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Published by Cole Bennett, 2019-12-06 09:16:55

Untitled presentation

Untitled presentation

My friend rexy

Cole bennett

Once there was a girl that
lived in a small little
town. She had no friends
and that made her sad.
Then one day she said to
herself “ if i can’t find a
friend i will make one in

So she did. She sat there with her
eyes closed imagianing there was a
trex in her room and when she
opened her eyes there was. To her
surprise there was a trex in her
room but it wasn’t a big t rex it was
a little baby one instead.

She sat there puzzled she
didn’t know what to do she
expected to have a big t
rex not a little t rex but
she didn't care she had a
new friend. She sat there
wondering “what will i
name you” she said. Time
went by and she finally

Came up with a name. “I
shall call you rexy” said
the little girl. I like
that name said rexy
what's your name. The
little girl looked at
rexy and said my name is
Annabelle. Annabelle
thats a nice name.

Well thanks rexy say do
you want to go meat my
mom. Sure i would love to
ok lets go. MOM MOM, what
honey look at my new
friend rexy. He is by best
friend in the whole

Well honey i'm glad that
you made a friend. Mommy
say hi to him. Ok hello my
name is melinda what's
yours, his name is rexy
mommy. Well hi rexy i’m
glad to meat you.

Hey annabelle do you
want to go to the park?
YES i would love to but
can i bring rexy? Well of
course you can. YAY
THANKS MOM come on rexy
lets go.

YAY look rexy we are here
at the park. I can’t wait to
go and play on the swings.
(mom chuckles) yes
annabelle we are here now
you and rexy go on and
play i will set over here
and watch you two ok.

Ok mom. Come on rexy lets
go play on the swings
those are my favorite
because i feel like i am
flying when i am on them.
Wahoo look at me rexy
look at how high i am.

Rexy you are my greatest
friend in the whole
world. (mom yells in the
distance) it’s time to go.
Rexy we have to leave i
had so much fun today.
Thank you.

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