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Lone Star College, Greesnpoint Campus
Government 2305

Quiz on Chapter Two, The Founding and the Constitution


1. The United States’ first written constitution was called the
a. Magna Carta. c. Articles of Confederation.
b. Bill of Rights. d. Declaration of Independence.

2. The Boston Tea Party was largely a response to the
a. British government’s decision to grant the East India Company a monopoly on the export
of tea from Britain.
b. British government’s decision to remove all of its soldiers from the colonies.
c. British government’s decision to tax the colonists’ personal incomes.
d. Boston Massacre.

3. Under the Articles of Confederation, the relationship between the federal government and
the states can best be compared to
a. the United Nations’ relationship with member states.
b. a state government’s relationship with counties.
c. a state government’s relationship with cities.
d. the United States’ relationship with the Soviet Union during the Cold War.


1. Describe the origins of the American Revolution. Who were the main groups that made
up colonial society and what were their grievances against the British? What conflicts, if any,
existed among the colonists themselves?

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