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Mikey is a nice, sweet guy, he was never late but one day, it was a terrible day and it wasn't good.

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Published by Josselyn Andino, 2019-05-08 11:56:23

Mikey and His Terrible Day

Mikey is a nice, sweet guy, he was never late but one day, it was a terrible day and it wasn't good.

​ Mikey and 
His Terrible Day  


​By: Josselyn Andino 

I​ t was a beautiful day, the weather was perfect, the
birds are singing, the butterflies are flying around, the
gorgeous flowers are everywhere. One day Mikey woke
up late for work, he quickly got up and started to get
ready. He put a long sock on, he couldn’t find his other
long matching sock,so instead, he put a short sock on for
his other foot. When he went to turn on his car, his car
started to make some noises, and it was weird noises.
One minute later, he started to smell smoke outside, and it
wasn’t good. He checked outside, and he saw that his car
was burning.

He started to get scared,and he knew that he would
get fired. Three minutes later, it started to rain hard like
cats and dogs, and he got so wet. A tornado came. It took
his car. He started to panic and started to cry even more
with the rain. He tried to call a taxi, but his phone was
acting weird. Suddenly, his phone caught on fire too!
Mikey didn’t know what to do now. One hour later he was
sitting on his couch and thinking about his boss and how
mad he will be. 30 minutes later, Mikey was sleeping but
he heard someone knocking on his door.

He slowly opend it, and it was BOB! His boss from
work! Bob was so angry at him that he even cried. Mikey
was trying to tell him but Bob didn’t even want to hear a
word from him.

Bob was a man who likes eating donuts and Mikey
had some. He tried giving Bob some donuts and
explaining what happened, but Bob didn’t want any

Bob, finally told him that he’s fired and when Mikey
heard the word, “fired”, he started to cry.

Mikey shut the door so hard,and he went straight to
sleep. When he woke up, the rain had stopped, but Mikey
didn’t care. 40 minutes later, he heard another knock on
his door. He thought it will be his boss again. He opened
the door again and started yelling at him!

When Mikey was done yelling at his boss, he just
realized that he was yelling at his best friend. He felt
ashamed of himself. His best friend didn’t care because he
knew that Mikey was having a rough day. Jeff brought
some ice cream cake,and they both enjoyed eating the
cake. They both started talking about finding a new job for
Mikey but suddenly someone knocked on his door again
and this time it was his boss.

Bob told him if he can come back and work for him.
"Of course", Mikey said. Now Mikey was happy again and
he said to himself to be more responsible this time.

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