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Low Organized Games Powerpoint presentation

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Published by Alana Myers, 2019-12-05 20:16:41

Low Organized Games

Low Organized Games Powerpoint presentation

Low Organized Games

By: Alana Myers
TUES/THURS 11-11:50

Table of Contents

 Game 1- Centipede Tag
 Game 2- Streets and Alleys
 Game 3- Crossing the pond
 Game 4-Octopus
 Game 5-Quick Hands
 Game 6- Teamwork
 Game 7-Toilet Tag
 Game 8-Rock Paper Scissors Train
 Game 9- Duck Duck, Goose
 Game 10- Red Rover
 Game 11- Telephone
 Game 12- Frogs across the pond

Centipede Tag*

 Rules- Divide students into groups of 3 or 4 and have one person be “It”.
Have the members of each group attach to each together by holding
onto the waist of the person in front of them to form a centipede. The
person in the front is the head and the person in the back is the tail. The
person who is “IT” must catch the tail of one of the centipedes and attach
to it. If he is successful, then the head must come off and he is now “IT”. The
new “it can not attach to the same centipede. Each centipede must move
in curved pathways only.

 Skills- stability, body awareness and agility.

 Space requirements- Half court

 Time required- 5-6 mins.

Streets and Alleys

 Rules- Students line up in 4 rows of 5 students,2 students left over are the cat
and mouse. Rows of students have their arms stretched out at shoulder
height facing the front(teacher), which makes “streets”. Students turn to
one side with arms stretched out still to form “alleys” Streets change to
alleys and back again on teacher’s call. The cat must chase the mouse
through the streets and alleys trying to tag the mouse.

 Skills- agility and body awareness

 Space requirements- half-court

 Time required- 5-6 mins

Crossing the bridge

 Rules- Divide the class into two equal teams. Loop a hula hoop over one
player’s arm and without the other player’s hands, he must step into and
through the hoop, so it rests on his other arm. Then keep repeating and
whichever team can pass the hula hoop all the way to the end without
letting go of each others' hands is the winner.

 Skills- strength, agility

 Space Requirements- half court

 Time required-5-6 mins


 Rules- All players must stand on one side of the court. 2 players will become
the octopuses. When players are caught they will stand where they are
caught and be an obstacle to those who are still running, caught players
can not move but they can tag running players if they get too close.

 Skills- speed and agility
 Space requirement- Half court
 Time required- 5-6 mins

Quick Hands

 Two students will be selected to be in the middle and the rest of the
students will get in a circle around the two students. The students in the
circle will toss a ball around and if the students in the middle touch the ball
who ever through it will be in the middle.

 Skills- speed
 Space requirement- Half court
 Time required- 7-9 mins


 Rules- Students get into groups of 2, the students start out sitting on the
ground and must figure out a way for both to stand up without touching
the ground with their hands. After they figure it out they must join another
group and figure out how to stand up with them this happens until the
whole class is together and they all get up

 Skills- cooperation, strength

 Space requirements – half court

 Time required-6-9 mins

Toilet Tag

 Rules- 1-5 students will be the “its”. To start the game the “its” stay close to
the teacher and the rest of the class scatters around. Give the go signal
and the “its” will attempt to tag the other players. When a player is tagged,
he/she must get on one knee and one arm straight out to the side(toilet
position). The tagged player must remain frozen until they are freed b
another player. To unfreeze a player the other player must sit on the knee
of the frozen player and make a whoosh sound while pulling the arm down

 Skills- speed, agility

 Space requirement- Half court or Full court

 Time required- 6-7mins

Rock, Paper Scissors Train

 Rules- In an open space students will scatter around and find a partner.
They will then play three rounds of rock/paper/scissors with their partner the
one who loses stands behind the winner and start the train. The train will
then walk around to the other students and the first student in the train will
play against another. Every time a student wins the opposing team will join
the back of the winning team train. The game will win end when there are
only two trains left.

 Skills- quick thinking

 Space requirement-Half court

 Time required- 7-9 mins

Duck, Duck , Goose

 Rules- All students, expect the student who is “it” will sit in a circle. The “it”
student will walk around the circle tapping on each players head saying
“duck” each time until the “it” student decides to tap someone and say
“goose”. That person becomes the goose and runs after “it” trying to tag
the student before “it” can take the student who is “goose” seat.

 Skills- speed
 Space requirement- Half court
 Time required – 6-7 mins

Red Rover

 Rules- students will split up into two groups holding hands and be counted
off by number 1-8. The instructor will pick a side to go first and the side will
call out a number from the other side and say “ red rover, red rover let
number __ come over”. The student will then come over and try to break
trough the students on the other side hands. If the student breaks through
he/she gets to take a person with them on the other side with them.

 Skills- strength, speed and cooperation.

 Space requirement- Full court

 Time required- 6-7 mins


 Rules- Students will get in a circle and the person who the instructor will start
off the telephone and the person must pass it around until it gets back to
the first person. The first person must then say what was originally said and
what ended up being said. Each person only gets one turn to repeat what
was said.

 Skills- memorization

 Space requirement- Half court

 Time required- 3-5 mins

Frogs across the pond

 Rules- The students with be in groups of three and get “lily pads”. One
student will serve as the frog and the other two will be the ones putting the
“lily pads” on the ground for the frog to get across the pond. On the
instructors count the frogs will begin racing to get across the pond. The first
group to get to the other side wins.

 Skills- agility, speed

 Space requirement- Half court or Full court

 Time required- 1-3 mins

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