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Ian Kim - ebook tardigrade

Ian Kim - ebook tardigrade

T​HE​ ​ ​TA​ R​ ​DI​ G​ R​ ​AD​ E​

Contents Page:

All about tardigrades …..p 1
The freshwater ….. p 2
Energy transfer food chain ….. p 3
Balances and Imbalances (something from Quad 3) ….. p 4
Adaptations (something from Quad 4) ….. p 5
Glossary (add 10 words or more) ….. p 6
Works Cited (see last page to help you) ….. P 7

Page 1
ALL ABOUT The Tardigrade

The food that they eat: a​ lgae, moss, and even other tardigrades!​
Description: F​ at, small, 8 legs.
Interesting Facts:​ T​ ardigrades can live up to 100 year in criptobiosis. The tardigrade could

also be called as a water bear or a moss piglet! ​lethal amounts of 5,000 Gy of gamma rays (radiation) . To
show how much that really is a human could only handle 5-10 Gy. 5-10 Gy to a human could lead to death.
Tardigrades cant die EVEN IN SPACE! (for at least 10 days) They could also survive in icy temperatures
around absolute zero!!!

←​Tardigrade eating another tardigrade

Page 2

The Freshwater,​ But tardigrades live everywhere even in your home, oceans,
and also volcanos!

Page 3
​Energy Transfer

The sun would give the plants energy and also the bacteria.
Then, the tardigrades eat them. Then, the nematodes and amoebas would eat the
tardigrades and the tardigrades would eat them too.
But, the zooplanktons and fishes would eat them and the whales would eat both then
the great white would eat the whales.

Page 4
Balances and Imbalances

Invertebrates, birds, freshwater fish, marine fish, mammals, reptiles, 
amphibians. Are the non native animals in this ecosystem. They invading the 

freshwater ecosystem.

P​ age 5

Tardigrades: ​Tardigrades form a tun, a tun lets the 

tardigrade to deal with water loss, and extreme pressure. Tardigrades have claws 
and arms to swim and it’s sharp teeth to grab onto its food. 

Adaptations Page 6

Amphibians Things animals use to help them survive.
Food for Tardigrades. Algae could be on the
Cryptobiosis surface of the water. It could be found in damp
Ecosystem Animals that could live in air and water.
A form that tardigrades uses to protect
Energy themselves.
Freshwater Places like freshwater, saltwater, arctic tundra.
Like biomes.
Invertebrates A thing that animals need to live.
Invade Lakes, rivers, streams. (no salt)
Animals/bugs with no spine
A very small animal.

Page 7
Works Cited (list these in alphabetical order)
Use this website to help.​​.

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