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Grapevine 63 lowres

Grapevine 63 lowres


the new
Loaf Project

• When church gets

• Advent: between the
‘now’ and the ‘not yet’

• A faithful undertaking



Releasing these water filters for communities and schools.
girls from shame We were amazed, writes John Geater, at the

Cover picture: It is one of the worst places for a child selflessness of those who work in an area prone
What does the to be growing up. The Freedom Loaf to violence and disease.
future hold for these project will focus on a priority need of
children? adolescent girls in the Central Plateau A flare-up of violence had led to many
area of the Democratic Republic of community buildings being destroyed or
A greeting from Congo (DRC). It will give them new damaged. Seven teachers were killed by
these Congolese hope and confidence. The effect will be militias. One of them had taken two of the
schoolchildren felt in the whole community. photographs for this article.

This is the 41st year of Loaf projects. Each one Educational needs
has enabled the church across Hastings and Now that relative calm is prevailing, many
the surrounding area to make a significant children are without schools, books or other
impact in a deprived area of the world. There equipment.
has been increasing support too from the
wider community. Wilson’s organisation aims to improve the
ability of teachers in schools in an area as large
As always, the latest project will be specific, as East and West Sussex together.
practical and deliverable.
Many have received little training. They will
The committee of Church Together in be re-equipped to instil positive values and
Hastings and St Leonards has enthusiastically practical skills in their day-to-day teaching.
endorsed it. The Freedom project will be
launched at the annual Unity service on This will require conversion of one school
January 20th. into a teacher training college during school
holidays. Teachers will be infused with hope
Selfless work for the future so that they can inspire their
This summer members of the Loaf committee pupils.
met an inspiring man, Wilson Rugira. He heads
a Christian education organisation in the Currently many boys leave school early and
Central Plateau area of the DRC. He had been are then easily lured to join one of the violent
invited to an aid symposium in the UK. militias that prey on the country.

Loaf had previously worked through his Freedom for Girls
organisation to provide £10,000 worth of The Loaf Project has ‘adopted’ one particular
part of this programme. This concerns the
problem of girls dropping out of education at

They are unprepared for menstruation and
are scared when it occurs.

There are health risks, as well as
embarrassment, where there are inadequate


The new Loaf Project 2019

of the Central Plateau

Freedom from stigma
Freedom from shame
Freedom from infections
Freedom to continue in

Freedom to aspire to

a better life
Freedom to hope

Church members across the Hastings
area working together to relieve poverty

and distress at home and overseas

Loaf Project established 1979;
charity number 29385

hygiene materials and facilities. Use of rags, For that we can play a vital role in rebuilding

paper or leaves gives rise to serious infections. broken communities, restoring peace and bringing

The pattern of a girl’s school attendance is hope for the future to some of the world’s most

broken and this inevitably leads to her falling deprived children.

behind. So she just drops out.

Uneducated mothers ‘Seven of Schools links
This leads to uneducated early It is hoped that this will be of special
the teachers concern to younger people here who

motherhood. Statistics show that were killed by have benefited from the links between
educated mothers are more aware Hastings schools and those in Sierra
of how to raise healthy families. militias’ Leone.

This means they don’t need to have so The DR Congo is in much the same state

many children. as Sierra Leone was when Loaf launched its

Further, they are in a better position to millennium project to rebuild bridges in Hastings

contribute to the financial strength of the there.

family and all that goes with that.

Microfinance schemes are being set up Generous support

to enable women and girls to manufacture The last Loaf project – Wheels of Mercy – which

sanitary protection and soap to sell on the finished this year, had a target of £10,000 to provide

plateau. They are very expensive to import. a minibus to transport disabled children in Pakistan to

a specialist unit.

Project target Thanks to the generosity of people in this town it

This part of the programme which Loaf Project ended by being able to provide two vehicles, which

is backing is costed at £15,000. are in constant daily service.

It will enable hundreds of girls to receive Let’s give the same support for the children of the

sustainable female health packs. Central Plateau.


Tackling modern slavery,

It is shocking that people trafficking They could be used, for example, in domestic

and modern slavery are going on in servitude, to wash cars; or to work in an

today’s world – and on a far greater unregistered nail bar.

scale than the slave trade when There has been little hope for victims, who

it was abolished in the 19th live in fear. They could be threatened

century. ‘Victims with harm if they try to escape.
It is happening in this Then there is sex trafficking. A
The Salvatioperson is falsely promised a cleaning
country; it is happening are told they
here in the Hastings and owe large job or work in a hotel. But when
Rother area. sums’
Supportinthey get here they are forced into
There are different kinds of
the sex trade. The workplace turns
modern slavery. Those who have out to be a brothel.

been trafficked may have been Of ModeTravelling speaker
taken captive or have been lured here by false
Steve Wise is a local Methodist church steward.
promises. His minister suggested that he should go on a

When they get here the traffickers take away Stop the Traffik training course.
their personal papers and other key documents.
He wholeheartedly reYspeonaderd ansdehavs seinnce repo
They are told they owe a large sum for being The Salvation Arbecome a specialist on modern slavery. He is
brought here and must work to pay it.
now a travelling speaker for Stop the Traffik.

CHRISTIAN meant that we couldn’t ignore this Care and Co-or
RESPONSE problem.
that it just grew and grew. A total
We asked the police if we could of 94 police and fire officers and
representatives from local councils

Local church action against help them and others know how to across the county took part.
modern slavery began a few spot the signs of human trafficking Since then we’ve provided
years ago at King’s, where and modern slavery.
communications manager training for over 400 frontline staff,
Natalie Williams and church This led us to bring in the and then ‘training the trainers’ –
members were moved to get international organisation Stop the additional higher-level training for
involved. Traffik to help us set up and run a 103 of them – so they could cascade
training programme. down the skills to their staff.

In return, the police made a We welcome linking up with

Natalie takes up the story. commitment to send 20 police other church members across

As Christians our fundamental officer delegates for the February the town who would like advice

belief in the value, worth and 2015 inaugural training event. or to get involved – email:

dignity of every human being There was so much interest [email protected]

His Place Art Café Hastings Healing Rooms
& Community Centre
Free, Confidential Prayer for healing in
Robertson Street, the Name of Jesus Christ
Hastings, TN34 1HL
Mon, Tues, Thur, Fri, Sat God said “I am the Lord who heals you”
Part of Healing Rooms England & Wales. Charity no: 1125094 Tel: 01424 423501

Supported by Sussex Community Foundation



He had returned from an engagement in From the cover of the
Dartford when he spoke to us. latest Salvation Army
annual anti-slavery
He finds the church and other groups he report, available online
addresses have no idea of what is going on in
modern slavery but they are ready to respond
when he brings it home to them.

Steve is willing to speak to any group

on Armywanting to learn more and can be reached at
[email protected]

Growing teamwork

ng Adult VictimsIncreasing co-operation led to the formation of
ern Slaver ythe Hastings Anti-trafficking Hub, which Natalie

Williams chaired for three years.
Project Discovery was then launched a year

ago, to tackle this growing and very serious

ort onproblem head-on.
Led by Hastings and Rother police, it brings

rmy’s Victimtogether a wide-ranging group of 24 partners,
including local churches.

rdinatiAomnongCthoemnnotwraarecEStFR, Gangmaster
and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA), the DWP
and HMRC and a local housing association. The
project is based in its own office in the town.

Police operations
In the first nine months of this year Sussex Police
carried out ten operations and made 40 arrests.

A police raid in St Leonards in May attracted
prominent media coverage. This must have
made many more people aware of the

The Salvation Army was present, ready
to look after any freed victims under a
government contract set up in 2011. This was
renewed in 2015. >

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01424 852131 [email protected] 0794 080 8761


Tackling modern slavery, right here

AN AWFUL CRIME A volunteer driver and escort take
them initially to a safe house, and there is

We asked the police lead of Project Discovery to comment. ongoing support as they recover from their
Slavery is an awful crime committed by those who lack any sort of trauma and rebuild their lives.
respect for human rights. It affects millions of people across the world.
Katherine Betteridge is the Salvation Army
The perpetrators are part of organised crime groups who use officer who oversees the operation. She told
force, fraud or coercion to exploit victims into slavery. us how much they appreciate the ready co-
operation of specialist services according to
Tackling slavery requires co-ordinated multi-agency action. The individual needs.
Discovery team at Hastings consists of many different agencies
and charities which makes it an effective task force. These can include access to confidential
legal advice, health care, counselling
Sharing information is vital to identifying and prioritising how and education opportunities, as well as
we protect victims and target offenders. financial help.

The team meet regularly and then agree on a co-ordinated

approach before mounting an operation. Raising awareness
Our natural organisational diversity means that we each bring

something unique. Intelligence gathering is the key to

We have a common goal of protecting victims of intervention, especially early

slavery, pursuing those responsible, preventing people ‘A huge intervention.
from becoming victims and preparing to reduce the gift box A display in Priory Meadow
harm caused by slavery through improved victim
identification and enhanced support. increased public awareness.

represented A huge gift box represented
‘luring people in’. When members
luring people of the public went inside they

in’ learned the hard facts about

A private member’s Bill to give more protection to trafficking and modern slavery.
freed victims of modern slavery has been passed by Police and others from Project
the House of Lords. Lord McColl’s Modern Slavery Discovery also met members of the public
(Victim Support) Bill would extend from a basic 45 outside Debenham’s to engage with them
days to a year the statutory support as well as the on the subject.
right to stay in the UK for that time.

The Bill was introduced into the Commons by Frank Building knowledge
Field but is now being sponsored by Iain Duncan Smith. The start of Project Discovery coincided with
the arrival of Laurie Church as one of four
It was due for its second reading in October but national co-ordinators of Stop the Traffik,
was too far down the list to get called. The next based in Hastings.
opportunity will be in January. Laurie tells us more. My role involves
working within the Project Discovery team,
Campaigners claim that the present time limit is not linking with more than 20 other partners,
long enough for victims to get all the support they
need to rebuild their lives. There was the risk that
they could and up destitute or at risk of being
exploited again.

seeing how we can share information to

keep building on our knowledge. We know

there is an even bigger problem out there.

We now all have clear roles to play. The

work we are doing is really important and

we are making strides. This is a very complex

area but everyone involved has the victims’

best interests at heart.

To find out more about Stop the Traffik visit



The logo of Stop the Traffik. It was
started as a UK campaign by Rev
Steve Chalke and has grown to
become a large international coalition.

More and more calls

If you know or suspect that someone else is a victim of human
trafficking or modern slavery, you can ring the national Modern
Slavery Helpline in complete confidence 24/7, on 08000 121 700.
For more information visit

• In the first half of 2018, there were 2,185 calls to the helpline,
with 4,124 potential victims of modern slavery indicated through
calls and webforms.

• This represented a 64% increase in calls to the helpline and 161%
increase in potential victims indicated from the first six months of

• The helpline opened 923 modern slavery cases, representing a
104% increase from the first half of 2017,

• There were 1,599 referrals or ‘signposts’ made by the helpline,
equivalent to an 82% increase from the first six months of 2017.


Battle, East Sussex, TN33 9NF

Set in 220 acres of beautiful grounds 0800 520 0820
and gardens, Ashburnham Place
is a Christian conference, retreat [email protected]
and event centre.
• The Orangery Tea Room
• Be The Word Bookshop
• Prayer Centre

For more information, please go to
or call

01424 892244

Between the ‘now’ and the

Once again we are in the season of They were strange and puzzling, even to his
Advent, a time of preparation which disciples when they first heard them from Jesus
started on the fourth Sunday before himself. But they experienced their fulfilment.
Surely the remaining prophecies will just as
The word means simply ‘the coming’ or ‘the certainly be fulfilled.

arrival’, and Chambers Concise Dictionary adds, Great longing
We are drawn into what the Bible calls the
‘the first or second coming of Christ’. labour-pains of the whole creation, which longs
age after age to be delivered. ‘Oh Lord, how
We are preparing to celebrate once again the long?’

coming into the world of the Christ child, Jesus, This in-between time has been called the
age of opportunity. It’s a time for men and
the light of the world, who was to be our Saviour. women to respond to the love of God in Christ,
transforming us from being part of the sickness
God was breaking into human history. of the world to part of the cure.

There is however another theme in Advent More disasters
History is unfolding according to God’s plan. ln
which is often neglected. It is the coming return our own times we have seen changes which have
shaken the world, and more will occur.
of Christ. There is the acclamation in Holy
Jesus said there would be wars and rumours of
Communion, ‘Christ has died. Christ is risen.

Advent is about Christ will come again.’ -

the coming of

the Light of Prophecies fulfilled
the World. This As we study the Bible we realise that some parts
wintry scene

shows dawn of it are prophetic. The coming of Jesus, his

breaking at St sacrifice on the Cross and his resurrection were all
Mary’s Salehurst
Photo by John Hawkins fulfilment of prophecies.



wars, and earthquakes and other natural disasters, but the A poem for Advent
end would be not yet.
In the beginning was Logos* * The Greek is
We still pray, ‘Your kingdom come, your will be done on both love and creation were there translated as
earth as in heaven’. Christians will go on praying that until but those He had made had then chosen Word in our
the King returns. the way that leads to despair New Testament
but this
Spiritual battle So the Logos of Love took pity seems
There is an ongoing spiritual battle in the world. There are took on the flesh of mankind inadequate,
some restraints on evil but sometimes we see it exposed in to bring the good news to the poor as the poem
all its ugliness, in its destructive power. and open the eyes of the blind indicates.

The final victory will come only when the King returns. to give freedom to those long imprisoned
ln a sense of course Jesus never left his followers. ‘Lo, I am and release to those sore oppressed
with you always,’ he promised. And his first disciples knew and proclaim the time of God’s favour
that he was, even after his ascension. that henceforth we might be blessed
We too can know his presence with us, whatever our
circumstances. Yet the first Christians looked also for his So may that be the message of Advent
coming again. Every generation of Christians should have
this hope. that Love came to drive out the night
Jesus spoke in parables about those who are prepared,
who are ready, and those who are not. ‘Keep watch, and we empowered by His Spirit
because you do not know on what day your Lord will come.’
He will come suddenly and we must be ready. might follow His way and do right JG

CRAFTROOM The Manor House, Penhurst, Nr. Battle,
East Sussex TN33 9QP
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“Complex, appropriate content, award-winning This Christian retreat centre offers a welcoming family
annual report” King’s College Hospital
home environment in a setting that is remarkable,
In today’s busy world of communications, it’s all about clarity, creativity peaceful and beautiful. The house can sleep up to 12
and visibility if you want to make a big impact on your target audiences…
A reliable, experienced Christian marketer, I’ll plan, craft, proofread and deliver guests and cater for day groups of up to 25.
your personal and business messages, using the right tools, to cost you less.
An excellent venue for individual or small group
• • • •e-mails e-newsletters web content press releases articles residential retreats, individual quiet days, group away
• • • •case studies magazines leaflets CVs & letters key documents
days etc. We also have a programme of led retreats
Contact Lizzie May for a confidential chat about your project: and workshops available.
CraftRoom Communications, The Gatehouse,
Contact the wardens for further details or to book.
7 Scholars Mews, Croft Road, Hastings TN34 3PQ
Tel: 07826 730159 [email protected] GRAPEVINE 9

A faithful undertaking

Edward Towner: I realised that this long-established family
faith makes a business would provide the best opportunity
difference for me.

At one point I had to ask myself what I
believed. Is this incredible story of the man
from Nazareth true?

As a seeker I would ask questions of the
ministers I drove to funerals. Certain local clergy
led me to faith in a gentle and loving way.

The difference that faith has since made in
my life affects everything. Each day I wake up
and commit the day to the Lord.

I believe that worship is not just about
church on Sunday but honouring God
throughout the working week; offering
everything to him.

In 1875 Frederick Edward Towner Changing times
entered business locally as an Although the funeral business is the most
undertaker. The firm still bears the conservative of professions, I have experienced
name of his son, Arthur C Towner. changes over the years,
The family business has continued into
the fifth generation through Edward At one time when people were asked
Towner. about their religion, many would reply ‘Oh, I
don’t know – put me down as C of E.’
Now preparing to retire, Edward
describes how he came to faith and These days it’s more often, ‘No, we are not
what this has meant – and continues to religious.’ The long cultural association with
mean – in his daily life. the church seems to have gone.

I was born in Hastings and have either lived or Spiritual need
worked in Norman Road in St Leonards all my life. Yet when speaking to my clients I have
sometimes been conscious of their spiritual
My father was a sidesman at St Leonard’s need, a ‘God-shaped hole’ in their lives – even
parish church and I attended Sunday school there. if they would not acknowledge it. It was
almost as if they were frightened of it.
As a teenager I drifted away from church,
yet the question of God kept disturbing me These days we arrange many secular, civil,
until I eventually came to make a personal non-religious funerals. As a Christian I have
commitment as a Christian. found it sad. But I have not been here to
thrust my own faith; rather to serve all who
Confronting death come to the best of my ability.
In this job you can’t avoid confronting the fact
of death. We are faced with it every day. These days there are many civil funeral
celebrants who can officiate at funerals.
It forces you to consider your own mortality
and makes you ponder on the meaning of life I have found however that some people
and the existence of God. who say ‘No religion, no vicar’ would be
telling me five minutes later that they would
It certainly confronted me when I entered like to have the 23rd Psalm and the Lord’s
the family business after leaving Hastings Prayer.
Grammar School.
What they really mean is that they don’t
As a teenager I had thought being a funeral want a vicar trying to convert them or reading
director was the last thing I wanted to do. Then parts of the Bible they can’t comprehend?



When clergy leave aside their own One recommendation of the CMA’s investigation is that all funeral

preconceived ideas and seek to give people companies should have their prices shown in full on their website.

what they need in a loving, sensitive and This has been our practice for decades.

understanding way, it is always

appreciated. ‘My faith Time to relax
After 43 years at the office I am now easing off and

Where is hope? affects only work three days a week. My daughter and son,
All of us who are involved are Hannah and Oliver, are picking up the baton to ensure

helping people in the worst time of everything’ the company continues on as a family business – they

their lives. are the sixth generation.

If God is taken out of a funeral it Several years ago I undertook a degree course in

is difficult to create a ceremony which religious studies run by the University of Brighton, and

is filled with hope. What it amounts to is, ‘We from time to time I am privileged to preach at St John’s,

are here to remember this person’s life and Pevensey Road.

character, but that’s it.’ I feel I have been greatly blessed by God. Sometimes people think

Ten years ago about a quarter of the funerals being an undertaker must be a terrible job but I have found the
we arranged were secular.
There is a very good spirit in the firm and it’s a happy place to work.
Now it is about half.
Everyone cares about what they do. I think we all appreciate that it is a
Another big change is that there is more
demand for ‘environmentally friendly’ funerals, great privilege to be able to help people at a time of bereavement.
I can’t think of any other job I would rather have done.
with the coffin a cardboard box or woven

bamboo or willow. An area of Hastings Edward Towner was talking to Wallace Boulton.

Cemetery has been set aside for these funerals. Towners’ website is

What has made my job worthwhile is when

everything has gone well and you feel you have Tea break at the office

really made a difference to that moment in

people’s lives.

We have had some lovely correspondence

from clients; some of the letters are on our


Under scrutiny
Just recently there has been a national
investigation into funerals. The Competition
and Markets Authority has concluded that
some funeral companies – mainly the large
funeral national providers – are charging
considerably over the odds for their services.

The CMA states that bereaved customers
are vulnerable to exploitation. As a
Christian funeral director I strongly agree
with the findings of the report and feel its
recommendations are very long overdue.

At a time of loss people often do not apply
the same financial consideration to a transaction
as they would at other times. They perhaps feel
it’s not quite the thing to ‘shop around’. This is
why it is so important that the information they
need should be easily available.


When church gets messy

From a modest beginning in a parish church near Messy Church is operating at

Portsmouth in 2004 Messy Church has spread widely numerous venues in our area.
across denominations and across the world. We report on two of them.

It is based on creativity, hospitality and celebration. It is distinctly

Christian, not just a craft club. It helps people of all ages on a Flourishing at Fairlight
journey of faith in Christ.

One of the team members at the start was Lucy Moore, who Simon Young, one of the leaders at

was working for the Bible Reading Fellowship. Fairlight and Pett Messy Church, gives us a

BRF became the natural home for this ministry when training and look behind the scenes there.

resources were first needed. It started five years ago, with monthly sessions

We asked Lucy to tell us more. in the Fairlight village hall. Usually about 25

Messy Church has been designed for people who find normal children with 15 parents, grandparents and

church difficult. It is a chance for the whole family to have fun. foster parents meet, with eight helpers.

All children must be accompanied by an adult but there no age We base our sessions on the official Messy

restrictions. We are very inclusive of any children with special needs Church programme but we have added a few

or disabilities. of our own resources.

Most centres offer Messy Church once a month, a place where The main activities are songs, a Bible story

everyone can participate in a relaxing way. Each session is themed illustrated with computer graphics, followed

around a Bible story. by practical craft work related to the theme in

There are at least ten activities to choose from. Finally everyone small groups, then games.

can sit down and enjoy a meal together. Typical of the craft work was the story of

To find out more about Messy Church visit Joshua and the fall of Jericho. Shoe boxes To find the nearest running painted by children were built into a

locally visit ‘A new circular wall. They paraded around
the wall silently with swords and
format to
trumpets they had made.

bridge the On the final circuit they shouted
gap’ loudly, blew their trumpets and
the walls were pulled and kicked

down. They loved this so it had to be


Another story was about Naaman covered

with leprosy, illustrated by children spraying spots

of red paint on the face of a soldier commander.

MeaI together
After each craft session there is an epilogue
with prayers followed by a sit-down meal with
all the adults.

Some families attend church locally but
many don’t. Yet parents want their children to
hear stories from the Bible in a lively, fun way
and in a non-church environment.

Older children really love more activities like
games and computers with less crafting.

Several children have come to know the Lord
Jesus, going on sometimes with their families
to other local church events.

Every year in August we have a day out


together, last year on the beach, this year a A mix of
picnic in the woods. generations on
these tables at
Advertising has been by word-of-mouth Messy Church
but we now have a large banner. The work is
supported and funded by St Andrew’s Fairlight. Bexhill Evangelical
At the Salvation Army
local Book Centre
Messy Church at the Salvation Army Christian
citadel in Hastings has been running Established since 1986.
for a couple of years. Rebecca Zund Book Wide selection of cards
describes how it is developing. Shop available and good

Messy church runs here on the first Sunday selection of new and
in the month at 11.00. A big lesson we secondhand books.
have learnt is to adapt the format to our • Christian Books Orders taken if we don’t
• Cards have what you want.
We are starting new ventures. We are running Cash or cheques
four Celebration Messy Church events. On these • Small Gifts (no cards). Local
Sunday mornings we are going all out. • Bibles deliveries undertaken.
• Stationery Discounts for bulk
We start with worship and story time,
leading into crafts. Then games, more worship • Children’s Books orders. We look forward
and a thought. to serving you.
• Bible Notes
There is no better way to end than with food
and fellowship. • Second hand Opening hours: 10am to 3.45pm
books Tuesday, Thursday,
New format Friday, Saturday
On the other Sundays we have a mix between
Messy Church, all-age worship and cafe-style Also Mondays and Wednesdays
church. 11am to 2pm

There is more music, some creative activities Contact:  Unit 4, The Mall,
for all, and a sermon, while the children have Ann Mouland, 01424 722083 Western Road,
an age-appropriate activity under supervision. [email protected] Bexhill TN40 1DX
This new format is to bridge the gap between
our Messy Church families and the part of the
congregation for whom Messy Church is a bit
foreign and out of their comfort zone.

It is still creative and family oriented but with
more spiritual depth.


CHURCH TOGETHER People donated a vanload of tools at this
IN HASTINGS & ST LEONARDS year’s Unity service. Another collection will be
made at the 2019 Unity service on January 20th.
CHRISTIAN UNITY SERVICE In addition local collectors now enable tools
to be donated throughout the year. This could
at the Hastings Centre (King’s) on The Ridge be made easier if church collections could be
Sunday January 20th at 3.00pm made quarterly.

including TWAM is currently unable to repair broken
GUEST SPEAKER Charles Whitehead tools, but maybe there are local people who
EXHIBITION OF CHRISTIAN DISPLAYS Come early to browse could do this.
For more information and lists of tools
A mission for required go to or contact Colin
unused tools in Pope on 07836 388704 
your shed
Walking into the new
Many of us have various tools lying unused in year with prayer
sheds and garages. They are too good to be
thrown away. A Church Together prayer walk for the
town is taking place on New Year’s Day and
The good news is that they can find a new everyone’s welcome to join in. It is being
purpose, helping people living in deprived led by Angie and Mike Scarlett.
communities to earn a living and feed their
families. Never mind the weather. Last time the walkers
were undaunted by rain and mud. But if it’s
Tools with a Mission (TWAM) collects unwanted really bad they will pray with the non-walkers
tools, refurbishes them, sorts them into trade inside the church in Wellington Square.
kits and sends them across the world to create
livelihoods. Everyone will meet there to share food at
12.00 and the walk starts at 1.00. The walk is
Around 20 containers filled with over 300 being led by Angie and Mike Scarlett.
tonnes of tools are sent every year, bringing great
benefit to large numbers of people. It will have designated stopping places for
prayer, keeping in touch with non-walkers back
at base. They will pray on the same topics,
continuing while the walkers reach their next

The walk will move through the town centre
to the seafront, then on to Summerfields and
the Falaise area before returning to Wellington
Square for a cup of tea together at 3.00.

Owned and run by the Towner family since 1875

2 - 4 Norman Road, St Leonards 436386

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Generous response to Shades succeed with a
90-year-old skydiver challenging play

Another pensioner has completed a The Shades Christian theatre company’s production
sponsored skydive, this one at the age of The Death and Life of Everyman proved complex
of 90. and challenging for all involved.
There was a thrust stage, all-round lighting and an
Jim Knight, a church member at St Mark’s ensemble cast on stage the whole time, putting on various
Little Common, did his in aid of St Michael’s costume pieces to become different characters. Live music
Hospice and has been amazed at the was added to the script.
generosity of the response.
It is a modern adaptation of a 15th-century morality
His target was raised to £1,000, then play. The character Everyman learns that he must
£2,000. The final total raised was £4,080. prepare to meet his Maker that evening.

Jim introduced Grapevine to St Mark’s – ‘Everyman is going to die,’ says the Grim Reaper. But
the issue with Roger Mitchell’s skydive on this was by no means a ‘grim’ drama. The audience
the front cover – and now distributes each was able to empathise and laugh with Everyman on his
issue there. journey.

His son, Rev Paul Knight, is an Anglican The cast coped extremely well with humorous,
minister serving in a large area of France. poignant and emotional scenes and a strong message
was conveyed.
First Sunday Walks
Shades performed the play at four church venues
These monthly walks, organised by in the area and proceeds of £400 were donated to
Loaf Project and Church Together, are Christian Schools Work in Hastings.
into their sixth year. The afternoon
walks of 3-4 miles are for the whole Shades welcomes new members who have a passion
family and friends to enjoy the beautiful for spreading the gospel through drama. For an
countryside around us. application form contact chairman Charmaine Hill on
01424 426658 or email [email protected]
There is no charge to take part. Good
walking boots or shoes are needed. Children Characters
are welcome, as are dogs. in The Life
and Death of
January 1st Note: not the usual walk but a Everyman
New Year prayer walk round the town (see Photo: Adrian
separate item) Skelton

February 3rd Walk in the Park: a three-mile Your Support
walk to and from the waterfall at Old Roar
Ghyll. Meet at 2.00 at the Café in the Park. The Loaf team are so grateful for the church and individual
donations towards the production of this magazine. If
March 3rd Country Park: meet at 2.00 by you would like to support, either by way of donation or
the information centre. standing order, please call the treasurer, Christine Boulton-
Lane on 754608 to arrange.
April 7th Wander amid the anemones
(hopefully). Meet at 2.30 (note later time) at Grapevine is published by Loaf Project (reg charity no 293855)
Crowhurst Church in association with Church Together in Hastings and St Leonards
Printed by Berforts of Hastings
May 5th Bluebell walk. Meet at Guestling Web
Church at 2.30
June 2nd High Woods. Meet at 2.00 at
the car park on the B2089 1.5 miles after
turning left at the crossroads at Broad Oak
at 2.30. This has been very popular the last
two years.

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