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Published by Olive Padarin, 2018-12-14 08:24:20




By Olive Padarin

Table of Contents

Chapter 1…………………………..What is Travel?
Chapter 2…………………………..Different Cultures
Chapter 3…………………………..Cost
Chapter 4…………………………..Equipment/Security

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In 2018 39 million commercial flights were performed! Today we are going
to talk about travel. Travel is going to different places, today we will learn about
what travel is, different cultures, cost of traveling, equipment/ security, and why
we travel.

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Chapter One : What is Travel?

Travel is a way of
going place to place.
There are different ways
to travel though. If you
lived in the USA for
example you might take a
road trip to another state
and that would be
traveling by car. You
could also take a plane,
boat, and if you’re crazy
a bike!

Chapter Two: Different Cultures

Culture is like every country’s own heart. A culture is the food
the country eats, the clothes they wear, the holidays they
celebrate, the music they listen to, etc. Cultures are an awesome
thing that shape every country.

Chapter Three: Cost

Traveling is very expensive, especially if you travel by plane. If you’re on a
budget the best thing to do is find a website that will get you the cheapest plane
tickets. There are three ( sometimes 4 ) classes on a plane. A class is not like a
learning class but it’s like where you sit and how nice the seats, food, and service is.
There is the best class: first class, the second best class: business class, and the worst
class but it’s not that bad in fact most people fly economy. Some planes have
premium which is just a little bit better that economy.

DY K ?




When you travel on a plane you always need luggage. You
have a big suitcase with mostly all of your clothes in it. You also
have a carry-on, a carry-on which carries all of your entertainment Security in an airport.
like an electronic and a book to keep you busy on the plane ride.
Carry-on you take on the plane while with your big suitcase you
check it in and they put it under the plane.

Security is something you have to do in the airport. Most people
find it annoying because of the wait in line but actually it keeps you
safe. They check your bags to make sure you’re not carrying and
guns, knive, explosives, etc. Then you have to walk through a human
metal detector sort of thing so they make sure you’re not hiding
anything on you. That way everyone will be safe on the plane.

Bonus Page

This is a pie chart of what reasons people travel.


I hope you enjoyed this book. Traveling is an amazing thing, so if you’ve never
traveled before it should definitely be on your bucket list. If you already are a
big traveler well then set a goal for yourself like my goal is to travel to every

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● Luggage: the suitcase that carries your stuff.
● Commercial flights: flights that are not private jets.
● Budget: when you are on a limit of money.

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