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See all the great places to visit and everything there is to do around Buckeye Lake, Ohio, courtesy of the Buckeye Lake Region Chamber of Commerce and its members.

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Buckeye Lake Tour Book

See all the great places to visit and everything there is to do around Buckeye Lake, Ohio, courtesy of the Buckeye Lake Region Chamber of Commerce and its members.

Buckeye Lake Library 47

Buckeye Lake Library

Thanks to a partnership building. This was all part of a
between the Friends of the Buck- two year provisional status, both
eye Lake Library and the New- parties wanting to see if the inter-
ark Public Library (now Licking est, usage, and support of the area
County Library), the Buckeye was enough to maintain a fully
Lake Library opened its doors for operating library branch.
the first time on September 10, The community responded
2005. It’s original location at 41 to the library in a positive way by
W. First Street was leased to the voting “yes” on a library levy, pro-
Friends Group for $1.00 a year by viding support to the Friends of the
the Village of Buckeye Lake. The Buckeye Lake Library group, and
agreement was that the Library becoming loyal everyday patrons.
would provide the staffing, col- In January 2012, the library moved
lection, and technology providing from its original location to a spa-
the Friends Group paid for the cious facility located at 4455 Wal-
lease, utilities, and upkeep on the nut Road. The new location boasts

48 Buckeye Lake Library

Buckeye Lake Library

more than three times the original square footage, better visibility, and
more parking spaces. So much hard work and dedication has went into
making this library a successful and thriving organization. The library
has become an integral part of the community offering programs, materi-
als, and technology to area residents.
Many people who walk through our doors are surprised by the di-
verse collection, the vast variety of programs and technology resources
provided. Children of all ages love the life-sized pirate, treasure chest,
and story time boat located in the children’s department. The gazebo and
victory garden is a relaxing outdoor space for programming during the
warm summer months. And many groups and organizations reserve our
spacious conference room for meetings and programs.
Looking to the future, the goal of the library to keep growing in ev-
ery way. To build lifelong relationships within the community, to inspire
learning and intellectual growth, and to always make the library an open
and welcoming place to everyone. Please stop by the Buckeye Lake Li-
brary and check us out!

Harbor Hills

Harbor Hills, a development of beautiful homes on the northeastern
shore of the Lake, was started in 1922 by Harry Freeman, a Columbus
realtor. Homes were built on the hilly property and a nine-hole golf course
was put in with the 7th green beside the Lake.
Harbor Hills also featured a polo field that was a scant 18 inches
higher than nearby Buckeye Lake keeping the ground in soft condition.
The field, owned by Dr. Clyde Reed, was rented for $1 a year.
Matches were played on Sunday afternoons as Spectators lined the
sides of the field and riders came from throughout Central Ohio.
Preserving the history of the polo era are photos, balls, clubs and sad-
dles on display at the Buckeye Lake Museum, donated by Bill Gochen-
bach who, along with his son, played the game. Today, Harbor Hills offers
visitors a fine public golf course with beautiful lake views from several
vantage spots along the course.

Route 79 Supercruise 49


The Supercruise through the south end of Heath and into Buckeye Lake
enters its 4th year of celebrating the American Automotive Culture. Born out
of enthusiasm for the Mopar Nationals, when event participants took to Rt. 79
at night to show off their cool cars, the Supercruise embraces all makes and
models of automobiles.
The Supercruise is a 6-mile cruise on Rt. 79 from Irvingwick Drive in
Heath, south to the KOA Kampground in Buckeye Lake. Along the way are
stops with music, food and fun. While Tri County Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep-Ram
features a huge “Mopar Only” display parking area, the cruise (and other stops)
is open to all vehicles.
Show off your car, see some great cars, and enjoy music at every stop and
so much more at the Supercruise. It’s a fun, free way to spend a hot August
Check out “Route 79 Supercruise” on Facebook for details about this
unique, free event.

50 Winterfest

Buckeye Lake Winterfest

The biggest party of the year just keeps getting bigger – and it’s in January!

At Dawn on the last Saturday of January “Benny the Bass” rises from the Mag-
ical Waters of Buckeye Lake to offer his Prognostication of Spring. Hundreds gather
to see firsthand if Benny “takes the bait” and predicts an early spring or refuses
breakfast, which means 6 more weeks of winter.
Regardless of Benny’s prognostication we celebrate Winterfest with fireworks
over the lake at dawn…and then it is on! Activities around the lake begin EARLY
and last all weekend! Enjoy live music, art shows, wood carvers, food and drink
specials, open houses and children’s story time with Benny at the Buckeye Lake
Library. In 2019 nearly 30 venues participated in Winterfest!
All around the Lake – Licking, Fairfield and Perry Counties – there is some-
thing for everyone to do!
The fun doesn’t end on Saturday, as on Sunday the Buckeye Lake Winery hosts
a “Polar Plunge” into the bone-chilling waters of the Lake to raise money for charity!
Be sure to check out “Buckeye Lake Winterfest” on Facebook and make plans

Winterfest 51

52 Winterfest continued...

now to have Hot Fun in the wintertime at WINTERFEST. Remember, you’ll find an
interactive map on Facebook to help you and your friends navigate around the lake.
Winterfest is made possible by the efforts of the Buckeye Lake Region Cham-
ber of Commerce Winterfest Committee: Mike & Ann Fornataro, Tim & Dianne
Ryan, Andrea Dooley, Lisa & Dave Stewart, Tony Brownlee, Brendan Underwood,
Brody Kuhn, Tom Wolfe & John Doneff.
Special thanks to our Sponsors for their support: Visit Fairfield County, Ex-
plore Licking County, The Island House, Camping World/Good Sam Club, Explore
Buckeye Lake, Matesich Distributing, Buckeye Lake Brewery, North Valley Bank,
Park National Bank, Commodore Bank, Licking County Chamber of Commerce,
Buckeye Lake Marina, Fisher’s Marina and Kessler Sign Company.

How Monticello Gave Birth to Millersport

From 1827-1833, hundreds of men toiled to create an 80’
“deep cut” just south of Millersport to feed the canal. So
many workers were needed during those five years of digging,
digging, digging that the town of Monticello spring up around
them. Located just west of what is now Rt. 204, there were
stores, livery stables, churches, a post office and a population
of over 1500.The canal was completely finished except for
this spot, and more and more men were dispatched to get the
job done. With the canal completed the workers moved on
and those who stayed moved a short distance to the north and
founded the town of “Millers Port”. Today, nothing remains of
the boom town of Monticello, nor marks the spot.

Dawes Arboretum 53

Dawes Arboretum

The Dawes Arboretum is • A bird watching garden with
a nearly 2,000-acre tree muse- a year-round, indoor view-
um dedicated to enriching lives ing area
through the conservation of trees • An automobile tour
and nature. Founded in 1929 by Visit for direc-
Beman and Bertie Dawes, The Ar- tions, visitor information and a pro-
boretum features an extraordinary gram calendar.
collection of trees, beautiful gar-
dens and distinctive natural areas. Mill Dam Corner Grille
It is home to four national plant A.K.A. THE DAM CORNER
collections, and its 370-acre central
grounds were added to the National (740) 928-3567
Register of Historic Places in 2016.
In addition to stunning vistas, Ar- (1/2 mile east of 79 on 40)
boretum visitors can spend the day 3982 NATIONAL RD. HEBRON, OHIO
• Nearly 17,000 labeled col- “LIKE US ON FACEBOOK”
lection plants
• A Japanese Garden OPEN 7am - 2:30am! BREAKFAST ALL DAY!
• Miles of paved and natural
walking trails MONDAY - Half Price StoneBaked Pizzas & Monday Night Football!
• The Learning Garden with a TUESDAY - $1.25 Beers! 99¢ Tacos! Margaritas! Queen of h!
patio social space WEDNESDAY - Lunch Specials! Pizza & Pitcher Nite! Bar Bingo!
THURSDAY - Best Wing Nite In Town! Half price Open to Close!

10 Homemade Sauces to mix and match!
FRIDAY - DJ, Live Music or Crab Races!
SATURDAY - Bloody Mary Mimosa Bar! College Ball Games!

Busch Racing! Live Music or Crab Races Often! Ride in!
SUNDAY - OPEN 9am to ? Bloody Mary Mimosa Bar! Full Liquor!

Breakfast Club! NFL & Nascar! Draft Specials! Ride in!


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11053 Hebron Road
Buckeye Lake, OH 43008

Jackie VanDorn, Broker/REALTOR®
[email protected]
Judith Green, Owner/REALTOR® 740-404-6126
[email protected]net

Samantha Schilling, REALTOR® Caitlin Coon, REALTOR® Tracie Cope, REALTOR®
[email protected] [email protected] Buyers Agent for Judith Green

740-503-9862 740-403-3355 [email protected]

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740-403-7080 740-334-2951 740-644-4706

Thornville Backwoods Festival 55

Thornville Backwoods Festival

“Thornville Backwoods Festival: iron work, late-season produce and
A celebration of American Heri- plenty of food prepared in tradition-
tage arts, crafts, food & music” al outdoor kettles. Bluegrass music
Since 1995
the Thornville and the aroma
Backwoods Fes- of wood fires fill
tival has drawn the autumn air
tens of thousands the 3rd weekend
of fans every in September as
3rd weekend of visitors wander
September to the the corn maze
beautiful rolling and are transport-
hills of North- ed to the frontier
ern Perry County. Over 250 ven- days of America.
dors offer primitive fine art, crafts, More details may be found at www.

The Wreck and Recovery of The Black Diamond

The legend of the sinking of the the fatal curve. Instead of hugging
Black Diamond Canal boat in Buck- the shoreline the helmsman, full of
eye Lake in 1850 is a well- docu- ignorance of the dangers besetting
mented one. The Book entitled, The these waters permitted his craft to
Story of Buckeye Lake by Joseph “sheer” where she landed firmly
Simpson has the complete story of upon a well-preserved stump lurk-
the ill-fated trip to Thornport. ing just beneath the water’s surface,
Mr. Simpson owned a grist mill outside the channel. She hit with
and needed coal to power his mill. such impact that a large hole was
At that time coal was so valuable ripped in her bottom and she began
that it was called black diamonds to fill with water. The tow line was
so that is what Captain Wade named quickly applied to her stern and the
his boat. team of sad horses pulled the boat
The trip down the canal was around up against the rocky bank
a perilous one as Captain Ward where “all hands” safety got ashore
and his two-man crew along with as she went down and The Black
cook made their way up the uneven Diamond was no more.
shoreline for a mile or so when the Local residents and natives
navigators arrived at their destiny,

56 Wreck of the Black Diamond

The Wreck and Recovery of The Black Diamond

knew of this legend and in 1962 bility of ancient remains of the old
when the steel wall was placed on boat lurking below the waters. Day
the shoreline to support the dam, after day someone would check in
pieces of the wreckage of The Black with the crew and watch their prog-
Diamond were brought up by two ress as they came closer and clos-
local boys along with large chunks er the bend. The crew might have
of coal. thought the Museum folks were a
The Queen of the Lake II tour bit “crazy” but they worked with
boat would tour by this area, now them. In February of 2016 the crew
known as Black Diamond Bend, called the director of the Museum
would tell of the story to listening and said’ I think we found your
tourists as they passed the historic boat”!!
spot many times. It was true. We had found The
Then the big news that our Black Diamond wreckage. Large
earthen dam was in peril and had to pieces were pulled from the soggy
be fixed and in March of 2014 the bottom of Buckeye Lake along with
lake was drained to 3 feet so that re- over 400 pieces of wood from very
construction could begin. tiny to large pieces including the
The large earth moving equip- stern of the canal boat. It was the
ment began a path down the old steel biggest historic find of this type of
wall clearing all kinds of items from vessel in all of Ohio including the
the bottom of the lake as to place a shores of Lake Eire.
30ft. stone berm. This machine was She is now in restoration with
going right down the path of the lake assistance from The Ohio History
and members of the Buckeye Lake Connection and Lawhon & Asso-
Museum thought maybe we could ciates. There is a 4ft. model be-
find the rest of The Black Diamond. ing made that will be housed at the
After all the construction crew had Buckeye Lake Museum. Several
been digging up all kinds of things large pieces are in restoration and
some were historic but many were will end up where they were found
not. at Buckeye Lake in the archives of
The Museum volunteers and history at the Museum. She has a
Director keep up the vigil of work- final home and we are happy we are
ing with the construction crew tell- stuck with it.
ing them that there was the possi-

Newark Industrial Park 57

Newark Industrial Park

In 1968 Jack O’Neill, founder of located just north of Hebron. Current-
Southgate Corporation, had an idea. ly there are nearly 50 buildings total-
He believed manufacturing compa- ing 6.1 million square feet in the park,
nies in the future would want to locate which Business First ranks as the larg-
their facilities in a new concept called est privately developed industrial park
an industrial park. After touring an in- in Central Ohio. With over 80% of the
dustrial park in California, Jack decid- developmentcommitted to manufactur-
ed Central Ohio would be an excellent ing use it is one of the largest manufac-
location to develop an industrial park. turing areas in Ohio.
The plan from the start was to provide This is a clear testament to the suc-
a location with everything in place and cess of this location for manufacturing
“ready to go”, including speculative in- as well as a great place to do business.
dustrial buildings designed specifically We are proud to have the Newark Ohio
for manufacturing use. With support Industrial Park as part of the Buckeye
from local banks, the Chamber of Com- Lake Region and Southgate Realty
merce, utility companies and elected Partners as a member of the Buckeye
officials his vision became reality. Lake Region Chamber of Commerce.
The Newark Ohio Industrial Park is

The First Hotel at the Lake

Thomas Minthorn was an early pioneer in the Lake Region,
building a log cabin where the canal entered the reservoir (now Buck-
eye Lake). Then as now, it’s all about location, location, location: Mr.
Minthorn’s settlement became the center point of activity as a “packet
station” where horses and mules were relayed so that boats may proceed
along the canal.
Mr. Minthorn had an “outdoor hotel” with a large kettle that was
always steaming with wild turkey, venison, dumplings or green corn
that he sold to the laborers. Food and lodging (in lean-tos) was $1.06 per
week. Around 1840 Minthorn built a tavern that is the present-day site of
the V.F.W. hall. The tavern offered 10 tiny sleeping rooms by the night.
Around the turn of the century the Liebers of Newark purchased the
tavern. At the time the road (now Rt. 360) ended at the tavern. There the
Liebers rented carts to people that were now coming to the cottages that
were springing up around that side of the lake. They would load their
belongings in the cart and leave their cars parked at the Tavern.

58 Fishing Buckeye Lake

Fishing Buckeye Lake

As an avid fisherman and full- the new 4.1-mile rip rap dam and
time resident of Buckeye Lake, my the water level restored, fishing will
wife and I are living our dream. I’ve only get better. The State of Ohio
spent countless hours fishing all has a regular stocking program for
over the country, but my home lake Saugeye and Hybrid Striped Bass.
is Buckeye. I love fishing this lake, Buckeye is one of the best lakes in
and there are many reasons why. Ohio for tasty, good fighting Sau-
Unfortunately, Buckeye Lake often geye, large quantities of bluegill,
gets a bad rap; due to the shallow crappie, catfish, largemouth bass,
nature of this lake, it turns green as and many people don’t know it has
a population of yellow perch, too.
the water warms each spring. This Many fishing clubs have tourna-
is natural and it does serve to feed ments here at Buckeye Lake due to
all the small fish but let’s face it; the amount of large fish that can be
you’re not looking for small fish. caught in these waters. With plen-
The green water makes the meth- ty of good parking, docking and
ods, time of day, and locations to ramps it’s a natural choice for clubs
fish different than most other lakes to host their events here. Buckeye
in Ohio. Don’t get frustrated if your Lake is also very active in the win-
normal tricks aren’t working, there ter; there are many activities on the
are ways to find helpful informa- lake when it’s frozen over, ice fish-
tion. Local bait stores are a great ing being my favorite. Buckeye
place to learn what’s working and Lake is one of the few that allow
where. There are several Buckeye licensed ATV’s, snowmobiles, and
Lake Fishing Facebook pages you ice boats on the lake, making my
can check and if you can catch a trip to the shanty both quick and
seminar on the Lake you will get fun. Ice fishing is very productive
this figured out in no time. With and the fish taste even better when
caught at this time of year. In the
summer you can boat right up to 8
different restaurants to grab a great
meal, often with free entertainment,
meaning you can keep your wife
and kids happy too. To extend your
fishing hours even longer you can
drop them at the boat ramp where

Fishing Buckeye Lake 59

they can walk the beautiful water FREE ESTIMATES
front, or grab something from the
store, a pizza, etc. Be sure to stay
for sunset, they are beautiful over
Buckeye Lake.
-Submitted by Doug Stewart
Doug Stewart is an expert fish-
erman; he has earned 140 “Fish
Ohio” awards and 10 “Master An-
gler” pins. Doug shares his love
and expertise of the sport with
many non-profit organizations by
way of speaking and teaching at
fishing seminars. Occasionally you
can catch him on the radio at 1590
WAKR on the Buckeye Sportsman
Outdoor show with writer/host Dan
Armitage. Doug will be speaking
at the Buckeye Lake Antique Lure
and Tackle show on, August 3rd,

60 Boater’s Guide to Buckeye Lake

A Boater’s Guide to Fun on Buckeye Lake

Just 30 miles east of Columbus, surrounded by small hamlets, rolling hills and corn
fields, is one of the most unusual boating habitats in the Midwest. Here are the statistics;

• Built in the 1820’s from a glacial swamp
• Designed as a reservoir for the Ohio & Erie Canal system
• Designated as a public park in 1894
• Home of the Cranberry Bog State Nature Preserve
• 3,000 acre shallow canal lake
• 10,000 residents on or near the shore
• 354,000 recreational visitors annually
• Unlimited horsepower
• Returning to “Full Pool” following a 4-year period of construction to replace the
4.1-mile dam

As when boating on any unfamiliar waters it makes sense to first do a bit of research.
Boaters new to the area should log on to the ODNR site and download a countered map of
the lake showing the depths throughout and refer to it when entering a new area. (http://

Another recommended site for further boating info is

There are several public launch ramps. At the far west end of the lake on Lieb’s Island
is Lieb’s Island State Park; There you will also find the ODNR office, restrooms and
overnight parking. At Fairfield Beach on the south-central shore and the North Shore Park
in the town of Buckeye Lake you will also find public boat ramps and restrooms. There are
plans for additional public launch ramps to open soon, and there are several private ramps
as well.

Buckeye Lake is highly residential. The “no wake” zones are designed to both pro-
vide safety for residents, swimmers and boaters, as well as protecting segments of the
environment. There are “no wake” zones extending about 300’ from shore along all of
the shoreline, at all recreational and swim areas, and there is a “no wake” zone across
the mid-section of the lake at Cranberry Bog. These are not “slow” zones; these are “No
Wake” zones. The lake patrol takes No Wake zones seriously.

There is no shortage of Marinas for fuel, supplies and service. Traveling west to east:

• Buckeye Lake Marina, Millersport
• Fishers Marina, Lieb’s Island
• Alexander’s Landing, South Bank
• Jimmy Carter’s Marina, Next to Papa Boos restaurant

Boater’s Guide to Buckeye Lake 61

A Boater’s Guide to Fun on Buckeye Lake

• In general the north side of the lake is deepest.
• The south shore is a natural shoreline and can be shallow, so keep your eyes on
your depth finder.
• There is ongoing dredging to improve water depth and quality. The dredge lines
are clearly marked with round markers. To prevent damage to your boat and the
dredge line cross only at the large buoys. One is red, one is green: when returning
from open water keep the red buoy to the right of your craft.
• From Seller’s point to the east side of Onion Island there was a causeway so the
mules could pull the barges to Millersport. Minor remnants of the wall still exist
between Seller’s Point and Onion Island. It is not marked on maps and caution is
encouraged. Generally, there is minimal risk unless you were to accelerate rapidly
from a standstill over this obstruction.
• The deepest area of the Lake is the no-wake area near the Bog. The route to Snug
Harbor, immediately to south of this zone, can be quite shallow if you do not stay
within the dredged channel.
• The area between the Cranberry Bog and the shore is navigable. There is also a
lot of root structure in the area very close to the Bog, an attraction for fish due to
the habitat it provides. Enjoy the excellent fishing and be aware of obstruction
• The East end of the lake is shallower than the west end. Much of the area is
under 3 feet in depth. Extensive vdredging is planned for this area.
• During the late summer, east of
the bog, pieces of the bog may
break loose from the bottom and
rise to the surface. Be aware of
these floating obstructions.

There are navigable canals all around
the lake, many with destinations at the end
(It is suggested to raise your outdrive or
engine). Every canal is no wake. Please
be cautious and pay attention to the depth.
Here are just a few, from west to east:

• Millersport: there is a canal immediately north of Buckeye Lake Marina leading
to the town of Millersport with public docking where Millersport Road crosses
over the canal. You can dock here and visit the stores and restaurants in town.
There is even a library, pharmacy and gas station.
• There is a canal on the south side of Leib’s Island. It opens to Fisher’s Marina or
follow it west to the Island House restaurant.
• There is a canal at Fairfield Beach that leads to Buckeye Beach Park/ camp
• Once past mid-lake there is a large bay on the north called Maple Bay. You can
navigate the bay all the way around the island of Harbor Hills, under bridges and
out to the lake again.

62 Boater’s Guide to Buckeye Lake

A Boater’s Guide to Fun on Buckeye Lake

• Honey Creek area: There are many canals south and east of the boat swimming
area. These are residential with the exception of the Copper Penny restaurant.
• Heron Bay: You may explore the bay in your boat and check out the homes.
There is no public docking in Heron Bay.
• You may exit the southeast end of the lake up a canal, and you get to pass under
bridges. The first bridge has quite a lot of head room. There is a bar and restau
rant here called the Port Smokehouse with customer docking. The next bridge is
much lower and this is the end of the lake for most boaters.

Unlike wilderness lakes, there many fun places to go and things to do on Buckeye
Lake. There are bars and restaurants from one end of the lake to the other; many with live
entertainment throughout the week. Below are a few listed from west-to-east with custom-
er or nearby docking:

• Canal Restaurant, Millersport
• Island House, Lieb’s Island
• Buckeye Lake Yacht Club (north shore, members only)
• Buckeye Lake Winery (south shore)
• Copper Penny, (south shore)
• Papa Boo’s, (north shore)
• The Waterfront (Formerly Captain Woody’s) (north shore)
• The Port, Thornport (far east end)

There are two designated swimming areas in the lake; one on the west end at Onion Is-
land and the other at the east end of the lake across from Papa Boo’s. Here you can anchor
your boat in water, 3 -5 deep, with a sandy bottom. You can also spend the night at these

Boater’s Guide to Buckeye Lake 63
A Boater’s Guide to Fun on Buckeye Lake

anchorages. Check with the Park concerning rules & regulations on “mooring.”

There are three public swimming areas with parking facilities and restrooms on the
shore of the lake accessible by car. These beaches are open from Memorial Day to Labor Day:

• Fairfield Beach on the south side of the lake
• Brooks Park on the south west side of the lake
• Crystal Beach on the north central side of the lake

The lake can be like glass early in the morning or mid week. The east end of the lake is
designated as the water ski area for good reason: this area has a natural shore line which
helps “damp out” the wave action. Skiing requires an observer in the boat besides the
driver and an approved life jacket.

Buckeye Lake is a beautiful, enchanting area filled with delights for watersports and
fishing enthusiasts. You can have a wonderful adventure here, if you just keep a few
things in mind. First, it is a State Park, so open container rules are the same as on land.
And though we have repeated warnings in this article about shallow water, watch your
fellow boaters and you will see that most of the time it is “smooth sailing” (or skiing or
tubing or…). So c’mon - join us on the water! – David Luttenberger


The Columbus, Buckeye lake and Newark traction company
built rail lines that culminated at the North Shore of Buckeye Lake, and
then built the original “electric park” (Buckeye lake Amusement Park) to
entice passengers to get aboard.
The cars were, quiet, and could reach the unheard of speed of 75
mph! They travelled Rt. 40 and what is now Rt. 79. Before Rt. 79 be-
came a road you had to go from Hebron to Jacksontown, south on Rt 13
and back west on the Lake road to get to Buckeye Lake.
The giant power plant that provided the electricity to run the
interurban was in Hebron across from the old municipal building and
featured a 150-foot smokestack that was dropped in 1940. By then the
automobile and roads provided easy access to the Lake and all the area


Buckeye Lake Area Civic Association

What is the Buckeye Lake Area Civic Association?
BLACA organizes events like the Tour of Homes,

Reverse Raffle and the Antique Lure & Tackle Show to
raise money for:

• >ŽĐĂů ĐŚĂƌŝƚŝĞƐ

We welcome you to join us. The annual membership is only $15.00 for

a family & $25.00 for a Business. Have fun and help Buckeye Lake.
2019 Events

Spring Dinner –April 17th
Reverse Raffle – May 9th
Boat Parade – July 4th
Antique Lure and Vintage Tackle Show – Aug. 3rd
Tour of Homes – Aug. 11th
Fall Dinner Meeting – Sept 18th
Friend us on Facebook or visit our website at:

Members of the Buckeye Lake Region Chamber of Commerce 65


A and T’s Hair Salon Camping World

A.Jacobs, Inc Capital City Pools
A-1 Auto Parts Capital Fire Protection Co
Accurate Plumbing Capital Square Hotel

Adviso Coaching LLC Central Ohio Nephrology Associates

Aeroseal LLC Chancellor Health Partners
AG Container Transport LLC Chef Shack Kevin Gorham
Alexander’s Landing Christy, Ryan
Altercare Of Ohio Claxon Communications LLC

Alvis Coconis Furniture

America First Sign Company Colofazco Inc
American Family Insurance Columbus Eyecare Associates
Amvets Post 51 Commodore Bank

Amy Electric INC Contour Forming

Aqua Science Inc Copper Penny

Archer Energy Coughlin Automotive
Arensberg Pharmacy Cumberland Meadows
Aviso Coaching LLC Customized Cleaning Servives

Bailey, Roxanne Daily Services LLC

Bajco Global Management Darke County Recovery Services
Baker Coastal Development Rick Baker Data Memory Marketing
Baltimore Fabricators, Inc. Datanchor, Inc

Barrel Bar David T. Van Zant, DDS

Basnett, Charlotte Dayton Gear and Tool

Baxter, Connie DBK Architects
Beach House Pub Dearlove Company DBA TDC
Best Western Denison Golf Club

Bike Buckeye Lake Dick, Don

Biller and Kimble LLC Donatos at the Lake
Blue Heron Shopping Center Donnelly, Billy
Braithwaite Consulting Dreier & Maller Inc.
Breslow Eye Care LLC Driveline 1, Inc

BSA, Byrnes Sales Associates Dummen NA INC

Buck equipment Edward Jones Investments Matt Hatfield
Buckeye Cantina Elgin Service Center
Buckeye Lake 2036/ Mike Fornataro EM Engineering Group, LTD

Buckeye Lake Art Gallery Entingh Financial Group

Buckeye Lake Brewery Epifano, Kara
Buckeye Lake Civic Association Ethiopian Tewahedo Social Services
Buckeye Lake Development Company LLC Evans Cattle Co
Buckeye Lake Eagles Executive Staffing Solutiona

Buckeye Lake Hardware Dave George Explore Licking County

Buckeye Lake Marina F.O.E. Eagles Buckeye Lake
Buckeye Lake Region Corporation Fairfield County Visitors Bureau
Buckeye Lake Shopper Reporter/Explore Fairfield Insulation and Drywall

Buckeye Lake Fairfield Metro Housing

Buckeye Lake Storage Fairhope Hospice
Buckeye Lake WHITS Fedor, James and Jo Ann
Buckeye Lake Winery Feeder Creek Vet Services, Inc.
Buckeye Lake Yacht Club Financial Advisors Resources

Buckeye Lake Youth Assn. Firelands Chevy

Campbell’s Countertops Fisher’s Marina

66 Members of the Buckeye Lake Region Chamber of Commerce

Focus Logistics Solutions Linden Lighting and Supply Co
Frear, Dan and Jeanne Lisa Stewart/HER Realtors
Friends of Buckeye Lake Library Liz Godsey Agency/Allstate
Fulfillment Center Lobo Farms, LLC/The Beach Stop Market
Gannett News Advocate LogoSpeed Promotional, LLC
Glassworks Plus, Inc Louie’s Corner House
Granville Lumber Co. Louis Maresca
Greater B.L. Historical Society Lucky’s Lakeside Diner
Grunden, Rickie Sue Machine Concepts
Guardian Fire Services Maher, Lois
Guitar Parts Factory Make Mobile LLC
Halo Branded Solutions Tim Rader Manifest Solutions Corp
Hamburg Fireworks Display Inc Mantonya Chiropractic Center
Hampton Inn Martinelle, Monica
Hang-Ups Mc Donald Auto and Truck Repair
Hanson, John and Margaret McCullough’s Tree Service Inc.
Harbor Hills Country Club McNaughten, Lori
Hayden, Charlene Merchant Focus Processing
Hedman Anglin Insurance Merlin Packaging Technology
Henderson-VanAtta-Stickle Michael Cullop Roofing
HER Realtors / Buckeye Lake Michael Kincaid DDS
High Tech Construction Mid City Auto Body
Hillis, Theresa Mid Ohio Psychological
Holland, Erna Mike Baumann Plumbing Inc.
Holycross, Donna Mill Dam Corner Grille
Hoskinson Funeral and Cremation Services Millersport Pharmacy
HS Investment Ventures Monica Martinelle
Hupman, Barbara Moose Lodge 2434
Hupman, Ron MRN Partnership
IAP Government Services Myers Real Estate
Integra Accupunture Associates National Metal Shapes, Inc
Island House National Safe and Security
James M. Hartley Electric National Trail Raceway/Big Ambitions Racing
James M. Vaughn Insurance Neal, Krista
Jamie Roelle -HER Realtor,Sr. Partner Netcare Corporation
Jobes Henderson & Assoc., Inc. Newlon Tire Inc
JPL Manufacturing Co., LLC Noremac Enterprises LLC
Keller Williams Greater Columbus Realty Cat North Shore Coffee
and Howard Everitt North Valley Bank
Kentar Corporation Northpointe Cove Condo Association
Kessler Sign Company Ohio Wire Form and Spring Company
KK-Guard Leaf Free Gutters, LLC Oliver, Erna
Kohr Royer and Griffith One Man’s Treasure
Kummler Collision & Automotive Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church
Lake Docks Unlimited Pacer’s Food Services
Lake’s End/Special T’s Pal Printing, LLC
Lakewood School District Park National Bank
Level 33 Graphics Parker Real Estate Leisa Davis
Licking County Board of REALTORS Perry County Tribune
Licking County Chamber of Commerce re- Petplex Animal Hospital
ciprocal Phantom Fireworks
Licking County Library Pizza Cottage
Licking County United Way Plumbers and Factory Supply
Licking/Knox Goodwill Industries Popo, Vince

Members of the Buckeye Lake Region Chamber of Commerce 67

Precision CNC Partners INC The Robert Weiler Company
Precision Shower and Glass The Village of Hebron
Preferred Capital Management Thompson Insurance
Prevedere, Inc Thornville Health and Rehab
Proficient Home Inspections Thornville Pharmacy
Progressive Flooring Service Thrivent Financial
Pymer, Seth and Sherry Tim Bubb
Quic Parc TK Gas Services
Rain One TLR & Associates Inc.
Ramp Creek III Top Cat Tom Wolfe
RCD RV Supercenter Trademark Global
RDP Food Service UMCH Family Services
Red Eye Express II United Producers Inc
Reliance Bottle and Gas United Way of Licking County
ReMax 360/Buckeye Lake Valentine Buick GMC INC
Retirement Wealth Strategies Vandyne, Skip and Cheri
Revolution , Inc dba SpinLife LLC VFW Post 1388
Rhodes Manufacturing, Inc. Village of Buckeye Lake
Rockford Homes Village of Hebron
Rock’s General Maintenance Village of Millersport
Roland, Christian Village of Thornville
RPD Food Service Vision Advisory Group Karen Cookston
S.J Schilling Inc Wadley, Sue
S77, Inc Wall to Wall Floors
Salas O’Brien Weldon’s Ice Cream Company
Samar Financial Group Wells Properties
Scarrett, Marc WHITS Buckeye Lake
Schmelzer Industries Willis Engineering & Surveying
Schneider Insurance Agency Woody’s Pub and Grub
Second Wind Restorations Y Bridge Broadcasting
Sleep Care Inc Young Independent Consultants, INC
SMD Wynne Corporation Zwissler, Kitty
Smith Girl Arts Gayla Smith
Snowden, Gary State Farm Insurance Important Phone Numbers
Southern Perry County Water District For Police and Fire Emergencies............. 911
Spectrum Lighting State Highway Patrol (Granville)...........927-0065
Spectrum Reporting Fairfield County Sheriff.......... 1-740-653-5223
State Farm Ins./ JoAnn Mcfarland Licking County Sheriff......................349-6400
State Farm Insurance Keely Weaver Perry County Sheriff............... 1-740-342-4123
Steffers-Schultz, Inc Buckeye Lake Police Dept.......................... 911
Stoneworks Partners IIC Business Office..................................928-0999
Sunset Inn Restaurant Buckeye Lake Fire Dept............................. 911
T.C. Market Business Office..................................928-3473
Tansky Automart Village Office.....................................928-7100
Tata Excavating, Inc. Millersport Police Dept............................... 911
Thai Paradise Business Office..................................467-2333
The Advocate Media/Gannett Millersport Fire Dept.................................. 911
The Port Smokehouse Business Office..................................467-2646
The Ardit Co Hebron Police Dept..................................... 911
The Community Bank Business Office..................................928-4326
The Electric Connection Hebron Fire Dept....................................... 911
The Eye Site LLC Business Office..................................928-4721
The Montonya Chiropractic Centet Inc Union Township Police Dept.............928-7655
The Peoples National Bank To report a fire............................................. 911
ThornvillePolice Dept........................ 246-5511
Thornville Fire Dept. & EMS............246-6735

68 Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events


April 17, 2019 BLACA Spring Dinner Amvets
April 21, 2019 Easter Sunday Brunch Buckeye Lake Winery
April 26, 2019 Chamber Full Pool Breakfast BLYC
April 26, 2019 Comedy Night Buckeye Lake Winery
April 27, 2019 Kar Shoz Jim Matheny 12-5:30 BL State Park North Shore
May 4-5, 2019 NHRA Buckeye Nationals National Trail Raceway
May 9, 2019 BLACA Reverse Raffle Harbor Hills C C
May 12, 2019 Mother’s Day Brunch Buckeye Lake Winery
May 23, 2019 Trials of Perry County Buckeye Lake Museum
May 29 -June 2, 2019 National Road Yard Sale Along Rt. 40
June-September 2019 Lobsterfest 1st Sunday of the month PORT Smokehouse
June 8, 2019 Wine, Wheels, Boats and Brews Canal Dr Millersport
June 14, 2019 Family Movie Night Veteran’s Park Millersport
June 15, 2019 Antique Boat Show Buckeye Lake Winery
June 15, 2019 Licking County Area on Aging Buckeye Lake Museum
June 15, 2019 Inaugural Funny Car Fever National Trails Raceway
June 15, 2019 Friends of BL Library 10K/5K Run Buckeye Lake Dam
July 4, 2019 Boat Parade Buckeye Lake
July 6, 2019 Annual Night of Thunder National Trail Raceway
Jul 12, 2019 Family Movie Night Veteran’s Park Millersport
July 13, 2019 Central Ohio Beekeepers Assoc. Buckeye Lake Museum
July 14, 2019 BLYC Car Show BLYC Parking Lot
July 19, 2019 Rock N Roll Lee Gilkerson Miller Park Millersport
July 27, 2019 Hebron Pie Festival Downtown Hebron
August 3, 2019 Antique Lure and Tackle Show TBA
August 9-11, 2019 MOPAR Nationals National Trails Raceway
August 9, 2019 Family Movie Night Veteran’s Park Millersport
August 14, 2019 BL Chamber Key West Event Buckeye Lake Winery
August 11, 2019 BLACA Tour of Homes TBA
August 14 ,2019 BL Chamber Key West Event Buckeye Lake Winery
August 16-17, 2019 WCOL Country Jam Legend Valley
August 17, 2019 BLYC Classic Boat Show BLYC
August 23, 2019 Gayla Smith Miller Park Millersport
August 24, 2019 Bike Buckeye Lake Tour de Lake Buckeye Lake Winery
August 24, 2019 Migration Audubon Center Buckeye Lake Museum
August 28-31, 2019 Millersport Sweet Corn Festival Millersport Lions Park
September 13, 2019 Family Movie Night Veteran’s Park Millersport
September 20-21, 2019 Backwoods Festival Thornville
September 7, 2019 Freedom Ride with AD Farrow Buckeye Lake Winery
September 8, 2019 BLACA Fall Dinner Meeting TBA
October 5, 2019 Scarecrows in the Village Millersport
October 20, 2019 Thornville Lions Country Fair Thornville
November 23-24, 2019 Sip Shop and Savor Buckeye Lake Winery
November 23-Jan 31, 2019 Gift Card Promotion Buckeye Lake Winery
December 7, 2019 Tree Lighting and Santa Miller Park Millersport
January 25, 2020 Buckeye Lake Winterfest Locations at the Lake
January 26, 2020 Polar Plunge Buckeye Lake Winery
** Events may change, please check in advance with the venue to verify**

Buckeye Lake

2920 Canal Dr. Millersport, Oh - 740.467.2697

Lisa Stewart Scott A. Walters
740-814-0166 740-225-3552

Laurie Bath Kristyn Paxton Heather Stasel
740-334-5691 740-739-7649 740-975-4135

Kelly Parker Kristen Musick Jessica Gauthier Lisa Black
740-334-9777 740-507-1626 740-258-7005 740-334-8830

Jennifer Hardbarger Theresa Piper Jordan BradfordJim Johnson

740-973-4488 Partners United Financial First Ohio Title 740-704-2968
NMLS# 772554 614-361-5031

4595 Walnut Road, Buckeye Lake

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