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Test Zoe de Boer - ebook animal

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Published by kris.daly, 2019-05-25 21:49:56

Test Zoe Giraffe

Test Zoe de Boer - ebook animal

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The Savanna
Energy transfer
Balances and Imbalances
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A giraffe can live up to 3​ 0-40​ years in a zoo and 
15-20​ years in the wild. Some people think giraffes 
have two hearts (they don’t) but they have one heart 
that is more powerful than 2​ human hearts.


WEATHER: An important factor in the savanna is weather. 
The weather is usually warm and temperatures are 20-30 
Celsius 68-86 Fahrenheit and Savannas exist in areas where 
there is a 6-8 month wet summer time, and a 4-6 month 
dry winter time. If the dry season is on fire​ ​approaches 
the savanna easily. 





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Balances and Imbalances ​page4

Invasive species in the African Savanna, is the Fire Ant.The Fire Ant may be small, but its impact in the
savanna ecosystem is large.

Humans impact the 
Grassland Savanna by 
lessening the area of the 
land by making new 
space for 
industrialization ( which 
is making factories and 
those kind of stuff). The trees and animals have less space to be or go, so 
the population decreases with the land, making everything smaller. 

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