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Published by Bryce Bent, 2019-12-03 15:50:14

where did your father go?

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Where did your father go

By bryce bent

Your father was
walking to the gas
station late at night to
get your milk for

then the aliens
abducted him and
took him to there
home to study

But when they got
him he tried to
fight it because he
wanted to stay
with you.

But your father
couldn’t do it he
wasn’t strong

But he is still there
and he wants to see
you. So he will have
to learn like you do in

One day he will
escape hopefully.
And come see you.

He sent us a
message. It is about
him and how he
changed and his
new friends. He will
come home soon he

But mom thinks he
won’t because he
is far away and he
can’t fly a u.f.o.

But we hope he will
come back because
we miss him. We
miss him alot.

Daddys return

So later me and mom say a bright light
outside, it was loud we went out there
and much to our surprise. he was out
on the front yard with a spaceship and
all of his friends from outer space. And
all i could say was “so your back, back
from outer space.”

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