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israel morris

israel morris



Bar Mitzvah of Morris Elbaz

Welcome to Israel!
It is our honor to have you all join us to celebrate the
Bar-Mitzvah of Morris Elbaz. We are excited you are partaking in
this special trip together with us and sharing in this occasion.
Together, Beezrat Hashem we will have an amazing time, and
have no doubts this will be a visit to Israel we will always

remember and cherish for years to come.
We ask respectfully for everyone’s benefit and enjoyment to be
prompt and on time. The bus will be leaving every morning as

indicated and will not be able to wait for anyone.

We also ask to refrain from posting any pictures of the
Bar-Mitzvah on social media.

Just one request from the Bar-Mitzvah boy-
Have the greatest time of your life!

Thank you all for coming!
Frieda and Jack Elbaz


Depart NY November 11th-13th
Arrives in Tel Aviv November 13th-15th

*Baggage Policy-1 Bag checked per person up to 50 lbs
(If traveling with an infant, they will allow a bag for that infant up to 22 lbs
Additional Bags purchased in advance (6 hrs prior) $85 or $100.00 at the gate)
**Do not forget your Passports
***Plan to be at the airport 2 hours before departure

Tuesday November 13th

Welcome To Yerushalayim!

Check in at the Waldorf Hotel
Unpack & Relax
Minha & Arbit at the Kotel
Dinner at Suggested Restaurants
Get a good nights sleep and be ready for a fabulous trip!!

Wednesday November 14th

Sunrise Vatikin Minyan at the Kotel 5:25 am (Amidah 6:05)
Breakfast at Hotel starting at 6:30
Depart Hotel 8:15
*Caliber 3
*Tour the Old City
-Machon Mikdash
-Ir David
-Virtual Reality Ride
-Visit Rabbis (see suggested list)
Minha & Arbit
Dinner at Suggested Restaurants
Get an early night sleep for Bar-Mitzvah!!

Thursday November 15th

Bar Mitzvah Day

Early Photo Sessions at the Hotel
Depart Hotel to Kotel at 7:30 AM
Shacharit at 8:00
After Prayers board bus back to hotel
Bar-Mitzvah Brunch at the Waldorf Astoria
2:00- Board Bus to Hebron-Me’arat Hamachpelah
Bethlehem-Kever Rachel
Mincha & Arbit at Kever
Ohel Rachel Soup Kitchen
Dinner at Suggested Restaurants

Friday November 16th

Sunrise Vatikin Minyan at the Kotel 5:25 am (Amidah 6:05)
Breakfast at Hotel starting at 6:30
Visit Rabbis
Visit and Shopping at Machaneh Yehudah and/or Me’ah Shearim
Har Hamenuchot
Prepare for Shabbat (pick up shabbat key from front desk)
Light Candles at Lower Ballroom (have in mind to accept Shabbat after arrival at Kotel)
Candles 4:04
Mincha & Arbit at Kotel (bring down 40 shekel for the cab to kotel)
Shabbat Dinner at Hotel-be ready to sing and give a dvar torah!
Shabbat Shalom!!


Parashat Vayetzeh

Shaharit at Ahavat Shalom Synagogue (across the street from hotel) 8:10 AM
Brunch Kiddush at Waldorf Hotel
Have a nice & Relaxing Shabbat-Enjoy a nice stroll in Jersualem City of Gold
Mincha Gedola tba in the morning
Seudah Shelishi & Arbit in Hotel
Havdallah at 5:15

Melaveh Malka in Honor of Morris Elbaz
7:00 PM
Luciano’s (Mamila Mall)

Shavuah Tov!

Sunday November 18th

Sunrise Vatikin Minyan at the Kotel 5:50 am (Amidah 6:35)
Breakfast at Hotel starting at 6:30
Depart Hotel at 7:45 AM heading NORTH
Visit Kfar Kedem-
-Donkey Rides
-Goat Milking
Visit Kivrei Tzaddikim & Pray Mincha
-Kever Rebbi Meir Baal Haness
-Benahuyo Ben Yehoyada
-Rabbi Akiva
Check into Setai Hotel
Football catch on the beach-WHO WILL WIN THE PRIZE???
Enjoy the pool!!
Dinner at Hotel Restaurant

Monday November 19th

Sunrise Vatikin Minyan at the Abuhav Synagogue 5:30 AM
Breakfast at Hotel starting at 6:30
Enjoy the pool!
Depart Hotel at 11:30 AM
Chocolate Factory
Shofar Factory
Hulah Valley
OPTIONS: Tzfat Kever Ari
Kever Yosef Caro
Enjoy Falafel Lunch in Tzfat Old City
Head back to Waldorf hotel
Dinner at suggested restaurants

Tuesday November 20th

Sunrise Vatikin Minyan at the Kotel 5:30 am
Breakfast at Hotel starting at 6:30
Depart Hotel at 9:00 AM
Lekket-enjoy picking fruits distributed to people in need
Bullet Factory
Monkey Farm
Mincha & Arbit
Dinner at suggested restaurants

Wednesday November 21st

Sunrise Vatikin Minyan at the Kotel 5:30 am
Breakfast at Hotel starting at 6:30
Depart Hotel at 8:30 AM
Jeep Riding in the desert
Psagot Winery
Visit Mirrer Yeshivah Mincha & Arbit
Head back to Hotel
Dinner at suggested restaurants

Thursday November 22nd

Sunrise Vatikin Minyan at the Kotel 5:30 am
Breakfast at Hotel starting at 6:30
Day for Shopping-Enjoy the last day!
Yad Vashem
Biblical Zoo

Depart Tel Aviv to JFK

Suggested Restaurants

Please see concierge for directions or google for more info

1868, Joy, Red Heifer, Lehem Basar, Rimon Bistro, Papagaio
Mamilla Café, Café Rimon, Luchianna, Caffit, Fresh Kitchen, Tico House

Rabbis and Yeshivot

Yeshivat Bet El
Yeshivat Yekirei Yerushalayim
Yeshivat Meor Torah
Yeshiva Yachve Daat
Yeshivat Kisse Rachamim

Hacham Yitzchak Beracha, Harav Salim, Hacham Yehudah Ades, Hacham Shelomo Amar,
Hacham Benayahu Shemueli, Hacham Moshe Sadkah, Hacham David Yosef, Hacham Meir Mazuz,
Hacham Shemuel Pinchasi, Hacham Yaakov Hillel, Hacham Yitzchak Yosef,
Hacham Yehudah Cohen, Hacham Shalom Cohen, Hacham Azriel Mansour
Hacham Avraham Salem, Hacham Yaakov Sofer, Hacham Yaakov Peretz

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