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2018 May Royalty Rewards Newsletter Flipbook

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2018 May Royalty Rewards Newsletter Flipbook

2018 May Royalty Rewards Newsletter Flipbook

May 2018 Issue

North America’s Most Comprehensive & EZthe Profit
Professionally Delivered Marketing Program Report®

That Automatically Delivers a Flood of
Customers To Your Door Every Day!

This publication is brought to you by Royalty Rewards® | | 1-888-353-5012 |

From the desk of Rory Fatt... Spring Cleaning For Your Business

May is a beautiful time of year for all parts of the U.S. and Canada and it marks the
beginning of spring. It’s also the time of year that we celebrate Mother’s Day. I would
like to give a special Thank You to my Mom and all the Moms in our lives. Enjoy your
special day this month, you deserve it.

This time of year is also a good time to Spring clean not only your house but your business. You might be
looking at the list you created on January 1st and all the things you want to accomplish with your business,
and you don’t have as many of the items checked off as you might have wanted by now. Don’t worry, May is
the perfect time to re-focus your goals and start with a clean slate. With some fresh ideas and perspectives
in the mix, it can generate a new energy in your business. One of the ways we generate new ideas and
re-focus is by having a team building training day that we schedule months in advance three times a year.
The entire team gets together to connect, evaluate and share ideas for improvement. I find these meetings
invaluable and a great source of information to propel us forward towards our company goals for the
second half of the year.

This is something you might want to consider for your company as well. You’ll need to plan it in advance
and get it on the calendar to make sure it happens. Planning is crucial to your success and growth, just like
planning out your next promotion. And I want to let you know we are here to help. Contact your Royalty
Rewards® coach and they will be happy to schedule a time to map out your promotions with you to help
increase your sales over the next few months. Your coach is an excellent resource for you.

Two of the next big events that will be on your customers’ minds that you can use to start planning
promotions around are Father’s Day in June and Independence Day on July 4th in the U.S. Don’t wait until
the last minute for these two opportunities to help promote your business. Making a strategic plan for your
marketing gives you a much better chance for success. There are lots of ideas for June promotions in the
Marketing Toolbox insert included with this newsletter. Call your coach for help, that’s what we’re here for,
to help grow your business!

I hope you made plans to join me in Chicago on June 25th for our next Must-Attend
Business Growth Event- The Royalty Rewards® Quantum Leap Live Bootcamp. During
this special event, you'll get laser-focused direction and clarity on how to implement
and achieve massive results, and create a BIG Quantum Leap in income and growth for
your business. If you haven’t registered yet and are interested in attending, I strongly
encourage you to contact your coach today to see if there are any spots still available.

Hope to see you in Chicago!

Features: Page 2 Join Us On
Page 4 June 25th, 2018!
We Missed You At Las Vegas
Win $100 Amazon Gift Card

We Missed You!
We’ve just come home from our Quantum Leap Club Bootcamp in Las Vegas, where
There's plenty of time to get Merchants from across North America come together to strategize and learn how to
questions answered from the take their business to the next level. For those of you who weren’t able to attend, we
presenters or from other Merchants wanted to give you some of the highlights of what you missed. As you know, it is a
in the room. This is one of the most huge advantage to be there as you get all the information first hand, and you get to
valuable parts of attending live. talk to other Royalty Rewards® Merchants which is a very big benefit on its own!

These events are small, so there is a lot of opportunity for questions and discussions
among the group. We had a room full of business owners, managers and employees,
which makes for a variety of perspectives on ways to manage your account.

We talked about how their marketing is working both online and offline, what media and campaigns are getting the
best ROI, how best to utilize the program in their specific businesses, discovered what other successful Merchants
are doing to get more people signed up into the program, and so much more.

The basic principles are always covered at these events so we answered the question: How Do I Increase ROI and
Get Better Results from Royalty Rewards®? The answers fall into these four categories:

1. CAPTURE – Increase Rewards Members

2. NURTURE – Build Relationships (increase transactions and engagement)

3. MONITOR – Audit, Lower Costs, Improve

4. GROW – Increase Sales and Profits

At each event we highlight different Platinum Elite Merchants who are finding ways
to improve their results, make more money, or free up time. This time, we shared
the impressive success Platinum Elite member Wayne Michelli had with CAPTURING
new members, NURTURING them and ensuring all of their transactions are
captured. There are more details on how he did it on page 3 of this newsletter.

The event is designed so you can easily Rory revealed the latest and greatest Royalty Rewards® App version, and shared the
network with other merchants and get benefits now available to your customers through the App. They can manage their
time to talk the Coaches in attendance. entire rewards experience, sign themselves up (saving you data entry), check

their points balance, and review and redeem available rewards - all on their smartphones. This really changes the

face of the program for your customers, and can significantly lower your costs. The Royalty Rewards Wizard™ has

also been updated. It’s fully customizable and provides the ability to scan promotions directly into your database,

search for a customer who has forgotten their membership details, or capture a transaction. While attending,

merchants talked to their Coach, ask questions and walked through the app live, which was well received.

A session was dedicated to the simple steps of creating a marketing calendar for your In addition to making themselves
business. This is such an effective way to level out your sales over the course of a year, available for questions and feedback,
(no dips and valleys), plan for the times when you know are traditionally slow, and the Coaches offer breakout sessions
encourage your customers to come back, which makes for less stress and more profits! for your key team member associated

Merchants in attendance were rewarded for reaching new Membership Milestones for the with Royalty Rewards®.
number of rewards members signed up. Of note was Rolf Williams, of Jerrol's Books, who
just reached 20,000 members!

Online reviews are of such value to every business now that we spent an entire session on how to get more positive
ones. Michael Thibault, of Strategic Marketing, shared the latest changes that Google and Facebook made. You
really need to be paying attention as they change often.

The event was so full of information and so much fun, this was just the tip of the iceberg. Remember our next
Quantum Leap Club Bootcamp is in Chicago (that’s easy to get to!) on June 25th. It’s a FREE event and lunch is
included, plus a cocktail reception immediately afterwards, joined by some Platinum Elite Members. If you have
never been to our events before and can make the trip, register NOW at:

Page 2 Join Us In Chicago!

More Members + More Transactions
= More Sales

In February at the Las Vegas Quantum Leap Live event, we highlighted Platinum Elite member Wayne Michelli, of
Riverfront Seafood Company, who’s having great success signing up new members and capturing all transactions.

Wayne stresses the information he gets from Royalty Rewards® is only as good as the data they enter. That means if
transactions and marketing campaigns aren’t captured correctly, or the data entry isn’t correct, the results are
inaccurate and underrepresented. As a result, he’s set up systems and processes to ensure his staff inputs complete
and accurate information. We’ll let Wayne’s words take over here.

WE PROMISED. When we signed up our guests we promised them that by them giving us their information, we would, in
return, track their spending and send them awards.

By capturing each member visit, six important things happen:
1. Members stay active that would otherwise go lost
2. Lost Members = no return visits (we lose control)
3. Active Guest = more frequent guests
4. We receive feedback in the form of INTERNAL reviews. They allow us to know how we are doing.
5. Internal reviews lead to more positive EXTERNAL reviews on the review sites (Trip Advisor, Google etc.)
6. More Positive reviews = More new customers

Idea 1 - Offering an incentive

Immediately upon returning from the meeting, we talked to the servers about focusing on sign ups and the importance
of them to the rewards program. Then we added a heading to the fresh catch list:

"Free Dessert if your server does not ask if you would like to sign up for Riverfront Rewards"

In the first 2 weeks, we had 537 new sign ups. Over the next month, we had 510 more for total of 1047 in 6 weeks.

When we give away a free dessert, the company eats the cost of dessert but the server’s normal section size is reduced
by 1 table. It didn’t take long for the staff to realize we’re serious about sign ups Even in our slowest month we signed
up 545 new members. Our transaction percentage was 15-19% before joining Platinum, but after returning from our
1st meeting and changing the free dessert wording, it increased to the 25-30% range. Then in February 2017, we
started daily tracking of sales % and reporting them to the staff. By May 2017 we were up to 45%.

Idea 2 - Improve staff accountability

We began tracking swipe percentage by staff member with a goal for each person to be +50%. We rank the list daily,
and the top person gets a prize, and the two people at the bottom get random “special cleaning projects”. If all
employees exceed 50% tracking then no “special projects” are awarded.

Idea 3 - Capture transactions without a card and reactivate lost members

This is a common problem. Customers frequently forget their cards but still want their points earned for that visit. We
get servers to write the member information on the check (their name and email address), then management looks them
up in the Royalty Rewards® database and processes the transaction. (Note: The Wizard could also be used for this).

If the customer was lost or inactive, by capturing the information and transaction this turns them back to ACTIVE. Since
this is so valuable, the manager puts them in a special jar and they are worth $2 each. At end of the month reactivations
are added up and the staff member who has the most reactivations gets 2/3 of the money and the staff member who got
the second most gets 1/3. In January the pot had 53 reactivations. The top person captured 35 of them, and got $70.

Continued on Page 4

Page 3

Event Continued from Page 3

Calendar The results? Tracking the cardless customers that we found as lost or inactive in
• Oct 2017: 71 lost and inactive reactivated
• Nov 2017: 56 lost and inactive reactivated
• Dec 2017: 52 lost and inactive reactivated
• Jan 2018: 53 lost and inactive reactivated

Up and Coming Overall Results
Events: In under 3 years Riverfront has signed up 10,000 members. Their Active Members
increased from 1321 to 6200 and continue to average 325 new signups per month even during their slowest months. They are currently at a 60-65% sales tracking
percentage, and are now striving for all guests getting credit for each visit.

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June 2018

Where: Chicago, IL
June 25, 2018
Quantum Leap Live Event
June 26-27, 2018
Platinum Elite Meeting

Contact: Tell us what you think!

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Flood of Customers To Your Door

Every Day...

Page 4

May 2018 Issue

North America’s Most Comprehensive & Marketing Toolbox
Professionally Delivered Marketing Program

That Automatically Delivers a Flood of
Customers To Your Door Every Day! | 1-888-353-5012
Monday To Friday, 9:30 am to 6:30 pm EST

June Marketing Campaign Ideas For Your Business!

By: Director Of Member Services Michael Thibault
What does summer mean to you?

Vacations, the beach, sun, pools, graduation parties, BBQ’s, boating, outdoor gatherings, kids are out of school… lots
going on for you and your customers.

Summer means your customers are ready to get outside and come visit your business and spend some money. How about
an extra $75,147.48 in sales for a roll of duct tape and a postcard! How HOT is that? But, I will get to that in a minute, I

You must remind your customers about your business by staying Top of Mind with marketing that’s already done for you.
Check out some awesome sales generating ideas below for the most popular campaigns from Royalty Rewards® that focus
on slipstream marketing in June. (And make sure to pay attention to the duct tape promotion for Father’s Day.)

Father’s Day

Ok, Moms had their chance last month now it’s our turn Dads. June 17th is good old Dad’s Day. I personally can’t wait,
being a Dad of two teenagers. Love being a Dad.

Dads are on the minds of ALL your customers in June. They are hearing about Father’s Day on the news station, on TV,
radio and the newspapers. Hard to miss this one. Perfect time for your business to show some Love to all the Dads out
there. And Royalty Rewards® has some new designs for fun postcards to send to all the Dads on your list.

This first one is the very popular Duct Tape Giveaway. What Dad doesn’t love
duct tape right? Every Dad needs another roll. I know I do! Send them a
postcard that they can bring back and redeem for a Free roll at your business.
This one is a classic. You could call it your Great Duct Tape Giveaway.

For Father’s Day, duct tape is always an easy thing for any business to buy
and give away. One auto shop saw the following in sales and ROI:

Automotive $75,147.48 $63 to $1

How Awesome is that? $75k+ from rolls of duct tape and a Royalty Rewards® postcard. This works for any business

because Dad’s love duct tape, it’s fun and it stands out to your customers. Get creative with it. One merchant even held a

tie creation contest with it... now isn’t that fun! Continued on Page 2

Join Us In Chicago On June 25th, 2018! Features: Page 3 Page 4
Summer Marketing Campaigns
21 Mistakes That Can Annihilate Your Retirement Page 1

Continued from Page 1

Check out some of the new and updated designs of other slipstream Father’s Day postcards that you can send to your
customers to get them into your business in the month of June.

On average, Merchants saw the following in sales and ROI:
Automotive: $11,687.22 $39 to $1
Restaurant: $25,349.56 $26 to $1

Restaurant: $13,739.95 $17 to $1
Automotive: $16,897.65 $70 to $1

Retail: $52,591.92 $53 to 41

Restaurant: $15,140.56 $35 to $1

This one is always a hit with Automotive. So much so, they
saw the following in sales and ROI:

Automotive $23,338.32 $57 to $1

Continued on Page 3

Page 2 Join Us In Chicago!

Continued from Page 2

Summer Campaigns

Some of us in the North wait for this day to come all year - the first day of Summer, June 21st. In June, your customers
are thinking barbeques, picnics, pools - everything that goes along with Summer. It’s my favorite time of year and I’m
sure lots of your customers agree.

Royalty Rewards® makes it easy to capitalize on Fun in the Sun and help fill your business with customers by giving you
several choices of Summer themed postcards. Check out these eye-catching designs:

On average, Merchants saw the following in sales and ROI:

Automotive: $21,123.81 $72 to $1
$46 to $1
Restaurant: $34,630.91 $21 to $1

Retail: $10,410.42

Everybody loves a gift. Why not just come right out and
say it with this postcard for your customers? Give them a
summer gift to show how much you appreciate them, and
you’ll get some great results, such as the following that a
couple other merchants saw in sales and ROI:

Restaurant: $28,629.94 $34 to $1

Retail: $17,013.98 $38 to $1

Have a lot of schools near your business? You know
there are going to be lots of graduation parties this
summer. Why not jump in on the party by sending this
themed done-for-you postcard to your list.

One restaurant merchant saw $15,068.32 in sales and a
$29 to $1 ROI.

And if none of the above Marketing Campaigns work for you, check out the following two newly redesigned Stimulus
(which can be used anytime of the year) postcards. We have two new versions to choose from that you can use to create
your own sales generating stimulus program for your business. On average merchants who use this saw the following in
sales and ROI:

Retail: $6,392.16 $38 to $1

Restaurant: $24,360.78 $21 to $1

Automotive: $38,304.48 $109 to $1

Heat things up this summer for your business by sending one or more of these sizzling slipstream done-for-you postcards
to your customers in June. But hurry, the cut off for ordering is Tuesday, May 8th.

Join Us In Chicago! Page 3

21 Mistakes That Can
Annihilate Your Retirement

Before you review this list, consider how many of these points apply to you, or if you have ever thought about
them at all!

1. Not considering the impact of taxes on your retirement income
2. Not considering the impact of healthcare costs in retirement
3. Not considering the impact of potential long-term care costs in retirement
4. Not having adequate liquidity and an emergency fund for unforeseen expenses
5. Not having your spouse “on board” with your retirement plans
6. Investing in products you do not understand
7. Not paying attention to investment costs
8. Relying on others to make financial decisions for you
9. Panicking at the first sign of a market downturn
10. Relying on a potential inheritance or winning the lottery
11. Tying up too much money in your home
12. Entering retirement with significant levels of debt
13. Borrowing money to support your lifestyle
14. Not having a properly diversified investment portfolio
15. Failing to update your insurance coverage
16. Not having a plan for Social Security
17. Believing you can do it yourself without professional credentialed help
18. Spending too much money early in your retirement
19. Having no financial plan
20. Taking no risk, too little risk or too much risk
21. Having no plan for your estate

*Opinions expressed are those of Rodger Friedman only. This information has been obtained from sources deemed reliable but its accuracy and
completeness cannot be guaranteed.

This article and website links provided are for general information only and should not be taken as constituting professional advice from
Firepower Marketing Inc. You should consider seeking independent legal, financial, taxation or other advice to check how any information
provided in this article either here or on associated website or follow up material relates to your unique circumstances. Rodger Alan Friedman
has over three decades of experience designing and managing retirement portfolios and advising clients on retirement matters. For additional
info and a free special report on preparing for retirement, call 1-844-3-MY-PLAN or visit: Copyright 2018 Rodger A.

Friedman Forging Bonds of Steel, LLC

Join Us In Chicago! Page 4

A Sneak Peek Inside Platinum Elite

By Adam Leech (Son of The Famous Donut Maker Gary Leech, Platinum Elite Member)

Page 1 The Royalty Rewards® © 2005-2018 Firepower Marketing Inc.

How Fred Saved My Tortillas

By Platinum Elite Member, Bent Hansen

Page 2 The Royalty Rewards® © 2005-2018 Firepower Marketing Inc.

June Marketing Campaign!

659 Takeoff 280 Duck Tape 660 Text Block

655 Swing Daughter 658 Retails Father’s Day 656 Hug 657 Fishing

138 Car Wash 141 Summer Drive 142 Summertime Fun

To view ALL Campaign Designs, view the other side and visit

Scratch Marketing Campaigns

The following are available any month to drive your customers back into your business...

306— No Peeking 307—Winner 502—Balloon Girl 735 Road

ORDER DEADLINE: Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Call 1-888-353-5012 To Place An Order

June Marketing Campaign!

523 Girls BBQ Summer 663 Summer Picnic 536 Retail Girl Shopping
370 Summer Boat
592 While I’m Away 448 Grad 540 Retail Sewing

686 Rewards Lost 1158 / 672 Fun At The Movies

730 Anytime Amnesty 452 Veterans 724 / 725 Stimulus Check

Monthly Campaign Postcards

To keep things fresh, we’re constantly making improvements. Check out our newly redesigned campaigns:

All campaigns can be viewed at If you’re interested in
updating your selection call your Royalty Rewards® Coach at 1-888-535-5012.

ORDER DEADLINE: Tuesday, May 8, 2018

To place your order call 1-888-353-5012 or FAX 1-800-253-1633

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