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Wishesh Magazine August 2019




Indian food Travelogue

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Chandrayaan 2

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Hello Readers

We are glad to bring you yet another edition of the Wishesh
magazine for you to read through for your information and
entertainment. Much like every other month, the topics discussed
are not just interactive but quite indulgent to keep you hooked.

Heard about the successful launch of the Chandrayaan 2? Well,
we covered it for our cover story. Not just that, our focus has also

been to deliver you some of the latest news – both national and
international that have taken place in the last month. Additionally,
our topics about the tradition and culture as well as the relationship

advice that you needed, we have got it all covered.

Travel around by being in your home itself without our feature of
the travelogue and you are all set with the latest inputs that you

need to keep yourself updated with.

Happy Reading!



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Article 370 Not Revoked In

Jammu & Kashmir Yet

The decision that Narendra Modi has taken
about Article 370 is still talked about without
a final decision made yet about Jammu and
Kashmir being separate union territories.

Article 370 is about Jammu & Kashmir
having special rights of their own flag and

Updates About What Is

-> The Government cancels Article 370 -> The President gets the rights to announce

for now that Jammu and Kashmir would not follow Article
-> The article 370 would come into the
-> Article 370 would be debated for a while now
picture only after there is a constitutional
revision that is aligned to article 368.

-> Amit Shah hasn’t passed a bill on

Article 370 yet

What Did The from the State Government and that would be
Government Do On 6th altered now.
This article gives a detailed picture about which
Jammu and Kashmir to be two Union state would have jurisdictional rights over
Territories and not a state yet. This bill Jammu & Kashmir.
is introduced by the government.
What Would Be The
For now, Rajya Sabha has passed a Difference In Jammu &
bill asking for Jammu and Kashmir Kashmir Without Article 370?
to be two separate Union Territories.
The Lok Sabha is yet to do it after they -> There would be no special powers
do it, it would go to the President for
his approval and if he approves it the exercised by Jammu and Kashmir
government would authorize it and
Jammu and Kashmir would no longer -> There would no more be dual citizenship in
be a state.
Kashmir, it would be one citizenship for all
What Is The Present
Status Of Jammu & -> The flag for Jammu and Kashmir would no
more be different, it would be the Indian flag only
Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh are
two union territories for now -> Earlier minorities did not have reservations

Jammu and Kashmir would be but now they would get reservations to about 15
governed by legislative laws percent

There would be no legislative rights for -> There would be no restriction over buying
land and property in Jammu & Kashmir
Ramnath Kovind authorized a anymore. Earlier, only the residents of Kashmir
notification that Article 370 is not going had the rights
to operative
-> Nothing would happen to a woman’s
What Is Article 370?
citizenship status rights even if she married out
Ever since the constitution has come of Jammu and Kashmir
into existence this Article was made for
Jammu & Kashmir who are disturbed -> Children will benefit from the right to
because of the turmoil between
countries fighting for it. education

In Jammu & Kashmir, the Central
Government would need permission


Kosi And Nechi River To Be Linked - The
4,900 Crores Project!

The Seemanchal region in Bihar to be Apart from this, the intention of this
given on lease as the center has taken project is to provide better irrigation
up a project to connect the Kosi & facilities to lakhs of acres of land
Mechi River, this project is worth 4,900 in and around the areas of Bihar in
crores places such as Araria, Kishanganj,
and Purnia.
Kosi and Nechi are known to be the
second-best interlinking project in the The Water Resource Department
entire country. Ken Batwa was one Minister Sanjay Kumar Jha is
of the best one’s in Madhya Pradesh monitoring this project by staying
earlier. in touch with the Central Water
Development Authority and he met the
What is the intention of Union Minister to further get approval
this project? on this project.

The main motto behind this project is Details about this project
to get saved from floods and difficulty
in the entire region and it is focused Mechi is an essential part of the
on having a green revolution in Mahananda river and it has less water,

the excess water from Kochi
would be put into this river
through Hanuman Nagar.

This process of transferring
water would help stabilize
what is surplus by providing
to what is the deficit. This
practice would improve the
irrigational facilities.

This project is capable of
getting a national project
status, said, experts. The
state leadership to focus on
this project. On a majority,
the center would fund for this
project and it would not be left
on the state to be burdened
with the expenditure.

The WRD minister calls this
inter-linking project a green
revolution project because it
does not want to cause any
disturbance to any part of the
land where the population
resides or in the forest areas.

The land that will be used up
for this project is within 1400
hectares and it is not close
to any wildlife sanctuary or
national parks.

All in all, if you look at the
benefits of this project it is
balancing surplus and deficit
by sending water from Kosi to
Mechi, it is not causing harm
to any other part of lands and
finally, it is a green revolution
project and at the same time,
it is working on improving
irrigational facilities.





Odisha, the land of Lord Jagannath is synonymous with
the ancient art form, Pattachitra. One of the many art
forms to have survived over thousand years, Pattachitra
can virtually act like a historical chronicle of our
country through time.


Simple and rustic in 1. A single While white is made using
appearance, you will be Pattachitra conch shells, a mineral colour
surprised to know that named hingula is used as red
Pattachitra paintings painting can colour and a stone named
require immense patience, even take harikala is used for yellow.
intense hard work and months to
skilled craftsmanship. Let’s complete. 3. Pattachitra
share some interesting bits paintings are not
of information about the art A single Pattachitra just restricted to
that are as mind blowing painting takes at least cloth and canvas.
as the masterpieces the five to 15 days, while
art has given us. some even taking months The creativity of Pattachitra
to complete. The timing artists is not just limited
to carve one Pattachitra to canvas and cloth. They
painting depends upon celebrate the art form by
the level of intricacy and painting murals on the outer
size of the paintings. walls of their houses. These
However, it takes years of paintings depict mythological
practice, dedication and scenes from the Panchatantra,
skill for an artisan to the Puranas, the Ramayana
carve a flawless and and the Mahabharata.
magnificent piece.
4.Pattachitra art is
2. Original believed to be the
Pattachitra illustrated story
paintings are books of the olden
made from days.
100% natural
materials. The main themes of Pattachitra
paintings have always been
A lot goes into preserving inspired by Lord Jagannath
the original appeal of this and the Vaishnava sect.
art form, and the chitrakars Many Pattachitra paintings
of Odisha seemed to have are amazing representations
mastered that art. What of stories of Lord Jagannath
gives Pattachitra an edge and Radha-Krishna, the
over other art forms is the ten incarnations of Vishnu,
fact that the colours used episodes from the Ramayana,
are 100% natural and are the Mahabharata and many
prepared by the chitrakars more. So, one can imagine
using ancient methods. that much before Amar



Simple and
rustic in

appearance, you
will be surprised

to know that
require immense

intense hard
work and skilled

Chitra Katha, mothers were reading
16 out stories to their children from

Pattachitra paintings.

5. The best Pattchitra unique range of crafts practised there.
art work can be fund in
the Raghurajpur village 6. Pattachitra paintings
of Odisha. are known for their floral
Pattachitra paintings have an uncanny
resemblance to the old murals Pattachitra is a disciplined form of art with
and paintings done on the wall of set rules and restrictions. A floral border
religious centres in ancient Odisha. is a must in Pattachitra paintings, and so
While Pattachitra art is famous all is the use of natural colours, restricting
over Odisha, if you want to find them to a single tone. This creates a
the best work then head straight to distinct look and feel that is typical to
Raghurajpur. Deeply driven the love Pattachitra and cannot be replicated!
and passion for the art, Pattachitra
artists from this village have not just
kept this art form alive through ages,
but have also earned the status of
heritage village for the wide and


art gave birth to
the Puri school of

Pattachitra has largely remained
uninfluenced by the other schools of
Indian paintings, namely the Mughal
and Pahadi styles as Odisha had
remained uninvaded by the Mughals
for a fairly long time, giving the art
form a window to evolve its own
unique styles which gave birth to the
Puri school of painting.

9. Originally done
mainly by men, now
Pattachitra art is done
by women and young
girls too.

7. Pattachitra art usually interestingly, this ancient art form
runs in the family; hasn’t suffered a slow death due to
lack of enterprise. Chitrakars today
send their children out for exposure
and education apart from training
them in this traditional art form to
ensure that they can run their own
business rather than depending on
middlemen. Though mostly done by
men, the art form is now being taken
up full time by women and young

Generally, Pattachitra art is practised Odisha, the land of Lord Jagannath
by the entire family of chitrakars. is synonymous with the ancient art
While the women prepare the glue, form, Pattachitra. One of the many
the canvas and help out in filling the art forms to have survived over
borders, the master painter, usually a thousand years, Pattachitra can
male, draws the initial sketch and gives virtually act like a historical chronicle
the final touches to the painting. of our country through time. Simple
and rustic in appearance, you will be
8. Over time, Pattachitra surprised to know that Pattachitra
paintings require immense patience.



Car Festival Or RathaYatra
Of Sri jagannatha Puri



One of the most awaited festivals in the Orissa state as well as in
India, Jagannath Rath Yatra is an annual event, which is celebrated

in the month of June or July. It is dedicated to Lord Jagannath
(Lord Krishna), his sister Goddess Subhadra and his elder brother
Lord Balabhadra. It is also called Gundicha Yatra, Chariot Festival,

Dasavatara and Navadina Yatra.



It is the oldest Ratha Yatra
celebrated in the India and all over
the world. This festival is celebrated
on the second day of the Shukla
Paksha, Ashadh month as per
the traditional Oriya calendar. It is
considered most auspicious to visit
the temple during this period. The
festival in Odisha is celebrated for
nine days, the commencement of
this festival is called as the Rath
Yatra and the return journey on a
ninth day is called as Bahuda Jatra.

The celebrated Ratha Yatra Festival
is said to have started in the time
of Svarochisha Manu of the second
manvantara and is predicted to
continue until the end of the second
half of Lord Brahma’s lifetime.
Even in the Valmiki Ramayana, it
20 is mentioned that when Lord Rama
was getting ready to leave this
world, he told Vibhishan, Ravana’s
younger brother, to worship Lord
Jagannatha, the Lord of the Iksvaku
dynasty in His absence.

The Skanda Purana also fixes
the date of the Ratha Yatra as the
second day of the bright fortnight if
the month of Ashadha, a day called
Pushyami Nakshatra by astrological
calculations. The Padma Purana
describes that in Purushottama-
Kshetra, or Jagannatha Puri, the
supremely blissful Personality of
Godhead pretends to be made of
wood. In this way, although the
Lord takes on what appears to be
a material form, it is completely
spiritual by the causeless mercy
of the Lord for the conditioned
souls who cannot perceive the
transcendental domain of His.


ones. In the last century, the
ritual was performed in 1912,
1931, 1950, 1969, 1977,
1996, and 2015.

Nabakalebara: The
making of God

Since the idols of Lord
Jagannath, his elder brother
Balabhadra and sister
Subhadra are made from
wood, they decay over time
and need to be replaced. The
new idols are crafted from
neem wood. However, not all
neem trees are suitable for
this purpose. According to the
scriptures, the trees need to
have certain qualities (such as
specific number of branches,
color, and location) for each of
the idols.

Where the festival is begins on the second day On the year when the idols
celebrated? of Shukla Paksha (waxing are due to be replaced,
phase of the moon or bright a contingent of priests,
Ratha Yatra is organized fortnight) of the Hindu lunar servants, and carpenters
in puri. At the Jagannath month of Ashadha. In 2019, sets out from the Jagannath
temple in puri the car it commences on July 4 and Temple to find the appropriate
festival is celebrated. Puri is ends on July 15. neem trees (locally known as
approximately an hour and Daru Brahma) in a procession
a half from the capital city of Once every nine to 19 years, called the Banajag Yatra. The
bhubaneswar. when the month of Ashadha priests walk bare-footed to the
is followed by another month temple of Goddess Mangala
When is the festival of Ashadha (known as at Kakatpur, around 50
celebrated? “double-Ashadha”), a rare kilometers from Puri. There,
and special Nabakalebar the Goddess appears in a
As per the traditional Odia ritual takes place. Meaning dream, and guides the priests
calendar, the Ratha Yatra “new body”, Nabakalebara as to where the trees can be
is when the wooden temple found.
idols are replaced with new
Once the trees are located,
they’re secretly brought back
to the temple in wooden
carts, and the new idols are



carved by a special team of carpenters. Pulling Of The Chariot:

The carving takes place in a special

enclosure, known as Koili Baikuntha, The pulling of the chariot start after the given

accessed via the temple’s north gate. time frame. The wooden horses are fixed

Lord Krishna is believed to have been before staring of the pulling of the chariot. It

cremated there, after being accidentally starts with Lord Balavendra and then the Ratha

killed by hunter Jara Savara. of Devi Subhadra is pulled. At the end of the

pulling of the chariot of Lord Jagannatha is

The creation of new idols and performed. No Chariot pulling is done after

destruction of the old idols symbolizes sunset. Usually on the second day three

reincarnation. chariots reaches Gundicha Ghar or Gundicha


Devotional songs and prayers from

the Vedas are chanted continuously

outside the area where the new idols

are being carved from the neem wood.

Once they’re completed, the new idols

are carried inside the inner sanctum of

the temple and placed facing the old

idols. The supreme power (Brahma)

is then transferred from the old to the

22 new idols, in a ritual known as Brahma

Paribartan (Changing the Soul).

This ritual is carried out in privacy.

The priest performing the ritual is

blindfolded, and his hands and feet are

wrapped in thick layers of cloth, so that

he can’t see or feel the transfer.

Once the ritual is complete, the new
idols are seated on their throne. The
old idols are taken to Koili Baikuntha
and buried there in a sacred ceremony
before dawn. It’s said that if anybody
sees this ceremony, apart from the
priests who perform it, they will die. As
a result, the state government orders
a full blackout of lights in Puri on the
night the ceremony is performed.
Afterwards, the temple rituals
recommence as normal. Flowers and
new garments are given to the deities,
food is offered, and pujas (worship) are


Buhuda Yatra Or Return After returning from Gundicha Mandir
Journey: near main entrance all three gods will
stay for one night on the chariots and
At the Gundicha temple there three gods stays during this time they will wear gold
for nine days, including three days on the ornaments. Many devotees travel to
journey. On 9th day three Deities shifted from puri to see god in these golden dress or
Gundicha temple to their respective Chariot locally know and Suna Vesa.
and return journey starts towards Main temple.
This journey also takes two days and on 2nd Tourist from all parts of the world will visit
day all chariots could reach the entrance of puri during this time. As only Hindus are
main temple. allowed to visit inside the main temple
so this is an opportunity for all other
religion and some other cast devotees to
have Darshan ( holy view ) of the three
gods, Jagannatha , Balabhadra and Devi

How is the Festival

The festival begins with the idols of Lord
Jagannath, along with his elder brother
Balabhadra and sister Subhadra, being
taken out of their abode in the Jagannath
Temple. The three of them travel to
Gundicha Temple, a few kilometers
away. They remain there for seven days
before returning via Mausi Maa Temple,
the abode of Lord Jagannath’s aunt.

The idols are transported on towering
chariots, which have been made to
resemble temples, giving the festival
its name of Ratha Yatra. The Chariot
Festival. Around one million pilgrims
usually flock to this colorful event.

What Ritual are performed
during the Festival:

Every year, three huge new chariots
are made for the idols to be transported
on during the festival. It’s a very
detailed process that takes place in
public, at the front of the royal palace



near the Jagannath Temple
. Construction always
commences on the occasion
of Akshaya Tritiya. In 2019, it
occurs on May 7.

About 18 days before the without inviting or informing Hera Panchami: July 8;
Ratha Yatra festival starts, her. She closes the doors of
the three idols are given a the temple on him, locking Goddess Lakshmi, the wife
ceremonial bath with 108 him out. Finally, he manages of Lord Jagannath, gets
pitchers of water. This is to placate her with sweets, concerned because he hasn’t
known as Snana Yatra and it and she relents and lets him come back. Irritated, she goes
takes place on the full moon enter. to Gundicha Temple to find
in the Hindu lunar month of him and see what’s going on.
Jyeshtha (known as Jyeshtha Important Ratha Devotees carry the deity in a
Purnima). In 2019, it falls on Yatra Ritual Dates palanquin to the temple.
June 17. It’s believed that For 2019:
the deities become sick after Bahuda Yatra: July 12;
the bath. Hence, they’re Sri Gundicha: July 4;
kept out of public view until The grand return journey to
they appear, dressed and Placement of the deities in the Lion’s Gate entrance of
24 renewed, on the new moon in the chariots and journey to Jagannath Temple. Rituals
Ashadha (known as Ashadha Gundicha Temple. The first take place from noon to 2 p.m.
Amavasya). In 2019, it falls on chariot to move is that of The chariots are drawn in
July 2. Lord Balabhadra. Next is reverse order, commencing at
Subhadra’s, and last Lord around 4 p.m.
The occasion is called Jagannath’s. Pulling of the
Navajouban Darshan.The chariots starts at 4 p.m. after Suna Besha: July 13;
Ratha Yatra is a community the relevant rituals have been
festival. People don’t worship completed. Decoration of the deities in
in their houses or fast.When gold ornaments. This ritual
the gods return from their was introduced during the
journey, they’re decorated
and adorned with ornaments
of pure gold and given a
nourishing drink, before
being placed back inside the
Jagannath Temple.

An entertaining comic scene is
enacted for onlookers, as part
of the grand finale. Goddess
Lakshmi is angry that her
husband, Lord Jagannath,
has stayed away for so long


reign of king Kapilendra Deb
in 1430 and is particularly
popular. It happens in the
evening, from 5 p.m. to 11

Niladri Bijaya/Bije: July

Deities are placed
back inside
Jagannath Temple.

This spectacular chariot his devotees. The devotees in When two months of
festival celebrated for 8 turn coax, cajole, they promise Ashadha fall in one year,
days, is held at the famous sweetmeats and other delicacies, Rath Yatra is observed as
Jaganath Temple at Puri when all this fails they call the the festival of ‘Nabakalebar’
(Orissa). Thousands of Lord names and even give the old deities are buried
devotees flock to Puri during blows to the idol, all the while within the temple premises
the occasion as they believe the surging crowd chants, sings (‘Koilibaikuntha’) and are
that a glimpse of Lord Jagnath and dances. It is believed that on replaced by new deities,
in his chariot gives salvation. these days Lord Jagannath will carved out of Margosa
descend from his pedestal and trees for which there are set
Images of Lord Jaganath mingle with his devotees with procedures. Double Ashadha
- the Lord of the Universe, no barrier between them. After occurs at intervals of 8 to 19
his sister Subhadra and seating the idols, the traditional years. Construction of the
brother Balbhadra are taken King of Puri sweeps the Chariots chariots begin as early as
out in a procession in three with a golden broom. April.
immense chariots. The main
chariot is 14 meters high Thousands of devotees pull these One of the most awaited
and 10 meters square with chariots to Gundicha Mandir, a festivals in the Orissa state
16 wheels. The deities are temple 3 km away. After a week, as well as in India, Jagannath
brought out of the temple on ‘Ashadha Sukla Dasami’, the Rath Yatra is an annual
to the chariots by rhythmic 10th day of the bright fortnight event, which is celebrated in
movement called ‘Pahandi’ of Ashadha (June-July), return the month of June or July. I
in a royal procession to the journey or ‘Bahuda Yatra’ of the hope this article has describe
accompaniment of the beat deities commences in the same the culture and tradition of
of the ‘cymbals’ and drums manner from Gundicha temple to Ratha Yatra.
and chanting of prayers by the main temple like Rath Yatra.

The pushing and shoving
to seat Lord Jagannath on
his chariot continues for
hours. The god it seems is
testing the perseverance of



Chandrayaan 2

India’s Second Lunar Mission
to Lunar South Pole

With the successful launch of the Chandrayaan
2, it is not surprising that the Indian Space

Research Organisation has initiated something
that hasn’t been done by any of the
countries before.

The first lunar mission with the was conducted in 2008, the scientists

26 Chandrayaan – 1, which was a success are working to conduct and complete
too, the Indian space researchers are all this entire mission in 3 phases – the

set to explore the Lunar south pole for Chandrayaan 1, Chandrayaan 2 and

better pictures and evidences for possible finally, the Chandrayaan 3.

breakthrough in the future findings and

explorations. The final mission is believed to be

conducted in 2024 but hasn’t been

The Chandrayaan – 2 consists of three decided upon the tentative date or month

distinct parts in it – the orbiter, the rover yet.

named as Pragyan and finally, the lander, Comparing Chandrayaan 1 vs.
Chandrayaan 2

The spacecraft finally took off from The Chandrayaan 1 was the first
launching pad in Sriharikota on July successful lunar mission conducted by
22nd, 2019 and is all set to land on the the Indian Space Research Organisation
moon on September 07th, 2019. The in October 2008. The functionality of
space scientists have designated stating the parts of the spaceship was there
that while the mission life of the Orbiter till the end of August 2009. Unlike the
is around 1 year, that of the orbiter and second installment, the first mission’s
the lander will be one Lunar day which is components included an orbiter as well
equivalent to 14 Earth days. as an impactor.

While the first lunar mission by ISRO




The Chandrayaan spaceship
was launched with the aid of
PSLV – XL rocket from the
infamous Satish Dhawan
Space Centre located in

The Chandrayaan 2, on the lander as well as the rover trap craters in there along
other hand, was recently in one of the high plain with a similar fossil record
launched into the space on which is nestled between much like that of the early
its mission towards the lunar the two craters of Manzinus Solar system.
expedition on July 22nd, 2019 C and Simpelius N.
with the GSLV – Mk III rocket. What are the final
As mentioned before, it has The reason why the objectives of the
three components – the lunar expedition to the Lunar Chandrayaan 2?
orbiter, the lander and finally, south pole is so interesting
the rover. The main objective is mainly because of the With such huge
behind this specific launch is to fact that it does have achievements and success
gauge the possible availability the possibility of water rates, it is believed that the
as well as the primal location of presence there because of objectives and goals behind
possible water traces on moon. the shadowed areas there. the Chandrayaan 2 are going
Additionally, this region is to be a huge success as well.
28 also believed to have cold
With the Chandrayaan 2,
the scientists are expecting
to promote a soft landing of
the lander, Vikram on the
lunar surface and then finally
deploy their rover, Pragyaan
to further conduct the scientific
experiments to achieve their
goals and objectives.

The Chandrayaan 1 weighed
1380 kg during life off while the
Chandrayaan 2 weighs almost
triple of that with 3850 kg.

Landing Site of the
Chandrayaan 2

When it comes to explaining
the landing site of the
Chandrayaan 2, the scientists
are expecting to make an
attempt in launching both the


Some of the important objectives then delayed because of some technical
behind this specific launch include: issues concerning the pressure on the
helium tanks aboard the rocket
-->1st space mission or lunar mission to
-->The orbiter is expected to conduct
attempt a soft landing on the Lunar south
region remote sensing observations from around
100 km orbit. The rover and the lander, on
-->1st Indian lunar expedition to make the other hand, will be conducting in-situ
observations around.
such an attempt with complete domestic
components -->The main objective of this mission is

· 4th country to land on the lunar to measure the “quantitative estimations of
expedition following USA, Russia as well as water ice in the lunar polar regions.”
-->The dual frequency radio science is
--> Find better and possible water
also expected to conducted salient study
sources on Moon on the temporal evolution present in the
electron density located in the Lunar
Facts about Chandrayaan 2 ionosphere.

With the basics out of the ways about the -->This space mission is just the
India’s second lunar mission, it is time that
you know a bit of a trivia surrounding the precurson of the highly ambitious
launch of this spaceship. Gangayaan project in which the scientists
from ISRO are attempting to place three
-->The Chandrayaan 2 was first set to Indian astronauts in space by the year of
be launched on July 15th, 2019 which was


4 Cute Short Stories For Kids

Let Your Kids Learn And Have Fun!

When you tell your kids a mixture of stories, they would
bounce off the walls with the enthusiasm to discover
more in what’s the suspense of the story Here are fun

and moral oriented stories for your kids that has a good
take away, your kids are not going to get off their chair
30 until they listen to you till the end. Take a look at some
of the interesting stories to make your kids have all their

ears on what you say!


The Story Of Thumbelina struggles she ends up marrying a man who
makes her the queen of flowers.
This is a lovely story for all the little girls! A
girl as tiny as a thumb who blossoms out Moral of the story: After ever struggle there
of grain and finally becomes the queen of is a success story. We should never give up
flowers in the end! with difficult situations in life if we have faith
in ourselves as Thumbelina had and then
Thumbelina was a little girl who was as small God helps us through difficulties by sending
as that of a thumb, she was born to a lady sources like the butterfly and minnows to help
who had a strong desire to have a baby girl. us overcome any difficulty.
Before Thumbelina’s birth, her mother always
prayed for a baby girl, she once pleaded The Beautiful Broken Horse
from a witch to bless her with a baby girl and
the witch granted her wish by asking her A story of a little girl who is upset about her
to grow grain in order to have a baby girl. broken wooden horses!
Thumbelina’s mother does not believe the
witch and she follows her instructions and There was a little girl named Tina, she was
someday really finds Thumbelina in a bud. 6 years old and she went on a vacation to a
She is the happiest lady. resort with her elder brother and her parents.
Tina was happy because she had two close
Thumbelina had a happy and rosy life she friends and a pet as well who went along
was surrounded by flowers and lived around with her for the vacation so that she had their
the petals. Her bed was a walnut seed, her company throughout and did not feel alone.
blanket was petals of roses and her bed was Who was that pet? The pets were beautiful
made of beautiful tulip flowers. Thumbelinas wooden horses that were gifted to her by her
mother gives her a good and happy life. uncle when she was two years old.

Thumbelina goes through too many struggles. While Tina is on her vacation she is
She is captured by frogs and beetles but the extremely happy and excited playing with her
minnows and butterflies help her through horses and her parents are finally packing
this struggle. In the end, after going through up things and taking her home. When Tina
packs her bags she sees that one of her little
horse loses his legs and is found broken. She
feels miserable and unhappy, she does not
talk to anyone nor does she eat, she sits sad


STORY FOR KIDS sudden while doing his job
he realizes that he forgot his
in a corner and everyone tries name, he goes about finding
consoling her. out what is his name.

Her brother walks up to her He first goes to an old lady
and explains to her that it is named Pedarashi Pedamma
okay if the legs broke as the who is meditating and asks her
horse is not real and it would for his name, she tells him that
not make a big deal because she does not know his name
the neck or head did not break. and that he should go to her
He tries to explain to her not son and ask him for the name.
to feel disheartened. Tina then
asks her brother if he would Here on the fly asks her son,
have been her age and lost his the son says to ask my ax,
favorite toy, wouldn’t he be sad he asks the axe, the ax says
and upset about it? Her brother to ask the tree, he asks the
then leaves her alone and goes tree, the tree says ask the
away. birds on the tree, he goes to

Moral of the story: A person
who loses what is most valuable
to him/her feels the pinch.
32 Maybe what is not valuable
to use might be valuable to
someone else. Thus, we should
understand everyone’s pain and
not think of it as big or small,
only the one who feels it knows
what it is.

The Fly That Forgot
Its Name

This story is about a fly
who forgets his name while
spreading dung on the floor. He
goes about asking his name
to everyone around. What do
you think? Will he find out his

Once upon a time, there lived
a fly who was busy spreading
dung on the floor. All of a


a market that’s in the way to
the beach.

The cat goes a little more
forward and she meets a
bear who asks for help,
she is afraid if she refused
and what if the bear would
attack her, she lets him in
by offering to help. While
they are traveling in between
she stops the car because
it gets spoilt, she tries to
repair it but fails to do so, she
then finds a monkey who is
eating bananas on the tree,
the monkey asks her to wait
until he finishes eating the

the birds, the birds say ask the Now the baby horse finally The monkey is done eating
lake, he goes to the lake and tells the fly that your name is the bananas and he fixes
the lake says to ask the fishes -” fffffffffff” The fly understand the car for her asking her
in the water, the fly goes to the that his name is fly and he if he could tag along. The
fishes and asks the fishes, the flies back home. monkey, bear, and cat finally
fishes say ask the little boy who reach the beach, they play
catches me, the fly goes to the The Helpful Cat in the water and eat yummy
little boy and the little boy says And Her Day Out food, they become friends
to ask the horse, the fly goes to In The Red Car and enjoy the entire day.
the horse and the horse says
to ask the baby horse n my This story is about how a Moral of the story: It is good
stomach. cat plans to go to the beach to help people because
in her red car and how she only if you help will you get
finds a sheep, bear, and help some day. Be good
monkey on her way, what and friendly with all. Treat
does she finally do? everyone equally.

Once upon a time a cat is
bored and plans to go on a
solo trip in her red car. She
takes her car out and is on
her way to the beach. While
she is on her way she meets
a sheep who asks for help
and she drops the sheep to





There are so many good number of health
benefits of apple cinder vinegar. It’s filled
with raw enzymes and beneficial bacteria from
the fermentation process and it has amazing

effects on health.

Apple cinder vinegar is in list of natural which further ferment the alcohol and
34 healthy community. It has “N” number of turn it into acetic acid.

benefits that has supported by science. The major compound is the level of
vinegar. Apple cinder vinegar contain
Well at the end of the article you will you three calories per tablespoon which is
come up to know the amazing benefits comparatively very low. Apple cinder
of apple cider vinegar on health. vinegar is rich in small amount of
potassium. It is too rich in amino acid
BENEFITS OF APPLE CIDER and antioxidants.
2. It kills many type of
Here are few benefits of apple cinder harmful bacteria:
vinegar that are being supported by the
scientific research- Apple cinder vinegar kill pathogens,
including bacteria. The apple cinder
1. High in Acetic Acid, With vinegar was used for the cleaning and
Potent Biological Effects; disinfecting right from the old tradition.

The apple cinder vinegar is made in The vinegar for wound cleaning over
two ways. One of the ways is crushed two thousand years ago was used
the apples to yeast which as a result by the father of modern medicine,
ferment the sugar and turn them to Hippocrates. It is also used as a food
alcohol and the other way is that the preservative. Apple cinder vinegar is a
bacteria added to the alcohol solution, natural way to preserve your food.




3. Lowers Blood Sugar Levels
and Fights Diabetes:

One of the powerful benefits of
apple cinder vinegar is that it helps
to get rid of type 2 diabetic in an
individual. The type 2 diabetic refers
to the high level of blood sugar.The
most effective (and healthiest) way
to do that is to avoid refined carbs
and sugar is through apple cinder

The apple cinder vinegar has
numerous benefits on blood sugar
levels such as-

--> IIt improves the insulin increase the satiety and that helps to eat fewer calories
and lead to actual pounds lost on the scale.
sensitivity during a high-carb meal
by 19–34% and significantly lowers As per the studies at about 175 people with obesity
36 blood sugar and insulin responses in howed that daily apple cider vinegar consumption led to
the body. reduced belly fat and weight loss, as study says-

--> It is said that it reduces blood --> 15 mL (1 tablespoon): Lost 2.6 pounds, or 1.2

sugar by 34% after eating 50 grams kilograms.
of white bread.
--> 30 mL (2 tablespoons): Lost 3.7 pounds, or 1.7
--> It is all about just 2 tablespoons
of apple cider vinegar before bedtime
can reduce fasting blood sugar in the It is also said that the apple cinder vinegar is useful for the
morning by 4% as per the science weight loss ,mainly by promoting the satiety that lower the
has proven. blood sugar and insulin level.

--> It can also improve insulin 5. Lowers Cholesterol and Improves Heart
function and lower blood sugar levels
after meals. As we all know that the heart disease is one of the
common disease in today’s world. It is said that the risk
4. Helps You To Lose weight factor can be improved by the consumption of apple
and reduce the belly fat: cinder vinegar.

There are lot of evidence from many
of the studies that it reduce the body
weight. The apple cinder vinegar


8. Get Rid Of Dandruff:

Yeah it is true apple cinder vinegar
plays an important role to get rid
of dandruff. It get rid of persistent
flakes,itchiness, and irritation. The apple
cinder vinegar alter the scalp’s ph which
it makes the harder for the yeast.

When you use the apple cinder vinegar
use it in small amount and make sure
you avoid it in falling in your eyes as it
damage kids due to the presence of the
acidic content.

9. Stop Itchy Bug Bites and

The apple cider vinegar can lower cholesterol and Any kind of the bite such as mosquito
triglyceride levels, along with several other heart bites, poison ivy, or jellyfish stings apple
disease risk factors. It also reduce the level of blood cinder vinegar works a great. The best
pressure in human. The apple cider vinegar lower part bif the apple cinder vinegar is that it
the blood sugar levels, improve insulin sensitivity and helps a lot in itching and irritation of the
help fight diabetes. These factors should also lead to skin.
reduced risk of heart disease.
10. Swap Out Your Deodorant;
6. May Have Protective Effects Against
Cancer: It is believed that the apple cider vinegar
solution act as an neutralize odor that
Cancer is all about the uncontrolled growth cells. It leads to causing armpit bacteria. The
is proved that the apple cinder vinegar can kill the cotton pads, towelettes, or cotton rags
cancer cell and shrink the tumor. The consumption of are lightly spritzed with a very weak
vinegar decreased the esophageal cancer in China solution and swiped onto the armpits.
and increased the bladder cancer in Serbia.
The vinegar smell should dissipate
7. It is rich in antimicrobial properties: as it dries.It’s a good idea to test the
apple cider vinegar solution in a smaller
As we all know that the apple cinder vinegar has the area first and to avoid using it if you’re
antibacterial and anti fungal properties. The apple wearing delicate fibers, like silk.
cinder vinegar effective in treating Candida albicans
fungus and Escherichia coli, which can cause severe It’s filled with raw enzymes and
intestinal infections,as well as Staphylococcus aureus. beneficial bacteria from the fermentation
process and it has amazing effects on
health.Apple cinder vinegar is in list of
natural healthy community. I hope this
article has given you a good knowledge
about the benefits of apple cinder



Bamboo Biryani Recipe


Bamboo biryani is an amazing long grained rice cooked to perfection
with authentic spices and your favourite meat inside a bamboo. This
will add a new flavour to your taste. A delectable, inventive biryani
recipe that will indeed connect you with the scent of nature, perfect to

serve with freshly made raita.


Ingredients How To Make:

>> 500 gms chicken First take the chicken into a mixing bowl. Add
whole garam masala spices, salt ,turmeric
>> 2 tbsp salt powder, red chili powder, biryani masala, ginger
>> 1 tsp black pepper garlic paste, coriander powder, fried onions,
half a lemon, yogurt, mint leaves, coriander
powder leaves, oil and mix well. Leave it to marinade
for an hour.
>> 1/2 tsp turmeric powder
>> 1 tsp red chilli powder Marinating the rice:
>> 1 tsp coriander seeds
>> Take raw basmati rice into a
mixing bowl.
>> 1/2 tsp cumin seeds
>> 1 tsp biryani masala >> Add oil, salt, whole garam
>> 2 inch pieces ginger
>> 10 Garlic cloves masala spices, ginger garlic paste,
>> 4 Green chillies turmeric powder, red chili powder,
>> Coriander leaves biryani masala, onions, green chilies,
>> Mint leaves mint leaves and mix well.
>> 1/2 cup curd
>> 2 cups basmati rice >> Keep it aside for an hour.
>> 4 tsp ghee/oil
>> Whole spices Assembling:
>> Saffron water
>> Fried onions >> Clean the bamboo until you find

no dust inside.

>> Grease the inner part with oil.

>> Put 2 spoonful’s of chicken

marinade first and then 4 to 5 spoons
of rice. Repeat the process again.

>> Add 1 ¼ cups of water. Water

runs down to the bottom through the

>> Cover the bamboo with an

aluminum foil



Broccoli and

Almond Soup


>> 800 Ml vegetable stock
>> 700 gms broccoli
40 >> 50 gms ground

almonds (toasted)

>> 250 ml skimmed milk
>> Salt to taste
>> Black pepper

A creamy and light soup with a boost of protein and too great for
a light dinner recipe. This done with the goodness of broccoli and
nuttiness of almonds. It is a power packed soup with nutrients. It
is made with two ingredients that is broccoli and almond . It is an

easy and simple recipe to prepare.


How To Do

Cut the broccoli in to small
florets and steam for about 6 – 8
minutes until tender.

Place the steamed broccoli,
veg. stock, 40 grams of almonds,
skimmed milk in a blender and
process until smooth.

Then after season with salt
and pepper.

Then you can pour the
mixture in a pan and heat gently,

Once it is done serve in
bowls garnished with remaining
toasted almond powder or
almond .





The Complete Profile

Born: June 24, 1979 (age 40) at Cambridge,
42 Massachusetts, United States

Residence: West Hollywood, California
Occupation: Actress, comedian, writer,
producer, director
Children: 1




44 Mindy Kaling was born in
Cambridge, Massachusetts,
From 2005 to 2012, she to father Avu Chokalingam, an
played Kelly Kapoor in the architect, and mother Swati
NBC sitcom The Office. Chokalingam, an obstetrician/
In addition to acting in it, gynecologist (OB/GYN).
she was a writer, executive Kaling’s parents are from
producer, and director. For India, and met while working at
her work on the series, the same hospital in Nigeria.
she received a Primetime Her father, of Tamil heritage,
Emmy Award nomination was overseeing the building
for Outstanding Writing in a of a wing of the hospital, and
Comedy Series in 2010. her mother, a Bengali, was
working as an OB/GYN. The
Kaling gained wider family immigrated to the United
attention for creating, writing, States in 1979, the same year
producing and starring in the Kaling was born. Kaling’s
Fox/Hulu comedy series The mother died of pancreatic
Mindy Project (2012–2017). cancer in 2012. Kaling has one
She was also the co-creator, sibling, a brother, Vijay Jojo
writer, and producer of the Chokal-Ingam, who works as
NBC sitcom Champions an educational consultant.
(2018) and the Hulu
miniseries Four Weddings and a Funeral (2019). Kaling’s Kaling has said she has never
film career includes voice been called Vera, her first
WWW.WISHESH.NET | AUGUST 2019 work in Despicable Me (2010), name, but has been referred to
Wreck It Ralph (2012), and as Mindy since her mother was
Inside Out (2015). She had pregnant with her while her
starring roles in the comedy parents were living in Nigeria.
The Night Before (2015), the They were already planning
fantasy adventure A Wrinkle to move to the United States
in Time, the heist comedy and wanted, Kaling said, a
Ocean’s 8 (both 2018), and the “cute American name” for their
comedy Late Night (2019). daughter, and liked the name
Mindy from the TV show Mork
In addition to her work in film & Mindy. The name Vera is,
and television, Kaling has according to Kaling, the name
written two New York Times of the “incarnation of a Hindu
best-selling memoirs, titled Is goddess.”
Everyone Hanging Out Without
Me? (And Other Concerns) Kaling graduated from
(2011) and Why Not Me? Buckingham Browne &
(2015). Nichols, a private school in
Cambridge, in 1997. The
following year, she entered
Dartmouth College, where

she was a member of the
improvisational comedy troupe
The Dog Day Players and the a
cappella group The Rockapellas,
was the creator of the comic
strip Badly Drawn Girl in The
Dartmouth (the college’s daily
newspaper), and was a writer for
the Dartmouth Jack-O-Lantern
(the college’s humor magazine).

Kaling graduated from Dartmouth
in 2001 with a bachelor’s degree
in playwriting. She was a classics
major for much of college and
studied Latin, a subject she has
been learning since the seventh
grade. Kaling lists the comedy
series Dr. Katz, Saturday Night
Live, Frasier and Cheers as early
influences on her comedy.

Personal Life

Kaling has a close friendship In December 2017, Kaling she uses in her writing.
with B. J. Novak, whom she gave birth to a daughter. She thinks the “everyone
met through writing for The against me mentality” is
Office. The two dated on and On June 10, 2018, she what she learned as a child
off while writing and acting on received the honorary degree of immigrants. She named
the show, sometimes mirroring of Doctor of Humane Letters her Mindy Project character
the on-again, off-again nature from Dartmouth College in Mindy Lahiri after author
of the relationship between their Hanover, New Hampshire. Jhumpa Lahiri.
respective characters Ryan
Howard and Kelly Kapoor. Novak Career After college, Kaling moved
is the godfather of Kaling’s to Brooklyn, New York.
firstborn daughter. While a 19-year-old Kaling said one of her
sophomore at Dartmouth, worst job experiences was
In 2012, Kaling was included in Kaling was an intern on Late as a production assistant
the Time 100 list of influential Night with Conan O’Brien. for three months on the
people. In 2014, she was named Kaling said she was a terrible Crossing Over With John
one of Glamour magazine’s intern, “less of a ‘make copies’ Edward psychic show. She
Women of the Year. intern and more of a ‘stalk described it as “depressing.”
Conan’ intern.”[18] Kaling has During this same time,
Kaling is a 1 percent owner said that she never saw a Kaling performed stand-up
of the Welsh football team family like hers on TV, which comedy.
Swansea City A.F.C. based in gave her a dual perspective
Swansea, Wales in the UK.



Kaling devised her stage Kaling as a writer-performer Television contract included
name after discovering while after reading a spec script she a development deal for a
46 doing stand-up comedy that wrote. new show (eventually titled
emcees would have trouble The Mindy Project), in which
pronouncing her last name, When Kaling joined The Office, she appears as an actress
Chokalingam, and sometimes she was 24 years old and was and contributes as a writer.
made jokes about it. She the only woman on a staff of
toured solo as well as with eight. She took on the role Kaling left the series after
Craig Robinson before he of character Kelly Kapoor, the ninth season episode
was on The Office. debuting in the series’s second “New Guys”. However, she
episode, “Diversity Day.” returned to guest star in the
In August 2002, Kaling final episode of the series.
portrayed Ben Affleck in an Kaling directed The Office
off-Broadway play called Matt webisode The 3rd Floor. She Kaling and her fellow writers
& Ben, which she co-wrote directed the Season 6 episode and producers of The
with her best friend from titled “Body Language,” Office were nominated five
college, Brenda Withers - which marked her television consecutive times for the
who played Matt Damon. directorial debut. Primetime Emmy Award for
Outstanding Comedy Series.
The Office Her contract was set to expire In 2010, she received a
at the end of Season 7. On nomination for Outstanding
In 2004, when The Office September 15, 2011, she Writing in a Comedy Series
producer Greg Daniels was signed a new contract to stay with Daniels for the episode,
working to adapt The Office with the show for Season 8 and “Niagara.”
from the BBC TV series of was promoted to full executive
the same name, he hired producer. Her Universal The Mindy Project


In 2012, Kaling pitched a In 2017, NBC ordered Writing
single-camera comedy to Fox Champions, where Kaling
called The Mindy Project, is a co-creator, writer, and In 2011, Kaling published
which Kaling wrote and producer. She had a recurring a memoir, Is Everyone
produced. Fox began airing the guest role on the show, which Hanging Out Without Me?
series in 2012. premiered Thursday, March (And Other Concerns),
8, 2018 on NBC. It was which appeared on the
Acting cancelled after one season. New York Times best-
seller list. Her second book,
Kaling’s TV appearances In 2018, she played Mrs. Why Not Me?, covers the
include a 2005 episode of Who in A Wrinkle in Time, the many events that have
Curb Your Enthusiasm, playing live-action Disney adaptation happened in her life since
Richard Lewis’s assistant. She of the novel, and starred 2011, and was published on
is featured on the CD Comedy alongside Helena Bonham September 15, 2015. Why
Death-Ray and guest-wrote Carter, Sandra Bullock, Cate Not Me? launched at No.
parts of an episode of Saturday Blanchett, and Rihanna in 1 on the New York Times
Night Live in April 2006. Ocean’s 8, the all-female best-seller list.
version of Ocean’s Eleven.
After her film debut in The
40-Year-Old Virgin with Steve
Carell, Kaling appeared in the
film Unaccompanied Minors
as a waitress. In 2007, she
held a small part in License
to Wed starring fellow The
Office actors John Krasinski,
Angela Kinsey, and Brian
Baumgartner. Kaling starred
in the 2009 film Night at
the Museum: Battle of the
Smithsonian as a Smithsonian
National Air and Space
Museum tour guide and
voiced Taffyta Muttonfudge in
Disney’s animated comedy film
Wreck-It Ralph and Disgust
in Pixar’s 2015 film Inside
Out. In 2011, she played the
role of Shira, a doctor who is
a roommate and colleague
of the main character Emma
(played by Natalie Portman)
in No Strings Attached. Kaling
also made an appearance
as Vanetha in The Five-Year
Engagement in 2012.



Good News for Indian Techies!

48 United States House Passes Bill

Removing Country Cap on Green Cards

The United States lawmakers recently passed a Green Card bill
aimed at lifting the per-country limits on the employment-

based cards that would in the main benefit thousands of high-
skilled Indian IT professionals, for whom the wait for Green
card is more than a decade.

A Green Card allows a person to live and can be given a maximum of seven percent of
work permanently in the United States. such visas.

Titled the Fairness of High-Skilled Immigrants The new Bill seeks to increase this seven
Act, 2019 or HR 1044, the Bill was passed by percent per-country limit to 15 percent.
the 435-member House by an overwhelming Similarly, it also seeks to eliminate the seven
majority of 365-65 votes. As per the present percent per-country cap on employment-
system, out of the total number of family- based immigrant visas. In addition, it removes
based immigrant visas to be given by the U.S. an offset that reduced the number of visas for
in a particular year, the people of a country individuals from China.


The bill also establishes “is serious about merit-based “This bill will help ensure
transition rules for legal immigration, he should those seeking permanent
employment-based visas from help usher this bill into law,” residency don’t have to
FY 2020-22 by reserving a said Congresswoman Zoe wait for extraordinarily long
percentage of EB-2 (workers Lofgren. periods, - projected at 50
with advanced degrees or years or more for people
exceptional ability), EB-3 Bill Hailed by Indian from countries like India and
(skilled and other workers) American Professionals China - simply because of
and EB-5 (investors) visas for their country of origin,” said
individuals from other than The passage of the Bill was FWD. U.S. president Todd
the two countries that get the hailed by Indian professionals Schulte, hailing the passage
largest number of such visas. from across the U.S., of the FHSI Act.
particularly those from the
As per another provision of Silicon Valley in California, FWD.U.S. is an advocacy
the Bill, not more than 85 Seattle area in Washington organization representing top
percent of the unreserved state, the Greater Washington, Silicon Valley firms including
visas, would be allotted D.C. area and the tri-state area Facebook, Google, Microsoft,
to immigrants from any of New York, New Jersey, and and DropBox.
single country. Before it Connecticut.
can be signed into law by “Eliminating ‘per-country’
the U.S. president, the Bill, The Department of Homeland caps for employment-based
however, has to be passed Security, however, has said Green Cards and raising
by the Senate, wherein the it does not support the Bill. caps for family-based
Republicans enjoy a majority. “This bill would do nothing to green cards will make the
move the current employment- system fairer for immigrant
An identical bill sponsored by sponsored system toward a families and strengthen
Senators Kamala Harris and more merit-based system,” the United States’ ability to
Mike Lee is likely to be taken said Joseph S Joh, Assistant recruit and retain top global
up soon. Director and Senior Advisor in talent by establishing a
the Office of Legislative Affairs, fair and predictable path to
The Senate bill S386 Department of Homeland permanent legal status,” he
currently has 34 co-sponsors. Security. Top American IT said.
Congressman John Curtis, companies welcomed the
speaking on the floor of the passage of the bill and urged Hindu American Foundation
House, said the Bill will create the Senate to pass it at the too welcomed the passage
a first-come, first-served earliest. of the Bill. “It is now up to
system providing certainty the Senate to ensure that
to workers and families and “Today the U.S. House passed fairness is delivered to high-
enabling the U.S. companies the legislation to ensure skilled immigrants who have
to flourish and compete in a people from all countries are been stuck in a decades-
global economy as they hire treated alike in the Green long backlog waiting for
the brightest people to create Card process. This promotes their chance to become
products, services, and jobs, a fair high-skilled immigration full-fledged contributors to
irrespective of where they system that’s good for the the American economy.
were born. business and our economy,” The time to act is now,” said
said Microsoft president Brad Jay Kansara of the Hindu
If President Donald Trump Smith. American Foundation.



More Than 2,000 Infosys Employees
Earning More Than Rs:1Crore Abroad
Indian IT firm Infosys has more than 2,200 employees
who works outside India have earned more than Rs 1 crore
in the last fiscal year, a jump of over 500 since FY17, said
an  Economic Times report.



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