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Published by Spa Fine Art, 2021-04-13 13:55:40

Kim Nastro

Kim Nastro

Berenson “Gleaming White Sailors” 36x48, Giclee $2,950

Berenson “Early Morning Calm” 30x40, Giclee $2,500

Berenson “Beyond the Lighthouse” 40x60 Giclee $4,250

Berenson “A Light Morning Mist”
60x48 Giclee $4,500

Berenson “Peaceful Pleasures” 40x60 Giclee $4,250

Berenson “Morning’s Glow”
48x48 Giclee $3,950

Berenson “Reflecting Pastels” 24x30
Oil, $3,650

Berenson “Red Trio” 24x30
Oil, $3,650

Berenson “A Quiet Day” 36x36
Oil, $5,850

Berenson “Hear the Calm” 60x30
Oil, $7,200

“Cassie” 40x84 (other sizes available) Giclee

“Lit From Within” 30x40 Giclee $1,895

Park “Country Buoys” Park “Sailor Buoys” 30x24 Oil $2,900
48x24 Oil $4,600

Park “Travelin’ Oars” 24x72 Oil $5,900

Park “Emo Fishies” 30x30
Oil, $3,450

Rigby “Reflecting Waters” 30x40
Oil, $8,900

Brosseau “Pondside Rowboat” 27x58, Oil, $9,800

Kote “Newport Bridge” 36x54, Giclee, $3,650

Miro “Aqua Vista”
31x31, Mixed Media

Miro “Family Tides”
24x24, Mixed Media

Sabol “Elysium and Compass Rose” 60x36
Oil, $7,650

Sabol “Rune” 24x16
Giclee, $1,495

Norwood, “Divine Solitude” 48x48
Oil, $12,500

Norwood “Oars Up” 30x30
Giclee, $1,895

Faust “Gliding Light” 30x40
Oil, $6,700

Rigby “Gliding Through the Crest” 30x40
Oil, $8,900

Dacey “Women on Boat”
40x30, Oil

Dacey “Flossie” 30x40 Oil $4,950

Ross “Sea Hues” 48x42
Oil, $3,850

Ross “Blue and Sentimental” 50x40
Oil, $3,850

Johnstone “Silver Skies” 24x36
Oil, $2,200

Johnstone “Off the Coast I & II” 12x12 Oil. $695 ea.

Johnstone “Summer Sail III, 12x36 Oil $1,200

Johnstone “Heading Home” 10x20
Oil, $695

Hicks “Beach Roses”
18x18 Oil

Hicks “The Red Boat”
18x18 Oil

Mooney “Dory Tide” 38x38
Oil, $7,950

Mooney “Silent Shore” 46x46
Oil, $10,950

Somerville “Sand and Sky”
53x38 Oil $3,850

Estes “Beyond the Bay”
46x46 Oil $4,850

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