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Kocschool 2019 Dönemi LP Magazini

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LP '19

Kocschool 2019 Dönemi LP Magazini

94MAYIS 2015 Luminous

VKV Koç Özel İlkokulu, Ortaokulu ve Lisesi Dergisi


LP Content

Mayıs 2015 Foreword
The Dead Bride
94MAYIS 2015 Luminous An Urban Legend
Angel or Devil
VKV Koç Özel İlkokulu, Ortaokulu ve Lisesi Dergisi Confectioner Billy
Civil War
Pandemonium Letter to Santa & Happy
If I Were
Cover Design: Yağmur Kahveci LP1 Don't be Afraid of Old Age 2
Because I'm Old & Dark Side 3
VKV Koç Özel İlkokulu, If I Were a Child 4
Ortaokulu ve Lisesi Öğrenci Dergisi Hope 6
Mayıs 2015 Sayı: 94 If I Could be With You All the Time 8
ISSN 1305-3035 If I Hadn't Heard Your Laugh 9
Türkçe, Almanca, If I Were an Eagle & If you 10
İngilizce, Fransızca Killing Time 11
Aylık, Yerel, G. Siyasi Dergi Money Poems 12
Yayınlayan: More & My Favourite Fish 13
VKV Koç Özel İlkokulu, The Strongest Man Ever 14
Ortaokulu ve Lisesi The Bloody Toilet 15
Tepeören - Tuzla - İstanbul I&I 16
İmtiyaz Sahibi: Postcards 17
Aynur Demirayak The Stanley Parable & What the Sultan Had 18
Sorumlu Yazı İşleri Müdürü: Euphemisms 19
Zeynep Kurmuş Hürbaş LP Crossword 20
Yayınlar Koordinatörü: 21
Pınar E. Çelikörslü 22
Basım Yeri: 23
Gümüşsoy Matbaacılık 24
Reklam ve Paz.San.Tic.Ltd.Şti. 25
0.216 418 88 38 pbx 26

This is the work completed by LP students over the course of the school year.
The pieces have been left as they were written to retain the flavor,
voice and spirit of this dynamic group of LP students.


Dear Reader,

Even though most people from higher grades had told us this year would be the easiest of
all, most of us who had to learn English from zero would disagree with this. LP year, in general, was
like a street opening to a highway: narrow, frustrating and meanwhile filled with a strange aroma
of fun and happiness.

Comparing now and the first day of school, LP has been a long journey of development
and concern. Remembering the first grades, we all had numbers that we weren't used to. We even
blamed our teachers for giving those grades on purpose. In fact, as the end of this journey
approaches, we can now see that they were quite generous at the beginning of this year.

We had many fun moments as these 9 months slipped away in the blink of an eye. From the
funny election campaigns, to the ridiculously fun advertisements we prepared, we had such great
moments during the whole year. Although, at some points we couldn't stand the school and hated
it, now- nearly the end of the LP year- we all anticipate that there will be a very big part of us
missing the sweet memories of the LP year.

This editorial was written by the time the year had not come to an end and looking to the
end of the year now, we can bet that most of the LP students are not exactly ready to let LP year
go and embrace ninth grade. However, we think sticking with one year is not the best choice
while there is much more to experience in this school and for the rest of our lives

All in all, we congratulate everyone who passed through this hard year and we wish every
student of LP our best. And we thank all our teachers for the lovely year they prepared for us.

This year we added a new Kindest regards,
feature to the LP magazine by THE LP MAGAZINE CREW
adding a web site. Here is the
link for it: Efe Karaca
( ) Erkin Aşcı
If you have not seen your work Ezgi Acar
in the magazine, it might be Feray Ok
Kuzey Can Bektaş
2 Taha Galata

Supervisor: Claire Grant

The Dead Bride

A young man broke up with his girlfriend. saw a dead girl wearing an old but
He went to a bar to take his mind off of it, but he nice bridal dress, holding her dry
was so anguished that he grew tired of the bar. and rotten wedding bouquet. There
He wanted to do something crazy. He drank his was a veil but it was so old that it
last sip of gin and got into his car. He drove his had disintegrated into a few pieces.
car over the speed limit until he saw the big old She repeated, “Are you my
mansion. He thought that nobody could be groom?” He could barely
living there. He looked at the dark, old and speak but he said “No! I
strange house and said 'What can I do that is used to have a girlfriend but
crazier?' we broke up!”

The strange stone gate was already open, She became angry and grabbed his neck
the gargoyles on it whispering for him to come in. tightly. He was afraid and didn't know what to do
He took a few steps and saw the mansion so he just pulled out her skeleton hand. She
covered by dry trees. The grass looked as if it started screaming and crying loudly. Wind blew
had been untouched for centuries. He thought from the windows.
the house had probably been fancy once upon
a time, but now with its broken windows and He ran away, out of the house, without
discolored walls, it was just a house from one of looking back. After a few kilometers, he saw a
Tim Burton's movies. There was an unpleasant plain shack. He knocked on the door, out of
smell that made it hard to breathe. As he moved breath. An old man came to the door in his
through the house, he heard the squeak of mice, pajamas. The young man could only manage to
wandering around. He saw a three-tiered say, “The old mansion… The dead woman…”
wedding, cake but insects and mice were having and the old man answered “Oh boy! Haven't
a party in it. He glanced down the grand hall. It you heard about the dead bride?” After that,
was like a royal palace covered with dust and he told him the story of the dead bride. “There
animal carcasses. was a beautiful but too proud young lady who
lived there. She was the richest person living in
He heard a sound but this time it was a the city. On the wedding day, the groom didn't
clear woman's sound: “Are you my groom?” show up and instead ran away with all her
When he turned his head, he saw a body money. All the guests and the priest left the
coming out from shadows into the moonlight. He mansion. She waited there and stopped all the
clocks in the house. She didn't remove the
wedding cake. She didn't eat or drink anything,
she just waited for him in the hall. After that
nobody visited the mansion again, ever! Some
people say that she is still waiting for him and her
body, her soul are shut up in the mansion,
forever!' said the old man. However, the boy just
said, “Can I call someone, sir?” The old man
gave him the phone and the boy called his
girlfriend. “I'm sorry,” he said, “I love you!

Hüseyin Kayar LP3


An Urban Legend

Sherlock fans were mourning after Sherlock's death lean over and grip his friend's slim wrist but there is
but in the next episode, they were shocked by no pulse. A morbid feeling takes over his face, dark
Sherlock's return. Apparently, he wasn't dead! How thoughts emerge from his mind, rambling inside.
he deceived Watson and the rest of the World was Was it his fault or not, he wasn't sure. The thing he
stopping his heart pulse by a simple but powerful was sure about was that he would not leave it to
trick, by pressing a hard object under his heart. His luck.
trick inspired many pranksters who thought
everything on TV is correct. Some got close to 5 minutes after, Deryck carries his friends corpse to
death but this time, ,it wasn't fake. his car. “It wasn't very heavy, so I might have been
the first one to realize it.” Deryck thought. Plants are
This story is heard by a nurse who “overheard” the getting rarer and less green while Deryck's car is
students talking in the hospital, and spread it to going to the hot, dry rurals of Arizona. The weather
many people who after told it to their friends and is cooling down with the segment of the sun left in
friends and friends… Here is the story: the sky, shining red and turning the sky to a violet-
blue colour, submerging minute by minute. When
The story takes place in Arizona, 3 years ago. The there aren't houses anymore, Deryck goes out with
protagonists are two college students. They are the shovel he got from the house. He does not hurry
staying in the same house, near Arizona State since the less light there is, the less chance that an
University, far from the city centre. They are not the eye will catch him. In time, a bulge of dry soil
closest house mates, in fact, they had a huge appears next to the hole that is dug by a shovel
argument a while ago. According to their friends, with sweat drops on Deryck's forehead.
Jerred tolerated Deryck because without him, he
could not pay the rent. Stress and dedication can be seen in his eyes. The
shovel continues to displace more and more dry
The prankster, Jerred, gets inspired by the Sherlock soil, while the sun goes down. Slowly, the adrenaline
episode and decides to crack a joke to his starts to leave his body and mind, lets desperate
unstable and touchy friend, Deryck. It was, in fact, thoughts into his mind. His mind becomes full of
more like a prank than a joke. He copies what sadness and fear, while his arms still move the
Sherlock did. The sky is going down, the sky's shovel. As being tired of digging he looks up,
colours are shifting from blue to red and tones of expecting to see a riot of colours but the only thing
yellow and orange in between. Fleecy clouds in he sees is smoky dark, closing the beautiful warm
the sky are turning into giant cotton candies. The scenery and turning it into something cold and
only thing Jerred see is the ceiling and the dance dark. He realizes that, soon the dark will take over
of the colours on it. Sunlight scattering to his face, the sky and leave the earth with drops.
hiding signs of life on his face, waiting for his friend.
With the sound of the heavy steps of a man, Jerred So concentrated that, he doesn't hear the sounds
put his plan into action. And his world fades out. of a man who just regained consciousness. What
he hears is the footsteps of something really close.
Deryck opens the heavy door and sees his He turns around and fear overtakes his body. There
roommate, lying on the floor, still, his chest lays his housemate that he carried dead to bury. As
motionless, his face looking more dead than alive lively as he had been before, walking, saying
with the light scattering on his pale, long face and something he cannot understand because of his
his distinct cheekbones. Fear goes through his ringing ears. His heart is defeated by fear and
body like a shockwave. His immediate reaction is to stress, later to be recognised as heart attack.


An Urban Legend

Jerred ,while not being able to understand the parking lot and draws a deep breath. He opens
situation, sees this big guy getting smaller and the car's door and yells ' Help me, I can't carry him,
smaller, shrinking and shriveling. Suddenly, droplets bring a stretcher!'. He goes in the hospital and tries
of water start to fall on his body , soon these little to remember what happened and why. He is
drops become more frequent and soak the dry soil interrogated by the police and later Deryck, when
and Jerred. He immediately goes near Deryck, lying he recovers. At last, Deryck recovers without any
on the ground covered with dirt, now getting permanent damage to his brain and Jerred's trick
muddy. On his side, he sees a large hole with half of that caused him to lose his consciousness turns out
it filled with muddy water, and a dirty wet shovel that to be harmless, but the friendship is never acquired
he recalls from somewhere he cannot remember. back, after friends seeing dark sides of the each
Then, he puts his hands under Deryck's back and other.
legs, he lifts his arms but he cannot move this heavy
man, later he does what he can only do in this The next time, before making a joke, thinking about
case. He holds his hands and starts to drag him, its consequences and the source of your
Deryck gets muddier in every second. Jerred turns knowledge may help you to not to say “ I wish things
the key and goes with the sound of the engine. weren't that way.” like these friends did. In the end,
just don't make a practical joke. Hurting others is not
On the way, plants get frequent and gain their worth your short-time enjoyment. And don't believe
green back as he goes through the rurals to city everything you see on the TV.
centre. He continues to drive until he sees the
familiar blue and white colours of the hospital. Egemen Bostan & Zeynep Bige Akgöl LP4
Afterwards, he parks the car to an ambulance's


Angel or Devil

Malleus Maleficarum is a book which is published by church to determine and kill
witches. This book started the witch hunt which had taken place in many books.


Screams of young ladies were heard by dreams and she started to talk. “Grandmother, last
everyone. The masked man was putting them into night I saw a nightmare.” Her grandmother wasn't
the cage which is made to capture witches. It was looking at her but Elizabeth understood that she
one week after that Malleus Maleficarum was was very interested. She continued to talk. “There
published. It was hard days for women. Snow was a woman who had horns and wings and she
covered everywhere and big storm was trying to was desperately screaming.” Her grandmother' s
make the masked men's job harder but there was a face suddenly changed. “Grandmother, are you
girl who stood strong against the winds and she ok? What does this mean?' Her grandmother took
was trying to resist against the cold weather which her hands and looked into her eyes. “Oh, my little
froze even her tears. That little girl was watching her poor girl. Unfortunately, it means that the devil is
mother who was charged to be witch. She was trying to find you to make you a witch, convince
scared and it was the first time, which the little girl you to join her.” She was scared. She didn't know
saw her mother, desperate. Her father was standing what she must do but she was determined that her
beside her and he was standing like a statue. He life will never end like her mother.
was doing nothing to save her mother from the
masked men. Her mother's eyes was connected with Her grandmother said that she shouldn't go
the little girl's but the little girl turned her head. She outside of the house. When her father came back,
knew the reason that men took her mother. She was her grandmother told her dream to her father. Her
a witch, she was a devil and unfortunately, she was father sat down on the chair. He looked exhausted.
the daughter of the devil. Everything was so hard for him. First his wife, now his
daughter. He locked his daughter inside of the
Then, she felt the warmth on her hand. Her house. He prohibited her to go outside. She was
father was holding her hand tender but then he withering and she was in pain. All of her friends were
started to squeeze her hand. Her face started to outside and playing but she was sitting alone
turn red and she started to scream. She was yelling inside the house. After years, when she was twenty
her father but her father didn't hear her, his eyes was two, her grandmother died. In that night, she woke
getting red because of the tears on his face. Then up and went to the kitchen to take water but then
he stopped to squeeze and said that 'Elizabeth, she saw a shadow which reminded her of the devil.
come. We must go home.' Her father took her to her She dropped the glass. She was so scared to look
bed. When she was sitting on her bed, she asked there but she knew that the devil was standing
what will happen to her mother to her dad. Her dad outside of the kitchen's window and looking her
warned her to not ask it and he put out the light with with her evil eyes. Then her father came to the
his fingers. In that night, she saw a woman who has kitchen. She hugged her father and told him that
horns and wings and she was desperately the devil was here. They slept together but when
screaming but Elizabeth couldn't see her face she woke up her father was gone, she looked
because she turned her back to Elizabeth and everywhere but she wasn't there and then she
when the little girl came to see her face, she woke made a decision. She opened the door of the
up. After that day, her grandmother came to look house and went outside. Suddenly, that woman
after her. She wasn't talking either and she wasn't appeared. “I was waiting for you.” Elizabeth was so
smiling as usual. Then, Elizabeth remembered that scared and she took a scythe in her hand to
her grandmother was very good at interpreting defend herself. “What are you doing? I didn't come


Angel or Devil

here to hurt you. I came here to give you this” She wished for me to give you the letter. Elizabeth was
extended a letter to Elizabeth. She draw close almost crying. She was thinking what she had done
suspiciously to that woman. Her face was beautiful. to her life.” All that time, you weren't trying to make
She had white and smooth skin and her eyes were me an evil witch, you were just trying to make my
magical. They were green and orange and they mom's wish real.” “ Yes, Elizabeth but don't think
were glowing. Then she put down the scythe and about it. Your mother wants to see you happy.” She
took the letter. It was from her mom and then she opened her wings and flew. Elizabeth was
remembered her dad. “What did you do to my ashamed. She didn't look her mother's eyes before
dad?” She started to laugh. “I didn't do anything she died but her mother forgave her. When her
that insect , he went to take something for father came back to house, he saw her daughter
breakfast.” She was relaxed when she heard that outside and he started to run. Her daughter wasn't
her father was safe. Then she looked the eyes of the talking or listening him. She was just standing like
woman. “What are you?” She looked into the a statue.
Elizabeth's eyes. “I'm an angel and your mother
Nil Selen Aydın LP2

The End...


Confectioner Billy

Chloe was his first victim and she was six years old.
One night, she did not listen to her mother's
warnings and went out after 7 p.m. While she was
wandering around by herself, Billy found her and
convinced her to take a journey to his candy shop.
During their journey, Billy caught her suddenly and
stabbed her. She died there and Billy took her to
his candy shop, cut her fingers off and set them
aside, and burned the rest. He made some
candies from these fingers and put some poison in
them. In this way, he used these candies as a new
weapon. Nowadays, he has run out of fingers and
has started to look for new victims. In order to be
safe, children should not go out after 7 p.m.;
otherwise, Billy can catch them and use them as a
new candy source.

Batuhan Üzgün LP3

There is a candy shop at the end of a dark, silent,
long and gloomy street. The only illumination of this
street is a dim street-light. This candy shop is not a
big place and the owner of the shop is
Confectioner Billy. He is tall, skinny, and pale. He has
straight, long hair, dark as coals. He always wears a
suit and loves children. Actually, he loves children
in his candies! He is searching for children
between ages five and ten years old late at night
in the streets. If he finds a lonely child, he catches
him/her and stabs him/her to kill the child and use
for new candies. He makes sticky, rodlike candies
from fingers, just as he did with Chloe.

Eyes of a Wooden Soldier

Jack Smith's Joinery Workshop is at the corner of the street. There is an old lamp which lights
up the wooden table in the joiner's workshop. The joiner's tools shine like stars under the dim
light. A half painted wooden soldier guards the workshop from the darkness of midnight. The
wooden soldier wears a black beaver fur hat and a glorious red coat with golden buttons.
It has not got military boots on its unpainted little bare feet. His big black eyes look very
meaningful for a wooden soldier. The antique wall clock's tick-tack sound breaks the silence.
Suddenly the church's bell rings rebound in the cold room. Snow crystals flit on a strong wind
on Christmas Day. The workshop smells like a mix of roast coffee and open paint cans.
Vapors rise up to the air from a cup of strong and delicious coffee. All of them actually show
a lonely life between the wood and the darkness behind the smoked window.

Enes Ayberk Korkut LP1


Civil War

Death what a strange word. Even if it is in 3 days but he had bigger problems. It was after 1
close to us as much as our soul. Soul... It is just the am and he still couldn't find a place to sleep. All the
buildings were lying in ruins. After an hour of looking
thing inside us, isn't it? All these things were somewhere to shelter, he found somewhere to
waiting for explanations in his mind. "What you shelter.
sow is what you reap they say. Another lie that
they have been telling us for years." he thought. The building was dark, smelly and silent but
it was the only building that remained standing. It
There was nowhere to hide. The cold was looked like all the survivors were there to hide from
killing him and it was raining cats and dogs. He was hell. The sound of rats were reminding him the
afraid to look behind but when did he realized babies and the dropping water was like the
that they were gone after all that chasing. He took unceasing sounds of guns. He couldn't sleep for a
a deep breath. Sounds of crying babies, while but after an hour he was defeated by
beseeching people all were echoing in his head tiredness. It was about 5 am when he fell asleep.
but then came the silence. The silence of slaughter Also, it was the time when he was grimly killed. Ever
and desperation. He looked around. The smell of since, at 5 pm, the gut wrenching scream of the
nature and all those trees were gone. All he could victim has been echoing in that area.
smell was the blood of little babies, rotten corpses
and gunpowder. The civil war had affected M. Efe Karaca LP1
Lebanon people tattily. The rumbling of his
stomach interrupted his thoughts. He hadn't eaten


Dear Santa,

First of all, we would like you to know that you are should not be hard for you
sooooooo cool. However, we think that you to get a girl. Since you are
should lose some weight because not all chimneys cool and sweet, it would
have a 2km radius fat bottom! You are breaking be easier for women to stay
into houses, not factories. You are sweet anyways. close to you just to look at your
Secondly, try stopping those dairy drinks and drink ugly beard and giant belly.
like a man! Try some vodka for starter or drink two TRY SHAVING FOR GOD'S
bottles of scotch before breakfast. You can try SAKE! What I am trying to say is Santa, and you just
Star Bucks too. Thirdly, find some love, you are one need to care about yourself and your image a bit
of the most well-known men in the world, so it more, after all I and I love you so much. You are
awesome, never forget that.

If you did all of these, and you still don't feel like
you are ok, try leaving everything for a year. Find a
hardworking elf that will do your job for you. In the
meantime, you can travel anywhere you want. Go
skiing or go to seaside. Enjoy your free time. You will
be feeling much better when you come back.
Never forget that your energy is inside you. It is up
to you to find it. We need you and we

love you.
Kind regards,

Ece Aydin & Kuzey Can Bektas LP4


Happy is a film which was directed by Roko happened to her self-confidence. She got
Belic and consisted of people who were from all married a few years later and of course this helped
over the world and had different life styles. her to get over the accident. All these made her
However, the woman who was crushed under an story special. What's more, after I saw her I started
articulated lorry had the most impact on me. to interrogate the spiritual things I have and am I
Actually, while I was watching her, I couldn't help aware of the values of them. Spiritual things are
thinking: If she hadn't gone out of her vehicle to talk temporary. Therefore, we should appreciate what
to her relative, she wouldn't have been crushed we have. From her I deduced the importance of
under an articulated lorry and maybe-even if she persistence and family. Without the support of her
asserted the contrary- she would have been family she couldn't get over the accident mentally.
happier. Generally, people try to adopt Additionally, to make myself happier I don't need
Pollyannaism because they don't want to accept to have what I want or be a billionaire. In my
the pain of the truth. I think what she said was opinion, only two things can make people
because of this. She wasn't ready to face the truth happier: support from other people and
and the idea of being dumped, losing her beauty, appreciation. If people want more and more, they
etc. will never find the real happiness.

On the other hand, against all the odds she M. Efe Karaca LP1
could survive and talked about the things that


If I Were

If I were born in another family,
Would you really find me?
If I were messier than now,
Would you still tidy my room?
If I were more talkative,
Would you still listen to me?
If I couldn't tie my shoes,
Would you still tie them like you did in the past?
If I had more problems,
Would you still solve them?
If I were going the wrong way,
Would you still agree with my ideas?
If I needed more people,
Would you fill those spaces in my heart?
If I were not who I am now,
Would you still love me?
I need you
You need me
Who am I talking about?
Either someone or someplace
Let us see
Doğa Taşcılar LP3


Don't Be Afraid of Old Age

Don't be afraid of old age And pink prayer beads which don't suit my
Even if your body gets old, clothes
Your spirit gets younger I'll go wherever I want with them
So enjoy, have fun and live the moment I'll be as free as a bird,
Do you know the pleasure of reading a
newspaper But birds won't be as lucky as me.
With a tea in dawn? Don't be afraid of old age,
Or soaking up the fresh air in the morning? I will be elderly, too
Or hugging and kissing your sweet grandchild? With wrinkles and callouses
Or remembering the old days with a smile and But I am not afraid of old age
some tears, I look forward to
Seeing the sweet smile of my grandchild,
Getting up whenever I want,
Shouting "Pişti" enthusiastically,
Farting without any shame,
Making a pig of myself,
Laughing nasally,
Hugging my wife on her 75th birthday,
Hearing crying when I am on my deathbed.
Lastly, I want to plant a tree
To start a new life before I die
Don't be afraid of old age,
If you know the secret of getting old pleasantly.
Never lose the enthusiasm of meeting with new
And seeing new things
Don't give up your hope
Live with your memories
And lastly, don't forget!
Young organs can't feel the changing of the
But oldies' bones understand that instantly.

When you look at your old pictures?
Even if you play dominoes every day,
It seems to you like medicine
In fact, the best medicine in old age is
To be knowledgeable and virtous.
Don't be afraid old age,
I will be elderly, too
With ilnesses and aches,
With black cloth trousers,
A white short sleeved T-shirt,
A gray wool pullover,
An heirloom ring with a purple diamond,
Worn black shoes,

Zafer Bartu Çokşen LP2


Because I'm Old Because the walls
Were made of paper
I am all alone
Just because ı am old I am a Sidth now,
Everyday I say to myself , ı didn't die yet I have a lightsaber
But when I look at my empty room whıch is full of memories, Which is made of
The same paper
I remember that I am all alone again As the Dark Side
Everyday ,I sit on the same , unstitched double sofa Now, I am the bad King
I remember my husband when he is sitting wıth me Who can do every evil for
I am lost in the shuffle This meaningless paper .

Just beacuse I am old Nil Selen Aydın LP2
Nobody cares what I think
Nobody cares what I feel 13
Everyday , I try to endure people's patronises

And I pretend like I haven't heard
I feel tired and ugly
Just because I am old
I don't look at my mirror anymore

I know what ı look like
An old lady wıth wrinkles in an ugly , long purple dress
But ı don't care what people think about me
Sometimes , I fınd the power to walk around the park

In the fresh air , like young couples
Then I realise that I have bone loss
All these terrible and embarrassing things are normal
Just because I am old

Ece Filizoğlu LP2

Dark Side

I was a Jedi
Like a King of Business
Then something happened,
I had the power,
But the handcuffs didn't
Let me go
Then everything changed

The Dark side
Swallowed me
With the papers
I was lost in darkness
But it was so weird

If I Were A Child

If I were a child again
I would whoop on a merry-go-round horse

And lick my pink lolly
Have sweet dreams on my cotton candy

If I were a child again
I would reach the sun
Then slide on a rainbow
Or maybe play hopscotch
If I were a child again
The colours would shine brighter
And I could hear the rhythm of world
The birds would tweet louder.

If I were a child again
I would ask why does the world seem darker

Stars are not brighter
I would ask the grown ups to stop fighting
Because I know , world would be peaceful

When everyone is hopeful
If I were a child again

I wuld ask the grown ups,what are they fighting for

Why should a child hear shotguns and her mom's screech
And see bloody bodies

Who is reponsible for all these
Who is responsible for a child's tear

Which carries hope and fear
If I were a child again

I would think all those wars are just like a game
Anf when someone dies,he will come alive
If I were a child again
Everything would be simpler
Just like a game.

Feray Ok LP2



If the sun still shines everyday ,
If the moon still appears in the night ,
If clouds sometimes are still upset and cry ,
If the little girl still can find her red balloon ,
If the victim in the pit still can find a ladder to escape ,
If the fire and the water can still be together in some way ,
If painters still have colours in their paintings ,
If students still try to get higher marks ,
If writers still write poems ,
If songs can still be heard ,
If love still exists ,
If butterflies still die in one day ,
If farmers still pray for rain ,
If roses are still sent on Valentine's Day ,
If little kids still believe in Santa ,
If erasers can still hide the mistakes ,
If the love letter still can't be written at once ,
If people still blame each other for stupid reasons ,
If the male presidents are still more important than the
female presidents ,
If the apple is still red,
If the witch still poisons Snow White,
If parents still love their children unconditionally ,
Zeynep Şahin LP3


If I could be with you all the time

If I could be with you all the time, I would do that for you.
If I had been taller, I would have made you fly.
If I were huger, I would have wrapped myself around you.
If I were richer, at least as rich as your heart, I would buy a chicken for you
That we could eat later if you cooked it with love.
If we can run away together, let's disappear.
If you had never sent me that message,
We would both be half empty
If I didn't have you,
I would have never been so perfect
Perfect as unicorns,
Perfect as rainbows,
Perfect as small rivers with sparkling fish
Perfect as free hawks in the sky
But you wouldn't have been so good without me either
Good as chocolate
Good as popcorn
Good as Sarp Kaan's hair
Without us, everything is empty -
Flowers, trees, cars,
Even the world
Aykut Girginer LP3


If I hadn't heard your laugh

If I hadn't heard your laugh
If I hadn't heard your laugh,
I wouldn't have fallen in love.
If I hadn't seen your eyes blinking,
I wouldn't have thought of you every second.
If I hadn't looked into your jade eyes,
I wouldn't have felt in paradise.
If I hadn't known your name,
In my heart there wouldn't be a flame.

If we hadn't hugged,
I wouldn't have felt like lightning had struck.

If I hadn't smelled your parfume,
I wouldn't have pursued you.

If you hadn't looked like the sun,
I wouldn't have felt like I had been shot with a gun.

If you hadn't looked like a kid,
I wouldn't have felt over the clouds.

If I hadn't seen your mimic,
I wouldn't feel like in the quintic.

Bahar Demirören LP3


If I Were An Eagle If You

If I were an eagle I would talk with you
I would live freely And join hands with you
I wouldn't get bored I would have a picnic with you
I'd be the symbol of power. Instead of being sad after you
If I were an eagle If you had not passed away
Nobody would inhibit me
I would be the wildest I would cry with you
People would fear me
If I were an eagle Instead of cry without you
I would fly over the mountains I would prefer to tell lies to you
I would travel to different places
I wouldn't stop and rest Than telling the lonely truth
If I were an eagle If you had not passed away
Life would be nicer
I'd realize the beauties of nature I would like to be a doctor
I would make my dream come true. If I could save people's lives, like yours
Umut Atlı LP2
I would like to be an architect
18 If I could build things which remind me of you

I would bet my life
If I could save you
But the most important of all -
I could love you much more
If you had not passed away

Erim Turgut Emel LP3

Killing Time

If I wait until I am ready,
If I look back on what I have done,
If I let myself miss the moment,
If I spend my time giving someone a second chance
When there is someone better out there looking for their first,
If I spend my time with explanations,
If I do nothing for the rest of my life,
If I do not work hard,
If I rest on my laurels,
There is no doubt that, I will be a murderer.
Burcu Risa Bigvava LP3


Money Poems

New, different people from all around the world
I travel from hand to hand
To richest and to poorest
With different reasons to conquer me
But they all end up the same,
Conquered by a piece of paper.
Though heavier than millions of lives
Lighter than the heart of a new born in fact
From different ages, men women and kids
And the more I reach, the more I'll spread my filth
So on I go, thanks to those who look with closed eyes.

Dilara Usta LP2

Money The Key Of Everything

My purse carries money in it They say there is no door which money can not open

I know it's so hard to carry And can't do anything without money

Because the money is a risk Everything is possible with money

It's like a bomb Is it really true?

Ready to explode at any moment, stays with us Can money give you health?

Good or bad, anything could happen Money can be people's boss or handcuffs
Despite a lot of good opportunities, It can be some people's power
Sometimes it brings problems Money can make you a prisoner
All around like a magnet But it is your decision to change
Which attracts unhappiness
It causes competition Wars broke out just because of money
It causes covetousness Friends kill each other just for money
Friendships end Is human life worthless than money?
No money no friends?
Relationships end
Only loneliness remains Money means nothing for some people
But everything for some others
Sinem Tatar LP2 Is it really that meaningful?

Is money a friend or an enemy?
It can make you happy but can even kill you too
Money means power
It's important, but not everything...

Ece Güven LP2



When I take my wage, Strict rules make our mood.
All green trees seem like money to me All the same for everyone.
But I want more, I want more, Is that perfection?
Give me more, give me more.
Then maybe I can have the Golden Ticket Teoman Çolak, Enes , Ardahan,
For happiness. Cause maybe, Berkay, Tolga
It can be my Cupid.
I want more, I want more THE ELDERS OWN US.
Maybe I can finally have the big microphone. NOBODY CAN CHANGE THE WORLD.
When my wage is finished.
My tie chokes me more. Taha Galata, Efe Karaca, Celal Kaplan,
I do not want more, I do not want more Can Çaylı, Ufuk Erkırlı
Give me less, give me less.
Cause maybe, I will not feel the Nobody's free here
Hands of society on my throat. Everything under control
Then maybe I can have true friends. And unchangeable.
I do not want anymore,
I do not want anymore. Yağmur, Zehra, Nihan, Duygu, İris
Cause maybe I can get rid of
This cold murderer. We have read three chapts
It is the cruelest serial killer, Which is twenty five pages
Money envelops all around the world. Where is the GIVER???

Elif Ceren Altın LP2 Gün, Ataberk, Bartu LP2

My Favourite Fish

My favourite pet would be a pessimistic fish. When I delay to feed it, it would think I don't love it and
bump its head against the glass of aquarium. It would listen to my problems and cry with me until the
water of aquarium overflows with its tears. If I break up with
my lover and if I smoke, it would ask me for a cigarette.
Then, when it couldn't light it up in water, it would want
to go out from the aquarium. Sometimes, it would
want to listen rap songs and open and close its
mouth like it was singing the song. My favourite
pet also would be malcontent. It would be
dissatisfied with its aquarium or its food and it
would speak sweetly with me as a child for
wanting to change them. Sometimes, it would be
bored with its skin and change it like how I wear
different clothes. Most importantly, it would reflect
the spirit of me, it would be whatever I am. When I
look at it, I would see myself and I wouldn't feel alone.

Taha Galata LP1


The Stongest Man Ever

The strongest man ever,
And, the one that deceives you.
With a hoarse voice,
His purpose is to get into your mind.
Very big and verdant eyes.
Always stares at you shrewdly.
It is powerful enough to convince you.
To do everything that he wants.
Like a eccentric detective.
He wears a jacket and a black hat.
He is a mysterious spooky man
Who spies you everywhere
He is a cold-blooded man
And, an intelligent deceiver
He always tries to appeal you
By using his own charming speech
Umut Atlı LP2


The Bloody Toilet

There was a girl who was a boarding student at the Koç
School. Whenever she went to the bathroom, there was someone
in the second toilet. She could see her shadow and hear the
mumbling, but she never saw who it was.

One night, she went to the bathroom after a long
basketball practise to wash her face and hands. The second
stall was full again. She knocked on the door but nobody
answered it. She knew that somebody was inside the toilet
because she could see her shadow. She also could see her toes
when she looked under the door. She didn't care and again
continued washing her face. She looked at herself in the mirror.

The bathroom door was open and she could see the
whole corridor when she looked in the mirror. Suddenly, she heard
a scream of a girl and a girl with long , straight , dark hair and
pale skin was going down the stairs in a hurry. She hadn't seen
anyone like her in the school before. When she turned back to
the bathroom to see what was happening, everything was quiet
and normal. She ran through the toilets and the second toilet
was empty. It was impossible for someone to have entered or
exited this bathroom without her noticing because she could see
the door of the bathroom at all times.

She entered the toilet to check if everything was normal
there. After two days, her friend realized that blood was
spreading everywhere on the floor from under the second toilet
and the toilet was locked. After one hour, the attendants broke
down the door and came across the corpse of a girl. The girl
didn't have any wounds or slits that would produce blood. She
was just dead but everywhere was daubed with blood.

Zeynep Şahin LP3



I have become 18 I have become 12
I will take an exam years I have been observed for years
And It will decide my job Elders will assign my job

That will determine my future

I swore to the government I said varment instead of garment
Because it cheated to vanquish In the lessons we learnt language
By the Instructor I was
By the police I was


I love forests with acacia trees I have no idea what are these
I slide down hills and climb to trees I try not to disarrange grass
It is always warm and still
It is cold in winter, hot in summer I don't think
I feel empty when

something is missing.

I like going to zoos I love playing with my comfort object
I like watching them alive Although I know they never existed
I can't believe how beautiful the nature is I can't believe how creative our people are

I have an admiration for it

I like the fact that we are all different I like that all of us are the same
But it is the reason of chaos So that everything is organized

But maybe it would be better

If all of us were the same If we had some differences

And sometimes I wish
It was vice-versa

Erkin Aşcı
Egemen Bostan LP4



Hello, my friend

I am sending this postcard from the place that
you recommended to go for a holiday, called
Utopia. Indeed, I got disappointed because this is
such a terrible place for holiday. Firstly, everybody
looks at me strangely and warn me to obey the rules.
There are really strict rules and some of them are
actually so illogical. Secondly, buildings are so old
and ugly looking. Moreover, everybody has the
same houses and bicycles. Lastly, the people usually
call others by their genders and ages. Everything
seems like cloned. Even the people. I will come back
at the first chance.

See you later,
Taha Galata

14 April 2015 To: Claire Grant
Orhanlı Village 34941
Hi Claire, Tuzla/Istanbul

I don't know where to begin! The amazing air,
fabulously kind and planned people. They don't
use cars and it's amazing. They use bicycles instead
of them. Additionally, a woman apologized to me
just because she stared at me for a while but in
Turkey people gape and think that you are ok with
it! Above all, they are really planed. They have
volunteer activities, dinner time and talk, etc. and
these are all organized. If this isn't the perfect world,
what is?

Wish you could see it

Efe Karaca


The Stanley Parable To him work was the sole concern.
Stanley was working
Stanley was a hard worker. When the Sun expanded
He wanted to be prosperous, And embodied the Earth.
So he worked long hours He continued to work
To make his family's life better. When it exploded.
One day he went to work early He was still working
Only to come back after 8 When the last star was formed
But his boss asked him to stay late. When the last black hole disappeared
Stanley thought it would be a great perk Which had swallowed the last star.
So he worked and worked. Stanley worked and worked
The sun rose and went down Until the last molecule ripped apart,
And he was still working The last atom fragmented
When the first snow fell down. And the last light ceased.
Days passed by, then months, then years, The universe was dead.
Stanley didn't realise his computer had stopped Then Stanley finished his report
counting years. Shut his computer down, gathered his belongings.
He was still working He glanced at the photo of his daughter for the last time
When the last clock sounded the last tick-tock. And then faded away.
Stanley was still working
In the day of Armageddon Egemen Bostan LP4
He wasn't on the Good side, nor the Bad

What the Sultan Had

The Sultan had a treasure, The Sultan had halls made of marble,
Bigger than eternity, which has no ends. Carpets made of silk,
And he had so many servants, of every kind, Tables filled with feasts,
Who would go anywhere that he sends. That would even contain bird's milk.

The Sultan had a fortune, The sultan had what everyone wanted,
Chests studded with diamonds and plated with gold That a list of greed would store.
That hid his belongings, But he had one belonging
Which were so precious no one could dare to hold. That no one would dare to ask for.

The Sultan had a castle, The sultan had an illness
Made of iron, pearl and glass. Doctors could not cure.
And beautiful gardens, Nor his mighty, incomparable wealth,
That were made with emerald instead of grass. Could again turn his blood pure.

The Sultan had maids, The Sultan had an illness
More beautiful than a sunset. That turned his skin pale as a ghost,
So that every man who looked at them, And when the poor Sultan died,
Would look like a fish caught in a net. All his fortune was lost.

Kuzey Can Bektaş LP4



Ece Anıl Umay and Derin Yildirim Lp4

Şeyma Kaya, Zeynep Bige Akgöl LP4


LP Crossword

Complete the crossword below without using Turkish character


7 89

10 11


Horizontal Created on Crossword Maker

3. The person who injured his leg twice in a day. He Vertical
also got the chance to choose a name that would
decide who was going to present his/her research 1. What is going on here yani? (surname)
project and he chose himself. 2. Surname of the teacher who wrote “Lazy Celal”
7. The last firebender 4. Odemis
10. Computer guy. 5. The owner of the question 'How many legs do 13
11. Fuhrer chickens have?' (surname)
12. The guy with psychopathic looks 6. Canım benim, İnsallah Masallah (surname)
13. The owner of this quote: Celal “şıprişt” Turkiş 8. The dawn of ... (surname)
9. The owner of this quote: 'Now it's time for the thing
you are best at: Oral Quiz!' (surname)


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