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’T H E W I D O W S M I T E



16 ,Since the
th Century the Catholic Church

has had entire months dedicated for

special devotions for the faithfully

We have all heard the saying ‘it is the thought that counts.’ It’s the self-giving .departed As a reminder of our duty to
in the gift which expresses love. The story of the widow’s mite is an expression
of gratitude, love, and generosity. What makes her gift valuable and important is ,pray for the suffering faithful in Purgatory
not the size but the freedom and love with which she gave. Her giving was from
the heart. Her giving was sacrificial because she gave all she had. In the eyes of the Church has dedicated the month of
many people, the widow’s offering is virtually worthless, but in the sight of God,
it is most precious. It was not given out of her leftovers and extra, but her all. .November to the Holy Souls

The Holy Souls are those who have died in

the state of grace but who are not yet free

from all punishment due to their unforgiven

venial sins and all other sins already

After throwing the last two coins and giving her best, and her all, she made an forgiven for which satisfaction is still to be
offering of her total life to God. She is praised for making this offering her total
self to God. She is praised for giving back to God what belongs to God. She is .made
praised for totally surrendering her life to the will of God. She is praised, more ,They are certain of entering Heaven but
importantly, for her ability to trust and rely fully on God to provide her constantly .first they must suffer in Purgatory The
with her daily bread. As a result of that total offering of herself to God she is
able to win His admiration and favour. Holy Souls cannot help themselves because

,for them the night has come when no man

( 9:4).can work John It is our great privilege

This incident, outside the temple, is worth reflecting on seriously, because it a of brotherhood that we can shorten their
reminder to us of the yardstick we use in judging and assessing others. Very
often we judge others by appearances and what they possess. Christ, on the time of separation from God by our
other hand, measures us in a totally different way. He looks at the heart, he looks
at the motives and intentions behind our actions. Christ is always concerned , , , ,prayers good works and especially the
about how much we are willing to sacrifice for Him, how ready we are to .Holy Sacrifice of the Mass
surrender and give ourselves to Him.
Masses are offered for the entire month of

November and you can submit their names

.to be included in those to be prayed for

The storey of the widow’s offering teaches us also that material goods are not
the most important thing to strive after. The discipleship, love, and generosity of
spirit are most important. We have something much more important to offer God
– the gift of our lives. God wants our hearts, not our possessions.
The Gospel invites us to live in a way that hurts (sacrificial giving) and not count
the cost. We are constantly reminded that God loves a cheerful giver, and it is in
giving that we receive.
Jesus modelled what true sacrificial giving is all about by his own life-giving
sacrifice – freely surrendering and giving up everything for us on the Cross.


’S n a p s h o t s o f S e a n s

love for photography By Samantha Carter

Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught
on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have
forgotten everything.” – Aaron Siskind
One day you may walk into an art gallery or purchase a photograph from Sean
Henry Mohammed and you’d proudly declare (loudly) that you know this guy
from our Parish of Holy Trinity Arouca. Sean is a young talented photographer
and if you attend Mass at Our Lady of Lourdes Community, you would have
probably seen Sean and his family worship there.
Currently, in his second year at The University of the West Indies (UWI), Sean is
reading for a BSc in Pharmacy. But photography has always been a part of him,
starting when Sean was in Form 3 at Trinity College East. It was there his
passion for photography developed, no pun intended. He began exploring his
new hobby by taking pictures of everything. He admits to capturing photos of
objects around his house or whenever he went on personal field trips.

Sean felt compelled to start a photography Captions: 1. Sean Henry Mohammed with his photo, Green Leaves, at
club at his school and they even hosted a short the exhibition hosted by The Smile Inn Dental Clinic. 2. Le Mont
exhibition at school. While attending Blanc, taken from Chamonix (a small village between Switzerland and
secondary school, Sean recalls having France) on a school trip. 3. Pink Sky Silhouette, taken at Crown Point
volunteered as the school photographer as Tobago.
well as at other small events. “I've grown to
love nature and still life photography in
particular,” said Sean. That particular field of
photography has become a form of mental
escape and relaxation for him.
Sean said his initial exposure to photography
came from his music teacher at Trinity East.
After Secondary School, he continued to learn
on his own. A desire to expand his skillset led
Sean to a photography course at UWI Open
Campus in August. There he learned about the
basics of photography and is currently
awaiting his results.
In the meantime, Sean’s work is part of an
exhibition at The Smile Inn Dental Clinic. The
theme is "In Celebration of Colour," and
showcases different artists and photographers
from Trinidad and Tobago. People are
welcome to view and even purchase the
photos. "This non-profit exhibition will
donate 30 percent of all art sold to purchase
art supplies for the Children's Homes and
Orphanages in Trinidad and Tobago," he said.
As for his future plans, Sean hopes his
photography will always be a part of his life
and intends to continue pursuing this hobby
and hopefully continue to learn and grow in
this amazing field.

Acting as stewards made them gracious, generous and mighty indeed

’ ,T o d a y s F i r s t R e a d i n g f r o m t h e F i r s t B o o k o f K i n g s a s w e l l a s t h e G o s p e l p a s s a g e f r o m

,M a r k c e n t r e o n t h e a c t i o n s o f t w o p o o r a n d h e l p l e s s w i d o w s w h o s h o w t h e m s e l v e s t o b e

- .f a i t h f i l l e d a n d g e n e r o u s s t e w a r d s

,I n b i b l i c a l t i m e s w h e n t h e r e w a s n o l i f e i n s u r a n c e o r N a t i o n a l I n s u r a n c e t h e s e w i d o w s w e r e

.w e a k a n d d e p e n d e n t o n o t h e r s t o t a k e c a r e o f t h e m T h e y e a c h f o u n d t h e m s e l v e s i n

— ,d e s p e r a t e s i t u a t i o n s
one in the midst of famine with a child for which to care and the

other clearly .i m p o v e r i s h e d ,Y e t each demonstrated strength and generosity that

. ?d i s t i n g u i s h e d t h e m f r o m t h o s e a r o u n d t h e m F r o m w h e r e d i d t h i s s t r e n g t h c o m e

, .I t c a m e f r o m k n o w i n g w h o t h e y a r e a n d W h o s e t h e y a r e T h e s e w o m e n m u s t h a v e k n o w n

their security would not come from a good life insurance policy or connections to someone

.w i t h a h i d d e n w a r e h o u s e o f f l o u r

, -N o t h e i r s e c u r i t y c a m e f r o m k n o w i n g t h e y w e r e d a u g h t e r s o f t h e M o s t H i g h G o d a n d f r o m

.p u t t i n g t h e i r f a i t h i n H i m T h e y h a d n o n e e d t o p a n i c i n t h e m i d s t o f n a t u r a l d i s a s t e r o r

.c l i n g d e s p e r a t e l y t o t h e i r m e n i a l r e s o u r c e s T h e i r f a i t h i n G o d s e t t h e m f r e e t o t r u s t H i m

. .w h e n a l l s e e m e d h o p e l e s s T h e i r f a i t h k e p t t h e m d e t a c h e d f r o m m a t e r i a l p o s s e s s i o n s T h e i r

, .f a i t h a l l o w e d t h e m t o b e b r a v e a n d g e n e r o u s t o t h i n k o f o t h e r s d e s p i t e t h e i r o w n t r i a l s
,s t e w a r d s ,o w n e r s
These women saw themselves as not of the resources God gave
,t h e m .h a d
regardless of how much or how little they And acting as stewards made
, .t h e m g r a c i o u s g e n e r o u s a n d m i g h t y i n d e e d

— .A d a p t e d from Stewardship Reflections by Catholic Stewardship
by M Samad
. ?C o n s u l t a n t s
Is Stewardship important to you It is to our Parish and we are looking
. ,f o r m e n a n d w o m e n s e e k i n g t o b e c o m e S t e w a r d s
If you are interested please
: 315 4695/ 681-4878/ 680-7382 -Contact
Maria Carol Ann Beverly Or email
@ . .s t e w a r d s h i p a r o u c a
gmail com For details on electronic payments please contact the
, , .P a r i s h O f f i c e C a r o l A n n M a r i a o r B e v e r l y



Hospitality and trust are key elements needed for ‘ ?’ ‘What will make me happy and fulfilled What does God want me

?’ ‘ ’ ?’ ‘ ’to do with my life
. ,Evangelisation The Parish community especially the What s the purpose of my life I m drawn to a
,leadership must foster a spirit of hospitality and
.welcome This sense of hospitality extends beyond those , ?’certain vocation is it the right one for me If you are asking

, .questions like this discernment can help you

who participate in formal Hospitality Ministry or ,Just as a plant needs the right conditions to bear fruit so too do

" " .welcome back programmes It includes those who we need the right conditions for our faith to be nourished and grow

“ ,”approach the Church at key teachable moments such so that we can discern effectively and be open to listening to the

,as couples seeking the Sacrament of Matrimony parents .voice of God

-who have children in Catholic schools or parish based :Stumbling blocks If discerning a vocation is like preparing a field

religious education programmes and are bringing their ,to be receptive to the seed then one of the things we have to do is
. ‘remove rocks from the soil These are the rocks or stumbling
,children for sacramental preparation and Catholics who ’ ’ ,blocks which can limit our receptivity to God s call in the way a
.rock might prevent seed from embedding and flourishing in a field
.seek assistance from parish social ministry programs
Reflecting on our journey with a spiritual director and giving
,Additionally those who choose to participate in
-sufficient time to self reflection in prayer are two important ways
Hospitality Ministry programme ought to feel supported
that the Holy Spirit can help us to identify and then remove these
.in their journey by the entire community
,Hospitality is a Parish effort as we return to our Church ‘ '.stumbling blocks

buildings and reunite in our celebrations let us pray for a

.spirituality of hospitality

: ,Prayer Lord Jesus you welcomed all who came into your :Fear of choice This is one of the biggest factors that can prevent
.presence May we reflect that same spirit through our
. ,hospitality May your light shine in our hearts remove from us . .us from making a choice We can become paralyzed by our fears
: , , ,Some of our major fears suffering of not being in control failure
anything that would stand in the way of radiating your ’ , ,leaving one s security or comfort zone what others may think of
, ,being misguided by others of making a mistake disappointing other
.presence As people enter the Church to worship and praise , ’ , , ,people of losing oneself or one s identity change being lonely and
. ,so on God never calls through fear so we should not make a choice
,You may they hear your voice in our words and see your love .out of fear The first step to overcoming fears is to acknowledge
’ .them so that they won t have power over us God wants us to bring
. “ ”in our actions May our reflect joy at their
welcome our fears to Him in prayer and in this place of vulnerability He will

“ - ” .presence and our good by encourage them to return soon .offer us comfort and encouragement

We thank you for the opportunity to serve you and ask your

.blessing upon all our efforts We ask this through our God

. . -who is the giver of all gifts Amen usccb . .vocationcentre org ua


: , ,Days Tuesday Thursday Friday
9 – 12 & 3 - 5:Times am
noon pm

,Parish Priest by appointment on Tuesday
, 10 - 12Thursday Friday from
am noon

:Telephone 642-4314/692-7342 /240-0596

10a maximum of FUNERALS

people permitted to

physically attend any of the above events

Interested in getting the SALLTO newsletter via email?

Contact us at [email protected]
:NOTE We encourage you to make calling the
. ,Office your FIRST option However if it is
,necessary for you to visit the office you will be
:required to adhere to ALL protocols

Wear a mask which is to cover both your

.nose and mouth


(Social distance we will be permitting two
,persons at any point in time therefore you

may be required to wait until others have

).been attended to Thank you in advance for
- .your kind co operation

Provide information for contact tracing





Interested in getting the SALLTO newsletter via
email? Contact us at [email protected] OPTIONS:

1. Online Mass Registration.
(** This has been modified and is quite user

NOTE :When you register for the first time, the system will remember you

when next you register.

2. Email: *[email protected]*

3. Phone: 642-4314/ 692-7343/ 240-0596*

Registration deadlines:

WEEKEND MASSES: No later than 10am on Friday of the weekend you wish
to attend

WEEKDAY MASSES: No later than 10am the day before.

Please Note:

Attendance at weekday Masses satisfies the obligation to attend Sunday Mass.
Please facilitate the attendance of others by refraining from registering for
consecutive weekends.
If Mass at your favoured time is booked you may attend Our Lady of Lourdes,

Tacarigua on Sundays at 6.30 am or Holy Trinity, Arouca on Sundays at 6 pm as
there are usually available spaces at those Masses.


Please be reminded that if you will not be attending the Mass for which
you have registered, it is courteous to cancel your registration so that

someone else can attend Mass.
*Deadline for cancellation* should be the same cut-off time as for

The confirmation email from the Online Mass Registration, has an option

to cancel.

Holy Trinity Parish Family extends condolences to the
family of Anthea Carmen Brown nee Seignoret who
passed away on October 29. She was the wife of Louis
Brown, mother of Richard, Marie-Louise, Christine, and
Stephen, mother in law of three, grandmother of six,
beloved aunt, and great aunt to many. Anthea served
the Parish in many areas to name a few as an Extra-
Ordinary Minister, Lay Minister where she assisted with
Funeral Services, Music Ministry, Holy Family Prayer
Group, and the wider Church Community through Christ
Our Redeemer (COR) Retreats. Her funeral Mass was
held on Friday 5 at 9 am at Holy Trinity Church Arouca,

followed by a private Interment.
Eternal rest grant unto Anthea's soul O Lord and let
Perpetual Light shine upon her, may she rest in peace Amen.


We stand before You, Holy Spirit,

as we gather together in Your name.

With You alone to guide us, make Yourself at home in

our hearts; Teach us the way we must go

and how we are to pursue it. We are weak and sinful;

do not let us promote disorder. Do not let ignorance

lead us down the wrong path nor partiality influence

our actions. Let us find in You our unity so that we

may journey together to eternal life and not stray

from the way of truth and what is right.

All this we ask of You, who are at work in every place

and time, in the communion of the Father and the Son,

forever and ever.Amen.

SUNDAY 7TH NOVEMBER, 2021 Charismatic Renewal - registration

link for Charismatic Renewal
Caribbean Conference


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