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Prosper Group Three Year Development Plan

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Published by Prosper Group, 2017-12-05 10:59:52

Prosper Group Three Year Development Plan

Prosper Group Three Year Development Plan

creating choice & opportunity Support people
Treat each to be part of
person their local
as an community

In the same way and same place as everyone else

people to make

their own
decisions and


Being person centred in how we think and what we do

Listen to
what people

have to say

Respect each Supporting each individual to live a life as they choose
person’s adulthood
and rights as people to
an adult develop their
skills and


Three Year Development Plan

2016 – 2018

b Prosper Group Three Year Development Plan 2016-2018


Chairman’s Introduction 2
CEO’s Overview 3
Core Purpose, Values, Operational Principles 4
Board of Directors 5
Board Committees 5
Strategic Priorities 6
Scope of Current Provision 7
Key Statistics 8
National Policy Context 10
Strategic Priorities 11
1. Person-centred and Responsive Services 12
2. Partnership 12
3. Corporate Leadership and Governance 13
4. Working Smarter – Use of Information 14
5. Quality, Standards and Practices 15
6. Responsive Workforce 16
7. Finance and Assets 17
8. Safety and Risk

Prosper Group Three Year Development Plan 2016-2018 1


As Chairman of the Prosper Group, I am especially pleased to introduce this Three Year
Development Plan 2016-2018.
While the Group has a number of subsidiary companies, this Plan primarily concentrates on the two
HSE funded service provider companies, Prosper Fingal and Prosper Meath (formerly MIDWAY).
Back in 2011, initial exploratory discussions between Prosper Fingal and the MIDWAY Company in
County Meath regarding a potential ‘coming together’ or merger commenced. It was a very uncertain
time in Ireland, with the collapsed economy and its impact on publically funded services. As a result, the
potential benefits of mergers in our sector came into sharp focus. By the end of 2014, those discussions
came to a conclusion. This was made possible by the input of the HSE Social Care Division. Following
five years of intense and concentrated work, the new Prosper Group structure was formed with Prosper
Fingal and Prosper Meath being two of its subsidiary companies.
The timing of this Development Plan is ideal as it aligns with the first full operational year of the Prosper
Group, the introduction of new HSE Social Care structures, the increased governance and regulation
within the charity sector and, not to be underestimated, the increased confidence due to a rising
economy. I believe that all these factors together will propel the new organisation and its structures
forward. However, in saying that, it is my fervent wish that the values that built our organisation to date
are retained. Central to the well-being of any organisation is its culture and I believe the culture of both
Prosper Fingal and Prosper Meath were built on respect, responsiveness and caring. These values have to
be retained and should provide the impetus for this ambitious, client-centred and quality driven Plan.
Prosper Group herein sets out its priorities for the next three years. It does so mindful of the competing
pressures for additional services at all times and the resource potential and limitations. We look forward
to working with our primary funder the Health Service Executive (HSE), other government agencies and
bodies, local and national support groups and families to realising a more self-determined future for the
individuals we support.

Conor Sparks,

2 Prosper Group Three Year Development Plan 2016-2018


The first full operational year of the new Prosper Group structure was 2016. As MIDWAY
(now Prosper Meath) signed off its 2014 Audited Accounts in September 2015, the MIDWAY
Board of Directors were still in place up to that point and duly resigned after the Audited
Accounts Annual Return date of the 30th September. Post the Audited Accounts sign-off,
concentration was then placed on the formal commencement of the new Prosper Group
The period of this Development Plan represents a unique time for both Prosper Fingal and Prosper
Meath as it aligns with the implementation of the newly formed Prosper Group and its subsidiary
companies. As a result, we have new Boards of Management and Board Committees, Executive
Management structures and services in place. It is also a period that coincides with the newly forming
HSE – Community Heathcare Organisations (CHO) structures and as a result the Prosper Group has
to operate over two distinct HSE regions as County Meath is in CHO Area 8 and Fingal is in the
CHO Area 9.
This Three Year Development Plan 2016-2018 aims to consolidate the agreements made between
Prosper Fingal, MIDWAY and the HSE to date. It also sets out to build a strong organisation that
provides services that are person-centred, responsive and comply with good practice. Those in crisis
come to the fore as we draw up this plan. Individuals in residential crisis or those who are presenting
with significant and changing needs in both Prosper Fingal and Prosper Meath need a coherent
response and strategy, in partnership with the HSE Social Care Division at national and local level.
Advancing alignment across Prosper Fingal and Prosper Meath in service provision, policies and
practices is also a critical target over the next three years. This is a significant and ongoing challenge.
The Plan aims to recognise the need for strong governance in all aspects of the organisation with value
for money being a core objective in how the Prosper Group develops and provides services on behalf of
the State.
This document sets out a strategic direction for the organisation that reflects the increasing pressure
for service expansion and the national disability policy framework it has to work within.

Pat Reen,

Prosper Group Three Year Development Plan 2016-2018 3

Core Purpose, Values,
Operational Principles

Prosper Group’s service provider companies, Prosper Fingal and Prosper
Meath, are community based non-statutory companies that provide a range
of services and supports to adults with an intellectual disability on behalf of
the Health Service Executive (HSE). The following sets out these companies
core purpose, values and operational principles:

Core Purpose

To support each individual to live the life they choose, in the same way and same
places as everybody else.

Core Values

• Treat each person as an individual
• Respect each person’s adulthood and rights as an adult
• Listen to what people have to say
• Encourage people to make their own decisions and choices
• Support people to be part of their local community
• Support people to develop their skills, talents and interests

Core Operational Principles

• Being person-centred in what we do
• Enabling active citizenship
• Involving families and carers
• Having the right staff
• Providing quality services

4 Prosper Group Three Year Development Plan 2016-2018

Prosper Group
Board of Directors

Board of Directors Board Committees

Position Name Committee Board Members Invited Members
Chairperson Conor Sparks Quality
and Risk Dr Mary Murphy Dr John O’Connell
Secretary Mary Dowling (Chair) Emer Dowling
Kitty O’Connor

Vice-Chair Noel Hickey Nominations Shay Smyth Paula Carey
(Chair) Michael Shanley
Board Member Dr Mary Murphy Conor Sparks

Board Member Kitty O’Connor Mary Dowling Aideen Quinn
(Chair) Paul Ledwidge
Remuneration John Delany
Shay Smyth
Board Member Mary Walsh

Board Member Shay Smyth Finance Noel Hickey Donal Delaney
and Assets (Chair) Eamon Bolger
Board Member John Delany Dr Mary Murphy

Executive Management Overview
Chief Executive Officer

Operations Executive Management Operations
Manager (Shared) Manager

Meath - Human Resources Fingal
- Finance
- Quality
- Clinical

Other Shared Services
- I.T.
- Health & Safety

Prosper Group Three Year Development Plan 2016-2018 5


1 Person-Centred and Responsive Services
2 Partnership
3 Corporate Leadership and Governance
4 Working Smarter – Use of Information
5 Quality, Standards and Practices
6 Responsive Workforce
7 Finance and Assets
8 Safety and Risk

6 Prosper Group Three Year Development Plan 2016-2018

Scope of
Current Provision

(As per HSE Service Arrangement 2016)

Prosper Fingal Prosper Meath Total

No. of Clients 279 184 463
No. of WTE Posts 107.58 57.61 22
No. of Locations 13 9(9 Day, 2 Residential, 2 Respite) (8 Day, 1 Residential)
No. in Residential Service 10 residents 1 resident
No. of Respite Beds (i) 7 beds per night x 7 nights 0
(ii) 5 beds per night x 5 nights Total

Budget Allocation €7,268,435 €3,124,040 108
Support Level Prosper Fingal Prosper Meath 102
Level 1 – Minimum 1 : 10 82
Level 2 – Low 1 : 6 – 1 : 9 60 48 38
Level 3 – Moderate 1 : 4 – 1 : 5 92 41 463
Level 4 – High 1 : 2 – 1 : 3 68 34
Level 5 – Intensive 1 : 1 46 36
Total 13 25
279 184

Prosper Group Three Year Development Plan 2016-2018 7


Prosper Fingal Total Clients by Day Service 279

Skerries 14 Service users
Rush 48 Service users

Piercetown 18 Service users

Portmarnock 55 Service users
Balbriggan 15 Service users

Howth 10 Service users

Seatown Road 47 Service users

North Street 56 Service users

The Mall 16 Service users

• Residential – 2 Designated Centres
• Residential Respite – 1 Designated Centre (2 Houses)

Prosper Fingal Client Ages 2016 Prosper Fingal Client by Gender 2016

0-19 13 99 1Fe2ma6le 1M5al3e

20-29 98

30-39 Prosper Meath Client by Gender 2016

40-49 36

50-59 19

60+ 14 94Female M9a0le

20 40 60 80 100

8 Prosper Group Three Year Development Plan 2016-2018

Prosper Meath Total Clients by Day Service 184

Ashbourne 9 Service users
Kells: Climber Hall 30 Service users

Kells: Farrell Street 14 Service users
Navan: Beechmount 35 Service users

Navan: Canon Row 32 Service users

Navan: Leighsbrook 23 Service users
Navan: Kennedy Road 14 Service users

Trim: High Street 8 Service users
Trim: Maudlins 19 Service users

• Residential – 1 Designated Centre (1 house)

Prosper Meath Client Ages 2016 Prosper Group Locations

0-19 6 Kells x 2

20-29 52 Navan x 5

Trim x 2 Balrothery Balbriggan x 2

30-39 46 Skerries x 2

40-49 38 Ashbourne Rush x 3


50-59 26 Swords x 2


60+ 16

10 20 30 40 50 60

Prosper Group Three Year Development Plan 2016-2018 9

Three Year Development Plan
2016 – 2018
National Policy Context

Prosper Group developed this Three Year Plan within the context of key national policies and
legislation relevant to people with disabilities, their families and those that support them.
The breadth of these governing documents are far reaching and span an 11 year timeline since the
introduction of the National Disability Strategy in 2005. The current policy and legislative framework
governing health service provision and, in particular, disability service provision, is leading to
changes in how services are provided to people with disabilities on a scale not experienced since

We have begun to witness a reform of disability services largely influenced by the National Disability Strategy
Implementation Plan 2013 - 2015 together with the health services reform framework set out in Future Health:
A Strategic Framework for Reform of the Health Service 2012-2015 and Transforming Lives, the Programme
to implement the recommendations of the Value for Money and Policy Review of Disability Services in Ireland
(2012). All are underpinned by the mainstreaming agenda and aim to transform services to a model of personally
chosen supports designed to enable the individual to live a normal life in society.

In Adult Day Services this change is underpinned by New Directions, Personal Support Services for Adults with
Disabilities (2012) and will be advanced by the implementation of the Interim Standards for New Directions
(2015). Service providers are expected to deliver services with a person-centred focus and to take practical steps
to support and actively engage people with disabilities in community settings. In Residential and Residential
Respite Services, the key driver for change is the National Standards for Residential Services for Children and
Adults with Disabilities (2013). The Health Act (2007) provides a legislative basis for the Health Information
and Quality Authority (HIQA) to monitor, inspect and register settings where Residential and Residential Respite
Services are delivered (called designated centres) against these Standards and two Statutory Instruments (S.I. 366
and S.I. 367). Compliance with the national standards is a requirement under the Service Arrangements between
the HSE and voluntary service providers. Prosper Fingal has three designated centres registered with HIQA and
Prosper Meath is in the process of registering one designated centre as this Plan goes to print.

Other significant policy documents taken into account during the development of this Plan include two
documents concerned with protection: Safeguarding Vulnerable Persons at Risk of Abuse (2014) which spans
both Older Persons Services and Disability Services and Children First – National Guidance for the Protection and
Welfare of Children (2011). This guidance document has a bearing on Prosper Group because our service users
interact with children in daily life and some service users are parents.

In addition, is the national implementation framework to support the Government’s National Housing Strategy
for People with a Disability 2011 – 2016, which reflects the recommendations of Time to Move on from
Congregated Settings – A Strategy for Community Inclusion (2011). This policy looks at establishing a framework
for the delivery of housing for people with disabilities through mainstream housing policy. There is also the
Comprehensive Employment Strategy for Persons with Disabilities 2015 – 2024 which envisages that “people
with disabilities can get a job and enjoy a rewarding career” (p. 12) and the Assisted Decision Making (Capacity)
Act 2015 which reforms Ireland’s Capacity legislation towards establishing a modern statutory framework to
support decision-making by adults who have difficulty in making decisions without help.

The reforms these policies have initiated has created a new era in disability services in Ireland. Disability services
as we know them are changing in terms of how services are funded, procured, delivered and regulated. The
future of service delivery to people with disabilities signposts a blurring of the boundaries between ‘special’ and
‘mainstream’ so that people can access support options and opportunities that best meet their needs - whether
they be provided by mainstream or specialist services.

10 Prosper Group Three Year Development Plan 2016-2018



Aim: To increase competence in the design, delivery and assessment
of individualised services and supports.

1. To develop an organisational client ‘Support Needs Assessment’ tool to inform support needs and resource
allocation for referrals and existing service users.

2. To implement a Prosper ‘Personal Planning’ system that ensures a person-centred, consistent and evidence
based approach. This includes the development and implementation of a:
a. Person-centred Planning process
b. Individual Support Planning process
c. Individual Outcomes Monitoring / Measurement process

3. To implement a ‘Client File’ system that ensures a consistent and considered approach to the data held on
each individual we support.

4. To introduce the Prosper client database across Prosper Fingal and Prosper Meath.
5. To enable the database to record, track and measure the individualisation of services / supports provided.
6. To review support levels of individuals supported by Prosper on an annual basis and make necessary

adjustments to internal and external recording accordingly.
7. To design and implement an organisational and local budget allocation system that reflects individual support

levels and prepares for an individualised funding methodology.
8. To review annually our models of service to minimise specialist and centre based dependency and maximise

natural and mainstream opportunities.
9. To advance localised service provision in accordance with national disability policy i.e. provide services that are

local to the person’s home to the greatest extent possible.
10. To review our Admissions Policy and methodology on an annual basis.
11. To track and record the changing needs of clients and families on an annual basis.
12. To seek resourcing from the HSE to respond to new referrals, changing needs and service gaps within our


Prosper Group Three Year Development Plan 2016-2018 11



Aim: To promote and invest in partnership working that is strategic
to the growth and development of the Prosper Group.

1. To build formal structures of engagement and consultation with the individuals we support.
2. To engage with parents, families and carers in an open and constructive way.
3. To build local partnerships at community level i.e. local networks and forums.
4. To build regional and national partnerships i.e. with statutory and non-statutory agencies.
5. To participate in strategic planning at local and regional level with the HSE, Local Authorities, Educational

Training Boards etc.


Aim: To build a model of Corporate Leadership and Governance that
ensures good business practices, organisational accountability and

1. To develop a governance manual to inform the Board of Directors in matters of leadership and accountability.
2. To comply with obligations as set out in the HSE Service Arrangements.
3. To prepare and publish a Group Annual Report and Consolidated Accounts.
4. To integrate the work of Board Committees with that of the Board of Directors’ priority setting and agenda.
5. To place the statutory Group Financial Audit out for tender.
6. To register Prosper Group on the “Register of Lobbying” as required and maintained by the standards in the

Public Office Commission.
7. To develop and report annually on the internal audit structures and activities within the Group.
8. To complete the necessary registration required for the Group.
9. To review the Group’s Core Purpose, Core Values and Core Operational Principles.
10. To develop the Group’s branding and image to communicate its new structures and service provision.

12 Prosper Group Three Year Development Plan 2016-2018



Aim: To build systems of data, information and knowledge that informs
the direction, investment and effectiveness of the Companies and its
service provision.

1. To develop a strategy to maximise the IT potential and connectivity within the Group.
2. To build robust systems of IT management, maintenance and security.
3. To review policy and procedures in the use, management and maintenance of our IT systems and assets.
4. To continue to develop and implement the Prosper Group ‘shared client database’ in Prosper Fingal and

Prosper Meath.
5. To prepare and present strategic client and service-related reports exported from the database.
6. To agree a system of annual and ongoing review of the National Intellectual Disability Database that engages

and informs the key internal and external stakeholders.
7. To prepare a critical IT investment plan on an annual basis in order to make the necessary technology

infrastructure and resource investments.
8. To identify and implement IT solutions to reduce cost and increase efficiencies.
9. To ensure that appropriate IT business continuity processes are in place.
10. To identify IT training requirements and support implementation.

Prosper Group Three Year Development Plan 2016-2018 13



Aim: To promote and pursue best practice and to meet quality assurance
requirements as applicable to the sector.

1. To implement the Safeguarding Vulnerable Persons at Risk of Abuse National Policy & Procedures.
2. To develop, monitor and review Prosper’s Residential and Residential Respite Services to ensure compliance

with HIQA’s National Standards for Residential Services for Children and Adults with Disabilities and the
associated regulations (Statutory Instrument No. 366 & 367).
3. To address any non-compliance actions arising from the registration-related HIQA inspections and any
additional inspections in order to fully meet the required standard or regulation.
4. To seek HIQA registration of the Prosper Meath designated centre.
5. To develop, monitor and review Prosper Day Services to ensure ongoing implementation of the HSE’s Interim
Standards for New Directions, Services and Supports for Adults with Disabilities.
6. To develop and implement an internal audit process to regularly review service provision in terms of meeting
statutory and regulatory governance requirements; to acknowledge good practice and to identify areas for
7. To develop, implement and review Company policies and procedures in order to comply with legislation,
statutory and regulatory obligations and good practice within the sector.
8. To drive high quality and safe care for the individuals supported by Prosper by acknowledging and promoting
good practice.

14 Prosper Group Three Year Development Plan 2016-2018



Aim: To build a staff complement that has the required skills, knowledge
and attributes to ensure competent and responsive service provision.

1. On an annual basis, to agree the number and profile of staff required (including WTEs and skill mix) to provide
competent service provision.

2. To develop a considered recruitment and induction plan for each company position.
3. To develop and enhance staff skills and capacity to support additional specialist needs including intellectual

disability and mental health, intellectual disability and autism, aging and dementia, specific medical
conditions etc.
4. To provide staff with clear job descriptions and supervision which facilitates clarity of role and clarity of
5. To measure staff performance at all levels of the organisation and provide performance improvement plans for
staff where necessary.
6. To record, track, measure and manage staff attendance with specific reference to sick leave so that staffing is
maximised for the benefit of the people we provide services to.
7. To review the following on an annual basis:
a. Skill Mix
b. Job Descriptions
c. Contracts of Employment
d. Performance Management Systems
e. Staff Recruitment and Retention
8. To review on an annual basis the capacity of the HR Department to support the HR needs of the Prosper
9. To nurture staff talent and ambition through further training and career advancement.

Prosper Group Three Year Development Plan 2016-2018 15



Aim: To maximise the resources available to the Prosper Group and
build systems of oversight that ensure appropriate governance and

1. To agree and sign off HSE Service Arrangements for Prosper Fingal and Prosper Meath for each year.
2. To comply with statutory reporting obligations.
3. To build a transparent and consistent budget allocation methodology for Prosper Fingal and Prosper Meath.
4. To set out a Capital Plan for 2016-2018 incorporating Fingal and County Meath.
5. To build internal audit methodology on finance.
6. To procure goods and services in line with good practice and value for money.
7. To review on an annual basis the capacity of the Finance Department to support the financial needs of the

Prosper Group.
8. To set out the functions, procedures and governance for fundraising income and activities.

16 Prosper Group Three Year Development Plan 2016-2018



Aim: To provide a safe environment in compliance with regulatory,
statutory and sector standards.

1. To develop and review policies / procedures to comply with health and safety legislative requirements and
sector standards.

2. To develop a positive approach to risk that balances an individual’s rights with the duty of care to ensure

3. To ensure Prosper’s Safety Statement is fully implemented in all services and reviewed as needed.
4. To contribute to the development and maintenance of Prosper’s Risk Register.
5. To develop a standard premises assessment tool to help inform Capital Investment.
6. To implement a process for the annual review of health and safety at a service level.
7. To carry out internal audits to measure compliance with health and safety requirements.
8. To establish and maintain a system for analysis of accidents / incidents.
9 To identify areas of safety and risk that need considered and focused training for service users and / or staff.

Prosper Group Three Year Development Plan 2016-2018 17

Prosper Group
Strand Street, Skerries
Co. Dublin
K34 TD61

Tel: 01 8493600

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