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Published by Viva Concepts, 2018-05-07 17:21:14

Offers 2018

Order Processing
Database & Neighborhood Offers Responsibility, Procedures & Duties

Copyright © 2016 by Gregory Hughes, Viva Concepts, LLC. All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief quotations in a book review. First Printing, 2017

Offers for Database & Neighborhood Mailers
Database Mailers
The offers being used for client database mailers and neighborhood mailers has fluctuated over time since the inception of Viva. This historical information has from experience and client discussions is extremely valuable. Some of the offers have proven to generate both agreement and disagreement with various offers used.
Dollar “Gift Card” Discounts
Offers, which are “Gift Cards” that offer a dollar discount, such as $50, $75, $100 or other have routinely created confusion with both the patient of the offices as well as staff within the client’s practice.
Many times the patient will attempt to redeem 2, 3 or 4 cards at one time as they receive 4 to 5 mailers in a year. The office staff then clarify that the Gift Card is “Not valid with other offers,” which is a disclaimer on the back of the card. And in most cases the disclaimer has never been read by the patient.
Nevertheless, the staff member then relays this to the doctor and the doctor then becomes upset. Other comments that occur are:
• These patients were already schedule and were coming back anyway.
• It is costing me thousands of dollars and our office just allows them to use all the offers so they don’t get mad.
• Why am I getting so many discount cards?
• Why can’t I use this for my cleaning?
Recommendation: Dollar “Gift Card” discounts have proven to create continual disagreements and confusion with many Viva clients. These type offers are therefore restricted from being used, except in cases where the client insists upon having a “Dollar Discount,” such as $100 Gift Card, etc.
Toothbrush & Teeth Whitening Offers
Toothbrush and teeth whitening offers have generally proven to have a positive response from our clients. Both offers have created results consistently with many comments from clients stating, “these are my best offers that work well.”

However, while the comments have been generally positive, clients uniformly have brought up the cost of the toothbrush being too high. Viva supplies toothbrushes at a cost of $40 to $45 each for a high-end sonic brush.
The cost is too high and creates resistance to the doctor using the toothbrush offer. In several cases, clients procured or bought a different toothbrush from another source than Viva to bring the cost down.
Viva recently changed its toothbrush price due to a better negotiation with obtaining them due to high volume purchasing. Viva now offers the toothbrush at $15 plus shipping, thereby eliminating the concern of cost.
Recommendation: This offer is a highly recommended offer.
Similarly, teeth whitening, both in-house and teeth whitening kits are popular and meet with agreement with the client, the staff and the patient. The cost for a take-home kit is $5 to $15, a cost that obtains agreement from the client.
Recommendation: This offer is a highly recommended offer.
Inspiration Gifts as Offers
Recently Viva obtained several inspirational gifts which can be used as offers for database mailers. These gifts include:
• Inspiration Notebooks with quotes in each page and a matching pen.
• Inspirational Pen or Pen set (the set comes in a glass case with 3 pens).
• Coasters with Inspirational Coin. This comes in a glass case with 4 coaster that have an inspirational coin in the middle of the coaster.
• A “Business Card Like” black case that holds 8 or so Inspirational Quote Cards. Each inspirational quote cards contains a different quote from a famous person.
These Inspirational Gifts have a cost of $12.50 with a minimum order of 24 for any given item. Items may not be “mixed and matched” and are purchased separately in quantities of minimum orders of 24.

These offers are relatively new but were introduced to eliminate the dollar “Gift Card” discount.
Recommendation: These offers can be recommended to clients as they are nominal in price but have a much higher retail and perceived value to the client. For example, the 3-pen set would easily cost $60 to $90 so the Gift to the patient has a high perceived value, but the cost to the client is nominal.

Other Offers
Viva has used other offers, such as $500 Off Invisalign, or Braces when a patient begins their treatment; Complimentary Orthodontic Consultation; $250 to $500 Off Implants; and similar type offers.
These offers have some workability but are quite limited in workability. The reason they are limited is because there are very few patients in the entire database that need implants and similarly a small percent of the database need Invisalign.
Recommendation: These offers for database mailers are not recommended due to their limited workability.

Purpose & Types of Offers for Viva Clients
The purpose of offers for database mailers have developed over time. Viva as a System is focused as an internal-based referral system that builds the size of the database through “Care-to-Share” high-end Vivapaks and database mailers to the client’s patient base.
Clients with limited or small databases are highly recommended to neighborhood mailers in their geographic “fence,” which is the area or cart routes where their consumers are located. This is normally 1 1⁄2 to 3 miles in radius, and in rural areas this can be much larger.
Focus of the Viva Program
The focus of the Viva system is to grow the size of the Active Database, which is defined as the number of recall hygiene days increased in the practice while on their Viva Program.
Viva produces an increase in retention of patients and thereby an increase in the number of hygiene recall visits per quarter and per year.
As such, the purpose of the database mailers has evolved towards the achievement of retaining the patients of the practice.
This evolution of Viva has brought about a complete change in the use of database mailers.
The primary purpose of any database mailer is to obtain a loyal customer. The database mailer is in fact a loyalty mailer.
The mission statement and purpose of the client is focused around a “Wellness Program” with the purpose of “Educating each patient to the level of never needing dentistry in the future.”
The database mailers and the copy of each insert must FORWARD this purpose.
The Primary Workability of Database Mailers
Database mailers have been done for years by businesses across the globe. The reason database mailers are done to consumers of any business is based on a crucial business law that creates loyalty of the consumer and increase in revenue growth for the business. The practice, must remain in communication with their consumers/patients to maintain retention, loyalty and repeat business.

The most critical aspect of the mailers is, “that the patient or consumer, received a communication from the business.” Viva’s database mailers are mailed in a clear envelope giving instant recognition of “Who the mailing is from.”
Types of Database Mailers
The database mailers for all clients are done quarterly, which is once every 3 months with an additional mailer for all consumer birthdays, giving each client a total of 5 database mailers per year. These database mailers are standardized as follows:
1. A “Happy Birthday” mailer.
2. A “Happy New Years” mailer (sent at the end of December) 3. A “Spring Mailer” (sent in March)
4. A “Summer Mailer” (sent in June)
5. A “Happy Holiday” mailer (sent in October)
The above mailers and their dates are not optional. All database mailers and dates establish above are done by Order Processing Department. The reason for this is because it reduces the cost of materials and each client’s program as the streamlines delivery, reduces labor and confusion for production, mailing and shipping.
The Most Highly Recommended Database Mailers
The most highly recommended database mailers for clients are based on an Inspirational message that aligns with the purpose of retaining their patients by use of a repeated statement that focuses on the increasing the number of hygiene recall visits.
As such, the copy of each database mailer contains a warm message from the doctor and the hygienist that communicates “the Wellness Program through education to eliminate their dentistry for a lifetime.”
The “Orientation” given to clients emphasizes their database mailers to be high-level communication to re- enforce their overall purpose of retaining the patient through alignment with their purpose to “educate the patient to eliminate their dentistry for a lifetime.”
As such, the clients are told “do not give a dollar discount,” rather give a “gift of inspiration.”

The Ideal Scene for Client Database Offers The Ideal Scene for each of the 5 database mailers are as follows:
1. Birthday Mailers: An inspirational quote card on the presentation card as a “gift to lift their day.” Copy is simply,
Wishing you the most wonderful day on your birthday!
In hopes of lifting your spirits and to quicken your step, we have included an inspirational quote for this special day.
Our continuing inspiration for you and those who surround you is to achieve the goal of “Wellness,” of never needing dentistry in the future.
Hope to see you soon at your next hygiene visit. Our Kindest Regards,
Your Dental Hygienist & Dr. ___________
Goes on the back of the presentation card.
Inspiring people is a hallmark of one of the greatest attributes in helping people you care for and love. Pay it Forward to family and friends...again, wishing you a most joyous day on your birthday!
2. Happy New Year’s Mailer: An inspirational quote card on the presentation card as “a gift to start your new year.”
Dear ,
A new year is upon us and we wanted to take this opportunity to simply say, “Happy New Year.” In hopefulness of creating the best possible year we have included an inspiration quote card.
Inspiration from determined and accomplished individuals often lets one reflect on own goals and dreams. Determination to achieve one’s dreams has been traveled by the most accomplished inspired men and women.
We hope to continue to inspire you to achieve the mutual goal of “Wellness,” ... of never needing dentistry in the future.
Looking forward to seeing you at your next hygiene visit. Our Kindest Regards,
Your Dental Hygienist & Dr. ___________

Goes on the back of the presentation card.
Inspiring people is a hallmark of one of the greatest attributes in helping people you care for and love. Pay it Forward to family and friends... wishing you and your loved ones the best year ever!
3. Spring Mailer: An inspirational quote card on the presentation card as “a beginning of spring.”
Dear ,
Words can’t describe the fragrance and breath of spring. This time of the year is a remembrance of starting things, cleaning things and outdoor things.
We have included an inspirational quote to spring your thoughts into the coming days and months ... in aspiration to achieve your wishes.
We hope to continue to inspire you to achieve the mutual goal of “Wellness,” ... of never needing dentistry in the future.
Looking forward to seeing you at your next hygiene visit. Our Kindest Regards,
Your Dental Hygienist & Dr. ___________
Goes on the back of the presentation card.
Inspiring people is a hallmark of one of the greatest attributes in helping people you care for and love. Pay it Forward to family and friends... to make spring fun time, play time and family time!
4. Summer Mailer: An inspirational quote card on the presentation card as “a summer message.”
Dear ,
Summer is upon us. Just wishing your summer to be everything magical, everything good between June and August. The sunshine is like powdered gold at dawn and burnt orange at dusk.
Inspiration is our wish to you. We have included a special quote in hopes of creating a more vibrant dawn, a perfect sunshine and a relaxing dawn through your summer days!
We hope to continue to inspire you to achieve the mutual goal of “Wellness,” ... of never needing dentistry in the future.
Looking forward to seeing you at your next hygiene visit. Our Kindest Regards,
Your Dental Hygienist & Dr. ___________

Goes on the back of the presentation card.
Inspiring people is a hallmark of one of the greatest attributes in helping people you care for and love. Pay it Forward to family and friends ... wishing you an inspirational summer with family and friends!
5. Holiday Mailings: An inspirational quote card on the presentation card as “Holiday Message,” with a 2nd Gift Card inside for “a Sonic Toothbrush” gift.
Dear ,
Holidays are most precious.
The best and most beautiful things cannot be seen or touched...such things are from the human heart. Love, integrity, honesty, compassion and understanding ... while transparent or invisible ... they are the components of happiness.
One cannot buy such things ... one can inspire others through his or her actions and use of these virtues. Attached is an inspirational quote to lift your holiday spirit and share with family and friends.
We have separately enclosed a personal gift for you to continue to inspire you to achieve the mutual goal of “Wellness,” ... of never needing dentistry in the future.
Simply bring the gift card at your next hygiene visit...we’ll have your sonic toothbrush waiting! Looking forward to seeing you at your next hygiene visit.
Our Kindest Regards,
Your Dental Hygienist & Dr. ___________
Goes on the back of the presentation card.
Inspiring people is a hallmark of one of the greatest attributes in helping people you care for and love. Pay it Forward to family and friends ... wishing you an inspirational holiday season with family and friends!

New Inspiration Quote Card Gifts
Presentation Cards in box gift with blank inserts, pen, envelopes: Set of 8
Quote Cards in leatherette holder: Set of 8 inspiration quote cards
Others? Farid ideas?

Pictures/Images to Show them!
Pictures/Images to Show them! Pictures/Images to Show them!
Pictures/Images to Show them! Pictures/Images to Show them!

Offers: Policies, Responsibility & Duties
Responsibility of Offers
While the Order Processing Deparment is fully responsible for offers on all database mailers and Neighborhood mailers, both the CEO and sales personnel go over offers at the time of orientation and the time of sale and direct specific offers for our clients. The CEO and sales personnel direct clients to offers in alignment with the policies as laid out in this manual to be in alignment of the Order Processing Department.
Rules and Regulations for all Offers
It is the duty of the Order Processing department to follow precision protocol and policy regarding offers. The following rules and regulations are hereby established as firm, unalterable policy:
1. Offers suggested to clients must be the standardized offers as contained in this manual.
Suggestions must convey understanding as to “why?” these offers are used, giving past examples of other offers which create confusion and upset of both patients and staff.
2. Offers not accepted by a client after a dialogue and attempt to convey the correct offer, must acknowledge and execute the offer requested by the client.
Never refuse an offer being insisted by a client. A poor offer chosen by a client should be met with a dialogue as to why such offers create poor results or confusion results.
3. Offer may never be changed, specifically on a 2nd year or 3rd year, etc. program without contacting the client and having a dialogue, and obtaining approval as to WHY the offer(s) is being changed.
4. The databases extracted from clients must match the number of sold databases annually. This requires that every clients sold a database package must be cross referenced against the actual sales invoice.
Example: The sales invoices states 20,000 database mailers were sold for a 2 year program. This is 10,000 database mailers per year. There are 5 mailers per year, so the database extracted from the client must be close to 2,000 database names, after de-duplication. If there is insufficient names in the database, then have the client go back further in time (go back 5 years, or 6, or 6 in order to capture the full 2,000 names)

If a client has insufficient database mailers to equal the amount sold, Order Processing must immediately alert the Sales person for a remedy of this situation.
It is forbidden to process an order of database mailers LESS THAN THE SOLD QUANTITIES without a resolution with the sales person. The reason for this is that lower quantities of database mailers result in a hidden backlog of delivery. Thus this policy is irrevocable and final.
Time Expectancy Order Processing Ideal Scene
Clearly stated, the Ideal Scene for Order Processing is:
The receipt of invoice for all clients (100%) by order processing fully designed, approved by client and turned over to the print facility within 5 working days.
Statistic To Measure The Ideal Scene For Order Processing
The following statistic is to be reported by Order Processing to measure the stated Ideal Scene of this Department:
Percentage of Clients fully Designed, Approved and Turned Over to Print Shop within 5 Working Days of Receipt of Invoice from Accounting.”
Calculation of Stat: 5 client invoices were received on Jan 1, 2018. 4 were designed, approved and turned over to the print facility by January 6th, 2018.
The stat Percentage is 4/5 = 80%. Stat Expectancy is 100%.
Print Facility Ideal Scene
A further extension of this Ideal Scene for delivery to all clients is receipt of their materials. The Ideal Scene is further extended at the Print Facility and is stated as:
All turnovers of clients received from Order Processing fully complete and all items, Vivapaks, database mailers and brochures mailed and/or delivered to the client within 5 working days.

Statistic To Measure The Ideal Scene For Print Facility
“Percentage of Clients FULLY delivered their materials (mailed and/or shipped vivapaks, database mailers and brochures) within 5 working days of the date of receipt of turned over materials from Order Processing.
Calculation of Stat: 5 client materials were fully turned over on Jan 1, 2018. 4 were fully produced, mailed and/or shipped buy January 6, 2018. The Percentage is 4/5 = 80%. Stat Expectancy is 100%.
Please study the above Ideal Scenes. One is for Order Processing and the other is for the Print Facility.
Viva currently has a DEPARTURE from these Ideal Scenes, so each area needs to step-back, review and organize their areas to bring about these ideal scenes.
Order Processing currently has 48 Clients “waiting for design approvals.”
This is not only unacceptable, any such future backlog is not only CANCELLED, it is a direct refusal of non-delivery.
One can get into the mindset that “the client’s aren’t answering or responding” and this is only an explanation of incompetence. It requires a PRODUCTION LINE.

Order Processing
Client Materials: Production Line
The following is hereby and immediately established as the Production Line for Order Processing:
a) Designs upon an approved invoice to Order Processing are designed that day and sent out within hours.
b) Upon Designs being sent: The Department Head immediately calls the office, speaks directly to the client and/or their office manager...stating the Designs were sent, and to please review the designs and reply within 24 hours.
Tell the client and/or the Office Manager:
• The name of the email the design was sent to!
• The “RE: LINE” and Date and Time the email of the design was sent.
• Text are used when client cell number is available.
c) If no response is received in 24 hours: Call immediately and repeated the above steps.
Note: Designers never, never, never call or directly speak to the client. There is ONE Viva person in Order Processing that contacts the client...this is the Department Head.
Note: In cases of backlog, authorization for an all-hands to get backlogs done will be issued, with the people named to handle such backlogs)
d) If no response in 48 hours: Send a FEX-EX directly to the client containing a letter, on Viva Stationery...very professional, stating:
Dear (client),
Your Viva Designs of all materials were emailed to you for immediate approval. It is paramount that they be reviewed and approved. I have called your office on two occasions to assist in expediting your design approval.
All client materials are designed, approved and turned over to our printing facility within 5 working days.
The email of your designs were sent to (name of email address) on Day/Month at (time).

The “RE: LINE” of the email is called (name of RE:LINE) Our motto is “Friendly, Superlative and Rapid Service.” Please contact me directly for any assistance you may need.
Mariah Bellevance
Director of Customer Service
NB: The above stated production line is subject to modification to improve results and any such change must be approved by the VP Administration.

Neighborhood Mailers Policies & Offers
The following is hereby and immediately established as the policies and recommended offers for all neighborood mailers.
Design Policies
The designs of neighborhood brochures are established for the purpose of simplicity, efficiency and workability:
1. All foiling and embossing is done with ONE combination die. This die does both the foiling and emboss as one action, thereby reducing cost for client by reducing the cost of labor for Viva.
2. A general template is used by design for creating neighborhood brochures. The layout is generally the same page to page to reduce design time and thereby reduce the cost to our clients.
Page 1 Front Cover: Logo and theme of office
Page 2 inside front cover: Area photo or photo of practice
Page 3: Photo of doctor and/or doctors with general statement or purpose of the practice.
Page 4: Photos of inside office
Page 5: List of Services the office delivers
Page 6: Stock photo with Offer clearly displayed
Page 7: What “Our Patients are Saying About Us” or “Mission Statement” or “Hygiene Care”
Page 8: Must contain a large clearly marked MAP of the office location showing office logo and a nationally branded
logo (Starbucks, Home Depot, McDonalds, etc.) to clearly show the location of the using the nationally advertised company, or, this could also be a local landmark, like a famous museum, a high-school, a well-known park that exist right in the same area.
Offers are on all back covers of brochures. The offers should be clear and easily readable.
3. Designs on new clients are completed within 48 hours upon receipt of invoice from Treasury.
4. All rejected designs are corrected and sent back to the client within 24 hours.
5. The minimum font size for all copy is 11 point font. In instances where a condensed font is used the font size must be a minimum of 12 point font.
6. The color of all copy must have contrast and be easily readable. A light colored font can never be placed over the top of a pastel color as it makes it difficult to read.
7. When the design is fully done and prior to proofreading, the illustrator or indesign document must be run through the spellcheck feature of the software program being used.

Recommended Offers for Neighborhood Brochures
The recommended offers for neighborhood brochures address a broad audience within the households of the geofence of the practice.
To understand the offers being recommended one should know that females, specifically mothers, are the iconic leader of healthcare of households across the globe. In other words, the female and specifically the mother adopted and has historically cared for health issues for the family for centuries.
The services of a dental office that households are most aware of are: 1. Cleanings
2. Braces, or Orthodontic Treatment for their children
3. A popular offer which also has a high awareness is Teeth Whitening. This attracts many young and middle-age adults due to the cosmetic trend of our society. People want to look nice with their clothing, cars, make-up and teeth whitening is a feature that consumers will respond to.
The offers recommended for clients are worded generatlly as follows:
Cleaning, Exam & X-Rays $59
(or $69 to $79) and/or if the client chooses a different price, of say $99.
$500 Invisilagn or Braces
(or similar type offer on braces or invisalign)
4. Clients may elect to do other offers and if so, Viva’s policy is to accept what the client wants. For example, a client may want to offer a special on Implants or Sleep Apnea services. These services give a very low response as the number of people within the mailing geofence that need such services is very small. Thus, there is always an extremely low response rate.
Such offers if the client wants to use these, should be in ADDITION to Cleaning, Exam & X-Rays and should be smaller or sub-ordinate in size. The purpose of this is to feature the MAIN offer as it will have the highest response rate.
5. Do not “shot-gun” the offers on neighborhood brochures. The word “shot-gun” refers to placing 4, 5 or even 6 offers on the brochure...most of the time the offers are all th same size and the impact of the main offer is lost and it slants the brochure as a “coupon booklet” or “a discount-type dentist.”

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