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Jayden J Lee - ebook panda

Jayden J Lee - ebook panda




Contents Page: …..p 1
….. p 2
All about pandas ….. p 3
The deciduous forest - where pandas live ….. p 4
Energy transfer food chains and food pyramids ….. p 5
Balances and Imbalances ….. p 6
Adaptations ….. P 7
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Page 1
ALL ABOUT (Pandas )

Page 2
The ​rainforest​ ​has over half of the land animals. It has amazing
beauty. Each animals lives in a different place in the rainforest. The
upper level is called the canopy layer all of the trees there get 80%
of s​ unlight. ​Leaving the emergent layer, understory, and
the forest floor with almost no sunlight. Once pandas become
adults they have to ​predators. S​ ome of the rainforest main p​ redators​ are
jag​ ​uar​ ​s​ a​ nd​ harpy eagles. ​The ​rainforest​ ​has many different types
of threats so animals must have extreme adaptation. The
rainforest ​weather is mostly rainy and very humid. It is usually
25-30 celsius or some people might say 70-80 fahrenheit. The
average rain every year is 30 to 320 rainfall every day. 80%
percent of the plants found in the Australian rainforest are not
found anywhere else in the world. A fifth of our freshwater is
found in the rainforest. There used to be 6 million square
miles of rainforest but now its is less than half because of


Page 3


Page 4

Balances and Imbalances: A balance might
when an ​alligator​ is in the sea. It opens its
mouth and birds come to clean it. The birds
get​ food​ in return. An imbalance is when: a
chameleon has a p​ redator i​ t doesn't need anyone
it just camouflages.

Page 5

Page 6


Adaptation A problem that an animal got use to so it doesn't
have to worry about it.
______________________ _________________________________________
Celcius A type of temperature.
______________________ _________________________________________
deciduous A type of rainforest where there aren’t tons of

Ecosystem A habitat with tons of organisms living in it.

Fahrenheit Another type of temperature.
______________________ _________________________________________
Food chain A big animal that eats small animals and than

Food pyramid One animal eats two the two animals might eat
three animals.

Food web A whole area where every animals eat
something different an all mixed up.

Habitat The home where animals live in.

Predator A animal that can eat other animals.

Page 7
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