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Muhammad Akif bin Mohd ELC590/SR2433B Professor Madya Dr. Alice
Saat Shanthi A/P Kasawi @Kisnan


SPECIFIC To persuade my
PURPOSE audience to eat breakfas

,instead of skipping it

Breakfast has lots of GENERAL
benefits that can be IDEA

useful for people

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Have you ever worried about the In order to convince you that eating
grumbling of your stomach in a
classroom or an office in the breakfast is crucial for good health, I
morning? Have you ever thought
about getting snacks or lunch in the will first discuss the metabolic
morning because of intense hunger?
If you skip breakfast, it not only advantages of doing so, then discuss
makes you have less concentration,
but it actually reduces your thinking how energy can be produced if you
ability or performance. Have you ever
asked yourself “why can’t I lose eat breakfast, then discuss vital
vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, and
You can be avoiding breakfast as the
cause. Many people skip breakfast, finally discuss some suggestions to
despite the fact that it is crucial for
our health. I've been getting colds assist you in making a great
more frequently than usual lately,
and I've also put on almost 10 pounds. breakfast. Breakfast has been proved
These two issues were my efforts to
resolve. And I came up with the in numerous research to have positive
answer later. I only required
breakfast. Although eating breakfast health effects. In the short term, it
has an impact equal to or greater
than exercise, it is not as onerous as boosts your energy and
exercising every day.
concentration, while in the long run,

it can help you better manage your

weight and lower your chances of

developing heart disease and type 2


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You digest and absorb glucose from the If you skip breakfast, you could feel a little
carbohydrates you consume. The majority of lethargic and find it difficult to concentrate.
the body's energy is stored as fat. However, This is a result of your brain lacking the
your body also stores a little quantity of glucose it needs to function. According to
glucose as glycogen, primarily in your liver studies, skipping breakfast can have an
and part of it in your muscles. impact on your memory, concentration, and
mental agility. Some jobs may feel more
IImportant nutrients like folate, calcium, iron, difficult than they would otherwise due to
B vitamins, and fiber are abundant in this.
breakfast foods. A large portion of your daily
overall nutrient intake comes from breakfast. SATISFACTION
In actuality, those who have breakfast are
more likely than those who skip it to You can reduce the risk of illness by eating a
consume the recommended daily amounts of healthy breakfast.
vitamins and minerals. Those who frequently eat breakfast seem to
Even while your body can typically find have a lower risk of obesity and type 2
enough energy to last until the next meal, you diabetes compared to those who don't.
still need to top up your vitamin and mineral Additionally, there is some evidence to
levels to preserve health and vigor. Essential suggest that skipping breakfast may increase
vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients can a person's risk of cardiovascular disease's you
only be obtained from food. use your cell phones.)

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According to research, pupils are more likely to eat breakfast if there are simple meal
options available at home. Here are some short recommendations:
Porridge made with rolled oats - choose the plain version of quick oats and add your own
fruit later because the flavor-infused varieties often have a lot of added sugar
wholesome grains (such as untoasted muesli, bran cereals or whole-wheat biscuits)
accompanied with milk, natural yoghurt, fresh fruit, and raw almonds
With baked beans, poached or boiled eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach, salmon, cheese,
avocado, or a few teaspoons of spreads like hommus or 100 percent nut pastes, wholemeal,
wholegrain, or sourdough toast, English muffins, or crumpets are a delicious breakfast
option (such as peanut or almond butter)


In conclusion, right, about breakfast can boost brain power I
have persuaded you that eating breakfast is important for
good health by first telling you about how to reduce the size
of portions if you can't eat food in the morning, next about
energy can be made if you take breakfast after that about
essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients about how
breakfast boost your brain power and lastly about some ideas
to help you choose a great breakfast. Now, Will you still
keep skipping breakfast? Do you still think sleeping 10-15
minutes longer is more important than eating breakfast? I
hope you don’t, and you will start to eat breakfast regularly.

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