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The voice of HOPE for Hastings

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Grapevine 54

The voice of HOPE for Hastings

Keywords: Grapevine church Christian Hastings


Link responds to desperate plight of twinned Hastings DISTFRIOBRUFTIROEEN
Night Church 2 shining in Old Town • From here to maternity •

Bob and Victor have changed sides • A time to be quiet


Link responds to desperate

‘The people of Hastings in Sierra Leone are The Friendship Link’s first response was to send
close to our hearts. We have seen at first- a large shipment of protective clothing, equipment
hand how they struggle with things we and medical supplies. This was followed by
take for granted in normal daily life. It is additional funding for further supplies.
hard to imagine the devastating impact
that the ebola crisis is now Hastings Borough Council also helped, with
having on their lives.’ posters to raise awareness of ebola and these
were displayed throughout the area.

So writes Richard Homewood, ‘People we Enlarged centre

who chairs the Hastings Sierra know personally Last year the Friendship Link
Leone Friendship Link. from our visits enabled the health centre,
which serves Hastings and the
The authorities in Sierra are dying’ surrounding villages, to be extended,
Leone are clearly overwhelmed

by the enormity of the ebola crisis. doubling its size.

They have been struggling to get help It also funded a generator, as

to the suffering communities. electricity supplies were so unreliable, and

The deadly ebola virus is carried in any of the replaced the damaged water tower and pumping

body fluids and is easily transmitted, putting at risk equipment.

those in close contact, including medical staff. The centre is normally dealing with conditions

ranging from malaria to HIV, as well as providing

Doctors’ deaths maternity and post-natal care and running

Sierra Leone had only 50 doctors to cover the training courses.

whole country. Four of them have died after Fear of ebola began keeping away many

contracting ebola. who would otherwise use the centre. It had to

Among them was Dr Olivet Buck, who was be closed twice and deep cleaned because of

associated with the Friendship Link. suspected cases of ebola.

She worked in partnership with Prime, the St To meet the urgent need a separate ebola

Leonards-based international medical education assessment unit was set up, as well as two secure

charity led by Dr John Geater. He described her as treatment centres just outside the village. They

passionate to improve healthcare in Sierra Leone. soon became full.

Richard Homewood on
one of his visits to our

twin town >

Cover: After the
Olympics - the
Rowing Lake looked
very different in
December 2014.
Photo by Paul
Mitchell FRPS



plight of twinned Hastings

Hard pressed < Workers at the
Meanwhile the vital role of the health centre
continues, with the staff struggling to carry on with health centre wearing
their work. protective clothing
funded by the
There has been a malaria campaign and a Friendship Link and Loaf
training course on emergency obstetrics and emergency fund.
neonatal care for 120 health care workers.
< Precautionary
But it is ebola which overshadows all else.
‘People we know personally from our visits are spraying outside the
dying,’ says Richard Homewood. ebola assessment
‘There are food shortages and prices have
doubled. Schools linked with schools here have had Photos by Sala Lansana
to close and some teachers have not been paid.’
Contents of one of the
Teachers and pupils in our schools held food parcels given to
fundraising events on International Children’s Day some of the neediest
to raise money for the teachers at their twinned people in Hastings
schools in Sierra Leone.
Sierra Leone x
Heartening response
‘WAelehxaNvetubnegeanndwDoerrkeikngTohmabrdlintolenradiasehafunnddsPhtootodbyoJohn Lyttle GRAPEVINE 3

what we can,’ says Richard Homewood, ‘but clearly

more is needed.’

The response from many quarters has however

been very heartening. Donations can be made online at https://www.

A number of Link members took part in a

charity parachute jump and raised an estimated or by post, with cheques or CAF vouchers

£2,000. The Hastings Week gala concert raised over payable to Hastings Sierra Leone Friendship

£2,500. A posh jumble sale raised over £2,000. Link and sent to the treasurer, 33 Senlac Way, St

Dain Jensen, a Link patron, ran in the Beachy Leonards TN37 7JG.

Head Marathon and raised £1,400. Other

contributions came from an African barbecue in

St Helen’s Woods and the local healthcare branch

of Unison.

Providing food
Funds enabled a first consignment of food aid to
be distributed to more than a hundred people in
greatest need. Funding for more food aid will be
supplied in the next few weeks.

‘We are a committed team of volunteers,’ says
Richard Homewood, ‘and every penny donated is
used directly for the community in Hastings Sierra

‘It’s hard work, as there are so many appeals
today. But knowing people in Sierra Leone and
hearing from them personally does bring home the
crisis. It really is such a tragedy.’

Night Church 2 shining in the

Lynne As well as Night Church in the town We are also open house to the needy and
reports centre, a second one is now established vulnerable. We get homeless people coming here

x Night Church scene each month in the Old Town. Lynne who are so grateful just to be given a cup of tea or

at St Clement’s Clayton went to St Clement’s to see its coffee and have few sandwiches or a piece of cake.

Photo by Ben Clayton transformation at night and to hear from So we get a wide range of people and each

some of the volunteers running it. month is different. I personally get a lot out

of it because I feel I’m giving to the

Walking into St Clement’s is so ‘We community in a way that I don’t
beautiful at night, with all the little
candles and lights. It’s a totally want to be normally do.
different ambience from the church the heart of As the church organist here
in daylight.
I have to be up early the next

the community, morning to play. After we have
There is so much history here. cleared up and closed everything
Hanging in the church are regimental part of it’ down it’s at least two o’clock before

banners, some so old that they have lost I get to bed.

their colour, some you can see air through.

Yet the coloured lighting and music draw you John Lyttle, chair of Church Together in Hastings

on through the long history of the church to the and St Leonards.

present and to Night Church Old Town. I have spent time talking to a young couple, not

Hastings residents, just here for the fireworks I

Malcolm Lock, the church organist guess. She was Austrian and had been bought up

We are trying to reach out to people here, whether in a church which was very restrictive and she had

they are local residents or visitors from this rebelled against it.

country or from overseas. They just appreciated being in a church where


Old Town News

there were no conditions. They were welcome just to ELECTION
come, to look, to enjoy, to talk. The young man said, ‘I
am not a religious person but here I am standing in a FORUM 2015
church and talking about religion.’
12th February, 7.30–9pm
This is what happens. We don’t push people into St Helen’s Church Hall
having religious conversations, yet time and again they
just do, there is a seeking within them. They are at The Ridge TN34 2RA
different stages of a journey. (near the Cemetery)

Street Pastors give out flip flops, water, pot noodles, A 90 minute forum for church
space blankets and lollipops. Night church gives out members to get to grips with:
coffee, tea, cake, bacon rolls. There are folks who are • Biblical foundations for
living on the streets, but others who are just having a
night out. getting involved
• Issues surrounding the
They still come in and appreciate the place. There
have been people worshipping here for nearly 650 years. coming election
• Question and Answer
More conversations
People often just come in and stand and look, but I session
have more talks with people about a faith journey in • Local politics
Night Church than I probably do the rest of the time.
Hosted by Gareth Davies of CARE
It is worth doing; it is not complicated, a very easy (Christian Action Research and Education)
concept. Open the place, do a bit of lighting, have
some refreshments, light a few candles and be there. Shades recruiting

The ‘refreshment ladies’ , Maggie Colman and Nicky Shades Christian Theatre Company is touring local
Harris churches and other venues with a repertoire of sketches
Helping to run night church is a lovely thing to do. It’s between March and June.
satisfying, ministering to completely different people
from the regulars on Sunday. The opportunity will also be taken to launch a recruiting drive. For
further information go to
We had one young man who asked, ‘Do I have to
believe in Jesus to get a free cup of coffee?’ ‘No!’ He First Sunday Walks
was asking our opinion about Buddhism and various
other things. He said, ‘You don’t expect this of church.’ First Sunday Walks resume in February. These afternoon walks are for
the whole family plus friends and neighbours.
Lively buzz Explore the beautiful countryside around us. Each walk is usually
When we started this evening there was a lively buzz between three and four miles, though February’s is shorter.
of people talking. We want to be the heart of the
community, part of it. • Sunday February 1st – Hidden gems of Alexandra Park and Old

It was the community who wanted to keep this Roar Ghyll. Meet at the café in the park at 2.00.
building when it was rumoured that one of the two
ancient churches in the old town would have to close. • Sunday March 1st – Sea views and stunning cliffs, exploring
People who never came to church said you can’t do
that. So we are doing this for the community. Fairlight. Meet in the main country car park at 2.00.

Night Church in the town centre operates on the first • Sunday April 5th – No Walk (Easter Day)
Saturday in each month at Holy Trinity in Robertson Street • May – Loaf May Day Walk on Monday May 4th
from 10.00pm to 2.00 or 3.00am. Night Church in the
Old Town operates on the third Sunday in each month at Election hustings
St Clement’s from 9.00pm to 12.30 or 1.00am
Church Together is organising an election hustings, with the General
Election candidates for the Hastings and Rye constituency, at the
Hastings Centre (Kings Church) on The Ridge on Tuesday April 28th.
Look out for further details.


Your Bexhill Evangelical
Book Centre
Established since 1986.
7/9 Wellington Square Book Wide selection of cards
Hastings Shop available and good

E. Sussex TN34 1PD selection of new and
secondhand books.
• Christian Books Orders taken if we don’t

Tel: (01424) 721700 • Cards have what you want.
Fax: (01424) 433755 Cash or cheques
• Small Gifts (no cards). Local
e-mail: [email protected] • Bibles deliveries undertaken.
• Stationery Discounts for bulk

Accounts preparation Taxation • Children’s Books orders. We look forward
to serving you.
• Bible Notes
Business planning VAT
• Second hand books Opening hours: 10am to 4pm
Auditing Inheritance tax planning Tuesday
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Computer consultancy Independent financial currently in stock Friday

and training advice Indoor Market,
28/34 Western Road
Also serving clients from offices at: Contact: Ann Mouland, 01424 722083 Bexhill on Sea
Battle, Heathfield, & Hove [email protected] TN40 1DX

And Jesus said,
“Come to me all who are
tired from carrying heavy
loads and I will give you rest”

A safe place………
 to Let go and let God
 to talk or pray with someone in confidence
 to learn about the church’s healing ministry
 to find healing and wholeness
 to know Christ’s peace

Set in its own spacious grounds near Battle in East Sussex, Crowhurst Christian Healing Centre provides quality
accommodation and appropriate healing ministry for anyone needing time away from the stresses and strains
of daily life. Throughout the year we offer a variety of residential and non-residential Retreats, training days
and quiet days. You can come and stay at any time without being part of a programmed event.

For more details or to make a booking

t bookings 01424 830 033 t general enquires 01424 830204

e [email protected] Registered Charity No 208738


Bob and Victor have changed sides

Two of last year’s
Snowflake guests are now
part of this winter’s team
of volunteers

Snowflake is up and running again this
winter, providing a safe haven for those
who would otherwise be sleeping rough in
our town. Christine Lane reports.

I have completed my first weekly overnight I spent time talking to a young man who had y New team members
Monday shift of this winter and had the pleasure of been a heroin addict for ten years but is trying to
working with Bob. turn his life around. He said he was amazed that Victor and Bob with
people cared about helping him.
He was a guest a year ago but this time, having Rebecca
been housed, he volunteered to help. It was More needed
amazing to have him with me all night as part of Snowflake needs more volunteers to help on any of
the team. the three shifts - evening, overnight or breakfast.

To add to that, another of last year’s guests, It is so rewarding to be part of a team and it can
Victor, arrived to help with the breakfast shift. make a real difference in the lives of our guests. To
find out more contact Rebecca on 7547482627.
This is what it is all about. They had recovered
their self-esteem and wanted to put something Maybe next year we will be joined by more of
back. It is such an encouragement to this year’s our guests volunteering to work on the team. And
guests. as Bob says, ‘What a difference a day can make.’

What’s needed I am going shortly to hear Bob and Victor
Snowflake works alongside the Seaview Centre singing in the Seaview Christmas choir.
in St Leonards, where our guests register to stay
overnight at one of our seven church venues across
the town.

A hot meal and a safe place to sleep, away
from the cold and rain, together with a smile and
a listening ear, are sometimes all that is needed to
start to change a life.

Serving on the team is a practical way to live
out what we are taught in the Bible and to enjoy it
at the same time.

John Hawkins Design

Graphic design services

01424 423859
0778 050 2417
[email protected]


From here to maternity!

Loaf Project is launching an appeal to help for building projects in Cyanugu diocese in Rwanda,

create a new maternity unit in Rwanda. where he was elected bishop following the dreadful

genocide of 1994.

It’s time to register for this year’s annual Loaf May Since his retirement in 2001 he has worked

Day Walk; to enjoy the healthy exercise, the varied tirelessly to enable the building of schools, clergy

scenery and the good company. Not houses, health centres and other community

only that but to raise money towards ‘Since facilities, as well as a guest house and
a maternity unit in Cyangugu, conference centre to generate income.
his retirement Loaf Project last worked with

Building work in Bishop Ken Barham, who lives Bishop Ken Bishop Ken in its millennium project.
in Battle, continues to raise funds has worked Over £30,000 was raised to build a
progress on the site x tirelessly …’ technical school at Ntendezi in his

The latest venture is the creation of a

health centre on Mount Cyangugu. Part of

this is to be a 10-room maternity unit.

Government condition
The urgent completion of the maternity unit is a
condition for government partnership. Building has
begun using funds from interest-free short-term
loans which need to be repaid as soon as possible.

The Loaf committee has agreed to redeem
the loan for the cost of at least one room of the
maternity centre, which could be called the Hastings
Room. The estimated cost of a room is £5,500.

The need for maternity care is emphasised by
an infant mortality rate in this part of Rwanda

The architect’s plans for +6.680

the maternity unit > +3.500 +5.100 +3.685 PP
±0.000 -1.500 PP





185 165 370 165 185 112 238 165 91 165 97 112 359 165 307
20 480 20
695 20 625 20 200 20 159 21 434 20 125 20

148 240 20 71 62 70 57
128 20






1,418 225 20
20 70

180 1,618

21 20



519 OFFICE 453
453 551


20 BARZA 20
+2.400 +2.400

20 320 20 350 20 160 20 350 20 980 20 170 20 390 20
123 165 151 165 170 70 225 165 160 161 165 104
267 165 624



Propriétaire : EAR CYANGUGU


07/ 2014 N°1



1 Vue en Plan 1 / 80
2 Facades 1 / 80
3 Coupes 1 / 80
1 / 250
4 Pan d'implantation


of nearly five per cent. Seven children in every THIS YEAR’S LOAF WALK
hundred die under the age of five years (2012
statistics). The traditional May Day Loaf Walk will include the option of a three-day
walk across Sussex from Saturday May 2nd to Monday May 4th. and two
Once the whole building is finished the Rwandan walks, 8-9 miles or 4-5 miles, on the afternoon of Monday May 4th.
Ministry of Health has agreed to partner with the
Diocese of Cyangugu, allowing it to run as a faith- The Monday walks will start and finish at the new Methodist Emmanuel
based heath centre with government funding for Centre in Harrier Lane off Marley Lane in Battle. They will explore Battle
staff salaries. Great Wood and the countryside towards Whatlington.

Purpose built The route for the three-day walk will start from Arundel with overnight
Bishop Ken says, ‘The women of Cyangugu will be stopping points in Lewes and Eastbourne before finishing in Battle.
able to have their babies in a purpose-built unit
where Jesus is known’. Again this year participants have the option of seeking sponsorship for
the Loaf project or for a charity of their own choosing.
Not only will the centre serve the large
population of Cyangugu itself but will staff three The usual application form for the walks is on the inside of the back cover.
outlying rural clinics. Hence the need for a payroll
of 20 nurses and one doctor.

The Loaf committee is planning at least two
events to achieve the funding for one or two rooms
in the maternity unit – the May Bank Holiday Walk
and an open-air concert in June.

Patients in the part of the health

centre that has now opened >

All aspects of building maintenance undertaken including:
Carpentry • Plumbing • Electrical • Plastering

Insurance work • Full refurbishments undertaken
For a friendly and professional service

call 01424 754987 email [email protected]

Company Reg No 4542029


‘Mission impossible’ now

Alex Ntung with an Way found to get water The Loaf Project is for the provision of the amazing
filters to villages in low-cost portable water filters for villages in
Aquafilter x Congolese Republic Central Africa where there is no clean water
supply; to transport the filters there and arrange
Photo by John Hawkins The Loaf Aquafilter project, to which many instruction in their use.
of our readers have contributed, had raised
10 GRAPEVINE almost £10,000 by the end of 2014. A The filters produce safe drinking water from
major problem is now being solved to polluted sources with no more effort than using a
enable 300 of the filters to be sent to the bicycle pump (Grapevine 52 and 53).
Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).
In the case of the Democratic Republic of Congo
however there were big logistical questions. Once
the filters reached the country how would they
get to places where they were most needed? Who
would receive them there and show people how
to use them? Would it turn out to be a ‘mission

Problems solved
Now a solution has been found, as a result of a
meeting in Brussels. Three of the Loaf trustees -
Roger Mitchell, Christine Lane and Derek Tomblin
- drove there via the Shuttle to meet Dr Lazare
Sebitereko, founder of a university deep in the rural
South Kivu province.

The contact with Dr Lazare was established by
Alex Ntung, who is Hastings Community Cohesion

Alex experienced the struggle to access water
in the Congolese village where he was born and
brought up, as well as in Rwanda, where he worked
as a humanitarian and orphanage worker in the
aftermath of the 1984 genocide.

The problems persist in many places today
where wells cannot be dug and there is no
electricity to run filtration plants. Where the only
water is impure it can spread disease and cause a
high level of infant deaths.

Freeing people
When the Loaf team demonstrated the Aquafilter
to Dr Lazare he was astonished and delighted.

‘This is just what our people need to free them
from the curse of water-borne disease,’ he said.

Dr Lazare’s academic field is New Testament
theology. He was in Europe visiting universities
to recruit volunteer lecturers to help with courses
at the university he has set up to bring advanced
education to local people.

It is within the faculty of health sciences that
the use of the filters will be introduced. Under Dr

being accomplished

Lazare’s supervision students will take them out to Children benefiting

villages, in some cases their home village, and show Rob Hoy pioneered the use of the Aquafilter and

people how to use them. demonstrated it in Hastings to launch the Loaf

A consignment of 300 filters is about project. He had already established contacts

to be shipped to Dar-es-Salaam. ‘This in Rwanda and makes regular visits to
Dr Lazare will be there to drive distribute filters there.

them by truck across Tanzania is just He and his wife Jan recently
to the DRC. Some are for made random, unannounced visits

family use, larger ones for what our to homes using the filters in Kigali
communities. people and sampled the water before and
after filtering.
Dr Lazare tells us that he

does not intend to give these need.’ ‘These are always moving
filters away but to offer them at a encounters,‘ said Rob. ‘One woman

low price to families and institutions, said her children had not had diarrhoea

accepting that he will sometimes be paid since she started filtering their water. The children

in chicken or goat. gathered round, playfully tossing English words

The principle of not getting them for nothing and big smiles at us.

is, he says, important if they are to be valued and ‘Another woman brought us a tray of mangoes

used properly. In return he will be able to build a from her harvest as a big thank you.’ More

fund to purchase more and maintain a stock of formally a year-long survey is under way to assess

spares. results. ‘We are very optimistic,’ added Rob.


A time to be quiet, to think

Christian schools workers Lucy Skelton and Eddie
Rose are developing locally the ideas of a national
organisation, Prayer Spaces in Schools.

They have created such spaces in three schools
over the past few months and are inviting others
to host them.

At ARK William Parker the chapel was
transformed with subdued lighting, background
music, coloured drapes and a variety of objects
that boys would find interesting and stimulating.

So popular was it that the academy invited a
repeat in the autumn and made a further booking
for this spring.

Prompting conversations
Academy chaplain, Rev Peter Michell, greatly
values the experience for the academy.
‘It is bringing far more boys into the chapel
than would normally use it and is prompting
some great conversations about issues raised.
A number have continued to visit the chapel

At Guestling Bradshaw and at Churchwood
primary schools the children could move between
several gazebos. These made larger spaces more

Attractively decorated and lit with thought-
provoking material, they encouraged thought
and prayer in response to questions and related

Tracey Curl, head teacher at Churchwood,
asked that the experience should support an anti-
bullying week. She was pleased with the result.
The format proved flexible enough to address
particular issues in this way.

y In this display Do school children ever sit quietly? Does More permanent
the average teenager ever stop to pray or Carolyn Weston, headteacher at Guestling
pupils were invited think about God? Christian Schools Workers Bradshaw, wants to create a more permanent
to write on each in Hastings have set out to give them the reflective space as a result.
figure the name opportunity - and it is being welcomed.
of someone they She said, ‘The children liked the lighting and
wanted to thank A space is offered for quiet, with questions the opportunity to write a prayer and hang it
God for. to prompt them to think about God and their up. The majority would have liked the reflection
relationships with others. tent to have stayed longer than the week. When
12 GRAPEVINE asked why, children said they could be quiet and
sit and think.’

After visiting the Prayer Spaces each class
produced a book of prayers the children had written.

So what sort of stimulating questions are
used? Opposite are a few examples of the many
that have proved their worth.

and to pray Roger Mitchell

Big Questions Net

(A large net is stretched across the
space just above head high)

If you could ask God any question what
would it be? Write it on a piece of card and
throw it in the net!

Help Notes

(A drape is hung at the side
of the space)

Christians believe that with God’s help they
can achieve things they thought were beyond
them. In the Bible it says: ‘I can do all things
through Christ who gives me strength.’

Maybe there is something you need help
with? Coursework? Exams? Family? Friends?

Have a think about something you need
help with. Write it on a post-it and stick it to
the material

Our Changing World

(A large globe or map of the world is
available to stick notes on)

The world we live in is always changing and we
can help it change in a positive way.

Stick a different post-it onto the map to
show the changes you would like to see in the
world in 1 month, 6 months and 12 months.

Fizzy Forgiveness Lucy and Eddie have built up a bank of materials to provide prayer
spaces in various contexts. So if you work in a school or are a parent
(Some Alka-Seltzer tablets and a fish and would like your school to consider having such a resource for a
tank of water are provided) week, go to the website and email Lucy Skelton
[email protected]
Think of someone who has hurt you in the past. Information on the national organisation Prayer Spaces in Schools can
Take a fizzy tablet and drop it in the water be found at

and watch it fizz away.
As it fizzes think of how you will forgive

this person and let go of any anger you feel
towards them.

Grapevine is published by Loaf Grapevine team Treasurer Christine Lane, who is
Project (reg charity no 293855) in Loaf chairman Dr John Geater MBE pleased to receive donations at:
association with Church Together Editor Rev Wallace Boulton 151 Old Roar Road, St Leonards
in Hastings and St Leonards to Reporter Lynne Clayton TN37 7HH. Phone 754608
encourage action for the relief of Design John Hawkins Printed by
poverty and distress in the local Advertising and distribution Hastings Printing Company
community and overseas. Richard Keep, 852131 Web


the 1 Christ Church Courtyard
agnet London Road St Leonards-on-Sea
TN37 6GL

the magnet is a conference centre and library offering first
rate flexible meeting space and training facilities.

Set in 200 acres of glorious gardens the magnet offers six
and grounds Ashburnham Place comfortable and well-appointed
is a Christian conference
and prayer centre just meeting rooms, the smallest
5 miles from Battle. takes 8 the largest 120 people

• Day conferences Bookings include the use of
• Weekend houseparties flipcharts, PowerPoint projector
• Prayer retreats and WiFi access and tea and
• Holiday breaks coffee at no extra cost.

For more information, The extensive theological
or to make a booking, call library is available to all, by
appointment, for reference,
01424 892244 reading and study
For more details, to arrange a visit or make a
booking call 01424 431489

Owned and run by the Towner family since 1875 Hastings Healing Rooms

2 - 4 Norman Road, St Leonards 436386 Open on Saturdays

Audley House, 1 Albert Road, Bexhill 733700 Free, confidential prayer for healing
in the name of Jesus Christ
19 Market Square, Battle 775515
“I am the LORD, who heals you.” Exodus 15 v 26
3- 4pm at His Place Community Church

Robertson Street, Hastings. TN34 1HL

(except school summer holidays & Christmas & Easter weekend)

Hastings Healing Room is run in association with National Healing Rooms Association England
Charity number 1125094

Richard Keep Pianos

All piano services offered
From small repairs to full overhauls

Tuning, regulation, restringing
Repolishing, covers and stools
Pianos sold (all with 2 year guarantee)

01424 852131 [email protected] 0794 080 8761



2015 Loaf May Day Bank Holiday Walks

110km (69 miles) 3-DAY WALK
Arundel to Hastings on May 2nd–4th

ONE DAY WALKS on May 4th

All walkers must complete this form and send it to the address below
or electronically on

It is hoped that most walkers will wish to walk for the 2015 Loaf Project funding a maternity unit as part of a
health centre in Cyangugu, Rwanda (see p8 for details) but we would also welcome the participation of churches
and charities raising funds for other projects in the developing world who wish to enter teams and nominate a
leader who will ensure collection of sponsor money and inform the Loaf Project treasurer of the amount raised.

Afternoon walks on May Day Bank Holiday May 4th start and finish at the Emmanuel Centre, new home of
Battle Methodist Church. This is in Harrier Lane, off Marley lane, Battle, TN33 0FL. Those wishing to do a longer
walk should join the final stage of the 110km walk – Eastbourne to Battle, finishing at the Emmanuel Centre.

May 2nd Arundel to Lewes 24 miles Start 9.00am (Registration from 8.30am) F
May 3rd Lewes to Eastbourne 23 miles Start 9.00am (Registration from 8.30am) F
May 4th Eastbourne to Hastings 22 miles Start 9.00am (Registration from 8.30am) F
May 4th Family Circular Walk 4 – 5 miles Start 1.00pm (Registration from 12.00 noon) F
May 4th Circular Walk 8 – 9 miles Start 1.00pm (Registration from 12.00 noon) F

We encourage all walkers to take part in a family picnic at the Emmanuel Centre from 12.00 noon onwards.
Please bring your own food but drinks will be provided.
Please tick your choice above and complete the following:


Telephone....................................................... Mobile (please bring this mobile on the walk)...................................................................



Postcode ....................................... email ..................................................................................................... Age if under 16....................

• I am raising funds for the 2015 Loaf Project for the maternity unit in Cyangugu, Rwanda ……............….. (Tick if appropriate)

• OR I am walking as part of the team from ……………………....…………………......................................……………...… (Church/charity)

raising funds for ................................................................................................................................................................................. (Project)
I would like to take part in the Loaf Walk 2015. Please send me a sponsor form. I undertake to take part entirely at my own
risk as a member of the public walking on designated public footpaths. I undertake to pay an entry fee of £5 (if over 16) for
the afternoon walks or £10 per day for the full day walks to meet administrative costs (any money left over once these costs
have been met will be added to the funds for the Loaf Project 2015)

……………………………………………………….......................……………………………. (Signature) …………………...................................................… (date)
A parent or guardian must, by signing above, consent to the participation of those under 16, and in so doing, take
responsibility for their conduct and ensure they are accompanied by a responsible adult

Please let us know if you require further copies of this form.
For further information on the 110km Loaf Walk contact Kevin Hatch (Mobile 07712 442564)

Please send this form, together with a stamped self addressed envelope Aid to people in developing countries
to: Jim and Nola McSweeney, 33 Parkwood Road, Hastings TN34 2RN from Hastings area churches
Charity no. 293855


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