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Published by johnpoysermanchester, 2019-12-05 03:23:46

Criminal Solicitors in Manchester

Criminal Solicitors in Manchester

4/29/2019 Criminal Solicitors in Manchester - Criminal Defence Solicitors
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Criminal Solicitors in Manchester

At John Poyser solicitors we have a vast wealth of experience and talent within our criminal defense team. Our Criminal
Solicitors in Manchester ( understand that being
accused of any criminal offense is a stressful time for both our client and their families and the serious impact that any
verdict can have on their lives. That is why it is so important to seek expert legal advice if you have been charged with a
criminal offense or are worried that you may be charged in the future.

Our Criminal Defense Solicitors Services are provided by DPP Law. It is through the DPP Law Criminal Defense contract,
that our clients are able to apply for Legal Aid.

How We Can Help You

You never know when you may need to have the assistance of a criminal defense solicitor, that is why our lawyers can help
you in many situations.

We offer free representation at police stations. Whether you have just been arrested or if you have been summoned for
an interview under caution, John Poyser solicitors can offer you excellent legal representation during this difficult time.

We are also able to represent you in interviews with the Department for Work and Pensions. If you are being investigated
by the DWP you may be facing charges of fraud such as benefit or tax fraud that can affect you and your whole family then
you take help of Family Law Advice ( You may be forced to move from your
home, repay monies owed or even face a prison sentence. Therefore it is imperative that if you are called to an interview
by the DWP that you have excellent legal counsel at all times.

If your case is taken to court, John Poyser solicitors can act on your behalf at both Magistrates and Crown court. Your case
may begin in Magistrates court but then be moved to Crown court. Our Criminal Solicitors in Manchester can guide you
through this process and offer you reassurance throughout this time. We can guarantee that our solicitors will work
tirelessly for you and achieve the very best possible result for your case.

In many cases, legal aid may be available to help you. If you would like to have more information regarding legal aid then
please contact us. It can be complicated to determine if you can qualify for legal aid and some matters you may not qualify
for legal aid such as some driving offenses.

Areas of Criminal Law

At John Poyser solicitors we are able to act on your behalf in the following areas:

1. Assaults and Violent crimes – this can range from blackmail and extortion right through to manslaughter and murder.

2. Drugs Offences – you can be accused of a drug offense if you are found in possession of any amount of an illegal
substance. This can also extend to the large-scale criminal activity of smuggling and production.

3. Fraud and Financial Matters – You can be accused of fraud in all different areas from mortgage fraud to corruption
and bribery. 1/3

4/29/2019 Criminal Solicitors in Manchester - Criminal Defence Solicitors

4. Public Order Offences – offenses can range from ASBO’s through to gang activity and full-scale riots.

5. Theft Charges

6. Sexual Offences – again the range of offenses involved within sexual offenses is wide. A sexual offense can include
indecent exposure through to the more serious charges of rape and child sex offenses.

For any further information on how we can help you, please contact us.

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How We Can Help You

Here at John Poyser Solicitors, we pride ourselves on the experience and expertise our dedicated solicitors have
amassed over the years. We always strive to achieve the very best results for our clients and will go the extra mile
to do so.

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4/29/2019 Criminal Solicitors in Manchester - Criminal Defence Solicitors

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