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Tungmin Chiou - ebook snowy owl

Tungmin Chiou - ebook snowy owl

Sn​​ow​ ​y​​O​w​l​s 

B​ y: Anna Chiou

Contents Page: 

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All about Snowy Owls  ….. p 6 
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The Arctic Tundra 

Energy Transfer  
Balances and Imbalances  

Adaptations (something from Quad 4) 


Works Cited 


Page 1 


Snowy owls are beautiful c​r​ ​e​a​t​ur​ e​ ​s.​ ​They are also kind of ​rare.​ S​nowy owls are 
omnivores, which means they eat meat and veggies. Also Snowy owls lives in ​Arctic 
Tundra​ ​(I will explain that later). That means that it has to live in the cold where it can hunt 

for food and find food. 



DID YOU NOW….Snowy owls feet are covered with f​eathers​, like fluffy 

prey​slippers? They swallow small ​ whole? ​females​ remain with the young, m​ ales​ ​bring the 
owlets​food and then f​emales​ ​feed it to the ​ ? f​emales​ are larger and has more black strip 
​ ​then​males?​ Snowy owls are going ​extinct?



Page 2 


Arctic Tundra is a place where there is a lot of​​ice.​ You can say Arctic Tundra is Snowy owls 
and other arctic animals home. It is really, really,​​cold​ in winter ​cold​ ​and in summer. In 
the tundra are i​cebergs,​ ​​cold water,​ ​arctic​ a​ nimals​ ​and a​rctic p​ lants​ live there. ( most 

of them I wrote live there )  Snowy Owl 

Arctic Tundra


   Arctic Fox 

Arctic Hare



Page 3 

Energy Transfer  
There are​​food web​,​food chain​ and ​food pyramid.​ They all show what the animal 

eats and the other animal eats. For example the ​sun​ gives ​energy​ ​to the​p​ lants​ and 

then the a​rctic hares​ eat the plants and then the ​snowy owls​ eats the arctic hares. 




f​ood web​ ​food pyramid.   


​food chain  




Page 4 

Balances and Imbalances 

Poor poor arctic animals. We’ve ruined their homes by global warming. If we keep on using 
plastic and straws, then soon they will all be extinct. All of them will get excited. Arctic 
Tundra might not have any animals or ice left if we keep on using plastic. And when polar 
bear’s iceberg breaks they have nowhere else to go, so they’re kind of trapped. Did you know 





Page 5 
The Snowy owls serrated tip of the owl’s wings help it to suppress the noise during flight, and 
prey without alerting the target. And polar bears has small ears and tail, this adaptation 
minimizes heat loss. Polar bears don't have bubbler. They do have a thick layer of fat under 
their thick warm fur.  




Animals or a living thing that can move
creatures A thing that is hard to find
A living thing that other animals eat
rare A girl
A boy
prey A thing that was once there but now are none
Because of it you can run
female A plastic that is malted and warmed the earth
A big chunk of ice
males A thing that is really cold but in nature



global warming




Page 7 

Works Cited 



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