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My 2019 Colonial Ebook is a nonfiction texs with lings and moer

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Published by Nathaniel Rehder, 2019-05-22 11:19:53


My 2019 Colonial Ebook is a nonfiction texs with lings and moer


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Table of Contents

1. Welcome To The 13 Colonies! 11.

2. What Did Colonial Homes Look Like? bibliography

3. Colonial Food

4.Colonial School Kids

5. Chores

6. What did colonies do for fun

7. Jobs

9. The colonies joined together


Welcome to the 13 Colonies!

A colony is a place owned by
another country. The 13
colonies in America were
owned by England and ruled
by King George. Then
starting in the late 1400ś
explorers , like Henry
Hudson explored north
america and told people in
England to live there.. They
came for better life ,
religious freedom, wealth
and adventure. Click this link for
a video

Welcome to the 13 colonies

In the 1600s and
1700s,there were 13 colonies. A
Colony is a place owned by
another country. the thirteen
colonies in America were
owned by England and ruled
by King George. Click here for

Welcome to the 13 Colonies! 1600s and 1700


1600s and

in the late 1400ś Explorers , in the 1600s and In the 1600s and
like henry hudson explored 1700s,there were 13 1700s,there were 13 colonies
the north america and told colonies A Colony is a place owned by
people in the north america another country the thirteen
to live.that came for deter colonies in america were
life ,religious freedom,to owned by England and ruled
make money or for by king george.

What did Colonial homes look like?

Thayer are two different type of a colonial home like a log
tavern and a more modern house in side of house has a
fireplace and thayer wood be alot of wood if you live in a log
tavern but if you live in a city houses you would see less wood
and more modern stuff. Your kitchen wood have one chayer and
one tadel if you were poor but if you were rich in money you
wood have two chairs and one table. The awt side of your house
wood have a nursery ,garden,and a gardinen. Homes are
different from now and show we still have some of the same of
the homes that they had dut some of the materials we use like
wood and logs but different things we use are cement and

What Colonial homes looked like?

Log tavern ● Same or similar things Tawn haues
● Fireplace ● Fireplace
Made of mostly logs of wood ● Rug ● Rug
roof made of hay shtra and ● And one or two bed f ● And one or tow
maybe a fireplace maybe a bed
rug and one or two bed.
thatched roof

What Colonial homes looked like?

scied of a colonial home Iscied of a
colonial home

Colonial house

Colonial Food

Whats my breakfast you can have oatmeal mush with syrup
potatoes and carrots.My supper would be potatoes carrots and
ham what you can have for dinner is ham chicken and apple
stew with apples carrots and potatoes.

Colonial school kids!

‘’Good morrow mom i better go to school or I will de late.Hy my
name is Caerder I am in 5th grade and if I don't get gowing i will
be late for my first day of school . but first I need to go get the
wood from the stables and bring it into school but if i didn't
bring in wood for the fire I would have to sit away from the fire
and i wood be freising brrr but if I did bring in wood fire the fire
I wood be nice and toasty if I mist de have Iwood have to face
the music that means that Iwood have to face the consequences
and probably wear a dunce cap and I wood de in enberist in
front of the hole class and even if you say sorry it won't help you
that much so i recommend to not get in trouble like me ‘’hey
how you talkin to my ‘’bossy teacher said to me all the time’’ de
foer I leave I better hit the hay and does of to sleep.

Colonial school kids


Before school i wood have to milk the cadel gather eggs and
feed the chicken after school I have to bird hunt and
fish.colonist grow thayer food and made silverware. Yushuly
men wrecked awt doors yushuly women in doers they made
candles and soap.

What Colonists did for Fun

My games in the winter war marvel and spinning a top. In the
summer play leapfrog tag, hide-and-seek, sackand relay races.
Some other games played by the Colonial Children were nine pins
(similar to bowling, but more difficult due to uneven ground),
bow-and-arrow, quoits (ring toss), and wooden stilts.



Blind games


Jobs Jobs
blacksmith Description of job
criler The Apothecary sold medicine
tobacco spices and candy
Macs tools and stuff awt of iron.

Melts metal and macks plants and
silver weary
He rung a bell and rode in a heroes
and colonist listened to the news

The colonies joined together.

As more europeans came over the colonies
grow bigger more taws and population
were growing food was eser to get from
farmers,fishers,and hunters .

As the colonies wanted more
independent in 1776 leaders from all of the
colonies came together and made the first
codichol congres and for for the colonies
freedom and that started war called the
indipentic war or mostly named the
revolutionary war in after the war the 13
colonies broke free from England.

The colonies join together

And that started the
United States Of America also
the reason that the war started
is because the king of England
made them pay taxes and sent
soldiers over to t5he 13
colonies to live in the colonist
had to food them whatever
they wanted to eat they also
needed to give them water
and a bed to sleep


Blacksmith -Macs tools and stuff awt of iron.
Colonist- a person how setuled our loved over from a northernplas
Dos- fating to sleep.

Fatig -sierd and going to sleep
Hit the hay- go to bed



Kalman, Bobbie kams. The General Store. Crabtree Pub., 1997.

Isaacs, Sally Senzell. Life in a Colonial Town. Heinemann Library, 2001

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