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Published by Northside Church of Christ Jacksonville, FL, 2022-06-09 08:14:40

Website Anyflip Bulletin 061222

Website Anyflip Bulletin 061222

Volume 45 Number 24 June 12, 2022

Family Emphasis Month

Rom. 1:17, “For therein is the righteousness of God re-
vealed from faith to faith: as it is written, the just shall live by
faith.” When we live by faith, we do not worry about tomorrow,
whether it will bring happiness or sorrow, because we have decided
to deny ourselves, take up our cross and follow Jesus allowing him
to be in control of our lives (Luke 9:23, John 14:1, Phil. 4:6-7).
When life is full of turmoil, when the storm clouds gather, He is
there looking on and walking with us step by step (Heb. 4:15-16,
Psalms 23). We are all in this together with God!

Living by faith is relying on God for strength, courage,
hope, peace, justification and the eternal welfare of our soul. It is
imperative we understand that living by faith does not rule out the
fact that we must do what we can in order to please God and re-
ceive His marvelous blessings (Phil. 2:12, James 2:17-26). While
living by faith we can see the eternal purpose of God in all
things (Rom. 8:28). We are weak, frail human beings, very limited
in our abilities but there are no limits to the power of God. I pray
that our families live by faith and remember that we are in this to-
gether with God! Love will keep us together.

To Northside Church of Christ Tune in each Sunday at
7:30am on CW17/WCWJ
It is an honor to have you join us in worship at the to watch our TV Ministry
Northside Church of Christ! Our mission is to save
souls and to help souls stay saved. We extend our “Let The Bible Speak”
sincere love towards you and we encourage you to take
advantage of the opportunity to have a bible study with Please help us remain on the air; make a donation today.
members who are eager to study with you. If you do not
share our like faith, this bible study, as well as your visit Sunday Worship
today, offers a two way opportunity: (1) We have the or Wednesday nights
chance to share with you the gospel of Jesus Christ and
the essential steps to salvation. (2) You have the chance Call:
to hear, believe, repent, confess, and be baptized where-
by being added to the Church of Christ. We welcome Chester Orr - 904-764-0436
you to investigate what you hear and see today. You or 904-566-2822
will be able to ask your biblical questions and receive
biblical answers that will guide you to make an in- Barbara Carter - 904-354-5932
formed, life changing decision. Thank you for being our
special guest! Please come again. June

ommunications Ministry 12 8:00AM Mass Worship
10:00AM Bible School Promotion Program
Reminder : Check the bulletin board in the main hallway for other communications. 11:00AM High School Grads Recognition Program
5:00PM Evening Worship

13 7:00PM Visitation Meeting/Leadership Training Class
14 6:00PM NCI WIN Program
15 10:00AM Adult Bible Study

7:00PM Bible Study for All Ages
16 6:00PM NCI WIN Program

7:00PM Bowling Ministry— Summer League
18 7:00AM New Man Ministry

9:00AM Father’s Day Brunch
19 Father’s Day/Family Emphasis Month Ends

8:00AM Morning Worship
10:00 AM Bible School Promotion Program
11:00 AM High School Grads Recognition Program
5:00 PM Evening Worship
20 7:00PM Visitation Meeting/Leadership Training Class
21 6:00PM NCI WIN Program

22 10:00AM Adult Bible Study
7:00PM Bible Study for All Ages

23 6:00PM NCI WIN Program
7:00PM Bowling Ministry— Summer League

24 7:00PM Bowling Banquet

25 7:00 AM New Man Ministry
12:00 PM Sister to Sister Recruitment Day

At Work Ministry Bowling new
The L.A.W. Ministry plans to meet in Ministry Sisters, please donate $20 to assist. Thank you!
person again when the virus is more
Better Men, Husbands, Fathers, and Leaders
under control.
Our Bowling Ministry has All men are encouraged to attend the
The Singles Ministry is for all singles started up again, including weekly discussion each Sat. at 7am.
ages 18-59. If you are not married, you COVID-19 safety measures!
are single! Please join us each Saturday
on Facebook or YouTube at 3PM for Stay tuned for updates!

Bible Discussion with Bro. Al. Please continue to donate non- Support Our
perishable foods to our Food Pantry. Member’s
The Prison Ministry plans to meet in Our clothing pantry is full at this time, Businesses
person again when the virus is more do not send donations. Thank you!
Mygani - Felicia Wright
under control. Greeters, please check the
Empowering products for women of color
~Youth Bible Classes on Zoom each board for changes in scheduling.
Wednesday night at 6PM and Sunday
morning at 11AM. Please be sure to Thank you for your service. ‘ Is your Financial House in order?
join for Biblical growth, fellowship, Receive free financial counseling
and fun! S T A RS Miguel Sanders - 904-451-1907

Enrichment Seniors Taking Action in Reasonable Service Ty’s World - Tynessa Moore
Travel Agent: 904-790-3322
All marriage and engaged couples Our STARS Ministry is for all senior
are invited to attend Marriage citizens who are 60 years old and Katrina Rock - 904-537-3230
Enrichment on each Saturday at older. We empower each other
12PM on Facebook or YouTube $5.00 Paparazzi Jewelry
through our experiences, knowledge
for Bible Discussion with Bro. Al. and wisdom to do a greater work for
the Lord. This will be accomplished Jeanette Thomas
Taste of Tupperware - 904-607-2943
through a variety of activities.

Elizabeth Guity
Unique Ethnic Jewelry
Ray & Katrena Cooper
Feel EM N Reap Essential Oils

T and J Catering & Vegan Services

Helping Others Improve Health

T&J Handy Man Pressure Washing

Dawn Myers - 904-651-7889
Independent Certified Travel Agent

Equeenoxx Travel Designer
All Tied Up - Standralyn Terry
Fashion Neckwear & Accessories
904-420-6762 /
Lovejoy Travel - Wendy Kleckley
Travel Agent - 904-982-6721

Liz Stewart - 817-781-8464
Real Estate Agent

[email protected]

June ID# Name Zone DOBapt.

Did You Tell Someone About Jesus? Baptism 8203 Jonathan Johnson 7 C-2 05/08/22
Committee Workers
Matthew 28:19-20 is the great 8203 Jedaiah Johnson 7 C-2 05/08/22
commission given to members of Sunday 8a
the body of Christ. As Christians, it Michelle Banks 8202 Tianyee’ Scott 5 C-3 05/15/22
is our responsibility to Tell, Talk Standralyn Terry
and Teach others about Jesus. Shamari Adams 8197 Kaliah Holmes 5 C-2 05/24/22
Telling someone about Christ will
often open the door to Talk with Sunday 11a 8196 Jawona Lang 3 C-1 05/18/22
them about Him. You can then Kendra Jones
Teach them or invite them to Denise Hall 8195 Carmen Dillihunt 1 C-1 04/18/22
Church where they can be taught.
We encourage each Christian to Sunday 5p 8194 Kyanna Hobbs 4 C-1 04/24/22
take advantage of such opportuni- Michelle Banks
ties. If you know of a prospect, and Standralyn Terry 8194 Terrivo Hobbs 4 C-1 04/13/22
for some reason cannot conduct a Shamari Adams
personal Bible study, please give 8193 Dominic Wilson 3 C-1 04/10/22
their contact information to Bro. If you would like to
and/or Sis. Oliver or to one of the work in this ministry, 8193 Keosha Wilson 3 C-1 04/10/22
members of our Leadership Team.
please contact 8192 Carolyn Kirce 5 C-3 04/10/22
Katrena Cooper at
8189 Eulisa Morgan 5 C-3 04/03/22
8187 Elise Jenkins 7 C-2 03/08/22

8187 Jared Jenkins 7 C-2 03/08/22

8163 Pashion Pasley 4 C-1 01/25/22

8184 Sonia Sanderson 5 C-3 01/23/22

8183 Cherdrica Forest 5 C-1 01/16/22

8182 Willie Hollis 5 C-1 01/18/22

PM= Placed Membership \ RD= Rededication \ OT= Out of Town

Our Goals &

The Week of June 5, 2022 Northside Eastside Church of Christ
Church of Christ Jacksonville, FL
Area of Interest Actual Goal
Palatka, FL
AM Service 405 1000 wkly

Bible School 117 450 wkly

PM Service 85 600 wkly Please keep the Palatka PLEASE JOIN US
Wednesday 105 350 wkly mission work in your
Each Sunday at 11am for our
prayers. worship service. God is doing
great things with the mission
Baptisms 21 250 yrly ministry at Eastside and we
would love for you to share in
Placed Membership 3 all of the these most wonderful
moments as we praise and give
Rededications 2 glory to God from whom all

Restorations & Prayer 631

Please notify us of your recovery to make room on the list for others to be added.

Please notify the church office of your special day
or occasion by Fax, Email or Phone. Thank You!

All Worship Workers should be in Zone Custom Face Masks
place 30 minutes prior to any service.
Our congregation is grouped into 2 for $5
June 19th our schedule will be: Zones and Cells. This helps us to be
8:00AM Morning Worship accountable and dependable to one Call the office to order
(Public and Virtual) another and to our various spiritual *”Say On” In Memory of
10:00AM Bible School needs. It is encouraged that you
(Public Only) call/text the members of your Zone/ Sarah Washington
11:00AM Morning Worship Cell during the pandemic. Once the *Beloved, Let Us Love One Another
(Public Only) virus is under control, we plan to
5:00PM Evening Worship begin meeting in person again. *What Must I Do To Be Saved
(Public and Virtual) Zone/Cell Leaders, please help the
Administrative Office keep up with
June Hospitality Colors our sick, shut-in and bereaved
June 5 - Red, Black, Silver members by notifying us of those
members when you become aware.
June 12 - Grey/Sliver
June 19 - Gold

June 26 - Sky Blue

Reminder : Check the main hallway bulletin board. Education
FREE Blood Pressure checks each 3rd
Sunday in the Ladies Lounge. Our Education Ministry provides
the following age appropriate Bible
The Health Ministry and Baptist Health classes: Adults at 10a each Wed.,
urges that we all adhere to the CDC Youth at 6p each Wed. on Zoom, and
guidelines in response to COVID-19. 11a each Sun. also on Zoom. Adult
Bible Discussion at 7p each Wed. on
June Health Ministry Workers: Facebook & YouTube Live, Adult
Panel Discussion at 10a each Sun. on
June 5: Tansy Shootes/Michelle Andrews
June 12: Dana Carter/Gloria Scott Facebook & YouTube Live.

June 19: Pam Warren/Mattie Clayton The Education Ministry supports
June 26: Rashell Lewis/April Chambers our Prime Achievers Program. Please
Alternate : Catherine Bolden/Michelle Andrews make a monetary donation towards the
Prime Achievers Store that we will be
able to keep it stocked. Thank you!

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