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Published by The Slate News, 2019-10-14 13:04:10

Spring, 2019

Spring Edition — April 2019, Issue Four


Two Sides of the Barrel

By The Slate Editorial Staff debate on gun automatic weapon With anniversaries of mass shoot-
control. That sol- to kill 17 students ings — both from schools and various
The high temperature was to emn title now be- and staff members other places — constantly being recog-
reach 71 degrees on April 20, 1999, longs to Virginia while injuring 17 nized, yet little action firmly satisfying
in Littleton, Colorado, with no pre- Tech University, others. both sides of the Second Amend-
cipitation forecasted. The residents of where on April 16,
that community and local high 2007, a gunman The FBI de- ment’s Right to Bear Arms, The Slate
school, however, did not know the killed 32 people fines a “mass sought out two strong opinions to
severity of the black clouds that before killing him- shooting” has oc- respond to the same question.
loomed over the lunch hour. self.
curred when four or Do you feel the U.S. needs to
Two students forever changed the Most recently, on a day to cele- reform the current gun laws, regula-
landscape of school safety when they brate love, Feb. 14, 2019, instead more individuals are shot and/or killed in tions of ownership/purchase, and
opened fire at Columbine High marked the one-year anniversary of a single event at the same general time/ implement stricter background
School killing 13 (including one the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High location, not including the shooter. Going checks? Or are these non-factors in
teacher) and wounding 20. At the School massacre in Parkland, Florida. by this definition, the Gun Violence the uprising of mass shootings in
time, it was the worst school shooting The gunman was a 19-year-old stu- Archive of Washington D.C. has rec- recent years? Ian Rigby, a senior, and
in U.S. history, prompting a national dent who used an AR-15 semi- orded 60 mass shootings just this year Jason Check, a junior, shed their light
alone. on two drastically different sides.

So the debate continues.

Ian founding fathers themselves. So we People need to be responsible about Jason
Rigby must not rely on the dead, as Thomas gun ownership. When they think about Check
Jefferson suggested, and instead rely on guns, they immediately think about the
Whether in gun regulation or oth- the facts of the day. Second Amendment. Before we can mass murders or attempted mass mur-
erwise, the systematic and frequent even discuss guns and current gun laws, ders at a school. Furthermore, 141 inno-
slaughter of Americans is unacceptable. As of March 19, there have been 60 we have to understand the background cent students have been killed as a re-
I am not here to argue politics, left vs mass shootings in the U.S. since the behind our founding fathers promising sult of mass murders at a school. In
right, blue vs red. And I’m not here to start of January this year. (The FBI- gun rights in America. recent years, one of the most impactful
take away your gun, as long as you are a derived definition of “mass shooting”: school shootings involved Marjory
responsible owner. I’m here to argue Four or more shot and/or killed in a The Second Amendment was origi- Stoneman Douglas High School in
about keeping legally-owned weapons single event [incident], at the same nally established to protect citizens of Parkland, Florida, on Feb. 14, 2018.
out of ill-meaning hands. general time and location, not includ- the United States from a tyrannical
ing the shooter.) government. If citizens felt as though Nikolas Cruz, a 19-year-old expelled
In 1791, 10 amendments were add- the government was beginning to take student, opened fire killing 17 and in-
ed to our Constitution called the Bill In these short months, 85 people more control than warranted, they had juring 17 innocent people. After the
of Rights. The second, well known to died in mass shootings. Regardless of the option to create their own militia. massacre, the solution some people
debaters and discussers, is our right to laws, regardless of political parties and Since the Bill of Rights was created in wanted was tighter gun background
bear arms. stance, it cannot be argued that the 1791, America has been through more checks and stronger gun control. How-
slaughter of 85 Americans is accepta- changes than even imaginable. In to- ever, stricter gun laws and more in-
However, the brief language of this day’s world of technology and innova- depth background checks would not
amendment leaves its true meaning up ble. The only answer is gun legislation. tion, Americans tend not to monitor have prevented Cruz from purchasing
to debate. Some argue that the phrase That second amendment was writ- the government as much. such a weapon.
“the right of the people to keep and
bear arms” indicates that the individual ten 228 years ago in 1791. Weapons However, the issue of guns still in- Cruz, who had a clean record, was
has the right to own a firearm. Others back then were much different: mass volves the same question that Ameri- able to legally purchase an AR-15 style
cite the very first phrase in the amend- murder by a single gunman just wasn’t semi-automatic rifle in Feb. 2017.
ment, “a well-regulated militia,” as possible. Jefferson advised that the cans asked 229 years ago: How much There is not any stricter background
proof that the amendment only covers Constitution be rewritten every 15-20 check that would have prevented him
a state’s right to protect itself. years, being fearful of ‘the dead’s influ- government intervention is too much inter- from purchasing it. The only possible
ence over the living.’ So, we built in vention in a citizen’s life? things that would have prohibited Cruz
The debate between these two will systems to change our Constitution
not be settled, unless we talk to the and our Amendments. The Supreme Ever since the Columbine High
Court changed the first amendment — School massacre on April 20, 1999,
the second is not gospel. students in high schools around the
country have been targets for domestic
But nothing can be done, right? terrorists and the mentally-ill. Since
Columbine, there have been 50 other

Running of the Dawgs 2019: Saturday, April 13, at Bulldog Stadium. Check out for more info! Dogs welcome!

Page 2 The Slate

Mr. Northern Lehigh takes center stage, April On Second Thought...

By Jamie Knerr different discount options. events, so make sure you stay Sophomore Abberly Ressler got a little hot under the Stitched
Editor in Chief By combining these fundrais- updated! On April 12, we will collar on a recent Pajama Day. The idea was well-intentioned
hold our annual Miller Keystone but soon became a little regretful. The Slate applauds Abberly’s
As another school year slowly ers, we were able to collect more Spring Blood Drive. effort.
makes its way to the end, student cans than ever! Thank you to all
council activities throughout who donated, and know that Miller Keystone Blood Cen-
Northern Lehigh do not slow your generosity does make a dif- ter comes to our gymnasium for
down. ference for those in our commu- the day to collect units of blood
nity. that save lives locally and around
As spring made its
way to finally warm up Also occurring in March, the country. This event is
our town and melt the student council ran our annual open to the public and
lingering snow, student Loose Change Drive. Boxes were any student 16 years or
council held its annual placed in each homeroom from older. We would like to
Spring Dance on March March 18-29 and students had break our record of most
16 in our high school the option to contribute any type units collected, so please
gym. The dance was of monetary donation. consider donating! This
semi-formal, and every- opportunity is a simple
one that attended had a All money collected was do- way to give back and af-
great time! Food and nated to the Leukemia and Lym- fect the lives of many.
refreshments were phoma Society. This money ben-
served, along with a efits research to finding a cure Later in April we will
night full of dancing and fun. for leukemia and lymphatic can- also hold the Mr. North-
This year, student council ran a cers. ern Lehigh competition,
campaign that partnered the April 27, in our auditorium.
spring dance with our annual Looking ahead to the last few Senior boys will compete in dif-
Food Drive. months of the school year, stu- ferent pageant-like sections to
dent council will have many
The food drive we host bene- win the title of ‘Mr. Northern
fits our local food bank, and all
canned goods collected get re- Lehigh’. They are judged in
turned to those in need in our rounds of talent, swimsuit, and
community. formal wear. Tickets will be sold
at the door that night and we
This year, a student had the encourage everyone to join us for
option to bring in canned goods a night of fun as we allow our
for the fundraiser and receive senior boys to take the main
money off of the price of his or stage!
her dance ticket! Depending on
the amount of canned goods As the year comes to a close,
donated, the student received stay up to date with all of the
student council news regarding
all events and fundraisers!

New courses added to NLHS curriculum next year

Northern Lehigh High School Next year, Northern Lehigh High student and still is my favorite genre. I Software Development and Market-
1 Bulldog Lane School will enhance its curriculum with would have loved having an English elec- ing (Mr. Jordan) – “We needed an addi-
Slatington, PA 18080 the addition of five new courses. tive where I could have had time to explore tional class to the business department.
610-767-9832 ext. 1243 themes, different types, and why these sto- This class will cover both the design and
Advanced Placement Language ries are so popular,” said course instructor marking of a game. Student will have the
[email protected] and Composition (Mr. Prive) – “We want- Tayler Urban. “I like debating and this type opportunity to not only create a game
ed to provide another opportunity for stu- of content allows for a lot of debate about but be able to market the finished product.
The Slate Staff dents to take AP classes and potentially if the scenarios could happen, what would Mr. Jordan hopes the “students will have a
benefit from their experience and AP test you do, etc. fun learning experience.”
MANAGING ADVISER scores when they attend college,” said
Mr. Christopher Barnes course instructor, Mr. Prive. “The film part of the course just allows Journalism & Media Studies (Mr.
EDITOR-IN-CHIEF us to see how these scenarios have translat- Barnes) — Students will analyze the struc-
Jamie Knerr Students will have to perform in several ed from page to the big screen. We get to ture of all media with a focus on newspaper
SPORTS EDITORS different modes of nonfiction writing and notice trends in what types of apocalypse writing, but will also cover cable news chan-
Katie Guelcher, Brianna Schuck engage rigorously in many different kinds were popular during specific time periods nels, the Internet vs the printing press, and
ARTS & CULTURE EDITOR of reading. Hopefully taking AP Language and why. We get to see how perspectives the role of social media in today’s world of
Ava Rosario and Composition will set students up for change and how that hints at our changing obtaining nonstop information.
COMMUNITY EDITOR greater success if they also choose to take values/concerns for our world. Aside from
Dylan Kuntz AP Literature and Composition in 12th a lot of reading, debating, and film critiqu- The course will cover basic journalism
STAFF WRITERS grade. AP tests are set up differently and ing, students will also engage in research of
Kristen Guelcher, Michael Martineau, have much higher expectations than the a present-day apocalyptic topic-of-interest — getting the story right before getting the
Shayla Smith, Madison Hoffman, standardized testing that we usually prepare and will use that research as a basis for
Owen Levan-Uhler, Anthony Bardelli for, and so require special preparation. creating their own creative apocalyptic writ- story first, and the structure of news writ-
ten piece.” ing…how to say as much you can with as
CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Apocalyptic Fiction and Film (Miss few words possible. We will also put into
Urban) – This is a genre-based English Yearbook Publications (Mrs. Mattiola) practice the “inverted pyramid” where the
Administration elective that contains science, psychology, — The new, one-credit course is designed to main facts go first and dwindle down to
sociology, and research components and work with students who have computer the “nitty gritty.” Sectional writing will be
SUPERINTENDENT includes various forms of media and text skills and an interest in learning and pro- covered and practiced (sports, opinion,
Mr. Matthew Link that speculate about a scenario that will ducing actual pages of the yearbook. Stu- feature).
ASST. TO THE SUPERINTENDENT either destroy life or, more likely, will dras- dents will be encouraged to be in Team
Dr. Tania Stoker tically alter life as we presently know it. Yearbook Homeroom, but it is not manda- “I want to revitalize the old-school art
HIGH SCHOOL PRINCIPAL This genre is quite popular and includes tory. Students may also join the fun after of newspaper writing, just at the high
Mr. Robert Vlasaty school in Club Yearbook as we do outside school level,” Mr. Barnes said. “There is a
HIGH SCHOOL ASST. PRINCIPAL apocalypses ranging from atomic (The Road, work to organize and design a great year- certain art with telling a good story with
Mrs. Tanya Simms book. accuracy, readability and interest. There
On the Beach) to zombie (The Walking Dead, will also be a constant focus on not only
The Slate is proud to be the voice of Northern the news of the world, but how it is being
Lehigh High School. It is printed by The Times I am Legend). covered.”
News of Lehighton. We thank you for reading “I wanted to create this course because
and please pass it on!
this type of fiction was my favorite as a

The Slate @theslatenews Page 3

NL becomes a community of watchers with new initiative

School District opens Safe to Say Something anonymous hotline to help those in need

By Brianna Schuck any other alarming situation. Anyone in In accordance with mental health, to eliminate possible barriers, and posi-
Staff Writer the community who may know that a many people also struggle to be strong, tively explained to the parents of the
student is struggling can report to this independent, and vocal. Therefore, the district and community what Safe to Say
With mental health being a growing hotline at any hour (it is a 24-hour hot- Safe to Say Something hotline is com- Something is all about.
conflict all over the world, Northern line). pletely anonymous. If you do not want
Lehigh is growing toward mental health your friend to know that you were the Recently, all the staff throughout
awareness. Over the past few “Each and every year, the district will Northern Lehigh attended an informa-
years, many kids, students, and snitch, but you want to get tional in-service day. Sadly, the topic of
young adults have been fighting work to inform the upcoming sixth grad- him or her help, then you discussion was suicide, yet gratefully, the
themselves mentally to keep mov- ers on how it works, what it is for, and should contact the hotline information covered helped get the
ing forward. how to use it,” says Mr. Matthew Link, because not only will they point across to all the staff that suicide
superintendent of Northern Lehigh not know who reported and mental health is no joke and it is a
As a result, many of these School District. The goal is to receive anything, but no one will serious issue that must be addressed and
aspiring people have taken their tips that are not fraudulent in which the be able to tell them be- attended to. In response, many teachers,
own lives, have been hospitalized, school can find and provide help to their cause authorities do not coaches, and staff members are fully
or are just in need of friends, best ability in response of the tip. even know who reported onboard with the hotline and are also
support, and hope. With the the issue. there in support for anyone who needs
growing issue, schools all over the it.
country have taken steps to help Northern Lehigh is
not only those who struggle, but not moving in silence, Mr. Link brought forth the idea that
those who have friends who strug- though, as the district had the school isn’t just becoming safer
gle, or really anyone in general. speakers come in during a online, rather the buildings have been
normal school day to ex- made safer as well. To help make them
According to USA Today, plain to the students and secure, there was the addition of a new
Pennsylvania is the very first state staff what it is, how it school police officer, Officer Kyle Kro-
to mandate schools to have a hotline for works, and why it should be used. To mer. They also added safety-film to all
threats. Being said, in late February, promote it, District Officer Frank Gnas the windows and glass doors, and they
Northern Lehigh confidently and proud- has hung up posters and stickers all over are partnering with Nulton Diagnostic to
ly welcomed the “Safe to Say Something” the hallways and even in the bathrooms provide therapists locally and on cam-
hotline to its district, being active in and on the doors. In hope of increasing pus.
grades 6-12. This hotline allows students the use of the hotline, they have also
and adults to anonymously report promoted it on the morning announce- Nulton Diagnostic is new to the area,
threats, bullying, depression, abuse, and ments, posted it on the school webpage

Page 4 The Slate

Band members join 61st annual County Honors concert

Senior Charles Fleischmann solos By Shayla Smith instrumental experience which extends Lehigh. Mr. Carroll’s piece that he select-
the sax at the 61st annual County Staff Writer beyond the typical concert band settings ed to conduct for the concert was music
Honors Band concert. that exist in most public schools,” said from the animated film “The Incredi-
In early February, 11 of Northern Mr. David Carroll, band director. bles.” Within it were various solo oppor-
Lehigh’s most talented musicians trav- tunities, in which selected soloists were
eled to Catasauqua High School to per- “I have only been a part of County given the chance to improvise their own
form in the 61st annual Lehigh County Band for two years, but it has been an sounds during the show. Flesichmann
Honors Band concert. amazing experience,” said senior Charles was one of the selected soloists.
Fleischmann. “To play with 120 of the
The annual County Band concert is greatest young musicians in the Lehigh “I had the honor of soloing on guitar
held every winter and includes schools Valley has been a true honor. Since our and saxophone on a rendition of the
from all across Lehigh County. Joining school is so small, County Band has “Incredible's” I spent a lot of time prac-
our Northern Lehigh band members been the only opportunity I have had to ticing in order to secure my position as a
were approximately 120 other students play with a full-piece band. My favorite soloist among the other talented musi-
from such schools, including Southern part of County Band is the sheer volume cians there. I got to solo on guitar and
Lehigh, Whitehall, Northwestern and dynamics of the entire band. Fur- then end the entire solo section on alto
Lehigh, Catasauqua, Salisbury, Allen- thermore, it is fascinating to hear how saxophone. Furthermore, I ended up
town Central Catholic, Parkland, Di- each student’s part contributes to the soloing at the very end of the piece on
eruff and William Allen High School. entire piece of music.” the final chord, along with the other top
soloist. It was very interesting listening
“The purpose of this festival is to Each band director from every at- to how the other eight students impro-
promote music education in our schools, tending school is given an opportunity to vised over the solo section,” he said.
showcase the great musical talent that choose and conduct one piece of music
exists in Lehigh County, and to give our that is to be performed in the concert.
band students a unique and enriching This year was extra special for Northern

Stronger Gun Laws Needed Leave America’s Guns Alone

That’s what they say. These frequent consequential, in comparison to the would be an age requirement or a law ing a firearm in the U.S. Background
2,565 dead in gun-related incidents. that would violate his Constitutional checks provided by the government give
massacres are just a fact of life. Then, For every person who defended them- right. Not only are guns part of a Consti- the perfect amount of information in
allow me to point you to Australia — a selves with a gun, 11 died. Is an 11:1 tutional right, but they are part of Ameri- order to determine whether someone
ratio worth it? can culture and history. No law should should be able to purchase a weapon.
country that has had one mass shooting be able to violate someone’s Constitu- Currently in the U.S., only nine states
in the past 23 years. My friends, con- One final fear remains. Criminals tional right promised to them. The gov- and the District of Columbia require
trast that with our 60 mass shootings, will still get their weapons. I point you ernment should not be able to dictate gun buyers to go through a “waiting peri-
just in these few months. The differ- to DUI laws. In 2016, more than one everything that happens within its realm. od” before they can take a firearm home.
ence? Australia, in 1996, endured the million drivers were arrested with DUI
Port Arthur massacre where 35 died charges. So, should we remove the I understand that the purpose of The average law-abiding citizen un-
and 23 were injured. The Australian DUI law? DUIs will still happen, won’t derstands that the safety of children and
government took action, putting they? Maybe, but by a number far few- government is to protect the people; of innocent Americans comes before
regulatory legislation in place. however, stricter gun laws will not pro- their gun ownership rights. However,
Mind you, Australian citizens did er than if legal. Criminals may get their tect any American from gun violence. most criminals do not follow any laws;
not have their right to a gun weapons, but fewer than the present. there are plenty of ways a criminal can
stripped away. They can own a And law-making bodies will be able to An example of this scenario is Chica- obtain a firearm without buying one
firearm, as long as the proper pro- dually punish them. An improvement go, where in 2018, there were 572 gun from a licensed dealer. Stricter gun laws
cedures are followed. is an improvement. So follow examples homicides, while only 289 deaths from will not change this.
set by Australia, and keep guns out of guns in New York City. If stricter gun
An Australian citizen must irresponsible hands. It has worked laws truly worked, then it does not make If someone really wants to get their
provide the government with his before, and will work again. any sense for Chicago, which has some hands on a gun, the opportunities are
or her reason for purchasing the of the strictest gun laws in the country, there. Guns do not kill people, but peo-
gun: including hunting, sport To argue otherwise is to hold the to have such a large number of homi- ple kill each other.
shooting, collecting, and all the under-licensed, under-regulated owner- cides. Chicago is a great example of how
things that some worry they won’t ship of firearms above the safety and gun laws are ineffective; they do not have Stricter background checks also bring
be able to do. They must own a lives of thousands of people across the any positive effect on the amount of gun the inquiry of interference into question.
firearm’s license. They must be of- country. And if this argument is not violence. If the government blocks people from
age and have a clear background. convincing, then there is no more that getting guns, does that not overturn the
Should a profession require a gun, can be done. One cannot be taught With this being said, I do support entire reason the Second Amendment
the person wishing to buy must compassion. background checks for anyone purchas- was created to prevent? The point of the
only go through an additional six- amendment is to allow people to revolt
month course on gun training. These against the government, if necessary.
few and simple laws have led to a coun- How can something like that work if the
try with only one massacre in 23 years,
and guns are still available to collectors government has complete control over
and hunters. the obtaining of a gun? Questions like
these tend to challenge the idea of
This is why other proposed solu- whether the Constitution is king or if
tions are a waste of time. Australia is restricting potentially dangerous people
proof that legislation works. Don’t from purchasing firearms is more im-
keep cutting off the leaves of the weed portant.
if you can simply pull it out.
The gun debate will continue to
Others point to self-defense as a dominate political controversy, and peo-
justifiable reason to keep firearms. Self- ple will never stop fighting for a solution.
defense is important, and in these Nonetheless, Americans have a right to
same few months since January, as of own guns, and that will never change as
March 11, 231 incidents were reported long as our Constitution is upheld. The
and validated of citizens using guns for solution is clear: conduct current back-
self-defense. Great, right? But it’s in- ground checks, uphold the Second
Amendment, and leave America’s guns

The Slate @theslatenews Page 5

High schoolers Read Across America, and NL campus

Theatre members, Slate staff visit Slatington Elementary with a love of reading, writing stories

By Ava Rosario assembly made me realize our vital role Paige Craddock, Northern Lehigh theatre member,
Arts & Culture Editor to educate people about the im- shared a love of reading with Slatington Elementary
portance of reading and writing. School students.
The Read Across America initiative There’s this stigma surrounding both
is tackling the stigmas surrounding that seems to scare people away as they
reading and writing. On March 1, age.
members of Northern Lehigh Theatre
Troupe and The Slate had the oppor- I remember being in that spot,
tunity to participate. putting away my beloved novels and
turning to what I thought was more
NLTT students were offered the interesting entertainment – technology
chance to read to a specific third or – because books just were not cool
fourth grade class, while The Slate staff anymore, and for no reason. At least I
members held an assembly for the rest
of the school to hear inspiring speech- thought it was no reason.
es about what The Slate entails. There is this silent pressure to put

I had only heard of Read Across down books as we transition to young
America a few times before, and taking adulthood. The number of avid read-
part in the experience taught just how ers I know has noticeably dropped over
important it is to teach children that the last few years.
reading can be fun. One thing I found
truly fascinating during the visit was A report from The Washington Post
the effect my reading had on the stu- reads, “Leisure reading in the U.S. is at
dents. an all-time low,” which is somehow
unsurprising and still frightening. Lik-
Before reading, I had asked who ing to read is not considered normal
wants to be a writer for the newspaper today, and I truly think it is affecting
or join theater when they grow up, and us. Whenever I peer-review classmates’
I was met with fewer raised hands than writing, there is an obvious difference
expected. After I finished the book, I when the author is a regular reader.
decided to ask the question again, and
this time it received almost unanimous Also, the importance of being edu-
enthusiasm. I had spent barely 15 cated is growing in today’s society, and
minutes with the class and managed to reading aids in that. Sure, being forced
influence them with the wonders of to read those mandatory novels and
reading. textbooks can take away some of the
joy of reading, but taking the time to
Seeing similar excitement and in- find a personally interesting book and
terest from the students during the
Shayla Smith, staff writer for The Slate, along with editors Katie Guelcher and Jamie
Knerr, pumped up the fifth and sixth graders about the future of student journalism.

NL to host County Band in 2023 Anonymous tip line is live 24/7

(Top, l-r, senior Michael Martineau, senior Charles Fleischmann, senior Scott but not new to the business. Recently, close to you may not be able to give you
Schaeffer, Mr. Carroll, senior Austin Deibert, junior Cat Shelley, freshman they opened a campus on Main Street, answers, but they can help you get the
Olivia Walter. (Bottom, l-r) senior Brianna Strohl, sophomore Maggie Reitz, Slatington. It is open to customers, both answers.
junior Madison Hoffman, sophomore Francine Ohlson, junior Dylan Kuntz. in town and in the schools, as there is a
room for their therapists in each build- If you know someone who is strug-
“This experience was another fantastic tence of every participating member of ing. That way, the therapists can come gling, whatever they are struggling with,
opportunity for me to solo with an the program as most students partici- directly to the school. Through this please do not be afraid to tell someone,
extremely talented group of individu- pating have been making music since partnership, Northern Lehigh is ena- and if you are, never forget that the
als.” middle school or younger. bled to be a much safer environment, so
they can now very efficiently provide hotline is always there and it is com-
Students in Honors Band had only Each year, Lehigh County Honors help, and if they don’t have the answers, pletely anonymous. Many young stu-
three rehearsals to prepare for the con- Band will continue to be held in scat- they can find those who do. dents and young adults are dying due to
cert as a full ensemble, each rehearsal tered schools throughout Lehigh Coun- drug abuse, suicide, and plenty of other
lasting the approximate length of a day ty. The tentative year for Northern Principal Mr. Robert Vlasaty says he diseases, addictions, and personal issues
of school. Such information goes on to Lehigh to host the festival is in 2023. is “truly happy with the progress and that they are not strong enough to face
prove the practice and level of compe- Until the next show, the musicians and responses our school has received on their own. They need all of our sup-
those to come will be practicing. throughout the use of this hotline.” He port, and we can start by putting this
also says that the hotline, being anony- hotline to a good use.
mous, “allows people to speak up even
when they don’t think they can or even Note: Nulton Diagnostic Center will
don’t know how to.” The hotline pro- have its grand-opening ribbon cutting ceremo-
vides help 24 hours a day to those who ny on April 24th at 5 p.m. at their center on
are in tough situations, seven days a Main Street.
week. Not only does Mr. Vlasaty sup-
port the hotline, but he also supports
seeking help and seeing a counselor. He
says, “counseling is not a weakness, ra-
ther it’s a sign of intelligence.” If your
best friend won’t support you, there is
always someone who will. And those

Spring Edition — April 2019 @theslatenews

Slipshod attitude Page 6
forces face of
befuddlement From struggle to smooth success:

It was not quite art imitating life but more the I will not be defined by a speech impediment
ignorant illustrating meaning.
By Shayla Smith When an impediment is ob- end of the line is cutting off.
After a test of vernacular expansion (that’s vo- Staff Writer served, people assume there is Anything else is simply not an
cab, kids) -- not to bewilder, but to broaden one’s something more about you that is
word inventory -- the following frustrated utterance I would like to personally wrong than simply being able to option, or you will get hung up on
was unwittingly shared by a disgruntled student: clearly articulate the easiest of
“Yo, that test was mad hard.” blame, ahem, I mean thank Mr. words. It’s not something that and will be way too embarrassed
Barnes for insisting I write about someone deserves to be babied or and ashamed to call back. This, I
The teacher inquired, “Did you prepare or study this topic. Stuttering is not some- singled out for. It is something that know, all from experience.
flashcards to supplement the practice done in class?” thing that I am ashamed of; howev- just needs to be understood.
The response was a proud, “Nope.” Insert here the er, it is something I would give Upon the suggestion of this
teacher’s common face of befuddlement. And thus, almost anything to have So, what’s it like? Allow me to article, Mr. Barnes had emphasized
the inanimate word slipshod personified itself and fixed, as it is arguably my arm you with knowledge. As a stu- that I include a paragraph or two
most distinguishable dent, you get used to seeing D’s or
blanketed the conversation with a depressing quilt of irony. characteristic. It is dis- C’s on Power School for class par- about my growth from
Work-ethic and integrity are topics discussed in cernible whenever I ticipation grades. When going over my everlasting battle. To
open my mouth. The classwork by order of going up and be more specific, the way
many classrooms around the Northern Lehigh dog only way to hide it is to down rows of desks, you count I grew from a horrifying
pound, but when did the careless, apathetic persona be silent. how many students are left until speech from his 7th
become the norm? Not only the norm but almost a it’s your turn, and you rehearse (at grade English class up
sense of comical pride. I have memories of it until my current days as
affecting me as early as least five times) the answer you a soon-to-be graduate.
The conversation continued. second grade, when peo- know you will be asked to read. In My 7th grade speech
ple would make assump- my specific case, you never raise consisted of approxi-
“So you knew there was a test today -- you have known tions because of it. Sec- your hand if the answer begins mately three minutes
about it for a week -- and never thought to once look at the ond grade was when my with “Th-” or “B-” because your talking about bullying
words just to possibly do well, achieve something and be impediment developed throat will close and you will not be through a voice that
proud of yourself?” (at its highest severity), and be- able to say the answer that you cracked much more than
cause of that, my teachers placed know. a pubescent teenage
“Nah.” (laughs). me in a reading group with life- boy’s. It was embarrassing. I cried.
“So why are you here? I mean that. Why do you wake skills students. The struggles go beyond the I could already guess that there
up and get out of bed, get dressed and put yourself into a classroom, though. If you start to would be whispers in the hallway
school setting when you are not making anything out of I was eventually moved to the stutter during a phone call, you once the bell rang. I figured it
it?” highest level when they realized my have the option of either telling would be the topic of conversation
The proverbial: “‘Cause I gotta be here.” outside ability did not match what the person on the other end that for the next few days for people
The proverbial, expected response: “You do? No one is I was capable of doing on the in- they need to learn to bear with that didn’t have anything in their
picking you up, carrying you in, and dropping you into a side. you, or you play it off as if your lives that was better to talk about.
homeroom seat like one of those claw machines in a diner My self-esteem was at its all-time
lobby.” More recently, I remem- low during middle school.
It has been preached for years: Try. Put forth ef- ber an instance from work. I
tried to speak to a customer, This event did not help
fort. Fail and try again. Learn from failure and celebrate and my words had gotten with that.
the success. jammed at the top of my
throat. She had made a face, Throughout high school
If the whole world put slipshod effort into every- and questioned me about it. though, I think things be-
After I simply told her of my came better. When I spoke
thing -- pizza makers, car manufacturers, firefighters, veter- disorder, she chuckled and to people, I began to look
inarians, soldiers, video game creators, government offi- said, “You just don’t look at their faces more than I
cials, parents, coaches, teachers -- the world would spin like a person that has some- looked down at my shoes.
with more chaos than it does now. thing like that wrong with Joining extracurriculars
them.” have been my best deci-
Nullify the negligent. Slipshod has no place in a sions and my favorite
I wouldn’t say that these things sources of strength.
society that desperately needs hard-working virtues. I met and formed relationships
One cannot blame the result if no training went offended me. They just confused me. with people that I had no idea
They still do. could be so beautiful. I regained
into the practice. Talent does not just sprout up. It my previously lost ability to love
must be cultivated and nurtured. Do you think Jimi How can you make an assump- people and to love life. Around
Hendrix picked up a guitar and automatically tion about a person’s reading com- such people, my disorder seems to
churned out “Red House”? petence based on speech? I didn’t go away. Rather than feeling cyni-
give a reaction to the woman after cal, I began to feel normal, like
We can hear it now: “Who’s Jimi Hendrix?” she made that statement. I still there’s nothing wrong with me,
Insert the face of befuddlement again. struggle to understand what such a and as if at no point there ever
sentence even means. My most was. If nothing else, my impedi-
sincere apologies if I had forgotten ment has humbled me.
to take my thickest chiseled-tip

marker to write “STUTTERER”
across my forehead that day.

The Slate @theslatenews Page 7

Opening chapters

for future readers

Finding the keys on whether or not they think it is
to the kingdom
with confidence important.

read on your own time will ulti- I finally decided to pick up my

mately be beneficial. books again a few years ago, and I

The Slate’s assembly outlined truly see a difference now that I

what the newspaper includes, be- read regularly. My writing is im-

ginning with speeches from advis- proving and I speak with better

er Mr. Barnes, various editors like vocabulary. We seem to forget that

Jamie Knerr and Katie

Guelcher, and staff writer

Shayla Smith. Then they

discussed the outline of the

newspaper and the basics

of its creation. A similar

experience to mine hap-

By Anthony Bardelli Everything from posture to tone conveys pened during that assembly
Staff Writer either unyielding valor or meekness. To feel
good, one must look good in whatever way – I could see the students’
It is said that confidence is key to the they know how. There is no reason for one
kingdom, but knowing how to unlock the to appreciate and care for their very being. interest growing as they
gates is the path. For humanity in a civil
world where survival of the fittest is struck, Taking time to find a personal routine is learned. Whether from Mr.
only one characteristic seems to distinguish nothing more than the apex of physical con-
or classify the able and the unable – confi- fidence. By knowing what makes you a Barnes’s inevitable witty
dence. There are those whom are borne with unique individual, feel special and look gor-
an innate charisma, but for the majority of geous with an emblazoned upkeep shows remarks or maybe just be-
humanity it takes work to radiate an inner- your ethics to others.
strength founded on two principles: body ing excused from class, I do
and mind. “It’s OK to have a relationship with your-
self…you want to have yourself looking to- not know, but they seemed
It matters not whether an individual is gether as much as you can,” so that one can
qualified, for if they cannot stand tall, feel succeed comfortingly lovingly, says Jonathan inspired. Once upon a time, Ava Rosario shared
Van Ness, grooming artisan. It is important for us to a story with Slatington Elementary stu-
show others, especially
younger ones, that what we

have a passion for is signifi-

cant, especially when there are knowledge is power, and if every-

strong stigmas surrounding it. one would dedicate just a few

They can be motivated to apply minutes daily to reading, they

your wisdom to their life and mull would start to believe it.

Finding empowerment
beyond the stutter

Queer Eye, rebooted for the confidence of humanity. There’s nothing that anyone can ca, I gave a different kind of
do to make people not gossip speech. Mr. Barnes, other Slate
the coursing might, then they shall fall. No To the outside world, it shows that not about you. The sooner that this members, and I went to Slating-
more have these lessons been taught than by only do you take time out of life to trans- fact is accepted, the better off you ton Elementary to speak with kids
Antoni Porowski, Tan France, Jonathan Van form into the best you can be, but it coalesc- will be, I learned. With that said, I about what our newspaper is. A
Ness, Bobby Berk, and Karamo Brown, hosts es the fact that you have taken the time to laugh. Most humans do not have mental video clip of me breaking
of the Queer Eye reboot on Netflix, whose the challenge that I have. I don’t down in Mr. Barnes’s classroom
mission is to teach humanity that they are show you respect others by appearing the best think they realize how lucky and played on a continuous loop in
beautiful and have what it takes. you can be. Everyone has their own beauty, fortunate they are to be able to my brain on the bus ride there. I
that is undeniable, but it is for the possessor use their voice without fear of it knew that the audience would be
In body, how someone presents himself to seek out for display – a quality of magnifi- not working. much larger. More pressure, but
or herself not only expresses aesthetic, but is cence every human has. also more encouragement to be-
a manifestation of how you, as a stranger, I envy that ability, and I envy lieve in myself. And so, I did.
treat yourself and the world. Often when Knowing what it is and showing it to the those that take such a thing for
examined from the basest of forms, confi- world through determined self-care instills granted. On the flipside, I pity the When the mic was handed to
dence is tied directly with how people per- the invincibility that breeds confidence. suckers who choose to use their me in the gymnasium filled with
ceive themselves, act based upon that, and When one looks good, he or she feels natu- free-flowing voice for things as kids’ eyes glaring at me, an amaz-
will then be recognized by it. redundant and wasteful as insults ing thing happened. Or rather, a
and hate. It’s the biggest waste of
a gift I can name. Sometimes I thing didn’t happen: I did not stut-
wonder if those that do so genu-
inely realize what a waste of their ter.
precious time and their even more I delivered what was perhaps
precious breath that is.
my most fluent speech in front of
Joining The Slate has been what was also my biggest audi-
another thing I believe to be a ence. I still remember the conclu-
source of empowerment. At the sion to it: an awkward, muttered
beginning of this past March, in
celebration of Read Across Ameri- “That’s all I got” were my final words.
Taking a step back and listen-

ing to Mr. Barnes take over the
assembly again, a different voice
in my head proudly proclaimed:

“It’s OK. That’s all you needed.”

Page 8 The Slate

Stand up and break out of the human camo

By Madison Hoffman looking like everyone else.
Staff Writer Most people do not want to stand out in a

Avoiding the wrath of society’s judgement, crowd. Even if you desire the spotlight at all
we seem to be in a constant state of hide and times, it’s usually for good reasons, not for be-
seek. We have begun using our appearance as a ing different in a bad way. There is a reason that
sort of camouflage to the metaphorical hunters in anime and other shows you can always tell
waiting to catch the prey that stands out. We who the main characters are. They are the ones
are falling victim to the temptation of blending not wearing the same thing as everyone or with
in. Our appearance has become our greatest bright green hair.
weapon. Camouflage can be good for (realistic)
hunting, where animals don’t want to be eaten; What we wear and how we present ourselves
it hides them from others. is a significant part of self-expression; it is how
we want others to view us. Many of us are so
Camouflage – designed to blend in to your afraid to be vulnerable to the judgement of oth-
surroundings – looks different for all species. ers (even if you do like being the center of atten-
For animals in the forest, they look like trees. tion) because you don’t want it to be for a bad
For animals in the ocean, they could either be thing. Some people aren’t happy wearing the
sand or water colored. For humans, it's bland same type of thing that everyone else does every-
clothing, the same haircut, and the ability to all day. They want to show who they are on the
like the same things. outside through clothes and hair. They may not
care how many eyes are on them because they
It’s like humans have subconsciously created are comfortable in their expression.
our own camouflage for everyday life so that we
don’t get hurt just like animals. We may not be Our eyes, in general, are attracted to items
hunted by others but we constantly want to be with the most color. Many people wear things
accepted, so the answer becomes acting and

It’s OK: Learn to
embrace the tears

By Cody Grabarits real and valid.
Contributing Writer
Ask almost anyone, and they’ll
Crying. There are different tell you they think crying is for the
things people think of when they weak. Many people think this,
hear that word. especially for all the men. Whenev-
er guys show emotion, they’re told
Some think of a sad event, to ‘man up,’ which is very toxic
some think of being weak, some because you are basically telling
think of being overjoyed. Numer- them that their emotions are femi-
ous things could run through nine and that only girls cry. That’s
someone’s mind when they hear ridiculous.

that word. Some people are ex- Crying does not make some-
tremely emotional and cry a lot. body weak. It's just a natural thing
Other people, not very much at the body does in response to cer-
all. Others, still, are in between tain situations.
those two. Either way, everyone
falls into a category and everyone I am one who cries a lot. I cry
has cried before. when I’m sad, scared, anxious, and
frustrated. I cry at sad movies,
But why do people cry? They’re horror movies, when I see a dead
sad or scared. They’re happy or animal on the road, when I have
proud of something or someone. to talk about my emotions, and
They’re mad or frustrated. Some when I see an unloved stuffed
cry when they’ve been injured or animal. My one friend cries when
are in an intense amount of pain. he’s extremely upset and if a movie
People cry for a bunch of reasons really tugs on his heart strings. My
and all the reasons people do it are other friend cries when she’s sad
and anxious and when something
really warms her heart.

All three of those reasons are
perfectly okay reasons to cry. Peo-
ple are all made differently. Crying
is never a sign of weakness because
it takes an immense amount of
strength to show someone that
you aren’t OK. It's a huge step to
open up to someone and to cry in
front of them.

Crying is healthy. It releases
pent-up emotion that has been

The Slate @theslatenews Page 9

Into the Wild: NL teacher finds Local Rec Center
more luck than the Griswolds searching for input

Mr. Gerould wraps up our series on stories that humanize teachers Northern Lehigh Recreation is a multi-municipal organi-
zation whose purpose is to create programs and events for our
By Jamie Knerr Northern Lehigh community. Within our first two years we
Editor in Chief have hosted a Food Truck Festival, Candy Cane Hunt, Movie
in the Park, Trunk or Treat, Summer Rec Program, Night
Think about the classic National Lampoon’s Mr. Gerould took to the fresh air last summer to Hikes, Fitness Boot Camps and so much more. So, what’s
Vacation movie and you think of a family road trip find some therapeutic bonding with nature and next? We want you to join us! As we continue to grow, we
gone completely wrong. Through this comical story, family. need the help, input and involvement of Northern Lehigh
the legendary Griswold family loads up in an RV students to plan, coordinate and support community events!
and takes a trip cross country, while things are nice to experience in a different way, because we All students who are interested in helping our community
bound to go wrong. For Northern Lehigh High had always come to this camping ground in our and consequently building their resume or college applica-
School’s health and fitness teacher, Mr. Scott tents. This was the first time in the camper.” Here, tion, please contact Mr. Michael Kukitz, Executive Director,
Gerould, he decided to create his own version of the his family was able to enjoy a beach, a playground by emailing [email protected] and checking
camping lifestyle, packing his family up to experi- for the children, fishing, and lots of other camping out
ence the wilderness from a different perspective. activities.
Don’t be fearin’ the tearin’
For most of his life, Mr. Gerould has loved “On our third trip we went to Fair Haven Beach
camping and being outdoors. “I’ve always gone hik- State Park, New York, which is near Syracuse and bottled up inside. It helps you feel better, too. Sure, you
ing, and backpacking in the woods with nothing but Lake Ontario.” Staying for a few nights, Mr. probably have a headache after you’ve cried and your eyes
a hammock to lay out and watch the stars at night. Gerould was able to spend quality time with his might sting, but overall, there is a weight lifted off your chest.
It’s one of my favorite things to do,” he said. When You’re able to take a deep breath again and gather yourself
his daughter was born, his whole family began tak- together to move on. It lessens or gets rid of the emotion to a
ing camping trips in tents during the summer. Last point where you can talk about it or handle it better.
summer, after a big storm ripped through their
campground and ruined the family’s equipment and You feel freer and less-burdened. Moments after you have
sleeping area, Mr. Gerould decided to make a cried, you just exist there and everything seems OK for a few
change to the way his family experienced camping. seconds. Crying is a healthy thing to do (and it helps to clear
out your eyes, too.)
“After that experience, I had finally gotten my
wife on board to go ahead and buy the camper.” There’s so much that has been said about crying that peo-
Once he bought the camper, Mr. Gerould and his 3- ple hate doing it and are ashamed and embarrassed of it. I
year-old daughter decided to take a short trip to am included in that. I’m not saying that you should be con-
camp along the Susquehanna River. “We were out stantly crying, but trying to hold back tears is pointless. The
there for four days and three nights just to break in release helps you to feel better; when you hold back tears, you
the camper. My daughter was very excited.” For her pretty much just fail anyway.
first experience in a camper, Mr. Gerould enjoyed
doing all of the normal adventures you have while When was the last time you cried? Like, actually sat down,
camping and being in the outdoors. “We had a lot felt everything, and had a good cry? It’s better than it sounds
of the normal camping fun. There was swimming, and it is more relieving than it initially feels. Crying is noth-
boat rides, fishing, and a lot of s’mores.” ing to be ashamed of. Ever.

After this vacation came to an end, Mr. Gerould @theslatenews
still wanted to experience more of the outdoors in
this way, so his family took two more camping trips
in the RV. “The second trip we took, we went out to
Raystown Lake for four nights. Raystown Lake was

Grand showmanship is a matter of maintenance

ral as the highest achievable, they do brings joy. Any activity which assures Berk, master of the house, speaks from what it means to feel your torment and
good, and do more. Knowing what victory of self enhances confidence. an old preacher’s warmth “...sometimes jubilation.
makes you awe-striking can help aid your Once more, if you have it, flaunt it for all when you’re feeling buried, you’re actual-
pride tenfold. By meticulously crafting the world to see and be mesmerized by. ly just planted,” a statement buried for “...Being vulnerable is not a weak-
yourself to your own perfection it shows Any strength no matter how small when the downtrodden to rise regal as a lotus. ness. It is a sign of strength. It shows you
you know how to make an effort. examined is a key to confidence. When are in tune with yourself…” masterfully
you know you can accomplish your Once the body and mind have been preaches Karamo Brown, the cultural
The choice to put forth semblances quest, aplomb rises as you do above the joined in a mystical union unflinching in scholar, to the masses who believe they
of personal respect aids not only the clouds to where nothing can drag you purpose, only one thought remains for are nothing by showing everything. In
present but the future as “making an down from a high of self-assurance. More confident actualization to spark: vulnera- the end, is that not what confidence is?
effort means you’re serious about the life importantly, do not conform to what is bility. The ability to proudly step before the
you want,” stylishly emphasizes fashion unwholly your quintessence. world and declare your chivalric nirvana?
aficionado Tan France. Humanity is no different than beast
Being in a situation where you know and earth. Every cutting word behind the One may see finding his or her own
It is essential that you know what fits you feel you cannot ascend kills confi- back or to the face is a deep wound. sigil of glory as a daunting summit, but it
you as a person for you to pursue the dence. Though a scar may form, if the wound is the small details accumulating into
legacy you desire. Look the part with does not bleed, the pain of touching it is grand showmanship that make it easy.
swagger and the confidence you possess In such times remember that there is immeasurable. It is those who are truly
or own just by acquiring a visage unlike always a chance for victory through toil confident beyond eldritch conceptions of “It’s just a matter of maintenance,”
any other. and by knowing your strengths and look- the soul that bear their weakness. Show- expertly prepares Antoni Porowski of
ing/feeling your best, success is inevita- ing emotion is neither hysterical nor culinary championship. Gaze as you wish
Not only must one be in concert with ble. It is natural to feel overwhelmed; a does it make one the lesser. It is the sup- upon yourself with the highest regards,
their body, but be so with their con- factor in defeat, but defeat is not but a pression of sentiment which invokes bear your strengths as a guiding light to
science. Another way to feel confident is boon under another guise. It teaches weakness. illuminate your majesty, show your heart
to know what skill you possess that survival. so that none may strike at its golden-
To understand what it means to be steele. Own it and slay!
Even when all despair sets in, Bobby strong, you, not another, must know

Spring Edition — April 2019 @theslatenews

Page 10

Senior Bulldog reaches ‘1,000th’ milestone

Brandon Hess joins Jada Saeger in second major basketball achievement this year

By Katie Guelcher
Sports Editor

On Thursday, Jan. 24, senior guard Brandon Hess became
the second athlete this season to score 1,000 career points.
That night the Northern Lehigh boys basketball team – oppos-
ing Notre Dame Green Pond – knew it would be a tough game
(away), and they were facing a very talented team. Despite this,
the Bulldogs knew it would be very memorable because one of
their teammates would be scoring his 1,000th point.

“My main focus going into the game was the same as every
other game – do everything I possibly can to help the team
win,” said Hess.

Going into the game, Hess was only a few points away from
reaching 1,000. Averaging about 16.1 points per game, he was
excited to reach the milestone. During an offensive series, sen-
ior Nick Seier had the ball on the wing. He saw that Hess had
a wide-open three-point shot. He quickly threw the ball in a
long pass over to Hess just as he was setting-up for the 3-point
shot that he needed in order to reach 1,000.

As Hess released the ball, he was confident that the shot
would put him over the major milestone. At the end of the
game, Hess had scored a total of 13 points, contributing to the
final score of 75-58. Even though NL lost the game, it was still
a major achievement for Hess. “It was a great feeling,” he said.
“I am so lucky to have accomplished it with such great team-
mates, friends, and family supporting me the whole way.”

Hess has always been athletic, having played basketball since
he was about 7 years old. Going into high school, his main goal
was not always to score 1,000 points. “My main goals were just
improving every year as a player and a team. Obviously making
and going far into the playoffs was the main focus for me and
our team ever year.”

Over the years, Hess’s hard work and dedication to the
sport has been a key factor in the team’s gradual improvement
of their record. His freshman year, the Northern Lehigh boys
ended the season with an overall record of 1-21. Hess had a
total of 89 points. He and the team worked to improve their
record and the next year they finished 7-15 overall. He finished
with a total of 197 points. Hess’s junior year, the team had a
final record of 11-12. Hess majorly contributed by scoring with
a total of 342 points. “I don’t normally get nervous before big
games because I live for the big moments and love to play in
front of big crowds.”

This season, the boys finished with an overall record of 15-
7. Hess finished off the season with a total of 381 points. Last
year, Hess helped lead the team into the District Playoffs –
their first time qualifying since 2014. The same went for this

Hess’s ability to hit a three-pointer when the team most
needs it or to finish a vital lay-up against two defenders was
crucial in the boys’ successful season this year. Hess and the
team had been able to work their way up to a winning record,
and once again qualify for the District Playoffs.

There is no doubt that Hess contributes part of his success
to his teammates, close friends, and family. “It was such a great

Senior Brandon Hess surpassed 1,000 points in just four years of Northern Lehigh boys basketball.

The Slate @theslatenews Page 11

New coach, same traditions Winning isn’t
Change in leadership for field hockey begins with Coach Seiler
Someone must lose; how do we
By Brianna Schuck our team. I want our team to help intend to follow through with what- handle coming in ‘second place’?
Sports Editor develop each other, communicate ever traditions are held here.”
and build each other up. By Katie Guelcher
Following the latest field hockey Coach also proceeds to glorify Sports Writer
season, with great sadness, Northern “No matter whether we are a her passion for coaching, and for her
Lehigh accepted the resignation of young player, senior, coaches or par- new career: “I have always enjoyed One of the hardest parts about being an
long-tenured head coach, Coach ents, we are working together to be a coaching. Being on the field with the athlete is learning how to deal with a loss. No-
Frew. However, that does not mean positive role model for our student girls and working to improve their body likes to lose. Athletes who are passionate
the uprising program must also come athletes. Respect is very important. skills, team play and sportsmanship about their sport do not purposefully try to lose
to an end. Northern Lehigh Field Our program will work everyday to is very exciting. I can’t wait to get – it is not a good feeling.
Hockey welcomes the new head show and model respect to the game, back out there! I am excited to start a
coach, Coach Kim Seiler. players, opponents, referees, mainte- new chapter here at Northern After consistently pouring all your time and
effort into the sport you love, losing can instant-
Coach Seiler is an athlete nance workers, bus driv- Lehigh. Everyone has been so ly crush every ounce of confidence that remains.
herself, having played field ers….everyone.” welcoming and nice.” It may make you question, “Why me?” or “Am I
hockey in high school, but just not good enough?”
ended her career shy of the Aside from that, Coach Seiler Being the new coach in
collegiate level to focus primar- plans to keep improving. “My goals town can be tough, and it cer- Asking yourself these questions game after
ily on her career and academ- are to always improve our play day by tainly can add a lot of unneces- game, or race after race, can, overtime, deterio-
ics. After she established her- day. I want our girls to be competi- sary pressure. However, Coach rate your love for a sport. In our society, too
self in teaching, she found tive with every team we play. Every Seiler isn’t about to get beat by many athletes have these thoughts and decide to
herself back on the field. team will know that the Dawgs came pressure. “In some ways, I am simply quit because they do not want to deal
to play.” sure there are pressures, but I with the emotional pain or stress. They do not
This time, though, it was am focused on the girls and realize that altering their mindset can easily give
through a different picture, as Previously, Coach Frew instilled a continuing to build the best them a different outcome. It’s not easy, but
she was now coaching at the sense of tradition, and Coach Seiler program I can while instilling there are ways to better handle a loss.
junior high level, which she is in sight of that tradition. “As I am what I think are good attrib-
proceeded to coach for many a new coach, I am still learning utes in young athletes. Hard It’s clichѐ, but it is important to keep in
years. Following this step, she Northern Lehigh traditions, but I work, perseverance and sports- mind that no athlete is perfect. Putting too
coached at the varsity level for manship are the basis to any much pressure on yourself is almost equivalent
five years, totaling 15 years of successful sports team. Alt- to setting yourself up to fail. If you do not live
coaching. She is returning to hough I have only worked with up to the expectations set, in your mind you
coach the varsity level for her the girls a few times so far, I have already lost. You have already let yourself
sixth season, but this time as the am very impressed with their down before you have even begun. It is im-
head coach at NL. willingness to try new things and portant to know and remember that setting
have fun while they do it.” more reasonable and achievable goals for your-
In preparation, she has recently The main goal for every team is self will more likely lead to success.
received her USA Field Hockey In- success and improvement, but Coach
struction certification so she can stay Seiler plans on teaching life lessons Some professional athletes swear by saying
updated with college field hockey and everlasting skills as well. For the that losing is the best thing that ever happened
coaches and all they do with their seniors, she says, “I want them to
athletes. take away from their senior year that
they had a successful season not only
Leaving her old team was tough, on the field but off the field as well.
but she says, “I couldn’t pass up the That they learned life lessons that
opportunity to work with a team that will help them throughout their life.
has such great potential.” Building The girls will know they can cre-
off of success, she plans to instill a
new sense of meaning. “I want to
instill a sense of community within

Hess thanks his teammates for helping to reach milestone

feeling to know everyone around me sup- to score 22 of those points – 13 of which
ported me through everything,” he said. were scored in the fourth quarter. At the
“My teammates always put me in the best end of the game, Hess was named MVP of
positions to succeed and I can’t thank the tournament. Along with this award, at
them enough for four amazing seasons the end of the season Hess was selected for
together. Also my friends and family always the Colonial League Second Team.
came out to support our games and when
they knew I was getting close to my thou- Not only is Hess an outstanding basket-
sandth point, they all made sure they were ball player, he also plays baseball in the
there to be the first ones to congratulate spring. Along with all his earned accom-
me along with my team.” plishments this season, he, along with
seniors Preston Kemery and Jada Saeger,
Reaching 1,000 points was not Hess’s have been selected to play in this year’s
only accomplishment this year. This year, VIA Basketball Classic All Star Game.
Northern Lehigh once again hosted the (March 30). These players went up against
37th Annual Slatington Rotary Tourna- the top players from each team in the Co-
ment. Northern Lehigh beat out Jim lonial League.
Thorpe in the semifinal game to earn a
spot in the final game against Lehighton. After high school, Hess plans to attend
The Bulldogs were able to beat Lehighton Lehigh Carbon Community College to
with a final score of 52-48, Hess was able major in business management, and to no
surprise, continue to play the game he has
always loved.

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The Slate @theslatenews Page 13

Disconnecting the Gritty, among others, bewilder
technology paradox fans across sports spectrum

By Michael Martineau out. Everyone is asking, what effect By Owen Levan-Uhler “witch or sorcerer.” This word was twist-
Staff Writer does technology have on us? Staff Writer ed into the slang term “mascotte” soon
enough, which means “sorcerer’s charm.”
Technology is everywhere. The The answer, like most things in ‘What… is it?’ you were probably ask-
vast majority of American adults car- life, has two sides. Because technolo- ing when the Philadelphia Flyers released The term evolved over time with con-
ry phones in their pocket. Not only gy is so prevalent in our culture now, their new mascot, Gritty. Heck, you are nections to gamblers and even an opera
do many jobs require the use of cell it has pros and cons. On one hand, probably still asking that question. To called “La Mascotte.” It entered the
phones and computers; the industry technology has had a positive effect answer this question, “Gritty is a 7-foot sports world in the 1880s and in 1886,
that develops such consumer devices on society. Our phones have connect- the New York Times wrote an article
is booming. ed the world in a way that nothing
else has even come close to. furry orange creature with googly eyes,” about a boy (Charlie Gallager) that was
Many of the corporations vying to in the words of wise Wikipedia. So what seen as a mascot. This article disposed of
have the title of ‘Highest Market Cap- Within a minute of reading this, is it with mascots like Gritty parading the second “t” in “mascott,” resulting in
ital’ are technology oriented. As com- anyone with a smartphone can con- around our stadiums and arenas making the word becoming like it is today.
puters and phones dominate Ameri- tact someone from across the world, utter fools out of themselves and/or terri-
can businesses, so do they proliferate and with translator applications, fying children for life? During this time, early into the 20th
within our social lives. Much of a there would be no language barrier. century, mascots were all real animals or
teen’s day now centers around updat- The idea of a mascot isn’t exactly a children. They were also taken very seri-
ing and viewing each other’s profiles Just as quickly can these devices new one. The term “mascot” comes from
on social media platforms. bring us music, news, weather up- the French word “mascoto” meaning
dates, and emergency messages. Ap-
What started as a platform for plications such as Facebook even
basic communication through leverage their influence to aid in dis-
“instant messaging” has now become aster response by asking nearby users
a medium for our generation’s whole to give information and help to emer-
subculture. Many of us get our music, gency services. Indeed, each day
news, humor, and friendships, brings a new benefit technology gives
through a single app. us.

Like a 19th century railroad mo- There are, of course, drawbacks.
nopoly, single social media platforms Physiologically, looking down at our
are controlling increasing amounts of phones constantly is taking a toll. It
our free time, and in new ways. All of strains our eyes, hurts our neck, and
this rapid change has caught the at- hurts our hands. Psychologically, the
tention of psychologists, sociologists, damage may be more profound. Hu-
parents, and (you guessed it), teenag- mans are now wasting their cognitive
ers. We live in a unique time where surplus on mindless activities that
two consecutive generations were have the same addictive tendencies as
raised in night-and-day environments: narcotics. It affects our sleep too.
one with phones, the previous with-

Handling a loss is its own victory Breaking out of the human camo

to them. Ironically enough, you come so far to achieve can be devas- with a more natural, earthy tone to it. thing people look at when they scan
would think that winning would be tating. Despite this, it is how you There is no reason to take a second look your outfit and I want to leave them
the best thing to ever happen to come back from that loss is what is at people wearing those colors because with a unique note. If I do not include
them, but it is just the opposite. Hav- most important. those colors are all around us. It is the any color in my clothes, my shoes will
ing a major loss became the driving colors that we do not see that often – make up for it.
force that was needed to push them- With that being said, it is OK to the bright red glasses, the yellow pants,
selves beyond their limits and achieve lose. Losing is, and will always be, a and the orange-patterned crew socks – And I do not always have to wear
more than they ever knew was possi- part of the game. Every game, race, that catch a second glance. Patterned that kind of thing; I now will wear what-
ble. Their loss had become their con- or competition will have a loser, just things, like polka-dots, stripes and tie- ever I think I will look good in. I do not
stant motivation to keep practicing like it will have a winner. Losing dye, can also grab our attention. really think that it made me stand out
and working hard to ensure they nev- builds character within an athlete. It any more than usual and you know
er had to feel the pain of that loss builds determination and shows that In my everyday attire, it became clear what, I do not care if it did. It makes me
ever again. you can be stronger than you that I had no color and wore the same happy to wear it and I am not here to
thought. hoodie, jeans, graphic t-shirt, and con- make others feel comfortable.
Having the mindset that some of verse combination. More variety was
these professional athletes have is the It is necessary to keep in mind needed so I was more than just a hoodie If you are comfortable with the
best way an athlete can learn to han- that your effort will always equal your and jeans. trends and wearing generally the same
dle a loss. Instead of feeling sorry for results. If after a loss you find your- thing every day, then do that. But why
yourself, for losing a big game or race, My glasses were blue; now they are not consider broadening your horizons a
use those feelings as motivation. Use self asking, “Could I have done more?”, pink. My Converse and Vans were black; bit? No one is stopping you. Avoid being
it as a way to drive you to get better at then chances are, the answer is yes. now I have rainbow tie-dye and 80’s- the camouflage that society has created
what you do. Put more time into the The amount of time and energy you esque shoes. My sweatshirt is now a jean for you. There is nothing wrong with
sport you love. Do not let losing de- put into practice majorly impacts how jacket. I still wear the same base clothes standing out. Maybe you don’t wear the
stroy your love for the game. well you perform. If you don’t put but now I look more put-together and I same type of thing every day and people
much effort into practice, you are have made it my own. actually look forward to what you are
It is not an easy thing to do, espe- once again already setting yourself up wearing next. Even if others are judging
cially after a big game, or a champion- to fail. In the end, if learning from My favorite thing is bright, colorful you, who cares? Be your biggest critic.
ship race. Losing something you feel your mistakes forces you to push and fun shoes. I feel like they are the last And if you're happy, then nothing can
you have worked so hard and have yourself to the limits as an athlete touch you.
and a person, how can it be consid-
ered a loss?

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Chickens, Handsome Dan Global Warming and
and Mr. Met confuse fans what we can do about it

ously, unlike the foolish green By Owen Levan-Uhler degrees Celsius, or 33.44 degrees Fahrenheit,
hairballs of today. One of the Staff Writer with around two-thirds of this warming occur-
first football mascots was ring since 1975.
“Handsome Dan,” a bulldog Polar bears are not the only thing affected
who belonged to the class of climate change - though the poor creatures are This might not sound like too much - after
1892 at Yale. suffering greatly. Global warming permeates all, the temperature here Slatington could rise
the headlines and public debate with the en- or fall that much in a week or two. But local
The first mascot that wasn’t tire future of the human race in the middle of and global temperatures are different. Local
a child or an animal is thought the controversial storm. temperatures fluctuate depending on the time
to be the “Clown Prince of Base- of day, wind patterns and precipitation pat-
ball,” or Max Patkin. Patkin was Sure, natural disasters like the recent Ha- terns, along with seasons.
actually a real baseball player, waiian volcano eruptions add to the rising
who once found himself pitch- temperatures of the atmosphere, but humans Global temperatures change from how
ing for Joe DiMaggio. Patkin much energy the Earth receives from the Sun,
pitched a ball that DiMaggio hit
a home run off of, but when And even though he is sort are the main problem. Do not think, howev- and how much it emits back into space, and
DiMaggio started to run the of like the Phillie Phanatic or those intervals change very little. If this inter-
bases, Patkin followed, mocking “Gapper” from the Cincinnati er, I’m blaming you for the hole in the ozone-
the way DiMaggio ran and mak- Reds in the way that he is big, layer, or the seemingly-everlasting smog that val does change, it could be disastrous. In the
ing silly expressions. This fuzzy and goofy, Gritty was ini- looms over Los Angeles. No, I’m saying that past, just a 5 degree Celsius drop was all the
sparked a mascotting career that tially, and still kind of is, creepy. world needed to be covered in massive glaci-
spanned nearly 50 years. He’s right up there with Mr. you could help eliminate this environmental ers 20,000 years ago.
Met, who, by the way, looks like threat, even by just turning off your phone at
But today, when we think of he came right out of an old night, or flipping the switch on that one light Imagine what would happen if the world
mascots, we think of a weird and Thomas the Tank Engine epi- heated up by 5 degrees Celsius instead.
goofy character with an obnox- sode. that always seems to be on.
ious costume, portrayed by Global warming isn’t a new concept, Whole countries could be desert wastelands,
someone just trying to stay hy- Though soon enough, Gritty the ceiling of the ocean could have rise to
drated beneath all of the stuff- charmed his way into our hearts though its concern is rising like the Arctic Sea completely cover coast-lying cities and states
ing, fabric and fake hair. The levels. According to earthobservato-
first costumed mascots were with his antics to his friendly, since 1880, the Earth’s global
likely Mr. Met in baseball, and (but weird) demeanor. But that’s temperature has risen around a total of 0.8
Brutus Buckeye from college how mascots are supposed to be,
football, who debuted in 1964. or at least that’s how we see them Be in control of your own devices
It wasn’t these two that made a being. After all, the Iron Pigs
costumed creature an icon of have ham and bacon characters Many reading this will remember a night, every one of us needs to understand a few
American sports, though. That running and driving 4-wheelers or nights, where they stayed up late swiping up things about the devices we allow into our
job was left for the chickens… around a baseball field during on Instagram, and how awful they felt the next lives. It sounds cliché now, but it goes without
every home game. day. The instantaneousness of social media saying: not everything you read on the internet
In 1974, a San Diego radio technology is double-edged by nature as well. is true. Actively seeking out factual infor-
station named KGB hired Brian So even though he was ini- Because articles and websites can be published mation from credible sources can come a long
Narelle, a cartoonist, to create a tially feared, Gritty is the newest free of any sort of regulation, misinformation way. Finally, limit your time on these devices.
character for a series of commer- staple of Pennsylvanian and spreads on the internet like a wildfire.
cials. So naturally, he made a American sports culture. In fact, The Northern Lehigh School District has
chicken. on Oct. 24, the Philadelphia Abusing social media to spread misinfor- already taken great strides to keep unwanted
City Council declared that Grit- mation is even rocking the foundation of our distractions out of the school day.
The radio station adored it ty helped show the city’s passion democracy: elections. There is strong evidence
so much, they had a vibrant and spirit in a formal resolution that many recent elections have been influ- While controversial among most students,
chicken costume to go along honoring the orange creature. enced by foreign and partisan false-flaggers. I think this is phenomenal. Northern Lehigh
with it, and they hired a young And on another note, he’s Just as it can bring us together, technology can students now have a guaranteed six or seven
journalism student named Ted “volunteered” to host the Os- be used as a medium to divide us. hours’ worth of quality, screen-free human
Giannoulas to portray the char- cars, and has received multiple interaction. In order to protect ourselves and
acter. It became so popular that write-in votes for multiple local So how do we combat the bad, and keep fully utilize our technology, we have to learn
he was asked to provide enter- governmental and board posi- the good? As responsible citizens, each and moderation. Control your device, don’t let it
tainment for the crowds at Padre tions. Gritty is beloved by the control you.
games. This chicken, and Ted Flyers, their community and
Giannoulas, soon became the followers, and by the internet.

San Diego Chicken who enter-
tained crowds for more than 40

Soon enough, other sports
teams inspired by the Chicken
created their own mascots. The
Phillie Phanatic debuted in 1977
and the Baltimore Oriole fol-
lowed a year later. Today, nearly
every sports team in the U.S.
and many foreign sports teams
have a mascot. One of the only
teams that needed one was, you

guessed it, the Philadelphia Flyers.
So what do they come up with?
An alarmingly fat, tangled mess
of orange fur that would fit right
in from our dear friends in the

Conjuring series.

The Slate @theslatenews Page 15

Behind the Hate, Part Two: Global Warming can be
Can’t Lose with Compassion battled right here at home

Earlier in the year, The Slate looked into the origins of sitting unused and plugged into
Hate; this second part studies what else can be done the wall when they are fully
charged. Even though they are
By Brooke Delancey People should be loved for being them- like Florida. Most of the existing completely charged, the devices
Contributing Writer selves. No one should feel useless. Everyone land on Earth would be impossible can still drain electricity. That adds
should simply accept everyone for who they to be cultivated upon, thus deplet- up over time. “This ‘idle load’
In life, we love and we hate, and the are. Life should not have to be a popularity ing all food for the population. across all U.S. households adds up
world goes ‘round and ‘round. Whether it contest. to the output of 50 large power
is from how we are raised or from who we So, what can we do? plants in the US,” according to
hang out with, we all have our own bias. Where does it all originate? Hating There are some simple meth- So, when your phone or
Hate is mostly given from the people who starts when we are young. In kindergarten ods to reduce global warming that computer is done charging, unplug
are afraid to be different. People who are we all were meeting people for the first time start right in your home. One of it as soon as you can. And devices
afraid to be bold, unique or to try some- on the first day. We did not think about the biggest methods to enable is that don’t always need to be
thing new, will often shame others for their what a person has done or felt since they not using so much water. Heating, plugged in should be unplugged,
creativity in fear that they will turn out to came here. You probably only thought pumping, and treating water is one too.
be much better than them. “Hey person! You me want to be my best of the biggest contributors to pol-
friend?” If a person was “different” or lution, which causes global warm- Many NLHS students don’t
In society, hate is based on if you like “weird” You disliked them. You never want- ing. drive yet, but for those who do,
what they like, and if you do what they ed to play with them, or be their friend. Taking shorter showers (and keeping your tires inflated can
want to do. People hate people for hanging That's where hate all begins. turning down the heat in the pro- help cut-down your car’s fuel emis-
out and being friends with the “outcast,” cess), turning off the water while sions, which reduces pollution. It
and giving them less attention when they As the years in school went on some brushing your teeth, or even taking could also increase your miles-per-
want more. Maybe it's the nurturing, maybe people joined a group and other left. Me I the two minutes it takes to fix the gallon ratio by 4 to 40 percent.
it is who they hang out with. Sometimes had fun being around people, but I always dripping from the sink can all re- Walking to and from school on
people hate because they have nothing else preferred to go solo. I never really hated duce water usage. Also, not buying some days helps reduce fuel emis-
better to do. people. Sure sometimes I played with the so many bottled beverages, espe- sions as well.
other kids, but I never really was the type of cially water, can help cut down on
In order for the world to be a better person that wanted to be friends with every- pollution. It takes a massive One of the biggest things you
place, we should stop hating silly things and one. You don't have to be everyone's friend. amount of energy to access the can do as well is speak up to your
learn to be more accepting. Once we learn You don't need to be the most popular. water needed, purify it, mix it with parents and relatives, informing
how to accept, people can move forward You don't always have to be the first. In other ingredients depending on them about climate change and
and have a much what you purchase, and manufac- pollution and what they can do to
more peaceful life. order to climb you ture the plastic needed for bottling help. Your family members could
Hopefully. cant let others fall. the fluids. Another one for teenag- invest in energy-efficient applianc-
What I have learned ers in particular is not wasting so es, purchase gas-smart vehicles,
In high school, is if you hate others, much food. “Approximately 10 and partner with companies that
people start wars. you probably hate percent of U.S. energy use goes produce means of energy from
Whispering rumors yourself. We all live into growing, processing, packag- renewable-sources like solar power.
in the hallway is the once. We do not have ing, and shipping food—about 40
bomb to their hate. nine lives like cats do. percent of which just winds up in There are so many more things
Some don't under- All of us have one the landfill.” So instead of throw- that can be done about global
stand that they may chance to be remem- ing out a bowl of food you don’t warming that haven’t been stated
have ruined a life due bered. Do you want want to eat, put it back in its con- in this article. Speak up. Take initi-
to the fact that they to be remembered as tainer or cover it for later. At the ative toward helping the world and
just wanted to make a the nice person who store or restaurant or even at fixing past generations’ mistakes,
person feel bad. “It's just a joke” is said to helps anyone that they can? Do you want to school, don’t buy something you even one light switch at a time.
cover the fact that they meant to hurt the be the most feared, the person who does knowingly won’t eat. Our generation will be the one to
other. That “joke” was just the doorway to anything to fuel the hate, and person that Many devices in homes are left help save our world or let it fall to
the beginning of the suffering. makes others hate too? extinction.
We can battle this hate by loving. We
Something unique lives in all of us. all just being nicer to everyone. Holding the Good things happen to hard-workers
Some of us are too scared to show everyone door, saying “thank you”, and just saying
what we are made of. People are afraid to “have good day” are simple ways to destroy ate their own destiny. If you work to know that with working to im-
tell the truth in fear of their friends leaving the hate. hard, good things can happen. I am prove themselves and instilling a
them. From all the hate they have seen or We all should just let go of the hate. Do hoping they have fun good work ethic, nothing can stop
done, they may be embarrassed to be who you ever wonder what it would be like to be and truly feel they them from reaching their goals.
they are and try to make fear in the people the other person completely. Everybody has helped build a family-
who can be free to be themselves. But what something going on in their lives. Lets let it oriented team.” Everyone is born with
if it is also the other way around? go. Just forget about it. Flip the switch. certain talents, it is the
Hate is defined as “intense or passionate And for the rest of coach’s responsibility to
What if the people who are tired of dislike.” Love is defined as “intense feeling the girls, she believes it help athletes use those
feeling worthless for being who they truly of deep affection.” Both alike are strong, is important to always talents and combine that
are retaliate on the people who made them and intense emotions. All hate is going to give it your all and set with their skills in order
suffer before and after they did not want to do is make you end up alone. If you love goals. Coach Seiler says, to be a successful ath-
pretend to be somebody else? What if they something you will never be alone. Answer “As a social studies lete.”
can't take being emotionally punched in the one question. Do you want to put all your teacher, teaching young people,
gut everyday? What if you mentally and strength into ending up alone or ending up especially young female athletes, is Although it is cur-
physically saying you hate them over and with love? always close to my heart. I want girls rently “off season” for the
over again for who they are makes them field hockey girls, Coach Seiler is
physically attack back. That is what you Now is your chance to figure out you. still working and preparing for the
want. You want a response. If they won’t Will this be your second chance? Will love upcoming season.
respond, karma will. light up and free your soul of hate? Will you
be able to have a good time with no regrets?
In many ways, we are the same. We all You will regret hating. The only thing you
make mistakes. It is what makes us human. will hate and regret the most is missing the
Emotions are what we all feel whether we opportunity of love.
like it or not. If we are all the same, should-
n't we all be treated equality?

Page 16 The Slate

The Slate would like to congratulate the cast, crew and all those in charge of an amazing five-show run of “Bye Bye Birdie.” So many months of hard
work and preparation paid off on the stage for a phenomenal four days. Best of luck to all the seniors as they open their own first act in the real world!

Photo courtesy of Emily Moyer

The Geroulds opt for wilderness; Wally World probably closed anyway

family and relatives away from the Mr. Gerould is ready for this Ava Gerould was all
rest of the busy world. Camping is summer, as he has already smiles with her dad as
one of his favorite summer trav- planned a visit to Raystown Lake, they hit the open road
els, and he was able to experience and is looking to book another in what turned out to
plenty of it this summer. for the month of July. In 2020, be a successful camping
however, he plans to make his trip. “The Clipper” was
One of the main reasons Mr. biggest RV trip yet and take his thankfully not the
Gerould loves camping is because family cross country for a few “Family Truckster.”
it allows him to spend time with weeks to visit places like Mount
all of his family and they all get to Rushmore, the Badlands in South
experience these memories togeth- Dakota, and Yellowstone Nation-
er. “My parents went with us, so al Park.
my daughter was able to spend
time with her grandmother. Fami- For anyone that enjoys camp-
ly friends would also come along, ing and takes trips outdoors very
who also have children her age, so often, Mr. Gerould recommends
she would always have others to investing in this type of mobile
play with too.” On the third trip home/transportation. “It makes
of the summer, Mr. Gerould was the trip a little easier. There’s
able to spend time with a majority more storage space, better sleep-
of his family, as aunts, uncles, ing arrangements, and more con-
cousins, and friends all enjoyed venient restrooms.”
the camping trip together at Fair
Haven Beach. Camping allows you to experi-
ence the outdoors in a way you
Since Mr. Gerould had been would never be able to otherwise.
tent camping or backpacking his This is one of Mr. Gerould’s fa-
whole life, buying this camper was vorite things to do for the views of
a new experience for him. When nature he is able to experience
asked if he preferred the camper while out at night surrounded by
over a tent, he said he had no the trees. As Henry David Tho-
preference. “It is more about con- reau, American poet, philosopher,
venience. You have restrooms and and naturalist, once said, “In wild-
showers right there for you in- ness is the preservation of the
stead of having to go to a building world.” Do not sit inside wasting
that may be quite a distance from time away, but go outside and
your campsite.” explore the beauty of the wilder-
ness our world offers us.

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