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IPMMI Magazine Vol 20 (Jan-Mar 21)

IPMMI Magazine Vol 20 (Jan-Mar 21)

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Developing more sustainable Vol. 20, Issue No. 1, Jan - Mar 2021
packaging and providing
greater support to our RECYCLABILITY
customers is a contribu on
development of the INNOVATION
sector itself. For Private Circulation Only
Lets connect with Mespack Athena

Mespack India Pvt. Ltd.
504, Bhoomi Velocity Infotech Park, Plot No. 39, Road No. 23, Wagle Indl. Estate, Thane (W) - 400 604.
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Vol. 20, Issue No. 1, January - March 2021 04
President's Desk 10
The Drive Toward Sustainability In Packaging: 12
Beyond The Quick Wins 14
Legacy Corner: Ashok Kothari 18
Intellectual Property And The Packaging Industry 22
Enter Sustainable Packaging 24
New Brand and A New Mission: 26
Syntegon Technology India 28
Students Corner: Packaging 4.0/Smart Industry
Interna onal Corner: Evolu on of Bio-based Plas cs
Plas cs v/s Cans: Striking The Right Balance
Tenter Frame Biaxially Oriented PE Films:
Future of Sustainable Packaging
Members Showcase



Dr. (Mrs.) Sharayu Sawant IPMMI has always aimed to liaise and digitally. For starters, we will
within India and overseas through open the North, South and Gujarat
President Industry Associa ons & Ins tu ons chapters of IPMMI. Our chapter
to help members leverage their heads will plan panel discussions or
Board of Governors business while staying updated on seminars with local industrial
the latest industry trends and we associa ons thus becoming a local
Mr. Ashok Kothari have made progress in this direc on contact point to assist packaging
Mr. Bharat Patel all this while. But a er the wrath of machine manufacturers. Currently
Mr. Deepak Malani 2020 when the ever-turning world our quarterly magazine prin ng
Mr. S. S. Cooper came to a stands ll and the eternal distribu on has reached 500 prints
Mr. V. Krishnan wheels of industries stopped, the and we will target to reach a
Mr. Mahendra Mehta lockdown turned out to be a distribu on of 5000 magazines in
wakeup call. This is the me to take these coming years.
Board of Directors it up a notch and turn our vision into
reality, now more than ever. Our strategic priority will be aimed
Dr. (Mrs.) Sharayu Sawant - President to posi on our associa on as an
Mr. Anthony D'souza - Vice President Apart from crea ng this steady essen al partner for all events
Mr. Samir Vijay Limaye - Director organiza on and giving it a clear related to packaging machines
vision, each passing year has arranged by dis nguished trade
Managing Committee Members marked the evolu on of IPMMI into associa ons, embassies, chamber
what it stands for today. A few of commerce as well as state and
Dr. (Mrs.) Sharayu Sawant words of gra tude here won't do central government.
jus ce to the amount of work the
Shru Flexipack Pvt. Ltd. previous governing body have put To achieve this target, we will show
into the associa on. And now that our presence in government offices,
Mr. Anthony D'souza the torch has been handed over, it ins tutes, other industrial
feels as mo va ng as challenging. associa ons, and various indo-
Mespack India Pvt. Ltd. interna onal chambers of
Over the next two years we intend commerce. We will also work on
Mr. Ambrish Bhargava to con nue this evolu on, not only crea ng dedicated HSN codes for
to build on our strengths, but also to our machines so that our share in
XPRT Engineered Packaging Solu ons Pvt. Ltd. take on new direc ons like an import/export and domes c sale
extensive web. IPMMI will con nue will be on record in government
Mr. Dhrumil Shah - Maharshi Udyog its programs that strengthen books.
Mr. Druva Da atraya professionalism-through educa on,
training, exhibi ons, seminars & We cannot accomplish this by only
Pacmac Engineers Pvt. Ltd. panel discussions with industry convincing each other; instead, we
experts and resources. It will also must reach out and enter other
Mr. Makdum Jahan retain commitment to solidarity, communi es and networks. Of
ensuring that the members who are course, there will be many
Veripack Solu ons India Pvt. Ltd. less resourced can have more challenges ahead. Almost all of us
opportuni es, methods and have faced difficult financial
Ms. Mrunal Joshi - Nichrome India Ltd. opera ng frameworks. constraints and some of us are
Mr. Nagesh Bakshi - Bakshi Mark Pvt. Ltd. currently facing very tough na onal,
Mr. Ravindra Raghuwanshi Along with that IPMMI will also look interna onal or local issues due to
outward, beyond its own the COVID Pandemic that has
Winner Electronics community and dive into the rapidly hindered our ability to achieve our
globalizing world to increase poten al. But it's me we take the
Mr. Vaibhav Modak - Nordson India Pvt. Ltd. strength and its pan India presence, reins back into our hand and take
Mr. Neeraj Sharma - Robatech India Pvt. Ltd. spreading roots both physically IPMMI to the helm of success.

IPMMI Secretariat
303, 3rd Floor, Goldcrest Business Park, Behind
Kailash Esplanade, Opp. Shreyas Cinema, LBS Marg,
Ghatkopar (West), Mumbai- 400086.
Tel: +91 72088 84246/47
Mail: [email protected] / [email protected]

Vol. 20, Issue No. 1, January - March 2021 04


Can system-level approaches, Consumer awareness to Packaging recycling and leakage:
including collabora on along the packaging waste in oceans Recycling rates for plas c packaging are
value chain, make our approach to and landfills is driving change rela vely low. In the United States, for
packaging more sustainable? example, waste is generally managed
Packaging is ubiquitous in our daily lives with low leakage but recovery rates for
Sustainability - par cularly regulatory and enables minimiza on of food waste packaging and food-service plas cs are
and public concerns around single-use and overall product breakage with about 28 percent. In Europe, the
packaging waste - is combining with advanced convenience features at low plas c-packaging recycling rate
other powerful trends to drive major costs. Over the past decade, the global reported was somewhat higher at
changes in consumer packaging. packaging industry has enjoyed strong approximately 40 percent, compared to
Regulators are moving on the issue, and growth, driven by shi s in choice of approximately 80 percent for
Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) substrates and expansion of new end- paperboard, and 75-80 percent for
companies and retailers are proac vely markets. Headline changes include the metal and glass (note, however, that
making bold commitments to improve increased use of plas cs to replace overall data collec on quality on
both the sustainability of their other substrates and accommodate recycling rates is rather immature, so
packaging and to fundamentally rethink consumers' demand for convenience as real-world rates may differ from
their packaging systems. well as the economic boom in China and reported figures). Emerging regions
other emerging regions. (Asia in par cular) are under the most
There will be significant impact on pressure, because packaging demand
packaging converters and their value However, widespread usage of single- growth is outpacing global growth
chain, which could threaten the survival use packaging containers has resulted rates, and waste - collec on systems -
of many in the industry. However, for in a heavy burden on the environment, let alone recycling - are not in place at
packaging converters with the right and the management of packaging the required scale. Global leakage or
focus and innova on capabili es, the waste is facing a crisis due to two unmanaged dumps of all plas c
new landscape could offer significant unresolved challenges: material flows (both durable and non-
growth and new partnership durable) is es mated to be around 19
opportuni es to support customers in Packaging recyclability: Large amounts percent, and only 16 percent of all
revising their packaging por olios. of packaging produced today cannot be plas c waste is re-processed to make
Going forward, converters will have to recycled in exis ng recycling systems. new plas cs. In fact, most of the global
proac vely embrace sustainability This is especially true for mul -material plas cs waste goes into incinera on
issues as consumer demands and packaging, which today poses a (25%) and landfills (40%), meaning that
regulatory requirements mul ply. significant and unresolved challenge in these materials are lost forever as a
recycling. resource, despite plas cs' poten al for
reuse and recycling.

This has not gone unno ced; public
awareness of packaging waste leakage,
especially plas c waste, into the
environment has increased significantly
to an all- me high over the past 12-24
months. The visceral images of the
effects of ocean plas cs pollu on have
s rred up consumer sen ment around
the world.

Converters are moving
forward on sustainability,
but are they doing enough?

The new pressures to reduce the
environmental impact of packaging,
comply with regula ons, and sa sfy
consumer preferences are going to
require packaging converters to make

Vol. 20, Issue No. 1, January - March 2021 06


new investments and undertake major that can act as barriers for vapor, Approach to target Step 1: Step 2: scien fic research and requiring
scale-up of their innova on capacity. oxygen, and oil, and can therefore opportuni es in sustainable Low-hanging fruit Harder but doable collabora on with players in the
replace plas c/aluminum laminate packaging substrate-making industries. There are
This will be an important adjustment in packages, among other types of The “low-hanging fruit” group of In contrast, the “harder but doable” already several examples of such
innova on. Apart from light laminates. Others are working on Converters can strategically best opportuni es offers packaging group of applica ons requires building ini a ves, but so far these have mainly
weigh ng/downgauging, currently crea ng lighter and stronger packaging posi on themselves to support FMCG converters some no-regret moves, an approach from the ground up, which been driven by brand owners rather
many packaging companies have their board that offers lower carbon companies and retailers on sustainable where they can double down on will also require collabora on with than packaging companies.
sustainability efforts primarily focused footprint while providing sufficient packaging by recognizing that: product segments where barriers to upstream and downstream partners.
internally on improving energy barrier proper es. For example, one switch are low, and most of the work One recent example of such a Three cri cal elements to have in place
efficiency and waste reduc on, with producer is including Micro-Fibrillated • FMCG manufacturers will con nue to can be done by the individual converter collabora on involved a dairy customer to get started on the change journey:
some limited work star ng on Cellulose (MFC) in its paper board to need to manage cost efficiency of and FMCG company without broader partnering with a packaging converter Going forward, packaging converters
applica ons innova on for sustainable create lighter, stronger packaging board packaging solu ons and a high value chain coordina on. These and upstream suppliers of raw material need to have the following three things
packaging solu ons across substrates. that also uses less virgin material. degree of customer convenience - for opportuni es will typically be product to fully redesign its packaging. The new in place as they seek to help customers
This inevitably implies a gap between example, easy-opening products and segments where all of the ac ons can design uses liquid carton board and innovate and capture opportuni es to
the need to support the sustainable Plas c film producers, meanwhile, are packaging designed for on-the-go be taken with close to zero impact on recycled plas cs that are claimed to bridge current sustainability shor alls:
packaging aspira ons of the FMCG pushing hard to develop mono-material consump on. opera ng cost or capital expenditure have a 50 percent lower environmental
companies and retailers, and the range (such as all-polyethylene) packaging needs, func onality, or a rac veness impact than polystyrene-based 1. A clear methodology on how to truly
of development ini a ves being solu ons, which are fully recyclable at • Not all types of ac ons will have the of the packaging, including: packaging. The important lesson benchmark your packaging products in
undertaken by the packaging the end of their lifecycle and can same impact on the various aspects learned here was to think through what terms of sustainability, cost, and
converters. replace today's mul -material flexible of the sustainability footprint (for • Removing unnecessary use of partnerships would be needed to convenience.
plas c packaging that cannot be example, low food waste versus packaging. While light weigh ng has innovate “game-changing” packaging
Examples of this gap include the fact recycled with modern currently recyclability - using a high-barrier been ongoing for a long me, there solu ons that are truly designed for 2. A n u n d e rsta n d i n g o f t h e f u l l
that innova ve applica on solu ons present processing technology. There is packaging material or mul layer film are s ll plenty of applica ons where sustainability. opportunity and value at stake across
that offer higher recyclability today are also substan al work under way to can significantly increase shelf life packaging can be replaced with your product por olio resul ng from
far from being as cost - and as barrier - develop more food-safe-grade plas c and minimize the amount of food lighter-weight materials. Step 3: increasing sustainability requirements.
efficient as incumbent solu ons. films incorpora ng recycled content. waste along the chain, but the System-level changes
Successful sustainability innova ons This development will increase the use packaging itself may be less • Developing exis ng packaging. 3. Clarity and innova on in your
will need to be at a neutral or affordable of recycled materials in the large recyclable). Increase usage of recycled content in The third group of ini a ves falls under packaging and technology road map,
cost trade-off to gain scale. Equally, quan es of flexible packaging that are less sensi ve applica ons (for the heading of “System-level changes.” along with having the right partnerships
many applica on innova ons seem to used today for food. • Different end-product segments will instance, non-food), while also To truly achieve significant progress in place to respond to consumer and
be difficult to scale up beyond the have varying sensi vity to considering different types of plas c toward sustainable packaging, changes customer packaging demands going
smaller ini a ves currently in place; At the same me, a number of sustainability. that could improve the product's to the broader packaging and recycling forward.
this is partly due to the fact they are producers of virgin plas c resin have sustainability profile. This also should system will be required where
o en at an early stage in the research acquired plas cs recycling processors, • Technical and economic feasibility include packaging design for easy use development and implementa on Source: Mckinsey & Company
process and use costly materials. which is giving them the poten al to varies by applica on as well as and recycling (e.g., clarity for costs are also much higher - and will be
add recycled plas c to their por olio of geographic region, and cost consumers on how packaging should difficult to achieve by individual
Today, it is upstream substrate resin offerings. Having these products implica ons go beyond just be collected and sorted at recycling stakeholders. This is what our
producers that appear to be taking the available would make it much easier for packaging material prices and sta ons). colleagues refer to as “concer ng effort IPMMI
innova on lead in sustainable converters that want to include conversion costs. around improving coordina on across has geared up
packaging. These players are working recycled content in their products. • Material subs tu on. Introduce the value chain.” Some examples of for the digital
on top-priority areas such as mono- Similarly, resin producers are • Any change of packaging material or more mono-materials and decrease these kinds of changes include future!
materials with “high-barrier” developing polymers based on design has implica ons on overall the complexity of the combina ons improving exis ng recycling
proper es that can also offer high feedstock made from chemical branding strategy. of different materials used, while infrastructure, recycling technologies, Get in touch now!
recyclability, or incorporate recycled recycling of plas c waste; this feedstock retaining the ability to produce the and circular value chains, alongside
content. Among paper and board can replace oil- and gas-based There is no one-size-fits-all solu on same type of packaging and requiring ini a ves to increase consumer NEWEXCITING
producers, there is innova on work feedstock in manufacturing plas c that converters can embrace as they no change in its structural design. awareness and drive community
under way on high-barrier materials to substrates used for packaging work on strategies for sustainable support for behavioral change around OFFERS
replace plas cs using bio-derived materials, and packaging end-products packaging with their FMCG and retailer • Communica ng the sustainability recycling, but also availability. Another
products, most of which are recyclable, can then be tagged as made from customers. There are complexi es and narra ve of your current products example entails developing new types Exciting new offers
compostable, or both. For example, “recycled” plas c. trade-offs to consider if they are to be er. of materials; involving fundamental introduced!
several specialty paper producers are navigate through these sustainability
developing flexible paper-based challenges in order to find the most +91 72088 84246/47
packaging with water-based coa ngs effec ve route to growing and
preserving value with applica on [email protected] Linkedin Facebook
innova ons. To chart their course, we
suggest that converters consider a
three-part approach to help them
iden fy opportuni es.

Vol. 20, Issue No. 1, January - March 2021 07 Vol. 20, Issue No. 1, January - March 2021 08


Ashok Kothari, CEO Pakona Engineers India Pvt. Ltd.

Growing Steadily

Pakona, As the me passed by, an organiza on
with good quorum was formed &
where packaging regular mee ngs were held to
brainstorm ideas on the growth &
meets perfection recogni on of the associa on.

By this me, 50+ members had become
a part of this mission, our associa on
became recognized amongst the
packaging fraternity in India, we had
held the 1st exhibi on in Mumbai. All
members par cipated jointly &
understood the benefit of establishing a
common voice which could be heard by
all Ministries of India & were
approached for answering those
challenging issues.

For Liquid Products For Dry Products Conceptualizing IPMMI The name (IPMMI) is synonymous with Mul ple seminars were held on various
the objec ves of IPMMI, primarily subjects with the industry veterans and
22-D, Wadia Charities Bldg., S. A. Brelvi Road It all started with three most recognized helping the packaging machine experts sharing their knowledge for the
Fort, Mumbai - 400 023, INDIA. icons of the packaging machinery manufacturers to approach the benefit of the packaging industry. The
Tel.: (91-22) 2285 4138 / 2282 6751 manufacturing fraternity mee ng in a Government of India to reduce the senior members of the team
Fax: (91-22) 2287 6171 hotel to discuss the issues being faced excise duty to be compe ve in the par cipated & also joined these
E-mail: [email protected] by the packaging machinery industry. global market. It also aimed at bringing seminars to share their knowledge with
Website: advanced global technologies to India rest of the members.
Even though these three individuals for the benefit of the Indian Industry.
then held prominent posi ons at Indian Development of disposable plas c for
Ins tute of Packaging (IIP), they had no Packaging machinery is treated as a the Indian Industry was discussed in
voice to support the packaging subdivision group of heavy industry by one such forum and highlights were
machinery manufacturers. They felt the Government of India. This gave a very passed on to the rela ve teams to give
need to make a dras c change in their limited scope for members to ask for their opinion.
approach through the ins tute as well clarifica ons on du es, assistance on
as independently. research, exposure for exports & many IPMMI must thank Indian Flexible
other government-aided / unaided Packaging & Folding Carton
All three of them agreed on one assistances. Our team members felt a Manufacturers Associa on (IFCA),
concept, which was to form an strong recognized associa on will be Plas c machinery manufacturers and
associa on with large number of able to make a difference in the system. allied industries, P-MEC & Ministries of
members who would support the Industries, who were always ready to
movement, giving a voice to the In the beginning, a lot of manufacturers assist IPMMI & our growth as a
packaging machinery industry. felt the fees for the associa on was very community.
high and it was one of the challenges
The Birthing Process that we faced during those years. IPMMI has grown a lot through the last
However, a er almost five years, a well- two decades with all the past presidents
Ini ally for a couple of months in causal recognized person of IIP le his job & and commi ee members striving to
mee ngs, the membership strength joined to lead the Ins tute of Packaging offer more and more to the associa on.
grew healthily. A er almost one year Machinery Manufacturers of India
the membership reached 20 & all were (IPMMI). With every tenure, I feel that we, as an
willing to par cipate for the growth of associa on, are blessed with very
the associa on. A commi ee was commi ed and determined members.
formed for selec ng a suitable name for And it personally gives me a sense of
the associa on, ensuring that the vision pleasure to see IPMMI having
& mission were highlighted in the completed 20 years and going strong.
I hope that the new team of IPMMI
should reach to a level which will be
recognized by interna onal
organiza ons & I envision the
membership numbers to scale up by the
thousands in the next few years.

Vol. 20, Issue No. 1, January - March 2021 10


Author: Adv. Shailendra Thatte, IP & Corporate Lawyer, STA Legal

The year 2020 was laden with hardships and gives independent iden ty to the developer company gets monetary
and financial crisis for many industries. products or services of a businessman. remunera on for its designing services
The pandemic has posed some serious It covers Trade name, Product name, but does not partake of the benefits
challenges and many industries are logo, and packaging of the product. The reaped from commercializa on of the
struggling to cope with this success of any business depends upon product (machinery). It does not
unprecedented adversity. But zealous protec on of its iden ty and acquire any share in the IP, although its
fortunately, the packaging industry in preven ng misappropria on of the contribu on to the development of the
India has remained unaffected to a trademark, through proper registra on IP is huge. In such type of transac ons
large extent, in fact it is going great guns process. The registra on of any there has to be contract between
due to heavy investments in various trademark gives it na onwide par es in respect of the ownership of IP
sectors like pharmaceu cals, food protec on. In the case of export of and its commercializa on.
processing, cosme cs, healthcare, products/services, it is impera ve to
personal care, etc. The factors like cost secure registra on in the concerned In the new age technology, so ware is
reduc on, me saving, labour na on even before nego a ng terms or embedded in the system. Whenever
problems etc. are forcing many star ng business dealings with the there is an industrial product with the
industries to try novel ideas, new foreign party, including the foreign use of a so ware, it can be protected
technologies and innova ve techniques distributor. There have been a large under the laws of patent, provided it
of produc on. This has led to the number of cases where the foreign qualifies as a Patent. To claim the
crea on of a new set of Intellectual par es register the trademarks in their priority, it is important to file the
Property (IP). But, unfortunately, own countries without the knowledge provisional applica on for the patent. A
adequate precau onary measures are of the Indian exporter and later on, by complete specifica on (final) patent
not being undertaken to safeguard the using their bargaining posi on, dictate can be filed within 12 months of the
rights accompanying the IP that is terms to the Indian exporter while re- provisional applica on. Whenever the
generated. nego a ng the terms of the business. applicant plans to export the patented
product, it is advisable to file an
Apart from Trademarks, other interna onal patent applica on
important IP for the manufacturing through Madrid protocol. This would
industries are Designs and Patents. enable the applicant of the patent to
Manufacturing industry works on keep the window open for
collabora ve efforts. One company commercializa on of the patent in
requires specific designs for their other countries too. It has been no ced
machinery and another company that many individuals or joint inventors
provides the same a er research and or owners of patents are reluctant to
development, which involves immense file patents in foreign countries due to
skill, exper se and efforts. The financial constraints.

IP, in the form of Trade Marks,
Copyrights, Designs and Patents, needs
to be vigilantly protected for any
business to survive and thrive. Failure to
do so can have severe repercussions
and can affect the business adversely.
One of the most important IP is the
trademark. It is the face of any business

Vol. 20, Issue No. 1, January - March 2021 12


Author: Adv. Shailendra Thatte, IP & Corporate Lawyer, STA Legal

This may result in a huge loss of Every legal document such as non- MSMEs have great poten al for the Recently, with the glowering threat of
business opportunity. In India, many disclosure agreements, joint venture, commercializa on of their IP because climate catastrophe hovering over us,
patents are lying idle (unused) and are assignment deeds, licensing of their innova ve approach. many organiza ons and companies
not commercialized since they are agreements, technology transfer Unfortunately, they lack awareness of have heeded the call for a clear focus on
owned by foreign individuals. There is agreements, partnership agreements, the need of its systema c development sustainability.
ample scope for joint ownership and so ware development agreements, and careful protec on. MSMEs must lay
commercializa on of such patents. etc. must contain explicit, unambiguous down specific plans for IP iden fica on, Within the realm of eCommerce, one
Indian companies can benefit provisions with respect to IP. development, protec on and major concern is the waste of
significantly through collabora on with enforcement. History has shown, me packaging. From decades of careless
overseas patent holders. Such patents The valua on of a business is directly and again, that Indian MSMEs develop use of non-recyclable packing
can be u lized for joint ventures in propor onal to the value of its IP. Every many IPs during the period of their materials, mountains of waste have
foreign countries too, which will help company must plan and develop an IP growth but fail to iden fy the IP and needlessly piled up in landfills to slowly
Indian companies exploit global Por olio in order to increase its commercialize them adequately. Along degrade and off-gas tons of greenhouse
markets. valua on during the growth of the with the development of IP, Indian gases.
company. Such valued IPs can also be companies must enforce the law and
Documenta on plays an important role u lized as collateral. Nowadays many take legal measures for their protec on So, let's take a deep dive into the world
during the process of Protec on and banks including NABARD accept IP as from infringers. of sustainable packaging to see how we
C o m m e r c i a l i z a o n o f s u c h I P. collateral for giving loan or finance to can make a smaller environmental
Especially, the associated companies or the companies. Let's hope 2021 dispels all the gloom impact. It all starts with a life-cycle
the companies belonging to one group and ushers in more stability, op mism assessment.
must design and plan an IP structure for Most of the mul na onal companies and sunshine, not only in the business
their organiza on and lay down proper have well-planned and carefully sector but the en re world at large.
SOPs for any interlink transac ons. formulated IP policies and make
op mum u liza on of their IPs. Indian Types of sustainable packaging

Corrugated cardboard Cardboard is used to ship over 90% of all of energy and water to process. Luckily,
products in the US, so it certainly boxes can be made from up to 100%
THE DRIVING FORCE OF IPMMI belongs at the top of this list. There are recycled material.
a lot of reasons to use cardboard boxes
Meet our Vibrant-11, Team of Committee Members for shipping, from their singular u lity Cardboard boxes are very reusable as
and mul tude of op ons to their long as they retain their form,
affordability & excep onal reusability. extending their life cycle. Plus, they can
be recycled up to 25 mes before they
There are posi ves and nega ves to the have to be composted or thrown out. If
use of cardboard. While much of it is it is able to be composted instead of
produced from recycled paper, it is also thrown into the landfill, the overall
produced from trees (sustainably methane emissions will be reduced.
forested) that require massive amounts

Packing paper So, you have your recycled box all ready wrap gingerly about those ceramic and
for packing. Obviously, you need to glass whatnots.
Dr. Sharayu Sawant Anthony D’souza Ambrish Bhargava Dhrumil Shah Druva Dattatraya cushion your product to prevent ra ling
Hon. President Hon. Vice-President Committee Member Committee Member Committee Member and breakage. To fill that void between Finally, you have the machine managed
product and box, you use one of a paper packaging, whereby a noisy robot
Makdum Jahan Mrunal Joshi Nagesh Bakshi Neeraj Sharma Ravindra Raghuwanshi Vaibhav Modak variety of op ons in the world of void fill crunches kra paper or puffs up paper
Committee Member Committee Member Committee Member Committee Member Committee Member Committee Member (aptly named). Paper is a popular choice bubble wrap in order to make your
for this. packing that much quicker and more
You can get fat rolls of kra paper which
you can manually bunch up into Paper packaging is super recyclable and
cushiony balls to stuff strategically can also be composted (especially a
around your merchandise. You can buy good op on if your city has a
shredded paper to treat your product to compos ng program). Further,
a cozy nest of protec on. For your more packaging is o en reusable.
delicate items, there's ssue paper to

Vol. 20, Issue No. 1, January - March 2021 13 Vol. 20, Issue No. 1, January - March 2021 14


Reusable plas c totes While imprac cal for most eCommerce totes are also great for internal use to Bioplas cs A big tent term for a number of bio- human consump on and require a
Mushroom packaging businesses, plas c totes are a super and from distribu on centers and retail based plas c materials, bioplas cs greater share of land to be used. So,
sustainable packaging op on for loca ons of larger businesses. were created to displace tradi onal while they reduce emissions of
businesses that can implement the plas cs made from non-biodegradable greenhouse gases and use of
complex distribu on and return system While plas c totes are ini ally more fossil-fuel plas cs. While not all nonrenewable resources, bioplas cs
required for consumer adop on. expensive, their cost becomes minimal bioplas cs are biodegradable, there are also nega vely impact the environment
over the life me of their use. Same for no petroleum-based plas cs that are through water use, land use,
Community Supported Agriculture their sustainability - assuming they live biodegradable. deforesta on, and the use of pes cides
programs (CSAs) are one type of a long life, plas c totes replace a great and fer lizers.
business that can and does successfully deal of cardboard boxes that may only Bioplas cs are largely used in food
use plas c totes. Since they are be used once before returning to the packaging - as well as bags, utensils, As with many things, there is a balance
regionally based and have their own energy-intensive machinery of and straws - but its applica ons are that needs to be striked to determine
distribu on system in place, returns are recycling. vast, replacing regular plas cs the ecological benefit of a product.
made easy for their customers. Plas c wherever they are used. PLA (polylac c Bioplas cs come in many forms and
acid) is the most common bioplas c their impact will vary from type to type.
A product of thinking way outside of the our garbage bins and s cks around for used to replace polystyrene, From a packaging and shipping
box, mushroom packaging is s ll in early much too long. Other great applica ons polyethylene, and polypropylene. It is perspec ve, both the compostable
days. By growing the mushroom's root are grow-it-yourself lamp shades, usually made from the sugars found in packing peanuts and compostable
system - called mycelium - into a mold thermal insula on, and building sugarcane, corn starch, and cassava. mailer fall under this category.
and baking it to become inert, a type of materials. One major company
protec ve cushioning can be created pioneering its use for packaging their Where bioplas cs are made from edible Source: Sendle
which is en rely compostable at the products is Ikea. parts of plants, they compete with
end of its cycle.
TO BE A PART OF Institute of Packaging Machinery
One of its more obvious and exci ng THE PACKAGING Manufacturers of India
applica ons is for the replacement of FRATERNITY,
polystyrene packaging, which fills up JOIN IPMMI.

Compostable mailers Compostable is a loaded word. As was can be both commercially and home
men oned above, some items are only compostable (these are bioplas cs,
commercially compostable, while covered below). Others are made of Your membership will provide you with a plethora of benefits.
others can merely be tossed with the recycled paper products that are best Joining IPMMI is easy. You can send an online request on
rest of your scraps by the garden. The composted commercially. and our IPMMI Secretariat will get in touch with
good news is that the packaging will you to complete the formali es and introduce you to the exci ng
make clear whether it is commercially Sendle now sells home compostable offers that entail with your new memberships.
compostable or home compostable. pouches made from corn starch,
polylac de (made from corn and once We invite you to become a member of IPMMI to work shoulder
Compostable mailers vary in material. other plant waste and PBAT). A er you to shoulder with other members for the benefit of our Packaging
Some are made with renewable plant ship, it becomes delicious food for Industry.
material (i.e. corn husks and straw) that worms!

HURRY! Rates applicable only till 31st March 2021

Our Membership fees are as follows:

Compostable packing peanuts Tradi onally, packing peanuts have These eco-friendly subs tutes are One Time Registra on Charges ` 3,000/- + GST as Applicable
made from non-toxic plant sources,
been made out of polystyrene - a non- such as grain sorghum and corn starch. Membership charges for 1 Year ` 5,000/-*
biodegradable, non-recyclable plas c Completely biodegradable and
pollutant. With these adverse dissolvable with water, the waste Membership charges for 5 Years ` 15,000/-*
environmental implica ons, starch- footprint of this newer style of packing
based packing peanuts came on the peanut is vanishingly small. Membership charges for 15 Years ` 50,000/-*
scene in the 1990s.

*Registra on Fees ` 3000/- + GST as applicable will be charged for all new memberships.
All payments are to be made strictly to the IPMMI Secretariat by Cheque/DD.
To enjoy hassle-free cashless payment methods, visit our website and explore
the vibrancy of our new horizons!

Vol. 20, Issue No. 1, January - March 2021 15 Vol. 20, Issue No. 1, January - March 2021 16


Syntegon Technology with 150 years of capacity expansion and meet the Syntegon Technology India offers
experience meets newly gained increasing demand of domes c and customized packaging solu ons for the
independence. French Philosopher interna onal markets. In 25 years domes c and interna onal markets in
Albert Camus once said, 'Freedom is Syntegon India has shown sustainable the food and non-food segment. The
nothing but a chance to be be er'. growth right from the me of incep on. ISO 9001: 2015 cer fied unit designs,
Known as Bosch Packaging Technology With 150 well qualified and manufactures and markets ver cal
un l late 2019, the former Bosch experienced employees and an form, fill and seal machines and
division presented itself as an installed base of over 3,000 machines in horizontal flow wrap machines. The
independent company at the beginning India and overseas, it is one of the top wide product por olio of Syntegon
of 2020. Syntegon Technology's players among the packaging India is mainly categorized into: Flexible
business focus is on intelligent and machinery manufacturers. Packaging Ver cal, Flexible Packaging
sustainable packaging technologies for Horizontal, Candy Wrapping Machines
the pharmaceu cal and food
industries. 6,100 strong work force of
Syntegon Technology posted 1.3 billion
euros in sales in 2019.

With its newly gained independence
and its new corporate brand Syntegon is
going to focus on excellent services and
packaging solu ons for their

In 1995, Syntegon started its opera ons
in Bangalore, India. It was relocated to
Verna, Goa, in 2007. Just five years later,
a new state-of-the-art manufacturing
and development facility was
inaugurated in Goa, intending to fulfill

Flexible Bagger Doser
Ver cal

Includes feeding systems,
dosers and baggers for
packaging products
like salt, flour, grains,
tea/coffee, pasta,
detergent etc.

Vol. 20, Issue No. 1, January - March 2021 18


Flexible Line and System Solu on Quo ng the Board of Directors of Syntegon India
Horizontal Includes feeding solu ons, horizontal wrapping Whether food producers are looking
machines, product distribu on and conveyors for for a standard single machine, a
products like cookies, biscuits, cakes, noodles, complex system or a customized
soap bars etc. solu on, Syntegon Technology India
offers and packaging equipment
tailored to their needs. It also offers Mr. Nilesh Vedak Mr. Chandra Prasad R.
complete planning and project
management, and supports its MD - Syntegon Technology India Execu ve Director - Syntegon Technology India
customers from the design and
Horizontal Flow Wrappers System Solu ons engineering of a line through to “At Syntegon India, our focus is to be a “As Robert Bosch Packaging Technology
installa on and maintenance. customer centric organiza on. We India, our endeavor has been to offer
Candy Includes sor ng units, candy wrappers and cut and work towards providing high-quality superior packaging technology at an
Wrapping wrap machines. The types of candies that can be packed A er sales services packaging solu ons to our customers affordable price.
Machines on these machines are hard boiled candies, chewy candies, which enhance their product value.
toffees, gums, jellies, dragees, pellets, tablets Syntegon Technology India also Now, as Syntegon we will con nue our
and pressed products. extends a er sales support in form of With innova on and technology focus on offering smart affordable
service and spares to its customers exper se, we create intelligent and packaging solu ons, increasing
globally. Its main focus is on intelligent sustainable solu ons which are customer benefits with be er services.
and sustainable technologies, with a environmentally friendly and improve
special emphasis on services. With product quality for our customers. We would like to thank our customers
this in mind, Syntegon expanded its for their long-term trust and look
service ac vi es in the wake of the Developing competencies in packaging forward to con nuing successfully with
coronavirus pandemic crisis and solu ons and strengthening teams to you in future.”
implemented customer services via drive Make in India ini a ve.”
digital solu ons. Its comprehensive
consul ng and services por olio
encompasses the en re life cycle of
customer products. ONLINE
Candy Wrappers Sor ng Units DIRECTORY

Vol. 20, Issue No. 1, January - March 2021 19 Easy to connect

+91 72088 84246/47
[email protected]

Vol. 20, Issue No. 1, January - March 2021 20


Author: Ryan D'souza, BE Printing and Packaging Technology,
SIES Graduate School of Technology ([email protected])

Benefits of Industry 4.0 for Packaging Machinery

• Increases overall equipment

• Minimizes change over me and
enables mass customiza on.

• Simplifies the iden fica on of root
causes for produc on inefficiency.

• Integrated safety significantly
increases line availability and
reduces stoppages.

• Allows for zero defect produc on.

Industry 4.0 as applied to the packaging • Enables auto diagnos cs by direct performance monitoring and
industry ushers in a new phase of web connec vity of the machine op miza on.
evolu on with a focus on automa on, sensors.
machine learning, ar ficial intelligence, • Ability to track and trace exact
augmented reality, virtual reality, big • Centralized acquisi on of opera ng product loca on.
data, and Industrial Internet of Things and process data allows for online
(IIoT). Many companies see the value of
using smart, fully automated packaging Key Enabling Technologies for Industry 4.0
lines and digital value chains. For e.g. by
interconnec ng digital and real data, an • IoT (Internet of Things) enables real facilitate the automa on of the
order picking processes can be me machine to machine interac on manufacturing process to improve
performed with the aid of Pick-by- efficiency.
Vision Smart Glasses. In 360-degree by connec ng them over a network
mode, these Smart Glasses display the to establish a connected value chain. • M2M (Machine to machine) involves
storage loca ons, ar cles, and use of industrial instrumenta on and
quan es available throughout the • AR (Augmented Reality) can enhance sensors to record and communicate
warehouse. This reduces the sources of business opera ons with data directly with so ware.
error for employees whilst increasing mathema cal modelling, AI (Ar ficial
customer sa sfac on. Intelligence) and VR (Virtual Reality). • Addi ve manufacturing helps
produc on in small batches in a cost
Digitaliza on has given an opportunity • Big Data analy cs supports and me-effec ve way, thus
for small/medium size enterprises with intelligent and real me decision reducing the lead me from product
new business models to improve their making. design to product release with
performance by op mizing opera on, greater customiza on.
real me predic on and maintanence • Interconnected robots are used to
without any human interven on. The
vision of Industry 4.0 is to increase
produc vity and efficiency by crea ng
self-managing produc on processes
where people, machine, equipment,
logis cs systems and work-in-progress
components cooperate with each other
directly. Thus, produc on and logis cs
processes are integrated intelligently,
crea ng a real- me lean manufacturing
ecosystem that is more efficient and
flexible. Ul mately, this facilitates a
smart value crea on chain
encompassing various life cycle phases
of a product; from ini al product idea,
to development, produc on, recycling,
use and maintenance.

[email protected] 93323563848 / 251 268 1586

Vol. 20, Issue No. 1, January - March 2021 22


Author: Pranav Majgaonkar, PhD Student,
Technische Universität Hamburg-Harburg ([email protected])

Synthe c plas cs have conquered each processed into a variety of shapes using of-the-art recycling infrastructure
and every aspect of human life, thanks conven onal processing techniques. ins tuted for these plas cs. The bio-
to their excellent performance at an These processing techniques includes degrada on of PLA in a
affordable price and the ability to tailor injec on moulding, extrusion, (electro) landfill/compost leads to the
their proper es to suit the intended spinning and blow moulding, PLA also genera on of green-house gases;
applica on. However, their finds applica ons in electrical thereby, defying its primary purpose.
indiscriminate disposal and resistance appliances (e.g., Sony´s Walkman
to biological degrada on coupled with (2001), Fujitsu´s note-book computers, While PLA can be mechanically
pressure from global climate change Sanyo´s CD/DVD discs). recycled, this strategy is not infinite as
ins gated researchers to inves gate the base polymer matrix suffers from a
renewable & sustainable alterna ves. However, despite the similari es degrada on in its quality with every
This laid the founda on for the between the mechanical and thermal cycle. In addi on to this, the lack of an
evolu on of bio-based plas cs. proper es of PLA and other synthe c appropriate collec on infrastructure
plas cs, it should be noted that, PLA is limits mechanical recycling of PLA.
Poly(lac c) acid (PLA) is the most bri le, has rela vely poor impact
promising member of this family and strength and elonga on at break. Chemical recycling of PLA is a viable
serves as a poten al bio-based Further, its low melt strength creates op on to recover the valuable poly-
alterna ve to several fossil-based complica ons during its mechanical hydroxy acid at its end-of-life as the
plas cs, namely, PE, PET, PP and PS. processing, especially when film/sheet produc on process for PLA is highly raw
Ever since its large-scale produc on in extrusion and foaming opera ons are material and energy intensive. Several
the 1990s, PLA has expanded its scope involved. In addi on to this, its low recycling strategies, aimed at either
to different sectors ranging from niche thermal degrada on temperature and recovering the cons tuent monomer
applica ons such as resorbable sutures, the tendency to undergo hydrolysis in (hydrolysis, thermal depolymerisa on)
surgical implants and drug delivery the presence of moisture during or conver ng it into value-added
matrices to commodity materials such processing necessitates the use of chemicals (alcoholysis), have been
as food packaging and disposable addi ves and/or addi onal pre- inves gated across the globe.
cutlery. In addi on to the bio-medical processing steps, in order to achieve the
field, PLA, on account of its bio- desired characteris cs pertaining to a Thus, though PLA is trending as a
degradability, has the poten al to par cular applica on. poten al alterna ve to synthe c
replace PE in agricultural applica ons plas cs, at present, it accounts for a
such as sandbags, mulch films, etc. The Though PLA is touted as a “bio- negligible share in the global plas c
an -microbial proper es of PLA and its degradable” plas c, its bio- market. However, with an increasing
inherent ability to prevent photo- degradability is subjec ve to the awareness about sustainability, PLA has
degrada on establishes it as a prevailing environmental condi ons. the poten al to develop into a high-
“preferred” choice in the food- For instance, a PLA bo le will take 100- volume commodity material by virtue
packaging sector. Further, by virtue of 1000 years to decompose in a landfill as of a progressive increase in its global
its low flammability and ability to be opposed to 3 months in an industrial produc on capacity, an exhaus ve
compost. Further, due to similar research aimed at development of
applica ons, post-consumer PLA waste flexible, versa le applica ons and
o en contaminates conven onal waste conscious, responsible efforts directed
streams; thereby, disturbing the state- towards its recycling.

Vol. 20, Issue No. 1, January - March 2021 24


It is only in recent years that the true What is the situa on? very effec ve packaging product,
environmental impact of non-recycled primarily due to their resealable,
plas cs on our ecosystems and oceans An environmental blight. In 2017, a lightweight, safe, and durable nature.
has been realized. In 2018 the BBC's million drinks bo les were bought Though recent years have seen a huge
Blue Planet 2 issued a stark warning to every minute. growth in canned water – CanO and
the Bri sh public (and, thanks to the Llanllyr SOURCE being the two on the
BBC's interna onal influence, globally), Is this really a war though? How can we market in the UK right now, the true
presen ng visually both the sobering possibly banish plas cs, one of the most efficacy of such a container remains to
reality of decades' worth of plas c useful produc on materials in the be seen. The environmental value of
rubbish floa ng around our major history of humankind? When it comes the can relies on that fact that it is
rivers, estuaries and oceans, as well as specifically to drinks packaging, the cheaper to recycle than it is to use virgin
the cold hard facts of the massive, situa on is not black and white as to materials, notwithstanding the fact that
irresponsible, overuse of 'single use simply replace plas c bo les with metal cans aren't pollu ng our oceans,
plas cs', a new addi on to our lexicon. aluminium or steel cans. The case for bo les are. The water cans that are now
David A enborough issued a call-to- PET remains compelling as their on the market are re-sealable, but the
arms on individuals to reduce or usefulness for certain beverage types adding of addi onal plas c
eliminate their use of various single use remains unparalleled in a number of components to the package (i.e. a re-
plas cs, with disposable water bo les ways, durability and versa lity for the useable pull tab), adds an addi onal
and drinking straws in the crosshairs. consumer being a main factor. Could burden and complexity to the recycling
The corporate world was targeted to the beverage can replace the single use process and par ally nega ng its value.
take responsibility and dras cally bo les as we know? Un l recently, the Despite this, popularity for such
increase recycling efforts while likely answer would be no, not in its products is growing.
decreasing virgin hydrocarbon usage in current itera on, as says Simon
the manufacturing of new bo les. Jennings of Numis.
What started was the now
commonplace phrase 'war on plas cs.' The truth is that recyclable, resealable
plas c bo les in the long term are a

An environmental blight. In 2017, a million drinks bottles were bought every minute. Canned water- the future?

Un l very recently, cans have broadly
been overlooked as a viable alterna ve
to bo les for water packaging, with the
majority of a en on focused on
recycling efforts and transi oning to
rPET bo ling. However, a en on really
should be focused on the circular
economy, and plas cs are simply not
close enough to realise that goal. A
recent survey by UK polling firm YouGov
and commissioned by Ball, who in
January this year launched their
infinitely recyclable aluminium bo le
line, suggests that consumers are
becoming increasingly open and
suppor ve of the idea of canned water,
with 55% of respondents sta ng they'd
be more likely to buy water in a can “if
they knew that the can is infinitely
recyclable”.[1] This was par cularly
acute amongst the younger, 25-34 age
bracket, but polling also suggested that
around half (53%) were aware that cans
were infinitely recyclable, and just
under half (47%) were aware that
aluminium beverage cans were the
most recyclable product on the market.

Vol. 20, Issue No. 1, January - March 2021 26


Author: Mr. Sachin Laddha, Market Development Manager, Dow ([email protected])

water but also to sparkling flavoured packaged water is s ll sold in the UK, Various current examples have shown Figure 1: TF-BOPE film vs. Other PE films Figure 2: TF-BOPE film vs. Other PE films
waters such as La Croix in the US, and with 2.8bn litres sold in the UK in 2019. that all Polyethylene Mono-Material
DASH in the UK, means that companies Globally, in par cular in many laminates can be used in different Thickness Clarity OPTICS Economics 10
like Crown are now building and developing countries that do not formats of flexible packaging. One such consistency 10 Gloss 8
expanding new plants across North possess adequate public water example is a Stand Up Pouch (shown MD-s ffness 6
America, including a new plant in processing systems such as India, this here) developed by Dow in 8 4
Bowling Green, Kentucky, and new lines number is far, far greater. collabora on with Mespack. Pinhole 2
in New York, Toronto, and Olympia, resistance 6 0
Washington. Further investments to Boom in can popularity,
increase capacity have also been seen decline in bo les - a balance 4 Recyclability Clarity
in Europe, South East Asia, and South to be struck?
America, with 8 billion cans of 2
addi onal capacity added in 2020 and In spite of this, 2020 has been a boom
2021. year for the can. In October Ardagh 0
Group announced it was making a
Recycling situa on and $1.8bn (£1.38bn) investment a er Puncture
consump on levels three quarters of con nued growth and energy
demand for cans outstripping its own TOUGHNESS
The Coca Cola Company recently laid ability to manufacture to keep pace. As Dart Heat Seal Toughness
out its commitment to recycling by highlighted by industry veteran and
sta ng that by the end of 2020, all of its logis cs expert Martha Rojas, TOUGHNESS
plas c bo les produced in the UK manufacturers in Europe and the US
would be made with at least 50% rPET. cannot meet rapidly accelera ng S ffness
This is an ambi ous target. As it stands, demand by food and beverage
the overwhelming majority of single- companies, with freight companies TF-BOPE Blown PE MOD-PE TF-BOPE BOPET BOPP BOPA
use plas c bo les produced are PET, now shipping products from India and
not rPET, for the simple reason that it is Brazil at great expense both financially (20µm, 0.926g/cm3) (25µm, 0.950g/cm3) (20µm, 0.937g/cm3) (20µm) (12µm) (18µm) (15µm)
s ll cheaper to use virgin plas cs to and to the environment. Yet with both
CanO Water's signature product. manufacture bo les than to recycle increased capacity of produc on and of Historically, Polyethylene (PE) film has demonstrate the following outstanding New Possibili es
The future of water packaging? them. For drinks companies and recycling, this disbalance is likely to be been the workhorse in flexible proper es when compared to
manufacturers to increase the use of short lived. packaging; but it has certain limita ons: tradi onal PE products: As shown in Figure 2, INNATE™ TF
We spoke to Co-founder of CanO Josh recycled plas cs, the costs of polyethylene resins provide ways to
White, who gave us a brief of how the produc on will go up, quite simply. So where do we see the balance • It is hazy - clouding your printed • up to 80% less haze enable enhancements like expanding
company has grown from strength to Recycling plants are expensive, and the between the can and the bo le in the material. packaging performance, reducing film
strength, an encouraging sign from a logis cs required to take used bo les to future? We asked Crown's CTO Dan • two mes (2x) the impact strength use and increasing line efficiencies:
fledgling product. Born out of a first- plants takes coopera on from Abramowicz for his thoughts on how • It is so - making it easy to leave and tensile modulus
hand witness to the damaging effect of consumer, to local authority, to facility, cans and plas c bo les match up and indenta ons. Polymer subs tu on:
plas cs pollu on, one of the biggest which takes me. If the produc on where they'll likely sit in the next few • three mes (3x) the puncture
hurdles for the company was educa ng costs of bo les goes up, it should years: • It isn't very tough - leaving your resistance and tensile strength INNATE™ TF resins have excellent
consumers, which took a number of ul mately shi to the consumer to take products more vulnerable to impact. mechanical proper es that can reduce
years. on this addi onal financial burden, as “Aluminium cans have been shown to • excellent flex crack resistance, even lamina on thickness by replacing
Jennings reiterates. If one takes the full have superior sustainability creden als • It is highly tear resistant - making the under low temperature polymers such as BOPA, BOPP or BOPET
Indeed, White says that 'It's great to see recycling cost for plas cs into consumer due to their recyclability and best in package difficult to open. in abuse layers for packaging. Material
the brand we created back in 2015 price, cans would be the economically class recycling rates. We foresee a When people hear the word replacement can also offer easy
being so widely accepted not just in the more viable product. con nued growth in this market for • It cannot be readily recycled in to “sustainability” most think about handling and cost op miza on.
UK but also abroad as we con nue to years to come as more consumers turn mul -material lamina on film - protec ng the environment. So do we
grow CanO Waters global footprint.' Indeed, single use plas c bo les had to this packaging format. Although we crea ng plas c waste in the at Dow. That is why we have invested Convenience of use:
Much of this was as a result of already been going out of vogue from a expect our customers and consumers to environment. great resources around the world to
consumer appe te which '…helped us consumer sense from the late-2010s, con nue to make this transi on, it develop ways to do just that. We have Alone, or in lamina ons (e.g., BOPET
win distribu on in high profile na onal with insulated water bo les from would be impossible to completely Due to the shortcomings of PE film, introduced “design for recyclability,” a /BOPE), INNATE™ TF resins create films
accounts such as Tesco, Morrisons, brands like Sigg, Hydroflask, and the replace the very large PET bo le there was a clear need for an alternate developmental process in which all that are easy to tear; an important
CoOp, WHSmith, Compass & Sodexo.' now iconic Chillis bo le becoming market, and therefore there will be a material, and we at Dow wanted to help aspects of a package lifecycle are requirement for packaging products
Indeed, the company sold over 10 ubiquitous, not just among place in the market for both aluminium find it. Through our research and analyzed to create an efficient and that also increases customer
million cans in 2019, and with environmentalists but even with the cans and PET bo les for the near to long collabora on with Mespack, we have recyclable (or reusable) product. convenience in use.
sustainability and social impact in mind, most moderately eco-conscious term.” reached our goal to develop a
Josh and his co-founder Perry consumer. Despite this, a lot of recyclable orienta on film. INNATE™ TF And that is why Dow is very excited A fully recyclable structure:
Alexander hope and expect other Source: Canmaking News Polyethylene Resins for Tenter Frame about products like INNATE™ TF
brands to follow their lead info offering (James Gi ngs, Senior Reporter) Biaxial Orienta on (1.7g/10 min Ml; PolyethyleneResins for Tenter Frame With excellent op cal performance and
alterna ve op ons to single use 0.926 g/cm3 density) feature a unique Biaxial Orienta on. The environmental printability ensuring clear logos, images
plas cs. molecular architecture that makes it advantages of using INNATE™ TF resins and readability for dazzling shelf
possible. make them an excellent op on for appearance, TF-BOPE film can be used
Manufacturers were already promo ng sustainability ini a ves. directly as the printed layer of the
responding to the hugely increased Polyethylene films created using INNATE™ TF resins - and flexible packaging. By combining it with other
customer and consumer demand for INNATE™ TF Polyethylene Resins for packaging structures made with them - PE func onal layers (e.g., BOPE//PE),
aluminium cans of all types before the Tenter Frame Biaxial Orienta on are 100% recyclable in exis ng PE INNATE™ TF resins can achieve
recent advent of the canned water recycle streams. The resins can be used packaging with an all- PE structure,
concept, but the recent demand has alone, in mul -layer structures with making it more convenient for recycling
driven firms to increase produc on other PE layers, even as laminates. and increasing the overall sustainability
capacity, par cularly in the US. These Adding to their sustainability claims, quo ent.
new products, not just limited to s ll they offer significant material reduc on
and downgauging opportuni es while
providing superior proper es.

Vol. 20, Issue No. 1, January - March 2021 27 Vol. 20, Issue No. 1, January - March 2021 28


Shreetech Universal Technologies 30

Shreetech Universal Technologies is a
reliable partner to a wide range of
innova ve industries by offering
technology, engineering and service
solu ons. The exper se of our en re
organiza on and the permanent
networking with globally competent
specialists result in solu ons that
benefit our business partners in Asia
and Europe.
We have our business associates based
in Germany, UK, Taiwan & China. We
today represent and support many
renowned manufacturers in the
following sectors of food processing:
• Fruits & Vegetables: IQF Lines
• Value Added Frozen Products:

Spiral Freezers for Burger,
Nuggets, Samosa, Paratha etc.
• Ready to Eat Food and Snacks
We also have an exper se in supply of
refurbished ''TETRA PACK LINES'' with
warranty. Packaging Machines for all
kind of Food Products.

Mistry Engineering

Mistry Engineering offers complete
solu on to its customers in the field of
Liquid Packaging with its tailor-made
quality products as per Customer
requirements. With its clear vision of
innova ng new products Mistry
Engineering is always commi ed
towards providing quality products and
service to achieve Customer
Sa sfac on. We offer innova ve liquid
and solid dose packaging solu ons for
the Pharmaceu cal industry.

Our key product includes:

• Liquid injectable filling and
packaging line

• Liquid oral filling and packaging

• Tablet / capsule bulk coun ng &
packaging line

• Dry powder, syrup filling &
packaging line.

Vol. 20, Issue No. 1, January - March 2021


Pinnacle Industrial Controls Thames Side Sensors India 32

Pinnacle Industrial Controls is an With over 40 years' experience, Thames
established industrial automa on and Side Sensors Ltd. is a leading Global
control system solu ons company. Designer of Load Cells & Weighing
With over 22 years of experience and a system components, which includes -
turnover of over Rs. 500 million, we are weighing assemblies, instrumenta on/
a professionally managed organiza on electronics and diagnos c accessories.
of over 135 employees. We are Europe's leading manufacturer
of cost-effec ve weighing system
We partner with clients spread across components.
the world, ranging from mid-sized
companies to MNCs from OEMs to end Thames Side Sensors India Pvt. Ltd. is a
users. Our solu ons are reliable, subsidiary of Thames Side Sensors Ltd.
deployment is fast and accurate, we UK, having its registered office in
have a be er control of the quality Mumbai and OEMs / System Integrators
process as our team gets involved at the / Channel Partners / Business
design stage of the machines. associates located in over 50 ci es
across India. Our state-of-the-art
Pinnacle's commitment and manufacturing facility is located at
understanding of the automa on Barcelona, Spain.
business over the years has helped us
become one of the top system Our load cells find applica ons in many
integrators in the country. We are the areas for Process Weighing, Batching
preferred Indian partners for some of Plants & other Industrial Scales viz.
the leading interna onal companies in Weighbridge, Tank / Vessel / Silo
the industry such as Delta Electronics, weighing system, Belt weigher, Weigh
Panasonic, Schneider Electric, Fuji feeder, Bagging machine, Check
Electric and Anderson Negele. weigher, Loss-in weight system and
other special weighing applica ons.
Hydro Pneuma c Controls Hydro Pneumatic Controls
Camfield Engineers
HPC is a well-known name in the field of An ISO 9001 : 2015 certified company
Pneuma cs & Hydraulics since 1981. Camfield Engineers are pioneers in the
We have office in Mumbai & factory at Pneumatics and Hydraulics field of manufacture of all types of
Vasai 50 kms away from Mumbai. Cams & Cam Indexing Systems for OEM
Our Range of Products Website: customers and maintenance Re-
HPC exper se into design, • Pneumatic & Hydraulic Cylinders condi oners.. Since 1981, Camfield
manufacturing of Pneuma c & • Directional Control Valves SpritzOn Foot Operated water Taps Engineers are in the business of
Hydraulic products & has developed • Filter Regulator Lubricators In this Pandemic situation we have manufacturing Drum Cams, Face Cams,
sound goodwill to cater requirement of • Hydraulic Power Packs developed Foot operated water Tap to Plate Cams, and Grooved Plate Cams &
O.E's & consumers in industry. HPC now • Customized Cylinders convert existing hand wash basin into Indexing Cams.
have a PAN India presence and serving • Rotary Pneumatic & Electrical Actuators the Foot Operated one in way to have
clients across mul ple sectors like Steel, • Fittings & Accessories Focusing only on Cams and backed with
Paper, Automobile, Power, Sugar, Contactless I Hazzle free I Safe hand wash years of experience behind in
Tex le, Cement, Pharmaceu cals, Manufacturing Cams, we manufacture
Prin ng, Packaging, Petrochemicals Associated Brands Drum Cams Diameter more than
and Oil & Gas. 450mm and Plate Cams Diameter more
Plot No. 55, Papdi Ind. Area, Umela Phata, Vasai (W), Palghar 401207 than 600mm. Camfield Engineers have
Our key products are Pneuma c Ph: (0250) 2328322 Fax: (0250) 2327574 Email: [email protected] Website: gained the confidence of many OEM
Cylinders, Pneuma c valves, Hydraulic customers from Bo ling, Canning,
cylinders, Hydraulic Powerpacks, Pharmaceu cals, Packaging, Prin ng
Solenoid Valves, Pneuma c Posi oners, and Automa on Industry.
and more.
Our factory is substan ally equipped to
Vol. 20, Issue No. 1, January - March 2021 31 support and manufacture any Cam
related products that any customer
requires for a specific use. Camfield
Engineers are a customer friendly
organiza on who not only is interested
in sales but also a er sales service
whose mo o is customer sa sfac on.

Vol. 20, Issue No. 1, January - March 2021


Sangawar Pneuma cs Sangawar Pneumatics

Leaders in Pneuma c Technology, We are the Manufacturer of Test Equipments for
designing, installa on and Packaging Test Equipments
manufacturing of a range of industrial 1. Pressure Testing
systems and accessories. Right from 2. Impact Testing
Pneuma c piping for Laboratories & 3. Vacuum Testing
Industries, High Pressure Gas Piping for 4. Temperature Conditioning Test +70OC and -30OC
Sampling & Chromatography, Process 5. Humidity Test
Automa on, Crane Accessories & 6. Dump Test
Systems to Hydraulic Filtra on Systems 7. Total Testing of Packaging
and Process Engineering Equipment.
Mr. Pramod Sangawar, founder and CEO Safety Devices Testing Equipments
of Sangawar Pneuma cs, provides the 1. Safety Respiratory Protective
vision and driving force behind our
company's commitment to delivering Devices Filtering Half Mask/
unparalleled value to customers. He is Full Face Mask
responsible for the overall direc on, 2. Surgical Mask
growth, and financial strength. Highly 3. Safety Belts
experienced, his qualifica ons include 4. Safety Goggles
B.E. (Mechanical) & B. E. (Electrical), 5. Eye Wash and Shower
M.I.I.E. and MBA (Personnel). 6. Safety Helmet
Our products are widely used across
various industries. A state-of-the-art B 115, Kalika Darshan, Parulekar Marg, Off Bhavani Shankar Road, Dadar (W), Mumbai - 400028.
factory at Vasai equipped with the Tel. 93235 21603 / 70219 26710 Email: [email protected] / [email protected]
latest fabrica on facili es and machine
shop enables us to provide quality
products to clients along with value for
money service and total customer
sa sfac on on every job we undertake.

The whole world was ba ling the COVID 2020 (co-located with Drink Technology
crisis and evolving to survive through India & World Tea & Coffee Expo)
the year 2020. Physical exhibi ons were organized by Messe Muenchen India
becoming a blurring dream. Eventually, (MMI) and supported by IPMMI. We got
mankind has come to terms with the an overwhelming response from 38+
new normal to sustain itself with exhibitors, 1150+ visitors including
controlled physical connect and social overseas visitors from 10+ countries.
distancing. Due to this scenario, the The virtual expo was adorned with 17
PackMach Asia Expo 2020 was held technical sessions and 6 conference
virtually last year on December 9-11, sessions.

Here's looking forward to an enriching experience
that we have planned with Messe Muenchen India in October 2021.

The PackMach Asia Expo 2021

Looking forward to see you all there!

Vol. 20, Issue No. 1, January - March 2021 33

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