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May 13, 2018

Weekly Bulletin

7893 Grissom Rd
San Antonio, TX 78251

[email protected]

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Mass & Parish office phone & Total collection for Offerings
hours May 5, 2018
confession $30,193.27 Candles & f l owers
(210) 681-8330 Thank you for
schedule Fax (210) 681-2286 your generosity! Week of
May 13th—May 18th
Weekdays: 8:15 am Monday - Friday Mass Attendance
12:05 p.m. 8:30am to 6pm Saturday Flowers
Followed by (closed 12-12:30pm) Blessings for the
5 pm……….....447 Guadalupe Garza Family
Exposition of The & 6pm to 8:30 pm Sunday
Blessed Sacrament (limited activity) Sanctuary and
8:30 am……….498 Adoration Candle
Saturday vigil: 5pm Faith Formation office 10:30 am……..802
(ASL interpreter) phone & hours: 12:30 pm……..605 In loving memory of
Sunday: 8:30 am, 10:30 (210) 681-5063 2 pm…………..331 Catalina Lao
am, 12:30 pm, 2pm 7 pm…………..339
(Spanish) & 7pm Monday-Friday Total………..3,022 From Espinosa & Lao Families
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Tuesday 6pm - 7pm Second Collections *these numbers include Beginning Oct. 6, we will
Saturday: 3 pm - 4:30 pm for May & June begin having a bilingual
**Subject to change on children & faith formation
holidays or Feast days May 12th & 13th students Mass, every Saturday, at
Catholic Charities 6:30pm. We will have
Adoration of the Blessed *Count is taken manually
Sacrament is in the chapel May 19th & 20th more information
Monday thru Friday from 9 Prince of Peace by ushers available as the date gets
St. Vincent de Paul
a.m. to 8:30 p.m. unless closer.
otherwise noted.
May 26th & 27th
Warweheo Priest Pension

June 2nd & 3rd Follow us, Tweet us,

Prince of Peace We are looking for Subscribe to our channel,

Maintenance Fund volunteers for the “Like and “Like” us today!
a Mustard Seed” Capital
**SUBJECT TO CHANGE campaign! This would

Prince of Peace Catholic entail receiving an To sponsor a Sanctuary and
Church is a community united orientation of our Adoration Candle
in faith, bringing Christ’s love campaign goals and
training on how to meet (requested offering of $10 for
to the world. one week) or altar
with parishioners and
Vision of Prince of Peace: seek their support for the flowers (requested donation
Every parishioner experience campaign. Contact Frank of $50 for one week) please
come by the parish office
God´s love by means of the Ramos at during working hours to
liturgy and sacraments, make
ministry participation, prayer, or arrangements.
210-681-5063 for more
and parish family life in such a
way that he/she cannot but
become joyful and a missionary

Ascension of our Lord Welcome!of Jesus Christ and his Gospel.

Colecta para Para adquirir una Sociedad de San Vicente de Horario
veladora de adoración
veladoras y flores del sagrario (la donación Paúl 210-462-9388 de misas
[email protected]
Semana del 13 de mayo al es de $10 por una y confesiones
18 de mayo semana) o para las flores La despensa de comida de San
del altar (la donación es Lunes a Viernes
Veladoras del sagrario y de $50 por una semana), Vicente de Paúl está abierta los 8.15 am, 12.05 pm
Adoración por favor páse a la oficina miércoles y viernes de 9:15 a.m. La exposición del
Santísimo será despues
En memoria de parroquial durante a 11:00 a.m. para proveer (y
Catalina Lao horarios de oficina para de cada misa
para aceptar donaciones)
de parte de hacer su donación. alimentos y asistencia Sábado: 5pm (Inglés)
La familias Espinosa y Lao Domingo: 8.30 am, 10.30
Horario de la departamento financiera a familias necesitadas
Flores de educación católica am, 12.30 pm, & 7pm
En acción de gracias de dentro de los limites de príncipe (Inglés)
La familia Guadalupe durante Agosto a Mayo de paz. Para obtener más
Lunes a Jueves: Domingo: 2pm (Español)
Garza 8.30 am a 5 pm información, llame al 210-462-

Domingo: 7.30 am a 2 pm 9388 y deje un mensaje de voz o
Teléfono (210) 681-5063 envíe un correo electrónico a

[email protected]. Un
voluntario le devolverá su

llamada ó responderá a su

correo electrónico tan pronto
como sea posible. Se requiere

una identificación con su foto y

una prueba de domicilio actual.

En el mes de mayo se hará Confesiones

La bendición del Santísimo un censo parroquial en Martes: 6 pm - 7 pm

Adoración del Santísimo es en Sacramento es a las 8:30 todas las misas del fin de Sábado: 3 pm - 4.30 pm
la capilla de lunes a viernes de 9 p.m. En hacer esto, le da al semana para actualizar la * * sujeto a cambios en
diácono o voluntario tiempo base de datos de nuestra
a.m. a 8:30 p.m. a menos que se días festivos o dias de
para ir a revisar la iglesia y
indique lo contrario parroquia y mejorar

todas las habitaciones del nuestra comunicación con obligación
edificio. Así podrán salir del ustedes y para promover
la unidad y la familia.
Esten pendientes para más


Síganos en Twitter, Misión: La Iglesia Príncipe Visión: Horario de oficina parroquial
suscríbase a nuestro de Paz es una comunidad, Que cada uno de los Lunes a Viernes:
canal, y denos un “Like” feligreses experimenten el
en Facebook unida en la fe y amor de Dios a través de la 8.30 am a 6 pm (cerrado 12-
comprometida a transmitir 12:30 pm) & 6 pm a 8.30 pm el amor de Cristo al mundo. liturgia, de los sacramentos,
PrinceOfPeaceCatholic del voluntariado, a través de Telefono (210) 681-8330

Instagram: SAPrinceOfPeace la participación de la Qsuoiémneos s
Snapchat: SAPrinceOfPeace comunidad en un ministerio,
Twitter: @SAPrinceOfPeace
de tal manera que cada

persona pueda convertirse en
una persona de gozo y un
misionero de Jesucristo y su

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Weekly calendaorf events faithformation Readings

Sun 13 Are you ready to join & Feast Days
us on our
8am - 1:30pm……..Faith Formation Classes……...Hall/Clsrm May 6th - May 13th
Mon 14 SCHOOL adventure Sunday
as a Crew Leader?! Acts 1:1-11
9am - 2:30pm……..MDO………………..…..Classrooms/Hall Eph 1:17-23
10am - 12pm……...Grupo de la Oración de la Divina Misericordia…Port 2 Volunteers are needed. If Mk 16:15-20
10am - 12pm……...Spanish Bible Study………………..Port 3 interested, please see The Ascension of the Lord
1pm - 3pm………...Arts & Crafts……………..…Rock House Mothers Day
6:30pm……………1st Communion Rehearsal...……..Church Ms. Rosemary for a vol-
6:30pm……………KofC First Degree Mtg.……………..Hall unteer form. Spaces are Monday
6:30pm……………Ladies Auxiliary Gen. Mtg….…...Rm 105 limited. VBS Date: June Acts 1:15-17; 20-26
6:30pm……………Liturgical Committee Mtg....…….Rm 207
6:30pm……………Charismatic Prayer Group….…..Port 1&2 11th-15th Jn 15:9-17
7pm……………….KofC General Mtg.……..….Rms 101-102 St. Matthias
7pm……………….Divine Mercy Prayer Group.…….Rm 104 El Salvador
Mission Trip Tuesday
Tues 15 Acts 20:17-27
Some of our El Salvador Jn 17:1-11a
9:15am……………The Way of the Cross…….………Church Mission Ministry members
9am - 2:30pm……..KDO………………..…..Classrooms/Hall will be visiting our sister St. Isidore
9am - 1:30pm…….AMSIF.……………….……….…....Port 1 community of Agua Blan-
6pm………….…....Choir Practice (12:30pm Mass)…....Port 3 ca, El Salvador on July 4 Wednesday
7pm……………….Rosary Guild……..……...….Rm 101-102 through 11, 2018. We are Acts 20:28-38
7pm……………….Sunday Liturgy Study Group……..Wrkrm very pleased that Fr. Jn 17:11b-19
7pm……………….LifeTeen……………………………..Hall Praveen will be joining
6pm-7pm………....Confessions………...Church/Confessional us. In addition to spend- Thursday
ing time with the people of Acts 22:30; 23:6-11
Wed 16 Agua Blanca, we will also
visit the cathedral and Jn 17:20-26
9am - 2:30pm……..MDO………………..…..Classrooms/Hall martyr sites to better
9:15am - 11am……St. Vincent de Paul…….……Rock House understand the reality of Friday
9am - 10am……….Pro-Life Rosary Prayer Group...….Church the history of El Acts 25:13b-21
6pm……………….Choir Practice (Español)…………...Port 4 Salvador. If you would
7pm……………….RCIA………………..…..Classrooms/Hall like to join Father Praveen Jn 21:15-19
7pm - 8:30pm…….Surviving Divorce…………...Rm 202-203 and us, please contact Pope St. John I
7pm……………….Choir Practice (10:30am Mass)…..Church Nate Peters at
[email protected] for Saturday
Thurs 17 more information. Acts 28:16-20, 30-31

8:30am - 2:30pm.…KDO….…....……...................Hall/Clsrms Jn 21:20-25
6:30pm……………Lector Training…………………...Church
7pm……………….EDGE….…….….………………..…..Hall Sunday
Acts 2:1-11
Fri 18 Cor 12:3b-7, 12-13
Jn 20:19-23
9am……………….Epic Bible Study……………………..Hall Pentecost Sunday
9:15am - 11am……St. Vincent de Paul………………...House
Altar Server Ministry
Sat 19 We are in need of Altar Servers
for the 8:30 a.m., 2 p.m. and 7
7am - 9am…….Men’s Morning Prayer Group…..Rm 101-102
6pm………………..Covenant of Love………………...…Hall p.m. Masses. If you are a
3pm - 4:45pm……..Confession………....Chapel/Confessional current Altar Server and are
willing to rotate for one of
Sun 20 these Masses, or are interested
in serving our Lord in this
8am - 1:30pm……..Faith Formation Classes……...Hall/Clsrm
8:30am…………....Blood Drive…...…………......Parking Lot beautiful youth
ministry, please contact Emily

Rodriguez at

Ascension of our Lord


Sat. May 12


†Deceased members of the
Guadalupanos Society

Sun. May 13
8:30 am

†Phillip Bernal

10:30 am
†Jose Maria Estrada

12:30 pm
†Concepcion Tristan

2:00 pm
People of the parish

7:00 pm
†Tomasa Rojas

Mon. May 14
8:15 am

†Marie Betancourt

12:05 pm

Anderson-Rojas Family

The Solemnity of the As- already ascended retical Germanic king dur- Tues. May 15
cension of Our Lord and into heaven, and
Savior Jesus Christ com- it was also made ing the sixth century. He 8:15 am
memorates the bodi- before the descent was a friend of the renowned Rojas-Garcia Family
ly Ascension of Jesus into of the Holy Spir- Christian philosopher Boe-
heaven. It is one of it upon the early thius, who died in a similar 12:05 pm
the ecumenical feasts (i.e., Church. manner. He Rojas-Garcia Family
universally celebrated) of
Christian churches, along Saint Isidore of Seville, Arch- was chosen to Wed. May 16
with the Passion, Easter, bishop of Seville, is widely re- become the 8:15 am
and Pentecost. The Ascension garded as the last of Bishop of
is traditionally falls on a the Fathers of the Church. He Rome in 523, †John B. Gurrieri II
Thursday, the fortieth day played a prominent role in
of Easter (following the ac- the Councils of Toledo and succeeding 12:05 pm
counts given in Mark Seville. The Visigothic legisla- Pope St.
16:19, Luke 24:51, Acts 1:2 ), tion that resulted from these Rojas-Garcia Family
although a number of coun- Hormisdas.
tries have obtained permis- councils influ- During his Thurs. May 17
sion from the Vatican to move enced the be-
observance of the Ascension ginnings of papal reign Italy was ruled 8:15 am
from Thursday to the Sunday representative
before Pentecost. government. by the Ostrogothic King †Maria L. Vasquez
His fame after Theodoric. Like many of his
St. Matthias was, according his death was fellow tribesmen, the king 12:05 pm
to the Acts of the Apostles, based on adhered to the Arian heresy, Eric Anderson O’Rourke
the apostle chosen by lot to his Etymologiae,
replace Judas Iscari- an etymological encyclopedia holding that Christ was a Fri. May 18
ot following Judas' betrayal which assembled extracts of created being rather than
of Jesus and his subsequent many books from classical an- the Second Person of the 8:15 am
death. His calling as an apos- tiquity that would have other- Holy Trinity. Despite the Eric Anderson O’Rourke
tle is unique, in that his ap- wise been lost.
pointment was not made per- Pope’s own solid orthodoxy, 12:05 pm
sonally by Jesus, who had Pope Saint John I was a mar-
tyr for the faith, imprisoned the Arian king seems to Birthday blessings for
and starved to death by a he-
Adolfo Reyes
feasdatyshave expected him to inter-

cede with the Eastern em-
peror on behalf of the here-
tics. John’s refusal to satisfy
King Theodoric would even-
tually lead to his martyr-
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Ascension of our Lord

Volunteers needed!

If the Lord is calling you to help our effort of our Like a Mustard Seed Capital Campaign as vol-
unteer, and in this form, take part of our mission in this important chapter of our history as a par-
ish community, contact Miguel Torres at [email protected]. As a volunteer you
will receive information of the goals and structure of the campaign, and training on how to solicit
a gift for the campaign from our fellow parishioners.
Who are the volunteers for this campaign?
A successful campaign needs volunteers to reach out to parishioners and seek their support for
the Like a Mustard Seed capital campaign. These volunteers are all members of Prince of Peace.
They all received an orientation of the goals of the campaign and training on how to personally
request parishioners for a campaign gift. They are here to answer questions about the campaign
and will be contacting as many parishioners as possible.
If you receive a call, please take the call or return the message. Please do not avoid talking to
them—it makes their job more difficult and puts them in a position where they must keep calling
to reach you. If you are asked to meet, please give our volunteers 15 minutes of your time. They
want to briefly explain the campaign goals, answer your questions and receive a decision about
your participation. Their work directly benefits our parish. Be sure to thank them!

¡Se Buscan Voluntarios!

Si siente un llamado del Señor para apoyar nuestro esfuerzo como voluntario de nuestra campaña
de capital Como un Grano de Mostaza, y así tomar parte activa de nuestra misión en este impor-
tante capítulo de la historia de nuestra comunidad parroquial, por favor póngase en contacto con
Miguel Torres al [email protected]. Como voluntario se recibirá una introducción
de las metas de nuestra campaña y entrenamiento de como solicitar un donativo de nuestros pa-
¿Quiénes son los voluntarios de esta campaña?
Una campaña exitosa requiere voluntarios para contactar a los parroquianos en busca de su apoyo
para la campaña de capital Como un Grano de Mostaza. Todos estos voluntarios son miembros de
Príncipe de Paz y han recibido una orientación sobre las metas de la campaña. También fueron en-
trenados para acercarse a los feligreses y facilitar la petición de donativos. Estarán disponibles pa-
ra aclarar dudas y se pondrán en contacto con el mayor número de miembros de la parroquia co-
mo les sea posible.
Si usted recibe una llamada, por favor tómela o repórtese más tarde. Se agradece que no deje de
hablar con ellos, pues esto hace más difícil su labor, pues de otro modo, los obligaría a seguir lla-
mando hasta recibir una respuesta. Si le piden un encuentro personal, por favor deles 15 minutos
de su tiempo. Ellos desean explicar las metas de la campaña, contestar a sus preguntas y ayudarle
a tramitar la decisión final acerca de su aportación. Ellos están donando su tiempo en beneficio de
nuestra parroquia. No olvide agradecerles su servicio.

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Join us for a Knight’s Corner Covenant of Love date
“Summer with The Knight of Columbus night Saturday, May 19 at
and South Texas Blood and
Jesus” Tissue Center (STBTC) will 6:30 pm
be having a platelet and Honoring our Blessed
July 3rd - July 26th, blood drive at Prince of
2018 Peace on Sunday May Mother Mary
20th. The STBTC will be Guest speaker will be
(Tues. & Thurs. only) setup to take both whole
blood and plagelet dona- Christina Guerra
From 9am to tions. The blood drive will Spiritual Director at Holy
2:30pm be held the weekend before
the Memorial Day weekend Spirit Catholic Church
(Bring lunch. We provide a snack.) to prepare for the higher Childcare available for
Where: Prince of Peace R.E. Classrooms and need at that time. Please ages 18 months - 17 years
consider donating and help RSVP to Ray at (210) 852
Hall save up to 3 lives with your
For children 18 months to 8 years one generous act. -7766
Activities include Praise and Worship, Bible
On Saturday, June 23, 2018, There are many people
Stories, Crafts, Games & more! the Knights of Columbus living within the
Cost: Registration fee is $40/child Council 7983 will be hosting
our “2nd Annual Golf Tour- boundaries of Prince of
Tuition: $225 nament Fundraiser.” The Peace Catholic Church
For more information call: goal of this benefit event is who feel alone. Do you
to support our charitable have a couple of hours a
(210) 681-5063 ext. 19 endeavors within the com-
munity and parish. The en- week to pray with
Email: try fee is $90/player, which someone? Take
includes green fee, cart, Communion to people
[email protected] range balls, and dinner. For who can’t make it to
more information, contact Mass? Visit the sick?
“Once singing is twice The St. Vincent de Paul Mario Herrera at 210-663- Please join us for an
8575 or Dan Rangel at 210- informational meeting on
praying,” says St Au- Society Food Pantry is 274-3256 Monday, April 30th in the
Parish Hall from 6:30pm
gustine. In our efforts to open on Wednesdays and to 8pm. Come and hear
Fridays from 9:15 a.m. – first-hand from those who
participate in the Holy Eu- 11:00 a.m. to provide (and minister in this way.
charist, the sacred liturgical accept donations) food and There are so many
music is very essential. Our rewards and blessings
choir directors are doing financial assistance to God wants you to
their best in sharing their needy families within the experience in doing His
gift of music at each of the Prince of Peace boundaries. work of mercy and love.
weekend Masses. However, For more information, call
we are looking forward to 210-462-9388 and leave a
many people joining each of
the choir for the weekend voicemail
Masses. If you are interested or send an email to
to join any of the choirs, [email protected]. A
please feel free to talk to our volunteer will return your
choir directors, and they call or respond to your
will be more than happy to email as soon as possible. A
help you. picture I.D. and proof of
current address is required.

Ascension of our Lord

Estudio Biblico en Español Rosario en Favor de la Vida 7:30 Men's Prayer
Sr. Rodolfo Nuñez Ismael M. Díaz 210-391-0855
Men, have you ever read the
210-520-0684 Se extiende a los miembros de Sunday scriptures and
Invitación para las personas que la Parroquia una cordial thought "What did that
deseén participar ó formar parte invitación para que nos
If so, we invite you join with
de un grupo pequeño que ya acompañen a rezar el rosario en other men in seeking,
existe actualmente. En este español, en favor de la vida. Se
learning, and growing in
grupo temenos estudio biblico lleva acabo cada miércoles a las knowledge or a better
understanding of the
en español los lunes a las 10 a. 9:00 de la mañana en la Iglesia readings, and faith. You
m. –11:30 a.m. en el salon 105. después de la Santa Misa. Los
might even learn how they
Te esperamos para que amplies esperamos. can have an effect in your life!

tus conocimientos o nos Started in July 2007, this
compartas los tuyos. group of men in various
stages of life, those new to
Marriage and Family Life Institute the church and those well
versed, have been meeting
• Catholic Counseling....--Monday & Weds. from 7:00pm- every Saturday morning at
8:30pm (May 14, 16, 23, 30) 7:30-9:30 in room 101-102
for growth and encourage-
Join us on May 23rd 6:30 • Parenting Education May 21 -"Parenting Matters: A ment in an easy and relaxing
Holistic Approach" - Monday from 7-8:30pm atmosphere. So if you have
pm at Painting with a Parents will learn about the developmental assets from birth questions, want to learn more
to young adult age. They will also discuss prevention and about Sacred Scripture and
Twist Alamo Ranch. Paint intervention strategies in the areas of academic, behavior, our faith, please consider
and support the Steuben- social/emotional issues with their children. All will be deliv- attending the 7:30 Men's
ered from a Catholic parenting support perspective to include
ville trip for our High- discussion points on spiritual guidance and formation. Prayer Group.
schoolers.$35 Per person Just bring yourself a cup of
you can call or register coffee and get a great start to
online. This would be a your day. Even if you only
attend once just to see what
perfect Mothers Day gift. For more information or to pre-register, call the Counseling it's all about, all are welcome!
Information please call office at (210) 681-8330, press 9 (parish directory), then 20
Amy Ramos 210-639- (extension) or Atención: Si usted es
email [email protected] parte del campo de la
Surviving Divorce “For I was hungry and you gave WANT TO BE BETTER Si Usted asiste a misa y es
DIVORCE . . . . .affects eve- me food, I was thirsty and you PREPARED FOR MASS NEXT
ryone. It could be you, a gave me drink, a stranger and profesional de la salud,
family member, friend or SUNDAY? trabaja en el campo médico
you welcomed me, naked and you Then join the Sunday Liturgy
coworker. Whether it’s clothed me, ill and you cared for Study Group that meets every o está entrenado para
been 18 months or 18 years, atender emergencias
me, in prison and you visited Tuesday at 7 p.m. to médicas (Reanimación
it happens, and it hurts. me.” Matthew 25:35-36 “break-open” the readings of Cardio Cerebro Pulmonar),
Prince of Peace is here to the coming Sunday and so get favor de informar a su
help those who are separat- There are many people who llegada a los ujieres que
ed, divorced AND their fam- feel alone, imprisoned or a better understanding of usted puede asistir y
ilies. We meet Wednesdays God’s message to be colaborar en caso de una
from 7pm to 8:30pm in abandoned. Is God calling situación de emergencia
Room 202-203. Contact you to help someone, just proclaimed at Mass, and,
Beckie Raymond @ 210-681 by being you, by listening expanded upon by the médica.
-8330 ext. 28 to register. and offering support during
PLEASE share this infor- difficult moments in one’s Homilist. Meeting starts by May 13, 2018
life? Interested in learning praying the Rosary before the
mation with someone who more about the Stephen Min- Blessed Sacrament so as to set
istry? Call Beckie Raymond
needs direction, help, and at 210-681-8330 ext. 28 or a spiritual mood of the
most of all . . . God's healing email
ministrycoordinator@ CONTACT: Deacon Pino
LOVE. Thank you. Sanabria; 210-684-6205

Like & follow us on

WEDDINGS: Sparecpraarmateinotns psraecpraamraecnitóanl pastoral staff
At least 6
months before
Rev. Rodolfo Caballero
the desired date to begin making BODAS: Se requiere al [email protected]
arrangements. Attendance to an Archdiocese
of San Antonio approved preparatory menos 6 meses antes de la Parochial Vicar
program is required. Contact fecha deseada para comenzar
Deacon Robert Correa 210-218-8686 a hacer los arreglos. Rev. Praveen Lakkisetti
[email protected] También se pide la [email protected]
asistencia de un programa
BAPTISMS (ages 6 & under): An preparatorio aprobado por
la Arquidiócesis de San Robert Correa, Pino Sanabria
appointment to go over the necessary Antonio. Diácono Robert Tim McCarthy, Richard Juarez,
paperwork for the required classes is needed. Eddie Limas (retired)
Baptisms can be scheduled only after Correa 210-218-8686
completion of classes, and submission of all Parish Administrator
[email protected]
Gloria Cortinaz ext. 14
needed documents to the parish office. BAUTIZOS (niños [email protected]
Godparents must be living in accordance
menores de 6 años): Se Bookkeeper
with the Catholic Faith. Contact
Deacon Tim McCarthy 861-2638 or necesita una cita para Jesse Garcia ext. 12
[email protected] repasar los documentos [email protected]
necesarios para las clases
Liturgical Ministry Coordinator
requeridas. Los padres y & Ministry Coordinator

PASTORAL COUNCIL FINANCE padrinos deben asistir a Beckie Raymond ext. 28
Jesse Tovar, Chair Ministrycoordinator
210-316-1218 COMMITTEE clases de preparación para el
Mark Villarreal, Chair bautismo. Bautizos pueden
[email protected] ser programados solamente Adult Faith Formation
Elvira Arrieta, Co Chair 210-364-5030 después de la terminación de
[email protected] las clases y presentación de Barbara Forde ext. 22
210-387-2625 [email protected]
[email protected] Vivian Garza-Steele, todos los documentos
Co-Chair Middle/High School Faith Formation
Becky Cortez Coordinator & Youth Group Leader
210-273-9550 210-844-3413
[email protected] Frank Ramos ext. 26
Therese Blankenship [email protected] necesarios a la oficina [email protected]
Rachel Tellez
210-859-0848 210-708-0065 parroquial. Los padrinos Elementary Faith Formation (K-5)
[email protected] [email protected] deben vivir de acuerdo a la
Jaime Fernandez fe Católica. Diácono Tim Rosemary Hernandez ext. 18
Moji Adeeko [email protected]
210-268-3957 210-535-9716 McCarthy 210-861-2638
[email protected] Mother’s Day Out Program &
Sujan Maddela [email protected] [email protected] Kid's Day Out Program Director
210-638-8408 Cruz Muñoz
[email protected] Karolyn Mata ext. 19
Mike Siguaw 210-288-3495 [email protected]
Lauren Magee [email protected] Director of Communications

Victor Gomez Kandice Rosario ext. 15
[email protected]
Parish Secretary
[email protected]
Claudia Escamilla ext. 29
Ray Martinez [email protected]

[email protected] Bookkeeper Assistant

Marybel Peters ext.17
[email protected]

Faith Formation Admin. Assistant

Desiree Arenas ext. 27
[email protected]

Faith Formation Admin. Assistant

Ana Karen Ramirez ext. 23
[email protected]


Jose Ruiz, Carlos Music, Sean Magee
[email protected]

Bulletin announcements must be emailed to
[email protected]

by 3 pm on Monday. Messages may not run

concurrent due to space.

Ascension of our Lord

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