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Reception Learning Drill

The Masters of Marketing Administration is an educational advancement for training of business owners and their administrative and support staff on the Viva System—a system that puts in place the
ideal residual business model for consumer
acquisition, loyalty and retention.
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Final Exam Learning Drill
Instructions for Administering the Learning Drill Exam
Read all the instructions below before administering the Learning Drill Exam. The procedure is precisely followed and brings the student to a high level of understanding of the subject studied.
What is a “Learning Drill?”
A Learning Drill is a set of questions to test the knowledge on the course taken by the student. The questions, and the correct answers, in the Learning Drill are always taken from the course manual.
The Way the Learning Drill works:
The student chooses a partner from the training room. The partner administers the Learning Drill to the student.
The Partner starts at the rst question and simply reads the question out loud. The student answers the question.
If the answer given is incorrect or incomplete in any manner, the person administering the Learning Drill Exam says, “That is incorrect,” and then reads the ANSWER out loud to the person taking the exam. This gives the student the correct answer every time he or she answers incorrectly.
If the answer given is correct, then the person administering the questions say, “That is correct,” and goes right on to the next question.
If an answer is INCORRECT, the procedure is to just continue through the learning drills, asking the next question, then the next until all questions are complete.
Learning Drill Procedure
The Learning Drill Administrator starts at the beginning of the questions and continues to go through each subsequent questions until the student gives a correct and accurate answer for every question. The Administrator always proceeds to ask every Learning Drill Exam question. Whether the student’s answer is incorrect or correct, the Administrator continues through all questions. This is done over and over, until the student gives the correct answer for each question. If the student misses one question, then all Learning Drill Questions are then asked again. If it requires going through the Learning Drill
5 times, 10 times or more, the drill is continued until the student gives a complete and correct answer for each question!

Rules to Follow When Administering the Learning Drills Exam
Each answer must be a complete and full answer to the question. The response from the administrator of the exam to any partial answer is always, “That is incorrect,” with no exceptions.
The student’s answer to each Learning Drill Question should match the answer in the learning drill. It does not have to be word for word, but the concept must be 100% correct and any answer to a question that contains a sequence, must always be answered in the correct sequence.

Learning Drills Questions & Answers Final Exam
The functions of the receptionist are innumerable and require a study in certain subjects. What are those subjects?
The functions of the Receptionist are innumerable and require a study in human relations, manners, helpfulness and etiquette.
What are the critical attributes of a receptionist?
For a Receptionist, critical attributes include such things as a helpful attitude, a constant smile, care, compassion, understanding, personal appearance and listening abilities.
What is the purpose of the receptionist course?
The purpose of this course is to teach the student the laws and the procedure on how to convert new callers into scheduled appointments.
What is the key to receptionist training?
The receptionist training consists of practice and drilling using speci c rules and laws that steadily increase ones ability to convert a new caller (a new potential patient) about a service or price.
How does one become skilled and pro cient in a subject?
To become skilled and pro cient requires training.
What is the de nition of conversion?
“The point at which a recipient of a marketing message performs a desired action.” In other words, conversion is simply getting someone to respond to your marketing piece, its o er or its call-to-action.
What is the most important aspect of acquiring New Patients from ALL marketing e orts that one needs to understand?
The most important aspect of acquiring New Patients from ALL marketing e orts is understanding “The Single Channel.”

Who is the SINGLE person that all types of marketing and advertising are channeled through?
All types of marketing and advertising are channeled through a SINGLE person! The Receptionist.
Draw a diagram of the Single Channel showing how it works.
Answer: The below diagram is to be drawn and should be very close to the diagram below.
What is one of the most vital factors in the expansion and growth of any practice?
One of the most vital factors in the expansion and growth of any practice is the skill and competence of the Receptionist at converting price shoppers or new callers into scheduled appointments who arrive for a service.
What factor controls the cost of acquiring new patients?
The cost of acquiring new patients is CONTROLLED by the ability of
the receptionist to CONVERT new callers (enquirers) into scheduled appointments who arrive. The ONLY channel to new patient enquirers entering a practice is through a SINGLE CHANNEL. And that channel is the Receptionist!
What is the nationwide average value of a dental patient in the rst year?
The nationwide average value of a dental patient in the rst year is between $900 to $1,200.

What is the nationwide average cost for new patient acquisition?
The average cost for new patient acquisition nationwide is $200-$350 per patient.
What is the national average conversion rate when a new price shopper calls a dental o ce? And what does that mean?
The national average is 23%. It means of every 100 callers calling in to an o ce with some type of a price question, 23 of those 100 callers will end up making an appointment to come in.
Give an example of how a higher conversion rate lowers all marketing costs.
An example given should be like the following: Assume a doctor paid $5,000 for a marketing campaign. If the Receptionist converts 10 calls, the cost would be $500 per patient. If the Receptionist converted 20 calls, the cost would be $250 per patient.
What are the two ways to measure or keep track of your o ce’s conversion rate?
There are many ways to measure or keep track of your o ce’s conversion rate. There are two methods that are most simple:
1. Use the incoming “phone id #” that shows up when anyone calls the o ce.
2. If you do not have “phone id #s” then, at the very beginning of the call, simply ask, “Is it okay if get your name and number in case we get cut o ?”
How do you keep score of your conversion?
The way you keep score is by entering every new caller into a New Patient Log book. At the end of the week, you check the numbers in the New Patient Log sheet by searching the dental software to match the numbers. The total patients that arrived into the o ce, who were in your log book are the ones that count. To “Keep Score” you divide the numbe of arrivals by the total number of new callers in your log book. This is done by the week and also by the month.

What is one element that dramatically diminishes the e ort to calmly answer the phone and remain on the phone to ask questions and convert the caller?
The e ort to remain on the phone to ask questions, and convert the caller, is diminished due to the live people in front of you.
When “heavy tra c” is hitting the front o ce and the phone rings from a new caller the receptionist has one primary EFFORT during times of heavy tra c—that e ort is to GET OFF THE PHONE.
What is the largest factor in losing new callers?
The largest factor in losing new callers is lack of time spent in asking questions so the conversion rate goes down and the patient is lost.
The largest factor in losing new callers is lack of time spent in asking questions so the conversion rate goes down and the patient is lost. Why?
Because the Receptionist has an E ort to Get o the Phone!
What is the Key to High Conversion Rate?
Conversion rate increases with TIME on the phone with the new caller. The key and most important factor to conversion over all other factors is:
An E ort to Stay on the Phone!
How does the amount of marketing dollars increase dramatically?
The amount of marketing dollars increases dramatically if the new callers, who respond from all such marketing e orts, are not converted into a scheduled appointment.
What is the most vital rule to accomplish higher conversion rates?
An e ort to stay on the phone! The longer the patient is engaged and stays on the phone, the higher the conversion rate becomes.

How do the Dental chains that spend the largest marketing budgets solve the conversion problems?
The largest marketing budgets are spent by Dental Chains, such as Heartland Dental, Western Dental, Aspen, West Coast Dental, Gentle Dental and a host of other dental chains which have escalated over the past 20 years.
As such, these dental chains ran into the problem of conversion rate being too low. Their solution, one for one, was to remove the new callers from being answered by the individual o ces. The accomplished this
by opening call centers where all new callers are channeled. The entire reason was to accomplish higher conversion and to put in place the most vital rule to conversion:
An E ort to Stay on the Phone!
Draw the “Time Versus Conversion Rate” chart and explain how this chart works.
Answer: The diagram that is drawn should match the one below.
Conversion: The Most Critical Factor
100% 75% 50% 25%
% Conversion vs Time
Time 123456789
The percent or rate of conversion increases as more time
is spent on the phone.
What are the 4 easy steps to organize the front o ce Receptionist (call converter specialist) to bring about an e ort to stay on the phone and dramatically increase the conversion rate?
There are the 4 easy steps to organize the front o ce Receptionist (call converter specialist) to bring about an e ort to stay on the phone and dramatically increase the conversion rate:

1. 2. 3.
Only ONE person is the Call Conversion specialist in the o ce, called the New Patient Coordinator.
All new call inquiries (any price question or new caller) is always transferred to the New Patient Coordinator.
When the New Patient Coordination receives a new patient caller, he or she answers the call away from the key tra c and “noise” area of the o ce.
The New Patient Coordinator learns the key elements of
conversion and becomes a specialist, keeping track of her conversion rate and over time, becomes better and better.
What Makes a Call Important on the “Callers: Scale of Importance?
When determining if a call is important and placing it on the scale, the factor that makes a call important is:
Will the Call Increase or Decrease the Size of the Active Database?
Draw a diagram showing di erent calls and how they would be placed on the “Callers: Scale of Importance.”
The answer would be a diagram that resembles the below scale.

What is the law of Enquirer?
The Law of Enquirer
When any new consumer calls your o ce, your marketing conclusively worked, the owner paid for it and the individual is already a buyer ... they just haven’t given you he check.
Are there any calls that come into the office where the business owner has not paid for it?
There is no call that comes into the o ce where the consumer did not respond to some form of marketing or advertising. Whether it is from website, direct mail, a referral, the sign on the building, YELP, or any other form of marketing or advertising, the marketing worked and the business owner paid for it!
What are the 2 laws of conversion?
1. To convert new patient enquirers you must control the conversation
2. To control the conversation you ask questions of concern repeated
for several or more minutes until the appointment is scheduled.
Give the four steps of the Conversion Sequence Drill, in the exact order they should be used.
Step 1: Step 2:
Step 3: Step 4:
New inquiry calls the o ce (identifying the new caller) Ask the KEY question:
“Is it okay if I ask you a few questions before I give you the best price?” Or similar type question.
Ask questions of concern for at least several minutes
Schedule their appointment without turning the control back over to the new caller

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