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Good health is the most valuable asset to all of us irrespective of our age. We are more than glad to come up with useful information on health, fitness, and knowledge on a few health complications as well. To begin with, we have gathered information on how being deprived of sleep can negatively impact our brain cells and not to forget to mention, if you love being fit then you will know if exercising in the morning is a better option than exercising in the evening. In addition to that, you will get to flip pages through information on a new drug for Alzheimer's, how eating together is known to boost your child’s mental health and if you are particular about losing weight and you lack the motivation, you will find it here. Stay tuned as there is more to read. We aim to keep our readers engaged with all our articles and more than happy to receive your valuable comments and feedback

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HealthSpectra Magazine December 2019

Good health is the most valuable asset to all of us irrespective of our age. We are more than glad to come up with useful information on health, fitness, and knowledge on a few health complications as well. To begin with, we have gathered information on how being deprived of sleep can negatively impact our brain cells and not to forget to mention, if you love being fit then you will know if exercising in the morning is a better option than exercising in the evening. In addition to that, you will get to flip pages through information on a new drug for Alzheimer's, how eating together is known to boost your child’s mental health and if you are particular about losing weight and you lack the motivation, you will find it here. Stay tuned as there is more to read. We aim to keep our readers engaged with all our articles and more than happy to receive your valuable comments and feedback

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Good health is the most valuable asset to all of
us irrespective of our age. We are more than HONORARY REVIEWER
glad to come up with useful information on Shruthi Byra
health, fitness, and knowledge on a few health
complications as well. To begin with, we have DIGITAL DESIGNER
gathered information on how being deprived of Sidhu
sleep can negatively impact our brain cells and
not to forget to mention, if you love being fit COORDINATORS
then you will know if exercising in the morning Manikanta
is a better option than exercising in the evening.
In addition to that, you will get to flip pages Somapika, Neha, Ramya
through information on a new drug for
Alzheimer’s, how eating together is known to TO CONTRIBUTE / AD-
boost your child’s mental health and if you are VERTISE / BACK ISSUES &
particular about losing weight and you lack the
motivation, you will find it here. Stay tuned as ENQUIRIES,
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06 HEALTH 10

8 Tips To Increase Water


5 Scrubs For Glowing Skin -
Create The Radiance!

7 Health Benefits Of
Orgasms For Women


Motivational Tips And

Tricks For Weight Loss!


Lack Of Sleep Leads To Mental



5 Psychological Effects Of
Diabetes - Strengthen The


Exercising In The Morning
Vs Exercising In The

6 Best Ways To Overcome

14 Frustration
6 Best Ways To Overcome Frustration



Everything You Need To Know
About Naturopathy

Biogen’s Alzheimers Drug
‘Aducanumab’ In Process To Get
Approval By FDA

Happier Single Vs Happier
Committed Astrological Views!

10 Ways To Naturally
Improve Sperm Count

Wheat Spaghetti With Basil
Lemon And Salmon

Matchyasana Benefits, Steps &

Families Eating Together Boosts Child’s Health,
Studies Suggest!

14 Amazing Ways To Relieve Your Daily Stress

Somatic Symptom
Disorder Causes, Signs,
And Symptoms!






Do you even realize how beneficial it is to keep yourself
hydrated? You must not take it easy, yes, we are all busy
and we will have countless excuses for not being able
to do a basic task like drink water.

That being said, have you ever bothered to check upon yourself on the amount of
water you drink every day? Most of us don’t and when we start doing, we will see an
improvement in our hair, skin and the way the body starts to feel.

Are you going to vow to start drinking enough water from today? Quickly do it! Here
are tips on how to monitor your water intake as well as religiously follow the oath you
just took of increasing your water intake

NO 1 - MONITOR understand if you have had The minute you step out, you
HOW MUCH WATER less water and how much might not even remember
more you need for the day. your goal and if your
YOU DRINK memory is bad then you will
The best way to monitor it not drink water the entire
is to either write it down or day and start to feel sick, has
remember it in your mind. it happened with your ever?

NO 2 - KEEP A To solve these small concerns
WATER BOTTLE it will be a great practice if
you can keep a small water
HANDY bottle in your bag.

How will you improve unless This helps you stay hydrated
you don’t keep a close eye and at the same time, there
on our activities? The same is no chance of forgetting to
is with getting yourself used sip water as you will open
to drinking sufficient water. your bag a couple of times.

It is you who has to check up In times when you are at NO 3 - GET
on the amount of water you home and you need to drink HYDRATED
drink, no one else can do it enough water it is not tough THROUGH YOUR
for you. to keep a track as well as sip
down water, right? DIET
Monitoring the amount of
water you drink will help you


tea in this context means the right before you eat your
tea that is made of herbs and meals, this might not be a
you need to add more water definite solution.
to make them.
However, it is one way of
If you are good at taking care Having said, if you are not able reminding you that you
of your health, which means to keep up with monitoring need to sip on some water.
if you eat foods that have your water intake and you Additionally, this is one of
high water content then even end up feeling dehydrated, the most helpful tips to lose
if you miss drinking enough why don’t you try this knack weight as well.
water, your body will grab all of drinking good herbal tea.
of the water from the food. When you drink water right
Indirectly you are adding before you eat your meal,
If you are careless about not water to your body and this helps in keeping your
eating foods that have good making the most of the appetite good which means
water content, you are sure properties in the herbal tea. you will not want to eat junk
to suffer dehydration. because of sufficient water
Besides, herbal teas will and food in your body.
Thus, get used to eating boost your immunity and you
will be successful in giving NO 6 - MAKE YOUR
foods such as tomatoes, your body enough water as WATER ROUTINE
well as find your way to stay INTERESTING
watermelons, and away from caffeine.
At times drinking water in
cucumbers to fill your body If these teas can chalk out a the same bottle and that
bad habit from your routine, same taste might make you
with enough necessary isn’t it a great idea to include lose interest in drinking
herbal teas? These teas also water. What if you are
water. help you relax mentally. given a choice to pick up an
interesting water drink? Has
Besides, the other nutrients NO 5 - SIP WATER that left you wondering?
in these vegetables will help BEFORE YOU EAT
your body stay healthier.


There is nothing like good tea Yet another small tip of Well, ever heard of infused
or bad tea, however, good increasing your daily water water? If you think you
intake is by drinking water cannot keep up with the


usual routine of drinking makes a difference. Perhaps Here is why you should drink
water then simply switch this might motivate you to water!
over to adding lemon, mint drink enough water. Try and
leaves, ginger and a few see how it works! 1. It cleanses all the
pieces of apple in your water. toxins from your body
This adds a different taste DRINKING SODA 2. Your bowel
to water and you might just
fall in love with it and its so movement and
obvious that you will start to
drink water more than you digestion improves
generally do, isn’t that good
progress for you? 3. Your skin looks fresh
and starts to glow

Just one point to keep in 4. It is a good remedy
mind if you are taking infused to lose weight
water. Avoid drinking it in
the winter season, you could 5. It helps the kidneys
catch a cold. The best time to function better
drink infused water is in the
summer season. There are times when the FINAL WORD
scorching heat hints you to
NO 7 - ADD ICE TO have soda instead of water. GET ENOUGH WATER
YOUR WATER Don’t get tempted, soda is AND STAY HYDRATED AT
not a healthy way to hydrate ALL TIMES. MAKE SURE
your body. To satisfy your TO DRINK 2 LITERS AND
taste buds, drinking it at THAT’S BASIC
times is okay.

What you should know is
that it has sugars and it is
a carbonated drink that is
not healthy for your body.
Thus, do your best and avoid
drinking it when you are

Ice in the water has an How much water should you
amazing way of filling our drink?
thirst, right? Having said, it is
not safe to have water with To stay hydrated and be
ice cubes at all times. healthy it is important for
you to drink 2 liters water
Just like infused water makes every day.
your water interesting, ice
will do the same. Although Health Benefits Of Drinking
the taste of water doesn’t Water
drastically change, it still



The Radiance!


Every woman dreams of having glowing skin
and when a woman has that charm in her face

it makes her feel good about herself.

It is essential to be on point with your skin if you want to be well-groomed, your face is what
you are known by and all the pampering and care can happen only from your end.

Given the pollution, changes in weather and lack of skincare, it is natural for your skin to miss
out on its charm and cleanliness.

A good exfoliating scrub can help reverse problems such as clogged pores, excessive sebum,
and dead skin cells. Here are a few body scrubs you should be aware of, these scrubs can

pump up your skin’s complexion. Take a look!

1. Coffee And Sugar Body No 2 - Stir this mixture well
No 3 - Use your fingers and apply this
scrub on your skin

No 4 - Scrub it for about 8-10 minutes.
Be gentle and you can use an
exfoliating brush if you wish to.

No 5 - Leave it on your face for 15

WHY? No 6 - Wash your face with lukewarm
Coffee is filled with nutrients and
antioxidants that are needed for healthy HOW OFTEN TO USE
skin. You can use this scrub two times a week.


No 1 - In a bowl take 2 tsp sugar, 2
tsp coffee, 1 tsp olive oil, and 1 tsp
Vitamin-E oil


BEAUTY 3. Coconut Oil Body
2. Sea Salts Body Scrub


In salt, there is enough magnesium and Coconut oil has lovely moisturizing as well
calcium. These nutrients essentially work as cleansing properties that does good to
as healers and clear the toxins as well as your skin.
infection on your skin.
No 1 - In a bowl, take 1/2 a cup coconut
No 1 - In a bowl take 2 tsp sea salt, oil.
1 tsp olive oil and 5-6 drops any
essential oil No 2 - Use your fingers and apply this
oil on your skin.
No 2 - Stir this mixture well
No 3 - Massage it for a minute or two.
No 3 - Use your fingers and apply this
scrub on your skin No 4 - Leave it on your skin overnight.

No 4 - Scrub it for about 8-10 minutes. No 5 - Wash your face with lukewarm
Be gentle and you can use an water the next morning.
exfoliating brush if you wish to.
No 5 - Leave it on your face for 15
minutes. You can use this scrub every alternate day.

No 6 - Wash your face with lukewarm

You can use this scrub two times a week.


4. Olive Oil, Peppermint, 5. Oatmeal Body Scrub
And Sugar Scrub


WHY? Oatmeal has antioxidant and anti-
inflammatory properties that work as a
Sugar is a natural humectant that improves medicine to clear all the impurities on your
the moisture in your skin, which further skin.
helps in adding radiance. Olive and
peppermint oil have properties to keep the METHOD TO APPLY
infection away from your skin.
No 1 - In a bowl take 2 tsp oatmeal
METHOD TO APPLY and 5-6 drops milk. Let this mixture
boil well and then allow it to cool
No 1 - In a bowl, take 2 tbsp peppermint down.
oil, 2 tsp sugar, and 2 tsp olive oil.
No 2 - Stir this mixture well

No 2 - Stir this mixture well No 3 - Use your fingers and apply this
scrub on your skin
No 3 - Use your fingers and apply this
scrub on your skin No 4 - Scrub it for about 8-10 minutes.
Be gentle and you can use an
No 4 - Scrub it for about 8-10 minutes. exfoliating brush if you wish to.
Be gentle and you can use an
exfoliating brush if you wish to. No 5 - Leave it on your face for 15
No 5 - Leave it on your face for 15
minutes. No 6 - Wash your face with lukewarm
No 6 - Wash your face with lukewarm

HOW OFTEN TO USE You can use this scrub two times a week.

You can use this body scrub two times a WWW.HEALTHSPECTRA.COM | NOVEMBER 2019


O7rHgeaaslmths FBoerneWfiotms eOnf

Orgasm is a natural process of experiencing ultimate pleasure
in your body. Besides the pleasure aspect, orgasms help with

building and making your health.


How Is Orgasm In Women?

You can either There are certain things that happen internally when you
experience an experience an orgasm. Here is what you should know about an
orgasm with the orgasm in women
touch of a man
or on your own No 1 - There is a contraction in your genital muscles and your
by masturbating. heart starts to beat fast.

As per No 2 - While your body is feeling nice, your mind releases
Healthline, Dr. oxytocin and dopamine which in turn makes you happy.

Jess O’Reilly No 3 - You feel tingles and numbness.
No 4 - A few women feel like crying while experiencing an
“Even a universal orgasm.
definition for
No 5 - A few women experience numbness and contraction in
orgasm can’t be the lower body.
agreed upon, as
No 6 - A few women feel exhilarated during an orgasm.
our subjective
experiences don’t Benefits Of Having An Orgasm

always align Take a look at the interesting health benefits of having an
with scientific orgasm!
describe orgasm,
the responses vary ou are stressed and want a means to feel relieved, you should
try having an orgasm as it is known to stimulate oxytocin which
wildly.” in turn helps in making you feel relaxed.

As per one of the studies done in 2000, a report stated that
39% of women between 23 and 90 masturbate in order to feel
relieved from stress and luckily it worked for them.

How does this happen? Blood flows through from the
hypothalamus because your nerve cells are released after the
hormone oxytocin is produced.



No 2 - HELPS YOU HAVE A NORMAL that women who masturbate are quite
MENSTRUAL CYCLE resistant to pain. This can be linked to
the fact that oxytocin and endorphins are
It has been observed that women who released and this helps to improve your
experience an orgasm and have intercourse mood and to make you feel stronger from
one time a week are less likely to have within.
concerns with their menstrual cycle.
For instance, it cures problems such as
Having said, experiencing an orgasm migraine, helps withstand pain during
improves blood circulation in the pelvic childbirth and helps you get mentally
cavity, the organs in your pelvic region get stronger.
enough nutrients and there is a healthy
growth of tissues, these are all good signs No 6 - KEEPS YOUR SKIN HEALTHY
to have a smooth menstrual cycle.
Interestingly, having an orgasm can help
No 3 - IMPROVES FERTILITY with improving the quality of your skin. If
you feel your skin needs to get better then
An orgasm can improve fertility in your prepare yourself to experience an orgasm.
body. While you experience an orgasm,
your reproductive hormones are released How does it happen, when you have an
and this helps in releasing cervical fluid. orgasm, the stress hormone cortisol is
Apart from this, your body temperature in control and the fact that it is in control
and emotions also get better. boosts the blood circulation in your
body. Better blood circulation leads to
No 4 - YOU DON’T HAVE TO STRUGGLE TO improvement in the collagen levels in your
SLEEP skin.

If you are experiencing difficulty in falling No 7 - HELPS YOU LIVE HEALTHY AND
asleep you should know that having an LONGER
orgasm can solve your problem. You will
no more feel insomniac. It has been studied that women who have
experienced an orgasm and have all their
It has been studied that women who sexual desires fulfilled are likely to live
experienced orgasm slept quicker. The longer when compared to the women who
reason this happens is that your body haven’t experienced an orgasm or had sex.
releases neurochemicals and endorphins
that help with improving your sleep pattern. There was a study done on this and the
final report states that women who have
No 5 - HELPS YOU RESIST PAIN sex two times a week are healthier and they
live longer without facing the difficulty of
If you think you are weak and you cannot struggling through heart diseases, cancers
resist pain easily, you should prepare your or immunity problems.
body to have an orgasm as it will help you
tolerate mental and physical pain. ALL IN ALL, EVERY WOMAN SHOULD
There have been studies done and proved HEALTHY!


activek dstime

ActivekidsTime is all about finding the right
activity camps for your children.

WWW.ACTIVEKIDSTIME.COM activityFind The Perfect

For Your Child.

Performing Arts
After School Care
Birthday Parties
Summer Camps
Creative Arts

and more ...

Powered By :

Navigate the Camp Universe

17 /ActiveKidsTime WWW.HEALTHSPECTRA.COM |/CNaOmVpEMNBaEvRig2a01to9 r


Motivational Tips
And Tricks For

Weight Loss!

Weight loss is a 18
matter of concern
when you have to
drag yourself to
follow a strict diet,
workout vigorously
and avoid eating food
you love the most.


For a few people working on
weight loss is a punishment
and why punish yourself if
you feel that way? You need
to make up your mind in
the first place and then pick
up smart tricks that could
probably help you lose

Stop getting worried about
your weight, you are amazing
the way you are. You just
need to work around it and
you can do so by following
a few motivating tips to be
positive about losing weight
and understand a few tricks
that will help you attain your
goal faster.



8 Motivating Tips For Weight Loss

This kind of motivation is a perfect kick-start of your
weight-loss journey. No doubt these tips should help

you to an extent!

Tip No 1 - Don’t part.
Push Yourself
Right now, working out or making a plan
Too Much must be too much to take but pen down
the good things about losing weight.
Try to stay focused on losing weight.
However, not to the extent that you just l Write about the clothes you can wear after
stop being motivated and feel like bursting losing weight
out from the pressure you put on yourself
about weight loss. l Write about the difference it will make to
your health
What better to do?
l Write about the things you can do after
You just need to stay focused on losing losing weight which you can’t do because
weight and start doing everything that of being obese
could possibly help you. However, never
take it too much into your head, stay to a Besides, make a feasible plan in the
few goals and you can cheat at times too. It beginning and this penning down is
is totally okay! motivation in itself.

Tip No 2 - Pen Tip No 3 - Keep
Down Good Aside Clothes
Things About That Make You
Losing Weight Feel Unhappy

The basis for being naturally drawn to You need to do a thorough check of the
implementing something, it is important clothes you have in your wardrobe and
that we look at the bright side of the result remove all the clothes that make you feel
instead of always focusing on the struggle you are fat.

Probably you can keep them aside and


challenge yourself to wear them once you independent of each other.
get all slim and trim. Works?
Tip No 5 - Love
This way, you don’t have to wear tight Your Effort
clothes and feel sad about being healthy
and on the other hand, your clothes will You have to be nice to yourself! Be proud
remind you about your goal. and happy for being able to work on
weight loss goals. Well! It is certainly a big
Tip No 4 - Don’t achievement and you should love yourself
Stop Doing for being on point in making all efforts to
lose weight.
What You Love
Tip No 6 -
Since you make up your mind to lose Surround
weight, it is a great aim in itself and you Yourself With
don’t have to do other extra sacrifices like Motivation
waiting to lose weight and only then going
on a vacation or eating your favorite desert
once in a week only after losing weight.

Work on your goal of weight loss and don’t Although you make the best effort to lose
stop doing what you love doing. Keep weight, you still need the added motivation
your goals and other areas of interest and you will get it by surrounding yourself



with motivation. have to track your progress.

For instance, have a collection of your l If you didin’t reach your goal on Day 1, it is
pictures before you started working out alright, reach it on Day 2.
and the recent ones, watch videos of
people who went through the juncture you l If you are unable to catch up with a
are at and you will have to keep doing the workout, all you have to do is keep trying
motivation self-talk for yourself. to do it better. Don’t tax yourself! At some
point you will learn it!
Tip No 7 - Stay
Emotionally Motivating
Here are smart and
It is not that you will get emotionally weak. interesting weight loss
But, its always good to be prepared that tricks!
you might feel emotionally weak at times.
No 1 - Keep
You will come to a stage of telling yourself Cleaning
that ‘why do I have to do all of this’ or
anyone criticizing you can put you off. If you love cleaning then you will find this
to be a interesting trick to achieving your
Come what may, feel bad and then snap weight loss goal.
out from all the putting off thoughts
because your emotions cannot let you get Find a way to scrub tiles at your home
weak. Yes? atleast three times a week, by keeping your
hands busy with scrubbing you will be able
Tip No 8 - Stop to lose a few calories.
Being Conscious
No 2 - Have A
It is obvious that when you are taking the
extra effort to work on your weight you
are likely to get conscious. This is what the
challenge is, you will get circumstances
that will make you feel conscious, on the
verge of giving up or demotivated.

Rise above it and stop being conscious!
Here is what you need to know

l Stop checking your weight on the weighing
machine too often. Check it only when you


Meal With Your watch TV while eating. Avoid doing this,
Mirror focus on what you eat and it’s then that
you will know if you are eating in right
Technically, you won’t be eating food with quantities or not.
your mirror. However, the mirror will help
you self-reflect and remind you of how No 5 - Brushing
much you have lost or for that matter it Your Teeth
will tap your inner-conscience and tell it to Helps
work on your weight better.
You must be surprised about how can
Interestingly, there has been a study brushing help you lose weight, right?
around this subject and one third of the Psycologically it does help!
people in this experiment could lose weight
by eating in front of the mirror! When you brush your teeth
at night you wouldn’t feel
No 3 - Commit like eating anything else
To Your Stairs after the mint taste in your
mouth. Having said, this
For Good trick works in reality.

Climbing and getting off your steps will
help you burn calories efficiently. You can
practice two tricks on your stairs that will
help you lose weight.

No 1 - Avoid using the lift

No 2 - Climb your stairs and get down 4-5
times a day

This will help you lose weight quick!

No 4 -
When You Have

Your Meal

Most of us like to look into our phone or



Lack Of Sleep

MentalLeSaldusgTgo ishness

What we take
for granted
and think
it is a small issue
is something that
ends up ruining our
health. That being
said, taking sleep
as an example,
you may think
that sleeping less
is okay at times.
That’s where you
are going wrong,
for now, it may
not disturb you,
but, in the long
run, you should
be aware that you
could suffer from
hypertension, heart
diseases, and type-
2 diabetes, anxiety,
and depression
if you don’t sleep


In the US, every second person is either out if being sleep deprived could really disturb
going through some form of a sleep one’s brain activity and the conclusion was
disorder. There are a million people who that the neurons fail to transfer information
find it a struggle to go to sleep. Even if it is to the brain and it lacks the ability to transfer
not for being busy with work or addiction to what it sees into thoughts. Besides, it takes
electronic disease, the stress in some form longer for the brain to understand what a
is depriving people of sleep. person is watching.

As per the findings of a study, one in three In this experiment, they even found that a
people is suffering from major sleep issues. few regions in the brain didn’t respond well.
Besides, health issues, not getting enough
sleep leads to cognitive lapses and memory Details
loss. about the
Why do you
think it There was an experiment conducted on 12
happens? epilepsy patients. An electrode was drilled
into their skull. The purpose of doing this
A neurosurgeon from the UCLA and Tel was to be able to find out the source from
Aviv University has studied the neural where the seizures entered and they had
underpinnings to understand the root cause thoughts to correct the issue.
of how sleep deprivation is deteriorating
and causes mental sluggishness. One of the ways a seizure gets triggered is
through lack of sleep and patients stayed up
The biggest reason for the malfunction in all night to make it possible.
your brain due to lack of sleep is the fact
that your neurons are impacted. While this experiment was being conducted,
the researchers gave the patients a task of
One such problem that indicates your brain remembering. The electrodes that were put
is under immense stress is the fact that in affected the neurons of all these patients.
you would have been in a situation where
you would have forgotten to take your keys The focus was driven upon the area of the
before walking out of your home when you brain that is responsible for memory and
know you have to drive to work. absorbing sensory information. This process
included the brain’s capacity to absorb
Your brain cells miss out on communicating visuals too.
with each other because all the neurons are
affected. Repeatedly, this activity was carried out on
24 occasions. Over time, the patients started
There was an experiment conducted to find to get drowsier and their neural activity had



taken a toll affecting the other parts of the
brain and their efficiency in recognizing
pictures went down.

Further, it was even studied that medical
students who stay awake for long and
don’t catch up on their sleep are likely to
experience mental sluggishness.

The National Institute of Neurological
Disorders and Stroke, the National Institute
of Mental Health, the Human Frontier
Science Program Organization, the Israel
Science Foundation, the Marie Curie Career
Integration Grant, the Adelis Foundation
and the French Operations Research and
Decision Support Society, contributed and
supported this experiment.

Ways To
Beat Sleep

Here are simple things one must do to
overcome sleep deprivation. Take a look!

No 1 - It is important for an individual
to get tired during the whole day and
that can happen the best when a
person is busy with physical activity.
Thus, hitting the gym, going for a brisk
walk or taking up a sport will help.

No 2 - It is a good practice to dim the
lights and keep away from electronic
devices right before hitting the bed.
This is why a person can tune oneself
to fall asleep without too many

No 3 - Meditating is not everyone’s cup
of tea, it is necessary to experience
a few minutes of silence and sit to


yourself for at least ten minutes to
allow your brain to relax and feel good.
This ten minutes relaxation comes to
use when a person wants to sleep.

No 4 - Reading a book before going to
sleep is a fantastic way of making your
eyes tired to fall asleep.

No 5 - Sometimes we are just not
comfortable which is why we cannot
sleep well. Try and change the
direction to sleep and ensure to wear
comfortable clothes right before you
go to bed. The lesser you wear tight
clothes, the better for you.

No 6 - Tracking the amount of time
you sleep is essential. This will help
you improve your sleeping habits. You
will know if you are sleeping enough or
not. It is worth doing it for the sake of
your health.

No 7 - Make it a habit to sleep at a time
you decide on. Say suppose, you have
decided to sleep at 10.00 pm every
night, then stick to it.

Final Word

Sleep deprivation is bad as it can weaken your
neurons and cause mental sluggishness.
Why trouble disturb or trouble the activity
that happens in between your brain cells?
Ensure to get enough rest and sleep no
matter how busy you are.

For any reason, if you haven’t been able to
sleep well all night or for a couple of nights,
it is necessary that you compensate for all
the sleep you lost. It is necessary to take
care of before it becomes a major issue.





Effects Of


- Strengthen

The Mind!

It takes a while for one to mentally accept that they are
suffering from a disease. Have you seen it with any of

your close ones or suffering a disease yourself?


mental disease.

Given the fact that it is complicated, it is not
easy for all victims to accept this disease
easily. That being said, diabetes can take
a toll on your mind as well and there are
organizations that pay attention to diabetes
and mental health.

In the first place, a person having diabetes
needs to understand that they need
to accept the fact and only when the
acceptance comes will the responsibility
to take care of oneself come, it means the
victim to diabetes must be responsible
enough to take care of himself or herself.

No doubt it can be quite disturbing to one’s
mind. But, one has to deal with it.

Psychological Effects Of Diabetes

Here is what you need to know!

Diabetes does exert you physically and it is No 1 - Disturbs
not as easy as a common cold or cough that Quality Of Life
will vanish in a day or two, its effects can
either reduce or get intense. The thought Diabetes is physical exertion and when you
of suffering the disease is in itself a bigger don’t feel physically fine, chances are that it
can impact your overall well-being and this
means even your relationships are affected.

For example, a diabetic patient would
have been used to a routine where there
wasn’t any restriction on eating or their
lifestyle. All of a sudden when eating habits
and lifestyle is switched over it makes the
patient unhappy and this affects one’s
relationships as well.

Solution: Acceptance and efforts to deal



with this disease is the only solution to keep negative emotions due to suffering from
not let one’s quality of life get disturbed. diabetes can see it impact his/her blood
glucose levels and this makes it even
No 2 - Patients difficult for the person to control diabetes
Slip Into
Depression People suffering from depression feel
disinterested, lose interest in themselves,
It is natural for a person to get depressed don’t crave to eat healthy food, they find
if the life they used to live has changed and it difficult to go to sleep and they become
targeted their relationships and mental well- pessimists when it comes to their health.
being. Having said, as per a report prepared
by NHS, women who have diabetes are Solution: The person should be surrounded
likely to get into depression. by positive people and resort to exercising
to de-stress themselves.
A person who is unable to control his/her
No 3 - Emotionally


Draining Diabetes comes with a complication of bad
mood swings. How? When the blood sugar
Mental issues seem alike, however, they levels fluctuate it ends up making a person
are all slightly different from the other. irritated and if the patient is constantly
While you have seen that there are chances frustrated then there isn’t a scope for the
for a person to feel depressed because of patient to feel mentally calm.
diabetes, it even puts a person through
emotional stress. These mood-swings can make the person
look mentally unstable and his/her
How do these patients feel emotionally personality begins to change.
drained out? A person suffering from
diabetes is likely to feel worried about blood Final Word
glucose levels, they are internally angry for
getting diabetes and the guilt that they The mental effects of diabetes are
might have been negligent with their health bad mood swings, anxiety, stress, and
makes them feel even more terrible. This is confusion. Across the globe, well-known
how they get emotionally drained out. medical researchers suggest that diabetes
and mental health have to be taken care of
Solution: A patient who feels emotionally simultaneously.
drained out should meet doctors who
specialize in treating diabetes-distress. Although diabetes might seem to be a
Constant therapy sessions will help the physical problem it impacts one’s emotional
patient feel better. and mental well-being. Diabetes UK has
suggested giving enough emotional support
No 4 - Impacts to patients having diabetes and this can be
Social Life one way of reducing healthcare costs.

When a person gets to know of suffering
from a disease and is used to a happening
social life, those thoughts of being unwell
can pull down the interest of the patient to
meet people and socialize.

No 5 - Moods Get



In The


In The


Who doesn’t go through
this confusion of
whether exercising in
the morning is good
or evening? All fitness
conscious people do.

There is a difference of opinion in
what people say about which is the
best. Thus, it is important to weigh
the pros and cons of both and
choose an exercise routine that
suits your body the best.
It isn’t enough to just weight
pros and cons, you must closely
observe your body and see how it
reacts to exercise in the morning vs
exercising in the evening. Observe,
analyze it for a while and then take
a final decision.



To break it down further, if this thought of exercising crossed
your mind whether in dawn or dusk is itself an achievement
towards living a healthy lifestyle.

Given that people are glued to their seats at work and household chores, a lot of them don’t
make time to exercise. This trend can change only when people start to see exercising as a
need more than a choice, in a way if you see it, exercising is a form of healthy living, which
is a luxury.

Think of all the good in being healthy, it is always amazing! That being said, are you regular
with exercising? If yes, then here are the differences between exercising in the morning and
evening. See if you need to tweak with your schedule of working out

Morning Workout VS

Evening Workout

The Role Of Here is how your body reacts with an
Hormones evening and morning workout!

The difference in hormones playing their MORNING
roles in the evening and morning
Working out in the morning speeds the
MORNING process of producing a human growth
hormone. This caters to the growth and
The hormones melatonin is produced development of the pituitary glands, bones,
better when you workout in the morning. muscles and body fluids.


After a workout in the evening or night you Working out in the evening warms your
can help your body normalize the cortisol body faster and you sweat out well. This
hormone better. will help you get rid of all the toxins in your
No 2 - Body’s Reaction
No 3 - The Bright Side

Here is what you gain by exercising in the to do when you are in thoughts of being on
morning and evening. Take a look! point with your physical well-being as the
rest of the day gets you moving on your feet
MORNING and you might forget yourself and just fall
asleep in the end.

Morning workouts help you stay energetic NO 3 - REJUVENATES YOU FOR AFTERNOON
throughout and it increases the testosterone
levels in your body. If you want to be healthy and alert in the
afternoon it is necessary for you to work
EVENING out in the morning, it is not just a belief,
however, it has been studied that our body
Evening workouts helps you build strength tends to perform well in the afternoon.
in your bones and muscles.
What happens in the afternoon is that
Pros Of Exercising In our muscle and cardiovascular strength
The Morning increases because there is a fluctuation in
the body temperature and it is the highest
in noon.

Here is what you need to know! NO 4 - METABOLISM IMPROVES

NO 1 A GREAT WAY TO START YOUR DAY A bonus factor about working out in the
morning is that it improves the metabolic
Perhaps you must have tried this earlier rate in the body, the same metabolic rate
and if you haven’t then you should know lowers in the evening.
that exercising in the morning makes you
feel fresh and surprisingly your body will Therefore, the morning is amazing to better
function at its best. the metabolism in your body.

Well, it is not surprising, it is because your NO 5 - FATS BURN WELL
body gets enough rest in the night that it is
refreshed in the morning. Haven’t you heard people say that it is
always the best to work out an empty
It has been practiced and proved that stomach? The reason this is said is that your
exercising in the morning not just makes body gets sufficient time to prepare itself to
you feel good in the beginning, you get to burn calories the next day.
enjoy good sleep as well.
Therefore, if you are aiming at losing
NO 2 - YOU LIVE THE ‘HEALTH IS WEALTH’ weight, you should exercise before having
POLICY WELL breakfast and you will see how well your
body trains itself to burn all fats.
By working out in the morning you are giving
importance to yourself, this is the first thing



Cons Of Exercising The Evening
In The Morning
Here is what you need to know!

Here is what you need to know! NO 1 - IMPROVES STRENGTH

NO 6 - IT IS A TASK TO WAKE UP As the energy levels in your body are highest
at night, it would make a great choice to
It is tough to wake up in the morning and workout in the evening. Thus, existing
that’s the biggest disadvantage or working energy + added energy after a workout
out in the morning, you are sleepy and if drastically improves the strength in your
you missed sleeping well the previous night body.
it will make you feel drained out to wake up.
Besides, this happens because the lungs
don’t perform at their best in the morning Unless you don’t fall or have an accident
as our breathing is blocked after sleeping while using an equipment, exercising in the
at night. night is more safe and beneficial because
you are less prone to injure yourself

As you wake up in the morning you should Why? Since you body’s temperature rises at
notice how your body feels, you don’t feel night, your muscles and joints are flexible
as light as you would feel after exercising. unlike morning. If they are in place, you are
The reason being, in the morning your saved from having an injury and even if you
muscles are tightened and until you don’t have an injury, the chances for recovery is
do enough to stretch them the blood in high when compared to injuring yourself
your body easily won’t flow through. during the day.

For the most part, majority of the exercises
While you might consider exercising in the are around cardio, weight training or
morning as a medium to lose weight quick it running, it has been studied that you are
might not work the same way. Having said, more energetic to perform these workouts
sometimes exercising an empty stomach better at night
can make the body weak, so it might not be
a good idea to exercise in the morning. You Why? In the evening or night your lungs
will need to see how your body responds to function better and this doesn’t disrupt
the change. your breathing.

Pros Of Exercising In On the other hand, when you workout in
the morning your lungs don’t function the


best and when there is a disturbance in On the other hand, in the evening you
your breathing it impacts the efficiency of might not be able to make the most of all
the workout as well. the options, you won’t be abe to run in the
park as it will get dark and you might not
Cons of Exercising In get a chance to use all the euipments in the
The Evening evening.

Here is what you need to know! ALL IN ALL, WHETHER YOU WORKOUT IN
NO 1 - Tendency To Miss Working Out TO FIX A TIME BASED ON WHAT YOU WANT
The chances of missing out on exercising THE TIME THAT’S MOST CONVENIENT FOR
is the highest in the night because you YOU.
don’t know what will be your schedule, at
times you might have to miss workout to
complete your other tasks.

Whereas in the morning besides finding it a
task to wake up, there is no chance that you
will miss working out.


You can sleep well only if your body
temperature is cool and stabilized.
However, exercising in the night ends up
increasing your body temperature. Say,
your metabolic rate increases and your
heart rate rises. When these things happen,
you cannot fall asleep easily.


If you choose the morning to exercise you
have a two or more options more during
that time and when you choose the evening
for exercising your options come down.

How? In the morning you can run in the
park and you have the ease to hit the gym.



11 Interesting Things
About Carrots!


Carrots are fresh, juicy and red/ It can be a friendly vegetable to all of
orange for the most part. Across us, for it has the ability to fight against
the world, carrots are either eaten cancer, low blood pressure, vision
for their nutritional purpose or as problems, and excessive weight.
a sweet dish. It is sweetish in taste
and is packed with several nutrients You should look at a few interesting
such as plant compounds, minerals, points that you wouldn’t have ever heard
vitamins, carbs, protein, and fiber. about carrots. Here is a list of them!

39 No 1 - What was the main motto
for growing carrots?

The main intention behind growing
carrots was to find a solution to several
ailments. There was an assumption
that carrot was parsnip, however, it was
proved wrong.

No 2 - What is the story about

Carrots were in red, white and yellow. It
was cultivated to get leaves and seeds,
however, later on, people started to
eat is taproot more instead of its leaves
and seeds. It is a biennial plant from
the Apiaceae family. It was one of the
popular cuisines.

Carrots first started to grom in
Afghanistan, it moved to the Middle
East, North Africa, Spain and then China.

No 3 - What are the names of
other carrots?

Categorically, it is known that carrots
are of two kinds, domestic and wild.

The other ones that exist are as follows

1. Danvers

2. Berlicums



3. Long Oranges No 5 - Carrots Are Happy that’s a piece of good news
In The Winter Ground about carrots because it is a
4. tiny and stout Early Short hydrating vegetable and one
Horns or their cousins the If the carrots are happy in can rely on carrots if they are
thin Half-Long Horns the winter ground we get thirsty.
the benefit of eating sweet
5. the giant Jaune Obtuse du carrots. Reason being, No 8 - How many colors
Doubs carrots take their sugar as do carrots have?
a source of shielding it from
6. long and skinny Imperators the chilled winter. Carrots are not just the
red and orange that
7. round Paris Markets Unlike other vegetables you normally get to see,
that have to be dug and put interestingly, carrots come
No 4 - What’s the truth inside the mud, it is not the in several colors as there are
about baby carrots? same case with carrots. They several carrot species across
can be left in spring or during the world. Purple and white
In 1980 in California there winters by keeping them were the first carrot colors
was a farmer named Mike covered with a leaf on the and after the carrot DNA was
Yuresok who was unhappy ground to grow. That being altered, the carrot colors
about how the baby carrots said, they grow the best in turned orange and red.
looked and he thought they the winter season.
wouldn’t get sold. However, No 9 - Did you know
he shaped the carrots that No 6 - Carrots taste bitter about carrots having
were not in shape and at times, why? seeds?
today the baby carrots are
purchased the most. If you look at the natural It is hard to believe that this
process, carrots use their root vegetable has seeds as
This idea of baby carrots first sugars when it is grown in well. How? The tiny white
came up at the Bolthouse the winter season, right? flowers that come out of the
farms, the carrots are put Instead of sugars if another ground gets these seeds.
together in the right size, ingredient named terpenoids
they are washed and peeled, begin to form before the These seeds spread and they
cut into two pieces and put sugars, this makes carrots grow further. Baby carrots
together. bitter. first started to grow in Europe
and they are fragrant. This
If you want to make the No 7 - Chew carrots if fragrance is used as herbal
most of baby carrots, it is you are thirsty, Why? medicines and spices.
recommended to store them
unclosed in the refrigerator Carrots have 88% water The carrot seeds are tiny and
and it is sensible to eat them content in them. It means it is you won’t realize but 2000 or
30 days after the packaging 25 percent more than what a more seeds can easily fit in a
date. human body has. Therefore, teaspoon.


No 10 - Raw or cooked? carrots is less and there is It has been estimated that
Which one is better? no risk of the sweetness in about 10,000 carrots are
carrots harming one’s body. eaten by a person in his/her
If you are eating carrots then Having said, stay eased out lifetime.
it is best to eat cooked carrots and eat carrots, they are
instead of the raw ones. healthy. The famous countries where
Reason being, when you eat carrots are produced are
it raw you get less than 5 Other Information China, Russia, the USA, and
percent of its nutrients and Uzbekistan.
when you eat it cooked you It has been estimated that
get more than 40 percent of a person usually consumes Take Away
its nutrients. 10,000 carrots in a lifetime.
Carrot is an enriching
No 11 - How many sugars Generally, carrots get their vegetable and all its facts are
do carrots have? color after there is a change good to know information.
in the temperature. Therefore, start eating
Carrots comprise 4 sugars cooked carrots and let your
namely, glucose, sucrose, In the entire world, carrot body absorb all the vital
xylose, and fructose. Having stands second for being the nutrients it needs from this
said, it doesn’t mean that most famous vegetable. vegetable.
the vegetable has too many
carbs. There is more than 80
percent carrot production in
The amount of starch in California



6 Best Ways To Overcome


Being frustrated is a part of life, how often? Is it a
serious question to ask yourself? You should know that
experiencing frustration is natural until it doesn’t go



Mental and physical health Follow the steps - SNAP OUT!
is at stake when frustration below
overtakes your mental It is challenging to deal
stability. 1. First, jot down your with frustration and then
desires. overcome it, will you agree?
How would it feel if you had That being said, a healthy
to wake up to a frustrating 2. Analyze and understand way to come in terms with
talk from a family member? if it makes sense to expect it that frustration is to snap out
It would ruin your day! from a person. and get involved in another
Then imagine how much of task.
your frustration can spoil 3. Erase the expectations
someone else’s day? why and desires that will take you Here are some of the
express frustration in an nowhere. interesting things you can do
unhealthy manner?
4. Write about everything l Look up for quotes and
You can’t let out your that is frustrating you - videos that will soothe your
frustration just because Expressing is one form of mind
someone hears you, you letting it out.
are responsible for our own l Read a joke
actions and no one gets the Instead of yelling and
right to dump emotions allowing the reason for l Watch a movie of your kind
at anyone. You should be frustration to take over you,
sensible and fight this battle it is always better to write it l Take a walk in fresh air
for yourself. Frustration can down.
impact your relationships at l Read anything that interests
home and work as well. NO 2 - DIVERT YOUR FOCUS you

If you are troubled by l Call a friend you feel most
frustration, just don’t stress
out! You need to take baby
steps to overcome it. Read
this article and learn tips to
overcome frustration! See
how better you feel after
following all of these tips


Majority of us are frustrated
when our desires are
unfulfilled or when we feel
left out and not understood,
so the first solution is to find
out what is it that you want.



connected to pass by” Ask yourself how to react
differently the next time
l Lookup for a recipe and 3. “It is not good for my
cook for yourself health to feel frustrated” Tune your mind to be
calm the next time you are
l Avoid having a conversation 4. “I should be wise and not frustrated
with the person you are expect”
frustrated with Learn from the mistakes you
made in frustration and let it
be a lesson

Understand what’s triggering
your frustration and
avoid letting it happen(for
instance: if you get agitated
with a colleague’s talks, then
distance yourself from that


When you get a hint that
your frustration is eating
you up, immediately shoot
it down. How will you do
it? Here are a few tips that
can constructively help you
shoot down frustration

Here are a few NO 3 - THINK TO YOURSELF l Say nothing when you start
positive lines - ‘WHAT BEST CAN I DO?’ to sense it getting to you
to tell yourself
when frustrated What’s done and dusted is l Consciously breathe for a
gone away, so tell yourself minute or two - it helps the
1. “ I am strong and will not not to stay by the frustration mind calm down
let frustration spoil my mind” and find a way to deal with
it effectively the next time. l Fight against your disturbed
2. “I am happy, this is a Plan on what to do. mind and remind it that you
temporary situation that will are way too stronger
What to do?
l Excuse yourself from the


place you are in NO 6 - ANALYSE, ACCEPT Final Word
l If it is not in your control, Overcoming frustration
immediately lower your The three A’s analyze, adapt
voice and talk to the person and accept is a productive will require you to struggle
about what is frustrating you means of dealing with
frustration. Analyzing in itself in the beginning and you
NO 5 - LOOK AT THINGS is accepting the reasons for
DIFFERENTLY frustration eventually. productively deal with it after

While it is not easy to look for Remember that the only a while.
the good in a situation when person you can mold or
you are feeling disgusted, it change is just ‘yourself’ other Getting frustrated is natural,
is important that you do it people and forces aren’t in getting over it is a choice!
for the better. your control and there is no Why not make a good choice?
point in being upset about it,
If the reason to be frustrated right? Therefore, it is sensible Always breathe, do a lot
is minor or major, when you to accept things just the way of self-talk and just hold
start to look at the positive they are. yourself for a few seconds
outcome in the worst while you are frustrated, it
situation, it will help you Acceptance is strong and will all fizzle down.
calm down. with acceptance comes the
power to adapt. When you Beat frustration and become
Say suppose you made a get adaptable to anything, it a happy soul!is right and
plan to meet your friend for is for the best of you and you wrong for us. It is a part of
ice cream and you are quite will forget feeling frustrated. life to get to that confusion.
excited, if it starts to rain all That being said, one must
of a sudden, it can frustrate For instance, if you don’t not stay there for long and
you. Right? like certain habits of your get clarity to every confusion.
neighbor and that spoils
In this scenario, you just need your mental peace. Sometimes our beliefs
to think that it happened for change either because of
the best and if not anything, Analyze the problem with experiences opposite to our
you can meet your friend the your neighbor (is the person beliefs or a new perspective
next time. stressed or by nature that to things that brings change.
way), either way, you can do
The idea behind changing nothing about changing the
your perspective is to help person, accept the crazy side
you open your mind to in that person and just adapt
positivity. yourself to it.



You Need To
Know About



Naturopathy is a What is
traditional form Naturopathy?

of treatment 1 It is a form of treatment wherein your body is
that first begun healed with natural remedies. Talking of which,
in Germany and it includes herbs, massage, acupuncture,
then moved to the exercise, and nutritional counseling.
US. If you look at
the advancement 2 It is quite interesting to know this form of
in science, today treatment not just heals the symptoms of
your problem, it goes a step ahead, deep dives
naturopathic into the root cause of your problem and then
treatment has provides you with a solution that will not just
adopted to modern heal your body, but, your mind and soul are
3 If you go to a Naturopathic doctor, you will
need to be there for hours together as he
examines you by questioning you about your
lifestyle, health issues and looks at every
minute detail in your health.

4 Your doctor will give you tips on how to prevent
the problem by giving you tips on managing
stress and he will give you details about the
right diet and exercise tips to follow.

5 Additionally, a naturopathic doctor will
use homeopathy, acupuncture and herbal
medicine to treat you effectively.

6 A naturopathy doctor will have different
education and they will practice their
profession in clinics, private offices or
community centers.

7 There are three kinds of naturopathic doctors
they are, naturopathic physicians, traditional
naturopaths, and health care providers.



8 A naturopathic physician doctors and they allow them being, the pressure points
attends a graduate- to do simple things such as could end up causing all the
stitching up a wound. problems.
level school for 4 years.
Naturopathic doctors work No 3 - In this method of
They study nutrition, the best if you want an treatment you might have
additional method of getting to skip a meal or fast as it
psychology, and treated, don’t completely pays attention to removing
rely on a naturopathic doctor all the toxins from your
complementary therapies if you are sick. body. Not eating meals for
a longer time and if you
such as herbal medicine Side are having diabetes then it
Effects of can be a dangerous form of
and homeopathy. Naturopathy treatment for you.

9 A Traditional naturopath Whenever you go for Naturopathy
doesn’t need to have a naturopathy treatment, it is Is Good For
certificate or license, the essential that you let your Whom?
person just has knowledge physician know so that drugs
about various subjects. are not mixed up and it A naturopathy is a good form
doesn’t impact your health. of treatment for the ones
10 Healthcare providers are who will not find a solution
the other doctor’s who just That being said, here are to their problems with any
have knowledge about a few side effects of the traditional medicine.
naturotherapy, however, Naturopathic treatment.
they are not specialized in Take a look! Naturopathy works well
it. when it is used as a method
No 1 - In this method of of treatment with another
When Is treatment you will be given conventional medicine.
Naturopathic supplements, there are
Medicine chances that the Vitamin For instance, it has been
Used? supplements might not quite studied that naturotherapy
suit your body. Thus, be helps with reducing the side
As you know Naturopathic careful about that. effects of chemotherapy.

medicine is used for several No 2 - If you have undergone Benefits Of
naturopathic manipulative Naturopathy
health problems. You should treatment then there are
chances that your bones, Take a look at the benefits of
precisely know that it treats arteries and spinal discs
can get affected. Reason
alleriges, fertility issues,

headaches, obesity, digestive

problems, hormonal

imbalances chronic fatigue

syndrome and chronic pain.

Based on the place, there
are a few places that look for
a license from naturopathic


Naturopathy! Final WordNo 3 - Does Good Body

No 1 - Overall It Is Good For Healing
Your Health
When you take medicines a) You should try
Naturopathy is good for or pills to get yourself rid Naturopathy much
your overall health as you of a problem it will take before a problem
are saved from side effects care of the immediate attacks you, visit a
of drugs and along with needs. It isn’t the same naturopathic doctor and
your body even you get case with naturopathy, you will understand how
away from the stress that in this form of treatment much the way you live
is eating you up. your psychological needs will change.
are taken care of as well.
No 2 - No Side Effects b) You will feel mentally
No 4 - It Is Affordable happy.
The procedure followed in
taking care of your problem Naturopathy is a cost- c) You get health tips,
through naturopathy is effective method of not for the moment, it
free from side-effects. treatment. Here you don’t will come to your rescue
Besides, taking vitamin C have to spend too much on in the long run.
supplements. It is usually medicines or surgeries and
a mixture of therapies and in fact, you get to spend d) You will get to lead a
natural remedies. time with nature which will conscious and healthy
be useful all your life. lifestyle.



Biogen’s Alzheimers Drug


In Process To Get Approval By FDA

There was ongoing research FDA’s approval and by 2020 a “The key point to the public
on Alzheimer’s drug file of approval will be sent to is this,” Fargo said. “Right
‘Aducanumab’. This drug was them. however, the experts now, there are no drugs for
made by Biogen and it has who deal with treating Alzheimer’s that slow down
been on a standstill since Alzheimer’s are hopeful that or stop progression. So here,
March. To continue this this new drug will work as an for the first time ever, we
research, approval will be effective means for treating have a potential disease-
taken by Biogen from FDA. Alzheimer’s. modifying drug. This is the
first in history. We’ve never
The plagues that get The Ph.D. director of scientific gotten this far before.”

accumulated in the brain programs and outreach at A few researchers doubt
the effectiveness of the
because of Alzheimer’s will the Alzheimer’s Association, drug because it was proved
ineffective earlier and now
come down with this drug. Keith Fargo is happy about in a few months there is a
scope of hope.
This is what phase III clinical the drug’s effectiveness.
What Is
trial estimates. In his conversation with Alzheimer’s?

Healthline, he quotes Plagues and tangles in the
brain give rise to Alzheimer’s
There is no surety about the disease.

WWW.HEALTHSPECTRA.COM | NOVEMBER 2019 The plagues are made of
a protein named amyloid
and the tangles are made of
another protein that keeps
forming in the brain.


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