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Taeyoon Lee - ebook lemur

Taeyoon Lee - ebook lemur


By Jayden

Contents Page:

All about Lemurs …..p 1
The Savanna ….. p 2
Energy transfer Food web Food chain Food pyramid ….. p 3
Balances and Imbalances global warming ….. p 4
Adaptations what lemurs need to survive ….. p 5
Glossary ….. p 6
Works Cited websites that I used ….. P 7

Page 1



Lemurs eat lots of different food. They eat like plants, grass,
flowers, insects, bugs ladybugs ants and more.
And did you know that lemurs are fat so they
are so smart that they are on a diet.


Lemurs are found in madagascar that is a island in africa. They are
1.5 tall and 3.5kg, they have a long tail that is almost as long as the
fossas tail. An fossa tail is 70 cm but a lemur tail is 63 cm it is close.
There eye is so scary that we will have a nightmare also their fur is
gray and his tail is black and white

Interesting fact

Did you know that lemurs eat any other animals Poop and then they just
swallow it and it will come out when they pee and poo.

Did you know that lemurs tail curve all the time.

T​ he savanna ​Page 2

A savanna is a place where lots animals live like giraffe elephant
lions tigers and much more. This place has lots of grass so lots of
animals could eat so some people also call it grassland. There is lots
of trees that animals could live in, but right now people are starting
to cut down trees that ruined the savanna and animals are getting
extinct. The temperature of the savanna is usually 68 F to 86 F.

Energy transfer ​Page 3

The food chain of the lemurs is first the fossa eats the lemur and the
lemur eats the bug. Then the ladybug eats the ants and the ants eat
the grass. The grass gets power from the sun.

Balance And Imbalances ​ Page 4

What suppose to be there are fossas people lemurs and more animal that are suppose to
be there. But then 10 years before someone accidently carried a frog that was not
supposed to be there but it was not a normal frog it was a poison frog. So that made
people from madagascar sick.

Fact Did you know that poison frogs have different colors if they are the same family

Adaptations ​ Page 5

What lemurs need to survive is tails because if they do have they will get eaten by the
fossas and they need their tail to climb trees. Lemurs need there mouth to eat food also
they need their hands to get there food also they need their eyes to spot their food.

Page 6


Adaptation What body parts does it needs to survive
Energy transfer You are trying to get your weight down
Food web food chain food pyramid
Fossa Something that is supposed to be there are
island becoming gone.
Imbalance and balance
The place where the animal live in
savanna An carnivore cat

A place that is not in the country

What suppose to be there and what it is not
suppose to be there

An island form india

An type of ecosystem

Page 7
Works Cited websites that I used food web
interesting africa

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