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Published by Nadia Kanval, 2019-05-18 16:24:40

Adventures of a Baji

BOOK final

Our dearest Zunaira

It was the 25th of September 2014, one of our favorite days ever. The day you were born. Wrapped
up in white and pink was a beautiful baby. We held you and fell in love with you forever.

Today on the 24th of June 2018, another best day of our lives, your precious little sister Jahida is
born and once again our hearts fill with joy and love.

Your Baba and Mama have always been the best siblings to us, making our childhood so joyous and
colourful. May you too become the best big sister to Jahida just the way they were to us.

Phupho and Mosso have always been the best of friends but you two make our friendship even

Always remember Phupho and Mosso love you both and will do forever!

Once upon a time, in a magical land up in the hills was
a kingdom. It was ruled by the kindest King and
Queen of all times. King Baseer and Queen
Malahat lived in a beautiful castle and
lived happily with their lovely
daughter and the apple
of their eye, Princess
Zunaira. Princess
Zunaira was loved
by the whole
kingdom for
her kindness
and bravery.

She had three best friends,
Fluffy the unicorn, Sheru the
lion and Gina the giraffe. She
played with them all day long
and loved them very much.

One day Zunaira, Fluffy, Sheru and Gina were outside in the park, playing, picking
flowers and sliding down the hills. After a few hours Mama Queen called Zunaira,
“come inside kids, I made your favorite pasta.” Zunaira ran inside to have her most
favorite food in the world, her mother’s delicious pasta. As she enjoyed eating, she
shared it with her three best friends too, Mama Queen laughed and said, “oh dear
I’m not sure they would enjoy eating this.” As they were eating their own food,
Zunaira realized that as much as she loved them, they are not like her. She cannot
share her favorite food with them, she cannot share her favorite clothes with them,
and they cannot even come to school with her.

After Baba King and Mama Queen tucked
the princess in her bed, she prayed to Allah
“Please give me a best friend with whom
I can share everything and who is just like

Repeating her prayer she went to sleep.

Days passed and it was finally the time the
kingdom was blessed with another princess. It
was the happiest day for everyone. The King
and Queen had the cutest baby girl in the world.
Everyone was happy and joy filled the whole
kingdom, everyone sang and decorated the
castle to welcome the new baby princess Jahida.

The king and queen handed the baby princess
to Princess Zunaira and said, “you are now a big
sister, you must always love and protect your
baby sister.”

Zunaira smiled with joy, looked at her baby sister
and promised, “I will always love you and protect

One day the King and Queen were going
outside and princess Zunaira was all set
to look after her baby sister. Mama queen
told Zunaira to please take good care of
your sister, give her milk, sing her songs
and whatever you do, just keep an eye on
her at all times.

Zunaira understood and like a good big sister she took good care of Jahida. They
played together, they ate together, and were having a lot of fun, after some time
Zunaira got tired and fell asleep near the fireplace. She woke up worried a few
minutes later, realizing what mama had said and ran to check on Jahida. What she
learned was a big surprise, the naughty baby had crawled outside the castle and was
all set to discover the world.

Worried Zunaira ran to get Fluffy,
Gina and Sheru to see if they had
seen Jahida, unaware of the baby’s
whereabouts, all four of them decided
to search for the baby themselves.
Zunaira took her backpack, put
her torch, map and binoculars and
asked Khan Sahab, the wise turtle to

accompany them.

Khan Sahab knew all the secret passageways in
the kingdom. First he told them to go towards
the mighty mountains. They climbed these tall
mountains and reached the top but the baby
was nowhere to be seen.

Next the wise turtle told
them to pass through
the dark jungle. Zunaira
was brave, she took
out her torch and didn’t
hesitate for a second,
she searched through the
jungle, met an elephant, a
baby bear and a bird, no
one knew where the baby
princess was.

Lastly the wise turtle suggested they searched the deep river, as they
reached there Zunaira realized she could not swim. Fluffy had already
flown to the other side and Sheru had carried Gina and Khan Sahab.
Zunaira closed her eyes and remembered how Baba King used to
swim. Upon remembering, Zunaira prayed and dived into the river,
swam across the river and reached the other side, she saw crawling
baby steps but still couldn’t find princess Jahida.

Princess Zunaira was sad and sat on the riverside, suddenly
she saw two fairies who came towards her and said, “Oh dear
who is this pretty young lady and why so sad? We are Mosso
and Phupho, how can we help you?” Zunaira said, “I am Zunaira
Khan and I cannot find my baby sister.” They told her to pray
with all her heart.

Zunaira prayed for her sister to come back
to her. As she finished praying, Zunaira felt
somone pulling on her Jacket, she looked back
and it was her baby sister smiling at her, and at
that moment Jahida said her first words, “Baji”.

Zunaira hugged her and was over the moon
with joy. They sat on Fluffy and flew back

It was the day of celebration. Everyone was there, it was a very happy day for the whole
kingdom. Zunaira put on her favorite pink sparkly skirt and the baby wore a beautiful purple
dress. Mama Queen and Baba King were all set to welcome their families and all the guests from
the kingdom. Birds were singing the happiest songs. Zunaira shared her stories of adventure,
everyone enjoyed. Princess Zunaira played with Princess Jahida - her baby sister and best friend
forever. And they all lived happily ever after.


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