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Published by Niji varghese, 2017-08-08 04:59:20

Grade 4 Isynopsis Unit 1 2017

grade 4 ISynopsis Unit 1

Version 4.1

Learners drafted the essential agreements for ICT using
an online collaborative tool called padlet after watching
a video on the same. They also completed their Pre-
assessments on their ICT knowledge and did experienced
level I Typing practice in Rapid Typing tool.


Learners watched a video on “Net safety”
and understood the basic netiquettes that
has to be kept in mind while using Email
and Chat tools and reflected their
thoughts on Brainpop web tool.


Learners completed their Internet safety
course on “E safety” and recorded their
reflections in MS Word by listing down the
“Challenges,Risks and Opportunities”
involved in using Technology for


Learners were introduced to email tool
and creating accounts in gmail. They learnt
different parts of an email and sent a
sample email to their class teacher,



pictures, text

and applied


like italics,

bold ,


font type, font

size and

colour etc.

All about skype

learners were introduced to skype software and briefed
on the different methods of communication through
skype like video call, instant messaging , file sharing
conference calls and screen sharing. Later had a skype
call with Ms Nisha Mathew( PYP coordinator- Candor
international school) where students interviewed her
related to their communication unit.

Communication tools

learners created a table in Ms-
Word on the evolution of
communication listing different
tools which were used for
communicating in different eras.
They also learnt to insert, delete ,
rows/ columns and merge/split

Blogging ! !

learners were introduced to blogging

concept and created

a blog for their classes


using account. They

enjoyed posting about their favourite

sport or hobby by adding text , images

and applying different formatting tools.

They read and commented on their

classmates post too.


learners created a process diagram on
“Process of Email Communication” and
depicted using digital design, the way mails
are communicated from sender to receiver
with the help of ISP and Mail servers. This
project was done using the Kidspiration tools
using Text, shapes,connectors and colors.

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