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2019 Mar Royalty Rewards Newsletter Flipbook

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2019 Mar Royalty Rewards Newsletter Flipbook

2019 Mar Royalty Rewards Newsletter Flipbook

March 2019 Issue

North America’s Most Comprehensive & the
Professionally Delivered Marketing Program
EZ Profit Report®
That Automatically Delivers a Flood of
Customers To Your Door Every Day!

This publication is brought to you by Royalty Rewards® | | 1-888-353-5012 |

From the desk of Rory Fatt... Let’s Hear From The Front Lines

We thought we’d start doing something di erent and let you hear from one of our Royalty Rewards® coaches. Tina
Hernandez, our Program Director, has been with Royalty Rewards® for 7 years, and I’m sure many of you have had
the opportunity to talk to her. I’ve asked Tina to share her top three tips that she recommends to her merchants to
make sure they’re getting the most out of their Royalty Rewards® program and keeping a steady ow of customers
returning through their doors.

Over the past 7 years that I’ve been a part of Royalty Rewards®, the best part of this job for
me is primarily the relationships that I have with my merchants. It’s so rewarding when I’m
able to see that something I’ve suggested has helped them to bring in more revenue into
their business and improve my merchants’ relationships with their customers.

Here’s my top 3 recommendations that I give to my merchants to help increase their sales and pro ts.
1 - Focus on signing up customers. The easiest way to do this is to promote the Royalty Rewards®

Member app. This means less data entry for you and saves you money on membership cards. Plus,
you can sign up people right on the spot and they can start collecting rewards points right away.

2 - Process those transactions! It’s so important. You’ve made a commitment to your members that
they’ll earn points every time they come in to your business and points are added when you
process their transactions correctly. And happy customers are returning customers!

3 - Use Sales Boost Campaigns. This will generate additional visits and encourage your customers to
spend more than they might have otherwise. Plus, seeing those eye-catching postcards in the
mail will keep your business top of mind.
With the next Quantum Leap Live! event just about to happen, I wanted to share with
everyone the feedback I’ve heard from my merchants who have attended events in the
past. Time and time again I hear that they return to their businesses after attending an
event renewed and rejuvenated and ready to put all the ideas they had during the event
into practice to grow their sales. Not to mention they get rst-hand information on what’s
new with Royalty Rewards®! Those who send sta say that the sta return with a much
better understanding of how the program works and why it’s so important to get
customers signed up and ensure they are processing transactions.

Tina Hernandez, All of us Royalty Rewards® Coaches are here to help you so please don’t hesitate to call us!
Program Director We love to keep in touch with our merchants, hear what you’re doing, and help in any way
and Sr. Account Coach we can. - Tina


Time’s Up - Income Tax Campaign Page 2

Vancouver Will Blow Your Mind! Page 3 Join Us on June 10/19

Time’s Up!
Income Tax Campaign Deadline is Mar 8/19!

Every year, Merchants have a huge success with this, redemption rates are some of the highest we see, and customer
feedback is incredibly positive. Merchants report that their customers love the promotion and look at it all as a fun way
to promote your Business.

The results are INCREDIBLE! Have you set yours up yet?
Call your Royalty Rewards® Coach Toll Free at 1-888-353-5012, Monday to Friday, 9:30 am EST to 6:30 pm EST, email

your Coach, or go to
Here are the AVERAGE results for a few business categories. The results you experience will be directly tied to the number of mailings you
decide to send and how well you track the campaign when it is redeemed in your business.
• Restaurants: on average tracked �16,694.53 in sales and an ROI of �24 to �1 for every dollar they invested
• Auto Repair: tracked �26,375.78 in sales and an ROI of �154 for every dollar they invested
• Mens and Ladies Apparel and Accessories: tracked �12,491.64 in sales and an ROI of �32 for every dollar they invested
• Retail / Other: tracked �8,554.57 and an ROI of �26 for every dollar they invested
We can’t think of any Royalty Rewards® client that wouldn’t benefit from this highly successful PROVEN Sales Boost marketing campaign.
Creating a marketing campaign related to tax time is slipstream marketing; taking advantage of what’s on your customers’ minds and
linking your business to it. Tax talk is all over the media and this Royalty Rewards® marketing campaign, one of our most successful yet, is
timed to arrive at the same time as people are receiving their Tax Refunds. It has higher redemption rates than many of our other Sales
Boost marketing campaigns and here’s why.

1. List Target Options: We have two versions, one for ACTIVE rewards members, the other to encourage INACTIVE AND LOST
customers back into your business to reactivate them into ACTIVE rewards members. Each has slightly different copy in the
letter to ensure you are speaking to the right audience.

2. Strategic Offers maximize profit: A Merchant had a very successful Tax Break Campaign in 2017 reporting �8,124.05 in
sales with a 30.7% redemption rate but wanted to improve their profits, so they reduced their offer in 2018 from �8.34 to
�4.83. Sales in 2018 were higher at �15,794.27 and the lower offer amount increased their profits. There’s lots of flexibility
with your offers so you maximize profit; choosing an offer with an odd amount makes the campaign “refund” check more

3. Motivates Increased Visits: Due to Royalty Rewards® accurate reporting, stats from previous years have shown that
those that redeemed their campaign came back and spent more throughout the course of the campaign. Members were
more engaged with the business. One merchant had First Redemptions of 39% and an ROI of �13 to 1, but even better, actual
sales were more than double first redemptions.
With Royalty Rewards® all of your marketing is measurable. Each Tax Break check has a customized barcode on it, just like all the other
marketing you send via Royalty Rewards®. Your team scans the barcode using your Royalty Rewards® wand and enters the transaction
amount into the Royalty Rewards® device you’ve chosen. Once scanned correctly, the results for the campaign will appear in your Royalty
Rewards® database to review. That’s the important part so you know EXACTLY how much money this sales boost campaign made you!
As always, we recommend you keep the redeemed marketing until the campaign is over. At the end of the month, compare it to the ACTUAL
number of transactions in your Royalty Rewards® database. If they’re not the same number of redemptions, your Royalty Rewards® Coach
can investigate and fix them, so your results are accurate for next year. Last year, one Merchant missed tracking almost half of them,
resulting in over �10,000 in sales being underreported.

Page 2 Deadline to Order is March 8th, 2019! To get this turnkey Sales Boost Campaign underway, call your
Royalty Rewards® Coach Toll Free at 1-888-353-5012, Monday to Friday, 9:30 am EST to 6:30 pm EST,
email your coach, or go to and we’ll get back to you right away.
As always, we are dedicated to your continued success!

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Join Us In Vancouver, BC!

Vancouver Will Blow Your Mind!
We hope you’re as excited as we are about the June 2019 Quantum Leap Live! Bootcamp in our
hometown of Vancouver, BC! (June 10th) followed by the Platinum Elite Meeting (June 11& 12th).

June is the perfect time to visit Vancouver; there’s so much to see and do, and the weather
should be great. The trees will be in full bud and the weather will be balmy.
Our offices are a ways from where the event hotel is in the action
of downtown, so you won't be seeing us in our "natural environment"
but here's a photo of where we all are each day. All the Coaches
will be attending the meeting, so you can meet them in person, ask
questions and get immediate answers. Breakfast, lunch and your hotel
(as a QLC member) are provided when you register for the event, so
all you need to do is get here!
Vancouver is on a lot of people’s lists for “someday I’d like to visit” and now is your chance,
it should be a business expense (talk to your accountant) to write off too!

When you come to Vancouver, we'll be meeting you in the heart of the city, surrounded by
incredible views, lots of restaurants and nightlife, shopping, and whatever else you are looking
for. Best of all, it will all be right out the hotel front door!

Here’s some ideas from our team about Vancouver and what they love to show people when they have
someone in from out of town. Since you'll be staying right downtown in the heart of Vancouver,
all these things are easily within either a cab ride, or public transit.

Granville Island is an all-time favorite. We love all the artisan stands, the
amazing food marketplace, and the unique boutiques. Have lunch outside …listen
 to local musicians…then take the Aquabus over to Yaletown and enjoying the

scenery and people watching.

The Capilano Suspension Bridge is suspended over a river in the North
Shore Mountains, it'll give you an adrenaline rush! 

 Close by the event hotel for coffee, drinks food,
shopping and people watching both Robson Street and
Yaletown… and Gastown (a historical old neighborhood
finding a new life with hipsters)– lots of
restaurants and pubs in the area!

We like to walk around Canada Place, visit the new convention center and 2010
Olympic cauldron. Take the sea bus to Lonsdale Quay, grab something to eat at
the market and have lunch outside by the fountain overlooking the water and
Vancouver. Then, grab coffee at Starbucks and then walk around the waterfront 
park by the seawall.
The Best Things About Vancouver Are FREE!

What’s best about Vancouver is our scenery - walking around and taking it in. And that’s FREE!

If you like to walk or take a tour we have one of the nicest metropolitan parks
in the world, Stanley Park. It overlooks the North Shore Mountains, beaches,
forest and the Vancouver skyline. Depending on how far you like to walk you
could do parts of it, hop on hop off trolley service, even horse and buggy
tours. The concierge at your hotel could easily arrange for you.

Since you’ll be close, you might take some time to go to Whistler. This ski resort has become a
year-round destination in the most incredible mountains you’ve ever seen. It’s where most of the
2010 Olympics were, there is a great village, great trails nearby through the woods, lots of
gondola rides to see the mountains including one brand new one that goes from one mountain peak
to another (it’s called Peak-To-Peak...must have been a bright marketer who named that). It
really is breathtaking.

Join Us In Vancouver, BC! Page 3

Event (Continued from Page 3)

Calendar As for food...Vancouver really can't be beat! There are tons of
great restaurants depending on what you like. We have Italian, Thai,
Summer 2019 Vietnamese, Japanese, Steakhouses, casual fine dining - you name it,
you'll find it in Vancouver. The inner harbor where the Sea Planes
Up and Coming land overlooking the North Shore Mountains is stunning on a clear
Events: dayand is right beside the Trade and Convention Center.

"The number of truly outstanding restaurants in Vancouver
is astonishing, and the prices are ridiculously low when
compared to other food capitals..." – New York
We can't wait to have you here. Make sure you register to attend,
and we'll send you all the details you need about the hotel and
getting here and across the border into Canada. Make a Date For

June 2019 The Quantum Leap Live! Bootcamp is FREE for Quantum Leap Club
Members (if you’re not already a Member, upgrade today and you’ll
Where: Vancouver, BC automatically be able to attend for FREE including 2 Nights Hotel
Accommodation)! These meetings are a great chance for every Royalty
Quantum Leap Live Event Rewards® Merchant to get away from their business in an exciting
June 10, 2019 location to relax a little, play a little, and come home armed with
the solutions to dramatically grow your sales and profits!
Platinum Elite Meeting
June 11-12, 2019 In Vancouver BC - June 2019!

Contact Address: 1124 Fir Ave, And since it’s in Vancouver, BC, our hometown, all our Coaches
#161, Blaine, WA 98230 will be in attendance, including YOURS! This is a great
opportunity to meet them in person, site down for a face to
Phone: 1-888-353-5012 face discussion, ask questions, and get immediate action! All
Monday – Friday 9:30 am-6:30 while you are surrounded by one of the best cities to visit -
pm Eastern or leave a message beautiful scenery, amazing outdoor activities, award winning
24 hours a day 7 days a week attractions in a thriving vibrant city. Come and see us!
and your call will be returned.
Reserve Your FREE Seat(s) online at
Fax: 1-800-253-1633
[email protected] to avoid disappointment or call
1-888-353-5012 Page 4
North America’s Most Comprehensive
& Professionally Delivered Marketing
Program That Automatically Delivers a
Flood of Customers To Your Door

Every Day...

March 2019 Issue

North America’s Most Comprehensive & Marketing
Professionally Delivered Marketing Program Toolbox

That Automatically Delivers a Flood of
Customers To Your Door Every Day! | 1-888-353-5012 | Monday To Friday, 9:30 am to 6:30 pm EST

April’s Marketing Campaign Ideas

For Your Business!

By: Director Of Member Services Michael Thibault

Tax Break Sales Boost Campaign Who’s an April Fool? Not you, if you’re planning your marketing for
April now, not waiting to the last minute to ensure success! That’s
what Royalty Rewards® does. Helps you plan to be successful with
your marketing for your business. All done for you! (And don’t forget
to keep using your marketing calendar that we sent you in December
of last year.)

Spring has sprung and it’s time to start having some fun with your
customers. There are so many di erent slipstream events in the
month of April to ll your marketing funnel I don’t know where to
begin. But don’t worry, I’m not going to get wordy and keep
reminding you to not be boring with your marketing or your

Everyone wants an experience, not just a transaction. Nope, not
going to do that because you already know it. I’m just going to get
your creative juices owing with some awesome ideas using April
events and slipstream marketing to increase your April sales.

Before I start talking about all those great campaigns, just want to
remind you the Tax Break Sales Boost Campaign is still available to
order this month. If you’d like more details make sure you talk to
Royalty Rewards® Coach by calling 1-888-353-5012.
Results, on average:
•Restaurants tracked $16,694.53 in sales and an ROI of $24 to $1 for every
dollar they invested in this Sale Boost campaign.
•Auto Repair Shops tracked $52,831.96 in sales and an ROI of $77 for
every $1 they invested.
•Mens and Ladies Apparel and Accessories tracked $12,491.64 in sales
and an ROI of $32 for every $1 they invested.

th Features: Page 1 Continued on Page 2
Page 2
Join Us On June 10th, 2019! Tax Break Sales Boost Page 3 Page 1 Easter Page 4
National Car Care
Scratch and Win

Continued from Page 1 By sending out one of these:
•One restaurant merchant saw $15,658.99 in actual
Easter- April 21st sales and a $29 to $1 ROI
Easter is the big event for the month, so people will •One retail merchant saw $14,523.72 in actual sales
celebrate this in a big way, and they’re expected to and a $30 to $1 ROI
spend about $16.8 billion on attire, gifts and food. These t in perfectly with this time of year and will
It would be a shame to miss out on this large event that capture your customer’s attention in their mailbox.
is top of mind for your customers. Royalty Rewards® And it’s all done for you. Simply call your coach for
o ers many done-for-you, Easter-themed Sales Boost help and capitalize on this big event.
Marketing Campaigns featuring Easter eggs and a cute
bunny. Who doesn’t love a cute bunny for Easter?

Happy Spring/Goodbye Winter
April means spring has sprung and it’s time to start
having fun with your customers. I’m in Michigan and I’m
glad when the weather starts turning warmer. So are
your customers. Why not celebrate with a beautiful
Sales Boost Campaign personalized and delivered to
their mailbox.
Spring is the time to get out and do stu . Why not have
your customers come to your business and end their
deep winter hibernation. Send them a postcard with
spring owers or an important service reminder.

Using the above Sales Boost Marketing Campaigns:
• One restaurant merchant saw $35,782.69 in actual sales and a $45 to $1 ROI
• One retail merchant saw $29,713.76 in actual sales and a $64 to $1 ROI
• One automotive merchant saw $37,508.51 in actual sales and a $149 to $1 ROI

Page 2 Continued on Page 3

Join Us In Vancouver, BC!

Continued from Page 2

And if you’re an automotive repair shop there
is even a couple of Ready To Hit The Road This
Spring campaigns just for you:

Using the “Ready To Hit The Road This Spring”
Sales Boost Marketing Campaign:
• One auto merchant saw $38,641.67 in actual
sales and a $52 to $1 ROI!

National Car Care Month
Speaking of Auto Repair Shops, April is also
National Car Care month. The Car Care Council
supports two months each year to bring
attention to the importance of car care and
preventative maintenance. These months are
National Car Care Month in April (May in
Canada) and in October there’s Fall Car Care
Month in the US and Car Safety Month in
Many businesses will hold free car care events
or clinics at their shops or at a community
event. Events typically include a free vehicle
inspection and allow you to ask a technician
questions about your car or auto maintenance
in general.
For Royalty Rewards® Auto shops there is a
National Care Car campaign to remind your
customers to bring in their vehicles to have
them inspected and serviced in the month of
April for the US and May for Canada. Good
advice for everyone.

Using one of these Sales Boost Marketing CCoonntitninuueeddoonnPPaaggee44
Page 3
• One auto merchant saw $30,448.05 in actual sales and a $63 to $1 ROI

Join Us In Vancouver, BC!

Continued from Page 3

Scratch and Win

Let’s really have some fun this Spring with your
customers. Send them a scratch and win campaign
from your business. It’s a fun way to get members
back into your business.

If you didn’t do it in March, April is also a great
month to have some fun with this. Scratch and Win
can be something simple or could include enter
quali ers for a big prize drawing.

This is a spin o on the No Peeking promotion that is
done in December. Good marketing lesson if
something works - keep doing it! Your customers
love to win, and it creates excitement with your
customers and your sta .

Your coach is an expert on these promotions and I
highly recommend reaching out to them to help you
design this Sales Boost Marketing Campaign for your

Check out all the di erent designs that we o er to t
your business. And remember call your coach for
help that’s what they’re there for.

Using the First Scratch and Win Sales Boost
Marketing Campaign:

• One automotive merchant saw $32,191.26 in
actual sales and a $94 to $1 ROI
• One restaurant merchant saw $14.330.37 in actual
sales and a $33 to $1 ROI

Using the second Scratch and Win Campaign:

• One restaurant merchant saw $13,963.75 in actual
sales and a $32 to $1 ROI

Using the third Scratch and Win Campaign:

• One restaurant merchant saw $73,997.64 in actual
sales and a $47 to $1 ROI
• One retail merchant saw $61,202.50 in actual sales
and a $41 to $1 ROI

Using the forth Scratch and Win Campaign:

• One retail merchant saw $10,115.21 in actual sales
and a $25 to $1 ROI

No matter which one you pick, you’re a winner! Call your coach at 1-888-353-5012 to get started!

Page 4

Join Us In Vancouver, BC!

March 2019 Issue

Featured Articles

This publication is brought to you by Royalty Rewards® | | 1-888-353-5012 |
By Bent Hansen, Platinum Elite Member

My Most Expensive Mistake Ever!

$326,614.27. That’s how much money I cost myself.

I was reviewing some of my old notebooks the other day and I came across an interesting page. The speci c page from 2006 had my outline to
design, create and implement my own loyalty and marketing program. It was after Rory had discussed loyalty programs and his newly launched
Royalty Rewards® program. I took an afternoon and designed each step, what needed to be done and all the details that I thought I needed for a
successful loyalty program. The plan was very speci c, and I gave myself 4 months to complete it.

I never did it.

That cost me $326,617.26

Whereever I go – seminars, presentations, meetings, etc. - I take notes. It helps me remember the stu being presented and it gives me the ability
to capture any ideas that I may have while I’m attending. Currently, I have 11 notebooks full of every plan, idea, thought that I’ve ever had. I love
doing it. It makes me feel accomplished and I love the ability to look back and nd a speci c idea. I frequently review them to get old forgotten
ideas that may have new life. It’s also fun to look back and chuckle at some of the things I thought were important from years ago.

These notebooks also have a dark side. An expensive dark side. It’s tempting to write things down, close the notebook and forget them. It’s almost
like if I write something down in my notebook, no further action is required, because it has been written down. That’s dangerous. Essentially, it’s
something like this; in one ear, write it down on paper, out the other ear and get back to my old habits after the meeting.

I wrote my plan for a self-created and self-implemented loyalty program in 2006 and I joined Royalty Rewards® late in 2008. You see, at the time I
heard about loyalty programs and wrote my plan, I thought I didn’t need Royalty Rewards®. I had my own plan. AND IT WAS EVEN WRITTEN DOWN
WITH A DEADLINE TO DO IT! At the time, I thought I had all I needed; I had a POS system that could help me run it, I had a printer at my o ce and I
was starting a customer database. I had at my ngertips all the elements of a successful loyalty program.

I’m sure you’re all familiar with that“palm on face emoji?”I’m doing that right now.

Two years later when I nally decided to sign up and implement Royalty Rewards® – cost me a ton of cash.
To be completely accurate, my delay cost me $326, 617.27.

I’m so fortunate I stopped thinking I could do it myself and utilized a professional marketing company
to support and power my loyalty program. Since I started, the sales attributed to Royalty Rewards®
are in the millions. Since joining, I had to expand – twice – and move to a new location to increase my
capacity. Best thing I ever did.

The scary thing for me is this – what other things am I not doing that are costing money?

Page 1 of 2

Are You Ready If A Key Employee Leaves?

By: Jillian Shomphe, Platinum Elite Member

Recently we lost our o ce manager abruptly. It was very
unexpected, and we were not prepared at all. Fortunately, it
was during our slower season, but it has been quite the
recovery process just the same. This event made me realize
how unprepared we are if key people decide to leave. Luckily
much of my o ce manager's duties was just to make my life
easier, so it has mainly only a ected me.

We were in the process of training an additional sta member on how to use the Royalty Rewards®
website and all the procedures with our members which has been great but her other duties will
need to wait until we can hire a replacement for her.

If this was our kitchen manager or any of our other key mangers it would have been a bigger issue
for us I believe. In our slow season we work with a bare bone sta as is.
My plan going forward, for the future, is to cross train other sta members with small duties that
the managers do.

These people will be able to assist if the
managers need help during our busy
season but also, if needed, we may be able
to bounce back seamlessly if one of our
managers decides to move on. I would like
to think that our management team is like
family so there is no way that I would be
blindsided by them, but our current
situation has proven me wrong. Be
prepared for the worst and your business
can always be at its best.

How well are you equipped if a key member of your sta decides to leave?

...Until next time!

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April 2019 Marketing

Where noted, Postcards come in two versions. Ask your Royalty Rewards® Coach for complete details.

644 Easter Bunny 512 Income Tax

645 Easter Basket 1153 Ntl Car Care

643 Spring Basket 741 Happy Spring 742 Happy Tulips

437 National Car Month 515 Auto Girl 1152 Road Ready

To view ALL Sales Boost Marketing Campaign Designs visit

ORDER DEADLINE: Friday, Mar 8, 2019 Page 1 of 2

To place your order call 1-888-353-5012 or FAX 1-800-253-1633

All though it may still be cold out, get your members out and returning with Spring Fever Marketing Campaigns!
(Held over from March).

121 Baseball 434 Frog 120 Trees

123 Snowman 433 Macaw 122 Golf

Scratch & Premium Marketing Campaigns

The following are available any month to drive your customers back into your business...

306— No Peeking 307—Winner 502—Balloon Girl 735 Road Ready

539— BBQ Grill Set 570—Steak Knives 1164—Safety Flashlight 1163—Wiper Blades

Monthly Campaign Postcards

All campaigns can be viewed at

If you’re interested in updating your selection call your Royalty Rewards® Coach at 1-888-353-5012.

ORDER DEADLINE: Friday, Mar 8, 2019

To place your order call 1-888-353-5012 or FAX 1-800-253-1633 Page 2 of 2

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