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The voice of HOPE for Hastings

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Grapevine 56 final

The voice of HOPE for Hastings

Keywords: Church Christian Hastings hope


• Enthusiastic start for • Rescue plan for

Wheels of Mercy those trapped

• A marriage of in debt

ministers • Are today’s

• Twinning and walkers up for
and tracking a challenge?

a toilet



Enthusiastic start for

Wheels of Mercy, the latest Loaf project, First-hand reports

got off to a rousing start at its launching. Wheels of Mercy was launched in Concordia Hall,

Treasurer Christine Lane received £1,200 attended by people from many sections of the

on the spot, with more being pledged. community. Among them were councillors, local

As we go to press the amount raised has NHS professionals and church members from

already reached the £3,000 mark, towards the across the town.

target of £10,000. Guests enjoyed a spread of Asian food as well as

music from Pakistan. They then heard an account

The project is to support work with mentally of his visit to the centre by John Hassell OBE,

handicapped and autistic children, some of whom retired head of Glyne Gap School.

had been abandoned, in Islamabad, He spoke in glowing terms of the work

capital of Pakistan. It is to provide ‘How being done there and the dedication and
a minibus to enable more such about compassion of the staff, as well as the
children to reach the centre. pressing needs of the children.

The work was started in 2012 showing Dr Shakil Malik, a clinical director

by a mother in her own home. gratitude for our of the Sussex Partnership Trust, spoke
It has developed as the Centre of the high incidence of disabilities in
for Profound Education with help transport’ Pakistan with virtually no facilities for

from Hastings healthcare staff in the those affected.

Sussex Partnership NHS Trust and support

by local development charity Prime. Promised support

The centre is believed to be the only one of its Deputy Mayor Councillor Judy Rogers expressed

kind in Pakistan. It is hoped it will serve up to 100 her deep concern for those who are disabled and

children, twice the present number, and act as an pledged her personal support.

example and training place for more such centres. Councillor Trevor Webb promised support from

This is the type of
vehicle Loaf Project

aims to provide >

Cover picture:
East Hill
Credit: Tracy Hobden,
Hastings Borough


Wheels of Mercy

y ‘Please could I have a lift’ Be grateful for our own wheels

a musical event he was organising. This was taking Dr John Geater, Loaf Project chairman, writes:
place on January 20th at the popular Gecko bar Loaf Project was founded to give churches the opportunity to work
and bistro on Grand Parade. together in a common cause to relieve suffering overseas. These days
community groups and schools are joining in.
Rev Paul Parks, rector of St Helen’s, undertook
to be sponsored to run the Hastings Half Marathon Lent is coming and for many people the idea is to give something
for the project. up. Great, but why not something else as well?

Fr Tom Treherne presented a cheque for £200 Many of us have cars and, although we might complain sometimes,
public transport is remarkably good.

If we want to go somewhere there is usually the means to do so.
Not so for the many children with learning and other disabilities in
the teeming city of Islamabad who could be helped by the Centre for
Profound Education – if only they could get there.

How about showing our gratitude for the transport we so often
take for granted. How? By putting aside 1p (or 2 or 5 …) per mile we
travel, whether by our own car or by public transport, to give to the
Wheels of Mercy project.

If we feel the need to give something up, what about leaving the
car at home and instead walking or using public transport – and
donate the cost of the petrol saved?

Not only will disabled children in Pakistan benefit but this could
make us healthier and even reduce global warming; well at least a
little bit!

This year Lent runs from February 10th until March 26th. Money
raised may be sent to the Loaf Project treasurer: Christine Lane, 151 Old
Roar Road, St Leonards TN37 7HH

raised at a coffee morning and book sale at St Thomas of Canterbury.
He hoped many similar events would be held around the town.

The main fund-raising event for the Loaf Project each year is the
May Day Walk (see pages 10-11 and 15)

The popular Music on a Summer Evening, which will feature well
known local artists, will be on June 26th in the grounds of St Thomas of

John Hawkins Design

Graphic design services

01424 423859
0778 050 2417
[email protected]


A marriage of ministers

Luke and Katy were appointed by the Salvation
Army to the Hastings team ministry in Ore and in
town at St Andrew’s Square.

They work with Captain Marian Parker to run
these two sites, as well as various activities on the
Down’s Farm estate.

They lead the congregations on Sunday and
head up some of the mid-week programmes.
Their ministry is seen as being ‘out there’ with the

So much of it is community based: toddlers,
children’s and youth clubs; young parents and
older folk, as well as prayer and Bible study.

The St Andrew’s Square hall is used for
Surviving Christmas and on Monday nights in the
winter for the Snowflake night shelter.

y Happy family: Luke What’s life like for a husband and wife A constant flow
who are both Christian ministers and who Luke and Katy have two young children: Esther is
and Katy at home with have two small children? Lynne Clayton six, and Reuben four, and there is Flapjack the dog.
Reuben and Esther met Salvation Army Lieutenants Luke and So when they are not busy churchwise they are
Katy Johnson to find out. coping on the domestic front.

The Manor House, Penhurst, Nr. Battle, Says Katy, ‘We work as a husband and wife
East Sussex TN33 9QP team, so it’s not that Luke’s the minister and I’m
tel: 0845 458 0602 the vicar’s wife. We both minister in our own right.

email: [email protected] The work is a constant flow with each day very
web different. Having said that, we are quite good at
trying to take a day off and making time for the
Open to all who wish to seek God’s peace. family.
This Christian retreat centre offers a welcoming family
‘It is so important, particularly while our
home environment in a setting that is remarkable, children are very young, that we give them time
peaceful and beautiful. The house can sleep up to 12 and get a balance as there is no kind of shut off.
We just have to juggle things and work in different
guests and cater for day groups of up to 25. ways.’

An excellent venue for individual or small group No set hours
residential retreats, individual quiet days, group away Salvation Army officers receive an allowance. This
means they don’t have to get another job to be
days etc. We also have a programme of led retreats able to fulfil their ministry.
and workshops available.
Katy explains: ‘There is not a set pattern of
Contact the wardens for further details or to book. work with the number of hours you have to do,
but you are kind of always on call. With our home
4 GRAPEVINE number here we get a lot of calls, especially at
Christmas. People are very generous towards the
Salvation Army.

‘The Salvation Army band was out a lot over
Christmas, Luke is often out with the band. Last
night we were at Hope Kitchen at their Christmas
dinner and we played some carols afterwards.’


Katy adds: ‘I was working as a youth and

community worker at my church and knew that

church leadership was something that I felt was

right for me. But I wasn’t sure how that was going

to work out. Then when I met Luke it seemed an

obvious avenue.

‘I knew that if it was the wrong avenue it would

y Luke and Katy at the Salvation Army college on be a disaster so I hesitated really more than I
needed to. But at divisional meetings people kept
completing their training

Shared stories encouraging me and eventually I knew it was my

What is the best part of the job? Katy’s

reply is ‘People.’ ‘It was Growing faith
‘It is always a privilege when
something God ‘I grew up in a Christian family and
people tell you something of their
story and faith’. was calling us to for me there has always been Jesus. Each
do together’ year the stories of Christmas and Easter
‘On a Thursday morning we have have become more and more real. I have

a community drop-in. Those in need grown and flourished with the everyday

can come in, have a cup of tea, get a food realisations of who God is, and seeing God in

parcel and maybe have a chat with Christians the everyday.’

Against Poverty.’ Luke adds his experience: ‘Until I was about 19 I

Luke’s reply is similar: ‘but more specifically to just went along to church and it wasn’t until I did a

visit people in their homes, to have a coffee and a gap year with the Salvation Army that I found my

chat. It is a privilege to be involved in people’s lives real faith.

and journey with them.’ ‘We are all aware of the decline of the church,

Matching profiles but I think we’re in an exciting time.
‘Now is the time for the church to rise up and

Why were Katy and Luke sent to Hastings? be strong; to be sure about those things that are

At training college they had to complete their important but to let go of other things that are not.

own personal profile. ‘It is my passion to be part of the future Crafts activities at
a Salvation Army
All the Salvation Army area leaders then try church and I just want loads of people to be part ‘messy church’

to match the profiles with appointments. ‘Ours of that too.’ session x
matched with Hastings,’ says Luke. ‘So that’s why

we were sent here.’

How they met
Katy and Luke first met at a Salvation Army
summer camp in 2006. Luke takes up the story.

‘Katy was in the Church of England and I was in
the Salvation Army. Katy’s brother-in-law was on
the staff of the camp and she was asked to help
out as a nurse. I was a student.

‘I told Katy early on when we were going out
that I felt God was calling me to leadership in the
Salvation Army. So that was always clear from the

‘Katy was always very supportive of that, but
eventually she felt that it was something God was
calling us to do together.


Twinning and tracking

y Dr John Geater: The importance of being able to use a safe
toilet was brought home to me while visiting a
ebullient rural area of Africa.
Photo by John Hawkins
The picture shows the type of toilet we were
using. We were glad to do so, as the alternative
might be to go out to an open exposed space.

Safer enclosed
We are not talking about a flushing toilet
similar to our own but just having a deeper
hole. This lessens the risk of disease, and the
all-important walls and a door make it a safer
place to visit.

Teams work alongside communities to
promote good hygiene and improve access to
decent loos and clean water. When a toilet has
been built, a photo is taken and its longitude
and latitude co-ordinates are sent to the
charity’s headquarters.

You are sent a framed certificate of the
toilet yours has been twinned with, along with
its GPS co-ordinates. So you can look it up on
Google Maps.

So far we have raised money at Sussex Coast
College to twin 12 toilets – £60 has to be
raised for each toilet twinned.

y Barbara Powell-Jones: Half of young girls in Africa who drop
out of school do so because they need to
raising awareness collect water – often from miles away – or
because the school does not have a basic

Barbara Powell-Jones, lay chaplain to
Sussex Coast College and Brighton
University in Hastings, describes a simple
way of solving a serious problem.

As part of my role I have taken it upon myself to y The toilet Barbara refers to, deep in rural Africa
raise awareness of the Toilet Twinning scheme
organised by Tearfund.


a toilet

Framed certificate ‘You get
Next time you visit Coast Café or Dine

restaurant (both open to the public a framed
and very good value) in the college certificate’
look out for the framed certificate

outside the ground-floor toilets.

Subsequently, at the Brighton

University campus in Hastings, my aim

was to twin four toilets in the first term of this

academic year. I am thrilled that by the Christmas

break we had enough money to twin our seventh.

This all started through me seeing a framed

certificate when visiting someone’s toilet.

I have been asked to talk about it to a

number of groups and have been very pleased at

the response. As well as church and other groups

choosing to twin their communal facilities,

many individuals have twinned the toilets in

their own home.

For more information see the website 

And Jesus said,
“Come to me all who are
tired from carrying heavy
loads and I will give you rest”

A safe place………
 to Let go and let God
 to talk or pray with someone in confidence
 to learn about the church’s healing ministry
 to find healing and wholeness
 to know Christ’s peace

Set in its own spacious grounds near Battle in East Sussex, Crowhurst Christian Healing Centre provides quality
accommodation and appropriate healing ministry for anyone needing time away from the stresses and strains
of daily life. Throughout the year we offer a variety of residential and non-residential Retreats, training days
and quiet days. You can come and stay at any time without being part of a programmed event.

For more details or to make a booking

t bookings 01424 830 033 t general enquires 01424 830204

e [email protected] Registered Charity No 208738


Rescue plan for those

January and February are the worst
months for people facing a desperate
debt situation. The weeks following
Christmas are when Christians Against
Poverty receives most calls for help.

‘We are just managing to meet the demand,’
says local manager Nick Warren. ‘There are
over 200 meetings with clients in a year. We
can cope with only six or seven new clients a
month and we have people on a waiting list
until April.’

More than a third of clients are couples.
Many of the individuals are single

‘Taking the Reasons why
first step can Background causes

leading to a desperate debt

be difficult’ situation include break-up y Nick Warren: a strong call
of relationships, loss of job,
‘Even so, in some cases the route has to be
bereavement and ill-health. insolvency and bankruptcy, which takes up to
to six months.’
Says Nick Warren, ‘Taking the
Personal budget
first step in seeking help can be difficult. The first two meetings a client has are with
Nick Warren or his fellow debt coach Elaine
Often it’s when people are least able to cope Lee, to collect information.

with it.’ All the outstanding bills and letters from
creditors are then sent to the charity’s
On offer is an in-depth, caring service in headquarters in Bradford.

each client’s own home. Experts there negotiate with each creditor
or enforcement agency on the client’s behalf.
Long-term solution A personal budget is prepared for repayments
The charity does not offer a quick fix. The to begin.
whole process can take between three to four
years, five at a maximum. This is put before the client at the third
meeting in their home and they are asked to
Nick explains: ‘We can only take on as commit to it.
clients those who have some income, even if it
is only benefits. They must have enough to put Keeping contact
food on the table and to cover essentials such At the first meeting with a client they are
as accommodation and heating. introduced to a befriender who will keep in
close regular contact with the family to give
‘It would otherwise take more than five encouragement and support.
years for them to become debt-free so we have
to set five years as the absolute limit. There are 40 of these befrienders, drawn
from church members across nine participating
fellowships. Among them are three former
clients who successfully became debt-free and
also came to faith.



trapped in debt reports

Further support is offered through the charity’s
money management courses. These are run at
Kings, Calvert Methodist and Sonrise.

Across the country y Nick Warren with a helper on a drop-in morning
Christians Against Poverty began in 1996 in
Bradford. The Hastings and St Leonards group A final word from Nick: ‘I felt a strong call to
was started in May 2013. There is also a group work with Christians Against Poverty and I’ve never
in Bexhill and throughout the country there are regretted it. I love the work. It’s bringing God’s love
now 280. into people’s lives.’

The local office is at Chapel Park community If you know someone who could benefit – either
centre where secretary Ann Reid is based. from the full debt advice service or a money
course – ask them to call 0800 328 0006.
The charity provides a free service. But the cost
of running it locally is currently £21,000 a year.

Church contributions provide half the funding
and the rest comes from grants, which are
becoming more difficult to obtain.

Strong calling
At the age of 59 Nick Warren took early
retirement from the NatWest Bank after 40
years there. He was business manager at the
Hastings branch.

Your Bexhill Evangelical
Book Centre
Established since 1986.
7/9 Wellington Square Book Wide selection of cards
Hastings Shop available and good

E. Sussex TN34 1PD selection of new and
secondhand books.
• Christian Books Orders taken if we don’t

Tel: (01424) 721700 • Cards have what you want.
Fax: (01424) 433755 Cash or cheques
• Small Gifts (no cards). Local
e-mail: [email protected] • Bibles deliveries undertaken.
• Stationery Discounts for bulk

Accounts preparation Taxation • Children’s Books orders. We look forward
to serving you.
• Bible Notes
Business planning VAT
• Second hand books Opening hours: 10am to 4pm
Auditing Inheritance tax planning Tuesday
Easter cards Thursday
Computer consultancy Independent financial currently in stock Friday

and training advice Indoor Market,
28/34 Western Road
Also serving clients from offices at: Contact: Ann Mouland, 01424 722083 Bexhill on Sea
Battle, Heathfield, & Hove [email protected] TN40 1DX


Are today’s walkers

Below, top row, left to With the bursting of bluebells and the Arriving at Icklesham, walkers can catch the
right: Christ Church, greening of the woods there is nowhere 100 Bus back to Ore or hike back on another
more beautiful than the countryside eight-mile route via Pett and Fairlight Country
Ore; All Saints and St around Hastings in Spring. Park with superb views over the Channel to
Nicholas, Icklesham ; France on a clear day.
St Thomas, Winchelsea; Again, Loaf Project is offering some
outstanding views on the annual May Day Or, once in Icklesham you may choose instead a
St Peter’s, Fairlight. Walk planned for Monday May 2nd, with a circular five-mile route down into the Brede Valley,
Bottom row, left to range of options. up into Winchelsea and back through blossoming
right: The Royal Oak, orchards to Icklesham.
Pett; The Queen’s Head, A morning route of eight miles from Christ
Icklesham; The New Inn, Church Ore to Icklesham gives panoramic views After that there is again the option of the 100
Winchelsea; The Cove, from North’s Seat and bluebells in full bloom in bus or the eight-mile route back to Ore; with the
Guestling Woods and elsewhere. latter choice making a total of a possible 21 miles
Fairlight x walked in the day.

are four
churches and
four pubs’



up for a challenge?

Fit enough? Church Ore, All Saints and St Nicholas Icklesham, St
‘Is there anyone out there still fit enough for the Thomas Winchelsea and St Peter Fairlight. There are also
challenge?’ asks Walk planner Roger Mitchell. four pubs, offering refreshment of another kind – The
‘Walkers in earlier years of the Loaf Walk would have Royal Oak at Pett, The Queen’s Head at Icklesham, The
thought it merely a bit of an effort and a great deal New Inn at Winchelsea and The Cove at Fairlight.
of pleasure!
All this will enable you to raise funds to support the
‘Of course, you could stay in bed and get up to catch Centre for Profound Learning Difficulties in Islamabad
the 100 bus to Icklesham at midday to do the walk (see article on Page 2)
back to Ore in the afternoon, whichever you prefer.
The timings of the walks and buses allow for
‘Or, you may just wish to do the five-mile everyone to bring a picnic lunch and spend time
Winchelsea loop in the afternoon using your car or chatting with other walkers between 12.30 and 1.30.
the bus to get to and from Icklesham.’
Don’t delay. To register, complete and submit the form
On these routes there are four churches – Christ on the inside back cover.



‘Don’t stand by’

Hastings Borough Council is hosting a
Holocaust Memorial Day service at St
Mary-in-the-Castle on Saturday January
30th at 11.00am. All members of the local
community are invited to attend.

Victims of the Holocaust will be remembered
and those whose lives have been affected by
exclusion and hatred in subsequent genocides in
Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur.

There will be a talk by the Emeritus Archbishop
of Southwark on the theme ‘Don’t stand by’.

Other participants using this theme will include
the Acromax Performance Group with St Helen’s
Academy. St Richard’s College will give their
interpretation of ‘First they came’.

Frances Elton will tell the story of her family in
‘Escape to Auschwitz’. Music will be provided by
Opera South-East.

Brian Linke adds: ‘By remembering those who
suffered, we learn the lessons of the past and
challenge ourselves to work to end discrimination
and hatred today, prevent further atrocities and
help to create a safer, better future.’

Admission to the event is free but is by ticket
only, obtainable from Hastings information office at
Aquila House, Hastings Library and Bexhill Library.

Snowflake is back Handel’s Messiah
at Hastings Castle
Snowflake is up and running again through
the winter months, offering night shelter A performance of Handel’s Messiah is to
for the homeless in Hastings and St be given in the grounds of Hastings Castle
Leonards, with the help of 180 volunteers. by a choir of local church volunteers.

Church premises are generously provided by Organisers Katy Harrison and Susie Molina
St Matthew’s Silverhill, the Salvation Army, Our write: ’We would love as many as possible to be
Lady Star of the Sea, St Mary Magdalene Greek involved in this wonderful act of worship to God
Orthodox, St Leonards Baptist, St John’s Pevensey which will be held on Saturday August 13th.’
Road and Christ Church Blacklands.
Workshops in preparation, led by music
Christine Lane reports: ‘We are able to offer tutor Jenny Miller, are being held monthly from
a welcome, food, and warm and supervised February 3rd at His Place Community Church in
accommodation to homeless people who would Robertson Street.
otherwise be sleeping rough on our streets.
A three-minute promotional DVD has been
‘This is done by referral from various local sent as part of a publicity pack to local church
organisations. We are grateful to all those who leaders.
support this work and would welcome more
volunteers in future years.’ There is a YouTube link to the DVD:
For more information: or it can be viewed on Facebook:
[email protected]


First Sunday Walks There is also a substantial theological library with y the magnet centre

These afternoon walks, organised by facilities for study, and a comfortable reading area. The
Loaf and Church Together, are on the first
Sunday in the month. They are of 3-4 miles books range from the academic to the popular and new
and are open to everyone.
February 7th Alexandra Park and Old Roar Gill – and old, and the library is open to all.
meet 2.00 at the Café in the Park
March 6th Fairlight Country Park – meet 2.00 at Registered charities are eligible for a lower rate.
the information office in the main car park
April 3rd Guestling Wood – meet 2.30 by Pett Community groups are encouraged to benefit from what
parish church
May 1st No Walk: Loaf May Day Walk the next the centre offers.
day (see pages 10-11 and 15)
June 5th The sea shore and Combe Valley nature Previous users have praised the quality and peace of
reserve – meet 2.30 by the TA Centre, Cinque Ports
Way, St Leonards the centre. To visit or make a booking, contact the co-
July 3rd Brede byways - Meet 2.30 by The Red
Lion in Brede ordinator Nicole Blakey at the magnet, 1 Christ Church
There is no charge to take part. In the summer some
people bring a picnic lunch. Children and dogs are Courtyard, St Leonards TN37 6GL. Tel: 01424 431489;
welcome. Good walking boots or boots or shoes are
needed. All walkers take part at their own risk. email: the [email protected]

Drawn to the magnet The centre is on London Road within a few minutes

In the heart of St Leonards is the magnet, walk of St Leonards Warrior Square railway station. There
a centre administered by the Diocese
of Chichester. It offers high quality is full disabled access, and disabled parking in Christ
and competitively priced facilities for
meetings, training events and conferences. Church Courtyard.

There are six meeting rooms available. The New Shades dates
largest room can accommodate up to120 people
and can be arranged to suit all requirements in Shades Theatre Company now has new dates for its
theatre, lecture or boardroom styles, or in any thought provoking new play Alternative Accommodation.
layout of choice. Performances in November had to be postponed because
one of the main actors, Betty Simpson, was in hospital.
There are four smaller meeting rooms. The smallest
will take up to eight people and is particularly suited She is now well again and the play will be at St Peter
to small groups or one-to-one sessions. and St Paul in Parkstone Road on Wednesday February
3rd 7.00pm and at His Place Community Church in
Flipcharts, a powerpoint projector, whiteboards, Robertson Street on Friday February 5th at 7.00pm.
a TV (with DVD and video player) and video
projector are all available. There is also a small
kitchen with tea and coffee making facilities.

Grapevine is published by Loaf Grapevine team Treasurer Christine Lane, who is
Project (reg charity no 293855) in Loaf chairman Dr John Geater MBE pleased to receive donations at:
association with Church Together Editor Rev Wallace Boulton 151 Old Roar Road, St Leonards
in Hastings and St Leonards to Design John Hawkins, 423859 TN37 7HH. Phone 754608
encourage action for the relief of Advertising and distribution Printed by
poverty and distress in the local Richard Keep, 852131 Hastings Printing Company
community and overseas. Reporter Lynne Clayton Web


Owned and run by the Towner family since 1875 Hastings Healing Rooms

2 - 4 Norman Road, St Leonards 436386 Open on Saturdays

Audley House, 1 Albert Road, Bexhill 733700 Free, confidential prayer for healing
in the name of Jesus Christ
19 Market Square, Battle 775515
“I am the LORD, who heals you.” Exodus 15 v 26
3- 4pm at His Place Community Church

Robertson Street, Hastings. TN34 1HL

(except school summer holidays & Christmas & Easter weekend)

Hastings Healing Room is run in association with National Healing Rooms Association England
Charity number 1125094

Richard Keep Pianos

All piano services offered
From small repairs to full overhauls

Tuning, regulation, restringing
Repolishing, covers and stools
Pianos sold (all with 2 year guarantee)

01424 852131 [email protected] 0794 080 8761

the 1 Christ Church Courtyard
agnet London Road St Leonards-on-Sea
TN37 6GL

the magnet is a conference centre and library offering first
rate flexible meeting space and training facilities.

Set in 200 acres of glorious gardens the magnet offers six
and grounds Ashburnham Place comfortable and well-appointed
is a Christian conference
and prayer centre just meeting rooms, the smallest
5 miles from Battle. takes 8 the largest 120 people
• Day conferences
• Weekend houseparties Bookings include the use of
• Prayer retreats flipcharts, PowerPoint projector
• Holiday breaks and WiFi access and tea and
For more information, coffee at no extra cost.
or to make a booking, call
The extensive theological
01424 892244 library is available to all, by
appointment, for reference,
14 GRAPEVINE reading and study
For more details, to arrange a visit or make a
booking call 01424 431489


2016 Loaf May Day Bank Holiday Walks

ONE DAY WALKS on May 2nd

All walkers must complete this form and send it to the address below or electronically by visiting

This year LOAF is inviting you to walk to support the Centre for Profound Learning Difficulties in Islamabad
five different lengths of walk are available as follows:
5 Miles, 7 Miles, 8 Miles, 15 Miles and 20 Miles based on Ore and Icklesham.

WALK A Starting from Christ Church Ore at 9am. 8 Miles to Icklesham Village Hall (The 100 Bus returns to Ore at 13:49)
WALK B Starting from Icklesham Village Hall at 13:30. 7 Miles to Christ Church Ore (The 100 Bus leaves Christ Church for

Icklesham at 12:21)

WALK C By combining Walks A and B a whole day walk of 15 Miles is available.
WALK D Starting at 13:30 a 5 Mile circular walk via Winchelsea, finishing at Icklesham Village Hall.
WALK E For the really intrepid, a combination of Walks A, B and D gives route of 20 Miles

Please tick your choice below and complete the details on the form: F
Walk A (8 miles) Start 09.00 from Christ Church Ore (Registration from 08.30)

Walk B (7 miles) Start 13:30 from Icklesham Village Hall (Registration from 12:30) F

Walk C (15 miles)Start 09:00 from Christ Church Ore (Registration from 08.30) F
Walk D (5 miles) Start 13:30 from Icklesham Village Hall (Registration from 12:30) F
Walk E (20 miles) Start 09:00 from Christ Church Ore (Registration from 08:30) F

We encourage all walkers to take part in a family picnic at Icklesham Village Hall from 12:30 onwards.
Please bring your own food but drinks will be provided.


Telephone....................................................... Mobile (please bring this mobile on the walk)................................................

Postcode ....................................... email .................................................................. Age if under 16....................

I am walking as an individual YES........... NO............. (Tick one)

OR I am walking as part of the GROUP from ...........................… … ......................................… … (Church/organisation/family)

If you are planning to walk with any others as a group we still need a separate form for each individual.

When starting your walk it is helpful for us to know if you are walking in the company of a specific group.
Please identify your group to our Registrars on the day.

I would like to take part in the Loaf Walk 2016. Please send me a sponsor form. I undertake to take part entirely at my own
risk as a member of the public walking on designated public footpaths. I undertake to pay an entry fee of £5 (if over 16) for
the walks to meet administrative costs (any money left over once these costs have been met will be added to the funds for
the Loaf Project 2016)

……………………………………………………….......................……………………………. (Signature)

…………………...................................................… (date)

A parent or guardian must, by signing above, consent to the participation of those under 16, and in so doing, take
responsibility for their conduct and ensure they are accompanied by a responsible adult. Please let us know if you require
further copies of this form.

Please send this form, together with a stamped self addressed envelope Aid to people in developing countries
to: Richard Keep, 7, Wishing Tree Road, St Leonards-on-Sea, TN38 9LL from Hastings area churches
Charity no. 293855
Or electronically via the website

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