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The Voice of HOPE for Hastings

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Grapevine 52

The Voice of HOPE for Hastings

Keywords: Christian church Hastings Hope

GrapevineTheVoice of Hope for Hastings

Inside • Send water filters and save lives • A new presence in the market place DISFTROIRBUFTIROENE
Surgeon in the thick of war • Walkers of the town unite!


Send water filters and

Alex Ntung is Hastings Community Cohesion
Officer. He is on the Loaf Project management
team and is a local church member, at Kings.
Here he writes from personal experience of the
need for this project.

I arrived in Britain from the highlands mountains
of South Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo
through Rwanda 12 years ago. What fascinated
and overwhelmed me most here was the abundant
supply of drinkable water, and the facilities for

Worldwide the death of one in every five
children under five years old is through water-
related diseases.

My personal experience of seeking clean water
since the age of four is so vivid. Lack of water and
sanitation facilities prevented many friends from
finishing at primary school and caused deaths.

Early struggle

The struggle to access drinkable water started

from the circumstances of my birth. My mother

was heavily pregnant with me but she never

stopped working in the fields and walking long

distances to fetch water.

She went to find firewood in one of the

surrounding forests. A few hours later she was in

labour; I was about to be born.

She was alone in extreme pain and unable to

move, and she was dehydrated.

In this place there was – and still is – no access

to health care; this was her usual life. Her waters

broke and hours later I was born.

y Alex Ntung with an The main Loaf Project ‘Worldwide There was no means of
fundraising this year the death of communication other than by shouting
Aquafilter will be for the provision one in every five or screaming, hoping that someone
Photo by John Hawkins of clean drinking water in children under five would hear her. My mother organised
Africa through a wonderful is through water- all ‘necessities’, using leaves to clean
Cover: Dying Sun innovation, the Aquafilter. related diseases’ me and a sharp stick to cut the
by Florin Garoi umbilical cord.
In this extreme rural area people subsist

mainly through agriculture and livestock. I

got to know that I was among the 84 percent of the

This has been subjected to rigorous testing and is world’s population who don’t have access to water

approved by the UK Department for International fit to drink, added to the fact that this was a country

Development (DfID). with the world’s highest child mortality.

These filters will be installed in Uganda, In my teens my hunger for education took

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Rwanda, me to a city far away from my village. One of

usually in communities with which there is already the strongest impressions of this city was the

a local contact. frequency of funeral processions.

save lives What a life story!
Alex Ntung’s book has
My walk to school took me very close to the been described as ‘a
main cemetery. Almost every day I would meet a compelling story of the
crowd taking someone to be interred. Very often I triumph of humanity
could see that it was a child or a baby. over ludicrous odds’.

As in our local culture and tradition, I always had In the Congo he survived
to stop when a body was carried past. I often asked extreme poverty and
what had caused the child’s death. Mostly it was hardship, child soldiering
water-related diseases: dysentery, cholera, typhus and spying, and violence on
fever, typhoid, and trachoma. a terrifying scale. Eleven
members of his family
Living in the slum area I suffered many times were killed. He worked
from malaria. While it is not caused by unclean as a humanitarian and
water, it affects people who live in very poor orphanage worker in the
conditions where stagnant water causes a aftermath of the 1994
proliferation of mosquitoes. genocide in Rwanda.

After genocide Arriving in the UK,
Political violence later forced me to go to Rwanda where he underwent a
during one of the worst humanitarian crises of the stringent asylum process,
last century: the aftermath of the 1994 genocide. he later settled with his
wife and two daughters in St Leonards.
I ended up living in the depressing slum of Kigali,
in a neighbourhood of makeshift homes with no He gained an MA degree in anthropology of conflict, violence
electricity, put together with any available materials and conciliation at the University of Sussex. He is currently leading
salvaged from rubbish tips or derelict buildings. cohesion work in the Hastings area and, independently, is an
international speaker and lecturer on the issues of war and human
Many of these homes propped each other security, and conflict resolution. He is still only 39.
up. They were all vulnerable to heavy rain. Here,
despite how young I was, I became responsible for The book is available through Amazon or at Waterstone’s in Priory
the family of my older brother, who went missing Meadow, price £12.99.
during the genocide.

Saving families The main Loaf Project event is the annual May Day Walk. For details of this
Charities have given thousands access to water year’s see page 12. The registration form is on page 15.
filters but these depend on electrical power, so
can’t be used in slums or rural areas. So simple, so effective

The Aquafilter is an incredible innovation that The Aquafilter is operated by hand pumping so it does not
meets the needs of these areas. It is suitable for need electricity. There is no need for chemicals or other
cleaning water from shallow wells, rivers, ponds and consumable elements so it will last for years.
lakes. Easy to use, it removes all germs, making it
safe to drink. It is portable, so an Aquafilter can easily be taken to a site and used
immediately. When not in use it can be stored in a safe place.
By sponsoring one water filter you save a family
from many preventable diseases. One Aquafilter for Built into the design are ways to keep it clean and unclogged. So
a family costs £30; one for 20 village families costs there is no need for replacement parts.
£200. Costs are kept down because the Aquafilter is
produced by a charity, the Safe Water Trust. The community model is for schools, clinics and villages. It
comes in a box which can be used to contain dirty water.
This Loaf Project can be taken up by churches,
schools, community associations and house groups, When the Aquafilter is operated it delivers 300 litres an hour of
as well as by individuals. crystal clear and biologically safe water.

Send water filters and save lives! The model for families and small groups is normally clamped onto
the side of a bucket or cut-down jerry can. Dirty water is pumped into
Contributions, payable to Loaf Project (reg charity the bucket.
293855), can be sent to the treasurer, Christine
Lane, at 151 Old Roar Road, St Leonards TN37 7HH, When the Aquafilter is pumped, clean water is delivered directly into
tel 754608. a drinking cup. It produces safe drinking water on demand at a rate of a
litre a minute.


Snowflake: a blessing

per night; this year so far they have 13-14. Each of

Lynne Clayton them would otherwise have spent the night in the
cold and wet of our winter.

reports Snowflake is a chance to build friendships.
When new guests arrive the others make
Photo: Wordlesstech
‘Snowflake them welcome, whether they have just

Snowflake offers supervised is a chance fallen on hard times or have problems.
overnight accommodation,
an evening meal and a light to build The safety aspect emerges as they talk
friendships’ about Les Williams, a rough sleeper from
St Leonards, who was killed in Brighton.
breakfast to local homeless
We had a couple last year who used to
people who would otherwise be
arrive incredibly wet and miserable – they had to
sleeping rough during the extreme winter carry all their possessions with them. We would dry
them out and they were incredibly grateful.

Snowflake uses seven church premises across the Hastings Borough Council found them a flat and
town, one night a week each. Across the venues we see them about; he has now started his own
it is staffed by 172 volunteers drawn from many business.

church congregations and other sections of the Now volunteering

community. One guest has moved on to Emmaus. Another used

They include some who had needed to be guests to leave the shelter at 5.00 in the morning to go to

themselves last year. work; he is now self-supporting, as are two more of

In its first year Snowflake averaged 9-10 guests last year’s guests.


• Free collection and delivery • Body repairs
• Cost-effective prices on all • Vauxhall and Land Rover

parts and labour specialists

• Electrical work • MOTs
• Brakes and clutches • Highly-trained technicians



returns Snowflake has 172 volunteers but needs 200. It needs just £30,000 a year
for the project. For more information about the Snowflake shelter, see the

A blessing to the guests Christopher Maxwell Stuart, who chairs the What some

Why do it? Snowflake trust, said most of the volunteers come of them
I asked some of the volunteers why they do it, to realise that, in different circumstances, they
giving up nights’ sleep or getting up in the early could so easil>y hBayvsepbeecieanl rienqtuheestproetsiirteiodnWoilflitahmeiPrarker have said: gave a
hours to cook breakfasts.
head Roger Mitchell
Rebecca Black is Snowflake’s project manager for
this year having volunteered last year on every guests. surprisingly melodious rendering – on the watering can! to be
shift and at every venue. ‘You lose
‘Snowflake is about helping those less fortunate youxr jPoibc,nyicowuhlioleseyoyuoluisrtemno: trhtgeacgoen,ceyrotuscene ‘It’s nice
than yourself. I volunteered last year and got so respected’
much out of it because guests are so appreciative. lose your marriage. You are on the street just like

‘Some of the guests have started to turn up that. ‘It’s a safe
an hour early to help unload the van, then to set ‘It is very difficult to get off the bottom if warm place’
up the venue. The guests are lovely people to be
around and you get so much back from helping. you don’t have self respect. If you think you are
There is a reason they are in the situation that
they are. worthless it undermines your basic initiative to ‘I feel normal’
resolve your problems. This is fundamental in
‘The guests have a huge respect for all the getting them back up the ladder.’ ‘I have made
volunteers. One of the guests said to me, “When some really
you ask me how I am and how my day has been
I know you really mean it. You are not just asking, One of the volunteers said: good friends
you really want to know. You aren’t just sitting ‘It could be my dad, my son, my brother and I out of this’
there to be polite, you really mean it.” ’ would like to feel that they are being looked after.

I feel I have no option, I want to be there for them.

‘It is special. It is non-judgmental. It is like they

come into a family and everyone is accepted as

they are.

‘Snowflake is doing a brilliant job in keeping

these people safe and warm, and helping them feel

normal, but most of all giving them back their self x Snowflake: ready
for the night


Your Bexhill Evangelical
Book Centre
Established since 1986.
7/9 Wellington Square Book Wide selection of cards
Hastings Shop available and good

E. Sussex TN34 1PD selection of new and
secondhand books.
• Christian Books Orders taken if we don’t

Tel: (01424) 721700 • Cards have what you want.
Fax: (01424) 433755 Cash or cheques
• Small Gifts (no cards). Local
e-mail: [email protected] • Bibles deliveries undertaken.
• Stationery Discounts for bulk

Accounts preparation Taxation • Children’s Books orders. We look forward
to serving you.
• Bible Notes
Business planning VAT
• Second hand books Opening hours: 10am to 4pm
Auditing Inheritance tax planning Tuesday
Easter cards Thursday
Computer consultancy Independent financial currently in stock Friday

and training advice Indoor Market,
28/34 Western Road
Also serving clients from offices at: Contact: Ann Mouland, 01424 722083 Bexhill on Sea
Battle, Heathfield, & Hove [email protected] TN40 1DX

And Jesus said,
“Come to me all who are
tired from carrying heavy
loads and I will give you rest”

A safe place………
 to Let go and let God
 to talk or pray with someone in confidence
 to learn about the church’s healing ministry
 to find healing and wholeness
 to know Christ’s peace

Set in its own spacious grounds near Battle in East Sussex, Crowhurst Christian Healing Centre provides quality
accommodation and appropriate healing ministry for anyone needing time away from the stresses and strains
of daily life. Throughout the year we offer a variety of residential and non-residential Retreats, training days
and quiet days. You can come and stay at any time without being part of a programmed event.

For more details or to make a booking

t bookings 01424 830 033 t general enquires 01424 830204

e [email protected] Registered Charity No 208738



A new presence in the market place

New life has come to a large town-centre to meet for 19 years in a former factory in Wallace
church building which had been closed. Silverhill. Its mission has always been to those reports

pnAoccdcbamehhweroau‘eorucoywFtaN‘TemraIs,orsk’m,htciuetoredgsIiehh’nsswaonaeSmreo.eyengia‘onsutWisheyl6htuwgegi.ePn2etwe’,hiBesar,bbto’ufHareas,toeoeCfsttvphnalraoihifpfhepomsveirurrvtleda,lviinaniCeeseIlenf,nehdrddhsejgiawnoassUolrstptfdeikh.nofosnpehdcoa’nrbiltdSoo.rittetcTemetmwaahaaehhadtaennpeedresnsRtetpenbpw,ohstleip‘ul.rrefaae’fatoioiotondHylosdmudr.dipimdoaitsnieolwnnaePgnoentedlianohrndwcctingsslehatyeteurchpderoecpimshedptidmelnhaayue‘dtAenHlhirdintievavyeisecstrieionnobmcfngotafrtreorrsfoFaGéea’stonfhktiorosnfoiafd1nfsoSsne3trtnomswyeLwampAeeeeintaaodcnidhisRndrrnun..etoseisaatsrtsOxmthCvdhrtooadierudhenamfmystirngo.1ctriapeTshnet2Cbnlrihaeeaeo-seadceslhnwbtasohrtchiosuetefhna.obipHtodlfmwHladhéilircseteieesaenehhrmnccPg,hoeaeohawlvpaoa‘AcgvuiesenocnoelerneprskcaurdtsnehyhlhcnhileenHaaeticpcsnpefioachrsmésroommmci.tsPfgeauooeealrhnrrauaknosatwtcemnerytobeethdhgim,lteepieavrnlteaehcseer’. y Praise the Lord!

in and gave the rest of the money. Service recognised Rev Chris Sears in
‘So, praise God, we now own the building Chris Sears was awarded the MBE in recognition the front row
of his work with the street people and those with
outright and there is no debt,’ says Chris. ‘But there addictions. But this modest man gives all the credit x Part of the
is a lot of work to be done on it, which will cost to God.
about £20,000.’ congregation at the
opening service
Important part He lives by faith, with a simple life style. He

His Place is not in isolation or in rivalry with other does not have a car, computer or mobile phone.

parts of the whole church across the town. Quite He walks briskly around the town and finds time to

the opposite. meet people face to face.

It makes its own distinctive contribution but ‘I have a vision,’ declared Chris Sears at the

works in the spirit of Church Together and plays an opening, which was well attended from different

important part in such united initiatives as Hope congregations. ‘It’s a vision of the river of God

Kitchen and Street Pastors. in the centre of Hastings, with different streams

His Place community church developed from flowing into the one river of blessing. The Lord

five Christians in a home meeting. It went on wants to do wonderful and mighty works here.’

Photographs by Bruce Wick


Finding hope in a kitchen

Lynne Hope Kitchen in the centre of Hastings is Some reasons
Clayton open on Thursday and Saturday evenings and volunteers are at Hope
reports welcomes anyone over 18 to have some soup
and sandwiches, a hot drink and a chat. It is ‘Where ever homeless people go, I go.’
open from 7.30pm to 9.00pm.

Twelve to forty guests attend each session. The aim ‘ I am passionate about this because I was

is to provide a warm, dry and safe place to have an alcoholic myself and on the streets.’

something to eat and drink but also to offer advice ‘This is bringing Christ to the centre of

and support in a welcoming and friendly Hastings. It is service. ‘

environment. ‘Wherever ‘Some guests have problems but we are
Some of the guests are homeless and homeless here to bind up the broken-hearted.’
people go,
many are poorly accommodated or ‘I like to make a difference. I haven’t been
sofa-surfing. Some guests struggle with I go’ homeless but I have been unemployed.’
alcohol and drug misuse and live with
physical and mental health problems. ‘I asked myself, if Jesus was here today
where would he be?’
Further help

As well as listening, the volunteers can advise on where evenings, and Hope Kitchen has now been running
further help can be obtained for these issues and they for eight years.
have links with other local agencies.
Volunteers come from twelve different church
Guests come for a variety of reasons, some obvious, congregations across the town. At least ten
but also for the company and someone to talk to. volunteers are needed each evening. There is an
obvious camaraderie among them.
It began when volunteers started going out with
food but found it difficult to find the people they were For more information go to
looking for.

Basement available

x Some of the Wellington Square Baptist church, in the town centre of A place to chill out
Hastings, was looking for ways to serve the community.
Hope Kitchen team
It generously made its basement available on Saturday Chillz is a free café for under-18s in
Photograph by Ben Clayton

Hastings town centre. It runs on Friday

nights from 8.00pm to 11.00pm and

provides a safe place for teens to meet,

chat and socialise.

The café is a relaxed non-judgmental setting
and provides a warm and friendly environment
with pool tables, table football and an
assortment of games. Free pizzas are provided,
along with hot drinks and toast for 10p.

Chillz has been running during the winter for
two years and attracts around 35 teens each
evening. Church covering is provided by Kings.

Ian Partridge reports:
The vision is to show God’s love to un-churched
teens as we believe the church can make an
impact by ‘being there’ when help is needed. We
do not preach but, when asked, share the hope
that God has given us.


Night Church, New Year’s Eve Photograph by Annette Hawkins TOWN CENTRE FOCUS

The light in the night

Night Church won the Building Bridges
award in the 2013 Hastings Achievers
A team transforms the inside of Holy Trinity in
Robertson Street, ready for Night Church, on the
first Saturday night each month and sometimes on
extra nights.

It is open until 3.00 or 4.00am, as long as there
are people needing it. At New Year a record number
of 135, mainly young people, came in.

It is somewhere warm and comfortable to sit, with
refreshments, laser lighting, music and videos. There is
also space to think, converse, reflect and pray.

This award was won the previous year by
Hastings Street Pastors. This time they were highly
commended in the Service With a Smile category.

Nine more street pastors were commissioned in
October. The police had asked if the street pastors
could operate on Thursday nights as well as Fridays
and Saturdays. Thursdays are ‘happy hour’ nights
with cheaper alcohol for students.

At present there are the resources to cover
only alternate Thursday and Friday nights, but it
is planned to cover both every week when more
street pastors are trained.
Community service
Chapel Park Community Centre gained the
award for Best Community Group. A drop-in
advisory service, it provides information, help
and guidance to the local community, as well as
educational, social and recreational classes and an
internet café.


Surgeon in the thick of war

With the conflict in Syria now in its third in price. Food was scarce and there were repeated

year, the situation for many civilians mortar attacks and sniper fire.

trapped in the fighting gets worse. Before Bitterly cold
Christmas Loaf Project sent £5,000 from ‘In this severe winter,’ he wrote, ‘we have no
its emergency fund to support a Christian electricity, no means of warming ourselves. The
clinic in one of the worst affected towns. death rate is increasing and about four elderly

The surgeon there is a national people are dying each day from the cold.

partner of the Hastings-based ‘There ‘In such a situation the mortars and rockets
international medical are hitting our compounds and community.
education charity Prime. Its
tutors have added a further are many There are many war injuries, wounded
war injuries, people and deaths.’
The surgeon has chosen wounded people In his own Christian community more
to stay in the midst of
and deaths’ than 600 have died in the past nine months.
‘Everyone knows it is Christmas,’ he

fighting to provide daily wrote, ‘but here all of us, from children to

sacrificial care to the sick and the elderly, are missing the smile of this unique

wounded. He says he is serving ‘the event and its blessings.

x Typical destruction One who deserves to be served’. ‘Thank you so much for taking care and thinking

in a residential area He can rarely send an email but reported that about us with such a supporting grant and to be

Photograph by Bo Yaser fuel was virtually unobtainable and had multiplied such a blessing to my nation.’



‘You’ll never walk alone’

First Sunday Walks, now well established,
involve a bit of exercise, good company and
discovering more of the Sussex countryside.

The walks, on the first Sunday afternoon in each month,
unless shown otherwise, vary in length to suit the time
of year and conditions. They keep to public footpaths
and rights of way – and they are not too strenuous.

The walks are organised by Loaf Project for Church
Together. The forthcoming programme is:

February 2nd
Hidden Gems of Alexandra Park
2.00 from the café in the park

March 2nd
Woods, Fields and Antiquity
2.00 from Guestling Church

April 6th
First Signs of Spring, 2.00 from the Black Horse, Telham

No walk May 4th, as the Loaf May Day Walk is the next
day (Bank Holiday Monday)

Prayer for healing

Healing Rooms provide free confidential Photograph by Kevin Hatch
prayer for healing. A local Christian doctor has
trained a small ministry team of local church
members who have a reference from their
minister and are CRB checked.

A national charity, Healing Rooms are also part of an
international association. The new venue locally is His
Place in Robertson Street between 3.00 and 4.00 pm
on Saturday afternoons (except during main school

No appointment is needed and there will be no
pressure to attend church!

A training day, led by national director Paul Clift, is
to be held at His Place on Saturday March 1st.

For more information contact Susanne Jones:
[email protected]

Grapevine is published by Loaf Grapevine team Christine Lane (treasurer), who is
Project (reg charity no 293855) in Dr John Geater MBE (Loaf chairman); pleased to receive donations at:
association with Church Together Richard Keep (advertising and 151 Old Roar Road, St Leonards
in Hastings and St Leonards to distribution), 852131 TN37 7HH, 754608
encourage action for the relief of Rev Wallace Boulton (Editorial Printed by
poverty and distress in the local consultant) Hastings Printing Company
community and overseas. John Hawkins (design), 423859 Web


Walkers of the town, unite!

We would This year’s Loaf May Day Walk will be Are you up
especially like to raising money for clean drinking water in for a 100km
hear from people Central Africa (see page 2). Or there is the challenge?
who can offer option of raising money for a charity of
administrative your choice to help relief or development This is the three-day walk along the
or logistical in the poorer areas of the world. South Downs Way and 1066 Country
support for the Walk, May 3rd–May 5th
walks on May Whichever you do, you are welcome on either the
Day, or to help shorter walks on Bank Holiday Monday May 5th, This is a beautiful walk, with its daily sections
with one or or to join in all or part of the three-day 100km of just over 20 miles including sections of the
more days on walk along the South Downs Way South Downs Way to Eastbourne, and then
the three-day along the 1066 Country Walk to Hastings.
walk. Transport, The longest route this year – a little over 23
registration, miles – is the final day of the 100km walk. It passes through woods, fields and orchards,
manning a past historic buildings and beside rivers and
checkpost, It starts near Eastbourne, and follows the 1066 ponds. You don’t have to carry your baggage,
making Country Walk to Battle and then back to Hastings, as it is all transported to the next night’s
refreshments through picturesque, and hopefully sunny, accommodation for you.
and first aid are countryside, bluebells and spring flowers.
all needed. This will be a challenging but achievable
En route, walkers are able to meet up with three days – and hopefully large amounts of
> The way ahead: those setting off for the shorter afternoon walks money will be raised for those in need. Single
from Battle, maybe even arriving in time for the one-day stages are also possible.
a scene on the first family picnic lunch.
100km challenge. Who Please go to
will be bold enough to Two afternoon walks are planned, of about for more information, an on-line registration
tackle this year’s? four miles and eight miles, both starting at Battle form and an account of last year’s walk – or fill
Baptist Church and exploring the surrounding in the application on page 15. You can also ring
x A carpet of bluebells countryside. Kevin Hatch on 01424 422759 with questions.

is a usual sight on the Fill in the application form at page 15 to register
Loaf Walk. and obtain details and a sponsor form. Or go to for information
Photographs by Kevin Hatch and on-line registration.



the 1 Christ Church Courtyard
agnet London Road St Leonards-on-Sea
TN37 6GL

the magnet is a conference centre and library offering first
rate flexible meeting space and training facilities.

Set in 200 acres of glorious gardens the magnet offers six
and grounds Ashburnham Place comfortable and well-appointed
is a Christian conference
and prayer centre just meeting rooms, the smallest
5 miles from Battle. takes 8 the largest 120 people

• Day conferences Bookings include the use of
• Weekend houseparties flipcharts, PowerPoint projector
• Prayer retreats and WiFi access and tea and
• Holiday breaks coffee at no extra cost.

For more information, The extensive theological
or to make a booking, call library is available to all, by
appointment, for reference,
01424 892244 reading and study
For more details, to arrange a visit or make a
booking call 01424 431489

Owned and run by the Towner family since 1875 Hastings Healing Rooms

Everybody is welcome
No appointments Just walk in!

Free, confidential prayer for healing
in the name of Jesus Christ

“I am the LORD, who heals you.” Exodus 15 v 26

open on Saturday Afternoons between 3 - 4pm

(except school summer holidays & Christmas & Easter weekend)

at Hastings Citadel, St Andrews Square,
Hastings. TN34 1SR

John Hawkins Design Richard Keep Pianos

Graphic design services All piano services offered
01424 423859 From small repairs to full overhauls
0778 050 2417
[email protected] Tuning, regulation, restringing
Repolishing, covers and stools
14 GRAPEVINE Pianos sold (all with 2 year guarantee)

01424 852131 [email protected] 0794 080 8761


2014 Loaf May Day Bank Holiday Walks

100km (67 miles) 3-DAY WALK
Storrington to Hastings on May 3rd–5th

ONE DAY WALKS on May 5th

All walkers must complete this form and send it to the address below
or electronically on

It is hoped that most walkers will wish to walk for the 2014 Loaf Project providing clean water for Central
Africa (see p. 12 for details) but we would also welcome the participation of churches and charities raising
funds for other projects in the Developing World who wish to enter teams and nominate a leader who will
ensure collection of sponsor money and inform the Loaf Project Treasurer of the amount raised.

Afternoon walks on May Day Bank Holiday May 5th start and finish at Battle Baptist Church, Mount Street,
TN33 0EG. Those wishing to do a longer walk should join the final stage of the 100km walk – Eastbourne to
Hastings, via Battle Baptist Church.

May 3rd Storrington to Lewes 22 miles Start 9.00am (Registration from 8.30am) F

May 4th Lewes to Eastbourne 22 miles Start 9.00am (Registration from 8.30am) F

May 5th Eastbourne to Hastings 23 miles Start 9.00am (Registration from 8.30am) F

May 5th Family Walk 4 – 5 miles Start 1.00pm (Registration from 12.00 noon) F

May 5th Circular Walk 8 – 9 miles Start 1.00pm (Registration from 12.00 noon) F

We encourage all walkers to take part in a family picnic at Battle Baptist Church from 12.00 noon onwards.
Please bring your own food but drinks will be provided.
Please tick your choice above and complete the following:


Telephone....................................................... Mobile (please bring this mobile on the walk)...................................................................



Postcode ....................................... email ..................................................................................................... Age if under 16....................

• I am raising funds for the 2014 Loaf Project – Clean water for Central Africa ……...….. (Tick if appropriate)

• OR I am walking as part of the team from ……………………....…………………......................................……………...… (Church/charity)

raising funds for ................................................................................................................................................................................. (Project)
I would like to take part in the Loaf Walk 2014. Please send me a sponsor form. I undertake to take part entirely at my own
risk as a member of the public walking on designated public footpaths. I undertake to pay an entry fee of £5 (if over 16) for
the afternoon walks or £10 per day for the full day walks to meet administrative costs (any money left over once these costs
have been met will be added to the funds for the Loaf Project 2014)

……………………………………………………….......................……………………………. (Signature) …………………...................................................… (date)
A parent or guardian must, by signing above, consent to the participation of those under 16, and in so doing, take
responsibility for their conduct and ensure they are accompanied by a responsible adult

Please let us know if you require further copies of this form.
For further information on the 100km Loaf Walk contact Kevin Hatch (Mobile 07712 442564)

Please send this form, together with a stamped self addressed envelope Aid to people in developing countries
to: Jim and Nola McSweeney, 33 Parkwood Road, Hastings TN34 2RN from Hastings area churches
Charity no. 293855


All aspects of building maintenance undertaken including:
Carpentry • Plumbing • Electrical • Plastering

Insurance work • Full refurbishments undertaken
For a friendly and professional service

call 01424 754987 email [email protected]

Company Reg No 4542029


Unbeatable PRICES to suit all your needs! The Manor House, Penhurst, Nr. Battle,
East Sussex TN33 9QP
CARPETS FROM £2.99 tel: 0845 458 0602
RUGS FROM £8.00 email: [email protected]
Vast range of Wood Flooring, Laminates, Vinyls,
Vinyls Tiles and Rugs Open to all who wish to seek God’s peace.
This Christian retreat centre offers a welcoming family
Selected carpets,
vinyls and rugs in home environment in a setting that is remarkable,
stock NOW peaceful and beautiful. The house can sleep up to 12

FREE DELIVERY SERVICE - guests and cater for day groups of up to 25.

FREE MEASURING & ESTIMATING SERVICE An excellent venue for individual or small group
residential retreats, individual quiet days, group away
01424 457867
days etc. We also have a programme of led retreats
14 - 16 Marine Court, and workshops available.
St Leonards On Sea,
East Sussex TN38 0DX Contact the wardens for further details or to book.


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