they are part of a select group of people!

The benefits for you are enormous, cash up front, the gi certificate locks the customer into returning to you, and
the quarterly distribution of the bonuses means they’ll get bumped into earning an award certificate each quarter,
motivating them to return.

Do you think they are going to do Thanksgiving with us again? YOU BET!!

What BOLD move will you make this Thanksgiving?

Free Customized Program Email Banners For Quantum Leap Club Members (PLUS
Free Attendance at the Quantum Leap LIVE! Event of Your Choice This Year!)

Many Quantum Leap Club Members have yet to take advantage of the Custom Branded Electronic Marketing Package
available as part of your membership! All seven of your program email campaign banners are customized with your logo
and colors, You get to choose from three different designs for each banner.

To make your program look unique and easily identifiable in your members’ inboxes, we’ll customize your Birthday,
Welcome, Appreciation Survey, Appreciation , Refer A Friend , Friendly Reminder and Point Bump Email banners.

If you are already a Quantum Leap Club Member, contact your Coach to get started. (Continued on Page 4)

Page 2 Join Us In Philadelphia, PA!

Collecting Missing Email Addresses To Communicate With
Your Members Cost Effectively

When you have accurate email addresses in your database for your
members, you can send them special offers, remind them of upcoming
deadlines, encourage them to return, and keep them informed of what is
happening in your business. It improves your response rate to your email
marketing and allows for a cost-effective method of communicating with
your customers quickly. In an ideal world, every rewards member in your
database has given you their accurate email address, and your
“undeliverable emails” number is low. Your current numbers are shown
on your dashboard along the le -hand column of charts and looks like
the chart to the right.

One of our merchants, Kep's, Blacksmith & Cornerstone Inn worked with
their Coach to find a way to lower their number of “undeliverable emails”.
Together, they decided to try a sales boost campaign to get the members
without email address or wrong email addresses to come in and update
them. A marketing campaign has been designed specifically to target
these types of members.

The campaign had an 18.9%
redemption rate and generated
$8,967.80 in sales which are great
results for a sales boost campaign!

However, the true success is
having 159 people add or update
their email addresses, increasing
their ability to communicate with

Boo! Light the way to safety...

Halloween is the second-largest commercial holiday in the US and Canada! If your customers are kids, or
have kids, this campaign will work for you!

Our Kids Flashlight Sales Boost includes the added
incentive of a kid’s flashlight instead of a discount to
return to your business. What kid doesn’t love ge ing a
gi ?

The benefit of a racting the children of rewards
members is collecting missing information on them, like
their birthday, and some merchants may find it
worthwhile growing a list of kids to market to as well.

We’ve reviewed two different flashlight options at our offices and you can purchase them for as li le as $1.34 each, and
you could bundle it with another product or service to entice both the kid and their parents. Talk to your Coach about
cra ing an offer will work well for you.

Join Us In Philadelphia, PA! Page 3

Event Quantum Leap LIVE! FREE Attendance

Calendar (Continued from Page 2)

Fall 2019 / Spring 2020 The other big benefit of your Membership is FREE attendance at the Quantum Leap
LIVE! event. There are three annually, typically held in February, June and October. The
Up and Coming event registration is at:
As a Quantum Leap Club Member, you get 6 FREE Tickets to attend your choice of any
Oct 2019 Quantum Leap LIVE! event. You can use all six on one event or spread out your
attendance, or your key staff Royalty Rewards® administrators, to one or two events.
Where: Philadelphia, PA
Quantum Leap LIVE! Event If you are NOT a Quantum Leap Club Member you can upgrade your account when you
Oct 21, 2019 register. All the details are on the website above. This program includes a combination
Platinum Elite Meeting of the BEST programs and services we recommend our merchants participate in and it
Oct 22-23, 2019 provides a manageable payment plan that allows you to pay in a monthly installment
added to your invoice.
Mar 2020
Either way, if you’re like most Royalty Rewards® Merchants you are using less than 20%
Where: Orlando, FL of the full power of the Royalty Rewards® program. With that in mind, you might still
Quantum Leap LIVE! Event struggle to effectively sign up every customer to the program. Your team might not be
Mar 2, 2020 capturing your Royalty Rewards® member transactions properly. You might still
Platinum Elite Meeting experience resistance from your staff, and you’re likely not regularly running the most
Mar 3-4, 2020 popular promotions that are producing game-changing ROI for many of our merchants.
For those reasons alone, you need to be at the next Quantum Leap LIVE! Event!

Go to for all the details!

Space fills up fast. To avoid Make a Date For
disappointment, reserve Your
The Quantum Leap Live Bootcamp is FREE for Quantum Leap Club Members (if
FREE Seat(s) online at you’re not already a Member, upgrade today and you’ll automatically be able to attend for FREE including 2 Nights Hotel Accommodation)! These meetings are a
great chance for every Royalty Rewards® Merchant to get away from their
or call 1-888-353-5012 now. business in an exciting location to relax a little, play a little, and come home armed
with the solutions to dramatically grow your sales and profits!
Contact Address: 1124 Fir Ave, #161,
Blaine, WA 98230 In Philadelphia, PA – Oct 2019!

Phone: 1-888-353-5012 Mon–Fri, With the smell of autumn, and the beautiful foliage of red, yellow and orange there
9:30 am - 6:30 pm EST, or leave a is no better place to be then in Philadelphia this fall! Come experience harvest
message 24 hours a day 7 days a festivals, outdoor events, Oktoberfest and food-centric celebrations of apples,
week and your call will be returned. mushrooms and a ton of other things all in Philadelphia. It’s a great place to be.
Fax: 1-800-253-1633
Email: [email protected] Located in the heart of downtown, the
Website: meeting offers so many possibilities. With
so much to see and do (and eat), all within
North America’s Most Comprehensive & walking distance of the hotel, you’ll want to
Professionally Delivered Marketing Program make sure you book your hotel and register
your attendance right away. Act quickly as
That Automatically Delivers a Flood of
Customers To Your Door Every Day... you won’t want to miss out!

Reserve Your FREE Seat(s) online at
to avoid disappointment or call 1-888-353-5012.

Page 4

September 2019 Issue

North America’s Most Comprehensive & Marketing
Professionally Delivered Marketing Program Toolbox

That Automatically Delivers a Flood of
Customers To Your Door Every Day! | 1-888-353-5012 | Monday To Friday, 9:30 am to 6:30 pm EST

October’s Sales Boost Marketing Campaign
Ideas For Your Business!

By: Director Of Member Services Michael Thibault

October is the perfect time to scare up some sales at your business using
our done-for-you campaigns that are ready to send to your customers. If
you miss this opportunity to remind your customers to come back and see
you in October, well the results could be downright frightening.

Consumers spend over $6 Billion dollars on this holiday only second to
Christmas. How much do you want? The media promotes this time of year
to your customers in a big way. Make sure you take this opportunity to
create your own sales increase by getting in on the trick or treat fun this
Halloween promoting your business. Check out some of these scary
designs that will grab the attention of your customers!

Using this marketing campaign,
merchants saw:
• Restaurant: $30,524.73 in actual
sales and a $29 to $1 ROI
• Retail: $22,235.95 in actual sales
and a $37 to $1 ROI
• Automotive: $16,737.62 in
actual sales and a $33 to $1 ROI

Join Us On Oct 21st, 2019! Features: Page 1 - 2 Continued on Page 2 Page 3
Halloween Page 4 Page 1
Breast Cancer Awareness
October Car Care Month

Continued from Page 1

By sending this scary-themed marketing
campaign, merchants saw:
• Restaurant: $30,524.73 in actual sales and a
$29 to $1 ROI
• Retail: $22,235.95 in actual sales and a $37 to
$1 ROI
• Automotive: $16,737.62 in actual sales and a
$33 to $1 ROI
Pumpkin Giveaway
One of my favorite promotions for this time of year is to simply give away a FREE Pumpkin at your business to your
customers. This fun, engaging promotion works well this time of year for ANY business to bring your customers
back. Restaurants, Auto, Retail - works for any brick and mortar business. Simply talk to a local produce supplier or
farmer and pre-order your pumpkins early to get a good price.
This promotion works well because it’s simple. Your customers will be rushing to your business to grab their FREE
pumpkin. They won’t soon forget your generosity and you’ll be the talk of the town for some time to come.
We have seen this promotion rake in ghoulish pro ts year after year. Now it’s your turn to experience a SHOCKING
amount of returning customers and increased sales in October.
Last year, merchants saw on average:
• Restaurant: Actual sales of $21,893.72 and a
$22 to $1 ROI
• Retail: Actual sales of $42,483.71 and a $70 to
$1 ROI

Canadian Thanksgiving
It’s Thanksgiving Day for Canada on Oct 14th. And
it’s not too soon to start thinking about the US
Thanksgiving that takes place on Nov 28th. I
encourage you to talk to your coach now to have
a plan in place to take advantage of the
upcoming holiday season.
Last year, one of the Canadian merchants used
this marketing campaign and saw $17,402.72 in
actual sales and a $151 to $1 ROI. That’s no small
sweet potatoes! (Sorry couldn’t resist.)

Page 2 Continued on Page 3

Join Us In Philadelphia, PA!

Continued from Page 2

Football Season
Did someone say football? Oh yes, they did. Nothing like watching football in the middle of the season. Things are
starting to heat up for the playo s leading up to the largest sporting event in the world…Superbowl. Don’t let this
slipstream opportunity pass you by. Trust me, your customers are thinking about this sporting event right now so
get in on the action!
Some merchants used this marketing campaign to
continue to get members in their doors and saw an
average ROI of $14 to $1.

Breast Cancer Awareness
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I love this promotion because you can help your customers do
something good for others. Breast cancer is a horrible disease that will develop in 1 in 8 women. This promotion
gives something back when they donate to the charity of your choice for breast cancer. I call this type of promotion
a win-win.

Using the marketing campaign to the left, one auto
repair merchant received $20,292.78 in actual sales
and an ROI of $77 to $1.

“Brakes for Breasts” campaign
This campaign is for Automotive merchants
participating in the Automotive “Brakes for Breasts”
national campaign. For those, we have the version to the
left available.
Merchants who used it saw an ROI as high as $92 to $1
and actual sales of $54,731.74.
Important Note- If you are an automotive shop and
want to participate in this program please call your
Coach and let them know that you are registered for
this charity to be able to use the “Brakes for Breasts”
logo and marketing campaign.


Join Us In Philadelphia, PA! Page 3

Continued from Page 3

October Car Care Month
Additionally, October is Fall Car Care Month. The big one that all Auto Repair shops wait for all year long. The Car
Care Council reminds motorists that checking their vehicles before the temperatures drop in their area is a sensible
way to avoid being stranded out in the cold and the unexpected expense of emergency repairs. Perfect time of the
year for an auto repair shop to promote Fall Checkups.

Auto repair merchants who use the above
marketing campaign saw great returns.


This campaign does so well, we thought we’d
share more than one merchant’s results. Below
are just a few examples:

Merchant 1 Actual Sales ROI An alternative marketing campaign for the Fall Car Care Month
Merchant 2 $23,309.46 $46 to $1 is the above. One auto repair merchant used this and saw an
Merchant 3 $51,228.21 $56 to $1 ROI of $26 to $1 and $11,671.81 in actual sales.
Merchant 4 $30,185.23 $28 to $1
Merchant 5 $26,501.31 $55 to $1 Kids Flashlight Promotion (Premium)
$15,634.01 $71 to $1

What a better way to make sure the kids in your
neighborhood are safe. This is a Marketing
Premium Campaign that o ers a free
high-powered ashlight when the campaign is
redeemed instead of a traditional o er. This
premium has a high perceived value and can be
purchased quite cheaply and increase the
average transaction size while avoiding a

Don’t get scared into slow sales this October. Show your And it ts in with the Halloween theme and keeps
customers some treats, no tricks, with a done for you campaign kid’s safe by giving them something they can use.
ready to go. Call your coach at 1-888-353-5012 to order You can purchase these from Amazon for as little
your marketing campaign now! $1.34 each. I would suggest calling your coach
and they can help you set this up.

Page 4

Join Us In Philadelphia, PA!

September 2019 Issue

Featured Articles

This publication is brought to you by Royalty Rewards® | | 1-888-353-5012 |

By Bent Hansen, Platinum Elite Member

How To “Reach And Motivate” Your Staff

That one word may bring tons of emotions and reactions to managers and owners
alike. “I hate my staff!” “I love my staff!” “How can I motivate my staff?” “They just don’t
care…” And most likely, all of these at the same time, depending on the minute.

A couple years ago I had a busboy take a broom and sweep off a table in the dining room. Yes. He used a broom.
During a busy time. Big sigh. I didn’t see it myself, but a customer alerted me to what he witnessed. I was alarmed.
Mortified would be a be er word.

I approached the busboy with anger and ready to let my full fury out on him. I did. He responded that a glass had
broken on the table and he determined using a broom was the safest way to clean up the glass and not get cut or
have shards of glass in a towel. I was impressed that he took time to consider and execute the method he thought
was best to clean the table safely. I apologized and praised him for making an excellent decision and then coached
him how his decision may be perceived by guests in the restaurant.

I have found that when staff is educated or understands the “why” to a specific task or procedure, it changes how
they approach the task and their job. They feel ownership, they feel like they are an important part of the
successful operation of the restaurant.

When staff lacks this bigger vision, tasks have no meaning and are completed because “they are supposed to.” Will
it get done? Maybe. Will you or a manager have to check and follow up and inspect? Absolutely. Because they do
not share in the vision.

Having an overarching culture or mission statement in place is helpful to create
this vision and get staff unified and working towards the same result. At my
restaurant my culture and mission statement are both “Happy Gringos.” That’s it.
These 2 words are the overarching principle that serve as a beacon to decision
making and operations in the restaurant.

That is not to say that we do not have procedures or standards in place. But when procedures are seen from the
point of view of our mission statement, it changes WHY they need to be done. It also can change WHY they need to
be done in a certain way.

And, since it is impossible to have a wri en procedure for everything that could happen in a business, an
overarching mission that is integrated and understood by the staff can give a framework to on-the-spot decision

The beauty of this? Happy Gringos means something different to each staff member. I can’t think and train every
single way to produce Happy Gringos, but by se ing this as a beacon for the staff, I get to see what Happy Gringos
look like to every single staff member. And, quite frankly, its inspiring to see the many ways it appears. That’s not to
say I immediately understand how what they did furthers the mission, but it is always fun and educational to hear
how they thought it did – and then praise them for it.

Page 1 of 2

What We Learned From
“Goats On The Roof”

By: Gary Leech, Platinum Elite Member

Business expansion creates numerous challenges - from fundraising and
design to correctly gauging the potential for success. Gathering knowledge
is vital to successful planning. This means far more than just wildly ambitious
thoughts jo ed down on paper. It helps to brainstorm with others who have
been in your position and can give you actual examples of what can go
wrong, what really worked well, and solutions to the many challenges that
will arise along the way.

A ending Royalty Rewards meetings have always proven to be invaluable to our business, but recently, it
provided the exact insight and affirmation we needed to gauge the potential success of a new opportunity.

We have been working on purchasing 12 acres of prime land adjacent to our property for a while now. A er
forging through the funding challenges, we will close on this $1 million property within the next few weeks.
We needed the property secured for parking but were very excited about its potential for expansion
opportunities. Adjacent to our property and along busy Route 1, it’s prime real estate, so we’ve been
brainstorming what we could do to develop it in the future.

With our food truck park and the doughnut shop/restaurant, we've been able to capture the dining
interests of visitors, but we think there's potential to build something where people want to spend the
entire day - if we plan it correctly and be smart with our use of the space. Even if we discover we can never
develop the residential portion of the property and just make it walking trails, if we can connect all the
elements in the front half, it could make this a very special location.

While at the conference in Vancouver, we found several parallels
when we visited this place called Coombs Old Country Market on
Vancouver Island, also known as “Goats on the Roof.” Its location isn't
easy to get to and is in the middle of basically nowhere, but it brings
in $12 million a year in revenue.

The layout was a great example of what we had started to envision for our new land. It was a nice
combination of rustic architecture and landscape, making it a comfortable inviting space for people. The
core is a large country store that literally has goats grazing on their grassed roof, but then there's all these
li le pockets of stores/restaurants which all are owned by the same place but look like they are
completely separated. There's an Italian restaurant, a Mexican restaurant, a Mexican food truck, a
doughnut shop, a market place, a po ery store, a garden store, etc.

Nothing we had there was particularly tasty or unique - outside of the goats, but the place was so well
laid-out that it felt like we were in a much bigger space than it actually was. The property did not have
much frontage on the main road, but it went very far back (90% of the parking was in the rear). This is very
similar to the land we are acquiring.

It was great to see this successful enterprise that was consistent in many ways to what we wish to do. We
want to create a space that has multiple uses, perhaps anchored by a similar large country store, and that
allows for people to spend their day or evening there. Luckily, we don't need goats to get people to our

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October 2019

Sales Boost Marketing Campaigns

Make a selection from these featured Sales Boost Marketing Campaigns or visit to view ALL Sales Boost Marketing Campaigns.

699 Mystical Pumpkins

700 Moonlight Bats 567 Breast Cancer Awareness

719 Anytime Football 465 National Car Care

ORDER DEADLINE: Monday, September 9th, 2019

To place your order call your coach at 1-888-353-5012 Page 1 of 2

184 Auto Winter 403 Pumpkin Harvest - CDN
404 Turkey Pie - CDN 471 Retail

470 World Series 565 Halloween

574 Sewing Halloween 701 Countryside Drive

Premium Marketing Campaigns

For more information on these and other Premium Marketing Campaigns talk to your Royalty Rewards® Coach.

566 Halloween Kids Safety 1164 Safety Flashlight 178 #1 Pumpkin Giveaway

ORDER DEADLINE: Monday, September 9th, 2019

To place your order call your coach at 1-888-353-5012 Page 2 of 2

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