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The 2019 Annual Report for the Amelia Island Plantation Community Association (AIPCA) on Amelia Island, Florida.

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Published by AIPCA, 2019-12-19 13:07:34

2019 AIPCA Annual Report

The 2019 Annual Report for the Amelia Island Plantation Community Association (AIPCA) on Amelia Island, Florida.

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Message from the President

RICK MESARD Your Board of Directors and through a professional study of the community. Many
staff are pleased to provide recommendations were endorsed by our Security director and
you our 2019 Annual Report. The committee and adopted by the Board. Changes to speed limits
report sets forth the work, and road signs, and the implementation of calming measures will
achievements, and several of the begin in 2020.
issues of the past year, and outlines
plans for 2020. First, many thanks Several major adjustments to our organization and staffing were
to our staff and community implemented in 2019. We clarified our staffing relationships and
volunteers who have tirelessly worked closely with Castle Group to define these changes. The
committed to our work and general manager is now an AIPCA employee, as are the projects
community betterment. manager and maintenance technician. Our other staff positions
are largely unchanged. We expect teamwork and
AIPCA maintains a very solid financial condition with strong responsiveness to property owners to get even stronger.
prospects of continued financial health in the future. The work
of our financial team makes this possible. The Oaks Community Early in 2019, owners of single-family properties in our
Center was built this year without debt. The annual community amended covenants specific to their properties to
assessments in 2020 will increase by about 3 percent to $1,450 limit and regulate short-term rentals. As a result, the Board of
for residences and $725 for vacant lots. There will be a Directors implemented new rules and guidelines governing
corresponding increase for community partners who are short-term rentals of single-family homes that become effective
members of the Association. January 1, 2020. While the circuit court upheld the
Association’s authority to facilitate the covenants amendment,
In order to enhance the appeal of our community and a small number of plaintiffs have appealed that ruling, which
strengthen property values, the AIPCA in 2019 continued its remains pending as of year’s end.
commitment to infrastructure and amenities. Our magnificent
new community center represents the largest capital project Omni and the Amelia Island Equity Club resolved their legal
undertaken by your Association – completed on time and on dispute concerning the Ocean Links golf course in June. The
budget. Improvements continued in our major parks (Walker’s Association was not a party to that dispute. While the two
Landing and Drummond Point) as well as to our trails and parties addressed many immediate issues concerning the former
roads. Upgrades have been made to our Security systems, and Ocean Links, including creation of a short course, much remains
others are on the way. The Amelia Island Equity Club will open unresolved in our view as to the future of the remaining
its major renovation to its Ocean Clubhouse, providing property, now called “green space.” This substantial tract not
additional value and enhancement to the total community. only abuts member properties, but is also key to connectivity
Omni’s plan for a new “short course” to replace part of the and mobility within Amelia Island Plantation. The Association is
former Ocean Links course, and its plans for a new event venue seeking a dialogue with the Omni, which owns the property,
southeast of the hotel will also contribute to our overall appeal. and its partner by private agreement – the Amelia Island Equity
Club. Our goal is to place a comprehensive plan for the “green
In 2019, AIPCA sponsored interesting, exciting and varied space” before our members and your Board of Directors.
community events for property owners, with cooperation and
assistance on several events from the Omni Resort and other While our Declaration legally defines AIPCA’s relationship with
community partners. These events enhance the Amelia Island member community partners – Omni and the Club – a separate
Plantation lifestyle by introducing new neighbors to the Memorandum of Agreement was entered into among the three
community, fostering friendships, and helping us to better parties in 2012. Much has changed in the last eight years, and
understand our natural environment and the broader Amelia the parties will continue to seek ways to improve that
Island/Nassau County community. From music, to food, to Agreement.
educational events, or just plain fun, you can expect to see
more of the same in 2020. In summary, 2019 has been a busy year, with significant changes
completed or underway.

Our Security Department continues to do its fine work to
safeguard Amelia Island Plantation. A community concern about
speeding and increased traffic on our roads was addressed

Front cover photo: The Oaks Community Center

Financial Summary

2019 This was an Bank accounts were consolidated as part 2019 Year-End
extraordinary year in of a new investment strategy to use Projections
the financial history of AIPCA. The $3.8 laddered certificates of deposits to secure
million community center project (now a better rate of return while maintaining Operating $4,656,470
called The Oaks) was the largest capital the safety of FDIC insurance. A detailed Revenue
project ever undertaken by the cash flow report was developed and
Association. It was completed without any employed to forecast investment timing, Operating $4,033,856
long-term debt or capital assessment to Contribution to Reserves (CTR) Expenses*
owners. This was possible in large part projections, construction draws, and
because of prudent planning by previous operational cash flow. Capital $1,750,000
boards in maintaining a strong financial Expenditures
position. While we drew down our CTR Fund by
almost $1 million in 2019, we expect it to Ending Cash $1,139.602
Thanks to staff effort and improved approach its $3 million target again in Balance
procedures, 99 percent of assessments 2020. AIPCA is financially prepared to
were collected on time in 2019, as address potential future storm damage as CTR Ending $2,291,561
compared to 95 percent in 2015. well as the capital needs noted in our long Balance
-term fixed asset/capital reserve study.
*excludes depreciation costs

2020 The 2020 operating budget reflects a 3.5 We also will have outside professionals update the fixed asset
percent increase in the annual assessment of study and insurance appraisals to ensure that all capital assets
$50 for residential units and $25 for unimproved lots. are properly funded and insured.
Increased expenditures in 2020 reflect higher personnel costs
in Security, including health insurance and a full year for a new 2020 Capital Expenditures
position approved mid-2019. Additional expenses in 2020
include an increased attention to the tree canopy, an additional The top five capital expenditures in 2020 include (1) up to
maintenance tech for Common Properties, and a full year of $350,000 for a new parking lot on Sea Marsh for The Oaks; (2)
operational costs (approximately $100,000) for The Oaks $125,000 to repair and replace beach crossovers; (3) $115,000
Community Center that was absent in the 2019 budget. for roads; (4) $90,000 for paths, trails and boardwalks; and (5)
$50,000 for the initial implementation of traffic safety measures.

2020 Revenues 2020 Expenditures

Residential $3,042,100 61.8% Security $1,696,034 38.5%
Units & Lots $1,380.689 35.0%
28.1% General & $1,541,605
Omni Resort 3.8% Administrative 21.2%
3.7% Common $936,736 2.4%
Entrance Gate $185,00 1.8% Properties 2.2%
0.8% $104,067 0.8%
Walker’s Landing $182,250 Walker’s Landing $97,880
Amelia Island Club $90,922 The Oaks
Miscellaneous $37,900 Parks


Year in Review

Focused on the future process. An improved business milestones model was
developed to be used by the general manager to ensure each
Strategic planning took on a new focus in 2019, even as we year’s strategic goals are met.
continued to enhance today's Amelia Island Plantation
experience. Construction of The Oaks Community Center More comprehensive financial planning was a key strategy in
epitomized both of these efforts: it meets the demands of 2019. This included a new investment policy which includes a 10
current owners for a vital, engaging community center but also -year plan for fixed assets that will allow the Association to
will help attract the next generation of buyers. And it gives obtain a better investment return on all capital funds.
AIPCA considerable flexibility in its future space planning, since
it includes an unfinished second story. As Amelia Island Plantation heads towards its 50th anniversary
in 2022, planning is underway for a community celebration that
We integrated Common Properties, Security and Community will include all three partners: AIPCA, Omni, and the Amelia
Events into the annual strategic planning process, creating an Island Club.
appreciation for long-term committee planning. This facilitated
the incorporation of strategic planning into the budgeting

The Oaks Community Center

2019 was the year a new community center rose from the site The view from the Sunset Room in The Oaks.
of the old Property Owners Club, giving the community a
gathering place for the future. second story will be used for current storage and future
expansion, if needed.
Following demolition of the POC at the end of 2018,
construction of AIPCA’s largest capital project in its history When it opens in February 2020, The Oaks will be a highly
began January 2. Blessed by an abundance of good weather visible focal point for the Amelia Island Plantation community,
over the course of the year, the project was nearing a gathering place for property owners and their families and
completion by the end of 2019 on time and on budget. friends, and a welcoming setting for activities, entertainment,
and socializing.
The centerpiece of the community center's 6,845-square-foot
first floor is an upscale casual community living room where
members may gather and relax with neighbors. There are also
multipurpose community rooms ideal for clubs and groups. The
Sunset Room is a spacious event room with an adjacent
catering kitchen that's perfect for hosting events. Both the
Sunset Room and the outdoor seating area take advantage of
the site's splendid views looking south and west over the golf
course, the marsh and on to the Amelia River. The unfinished

Year in Review

Community Life

Events in 2019 included a Woodstock-themed concert, excursions on and off property, and our popular Thoughtful Thursday presentations.

2019 was a year for the Community Events Committee to Festival in 2016, while our per-person spend this year
become more strategic and to focus on long-range goals. decreased by 35 percent from that first event. This is largely
due to the committee and community volunteers who assist
The committee continued to offer engaging events and with the event, as well as the committee always looking for
activities designed to bring the community together, hosting 20 ways to enhance events while reducing costs at the same time.
events and garnering more than 2,200 total attendees.
Community favorites – Sunset at Walker’s, Neighbors Night Recognizing the importance of welcoming new community
Out, Thoughtful Thursdays, Sounds on Center Court and the members and assisting their transition into Amelia Island
Fall Festival — returned, often with a twist, such as road trips, Plantation life, the first two phases of a new welcome program
food trucks, and a Woodstock-themed concert. were introduced in 2019. Each month, individual committee
members reached out to new property owners via postcards
The Fall Festival drew a record crowd in November as multiple and phone calls to offer assistance and invitations to upcoming
generations of community members honored our military AIPCA events. The next two phases, involving welcome emails
veterans, shared lunch with neighbors, and played lawn games. and videos, are planned for 2020.
Attendance in 2019 increased by 52 percent from our first Fall

Common Properties

2019 saw the introduction of an annual After purchase of a county owned parcel A new pirate ship docked at Aury Island
planning map with a five-year plan for near the Ron Kolar entrance, plans have playground in 2019. Built for the 3- to 5-year-
community enhancement projects and been drafted and engineering drawings old crowd, it complements the original
infrastructure maintenance. completed for a new community parking playground ship sized for 6- to 10-year-olds.
lot on Sea Marsh Road. Pending
Cleanout of AIPCA-owned green spaces permitting by Nassau County and the St.
in the Beach Wood neighborhood was Johns River Water Management District,
completed this year as part of a five-year this project is slated for construction in
plan to maintain all the Association’s early 2020.
green spaces. This work includes cutting
invasive vines that threaten the tree Common properties approved a long-
canopy, removing potentially hazardous term roadside mulch program using
hanging limbs, and bringing partially mulch made from damaged trees
downed trees safely to the ground. As a removed from common property. The
cleanup, not a clearing, all organic Sea Marsh and Marsh Creek
greenspace materials remained in place neighborhoods were completed in 2019;
and were not removed, as per Beach Wood was started and will be
community rules. added to in 2020.

Year in Review

Security limit of 20 mph in 2020, and implementation over four years of
traffic calming measures — including raised crosswalks and
2019 was the year the Security Department took major speed humps — which can help reduce speeding and increase
strides to become more strategic in its processes and planning safety for pedestrians and bicyclists.
for the future.
Security in 2019 began a planned upfitting of its patrol vehicles.
A key example of this was the commissioning of a traffic study These “new look” vehicles help strengthen Security’s overall
presence throughout the community. Prominently featuring the
to improve road safety AIPCA logo, these vehicles also have enhanced lighting
capabilities and reflective lettering that make them easily
within Amelia Island recognizable at night.

Plantation. After Security’s technology portfolio underwent intensive internal
review in 2019. All computer/information-technology related
review, the Security functions were assessed with the goal of creating an IT
infrastructure which will meet future needs while increasing
Committee endorsed efficiencies, eliminating redundancies, and realizing cost savings
for the department.
and the Board of

Directors approved a

number of the study’s

recommendations. This

Security debuted a new look for patrol includes adoption of a

vehicles in 2019 community wide speed

Governance & Management

2019 was a transitional year for the community. Following the committees in the Association and strategic planning.
departure of the chief operating officer in 2018, an ad hoc
Board task force spent much of 2019 exploring options for Early in 2019, single-family homeowners consented to amend
AIPCA leadership. As a result, the Board offered the executive the Class A Covenants to regulate short-term rentals. An ad
position to the current general manager, who will have an hoc rentals task force worked for much of the year to create
expanded role in AIPCA strategic planning and governance. leasing regulations for Class A properties. Those new
procedures go into effect January 1, 2020.
We reviewed our governing documents in 2019 to assess their
effectiveness in meeting the current needs of our community The Community Leadership Council was rejuvenated in 2019,
while considering their accuracy and compliance with applicable law. meeting on a regular basis and having productive discussions on
how the CLC can communicate better to the community on
An annual Committee Orientation program was created to upcoming initiatives and strategies.
provide committee volunteers information on the roles of

The Amelia Island Plantation Foundation had a successful year in 2019,
achieving each of the strategic objectives we set for ourselves at the
beginning of the year. This included a significant expansion of our A1A
Vine Mitigation Program and the creation of a new strategic initiative to
increase the number of native trees planted by the AIPCA’s Legacy Tree
Program. Among our other achievements in 2019 were the following:
 We completed a major milestone in our efforts to get the AIP certified as an Audubon International Sustainable
Community, and expect to achieve final certification in the summer of 2020.
 We donated a 25-foot hurricane-rated flagpole at The Oaks Community Center, and committed to supply American flags in
perpetuity that have been flown over the U.S. Capitol.

 We added park benches and did multiple plantings in the Amelia Island Plantation Demonstration Garden.

AIPF is an independent, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) charity. It is not affiliated with the AIPCA.

2019-20 Board of Directors

Officers Directors
President Rick Mesard Joe Turk
Vice President Tom Sutton Joe Warren
Treasurer Ron Nelson Bob Stichweh
Secretary Gail Taylor Brad Church
Russell Bob Schmonsees
Danny Leeper
Mary C. O'Donnell


General Manager Patricia Operations Manager
Truax Stewart Dustin Travis

Director of Security Director of Community
Alan J. Barker Life Katherine Bean

Projects & Facilities Community Standards
Manager Kenny Walczak Coordinator Cameron
Communications Manager
Amelia A. Hart Office Manager Sharon
Assistant Director of
Security Shain Godfrey Reception/Administrative
Assistant Sue Kinney
Maintenance Chuck Estey

Security Officers Officer Yvenie Beaucejour
Lieutenant/Technology Officer Gina Calogero
Manager Raymond Brock Officer Nicholaas Cook
Sergeant Richard Crosby Officer Gary Crosby
Sergeant Mark Dyals Officer Rachel Dean
Sergeant Doris Thames Officer Allie Ford
Corporal Fredrick Atkins Officer Scott Higginbotham
Corporal Michael Austin Officer James Hunt
Corporal Jon Parker Officer Aidan Newsome
Officer in Charge Kody Dyer Officer Frank Paolillo
Officer in Charge Leonard Officer Myra Pickett
Timmons Officer Darlene Roach
Officer in Charge Diane Officer Sheena Soller
Wolfe Officer Mark Stapleton
Officer Ari Verdesoto
Officer Catina Walker
Officer Diane Webb

Back cover photo: Drummond Point Park

Our Mission The Amelia Island Plantation Community Association’s mission is to serve its members by
enhancing property values, preserving and protecting the natural beauty and legacy of our
community and offering superior amenities and services.

Our Vision Amelia Island Plantation will be an exceptional, coastal residential and resort beach community
where owners and visitors of all ages enjoy contemporary social and recreational experiences
in a welcoming environment of unsurpassed natural island beauty.

Amelia Island Plantation Community Association

5542 First Coast Hwy. Suite 400
Fernandina Beach FL 32034
(904) 491-9850 | [email protected] |

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