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Doosun Choi - ebook penguin

Doosun Choi - ebook penguin




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By:D​ o​ ​o​s​u​n​ choi

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Contents Page: 

All about King penguins 

The Arctic tundra 

Energy transfer  

Balances and Imbalance  



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Page 1 
ALL ABOUT King penguins  
Food Krill, fish, plankton 
Description The king penguin usually lives in the arctic tundra.The 
king penguins main predator are leopard seals and killer 
whales.The king penguin eats krill fish and plankton. 
Interesting Facts The king penguin is the second largest type of 


Page 2 
All about the​ A​ RCTIC TUNDRA

the arctic tundra is usually located in south america europe and 
asia.The arctic tundra is a b​ iome ​but the reason the arctic tundra 
is different to other ecosystems are because of the 
permafrost:​ ​Permafrost is a layer of ground below the topsoil 
that remains frozen throughout the year. This layer is generally 
only a few feet below the surface.  
Interesting fact:Permafrost prevents trees from growing in the 
tundra because trees need to have deep roots and they can't grow 
in the frozen ground but things can still breathe because of 
photosynthesis,​ Photosynthesis adds up to the ​infinitesima​l oxygen 
also the things living in the arctic tundra are well adapted to the 
arctic tundra so they are used to it. 



Page 3 Energy Transfer 




First the king penguin eats fish that eats algae that gets energy 

from the sun and the water. 

The king penguin also eat krill that eats phytoplankton that gets 

energy from the sun by capturing energy with the chlorophyll they 


The king penguin also eats herbivorous zooplankton that eats 

plants that gets energy from the sun.  







Interesting fact:No matter what an animal eats the thing giving 

all the energy is the s​ un. 





Page 4 Balances and Imbalances 

Balances:the permafrost, muskox, arctic hare,polar bear. 
inbalance: Permafrost melting, pollution. 
Nowadays because of pollution it is almost all imbalance but we 
can fix it by trying our best to save resources and by using less 
plastic and wood. 


Page 5 
The adaptations for plants in the arctic tundra are shallow roots. 
The adaptations for king penguins are many layers of blubber the 
black feathers to absorb heat.But the most important part is 
clean air because of pollution the animals that live in the arctic 
tundra are not getting sufficient air. 


Adaptations What a plant or a animal need to survive.
Biome Plants and animals that have similar
characteristics in a ecosystem.
blubber Fat that king penguins have
chlorophyll  A green pigment found in plants that is in
krill Extremely small
photosynthesis Small shrimp
Chemical reaction for plants to produce food
Pigment from the sun.
A material that changes colors when light is
pollution transmitted to it.
A negative impact from humans that destroys
sufficient the world.
tundra Enough of something
A ecosystem that is located in europe and asia

Page 7
Works Cited​​​.​

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