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Published by Niji varghese, 2018-11-16 00:30:57

Grade 3 Isynopsis Unit 2 2018-19

Grade 3 Isynopsis Unit 2 2018-19

Version 3.2


Learners discussed as to what impact movie posters and
newspapers make in our day to day life and the objective of
creating one. They were introduced to online tool
‚Äúlearnalberta-communications‚ÄĚ were they watched a movie
trailer, different parts of movie trailer and created a movie
poster by adding title, background, hook and images.



Learners also watched a news report, different parts
of a newspaper and created a newspaper report with
newspaper title, heading of the report, image with
caption along with detailed story.



Learners Identified the important elements of an advertisement
like logo, product picture, offer details, website name, contact
address, captions etc. They understood the purpose of
advertisements in grabbing the attention of the mass of viewers
and identify that makes an advertisements appealing. They
were introduced to the basics of MS Publisher and created
colorful advertisements posters to familiarize a product among
the audience.


Learners were given Introduction to Design Theory and
studied in detail the elements & principles of design in
the last couple of week .They understood the design
factors to be kept in mind while analyzing a product
and reflected their understanding by doing product
analysis of their choice in a table in MS-doc


Learners used their Design thinking and developed
products and solutions for a cause/problem. They were
introduced to the elements and principles of Design,
Design cycle- a process followed to develop real-time
solutions and then used necessary raw materials to
build their products.

Learners Designed an Electronic greeting card for any
occasion or cause to convey meaningful messages to
the audience/people. They had understood the basics
of Circuit connection and completed the projects using
necessary materials like LED lights, Copper tapes and
Button cells.


Learners completed their design portfolio reflecting on
their journey at every stage of the design cycle. They
also mentioned Wow moments and challenges they felt
during the process of making and testing the card.

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