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Published by Viva Concepts, 2018-01-05 14:51:09


Senior Retention Coordinator Strategic Plan
Situation: Viva’s ability to scale up its sales is dependent on retention of its clients (resigning them) and this in turn is solely dependent on establishing a relationship whereby a measurable result (adding # of recall hygiene days). Viva discovered that no marketing company consistently retains their consumers as there are either moderate or no results causing the client to discontinue. To remedy retention of Viva’s clients an urgent and immediate implementation of training the client’s “right-hand” person (called a Retention Coordinator) is being fully launched, thereby giving the client constant contact (to Viva) and a high understanding of the Viva System to obtain results and thereby continue indefinitely as a happy client. A major part of the situation is a heavy backlog as most clients have no named “right-hand” person, or now called the Retention Coordinator.
Purpose: Establish a full-blown new “Retention & Training Coordinator” Division that reaches all existing and new clients to name, schedule, arrive and train a “Retention Coordinator” for each client on a Viva marketing agreement. Concurrently the division’s arrivals are used by all sales personnel to sale and/or upsell through education and enlightenment of the various Viva products.
Strategic Plan: The strategic plan for the situation and purpose described above is listed below:
The most immediate action is to appoint a strong, well-educated and reliable staff member who can establish and make operational a full “Retention & Training Coordinator” Division. The first action is to announce the new position by issue and launch an immediate all-hands to capture existing clients who currently have no Retention Coordinator named for training. To accomplish this requires a) all salesmen to contact their clients directly due to the strong communication line, b) establishing an administrative support system for each sales person and the Senior Retention Coordinator to track and name every Viva client, c) establish a section in the Daily Product Conference for the Senior Retention to put a “push demand” on all sales people and obtains daily reports from each sales person on contacted, scheduled and/or turned over to be scheduled, and d) the Senior Retention Coordinator to interview and establish with each sales person what is “wanted and needed,” and work out with each a working relationship, i.e., the sales person obtains agreement from the client, but tells the client, “our Senior Retention Coordinator” will contact your office to schedule your Retention Coordinator.”

Concurrent to handling the backlog clients with no Retention Coordinator arrest and prevent any further backlog by getting every new client who arrives for “Orientation” (and/or “Returning Clients” who come for training) interviewed by the Senior Retention Coordinator to name and schedule their Retention Coordinator.
Monitor all progress of this strategy by establishing tracking boards, grids and statistics so all improvements and/or “bugs” on getting client’s to name their Retention Coordinator can be debugged, analyzed and evaluated to overcome whatever “barriers” may arise from resistance the sales people may encounter. As clients are called by sales people, have them keep notes in pipeline and/or hand written so data is available to evaluate any potential blocks.
Concurrent to the above activities, make the Senior Retention Coordinator expert at the post and become the “face of the CEO” in his absence; do this by getting fully briefed and indoctrinated on all aspects of the “Retention Program;” go through all the Viva courses, videos; and go through several “Arrival Orientation” briefings and trainings with the CEO in the upcoming days/weeks.
For peak loads of all training days, establish an all-hands, also called a “WQSB” (Watch Quarter Station Bill = means to i
nform personnel of their assignments
during a peak load or emergency) where Viva office personnel are assigned a
duty(ies) or “station” they are responsible for. For example, someone is assigned
to obtained all coffee, tea, drinks, morning and/or afternoon snacks and when
required, lunch. Another staff member would be assigned as “room set up:
clean, white board wiped down, markers present, empty trash, put water bottled
out, pens, paper, pencils, coffee spills, clean up at break-time, after-event clean
up and polish up, trash out, etc. Another person assigned to put all training
materials out, set up video viewing stations (log them on, put the video channel
on the screen, and round up all materials at end of day and place them back in
their correct place in the cabinets).
Establish an overall promotional schedule for the Retention Coordination Division that is mailed to our active clients each month. The content of the promotion is a “Newsletter” showing the training line up, successes of students, statistics of increased hygiene recall appointments and reception conversion %’s being increased. Take “snap-shots” of our students and put and always have a key “feature article” of a successful Retention Coordinator with a short story of what they did to implement the program.

7. As part of the ongoing “relationship strategy” with the Retention Coordinator, set up a pipeline account for each Retention Coordinator to capture all out-going and in-coming email communication. At the first training session of each Retention Coordinator, set up the pipeline account (you can use the client account but enter the Retention Coordinator’s name). There are several purposes for this data gathering:
a. Wesend“MissionStatements”withtheirlogoinstandardsizeof16” x 20” so they can print 5 to 7 copies for their office and obtain frames at Michaels, or wherever (as this is a standard frame size). They place their Mission Statement in Reception and every operatory as part of their overall Retention Program.
b. OnceamonththereisanemailcommunicationfromtheRetention Coordinator to the Retention Coordinator. An exact form needs to be made that reports the monthly information that comes to Viva:
i. # of hygiene recall days
ii. Summary of what they have implemented, any bugs, progress
or situations they need help with?
iii. Any assistance they need to improve the hygiene program?
8. Whiletheaboveactionsaremovingforward,urgentlycompletethe compilation and printing of the course manuals, checksheets and theory drills for the entire training line up. Issue a “Master of Hygiene Retention Chart” that illustrates the training courses and levels and place this in the course room so it is visible to all trainees and new “Orientation” clients.
9. CompletetheCEaccreditationforAGDcertificationsoourstudentsand clients can obtain CE credits for the courses they do.
10. Establish an overall annual calendar for Viva Symposiums with ads and information put on our website well in advance so these are organized and well promoted in advance. The Symposiums are a key strategic tool for increasing service to clients and raising our overall bodies in the shop for resign of clients about to expire.
11. Continuously review, originate and develop the establishment of the overall production line for the Retention & Training Coordinator Division as new developments and information are gathered.

Retention Coordinator
What is a “Retention Coordinator?”
A Retention Coordinator is a staff member that is trained and assigned as the single individual in the practice fully responsible for retention of all patients. The Retention Coordinator has the responsibility to increase the number of hygiene recall visits per quarter and annually.
The Retention Coordinator functions were researched and developed to bring about a business model to change the practice from a “Linear Income” based practice to a “Residual Income” based practice.
Linear Income definition: this is “one-shot” compensation or payment for a service or product. Most of the entire dental industry (dental practices) operate off this type of income.
Residual Income definition: this type of income is called “returning” or “passive” income that comes from returning customers. This type of income is generated in the Hygiene Revenue Retention Department and out-performs the entire revenue of any operative dentist by a factor of 2, 3, 4 and higher.
Functions of the Retention Coordinator
The functions of the Retention Coordinator are tracking, appointing, confirming, reactivating, scheduling and putting in place “appointment cancellation policy,” an educational “mission statement” to improve retention and patient compliance to recall visits and keeping track of the increase in number of recall hygiene visits and total monthly, quarterly and annual hygiene recall revenue.
Why the Residual Income based practice so critical to long-term practice growth?
The below image gives a clear idea as to why “Residual Income” is so much greater than “Linear Income.” The “green line” shows the income generated by any dentist...which always has a ceiling dependent on volume of new patients and the expense to acquire them.

The “red line” shows the business model of “Residual” or “Retention” revenue from returning patients...which far exceeds the revenue of any operative dentist.
A Residual Based dental business model removes the “handcuffs” to the practice the owner has when he leaves for 5, 7, 10 or more days:
The Retention Coordinator Training
A Retention Coordinator is named by the office. This involves training 2 different staff members...the Office Manager and the Lead Hygienist (Retention Coordinator).
The Retention
• •
• • • • • •
Coordinator is trained and apprenticed on 7 different courses:
Reception Training: Call Conversion Laws of Increasing Case Acceptance
The Viva System Retention Model
The Theory of Advertising: Making Hygiene the “Referral Center of the Practice” The Four Business Laws
Dynamics of the Database: Mailing & Retention
Hygiene Retention: The Seven Laws of Controlling Recall
The Hygiene Residual Model
Training the Retention Coordinator (and Office Manager) takes 7 to 10 months for the initial courses and apprenticeship. Training is conducted once every 4 to 6 weeks depending on the availability of the Hygienist and Office Manager.
The Retention Coordinator is measured on one key statistic: # of Recall Visits Increased Monthly, Quarterly and Annually.

All Staff
August 2, 2017
Viva Arrivals Coordination Meeting
The future growth and expansion of Viva is dependent upon establishing excellent relationships with each of our clients. The stronger the relationship the longer Viva retains its client and, most importantly, results in excellent results to increase the new and returning customers to our clients.
As such, the keynote and mantra of Viva in establishing client relations is through training of the client and his or her “right-hand man” on the basic principles of marketing. Those principles are the basic laws of acquiring and retaining customers.
In the absence of such training there is far fewer results as the client and his key “right- hand man” have little participation in the Viva System.
The key focal point of Viva’s and the client success is through Viva’s marketing training. This is accomplished through a company-wide effort to get each and every client ARRIVED. Once arrived, the client is indoctrinated and scheduled for building a lasting relationship—through education on the subject of marketing.
Therefore, due to the critical importance of creating client relations, a weekly Arrivals Meeting is hereby established.
The purpose of the meeting is to Name, Want, Get any and all Arrivals to Viva.
Chairman: Attendees:
Office Administrator
Viva Host
Resign Account Rep Sales Staff
Order Processing Staff Receptionist
Minutes are recorded and distributed that clearly show the Name, Want and Get for the week for each type of arrival.
Greg Hughes, CEO For
Board of Directors Viva Concepts, LLC

All Staff
August 2, 2017
Viva Training Host
Duties & Functions
Viva’s expansion and growth is dependent upon a single factor with the clients it acquires
and that factor, with each client, is to establish a relationship.
As such, the term relationship needs explicit understanding in terms of its definition as it relates to Viva. The Viva Host develops a “Viva Relationship” by performing the following duties:
1. Uses the organization and all its personnel to control and direct all arrivals to Viva.
This means the Viva Host has authority to demand action from sales and order processing staff as well as the receptionist and anyone else that is in contact with Viva clients. The Viva Host is overall responsible for all arrivals. As such, has authority to demand and drive arrivals of every type into Viva.
2. Oversees that all newly signed clients arrive to Viva: Each client that purchases a program from Viva must arrive to Viva for full indoctrination.
The indoctrination is precise, which includes a 2-hour training on “The Viva System,” a tour of our printing facility with explanation of how the cost of their materials are produced the lowest in the industry, and once the tour is complete, the newly arrived client is seen by a skilled account representative who works out the best program for the client. This results in a proper program for the client as well as increased revenue for Viva.
3. Scheduling Clients to Arrive for Training: During the client’s first visit:
a. The Viva Host conducts an interview to schedule them for their Viva Marketing Course.
b. During the same interview, the Host finds out which staff member is the key “right-hand man” for the doctor. This is normally an Office Manager but may also be a wife or someone else. Discovering who’s the “right-hand man” for the client is a critical factor as this is the person the Host will get scheduled and arrived to train on all Viva Courses.
Scheduling and training the “right-hand man” of each client is the focal point of creating a long-term relationship with that client. The Host has the responsibility of getting this “right-hand man” through all 6 Viva courses.
c. The product obtained with every new client arrival is a scheduled client (for his/her Viva Marketing Course) and a scheduled Office Manager (or whosever the “right-hand man” of the doctor).
4. Contacts each “right-hand man” monthly via email only to follow up on implementation of their training courses. All email traffic is handled 1 day per week, never throughout the week or randomly.

5. Interviews and schedules every person who comes to Viva for training for their next training arrival date and calls each in advance of their arrival date to confirm their arrival.
6. Keeps administrative records to track when every client contract expires so each one can be called-in for review of their program or for further training so the client can be resigned to continue on a Viva program.
7. Does planning, call-in and arrivals for Viva Symposiums.
This is accomplish through call-in, email communication, and seeing that clients who come to Viva for training are interviewed and signed up for the upcoming symposium, as well as using all sales personnel and order processing personnel, to contact their clients and get them registered or transferred to you (the Host) to get them registered.
8. Administers & coordinates with the Resign Account Rep.
While the Resign Account Rep contacts current and past clients to get them arrived for training, reviews or what-have-you, the Viva Host has the responsibility of tracking and coordinating with the Resign Account Rep to monitor and control the total Viva Client Relationships. As such, weekly coordination meetings are held to name, want and get the products for the week and the overall month.
Greg Hughes, CEO For
Board of Directors Viva Concepts, LLC

All Staff
August 2, 2017
The Valuable Final Product of the Viva Host:
Established relationships with every Viva Client and their “right-hand man” by getting them scheduled, arrived and completed on their training line-up to accomplish an increase in hygiene retention with the result of resigning for further services.
The statistics a.
of the Viva Host are:
Total Arrivals of all types (this is a Bodies in the Shop statistic).
Definition of Total Arrivals: Total arrivals includes any arrival to Viva premises at the Brand and/or San Fernando premises: 1st time arrivals after a sale, any training arrival, resign or any past client arrival or symposium arrivals (client and “right hand man” only).
An arrival to be counted must have value. The value is established if the arrival comes to Viva for training, indoctrination, tour of facilities (by a sales person), attending a symposium or arriving for a program review.
An arrival who comes by to “see their designs” or to “check in” or “talk” or who “stops by” is not an arrival. These type of “arrivals” occur but are normally un-announced and disruptive.
Arrivals of doctors for their Viva Marketing Course.
Definition: This statistics counts as 1 for any doctor who was scheduled and arrives for his or her Viva Marketing Course.
Arrivals of the “right-hand man” for training.
Definition: This statistics counts as 1 for any “right hand man” who is scheduled and arrives for any one of their 6 Viva training courses. If a “right hand man” arrives 6 times to do her training line up of the 6 Viva Courses, this counts as 6.
Percent (%) of “right-hand men” through their training line-up.
Definition: The training line-up to make a competent “right-hand man” (Office Manager or otherwise) consists of 6 courses. The objective is to get “right-hand men” through all of their courses. This statistics requires an excel grid or “production board” that shows the progress of each client’s “right-hand man” progressing through their 6 courses.
Example of how to calculate the statistic: Suppose Viva has 150 clients on contract. Each of these offices has 1 “right-hand man” who needs to get through the 6 training courses. Therefore, there is a total of 150 “right-hand men” x 6 courses = 900 Total Courses for all trainees on the program.

If the total # scheduled and arrived “right-hand men” (of all clients) who completed courses has a combined Total of 90, then:
The % of “Right-hand men” through their training line up is calculated by dividing 90 completions into the total # of 900, which equals 10%.
Greg Hughes, CEO For
Board of Directors Viva Concepts, LLC

Arrivals Establishment & Production Program
1. Round up all the current and recent Retention Coordinators (RC=Retention Coordinator) who have been chosen and/or have recently been named in the last 5 to 7 weeks (obtain these names from the CEO) and get them put onto the Google Drive that list the Retention Coordinator for all current clients (the google drive should have a list of ALL current and active contracted clients so we have a document showing which client has a named Retention Coordinator and which one’s do not).
2. Contact each of the named Retention Coordinators and get them scheduled onto the grid for their first scheduled course and/or their next course.
3. Create a grid as a Google Drive document to track each Retention Coordinator’s training progress. The grid should show:
a) Name of the Retention Coordinator
b) Name of the client.
c) Course #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 and #6.
4. Create a “Student File” for each Retention Coordinator which will be in the File Cabinet in the training room. The inside front cover of the file should have a form that shows:
a) Retention Coordinator name; name of client or office, position of the Retention Coordinator in the practice; Years of experience in the industry; the list of courses in sequence they will be taking so these can be checked off as they complete them. Each course should have 2 places or boxes to “check off” as they go through each course 2x through.
b) File all success stories in the student file.
c) File incomplete checksheets in the student file as some students do not finish in one visit and the student file will be a depository for retrieving their checksheet upon return for completion of the incomplete course.
5. Create a Pipeline Account for each new Retention Coordinator.
Note: The purpose of this pipeline account is for purposes of retaining and have a repository/storage for all correspondence to and from the Retention Coordinator and the Arrivals/Service I/C (.i.e. all emails to and from the Arrivals/Service person are captured and put into the pipeline account for that person. There are many documents that will be sent to each Retention Coordinator, i.e., 10 step programs and/or checklists to get done, Mission Statements, Appointment Cancellation Policies and a Monthly Report from each Retention Coordinator to the Arrivals/Service I/C.

6. Make a Flow Chart that visually shows the difference between the major arrival types so that all Viva staff understand the types:
a) Orientations (Those Doctors or Decision Makers that are arriving for Orientation and SALE or UP-Sale).
b) Retention Coordinator Arrival: the office mgr or "Right Hand Man" of the doctor.
c) Staff training arrivals
7. As an immediate target, get the RC Arrivals Promo/Letter printed and sent out to the list of all Annual and 2 Year program clients. Using all hands to help from 4 pm to 5:: (Allhands personnel, DH, RK, MB, YJ)
a) print the letter ____
b) stuff the letters ____
c) Print the labels ____
d) Affix the labels on the envelopes so you can see the Viva return address.____ e) Apply the postage ____
8. Get a blurb written by GKH on what each of the existing courses is about and who are the public for each so that Reception, Schedulers, Salesmen, etc can brief clients on the courses, their sequence and who is supposed to do each.
9. Get the master files for each course and get them printed and laminated and spiral bound at the shop. (10 of each course.)
10. Get the Master document for each of the check sheets and get them printed in black and white at the shop. (25 of each to start.)
11. Put the masters of each in a dedicated file folder on the Google Share drive so that anyone of the execs can get to them at any time in case we should ever run out and they need to be printed.
***12. Make a complete grid of every contracted sale that can automatically be updated at the end of each sales week to add the new sales and title this: RHA & Staff Training Grid.
13. Coordinate at the daily product conference at 5PM to get the stats and keep the pressure on arrivals.
14. Daily get the updated information on who was scheduled by Yasmin including: staff trainees, and doctors for Orientation.

15. Work out how to color code the Google Calendar so it is easy to see who is coming for: a) Orientations b) RHA and c) Staff training courses.
16. Coordinate with GKH Snr to get the course finished for pilot that trains the RHA on running the Viva program in the office for the doctor.
17. Concurrently run an ad for a Training and Arrivals I/C. I/P DH
18. Make a checklist for each weekend Arrivals & Training and assign all-hands hats as to who is responsible for what and get it authorized and issue it.
19. At the end of every day, send a DR via email noting what targets are done and stats of any additional arrivals scheduled by type: Orientations, RHA, Staff Trainings.
Issues needed for the Arrivals/Service I/C:
a. Stats issue: Their key stats would be:
a) Total Active Patient Count: This is defined and counted as the Total # of RECALL Hygiene patients per month divided by 2. Note: This statistic does not count New Patient cleanings or RPC. If an RPC patient comes back in 3 months, or if a regular patient comes back in 6 months for their 6 month cleaning, then these become a RECALL Hygiene Patient.
b) Total # of Hygiene RECALL visits per week. The # of Recall Visits are kept on a stat graph by week and recorded. At the end of the month, the 4 week TOTAL for the month is placed onto a MONTHLY graph. i.e. If the month is Sept 2017, there would be 4 weeks of recorded Hygiene RECALL visits (note: this does NOT include new patient Hygiene Visits). The 4 weeks are TOTALED and placed onto a monthly stat grid which would show the total for the month of Sept.
This procedure is then repeated for Oct, then Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, etc. for the entire year. This will show if the # of RECALL Hygiene visits are increasing....which they should routinely increase by the month.
b. Arrivals/Service I/C Functions & Duties
c. Tracking Grids and How to Use
e. Arrivals/Service I/C Stat Issue
Google Drive showing all clients with a named Retention Coordinator
Training Grid showing progress through the training line up. This grid would be like the Order Processing Board so any exec can visually see the training progress of each Client’s Retention Coordinator.
d. Arrivals—Definitions
This issue will define the different types of arrivals, i.e., Orientation Arrivals, Retention Coordinator Arrivals, General Staff Training Arrivals.
Total Clients with a Retention Coordinator Not Assigned & Arrived for their first course. (Note: This is an upside down graph with the
a.i. a.ii.

total number of clients clearly visible in the upper right hand corner of the graph. The purpose of this is to compare the number of not assigned Retention Coordinators against the Total Clients contracted.
Total Number of Retention Coordinator Progress Steps: A progress step is defined as a completed course.

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