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Case Study Booklet

Case Study
Hygiene Expansion Department

Case Study: Overview
The Case Study Program
The case study program is a limited number of 20 participants to engage in an ongoing training, execution and outcome study. The purpose of the program is to expand the hygiene department by increasing the number of hygiene days per week. The program is fully elective and at this time has no fee or additional costs. Please do not engage in the program without full willingness to participate.
Training the Trainer
Each o ce must have a Project Manager for the Case Study training, execution of targets, reporting. The Project Manager is trained to train sta in-house. All materials are supplied as well as training checklists. Final learning drills are done via “share-screen” and/or Skype, which is conducted by the Viva Training Coordinator.
Forms & Monthly Reports
There are multiple forms, images and reports suppied by Viva to the Project Manager. These items are paramount in the execution and implementation of the overall program. Realize that forms, images and reports are executed on a gradient, one by one, to stably expand the hygiene department.
Group Sessions & Doctor Study Group
There are 3 group sessions with doctor study groups that are held once every 4 months, or 3 times a year. The Group Sessions cover two important aspects of the Case Study:
1) Review of progress of implementation: statistics (growth), training progress, targets accomplished. 2) Owner’s Discussion and Study: speci c isolation of best practices to share with other owners.

Case Study Requirements
Designated Project Manager
The designated project manager is vital to the success of the case study and responsible for:
a) Attending training on all aspects of the program
b) Coordination and training of employees in the o ce
c) Execution of vital elements of the Hygiene Targets
d) Monthly reports to Viva and practice owner
Case Study Training Coordinator
Project Manager contact point for training schedules, materials, execution of targets, reports and querries are sent to the Case Study Training Coordintor, Diana Galindez. Her contact information is:
Email: [email protected] Phone: (818) 243-1363
Reports & Statistics
The Project Manager is responsible to report monthly to the Case Study Training Coordintor so monitoring of progress can be obtained. Report forms will be issued by the Training Coordinator to track:
a) Training progress of project manager and employees
b) Vital targets of implementation, i.e. mission statements, signage, vivapaks distributed c) Number of recall hygiene visits increased in the department
Viva Program Requirement
The Case Study is a strategy with execution to increase hygiene department recall visits (an increase in hygiene days). To participate in the Case Study the practice must be on a Viva Program. If already on
a program the practice needs to verify with your account rep that adequate time is remaining on your Viva marketing agreement. If the practice does not have enough time, simply see your account rep to extend your marketing agreement at the current rate The case study program will run 2 1/2 years as it
a) requires 6 months to coordinate and train sta , b) requires a minimum of 6 to 7 months to BEGIN seeing results to schedule existing patients to return for their next visit, and c) It requires two years, from the initial 6 months training period and scheduling of patients for recall to begin add additional days of hygiene.

Case Study Game & Standings
Quarterly Standings: Published quarterly to all owners & Project Managers (Jan, April, July, October) Annual Standings: Published yearly in January to all owners & Project Managers
Project Manager Accomplishment
1 hygiene day added per week: 2 hygiene days added per week: 3 hygiene days added per week: 4 hygiene days added per week:
Hygiene Expansion Level I Certi cation
Hygiene Expansion Level II Certication
Hygiene Expansion Level III Certi cation Graduate Hygiene Expansion Level IV Certi cation
1025 N. Brand Blvd, Glendale, CA 91202 (818) 243-1363

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